Wednesday, March 21, 2012

To My Darling Daughter

I can not believe you turned FOUR today!!!


These last four years with you have been so joyous and wonderful!! You make me laugh every day with your matter of factness, and your intuitiveness. Every. Single. Day!!!

I can't thank you enough for agreeing to stay three forever...and the tears you shed were genuine as you were trying to please me, but sad at the same time. I love your heart!!

This morning, thanks to Lenny and the Lost Birthday, she requested breakfast in bed...and she got just that!! So darling!! And she sent me away too! Once she was done eating she had a bath and I had a shower. We were in the truck and on our way to town by 11 for her party.

We did a movie party...Samantha invited 4 friends to join her to watch The Lorax. Now, I went into this movie completely clueless as to what it was about....what a darling movie!!!! I had the urge to plant a tree as soon as it was over!!!

We then convened in the hall on a bench for the opening of the gifts...she got a Polly Pocket house set, a My Little Pony, a beautiful picture frame with a picture if her in it all dressed up at Aliya's party 3 days ago!!, a new colouring book and twist up crayons. Lucky little girl!!! We all parted ways and she and I went to Burger King for lunch.

Before picking DJ up from school we stopped at Freddy's and got a couple things. And then stopped at my FAVE coffee stand as they do a free drink on your birthday...she got a chocolate shake.

We got home and I got right to work making GF brownies for her 'cake' and that also meant cleaning the kitchen first. Fed DJ a pb+j before leaving. Tonite was his first t-ball practice. Since I'm team mom, I went today. We had 6 of 9 kids present...Samantha was enjoying the playground adjacent and I talked with a couple other moms. With 20 mins to go, Samantha and I went back to the car to warm up.

With not getting home til close to 7 it was close to 8 by the time we were five eating. Way too late for my liking...don't see me and Samantha making it to too many more mid-week practices!! They both went to bed easily and Howie right along with them. He's been sleeping crappy and thinks its the diet Pepsi I got last Costco trip. They didn't have the caffeine free I've. So today he went without and is hoping for better sleep.

I'm just about done with book 1 of Hunger I'm off to finish it maybe.

Til next time...God bless! And happy birthday SamSam!!! Love you LOTS!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Should I stay...

Or should I go?!?

To blog...or not to blog....that is the question!!!

Although to be truthful, I'm quite sucked into the Hunger Games book and would rather spend my last awake half hour reading than blogging. That is one damn good book!!! Plus, I'm trying to finish it before the movie comes out this Friday!!

Our weekend has been full and lazy!!! Saturday I had the extreme pleasure of sleeping in late! Like noon late!! SO wonderful!!!! I then ate and wrapped up a gift for Samantha's friend and then she and I were off to a Princess dress up birthday party. She had three dress changes before finally settling on a Snow White dress. She had her hair done up (my hairdresser is the mom!) and her toenails painted and then thoroughly enjoyed a G/F cupcake. It was cute!!

Then we came home with the birthday girl and got ready for party number two!! My next door neighbour turned 40 (gasp!) in Friday and we had a surprise party for her at her house. I don't know that I've ever been in on a surprise party before. It was also potluck and other than the two pizzas I made, that was it for making dinner!! Me likey!!

While yesterday was busy, today was the opposite. Rather nice!! The snow, yes SNOW, derailed any outdoor work that Howie wanted to accomplish, so he helped gravity hold down the couch and chair. I in turn helped my chair with its gravity issues. Dinner was corned beef and cabbage...St Pat's dinner a day late. That made it even easier to keep the chair grounded!!

I then watched GCB from last week and the pilot of Missing on the iPad. GCB has me cracking up over the outlandish things that are said!! And Missing looks really good!!! I've watched a few movies lately too...we've got HBO for 3 months. Last nite I picked The American....what a waste of time!!! Then I picked 127 Hours which was good!!! Gory at one point, yet it had me bawlin in the end!!! Based on a true story too!!

Now, I'm gonna go read!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Dear Weekend?..

