Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Eve of it ALL

Today is the last day of my dirty thirties!! Meaning, not only do I have a birthday, but a decade change too! Forty sounds SO old!!!!!

I don't look it (in my opinion)

I don't feel like it!!

Therefore I don't want it!!

If forty is the 'new thirty', why can't I start telling people that?!? My Nanny lied about her age right up til she was 98!! Wasn't til we found her birth certificate after moving her to a home that we learned the truth!!! Makes me like her even more!! So at what age did she adopt the lie?? What birthday did she struggle with?!?

Truth be told, I haven't hit my 'middle age' yet either! When your grandmothers live to 100 and 92, that makes 48 my really I'm still young!!! Besides, I could sleep til noon like a teenager any day!!! Isn't forty when you start napping?!? Ok, that does sound appealing!!

Forty scares me health wise too! So often I hear that things start not working after forty....and currently I have no complaints...well, other than my toe I'm sure I sprained yesterday when I stubbed it running up the stairs carrying twenty pounds of meat! See, I can't be forty!!! Ugh!!

For now, I'm gonna enjoy the last day of my thirties by going to the Fair with the kids and acting out my young-at-heart tendencies! May even do the roller coaster with DJ!!!

It just can't be true!!


Friday, April 6, 2012

Yes, I'm still here!!

While I do miss blogging, I don't miss the pressure I put on myself TO blog daily. Never realized how much it was really.

But I've been thinking I'd tweak it a bit...instead of rambling on about my day in every detail, I'll just highlight my favourite (damn spell check tried to Americanize my word there) part of the day...if I feel so pressure!!

Today my fave part was shopping with SamSam. She really is an amazing kid. And not just cuz I'm her mother. I see the way people react to her and talk to her and watch what she does. The world is her stage!! Her sense of humour is spot on!! Her comedic timing is fantastic!! And she's only FOUR!!! Good Lord, she's four already!!!! No blinking!!! Next I know she'll be 14!!

Her excitement over a new laundry basket was darling!!! And her joy are showing DJ his was pure. If course she also had to climb in it to make sure it fits :)

Crazy girl!! Love her to pieces!!!

Til next time....whenever that is :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

To My Darling Daughter

I can not believe you turned FOUR today!!!


These last four years with you have been so joyous and wonderful!! You make me laugh every day with your matter of factness, and your intuitiveness. Every. Single. Day!!!

I can't thank you enough for agreeing to stay three forever...and the tears you shed were genuine as you were trying to please me, but sad at the same time. I love your heart!!

This morning, thanks to Lenny and the Lost Birthday, she requested breakfast in bed...and she got just that!! So darling!! And she sent me away too! Once she was done eating she had a bath and I had a shower. We were in the truck and on our way to town by 11 for her party.

We did a movie party...Samantha invited 4 friends to join her to watch The Lorax. Now, I went into this movie completely clueless as to what it was about....what a darling movie!!!! I had the urge to plant a tree as soon as it was over!!!

We then convened in the hall on a bench for the opening of the gifts...she got a Polly Pocket house set, a My Little Pony, a beautiful picture frame with a picture if her in it all dressed up at Aliya's party 3 days ago!!, a new colouring book and twist up crayons. Lucky little girl!!! We all parted ways and she and I went to Burger King for lunch.

Before picking DJ up from school we stopped at Freddy's and got a couple things. And then stopped at my FAVE coffee stand as they do a free drink on your birthday...she got a chocolate shake.

We got home and I got right to work making GF brownies for her 'cake' and that also meant cleaning the kitchen first. Fed DJ a pb+j before leaving. Tonite was his first t-ball practice. Since I'm team mom, I went today. We had 6 of 9 kids present...Samantha was enjoying the playground adjacent and I talked with a couple other moms. With 20 mins to go, Samantha and I went back to the car to warm up.

With not getting home til close to 7 it was close to 8 by the time we were five eating. Way too late for my liking...don't see me and Samantha making it to too many more mid-week practices!! They both went to bed easily and Howie right along with them. He's been sleeping crappy and thinks its the diet Pepsi I got last Costco trip. They didn't have the caffeine free I've. So today he went without and is hoping for better sleep.

I'm just about done with book 1 of Hunger I'm off to finish it maybe.

Til next time...God bless! And happy birthday SamSam!!! Love you LOTS!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Should I stay...

Or should I go?!?

To blog...or not to blog....that is the question!!!

Although to be truthful, I'm quite sucked into the Hunger Games book and would rather spend my last awake half hour reading than blogging. That is one damn good book!!! Plus, I'm trying to finish it before the movie comes out this Friday!!

Our weekend has been full and lazy!!! Saturday I had the extreme pleasure of sleeping in late! Like noon late!! SO wonderful!!!! I then ate and wrapped up a gift for Samantha's friend and then she and I were off to a Princess dress up birthday party. She had three dress changes before finally settling on a Snow White dress. She had her hair done up (my hairdresser is the mom!) and her toenails painted and then thoroughly enjoyed a G/F cupcake. It was cute!!

Then we came home with the birthday girl and got ready for party number two!! My next door neighbour turned 40 (gasp!) in Friday and we had a surprise party for her at her house. I don't know that I've ever been in on a surprise party before. It was also potluck and other than the two pizzas I made, that was it for making dinner!! Me likey!!

While yesterday was busy, today was the opposite. Rather nice!! The snow, yes SNOW, derailed any outdoor work that Howie wanted to accomplish, so he helped gravity hold down the couch and chair. I in turn helped my chair with its gravity issues. Dinner was corned beef and cabbage...St Pat's dinner a day late. That made it even easier to keep the chair grounded!!

I then watched GCB from last week and the pilot of Missing on the iPad. GCB has me cracking up over the outlandish things that are said!! And Missing looks really good!!! I've watched a few movies lately too...we've got HBO for 3 months. Last nite I picked The American....what a waste of time!!! Then I picked 127 Hours which was good!!! Gory at one point, yet it had me bawlin in the end!!! Based on a true story too!!

Now, I'm gonna go read!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Dear Weekend?..

Thank you for kicking my behind and reminding me I'm not in my twenties once again!! Dear Daylight suck!! Dear Blake Shelton...My, oh my, you're do good looking!!! You sang that to me on Friday night and put me over the moon...its okay if no one else believes me...I know! lol And then on Sunday you rocked it even more singing Don't Make Me!!! The difference between this tour and last is incredible!!! And it's only gotten better!! Dear Miranda...thank you for giving us your time and singing on stage both nites!!! What a true treat!! And watching you and Blake together is just darling!! Keep on rocking! Dear Pearl...thanks for being my cohort this weekend!!! What a ride!! Literally! I enjoyed every mile and getting to know you better! Glad our bladders were in sync for all the driving. I can't thank you enough for letting me sleep for two hours on the ride home last nite, it made all the difference in the world for me today. I'm also incredibly grateful your boob hid that second pick that Blake tossed your way, and that you shared your fortune with me. While I wasn't as cool as you to get the hand touch, we sure had fun!! Let's do it again!!! Dear Justin that I've seen you three times, I'm charmed!! You definitely have a way with the crowd and working them up to get them ready for Blake. I absolutely LOVE the shtick you do with Blake when you jump into his arms for a hug and he kisses you all over...cracks me UP!!! Keep it up bro!! Dear Dia Frampton...I can see why Blake chose you for his team last season...not entirely sure why he chose you to open for him tho. I will say, the duet you do ith him is incredible...but the other songs you do barefoot, I don't get...sorry, don't take it personal! Dear DJ and SamSam....thank you for letting mommy sleep in til 8:30 this morning!!! Even tho it felt like 7:30...and you let me laze in bed for a while before waking up. DJ, you're a good snuggled while we (well, you and Sam) watched a movie this morning. And Sam, I love that you like watching Netflix in your room in bed. I also love that you chose today to be a jamma day!! Kinda jealous really! Dear Neighbour...THANK YOU for having my wild child over for hours this afternoon so I could nap easily!! Dear Howie...your lack of sympathy will be remembered!!! But thank you for letting me be a groupie for a weekend...and file taking such good care of our children in my absence. Your time is coming!!! Dear Pillows...I'm coming to join you as soon as I see the After The Rose special...even tho I HATE that he chose Courtney over Linzi.... Til next time...God bless!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Fair Warning!!!

I must remember to put the sound back to normal on the phone before going to sleep...this morning the alarm went off for 4 minutes before I heard its muted tones. Thankfully there wasn't a 5 after that 4, we would have been in trouble then!!! In any case I was able to drop DJ off a whole ten minutes early!! Go me!! Then Samantha and I came home to eat breakfast.

We then started on the laundry and just being together. I so enjoy our days like this!! After lunch we headed to Costco to finish the groceries...or in Samantha's case, go and sample food!! They girl knows the ropes!!! We then headed to pick DJ up from school without a minute to spare!! Quick stop by the bank and we were headed home.

The kids played outside in the glorious sun while I put stuff away and got the almonds roasted. Samantha came crying in the house as DJ threw some ice at her and it hit her in the hand...yeah I'm not too sure...but she shook it off and stayed in with me. Howie got home and had a chance to relax before making dinner.

Why does it take SamSam 15 minutes to chew ONE bite of meat some nites?!?! There's no rhyme or reason really!!! Which meant it was close to 7:30 by the time she got in the bath!! And almost 8:30 when we tucked them in bed! At which point we tuned in to the AI results....or rather Howie did as I could care less!! But The Finder on right after it, that's a good show!! I also got to catch up on Survivor from last nite too. I have to say, I don't like Colton one bit!! His lil smug ass is gonna get burned!! If his rolling eyes don't get gouged first!! *smh*

Ok so, the fair warning...this weekend is CRAZY!!!! I've got two concerts, DJ's Awana games, a birthday party to attend for DJ, daylight savings and church!! If I don't blog, I'm exhausted!!! And I'll be back for sure Monday nite!! :) hopefully bragging all about how Blake sang to me!! *sigh*

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

If nothin else

Please go to and watch the video!!

I have no other words...

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Even with a 2 hour delay

I still managed to get DJ late to school...only me! But to be fair, I didn't give myself enough time with the road conditions. Rookie move!! Once he was dropped off Samantha and I headed out to do the Avoning!

What a chore today too!! Lots of orders!! And only a few were actually home since its a Tuesday and all...but some I Gott their work now, so I'm seeing different people now than when I delivered on Sundays! I like it!!

