Monday, January 31, 2011

Damn you Hallmark!!!

This morning I found yet ANOTHER unpleasant way to wake up...leg cramp!!!! Son of a gun that hurt!!!!! I thought I was having a seizure til I fully came to and remembered to flex my foot. I'll be damned if that muscle wasn't gun shy after that!!! This must have happened shortly after 7 as it was 7:17 when Samantha came in the room crying and mad at me!! I'm still giggling about this one. You see, yesterday they got helium balloons from the party, both of them even napped on the way home holding tight to the string they both went to bed with their balloons on their dressers awaiting them to wake up....only, they didn't quite survive the nite. They'd gotten droopy...and for that, Samantha was mad at me! She thought I'D done something to make her balloon that way and then threw the shoe it was attached to at me. Go ahead, laugh...I did too!!

Now, I'd done the smart thing and left a sippy for each of them hoping they'd leave us be for a few more winks....til Sam had to pee anyways...then Howie was up with them and I got another hour of sleep. I woke shortly after 9 and got up and had a shower before church. Even had time to put make up on!! Samantha loves when I put make up on and is right in there with me! Today she got some fake blush and eye shadow...which actually did put some sparkle on her eyes. You could tell she felt lady like! It was darling!

We took separate vehicles to church so I could go on from there and do my Avoning. Also to avoid the drama of me leaving DJ and all the worked for the most part!! I was on my way and off to Lynnwood....thankfully the roads were dry and the sun was trying to make an I was able to use the cruise feature!!! Most everyone I visited was home, so that was nice...but yet I still managed to not dawdle too much and even had time to make a pit stop at Joann's fabric...the baby blanket I'm making for church needed more yarn...and I also have a g/f who's having a baby and I found some really nice yarn to make a layette with. I can't wait til she hears the name of the yarn...and I won't say anything here for fear of her reading this :)

I made another stop on the way home at the shed and got a box of goodies to bring home....DJ was thrilled with the sandwiches I got! Since it was after 5 we got started on dinner when I got stuff put away. Not having propane for the bbq limits our choices, but Howie broiled up burgers for us and I did some tortellini and steamed broccoli with a Caesar salad. YUM!!!! After dinner I gave the kids a bath and then they went to bed...easily too!!! They'd done a lot of wrestling while I was gone. The boys tried making DJ's car for the Grand Prix race, but the saw blade quit working, so Howie's hoping to get it in to work and sharpen it up so they can make the car ASAP!

Once the kids were in bed I offered to cut Howie's hair (per his request) but thankfully he declined and I was able to finally sit for a minute!! Or  Howie was watching some tribute thing for Chaka Khan (SP?) and decided to go to bed...dodged that bullet! Not a fan....and there wasn't a cowboy hat in the bunch!! :P So once he departed, I flipped to Extreme Home Makeover and dozed off! Oops! Musta needed it!! I woke up at 10 and put on the Hallmark movie I was recording.

The Lost Valentine had me in tears within 5 minutes of starting...damn you Hallmark!!! And the tears didn't stop there either...they just kept on flowing! What a fabulous story of love!! And Betty White needs an Oscar for this movie...even if it IS a Hallmark one...she was amazing!!! Have you noticed she's everywhere!?!?! lol  Truly a great movie!!! I was literally sobbing and couldn't breathe in the end!!! Damn you Hallmark!!! I will also add, my mascara withstood the barrage of tears!! Thank you Avon! :)

Til next time...God bless!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Transformers Unite

This morning DJ woke me at 6:20 to ask if he could sleep in the bed with me...well DUH! what has he been doing for the past year!?!?! He will outgrow this right?!?!?! Then at 7:30 Miss Samantha wanted in bed too..and boy was she chilly!! Got her warmed up and then she was gone out to the living thing I know, she's throwing her clothes at me asking me to help her get dressed. ha! Got her dressed and DJ woke up and joined her. I got up slowly then...I've been suffering headaches (small ones) for the last 8 days and they're becoming my undoing...this morning I woke up headache free!! And since we had plans for the day, we got breakfast on the go right away.

The plan was to leave the house at 10:30...which in reality means, start getting ready to leave at 10:30! Howie came home from fishing (WITH A FISH!!!) about the same time the kids were getting their coats on, so he helped them and buckled them in the truck for me...HUGE help!! I was looking up directions and making sure we had the presents in order and grabbing cards to add to them. We were off to Maple Valley for a birthday party of twin boys of a dear friend of mine. Their actual birthday is Jan 1st...kind of hard to plan a party for that day, so today was the day!

