Friday, March 2, 2012

You know he's sick when:

He actually asks for meds!!!! Which is what DJ did last nite.

Tuesday nite was miserable as we ended up with both kids in bed with us...Samantha has had a nightmare about red snakes...and DJ probably coughed himself awake. Needless to say, we were late for school...and when I dropped him off, I went with him to register him for grade 1 in September. How is this possible?!?! Already?!?! Craziness!

After that we did play date, double dance class to make up for missing last week, pizza run, and home finally. During dinner DJ complained about his wars hurting he stayed home from Awana and Samantha and I headed to town.

We got home and they both went to bed right away!! With the help of some cough/cold medicine. This morning he bounced out of bed. Albeit it was 8:16...we'd decided last nite to keep him home from school. He was not happy about this when I told him snd begged to go...I love that!! His cough hadn't gotten better,,,hadn't gotten worse he stayed home.

The morning was ALL Avon for me...a rather big order too!! The kids played play doh and watched Netflix on bot Tabbi and Paddy...made for interesting background noise. Once I submitted the order I got right to making lunch for us. Then the kids got dressed and we headed in to town for DJ to be seen by the Naturopath. His ears aren't infected, but red (they both popped separately this morning while blowing his nose) and what they're both suffering is the crud going around. So we got drops for his ears, only if they hurt, and Elderberry syrup for the cough and congestion....which they don't like...but take grudgingly!! The drops are a breeze!! lol

Took a bit to get them settled in bed as the heaters kept tripping the breaker! But they finally slept and we watched tv. I'm just not into AI this year....too drawn out...dramatic...not Blake Shelton....I just cant put my finger on After Howie went to bed I watched that new show Awake...I don't get it ....I don't know what's real and what's not...not sure I'll watch that again! Psych from last nite was a welcome return! Just love that humour!!!

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