About 2:40 I realized we were NOT going to make it to get DJ in time...So we added two extra stops...Joann's for yarn...and the Christian bookstore to pick up the new Veggie Tales that my parents pre-ordered when they were here. Samantha watched Robin Good all the way home and didn't make a peep!! Kinda nice!

We got home after Howie and DJ did, and just in time for Howie to help me out. DJ was next door, so Samantha and I hopped in the shower. She thought my shower cap was funny...but I can't wash these curls yet!! I got ready while she got jammies on...I was off to an Avon meeting in Everett.

After the meeting I stopped in to see Michael and see what he had on sale...and I found one thing on Samantha's ever growing birthday list!! A hula hoop...a small one! This one is pink and silver and perfect!!! Not sure how to wrap it

Since nothing was on tv, Howie went to bed...doesn't mean the DVR wasn't in use! It had Raising Hope, which was okay...and Cougar Town which is always good!! But New Girl has me in stitches!!!! A few times even!!! Then I watched Army Wives from Sunday and enjoyed it! I've missed this show!! Now I must go make lunches for tomorrow and hit the hay!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Marching Lions

This morning I woke up to Samantha crying on the toilet...I really will celebrate when she learns to wipe herself!! was just after 7 and DJ was still asleep!! She and I laid back down til he woke up about 7:45. They let me be til 8:30 and then the begging started!!

After breakfast the kids got dressed and we were off to the salon. Today was "Missy gets a perm" day!!! I was SO excited and very nervous!! The last perm I got 4 years ago didn't do well in my hair and fried it!! Might have been the post partum hormones, or the perm she used, but it was dreadful!!! I also didn't want an Afro type curl either! I needn't have feared!! I was in good hands with Anneke and freaking LOVE my hair now!!!!! Oh it's beyond my hopes!! They came out looking like beach waves...actually, much like Samantha's hair when it's fresher washed and very curly!! YAY!!

While we were busy doing the hair thing, the weather was busy doing the lion thing!! It started off dumping rain!! And I mean DUMPING rain!! Then I quickly changed to hail...which morphed to sleet...which graduated to snow. In the space of 3 hours, we got 4 inches of snow!!! FOUR INCHES!!! Ugh! Not my idea of fun!! While it was snowing up here, we were in town doing groceries, when we came out, the sun was shining and no snow was sticking to the ground there...not do at our house!! It sure was pretty driving up Old Pipeline!!

Howie got home late...and I'd realized early on that I'd forgotten the movie to return it AGAIN, so when he got home, I tool off for town to return it, make a deposit at the bank, and pick up teriyaki for dinner. When I got home Howie had just sent a bundled DJ out to play in the snow, and considering how much work that is, we let him play and ate dinner without him. About 7:30 we called him in and fed him. He sure has fun!! And he was out cold pretty quick come bedtime!! Samantha however was not!! She had so many demands for when she woke up it was funny. Then she tells me that I sleep in my bed too much and I need to sleep with her. All I could do was laugh!

We watched the Voice tonite and man , was it good!!! We guessed a few of the winners and argued with the judges about other choices lol. If I'm. It mistaken, last year each judge had 8 people, and this year it's 12...hmmm and the product placement is SO obvious!!! After it was over, Howie exited stage left and went to bed. I then watched The Bachelor: the Women Tell All...which was funny to watch all the dissension still so very evident! Not sure I believe Courtney's tears...and she slipped when she said "I cared for Ben.." as in past tense...oh I HOPE that means he picks Linzi!!!! After that I watched Smash which is just so fabulous!!! It's a grown up a grown up Glee really!!

Til next time, God bless!

Monday, March 5, 2012

And so it begins

The month of birthdays!!

Friday DJ attended his friend Peter's birthday party...and had a blast.

Today we went to celebrate his cousins birthdays.

First we went to church, where DJ was lulled to sleep by the worship music...first time for that!! So he got a good hour's nap in!! From church Howie and the kids went home and I went to Zumba with my g/f Sarah. It was the same instructor ad two weeks ago...she stepped up her game this week...I'd Luke to take credit for it since I left a comment on how weak her class was last time....who knows!!

After class I came home and ate lunch while answering Samantha's five million questions...all about when we were leaving to go see her cousins...cute, but annoying! She helped me wrap gifts once I had the Avon bagged up. The we all got changed and headed out.

We arrived on time and headed in to visit family. The twins are turning 16 on Wednesday this week. They were 6 when I met them!! Far too fast that decade went!! Dinner was good, the girls chose sketti, do I took rice noodles for SamSam to have and she gobbled em right up!! I think we finally found a noodle winner!!! After cake as consumed and presents opened, the kids played golf on the wii...and enjoyed it of course!! DJ even said we should out him in lessons....ha!

Samantha fell asleep quickly in the trick, but DJ fought it! And won!! Once home we ushered them in and straight yo bed. Howie too for that matter!! So I got lunches ready, coffee ready, dishwasher ready and finally sat down!! I watched Once Upon A Time and it was good! Then Desperate Housewives which is sadly coming to an end this season, but not without a bang!!! Then I checked out the new show GCB which stands for Good Christian Bitches, later changed to Belles, and then shortened to looks good..have to give it some time! And because I was knitting so well, I watched The Good Wife which was fabulous!!!

Til next time, God bless!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nine years ago today

I married the one man who can drive me the craziest in the shortest amount of time!!! Aside from his children that is...but these three people complete me!! I wouldn't have it any other way!!

This morning I woke up to a whisper...Samantha asking Howie to wake up and get her a cookie and a juice pack! It was cute how quiet she was being, but my bladder heard her!! So did DJ! Then all three of them left and I got another 90 minutes of sleep with some strange dreams!! I got up, ate quickly and me and the kids headed to town. It was originally going to be me and DJ, but Samantha learned what I was doing and wanted to tag along.

So we dropped DJ off at the church for Awana games practice and headed to the salon to get my toesies taken care of....last time was when mom was here!! Samantha picked out my colour...BRIGHT pink!!!! I showed her purples, blues, and other muted pinks, but she wouldn't have it!! She also wouldn't sit with me and soak her feet...she sat beside the girl working on me and asked all kinds of questions. It was cute!! They asked if she'd like her toes painted, she declined politely. Another asked of she'd like her finger nails painted, no thank you was her reply. There were three other girls there under ten all getting pampered, she could care less! One day she'll learn!!! One day...

We were early to get DJ, so we sat and watched. Then the three if us stopped to get cards for the twins upcoming birthdays before finally coming home. The afternoon was lazy!! Naps were tried in for size, but dogs barking and SamSam had other plans. DJ was next door watching movies.

Dinner was wonderful!!! Bbq'd steaks, sautéed mushrooms, steamed cauliflower and asparagus! Delish!!! The kids had pizza...well Samantha had a GF version... Then after dinner the kids and I showered and they were put in bed!! I'd rented a movie for Howie and I to watch. Fast we've been wanting to see for a while now!! It was good!!! Then Howie went to bed and I got caught up in a Queen Latifah movie that was also good!! Chick flick good tho. lol Now it's time for me to call it a day!

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, March 2, 2012

You know he's sick when:

He actually asks for meds!!!! Which is what DJ did last nite.

Tuesday nite was miserable as we ended up with both kids in bed with us...Samantha has had a nightmare about red snakes...and DJ probably coughed himself awake. Needless to say, we were late for school...and when I dropped him off, I went with him to register him for grade 1 in September. How is this possible?!?! Already?!?! Craziness!

After that we did play date, double dance class to make up for missing last week, pizza run, and home finally. During dinner DJ complained about his wars hurting he stayed home from Awana and Samantha and I headed to town.

We got home and they both went to bed right away!! With the help of some cough/cold medicine. This morning he bounced out of bed. Albeit it was 8:16...we'd decided last nite to keep him home from school. He was not happy about this when I told him snd begged to go...I love that!! His cough hadn't gotten better,,,hadn't gotten worse he stayed home.

The morning was ALL Avon for me...a rather big order too!! The kids played play doh and watched Netflix on bot Tabbi and Paddy...made for interesting background noise. Once I submitted the order I got right to making lunch for us. Then the kids got dressed and we headed in to town for DJ to be seen by the Naturopath. His ears aren't infected, but red (they both popped separately this morning while blowing his nose) and what they're both suffering is the crud going around. So we got drops for his ears, only if they hurt, and Elderberry syrup for the cough and congestion....which they don't like...but take grudgingly!! The drops are a breeze!! lol

Took a bit to get them settled in bed as the heaters kept tripping the breaker! But they finally slept and we watched tv. I'm just not into AI this year....too drawn out...dramatic...not Blake Shelton....I just cant put my finger on After Howie went to bed I watched that new show Awake...I don't get it ....I don't know what's real and what's not...not sure I'll watch that again! Psych from last nite was a welcome return! Just love that humour!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ain't no laughing matter!!

This morning DJ woke up about 6 something coughing up a storm. He couldn't get in on Howie's side as SamSam was already there!! She'd woken up right as I came out of the bathroom last nite, and I told her she couldn't sleep with me til daddy left...she waited! As soon as his alarm went off, she was there!! I had no clue til I woke up. Anyway, DJ 's cough fest lasted a while! Finally we all fell back to sleep...and after shutting off two (2) alarms, we woke up at 7:45 scrambling!!! I honestly have NO clue how we got him to school with 5 minutes to spare!!!!

Samantha and I came home to have some scratchy eggs for breakfast. Then she went to watch tv on Tabbi while I got busy working on auction stuff and Avon stuff. Then I headed downstairs for a work out...and to watch the Bachelor on the iPad.

We did lunch together and then headed to town to get my crown!! Samantha was determined to be with me, but the DA was very good at getting her out of the room for the needles part. I did try the nitrous oxide and I still cried like a baby!!!! I didn't like smelled funny!! And didn't do anything for me but make me shaky and jittery!!! There was no laughing!!! Samantha came in while the fitted the crown and cleaned the tooth up. We were outta there just before 3 and went to get DJ from school. Then we dropped the books off at SVEC and headed for home. The kids played with the boys outside and then went inside. I thoroughly enjoyed the quiet while wearing off the freezing.

Dinner was pancakes and apple sausage...easy on the jaw!! Kids were pleased with the choice!! :) After dinner it was shower time...DJ first, then Samantha, then me!! Love how quick and easy it is now!! They both went to bed quite easily...DJ before I even got to him!! I worked on some more Avon stuff in preparation for Thursday. Howie was watching AI but I just have no interest in it now that Simon is gone...course I wasn't interested much in his show either lol I'm a Voice girl now!! GO Team Blake!!!