It was an hour and a half drive there and the kids did great staying awake! I was worried with their early wake up that they would fall asleep on the way...home was fine, but not on the way there! Miserable rain the entire way and I thought I saw the sky lighten for a bit, but then it went greyer (is that even a word?) We finally made it about 15 minutes past the start time, but we weren't the last to that's good!! There were so many kids there it was insane!!!! I think I counted 21 in total when they were all sitting eating lunch. Which was homemade all the way pizza!!! YUM!!!!! Nikki also has an amazing talent for cake decorating...the theme of the party was Transformers, which my kids have NO clue about...and the cake was an interesting piece!!! Both my kids did great with that many kids around all doing their own thing...and did really good listening to me too!!

The treasure hunt that was organized wasn't up to Samantha's style, so she stayed behind drawing on a magna doodle thing...and DJ had a blast doing the different segments of the hunt...especially throwing the water balloons against the garage wall where there was a picture of a Decepticon. He told me twice that was his favourite part! As soon as the gifts were done we headed for home knowing we had a drive ahead of us...and I didn't want the kids sleeping too late. They did fall asleep on the way home...before we hit 405 which I expected! I enjoyed having the radio on instead of listening to Geo Trax.

We got back into town about 4ish and I'd arranged to meet up with another rep to get books back from her...I got there faster than her and just waited....thought about taking a nap til she got there even! Good thing she wasn't too far behind me. Finally we got home just about 5 and what a nice clean home we came home to! I'd made a deal with Howie that he didn't have to go with us to the party if he vacuumed and swept the floor...done!!!! He thought he got off easy, and really, he did!! lol Did I mention there were 21 kids there!?!?!

Since he'd caught the fish for dinner, that took a lot off my mind as to what to make, so I laid on the couch and took a nap! Or tried to...the kids don't think to leave me alone a lot of the time...and I didn't want too much of a nap or I'd ruin bed time. Thankfully that didn't happen and it was just enough of a nap to recharge me! And when I woke, dinner was ready to be served! Gotta love that!! Oh it was delicious!!! (sorry mom, but it really was!!)

After dinner I decided to forgo the bath and have family time we all played kinect!! DJ hadn't played the racing game yet, so we let him do that first...and then Howie did it....much funnier to watch him twist his body to figure it out!! Then DJ showed him the Track and Field game on the sports disc and how well he can do those events. Then the 3 of the us had a bowling game!!! Or tried to...I had no competition! HA!!! Final scores: DJ 75, Howie 81, Missy 204!!!! That's right baby, I smoked 'em all!!!! :D Maybe I ougtha think about taking that show on the road!! nahhh...

As soon as the bowling was done the kids were put in bed...didn't mean they fell asleep easily...DJ struggled and Sam did too, but she stayed put. Howie and I played a few more games after they went to bed and I whupped his ass in ping pong  and only got beat by one point in soccer....he got lucky! lol Then he challenged me to the car racing one...and I lost badly!!! He got 1st and I took 6th! We were done after this one tho and sat and watched some Human Target from dvr and ate ice cream from the vitamix! YUM!

Then he went to bed and I watched a movie I'd recorded during the Christmas season...but it wasn't a Christmas movie, just a heartwarming story! The Ultimate Gift...great movie!!! I knit my way thru that one quite well! Now, I'm gonna go get my dream on!!

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mamma Mia!!

This morning was finally a day to sleep in and yet I get woken by these words "Mum! Sam pooped on the floor! You gotta come clean it up!!!"  To which I mumble, "tell your dad" and he growls, "I heard you DJ, I'll be right there"  Oh the fun starts early around here!!! Next thing I know it's 8:30 and the dog is HOWLING right beside me! I kid you not! Apparently there was  fire truck nearby with sirens and she joined in! So, out she went! Next thing I know it's 9:30 and Howie's waking me up after his shower for work. So I quickly get up and rush to make him breakfast, and he declines as he's going to Freddy's for their grand opening gas prices! 20 cents a gallon cheaper than normal!! That's a steal!

As he was leaving I got a call from the gal who's now doing the books from the school to the library/goodwill run....there was 5 boxes left from the 18 I dropped off!!! WOW!!!! That's so awesome!! I have had correspondence and I'm now to censor the if they look racy, they don't want them...if the word sex is in the title, they don't want them...makes sense to me! LOL  It is a school!

Shortly after that the Avon arrived at the door and I got busy sorting it out and checking out my new shoes!! Let me tell you, they're SO comfy!!! I've been eyeing these flats in the Outlet mag and needing a pair for church...and boy, do these fit the bill!! Super cute!! Even tho they're a 10, they are nice and sleek! I happily wore them out to do deliveries this aft too! I also got my 125th Anniversary bracelet for achieving sales goals for 3 campaigns...LOVE it!!!