Thank you for kicking my behind and reminding me I'm not in my twenties once again!! Dear Daylight suck!! Dear Blake Shelton...My, oh my, you're do good looking!!! You sang that to me on Friday night and put me over the moon...its okay if no one else believes me...I know! lol And then on Sunday you rocked it even more singing Don't Make Me!!! The difference between this tour and last is incredible!!! And it's only gotten better!! Dear Miranda...thank you for giving us your time and singing on stage both nites!!! What a true treat!! And watching you and Blake together is just darling!! Keep on rocking! Dear Pearl...thanks for being my cohort this weekend!!! What a ride!! Literally! I enjoyed every mile and getting to know you better! Glad our bladders were in sync for all the driving. I can't thank you enough for letting me sleep for two hours on the ride home last nite, it made all the difference in the world for me today. I'm also incredibly grateful your boob hid that second pick that Blake tossed your way, and that you shared your fortune with me. While I wasn't as cool as you to get the hand touch, we sure had fun!! Let's do it again!!! Dear Justin that I've seen you three times, I'm charmed!! You definitely have a way with the crowd and working them up to get them ready for Blake. I absolutely LOVE the shtick you do with Blake when you jump into his arms for a hug and he kisses you all over...cracks me UP!!! Keep it up bro!! Dear Dia Frampton...I can see why Blake chose you for his team last season...not entirely sure why he chose you to open for him tho. I will say, the duet you do ith him is incredible...but the other songs you do barefoot, I don't get...sorry, don't take it personal! Dear DJ and SamSam....thank you for letting mommy sleep in til 8:30 this morning!!! Even tho it felt like 7:30...and you let me laze in bed for a while before waking up. DJ, you're a good snuggled while we (well, you and Sam) watched a movie this morning. And Sam, I love that you like watching Netflix in your room in bed. I also love that you chose today to be a jamma day!! Kinda jealous really! Dear Neighbour...THANK YOU for having my wild child over for hours this afternoon so I could nap easily!! Dear Howie...your lack of sympathy will be remembered!!! But thank you for letting me be a groupie for a weekend...and file taking such good care of our children in my absence. Your time is coming!!! Dear Pillows...I'm coming to join you as soon as I see the After The Rose special...even tho I HATE that he chose Courtney over Linzi.... Til next time...God bless!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Fair Warning!!!

I must remember to put the sound back to normal on the phone before going to sleep...this morning the alarm went off for 4 minutes before I heard its muted tones. Thankfully there wasn't a 5 after that 4, we would have been in trouble then!!! In any case I was able to drop DJ off a whole ten minutes early!! Go me!! Then Samantha and I came home to eat breakfast.

We then started on the laundry and just being together. I so enjoy our days like this!! After lunch we headed to Costco to finish the groceries...or in Samantha's case, go and sample food!! They girl knows the ropes!!! We then headed to pick DJ up from school without a minute to spare!! Quick stop by the bank and we were headed home.

The kids played outside in the glorious sun while I put stuff away and got the almonds roasted. Samantha came crying in the house as DJ threw some ice at her and it hit her in the hand...yeah I'm not too sure...but she shook it off and stayed in with me. Howie got home and had a chance to relax before making dinner.

Why does it take SamSam 15 minutes to chew ONE bite of meat some nites?!?! There's no rhyme or reason really!!! Which meant it was close to 7:30 by the time she got in the bath!! And almost 8:30 when we tucked them in bed! At which point we tuned in to the AI results....or rather Howie did as I could care less!! But The Finder on right after it, that's a good show!! I also got to catch up on Survivor from last nite too. I have to say, I don't like Colton one bit!! His lil smug ass is gonna get burned!! If his rolling eyes don't get gouged first!! *smh*

Ok so, the fair warning...this weekend is CRAZY!!!! I've got two concerts, DJ's Awana games, a birthday party to attend for DJ, daylight savings and church!! If I don't blog, I'm exhausted!!! And I'll be back for sure Monday nite!! :) hopefully bragging all about how Blake sang to me!! *sigh*

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

If nothin else

Please go to and watch the video!!

I have no other words...

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Even with a 2 hour delay

I still managed to get DJ late to school...only me! But to be fair, I didn't give myself enough time with the road conditions. Rookie move!! Once he was dropped off Samantha and I headed out to do the Avoning!

What a chore today too!! Lots of orders!! And only a few were actually home since its a Tuesday and all...but some I Gott their work now, so I'm seeing different people now than when I delivered on Sundays! I like it!!

About 2:40 I realized we were NOT going to make it to get DJ in time...So we added two extra stops...Joann's for yarn...and the Christian bookstore to pick up the new Veggie Tales that my parents pre-ordered when they were here. Samantha watched Robin Good all the way home and didn't make a peep!! Kinda nice!