When I did sit I was FROZEN!!! Thanks to a cat and the grandma Thelma blanket I'm thawed out! I watched Cougar Town and laughed lots!! Funny show! Parenthood was fabulous for a season finale!!!! And so was the season finale of White Collar!!! Now im off to snuggle some blankets and finish the bachelor....

From the moment I opened my eyes

I knew the kids had bounced back!!!! Thank God too!!! They were both giddy and giggly this morning...and didn't want to smother snuggle me either!!! So we got breakfast on the go and DJ was outside playing...Sam chose to stay in her pj's and stay warm while we headed to the shed to pick up books. I tell ya, the sun was shining, but DAMN it was cold out!!!! I heard it was 28 this sure felt like it! Inside and out!!! I tried to do the books quick, but they still took a while...14 boxes will do that!

We got home and DJ went right back to playing....Sam needed to get dressed first and then she joined in...I was going to work out, but the logistics didn't work out for me to do that, so I did laundry right!? And I got lunches ready for us...which proved difficult as DJ wanted a picnic outside...yes, the sun is shining, no, it's NOT picnic weather...oh the tears!!!!! Oh, they even asked to go to the beach today since the sun was shining....did they not remember the flakes of snow coming down yesterday!?!?! Apparently not! Man alive!!

After lunch they went back out to play again while I got ready to head to town...I was meeting one of my reps to stand at the post office to hand out Avon books and get names/numbers for potential clients. I also finally remembered to return the shredded envelope that once was my parents Christmas card...that would be why they never said anything about getting it...and since the stamp wasn't used, but had a mark thru it, I wanted my money back! Yes, it's only 80 cents, but dammit! The government already gets enough money!!! It took a good 20 minutes to get the form printed and filled out by the Postmaster and then the lady behind the counter made me wait in line AGAIN to get the 80 cents back...but I just smiled thru it all!! :D Like my mama taught me!!

We headed for home about 3:45 and made a stop at my g/f Anneke's house, chatted with her a bit and then headed home...we got home literally one minute before Howie!!! The kids went back to playing, and I got on the treadmill. Finally! Didn't do a whole hour, but got a good 45 mins that's good!  Dinner was FABULOUS, pork chops, wild rice which Sam LOVED, and steamed broccoli....topped off for DJ with a hot cross bun  and for Sam an apple with peanut butter...lucky kids! Once they were in bed we put on The Voice and enjoyed the last of the blind auditions! Some of Blake's choices surprised me....none of Adam's did! lol And their bromance is HILARIOUS!!!! I just love it! Howie went to bed after the last audition and I kept on frogging.

Remember that sweater I made last year?? The purple/white/green's FAR too big on me now, so I took it apart to re-use the was that or let it sit in my closet! I started off okay frogging the cowl neck, but once I got into the yoke it was a mess!!!! I spent 2 hours on it last nite and a good 3 hours on it tonite!!! Til I realized I could frog it from the beginning too....oh so much smoother!!!! In the end I probably lost a I cut it up into strips for the birdies to use when I put them in the yard come Spring!  I thoroughly enjoyed Smash tonite...its like an adult Glee...only somehow better...just love it!!! And 2 Broke Girls was hilarious!!! HIMYM was somewhat predictable. And now I'm off to bed!!

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, February 27, 2012

My name in Whine

It is its own language....I promise!! Mawhmawh....that's how Sam says my name in a full on whine...just awful! I prefer when she's giddy thanks!

We haven't had puke from her since Friday morning at 4:30 am...but she insists she's sick and can't do anything...and we remind her, she's sick with a cold....I tell ya! DJ's also got the frog in the throat thing going on...and Howie's full on sick with a head cold I'm doing just find thankyouverymuch! I take my vitamins!! Plus, I can't afford to be sick! Time wise that is...who would take care of the kids...AND me!?!?! lol

This morning I had the glorious pleasure of sleeping in til almost noon...we'd decided not to get anyone else sick, so we skipped church and Howie said I could sleep in...and boy did I ever!! It was 11:45 when I woke up for the 3rd time...the first two were thanks to it really was surprising I got back to sleep. When I got up the kids were hungry, so I made them each an eggamuffin (I got some gluten free english muffins for Sam) and I had scratchy eggs.  Then the kids asked to watch movies in bed...their own Sam had the iPad and DJ had Tabbi...and they were like that for over an hour!!!! It was so quiet!!!! Nice quiet! I was asked by each of them to lay with them for a bit, so I did...but around 2 my g/f came over to pick up some empty boxes as she's moving, and I got myself ready to work out once she left.

After working out, I came upstairs to find everyone watching The Muppets and so I sat with one kid, and then the next...taking turns...aren't I lucky!!??! We got dinner going after Howie had a shower and it was okay...we ran out of the hamburger meat that we love, the stuff from zaycon and I bought what we used to have from costco...Howie was excited for something different and then we were both disappointed really while eating it...we've been spoiled with GOOD beef!!!! Hopefully it comes back to our area soon!!!

It was decided after dinner that the kids were going to shower with me....Sam first, which was easy!! She loved it!! And then DJ, who is far too slippery for his own good!! But it was quick and painless!! All three of us were done in a half hour!! Which is speedy fast! They went to bed relatively easy considering they did NOTHING all day!!! And THEN I got to watch the Oscars!!!!! Whew!! LOVED the opening montage that Billy does...he does it SO well!!! And this year, they didn't have all the musical crap in was simple and elegant...and more awards were actually handed out than was nice!! Long, but nice! And I still have no desire to watch The Artist....*shrug* maybe in a few years! So, once it was done, I watched Win a Date with Tad Hamilton...funny rom/com! Seen lots of Josh Duhamel this weekend! 

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Frogs reside there

This morning DJ and I got up at 7:30 and headed to school...Sam was still sleeping when we left and I sure envied her!!! After I dropped DJ off I headed to the dentist to get the temp cemented back on. Quick and painless ten minutes for a change!! Came back home and Sam had already eaten. So I made us eggs for breakfast and sent Howie on his way to work. I waited an hour before going on the treadmill and getting my hour in. Why is it I feel guilty for taking an hour to workout?!?! Seriously!!! I constantly think of all the crap I could or should be doing...argh that needs to stop!!

After that we came back upstairs to wait on lunch. Samantha chose her GF mac n cheese...and while its not Kraft (get on that will ya!!) it smelled okay...and looked okay...but her say-so? She thot it too crunchy...and by that she meant chewy...I tasted one and she was right...but if she wants mac n cheese, she's gotta sacrifice!! She dawdled so much we were racing to get outta here in time for recess duty!! The kids were already out when we got there, so we joined right away! Ms K said she'd do a half recess, but they really needed to blow off steam! So we did the whole thing. Then Mes. Hughes asked me to do a couple jobs, which I did easily. This is DJ's freehand of George Washington...looks more like Charlie from Charlie & Lola...but what do I know?!?!

We got home and both kids went next door to play....leaving me in quiet!!! I got the dishes done and the counters cleaned and then sat to enjoy the silence. No sooner had I commented on said silence and 4 (FOUR) children came bounding up the steps!!! They played for an hour before heading hone. But we invited K to spend the nite, so he was back pretty quick and joined us for dinner.

After we were all done eating, the kids watched Bedtime Stories while I put laundry away and took a shower. Once the movie was done they all went to bed. The boys talking, and Samantha complaining about their talking lol

I watched Grimm with Howie and it was gruesome!! Glad I watch it first!! After that Howie went to bed and I watched Castle from Monday....good two part story!! And then Blue Bloods which was good also!! Now I'm gonna go watch the backs of my eyelids!!

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some days are like this

This is how I felt today running around doing errands and Avon deliveries....

Our day started at the usual time and we were doing good til we had to leave. For some reason time goes much quicker as I'm trying to buckle everyone in, make sure all my Avon is in the truck, and everything else is taken care of. Plus I added two stops on the way to school that weren't exactly on the way TO school. Yeah, DJ was late...but only by 10 minutes!! Better than I thot it would be!!

After dropping him off I chatted with Howie and learned that Samantha woke up while he was in the shower and did some dry heaving. She'd also done a couple more while getting dressed and decided to wear jammies for the day...complete with a diaper!! Fine by me!! With the dry heaves, I only let her have sips of water...if I'd left it up to her, she would have drank the whole sippy cup!!

We made several stops...several!! One was at Trader Joes as I was told they had a good selection of GF foods, meh...I found more at Grocery Outlet here in town. It was fun to walk around tho! It's been years since I've shopped there! It was also then that I learned SamSam was feeling worlds better as she was non stop talking!!!

We got back in the truck to make more stops and I let her have a handful of dry cereal...slowly...we were armed bin case she threw up, but we were also a seat apart! She did just fine!!! About noon we were headed to Jackie's place and she fell I got a short n sweet visit in with her and then we left. She woke up an hour later as we were on our way to Costco.

We were just in time to get DJ from school and stop by the bank before heading home to let Belle out of her misery, I mean, crate. I unloaded and dealt with whiny kids til Howie got home. He's miserable with a sinus thing going on and thankfully I got a roasted chicken and we had that for dinner...DJ and I did anyways. While eating my third bite, my temporary crown came unglued...AGAIN!! Even tho it was after 6, I called and got the after hours number for the dentist...turns out, it's his home number!!! Who does that?!?! So awesome!! What's not awesome this is he doesn't work on Fridays!! But he's meeting me in the morning to cement it back on. Thankfully it's not as painful this time around...nor as shocking!

Howie went to bed at 6:30 and I got the kids bathed and in bed by 8:30!! Quite the feat! After getting Howie's lunch made I sat and watched tv and knit, frogged and knit some more.

Grey's was good...on a human level! I enjoyed it! PP was good too!! I'm loving the addition of Benjamin Bratt!! Mmmm mmmm!! Howie woke up just after midnite, as I was about to start White Collar, so he watched with me and I headed to bed! Which is where I am now...

Til next time...God bless!

Puke Changes EVERYTHING!!!


This morning started like any other, but Sam complained my alarm was too loud and woke her up lol. Then she told me her tummy hurt, and she needed to poop, so off she went. Twice before she got dressed even! Very unusual for her! And I'm noticing a consistency change in her...not so rabbity anymore!! We got in the truck with time to spare and barely made it to school on time! Not sure how that happened! Dropped DJ off and went to park and wait for announcements to be done before heading in to see if I could chat with the principal and CFO about some auction things. They were both occupied, so we waited for them. Now, Sam did not eats he breakfast I'd brought for her, but she did eat the vitamins. And while we were waiting, she had to poop two more times!!