DJ had spent the morning next door and came home for lunch, which we ate and then got ready to head out...DJ wanted to go back next door, but they were headed out too, so we made plans for K to come spend the nite and DJ was most pleased with this new development! So off we went!! As we were leaving there was a package at the door from UPS...our new kinect games...DJ whooped with delight and wanted to open it right away...but I put it on the stairs and out the door we went! That was hard for even me to do!

We got home a couple hours later and Samantha was taking a cat nap even tho I'd asked her to stay awake...and chatted her up most of the way home til I realized she'd dozed off on me. Rascal! With the boys having a sleep over, I wanted her in bed normal time, so I woke her up gently and got her in the house. Opened up the box with the new games and got started on them. We got kinect sports which has 6 sports games on it, and Joyride which is a car racing game...that made me dizzy!!! OY! I won't be playing it again as I strained my hernia doing the boost movement.

Dinner was just us 3 again and I had a stroke of genius....I wanted to do an omelet and then spied the pesto and thought that would be a good addition...oh man, was it ever!!!!! Didn't need much either. So fragrant cooking up and even better in the mouth with every bite!! DELISH!!! Maybe this is what Dr Seuss meant by Green Eggs and Ham!?!?! DJ gobbled his up quick, but Sam struggled for the first few bites and got into it.  After dinner DJ called over to see if K was coming over and he was eating dinner...that was the funniest phone conversation I've been privy to! Two 4 year olds chatting ha! DJ played some more sports waiting for K to come...and eventually I texted over to see when he was coming, and he decided to stay home instead. So I put a movie on for the kids and we snuggled and watched Veggietales. Sam is learning more and more words for the opening song...SO cute!!!

Once they were in bed I got busy cleaning the kitchen...and then Howie came home! The kids were still awake (it was within minutes of them getting tucked in) and I shooed DJ back to bed with promises of sending daddy in. Howie put his bag on the counter and went to do tuck ins and Samantha was sitting at the end of the hall and asked him to tuck her in...DJ was anxiously awaiting too! So darling!! Howie ate dinner and I made vanilla ice cream in the vita mix...YUM!!!!!!! SO good!!! Using up the last of the half and half that was left from mom and dad's coffee.

I settled in and watched a new CMT program called Working Class with Melissa Peterman....and had quite a few laughs!! Good show! Even Howie chuckled along to some of it!! Then he went to bed and I instantly put Mamma Mia on. I've been DYING to see this movie forever!!! I found it a week or so ago and dvr'd it for a later date (Yes Fifi, I know, Netflix!!! lol)  and today was the date!!

First of all...I absolutely LOVE Abba and all their songs!!!!! In fact, I put Pandora on Abba to listen even more (as if the movie wasn't enough!) songs and bop along as I'm typing...course its taking longer as I pause to sing along! :D

Ok, back to the movie...what a great concept to take all the songs of a band and create a story to it!! And then set it in Greece...fabulous!!!! Meryl Streep was a perfect choice...even if she was 60 portraying a 40 year old woman...she pulled it off beautifully!!!! And Christine Baranski was also a perfect choice for the best friend...the other woman, I have no clue who she is. The gal who played Sofie, Amanda Seyfried, could very well have been her daughter!! Pierce Brosnan...where do I begin!?!? He is stellar for the role of Bond...but his singing leaves much to be desired!!! That's putting it nicely! I cringed when he did solos...but over all, he was far better than Colin Firth (WHO in the world decided his character should be gay!??!!) and the other guy, Stellan Skargard. The whole thing was just wonderful tho!!! My fave scene was all the guys dancing with flippers on on the dock...that looked impossible!!! Second fave moment was when Christine's character was doing the cougar anthem "Does your mother know that you're out" Perfect!!

Mamma Mia!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Someone ought to teach her

This morning DJ woke up when Howie was getting ready for work...he tells me he and DJ had quite the sleepy chat this morning. And then DJ asked to be put in Howie's he obliged. This woke me up....and DJ was really chatty then!!! But then started worrying about not getting another hug and kiss from Howie, so he went in search of one...and then finally settled back to sleep.

After breakfast I got the kids dressed for the day...Sam's gettin really good at picking out her outfits!! Almost matching even!! It cracks me up! She's such a little prancer too!! With everything she does she adds a twirl or a leg lift. If she hugs you, she'll put one leg in the air behind her, bent at the an old school movie actress in Casablanca...where does she get this from!?!?! Not that I want to stop it, its just darling!