We got home after Howie and DJ did, and just in time for Howie to help me out. DJ was next door, so Samantha and I hopped in the shower. She thought my shower cap was funny...but I can't wash these curls yet!! I got ready while she got jammies on...I was off to an Avon meeting in Everett.

After the meeting I stopped in to see Michael and see what he had on sale...and I found one thing on Samantha's ever growing birthday list!! A hula hoop...a small one! This one is pink and silver and perfect!!! Not sure how to wrap it

Since nothing was on tv, Howie went to bed...doesn't mean the DVR wasn't in use! It had Raising Hope, which was okay...and Cougar Town which is always good!! But New Girl has me in stitches!!!! A few times even!!! Then I watched Army Wives from Sunday and enjoyed it! I've missed this show!! Now I must go make lunches for tomorrow and hit the hay!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Marching Lions

This morning I woke up to Samantha crying on the toilet...I really will celebrate when she learns to wipe herself!! was just after 7 and DJ was still asleep!! She and I laid back down til he woke up about 7:45. They let me be til 8:30 and then the begging started!!

After breakfast the kids got dressed and we were off to the salon. Today was "Missy gets a perm" day!!! I was SO excited and very nervous!! The last perm I got 4 years ago didn't do well in my hair and fried it!! Might have been the post partum hormones, or the perm she used, but it was dreadful!!! I also didn't want an Afro type curl either! I needn't have feared!! I was in good hands with Anneke and freaking LOVE my hair now!!!!! Oh it's beyond my hopes!! They came out looking like beach waves...actually, much like Samantha's hair when it's fresher washed and very curly!! YAY!!

While we were busy doing the hair thing, the weather was busy doing the lion thing!! It started off dumping rain!! And I mean DUMPING rain!! Then I quickly changed to hail...which morphed to sleet...which graduated to snow. In the space of 3 hours, we got 4 inches of snow!!! FOUR INCHES!!! Ugh! Not my idea of fun!! While it was snowing up here, we were in town doing groceries, when we came out, the sun was shining and no snow was sticking to the ground there...not do at our house!! It sure was pretty driving up Old Pipeline!!

Howie got home late...and I'd realized early on that I'd forgotten the movie to return it AGAIN, so when he got home, I tool off for town to return it, make a deposit at the bank, and pick up teriyaki for dinner. When I got home Howie had just sent a bundled DJ out to play in the snow, and considering how much work that is, we let him play and ate dinner without him. About 7:30 we called him in and fed him. He sure has fun!! And he was out cold pretty quick come bedtime!! Samantha however was not!! She had so many demands for when she woke up it was funny. Then she tells me that I sleep in my bed too much and I need to sleep with her. All I could do was laugh!

We watched the Voice tonite and man , was it good!!! We guessed a few of the winners and argued with the judges about other choices lol. If I'm. It mistaken, last year each judge had 8 people, and this year it's 12...hmmm and the product placement is SO obvious!!! After it was over, Howie exited stage left and went to bed. I then watched The Bachelor: the Women Tell All...which was funny to watch all the dissension still so very evident! Not sure I believe Courtney's tears...and she slipped when she said "I cared for Ben.." as in past tense...oh I HOPE that means he picks Linzi!!!! After that I watched Smash which is just so fabulous!!! It's a grown up a grown up Glee really!!

Til next time, God bless!

Monday, March 5, 2012

And so it begins

The month of birthdays!!

Friday DJ attended his friend Peter's birthday party...and had a blast.

Today we went to celebrate his cousins birthdays.

First we went to church, where DJ was lulled to sleep by the worship music...first time for that!! So he got a good hour's nap in!! From church Howie and the kids went home and I went to Zumba with my g/f Sarah. It was the same instructor ad two weeks ago...she stepped up her game this week...I'd Luke to take credit for it since I left a comment on how weak her class was last time....who knows!!

After class I came home and ate lunch while answering Samantha's five million questions...all about when we were leaving to go see her cousins...cute, but annoying! She helped me wrap gifts once I had the Avon bagged up. The we all got changed and headed out.

We arrived on time and headed in to visit family. The twins are turning 16 on Wednesday this week. They were 6 when I met them!! Far too fast that decade went!! Dinner was good, the girls chose sketti, do I took rice noodles for SamSam to have and she gobbled em right up!! I think we finally found a noodle winner!!! After cake as consumed and presents opened, the kids played golf on the wii...and enjoyed it of course!! DJ even said we should out him in lessons....ha!