And then it happened

The puke!!!

We had a quick meeting, I made calls and texts to let people know we weren't coming to ballet. We dropped the books off at Goodwill, picked up the pizza early and headed home. She then begged me for something to eat, so we tried toast. She ate it, no problems and wanted something else a half hour she got 4 rice she had some water and we took a nap together in my chair. Woke up and we were off to get DJ from school. Got home and she said she needed to poop again (really?!?!?) and off she went. as I was walking by to let Belle out, I flipped the light on for her and saw she was sitting there puking between her legs!!! My poor baby! Got that all cleaned up and she pees....rascal!

From there she got pajamas on and asked to lay in bed! Ok she's really sick! lol I gave her Tabbi and page watched some Netflix while I made dinner. Needless to say, she stayed home from Awana. DJ and I headed out after dinner and were late getting home as I had to how someone some knitting skillz. And DJ learned I really can run faster than him!!! Ha!

Got both kids in bed and Howie too for that matter, and then got lunches for all of us ready before sitting to watch tv. First up was Whitney which had me slapping my knee in laughter!! Then, Modern Family which was also good! Happy Endings is really good! Like a current day version of Friends! Survivor was last....I gotta say, the women are giving us a bad name!!!! They are not doing well at all!

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Let It Rain Down

I guess it's better than the snow we got last month, but man, the rain is relentless!!! We're under flood watch...well our roads to town are...our elevation serves us well in these watery times!

After breakfast we took our sweet time leaving to go grocery shopping. First stop was Grocery for us , but my g/f told me they have the best local prices for GF stuff. She was right too!!! We got all kinds of GF goodies!! Crackers, tortillas, chips, noodles, noodles and more noodles!! She was one happy camper!

We then did the Freddy's run and got the rest of our necessities. I even scored some birthday gifts for DJ!! All their clothes are 70% off the lowest I got 20.00 shirts for 3.00!!! How sweet is that?!?! I got 4 for DJ , one a gift, and one for Samantha! All for 19.73 or some such ridiculous number!!

We finally got home just before 2 and I made lunch immediately as we were all hungry!! They had their salami and cheese usual, so they were doing good. I was starving!!! Our afternoon consisted of glow baths and hair brushing. When they were done they headed next door to play and I hopped in the shower. Howie was home when I got done and I got right to making dinner. One of our purchases today was GF pancake IS Shrove Tuesday!! Not that we're Catholic by any means!! But once that suggestion gets implanted by others having them you can't turn that off!! lol

After a rather tasty dinner I took off for an Avon meeting in town. Long time since we've had a local one! I came home laden with stuff!! Got my Presidents Club recognition and I win three door prizes! I rock!!! Ha! No, really, I love going!! Got up try out two new products coming out and smell a new perfume.

I got home as Howie was reading to our pajama clad kids. I helped tuck them in and sat down to relax. We started watching Glee (how on EARTH could they end it that way!?!!) and Howie went up bed. Last week was a fluke! lol then I watched Cougar Town, New Girl (I'm really liking this one!!) and Raising Hope (which was hilarious!) Parenthood was heartbreaking!!! I Also learned I was a week behind on Survivor!!! It started without me!! Thankfully it's on On Demand and I caught it! Poor Kourtney! Out without a chance!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

President Family Day

It's a holiday all over North America!! Well for most!! And not for moms!!! This mom was woken far too early for a holiday!! Just after seven early! He got up and went to watch tv..thankfully Samantha didn't get up til later...she always gets the best sleep in the house!!

After breakfast we headed to my f/f Anneke's for cuts and colour!! I was stunned to learned its been since November that I had anything done!! Di too for that matter!! No wonder I could braid his hair!! lol In any case, we both look much better after today!! I even had some sexy layers put in my hair!! All in preparation for a perm in two weeks!! Oh I'm excited!!!

We got home and I did my work out before lunch. Set the kids up with Netflix and I got walking. Watched two episodes of Arrested Development and enjoyed them. One more HBO show I'm late to! I have to say, treadmill after Zumba HURTS!!! I'm feeling it!! Not so much the Zumba but the hips from the walking. Sheesh!

The afternoon literally flew by!! The boys came over to watch Mr. Popper and ended up playing downstairs. I took advantage and got the last of the tax stuff done. I was putting it all in the envelope to mail to the CPA and realized I didn't have the W2. Gah!!! Not cool!! I searched everywhere snd didn't find it!! Got a lot of things recycled, but no W2!!! Ugh! Howie's gonna request another one tomorrow and I hope it doesn't take too long!

Dinner was cheesy pesto chicken! So yummy!! The kids love it too! I also finally gave Samantha a gluten-free day!!! Completely!!! Whew! It's been a rough 5 days trying to figure this put!! Once the kids were on bed we watched The Voice and enjoyed it! Howie even stayed up til it was done. Which says a lot right there!! I'll catch up with Ben tomorrow online.

Now I'm gonna go snuggle a book that I'm sure will give me some sleepless nites once it hooks me in!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Who does that anymore?!??

This morning while I was fully taking advantage of having Howie home (fishing is done til April) I was laying in bed, well past 10! and my dentist called to check in on me!! Who does that anymore?!?!?! Maybe he just checks in with the cry I thought it a nice touch for him to do that on a Saturday!!

I did finally get up after some serious snuggles from the kids who were happily fed! Samantha loved her new cereal!! Which I'm SO glad about!! She had the Chex one today. DJ had cereal too, which is unusual, especially when daddy is there to make toast. I joined the cereal ranks and had my granola with blueberries. YUM!!

Howie went for a nap when I got iPad he hadn't slept well last nite. He got up at noon and went outside to work on the fence for the dog run. I fed the kids their lunches and they were off to help!! Such golden silence!! I started reading the book I borrowed from a friend, Hunger Games, but was dozy, and ended up taking a 20 minute power nap! Boy did I feel guilty!! Howie out working AND dealing with kids while I was inside snug as a bug!! So I got up and made next weeks breakfasts for him. And put dishes away. And loaded it back up. Made some roasted garbanzo beans in the oven. And then finally read!! At which point four kids were inside playing as it was raining pretty hard. Three of them were getting along, so SamSam came up and hung out with me.

About 5 the gate was done and Miss Belle got her first taste of fenced freedom!! It was cute to watch her run around realizing she wasn't on a leash!! Much like when we go to the park. Could hardly get her to come in!! What a novelty!! Because it was pouring rain she didn't get as long as she would have liked!!

After dinner I bathed the kids and then took a shower myself while they all watched part of a movie. Then into bed the kiddos went! Hockey kept Howie up til almost 10 at which point I had control of the remote!! So I watched two weeks worth of Castle, and last weeks Revenge and one of the Blue Bloods in the memory. Whew! All the while knitting up a pair of leg warmers on 4 double point needles...which make me WISH I had the right circulars on hand!!

Til next time...God bless!

The Verdict Is In

For both SamSam and I that is! Missed last nite as I fell asleep at 11 in the chair and when I woke at 2, I went right to bed!! You would have too!! lol

Yesterday Samantha had a follow up with the Naturopath and we learned she is definitely allergic to gluten. She does not have celiac disease, thankfully, but this will be a new way of life for her to be gluten free!! I have been pointing out the last week how her body reacts when she eats food she shouldn't....and we've talked about allergies and that's she'll be avoiding some of her FAVE foods!! I did also tell her that we'll get her some gluten free foods that she'll come to love.

I also got my blood test results...and shockingly my thyroid is perfect!!! She thought for sure it would be off! And my vitamin B is higher than needed but that's good too!! And I've only been doing one B complex a day instead of the three recommended!! My iron on the other hand is extremely low!! She likes to see numbers on the 30's...mine was 9!! Which explains why my periods are so long and heavy!! (sorry if that's tmi, but it is MY blog!) And this has been going on for YEARS!! Since before kids! It's been worse since having Sam, and I've been keeping track for four years now! Needless to say I'm on iron supplements, and should feel better in a week! The true test will be next month when aunt flo visits again.

Today was a no school day...and this afternoon I was given the gift of a quiet house! So while the kids were outside playing I got busy with doing my Avon taxes. I got a lot done in three hours!! Not completely done, but I can see the light!!

This evening I has a parent/teacher conference about Mr DJ!! Who is doing really well!! His focus still has trouble but she has a way of motivating him that just might work...and there's a couple others who need the same motivation. She just loves having him in her class and I know the feeling is mutual!! *sigh* I'm so glad his first year of school is such a positive experience.

After that we went to Freddy's to get a few things...and checked out the gluten free section...I taught Samantha the label signs for her to know if she can have it or not. We got her some cereal, breakfast bars, cookies and cheesies! We came home and they had done hit chocolate and cheesies for snack before watching a movie and bed. Howie got home just in time to tuck them in. Then we watched Grimm together from last week before he went to bed. I've been catching up on DVR stuff and knitting a pair of leg warmers...for SamSam!! Shhhh she doesn't know :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I think Fergie got it wrong

In her song, Big Girls Don't Cry!!

Cuz this big girl cried like a baby!!! Big time!!

This morning there was no way around it...DJ was gonna be late!! Can't Blane a bus, or lights, or a was all us! Not one of us in particular, just all three of happens! After dropping him off SamSam and I headed to Laney's house for a play date....but they weren't there...we waited a few minutes and then left. I texted Shannon and got a reply while we were at the fairgrounds asking for a donation. She was picking up another girl that's in their class. We headed back and the 3 girls played well together.

Dance is getting exciting because if the girls practicing their steps for the recital in June. Samantha loves practicing at home too!! After clad we headed to pick up pizzas....which were less than what I expected for the day after Valentines! We got home shortly after noon and got lunch going.

The plan was to drop SamSam off at Aliya's house while I went to the dentist....and DJ was already coming home with the neighvors and hang out with them. And all went according to the plan too!! I got to the dentist for 2:15 and headed right in. I was doing great til he shot me full of freezing. I worked myself into such a tizzy!! By the third needle he had to stop so I could calm down before the fourth one. This one went right into the jaw!! I was left to collect myself before he got started working....and doing a fifth shot!...which I didn't feel per se, but knowing made it worse. I thought I was getting a crown done today, bug it turns out today was impression day..and filling removal and refilled, as well as a "small" cavity near it...which were right beside the broken tooth!!!! I hate Murphy!! AND his stupid laws!! The fillings were first before to took the impression for the crown. I could have SWORN he was drilling upper teeth...yeah , beside the broken one. While there was a pause, I mentioned that I kept the crown that fell out...which turns out to be a good thing!!! They were able to file it down and reuse it!! Pretty awesome! Still doesn't help with the needles any!!