Our morning wasn't anything spectacular...and as soon as lunch was done DJ was asking to go next door to play, so off he went! While he was gone, I got dishes going and laundry going and brought up the kids load I did yesterday. Before I knew it, the house was full of kids! The boys next door came home with DJ to play. Since they didn't want to play downstairs and only wanted to watch tv, I suggested which I got an enthusiastic response!! I counted first while they hid...found Sam under DJ's bed, DJ and C in his closet and K was downstairs! He was last, so he got to count next. I hid in the front hall closet...and was last to be found. Truth be told, I was hoping they'd forget about me and let me be in the nice dark closet!! LOL Then we all took turns seeking...til it got silly, all three of the hiders hiding in the same place. So we switched games to duck duck goose...the older two "get" it...the younger two just run when they hear "goose" and its chaos! lol  Not too long after they wanted to play outside, so they did! I went out with them at first to get the mail, which wasn't exciting at all, and realized it was a wee bit chillier today than yesterday, so I got my two coated and let them be. The boys jumped on the trampoline and Sam just dug around with the spade.

Howie came home and found DJ yet again with no coat or shirt on while jumping on the trampoline...the kid has no internal thermometer!!! Its insane! So Howie told him to get re-dressed and told me about it when he got in the house. After a few minutes, Howie was on the couch watchin tv and I was at the computer when all of a sudden Samantha is in the house via the sliding door with no pants or boots on...or undies for that matter!! She needed to pee, so she stripped down (cuz clothes slow her down?!?!) and came in the house! We were both laughing too hard to scold her!! So while she was on the toilet Howie went in search of her clothes and found them at the bottom of the stairs at the back. Once the laughter subsided I explained to her that she needs to keep her pants on til she gets in the house. She said then that she didn't want to be outside she hung up her coat and put her boots away.

Since Howie was watchin tv she asked if she could watch something, and I told her to go downstairs, to which she replied "tv broken" and I told her I fixed it. So off she went for downstairs...about 2 minutes later we heard a bang and she started screaming...Howie can move fast!! He got to her a second before me, she fell trying to reach for the, why she needed the remote, I'll never know! Aside from her pride, her nose was fine and she came upstairs with us. Snuggled into daddy's arms and happily squealed when he put Dora on at her request. Yup, she's got him wrapped around her pinkie finger she does!!!

DJ came in shortly before 5 and we all watched Dora before I got dinner started...and while dinner was cooking. After dinner the kids got that clean kid smell!! One of my fave smells! Then they got put in bed...thanks to the fresh air they both instantly fell asleep! LOVE those nites!!! I then grabbed a shower while Howie watched Idol auditions in Nashville....and made me watch the very last one when I came out...she was good!!! Then we watched Bones...a show I've never seen but have many friends who love it...and since Grey's was a repeat, I didn't bother changing the channel. Kinda hard to jump into a series with a history when you've never seen it before...but I can see the appeal of the show. Then it was Royal Pains and a new show on USA network called Fairly far I'm liking it!! And USA is batting 1000! All their shows seem to be really good!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

If I didn't know better

I would have sworn it was April and not July!! Today got to 58 and we even had sunshine!!! Gorgeous!!

This morning was a warm spot switch!! Howie came home just as I was getting up, and he literally took my warm spot in the bed....I do that every nite almost from him and love it!! I swear he was snoring within seconds!! Then I had the dubious task of keeping kids quiet for the next 4+ hours!  Thankfully about 10:30 DJ went next door to see K and C and stayed for an hour or so...and Samantha was content by herself! I got started on some laundry as Miss Samantha went commando for the first time in her life! Where's my laundry fairy!?!?!

It wasn't til I got down to the laundry room that I saw the lovely mess DJ created for me!!! He ever so graciously took the two new bottles of ALL downstairs to the laundry room...and apparently DROPPED THEM ON THE FLOOR!!!!!! At which point,one cracked and leaked all over the floor under the dryer!!! What a sticky, gooey mess!!! I got most of it...what I could get, the rest will have to wait til Howie moves the dryer for me and I can underneath it with the steam mop! UGH!! At least it smells nice...right?

Then I got busy doing dishes...Howie filled it last nite and I ran it, so it needed emptying...but DJ came home and wanted lunch, so I stopped mid unload and got to work on lunch. After lunch DJ kept bugging to wake Howie up as it was such a nice day, and in his mind, nice days equal bike rides!!! Oh to be 4!!! I swear he can tell time now...I told him we were waiting til 1 and then he could wake him up...he waited til 3 minutes til and went in! lol He had just enough patience to let Howie eat something and then the bugging started. I on the other hand went and got ready to head out for my errands.