Samantha fell asleep quickly in the trick, but DJ fought it! And won!! Once home we ushered them in and straight yo bed. Howie too for that matter!! So I got lunches ready, coffee ready, dishwasher ready and finally sat down!! I watched Once Upon A Time and it was good! Then Desperate Housewives which is sadly coming to an end this season, but not without a bang!!! Then I checked out the new show GCB which stands for Good Christian Bitches, later changed to Belles, and then shortened to looks good..have to give it some time! And because I was knitting so well, I watched The Good Wife which was fabulous!!!

Til next time, God bless!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nine years ago today

I married the one man who can drive me the craziest in the shortest amount of time!!! Aside from his children that is...but these three people complete me!! I wouldn't have it any other way!!

This morning I woke up to a whisper...Samantha asking Howie to wake up and get her a cookie and a juice pack! It was cute how quiet she was being, but my bladder heard her!! So did DJ! Then all three of them left and I got another 90 minutes of sleep with some strange dreams!! I got up, ate quickly and me and the kids headed to town. It was originally going to be me and DJ, but Samantha learned what I was doing and wanted to tag along.

So we dropped DJ off at the church for Awana games practice and headed to the salon to get my toesies taken care of....last time was when mom was here!! Samantha picked out my colour...BRIGHT pink!!!! I showed her purples, blues, and other muted pinks, but she wouldn't have it!! She also wouldn't sit with me and soak her feet...she sat beside the girl working on me and asked all kinds of questions. It was cute!! They asked if she'd like her toes painted, she declined politely. Another asked of she'd like her finger nails painted, no thank you was her reply. There were three other girls there under ten all getting pampered, she could care less! One day she'll learn!!! One day...

We were early to get DJ, so we sat and watched. Then the three if us stopped to get cards for the twins upcoming birthdays before finally coming home. The afternoon was lazy!! Naps were tried in for size, but dogs barking and SamSam had other plans. DJ was next door watching movies.

Dinner was wonderful!!! Bbq'd steaks, sautéed mushrooms, steamed cauliflower and asparagus! Delish!!! The kids had pizza...well Samantha had a GF version... Then after dinner the kids and I showered and they were put in bed!! I'd rented a movie for Howie and I to watch. Fast we've been wanting to see for a while now!! It was good!!! Then Howie went to bed and I got caught up in a Queen Latifah movie that was also good!! Chick flick good tho. lol Now it's time for me to call it a day!

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, March 2, 2012

You know he's sick when:

He actually asks for meds!!!! Which is what DJ did last nite.

Tuesday nite was miserable as we ended up with both kids in bed with us...Samantha has had a nightmare about red snakes...and DJ probably coughed himself awake. Needless to say, we were late for school...and when I dropped him off, I went with him to register him for grade 1 in September. How is this possible?!?! Already?!?! Craziness!

After that we did play date, double dance class to make up for missing last week, pizza run, and home finally. During dinner DJ complained about his wars hurting he stayed home from Awana and Samantha and I headed to town.

We got home and they both went to bed right away!! With the help of some cough/cold medicine. This morning he bounced out of bed. Albeit it was 8:16...we'd decided last nite to keep him home from school. He was not happy about this when I told him snd begged to go...I love that!! His cough hadn't gotten better,,,hadn't gotten worse he stayed home.

The morning was ALL Avon for me...a rather big order too!! The kids played play doh and watched Netflix on bot Tabbi and Paddy...made for interesting background noise. Once I submitted the order I got right to making lunch for us. Then the kids got dressed and we headed in to town for DJ to be seen by the Naturopath. His ears aren't infected, but red (they both popped separately this morning while blowing his nose) and what they're both suffering is the crud going around. So we got drops for his ears, only if they hurt, and Elderberry syrup for the cough and congestion....which they don't like...but take grudgingly!! The drops are a breeze!! lol

Took a bit to get them settled in bed as the heaters kept tripping the breaker! But they finally slept and we watched tv. I'm just not into AI this year....too drawn out...dramatic...not Blake Shelton....I just cant put my finger on After Howie went to bed I watched that new show Awake...I don't get it ....I don't know what's real and what's not...not sure I'll watch that again! Psych from last nite was a welcome return! Just love that humour!!!