I left there shaky and headed to pick up SamSam at Aliya's house. she was all dressed up in a princess dress' so cute!! We got home and got dinner going right away! It was Awana nite so we ate early! And left daddy to himself for 3 hours!! Got home and put the kids straight to bed.

Now it's my turn...but I'm feeling kinda jittery and restless!! Wish me luck!!

Til next time, God bless!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Not my idea of of

A happy Valentine's day!!

To be fair, it started off beautifully!! While I was making DJ's lunch the kids came into the kitchen and started whispering to each other. They'd noticed the cards left in the table for me...I was then instructed to close my eyes while DJ placed them in my hands. SO sweet!!! DJ had signed it by himself and wrote on the outside of the envelope. Samantha had a bit of help, but was still just as proud!!

We got to school with plenty of time and no tardy slips!! Sam and I headed home for breakfast and to start our day. I got to work in some emails and then bathed SamSam. Love those lazy play baths!! Then I set her up with a movie and went to shower. We had a quick lunch and then took off for town. I had a Dr appt for 1:30 and we were right on the button! Samantha recognized the building and asked if I'd be getting blood drawn too. I wasn't sure, but we'd have to wait and see.

While I was in with the Dr, she stayed out with my friend Raeshele and coloured and got a tour of all the offices. She wowed them all!! I was indeed sent for blood off we went across the street. While trying to find a parking spot...the unimaginable happened!! My temporary crown fell out while chewing gum...which I typically don't chew on that side consciously...and instantly the pain of an exposed half tooth kicked in!!

As long as I didn't mouth breathe the pain is off we went and I had blood drawn...I didn't cry, and Samantha got the sucker! She watched tho, so hopefully now that she's seen it happen calmly...maybe she'll follow suit?!?!

From there we went and got DJ picked up from school and headed to drop off books. A day early, but I needed the trunk space. After that we headed to the bank and Lowes. Got the last of what we needed for the fence and then I took the kids card shopping for daddy.

We got home and Howie unloaded us, the kids had a gate blocking them getting out. As Howie was about to start the BBQ for our steak dinner, he suggested we postpone it and have something easier on my mouth. So, we had cheesy eggs instead. Drinking water is fun....NOT! Like I said, if I don't mouth breathe, I'm good...oy! Is it tomorrow afternoon yet?!? I have an appt for 2:30 to get a crown put on. And really, I think it was 8 months ago it got put on...which is pretty long in the world of temps!!

After dinner DJ and I snuggled and we all watched Bedtime Stories before ticking the kids in bed. And then a miracle happened...when I finally sat down, Howie watched Glee with me!!!! Guess he'd heard of the Whitney ding to be sung...which of course ROCKED!!! Love Amber Riley's voice!!! Then he went to bed and I continues on. New Girl got the most laughs tonite!! Parenthood was really good week looks even better!! Gotta love sweeps months!!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Flashback Day

This morning I woke up feeling 16 all over again!! Only my mom wasn't here to make me a roast beef sandwich and rent "Can't Buy Me Love" to watch in bed. No, I have two kids and have to plow thru!! Some way, some how!

After breakfast the kids and I got busy with making up their Valentines cards for tomorrow. It was a very surreal moment for me to watch my son print off everyone's names on their cards. Illegible, but all on his own! I was SO proud of him!! He was pretty proud too!! And rightly so! Six months ago he could write two letters...d and j....that's it! I also found it funny that he wrote our last name (and his teachers) hugHes instead of the right way! Haha

About 11 the kids went outside to may with the boys while I tidied up and did the dishes. They came in just about noon looking for lunch, which I happily obliged them. They were right back outside as soon as they were done eating. It took me a good hour of puttering around to realize how quiet it was! They'd gone inside next door, so I took some pain meds and took a 90 minute nap!! Samantha found me just before 3 and was upset that she couldn't find she must not have looked hard...or suffers Hughes-itis which affects the optical nerves when looking for something. Howie suffers terribly from it!! In any case we snuggled and chatted before I got up at her request to sit in my chair with her and watch Dora. How does one say no?!? Yeah, I don't!

Howie came home as she and I were sitting watching Dora and he watched with us! With his eyes closed! Samantha left us to go play with the boys who'd come in to play downstairs. I got dinner going and we ate shortly after 6. I was about to bathe DJ when I realized I needed to leave immediately for an Avon meeting. I knew it started at 7:30, but somehow my brain twisted that to mean leaving at 7:30. Glad I caught was a short meeting as the coffee place closed at 8! I was home shortly after 9 and found Howie watching The Voice, which is super easy to jump in on!! And exactly what I did!! Howie went to bed just before 10 and I watched the beginning. I'll have to wait til tomorrow to watch the Bachelor on On Demand. I also watched HIMYM which was goo. Sad but good! 2 Broke Girls was funny as usual. And Hart of Dixie was good!! Now I'm ready to hit the hay!

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Remind me next year

<p>&lt;p&gt;That i really don't NEED to watch the Grammys....don't much enjoy all the drama and drivel...and honestly...WHO put lady GaGa next to Blake and Miranda!?!?!?! There are some weird photos floating around already of that threesome!! &lt;/p&gt;<br>
&lt;p&gt;This morning we were a tad late for church but not terribly so....and the message was good!! Just wish DJ wasn't as fidgety...he did OK on the noise level....angry birds helps there. Or fruit slice napping today either! </p>
<p>After service I left them to go home while I went on my Avoning way....only took me 4 hours too....not bad really!! I got home and the fence is well under way!!!! The posts are in, the "she cant dig under the fence" boards are in...all thats left is the actual fence!! Which I'll be picking up tomorrow! So close to being done!! Howie said he had lots of help too...too much at one point and he stopped and went to take down lights so the 4 kids would go elsewhere. lol

I got home and got right into dinner mode. Afterwards, the kids and I  went to the shed to see what was what...I also picked up all the books a day  early...figured I'd just do it then instead of waiting. We got home, and it was bed time right away. I could see all the outdoor playing was hitting a wall for them. Sam gets downright silly when she's tired.  DJ just gets lazy.

Sorry this is short...I just realized I need to make Howie's lunch yet....oops!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

And we're back

To DJ that is!! Daniel was short lived!!!!! Just as I thought it would be, and I'm glad we obliged for the most part and called him what he wished us to...but we're back to normal! He told Howie on Tuesday nite as he was being tucked in and Howie said "Good nite Daniel" and he says, "No, it's DJ again" when asked why, his response was "Its just too hard to write!" HAHAHAHAHAHA I did find out too, that Mrs Hughes put Daniel on his place card on his desk so he could see it to spell it..wasn't that nice of her!?!?

Speaking of his desk....I got to help out with testing again on Friday at his school....this time with math stuff. All about patterning...ABABAB in colours and then AABAAB in different colours. The kids were to copy my tower...then make it taller...then make their own using the same pattern in their own choice of colours. DJ only got one wrong!!! I was pleased as punch!!! The girls all whizzed thru it...the boys took their time...with one boy saying "I don't want to do it,  can I go now?" after creating his own ABC pattern! And one girl even built her towers from the top down....surely that means something in the corporate world!! lol

My g/f Shirah came over for dinner last nite and to hang out with us....which the kids LOVED seeing her! Its been since Christmas that we'd seen her, and there were many other distractions, so this was nice to just catch up! Howie got home just before nine, in time to kiss the kids good nite. Then Shirah and I took off to the movie theater here in town to see The Vow. Now, it was by a flip of the coin that picked that movie...the other choice was One For The Money which I'm DYING to see!! The Vow interested me, but I didn't know much other than the previews.

WOW!!!! What a movie!!!!! For whatever reason, they're not playing up the fact that it's A) based on a true story, and B) it's based on a book!! Now I simply MUST read the book!! I bawled like a baby in the movie....all throughout the movie too!! It wasn't just one thing that set the lot of us estrogen driven women in the theater to tears...the whole thing!!! I can't remember crying at a movie like that in a LONG time!!!! I'm so glad Shirah was crying right beside me!! I sobbed the whole way home too! Sheesh!!! Aunt Flo needs to show up already!!!! I'm a blubbering idiot!! But seriously, FANTASTIC movie!! Highly recommend it!! Not just cuz of Channing Tatum either (who's 32 soon, which doesn't make me a cougar!!) but man, what a performance!! He's the next Tom Cruise!! I can see many many girls swooning over him the way I did Tom when I was younger!!

Today was a good day too!! The kids and I got up and had breakfast together, and then got dressed and headed out the door as Howie was coming in it. We were off to deliver some Avon and to go to Lowes and do their Build and Grow kit for today...which was a wooden box they built and decorated to house their valentines cards they get. Such a fun one!! Only got my thumb smacked once by Sam too!! All in all, a huge success! I shall have to make more effort to take them to more of them! Howie napped while we were gone, and we got home just in time to wake him. Then he and DJ took off for Lowes to buy more fencing material to keep going.

But today was not a fencing day...we all had a dinner date!! So while the boys were out, Sam got a bath and got her hair prettied up...then Howie got a hair cut....DJ got a bath while Howie showered and then it was finally MY turn!!! Whew!! We got to the church a couple minutes late, sent the kids off to their room for the kid time (and dinner) while we went into the sanctuary for our dinner time. A lovely 5 course meal too!! The entertainment was beyond hysterical!! What fun we had tonite!!! Our table consisted of Pastor Dan and his wife Sharon...another couple who've been together for 18 years, she's from the Philippines and he's from here....another couple who run the Awana program, and it was nice to see them! and then us! Couldn't have picked a better table!!

We got done about 9 and came home to put two exhausted kids to bed! But not before lotioning them both up! DJ's showing massive improvement with his bum issue and Sam's is looking calmer, but isn't really clearing up! She LOVES taking the meds under her tongue!! Cracks me up!  Howie and I watched some tv together and then he went to bed...I watched White Collar and then tried watching Castle, but my legs got restless and so I'm blogging instead and then heading to bed. May watch Hot in Cleveland in bed...LOVE that show!

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Lots to catch up on!!

Yesterday was our busiest day of the week!! School, book drop, play date, ballet, pizza pick up, and drop off, lunch, pick up K at his school, pick up DJ, make dinner and head to Awana!! It's no wonder I fell asleep at 11:30 watching Revenge!!! Woke up at 12:30 and if took til 1:30 to fall back to sleep. Lesson learned...go to bed at first sigh of drowsy!!

Today was another busy one...but I can now hear I stereo!!! After dropping DJ off at school, SamSam and I went to pick up my new hearing aid!! That was a long week!! Better yet, a long 5 months of imbalance!! And now it's gonna take time to adjust to the difference in sounds!! Plus, this is sort of an old school aid, it takes 5 seconds or so to warn up and get working...odd for me!

In the parking lot, before we left, I called a Naturopath that I got the name of from my g/f yesterday...and we got an appt for 10:30!!! I was thrilled with that!! Samantha is in the middle of a really bad bout of whatever is on her skin...and I can't seem to control it like before! And I don't care for steroid creams like what she got 3 years ago. This is by far, her worst break out!!

We got there early to fill out paperwork...and it turns out one of my g/f's is the secretary...she's also a good Avon client too! We got all checked in and got taken back right away. Dr. White talked to Samantha a bit, we discussed the longevity if it all and she took a look at Samantha's upper body. Her first thoughts were to test for celiac, which is a gluten allergy....for the girl who LOVES bread and pasta, not fun!! But to test for thSf is do food allergy testing, we pay out of pocket. Do we'll go this route first and either figure it out or rule it out.

Now, to do the test, requires blood to be drawn....something she's never had done since birth!!! Nor does she remember any of her vaccines!! I tried to prep her without telling her about the needle part...and she was doing good. The tech put that rubber band thing on her and she started to get concerned. Didn't mind the rubbing alcohol, and the sight of the needle didn't bother her....but the moment that needle entered her vein, she was a screaming!!! Blood curdling screams!!! Screams I should have shit my hearing aids off for!!! Screams that drew help instantly!!! which was needed as I needed to get her to stop watching it. With all her screaming she was stopping the flow of blood and it took longer to get the vial full. My poor baby!!! Oh my heart was hurting for her!! We snuggled before the band aid was put on as I knew she needed it!! And I got her laughing within 2 minutes!! Always a good sign!!

We left there to get DJ, and she fell asleep while we waited. She deserved it!! Fell asleep mid lollipop too!! We got home and I let her sleep a while longer. When I woke her she was a hot mess!! It took 2 hours to get her velcro self off me!!! Even daddy wasn't enough!! she did finally snap out of it and went to play with the boys.

After a yummy dinner I bathed the kids and we got them into bed by 8:30!! Perfect timing really!!! Speaking of bed...I'm there already...

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It won't be much longer

That I can shop for the child with me at the's too tricky now! This morning I knew Daniel joined me after Howie got up for when the second alarm went off I reached over for him and found a cat!! I sat up and looked around trying to figure it out...just then Howie came in to get changed to take DJ to school...he took a sick day today as he's still really suffering with a sinus infection, poor guy! But hey, that meant I could go back to sleep!! And so I did! What a nice surprise indeed! Sam waited for me to have breakfast, which was nice of soon as we were done I got right down to Avon! My last day to order on a Tuesday! They're switching me again and I order on Thursdays from now on :( I don't like it one bit! but I have no say in the matter! I'd done most of my work yesterday, so today was not nearly as stressful! In fact I got Sam in the bat about 11, submitted my order at 11:30 and then cleaned her up. I made lunch for all of us...Sam put hers in her lunch bag while I ate mine before we left. Shortly after one she and I headed to Costco to do the shopping. I was gonna wait til Thursday as my hearing aid is ready, and I'm headed that way, but Howie needs new contacts now! Miss Samantha is quite tuned in to how Costco works and started demanding sample food the moment we walked in! There wasn't much to sample, and some of it was out of our league! Jalapeño dip for one! And Greek yogurt with honey was not her cup of wasn't really mine either, tasted too much like sour cream to me! Which is probably why my dad likes it! We then strolled around to look at the awesome playground set they have...and we found shoes...kid shoes!! Sam's favourite!!! But the sneakers we were looking at only went up to size 10 which is what she is now...and she doesn't need them for now. She pitched a pouty fit when I said "no"...then we went around the corner and found the sandals...super CUTE sandals by Laura I gave her a choice of colour and I had a happy girl!! We didn't get out of the store til 3, but Howie already went to get DJ, which was a relief!! On the way home I got an email (at a red light even) asking me to come in for a meeting, so we made a slight detour and headed to MCS. Short and kind of meeting. We got home and shoeless DJ was out playing with the boys. Sam changed out of her skirt and joined them. But not before asking me where her shoes were...I lied to her and told her I had to put them back as I ran out of money...she was sad, but understanding! After I got all the food put away, I grabbed a shower and got ready to go to an Avon meeting. I got their dinner ready before I left and headed out. On the way home Jaime and I stopped at Michael's to see what was in store (get it?) and he had more than I'd planned!! I found butterfly wings and a great wand with a fabric star on it, which I know she will love!!! I got home before 9:30 and Howie was still up watching a new show called the River....looks too scary for me thanks!! He hit record and headed to bed. Once I got my chores done, I sat down and watched Glee, which was muy bien...and then New Girl which had me actually laughing out loud!! So funny! Raising Hope was good too! Parenthood was really good!! Definitely setting it up for the next few shows story wise! Til next time...God bless!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Dust Bowl Day

Yesterday may have been the Super Bowl, but today was definitely the Dust Bowl!!! Or the Windy Bowl for sure!! And it's been scary loud wind too!! Thankfully we only lost power once for 30 seconds...of course that happened while I was in the bathroom with both kids! Go figure! This morning the kids tried the egg muffins I made yesterday for them...theirs had cut up hot dog and cheese. I made them pretty basic for the first time, and hope I can talk them into more additions! I was pleased they liked them! Daniel was the first one done and dressed and out the door! The sun was shining and it promised to be another great day!! Sam wasn't too far behind him....which gave me the time I needed to work on my Avon orders. And do dishes. And do laundry. And. And. Before lunch we headed to the shed to get the books for the week. On the way home the kids asked to have a picnic on the back deck...I agreed! It was already 60 at noon, and that is perfect picnic weather if you ask me! They were ecstatic! I rather enjoyed eating by myself too lol. It was after lunch that Zumba hit me HARD!! Oh my thighs were burning!!! All the squats and lunges caught up to me. Even my hips were protesting! Howie scared me when he walked thru the door at 1:50....he came home feeling miserable with a sinus infection. So he went and took a two and a half hour nap. During which I extracted the first sliver of 2012...on SamSam's right heel. It took 5 minutes to get the first part was probably a half inch sliver...for the really embedded part, we froze her heel with an ice cube before I dug around with a needle to expose the sliver. (did I make your tummy cringe mom?) It didn't take long and the tears stopped quickly. She tip toed to the bathroom to get a band aid and once that was on she was all about the ice cream I'd promised her. Then she was off to play again!! While dinner was waiting to be made, I popped onto pinterest and found a recipe for dessert. I checked the recipe out and lo and behold I had all the ingredients for Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal bars. It only called for 1/2 cup brown sugar!! That's amazing for any recipe!! They were done before we sat down to eat, and perfectly cooled to eat when we were done. DJ gobbled his right up!! Sam had three small bites...which I insisted on. She liked it but I'm sure it wasn't her favourite! After dinner I bathed DJ so he'd be fresh for school. As I was brushing his teeth the power went out, before I could get the flashlight on my phone to kick in, the lights came back on. Whew! Of course this happened after 8 and the dvr is working and interrupted the shows recording. Luckily, they were both on commercial! Of course it wasn't til I sat down that I realized The Voice wasn't recording...gah! BUT...I did also learn that its on On it can wait til tomorrow!! The Bachelor was full of surprises!!!! Lindsay getting the rose! Blakely not!! And Casey getting called out!!! Honestly girls, if you're going to be on a dating show, don't have a boyfriend back home!! I hope her tears were of shame!! Oh the drama!!! That Women Tell All show will be fun to watch!! Til next time...God bless!

Zumba 1 (won), Missy 0

This morning I woke up crowded...Daniel was in bed with us and had been since 3 something...I was feelin it too!! Come to find out...Samantha was on the floor at the end of the bed, for who knows how long! Crazy kids! I got up just before 9 when DJ came in to wake me....and he was already dressed!! Sam wasn't, but she was nekkid! So I picked out her clothes and left her to get dressed while I got ready for church. I even had time to make breakfast for Howie and I, a yummy ham n cheese frittata!! We got to church early enough to socialize before service. Service was very interesting!! I learned that we as North America mostly descend from Japheth, son of Noah. Never knew that before! The reason I couldn't socialize after service was because I was going with my friend Sarah to the Y for a Zumba first ever!! They've been doing classes at Howie's club for two years, but I've never gone. I wasn't quite sure what to expect... And it was nothing like I could have guessed either!! It's loud! It's club like! It's hard work!!! Nonstop hard work!!! Some of those moves I've been doing myself in front of the mirror...and here I was doing them with a hundred other people!! Yikes!! I was in the back row for a I couldn't see myself look like the idiot I felt like I looked!!! I did have fun tho!! And I wished I'd taken the truck instead of the car...shifting gears hurt like heck!!! I got home about 2 and found the kids outside playing, and Howie out back digging fence post holes. So I slowly made my way upstairs to have lunch. I was settled in my chair for 3 when the per Super Bowl stuff was starting. Blake and Miranda were singing America the Beautiful...and they NAILED IT!!! Kelly Clarkson did a fab job on the anthem too!! The game was good, except the Pats the last 57 seconds! So heartbreaking!! I don't want to discuss it! lol Once the game was done the kids got their jammies on and we watched the last of their movie they'd been watching since Friday nite. Then into bed they went! I'd recorded The Voice and was anxious to watch it! Really, today should have been called Super Blake Shelton day! Not that I'm complaining!!! Not one bit! Anyways, it was awesome as usual!! Looks like its gonna be a good season! Howie went to bed when it was done and I was shocked to see it was only 9:30!!! I checked the listings to find something to watch and found Dirty Dancing....such a classic!!! It was like the first time seeing it again! Just love it!! And now it's done and I'm done too! Gonna take my tired and sore body to bed!! I tried to send after sitting for 2 hours this aft nd couldn't even stand up without falling right back down!! Til next time...God bless!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Princess Lula

Samantha has joined the name changing ranks!!! But only of you're mad at her!! That's her rule! Yes, if you're angry with her, you must refer to her as Princess Lula!! She said all of this with a straight face too!! At the dinner table no less!! That makes it official right?!? Oh she cracks me up!!

Today was another absolutely gorgeous day!!! We may have hit 60 even!! Howie was off fishing this morning, but we had pork chops for there's the answer to that!! He said it was crazy busy too!! He got home, ate and went for a nap. The kids and I headed downstairs so I could get a walk in. They spotted Jessica outside and promptly headed out!! Perfect timing!! Unfortunately it didn't last long enough and they were back in fighting over every little thing!! So frustrating when you're trying to stay focused!! Once Howie got up, they improved! Even went outside to help him clean up. I took the opportunity to shower in peace!!

About 2:30 I headed in to town to finish the grocery shopping at Freddy's. Kinda nice to be alone snd wander the clearance aisles! I found some cool party favors for SamSam's party next month...sunglasses with matching hair bows! She'll get hers for valentines day....just gotta find done for Daniel too! It was 4:30 when I was checking out. I did my personal stuff first, got a new purse!!! After months of looking, I found one!! Now, watch, Avon will come out with one I like!! lol always the case!

Just as she was finishing up the food stuffs and I was to pay, I realized I fifth have the gift cards to pay for it. They were in my cost pocket which I didn't wear due to how nice it was outside. Grrrrr!!!! So they suspended my order and I drove home to get them, drove back to Freddy's and then came home! What a waste of an hour and a half!!

The kids got a glow bath tonite before I headed out to Panera to pick up for the shed. Usually I love the people who work there....but tonite was one of the full time day timers...and she's not the friendliest. Didn't help I broke a glass butter dish...dang it!

I got home just after 10 and all was quiet! So I got tomorrow's coffee ready and sat to watch tv. Finished last nite's Blue Bloods and then put on a movie I dvr'd last weekend. A Smile As Big As The Moon...a Hallmark movie. I was sobbing in the end!! I think that's their mission...make the viewer cry!! Works every time!! I love that it was based kn a true story!! Now, I'm off to la la land, which is kinda like outer space!! lol

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday funday

Wow was that a busy one!!! I did get to start it off lazing in bed til 8 while Howie took Daniel to school. That was nice!! Especially snuggling with SamSam! But she hadn't eaten so we got up and had breakfast together.

We left at 10 to head to the school for hot lunch duty. Today's menu was corn dogs, carrots and dip, and rice krispy treats. I got the dessert handing job along with milk distribution. I just LOVE how polite all the kids are!! From kindergarten on!! I also worked with the other Daniela's mom, so I learned a bit more about him. She had been told in the office about my Daniela's name change.

After lunch was cleaned up, Samantha and I headed to Freddy's to get gas and a few essentials. And then back to the school for recess duty!! The sin was shining and it truly was a beautiful day!!! I heard we even hit 60 in some places!! Nice!! The kids enjoyed recess and once everyone was back in their classes, I found Mrs Hughes and she had some work for me. First time ever it was easy!! Straight photocopying and putting it away for her. Gave us time after to hang out in the sun on the swings.

On our way home I saw black smoke billowing up near SVEC, so we headed that way to check it out. Sure enough, right across the street a house was on fire. It was fairly recent as they were just evacuating the houses next door. The smoke had changed to white, so they were fighting it. So tragic!! I pray no one was inside!! Human of animal!! It did give us an opportunity to discuss fire safety and what to do in the event ifs fire...they knew!! We stopped at the bank on the way home and I gigs text from my mom saying she was hind from hospital and doing which point I flew into a panic and demanded she call me!! She obliged and I learned if her scheduled bladder surgery...whew!!! I remember her telling me back in December but she hadn't mentioned since so it slipped my mind. Hope she heals quickly!!

We got home and I was hoping the boys next door could play outside with my two, but that didn't happen and they both joined me downstairs while I walked on the treadmill. SO fun with both of them!!! *note sarcasm*

We enjoyed a pizza dinner and then watched movies together. Kiddie ones at first and then the start of Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler. Howie came hone and we tucked them in to bed right away! I didn't finish the movie without them, so I'm sure we'll be watching it tomorrow. I did watch Celebrity Wife Swap and had a good chuckle! Then Grimm which kinda spooked me. And then I started Blue Bloods but dozed off. Now I'm ready to nod off again...

Not sure how we did it

But this morning was THE earliest we've ever been for school!!! In fact it was 7:59 when we were backing out of the driveway! I don't think we've ever done that!! Even tho we were early, we still got caught up by a freakin train!! I swear it's a conspiracy!! Thankfully we got caught by the commuter train, which are short! But just as soon as we got thru the tracks, the lights were going off again for a much longer train. Whew! It was 8:20 when we parked and walked Daniel in to school. I had an auction meeting so Samantha and I headed to the library! When my meeting was done we headed to get an oil change for the truck....much needed!! Then we headed to freddy's so I'd have lunch as we were out of salad. We got home just before noon, the boys next door were out so Sam just stayed out with them til she was hungry for lunch. Then she got a bath and I got a shower! We rushed outta here to get Daniel from school. Since it had warmed up a smidge I let the kids play for a bit before we headed home. The boys were waiting for us and the four of them played til Sam got hurt....quite usual! She came in and did puzzles instead. At dinner I tried something new....buckwheat noodles!!! No one else ate them past the first bite, I enjoyed them! Then I struck out with dessert too! I made brownies with dates and walnuts as the base with an avocado icing....they were tasty, but again no one ate more than their first bite. I enjoyed it! Could have been a bit sweeter...but still impressive! I left after dinner and headed to the school for another auction meeting....which no one showed up for :( I finally gave up after waiting 40 minutes!! I got home in time to brush teeth and tuck them in! Then when Howie went to bed I watched Grey's, which was odd to watch....and PP which was good! Then I stayed up to watch Blake on Jay Leno, that was totally worth it!! Sweet dreams to me!! Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

He's trying to make it stick!!

The name change that is! Even asked yesterday on the way to school how to spell it...yet his work since then has come home with DJ on it. lol Isn't 5 too young for an identity crisis??!!

Last nite I fell asleep watching tv...with 4 mins left on some show I nodded off...when I woke I realized I'd not seen the end, so I fast forwarded to where I left off...while it was forwarding, I fell asleep again!!! LOL That was my cue to go to bed! Which is why I didn't post about the day!!!

Today, was day 3 on the a row...which was kinda sorta painful!!! I couldn't do the full time I've been doing as I just didn't have the time to do so, but I did do 45 mins! I'm glad I didn't do more as the insides of my thighs are screaming in pain!! I had to put the truck in cruise control at 35 mph just so I wouldn't have to use those muscles on the gas pedal!!!  Our morning was quite full!! Our neighbour had to fly to Florida to be with her dad, and took the two we gave K a ride to school this morning. Which worked out perfectly as today was book drop day for us too!!

Once done the books we headed to Laney's house for a play date. They have a giga ball...which you get in and roll around in it...both girls climbed in and off they went giggling! Should be called a giggle ball! From there we went to dance class and twinkle toes was happy to be there!! Pizza pick up next and then home!

We also had to pick K up from school and he gets out a half hour earlier than Daniel does, so that worked out! We got home and the kids all went next door to play...leaving me with a very quiet house! I didn't even let Belle out of her crate kind of quiet!! I instantly fell asleep! lol For 45 minutes!!!! I was so cold and put Grandma Thelma's blanket wrapped around my shoulders and got so toasty warm it was awesome!!! I couldn't help but fall asleep!! Howie came home just as I was making the sauce for sketti....and he enjoyed the quiet too! Commenting that this is what it was like pre kids!! Yeah, a lil too quiet!! They came home when I called over for them and we had a good dinner! Tonite marked the 3rd nite in a row that DJ has been the first one done!! Shocking!!! We don't know what's going on!! Well, we do, but dang!!! Wish he didn't have to get so tall so fast!!!

At Awana tonite I made the director of Awana and of the Sparks aware that DJ was being rushed thru his book...last week he did 8 sections!!!!!!! We normally do one...which typically has 2 how on earth can he do 8 in one day!?!??! Then as I'm at my table doing my work, Daniel (see, still sounds weird to me!) came out and asked me to sign his book and then he'd be done....and it was an 'at home' portion that was to take 5 days!!! No way we'd done this! So I showed the commander and he got right on it! And I refused to sign the book! The director of Sparks took a look at a couple other books and sure enough, same thing! So we're going back and doing those sections properly!!! We still have something like 14 weeks left...what's he gonna do if he finishes too early?? Seems silly to me!

We got home and the kids went right to bed! Howie was watching a movie so I got busy cleaning the kitchen and getting lunches ready for tomorrow. I sat down and he was just finishing his movie and off to bed he went! I watched White Collar from last nite and Royal Pains from tonite....I just love the USA Network shows!!! :) But now I'm ready to fall asleep again!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Its tougher than I thought

To call my son by his given name....but he keeps reminding me and correcting me. We've had many discussions throughout the day about how/why he was named and that even while he was in my belly he was DJ to us. And that because there's already a boy named Daniel in first grade and they do a lot of stuff with them, it will be confusing. I even tried suggesting he wait til the beginning of the school year next year to change to Daniel, but he's adamant it should be now! He even corrected Sam when she called him DJ...but for the most part, she's been good at calling him Daniel...until he does something and she's upset with him lol

After breakfast I got busy with some Auction stuff...emails and whatnot...and Sam took FOREVER to get dressed, so it wasn't til after 12 that I could go do the books at the shed. The kids stayed behind to play with the boys next door, so I was on my own! Not that it made much of a difference as the kids do well when we go. Thankfully there was half the book load as last week!! I got home and made us all lunch. I got busy on auction stuff again and before I knew it, it was 3 and I wanted to get on the treadmill before then! Oops!! DJ was still outside playing, but Sam was inside with me as she'd had enough testosterone for one day!

I did a good jaunt on the treadmill too...3.25 miles!! Most I've ever done! Just when I thought I couldn't go anymore, a great song comes on Pandora and I'm bootin along! I don't hurt as much today as I did last I'm likin it! My hips are a bit tender when I sit for too long, but not too terribly. Today I did 70 minutes worth....and actually am considering a 5k....but then I shake my head! LOL I couldn't run the whole thing, so what would be the point? Plus, I want to get this hernia fixed....which would set back any training I'd be doing. Maybe I'll wait til I'm, 29 again! lol Its a thought.

Dinner was in part, thanks to Pinterest....I'd found a recipe for homemade chicken nuggets and tried them out. They were super easy!!! But I should have lowered the heat to begin with as the first half of them were kinda crispy and darker than I'd want them to be. But I did try one...OH MY WORD they were good!!!! At this rate, we won't need the frozen crap ever again!!! Then because I'd had such luck, I tried out another recipe I'd seen on Pinterest for crustless mini quiche type things done in my muffin pan. I changed it up a bit and used smoked steelhead, spinach and olives in with the eggs. Can't wait to try one tomorrow for breakfast!!

I took off before the kids were done eating as I had an Avon meeting to go to....just a small one with some other unit leaders. It was done just before 9 and I was home by 9:30...not too bad! Once I got some more auction stuff done on email, and lunches squared away, I sat and watched the, oh my...that Courtney is a skank!!! I don't like her one bit!! Not at all surprised Elyse wasn't given the rose....even I could tell there was nothing there!! I think I'm rooting for Kacie B the most! :)

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, January 30, 2012

I knew this day would come

I just didn't think it would happen so soon!! Today we were actually early for church!! It helped that I had nursery duty...for real this time. Between me and a youth girl, who's also one of Sam's Awana leaders we had 6 kids. I think they all had fun! Only two criers, one because she had a toy taken from her and she screamed, I told her screaming wasn't necessary and she cried. The other was being a diva when she didn't win at musical chairs, I just let her cry that one out. After church we parted ways and I went on to do Avoning. None of my regulars were home which made it tough to find somewhere to eat at...and pee!!! I did get done in record time tho! I was home before 5:30! And that was with a stop at the shed on the way home too!! I came home and Howie had installed the new gate we bought yesterday at Lowes...a metal one that swings!! No more climbing over the gate to get downstairs...unless of course you want to. I'm so pleased it was installed so quickly!! The kids will need some practice to open it, but they'll figure it out eventually! They have everything else that's been proofed in this house! I sent the kids downstairs after dinner to clean up the play room....I go down there a half hour later and am pleasantly surprised to see how clean the floor was...and then I turned around...they'd piled EVERYTHING into one big pile...oy! I then helped them put it all away. And we sorted thru it all too! Keepers, giveaways, and garbage! We went a bit late, and bedtime was upon us! Samantha chose the book, or more specifically the story from our childrens bible...Daniel and the lions den...and before I could get started DJ piped up and said he wanted to be called Daniel from now on. Say what??!?! Remembering all my name changes, I feel I must humour I suggest we call him Daniel John instead of just Daniel...not good enough, he wants just Daniel. Hmmm. I ask him why, and he tells me about the boy in grade one who's also a Daniel. We talked about how Mrs Hughes would have to change everything that has his name on it. I got a suggestion from the Facebook village to make him wait til he's done school for the year before it's less confusing. I know I'm gonna have a hard time When we picked his name, it was always with the intention of him being a DJ... Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

She's the man

Boy, was today busy!!! Howie got my sleep in...I made a meeting for 8:30 not even realizing that i was cutting my nose I got both kids up and dressed and out the door. I'd realized last nite that I'd overbooked myself so breakfast was already done. We got out of the house on time, but hit all 3 lights on the way there and poor DJ had to get a tardy slip! I then headed to the library for my meeting with one of the long timers of previous auctions to brainstorm with her and pick her brain...I think it worked. Sam and I left there and headed to Snohomish to the Imagine Inn for their Winter Wonderfuls puppet show. My g/f Kody and her two girls met us there and we watched together. Sam was mesmerized and even got up and danced the first song and did freestyle was awesome!!!! But then she wouldn't go up to save her life!! I kept suggesting it, but no go! It was a 45 min performance and from there I headed to drop off an Avon order to a new customer who lived 5 mins away from the theater. Nice lady age...2 kids that are ten years older than mine...and she used to be an Avon rep....I like those customers as they KNOW the product well!!! While we were on the way home I started doing the math to figure out if we had time to head home for lunch...we didn't. I'm not sure if Sam was reading my mind or not, but she suggested Red Robin and I had JUST been thinking of doing that. So, we did!! She got Mac n cheese with apples and I had a chicken avocobbo was tasty and quite filling! Then we went to 9 places to hand out procurement forms for the auction before heading to the school for recess duty. The sun was shining but it was still chilly....and those are good conditions for recess!! Sam is finally willing to play with some of the girls in 3rd grade, but mostly likes to play soccer by herself. After recess I checked with DJ's teacher to see if she needed me...she did!! I got to test the kids on their reading skills. DJ chose to be first and he aced it!!! Just as I knew he would!! But after hearing all the kids, I see he's smack dab in the middle! Good place for him really. I'm pleased! It's beyond awesome to see him learning to read! I can't wait til hes reading a real book to me!! We waited for school to be over and got DJ and finaly headed home! Sam tried falling asleep on me less than a mile from home...nipped that in the bud and kept her awake! We got home and they played outside a bit. It's always fun til someone (Sam) gets poked in the eye. Got her calmed down and on her way out the door she caught her thumb in the sliding I made her stay in...of course at that point all she wanted to do was snuggle!! Which we did!! After dinner we watched Over the Hedge...the second half as they'd already seen the first a couple nites ago. They stalled bedtime just enough that Howie got home from work. And he'd stopped by the Apple store to get an iPad2...his turn for a new toy....which I'm currently using to type on....I kinda like it. Tabbi's charging now or I be on it....but I do like this one!! It's familiar since we've both been using the iPhones. Since there was nothing on tv I chose a movie from the dvr...She's the Man...I liked it!! It was cute. Now I'm ready for a conversation with my pillows...we've missed each other!! Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

When does the pain end???

This week the treadmill and I have renewed our relationship and I gotta say, I'm definitely in an abusive relationship!!! My hips have never hurt this much EVER!!! Dang!!! Makes me feel older than my 29 years!!! More like 79!! So, seriously, when does the pain end!?!?

This morning was a tough one like most Thursdays are....Awana makes the kids extra tough to wake the next morning!! SamSam stayed in her jammies and didn't take her diaper off...which is unusual but I wasn't gonna fight it! After we got DJ to school, on time I might add, Sam and I went to Freddy's to get salad and a new backpack as his zipper broke right off this morning. I swear we have some serious zipper karma!!! 3 jackets and now the backpack!! We didn't find a backpack but I did find a pair of cute black pumps that were on sale....I can't remember the last pair of heels I bought....or wore for that matter!! These are what I'd call kitten heels...maybe 2 inches....but there have been a few times and outfits that have called for heels and I don't own any. Now, I do!! Sam loves that they make noise! Such a girl!

We came home and finally got breakfast and started our day. Sam took a nice long bath before watching Bob the Builder.  About noon I did my hour on the treadmill and then made us lunch before heading to school to pick up DJ. Sam fell asleep on the way which made it tough to decide whether to wake her as we'd gone early for her to swing...I gave her 10 mins and did wake her to swing before DJ came out.

We got home and just chilled til Howie came home. The kids picked burgers for dinner, so I got those ready to wait it in the fridge. After dinner I grabbed a shower while the kids played with the r/c helicopter and put jammies on. Their stall tactics were classic tonite!! Both of them too! Rather unusual for both. Finally they settled and Howie went to bed. I watched BBT and it was OK...Raj and the iphone 4s was quite funny...still don't think I'm missing out on Siri...

I've found a great new show called The Finder....quite funny yet different for a drama. Caught it by accident last week and enjoyed it. Makes me think of Human Target...but its different from that even. Then there was nothing else on!! So I made breakfasts, lunches, emptied the dishwasher and filled it right back up. Now, I'm off to la la land!!

Til next time, God bless!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What 'bout the beach mama!?!?!

We had a sunny day on Monday....and as we were headed to the shed to get 19 boxes of books,  jokingly asked the kids if they wanted to go to the beach! Both of them instantly agreed! So when we got done with the books and headed home, I took the "hill" way and when I turned right on Old Pipeline, Sam popped up and said "What bout the beach mama?!?" and all I could do was laugh! So I explained how it wasn't summer just cuz the sun was shining (again!!) and that the water would be freezing cold! AND that the sand would be snow...I think she got it, but it was still funny!

The rest of the afternoon, after lunch, was amazing!! The kids played outside with K and C next door and I actually got some work done!!! Even walked on the treadmill...for an hour!!!! Yeah, I'm still feelin it in my hips! Just got a groove on with Pandora and kept going! Need more days like that where I can spare an hour!

Today was tough...getting up at 7 was nasty but at the same time...I had complete uninterrupted sleep!!!! I woke up alone and DJ was still in his bed! I had to wake him! That never happens!!! Sam woke up while I was waking DJ and she decided to go to school in her jammies, so all I had to worry about was DJ gettin dressed. We got there with plenty of time to spare...yay me!! Sam and I stayed and chatted with Marty's mom a bit and then had a meeting in the office about the auction. By the time we got home I was famished!!!! And poor Belle had shit the crate with the extra time I was gone. NOT fun!!!

My morning literally flew by!! Between Avon, Sam bathing, giving Belle a bath and cleaning the crate, it was already 1 and we needed to leave at 1:15!! Yikes! Sam had her lunch while I got ready to go and I took my salad with us. We dropped the neighbours off at their school and headed to the post office (after dropping all the books off too!) and I worked with one of my reps to get more/new customers...we each got 4 names in the 40 mins we were there! Not bad! From there we picked DJ up and then headed back to SVEC to get the neighbours...ended up we only took K home with us as he wanted to ride with us instead of his parents. We stopped twice to drop Avon books and then came home.

The kids played in the house and even played Sorry together....which was really me playing all 4 hands for them...they bore so easy! But I don't let them quitters allowed! After dinner we played finockio (Sam's way of saying Yahtzee) and she kicked our butts! She's a 6 magnet!! Even got a yahtzee in them!!! It was hilarious when she shouted FINOCKIO instead of YAHTZEE!!!!! We laughed ourselves silly!!  They went to bed while I hopped in the shower and were both awake for me to tuck them in...I was hoping they'd be sleeping...but I enjoy the kisses and hugs!

After Howie went to bed, there was NOTHING on tv thanks to the SOTU I watched Seven Pounds from the was a 2 and a half hour movie...and it took  me 2 plus hours to figure out the gist of it!! I was **This close to shuttin it down...but in the end, I'm glad I stuck it out! Now I can say I've see

Til next time...God bless!