I was going to take Samantha with me, but she opted to stay home...fine by me!! I had my brochure stand loaded up and a drawing box done up for the salon I deal with...they were my first stop! Then the bank to change all my dad's coinage into bills. Next stop was Sky Valley Education Center...its a homeschooling our neighbours attend. I'd been there once, so I was a little unsure of where I was going. I did find it tho! Whew! The plan with the books now is to take them there and let all the parents and kids go thru them and glean from them what they want...this makes me happy! They were like vultures too! Could hardly wait for me to get the boxes in to start picking thru them!! Then I met up with one of my reps who needed books for a Girls Night Out she's doing on Friday.

Home was next, where I'd left sketti sauce brewing...boy did it smell good when I walked in...undetected!! Snickers had already greeted me outside and no one else heard us come I crept upstairs and waited for the perfect time to jump out and scare someone. DJ was the one that ended up getting it! I'm probably gonna regret teaching them this guilty'll come back to bite me I'm sure! lol But for now, I do enjoy watching them jump! Even after 9 years I can still scare the youknowwhat outta Howie! He hates it, yet loves it when he gets me back! ha!

After dinner DJ and I booted it out as quick as possible for Awana. I only messed up one kid's name tonite...but she wasn't here last week and wasn't wearing her that's justifiable right? We're more than half way thru the year and there are some kids lagging in their books, so I started pushing them tonite to accomplish more than they set out to do...and it worked for some of them! I got done early again and peeked in on DJ's class...apparently he was done early too, so we were able to leave before the whole place erupted with parents and kids! Sweet!!

Once DJ was in bed, Howie made me watch the beginning of AI...said I'd like the I rewound it to the very beginning and was FLOORED!!!!!! That little dude can SING!! And sing his heart out! I can't wait to hear him do a Trace song!! Watch out world, Scotty McCreary will be somebody someday!!! With a voice like that, man! Since there wasn't anyone else memorable, we skipped to live and finished watching the auditions. Howie went to bed as they do start to become repetitive. Well he missed out!!! And I'm SO glad they left Chris Medina to the very last!!! Never has AI (ESPECIALLY auditions) had me in tears!!! What a true gentleman!! I don't even remember what he sang, I was just so moved by his love for his fiance!! WOW! If he isn't the next winner, he will go far!

Til next time...God bless!

p.s....I will be shutting off the anonymous feature of the comments section. I'm pretty sure it's my cousin that's hiding behind her computer and frankly I'm tired of her self righteous and negative comments!  Thanks Fifi for sticking up for me!! Love you for that!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

She really is a champ!!

Today we embarked on yet another phase of the whole potty training thing....she's going by herself completely without even telling me she needs to pee! She sees DJ do it every day, so it really shouldn't surprise me, but I wasn't expecting it so soon! And for some strange reason, she doesn't like the light on in the bathroom when she pees...all I can do is shake my head at it! This all started this morning when she came out to me with her pants and undies in her hand prancing around asking for help to put them back on. So I asked if she needed to go, and she told me she already did! WOW!! This floors me!! Now, we work on the washing hands EVERY time she goes business! Wish me luck!

This morning was also Avon ordering day, so I was on the phone and computer checking to see who else needed ordering done...not sure how I pulled it off, but as of yesterday I had barely 100.00 in orders, and yet I got over 400 by noon today! LOVE when that happens!! I'm SO close to my goal of making President's Club this year...and I have only 4 campaigns left to do it in! I can almost taste it!!

Just about 11 I got a call from mom and dad, I'd missed their call last nite but she left a message saying they'd call today, so they did! Glad to chat with them...feels like just yesterday they were here...oh, wait! They were!! lol  I know, not THAT you still chuckled tho! So we chatted for a bit and then I got back to submitting my order....with 15 minutes to spare! I got lunch going for us and they were both excited for pizza for a change! Even tho we DID have a week ago for lunch at the restaurant!! What do they know eh? I was just getting sippy cups ready when there was a knock on the door from K and C wanting to come in and they did! Up and down and up and down...I tried keeping them downstairs, but more so out of DJ's room, they trashed it yesterday and took Howie a bit to clean it up. In the end, they played xbox together and that was cute! DJ teaching K how to do the river run games. Then they had the brilliant idea to go outside. Sam wanted to go, so I let, did it get quiet in here FAST!!!! So I used that moment to go pee alone!! Of all the things I could do with silence, I chose going to the bathroom alone! LOL  Well, it didn't last long, I heard SamSam crying her way up the stairs outside and in the house to me...she'd banged her head up, so we put vanilla on it. As I got done that, I look outside to see 1 naked and 2 half naked boys bouncing on the I told DJ to get his butt inside and get a coat on!

He was out there for maybe a half hour before coming in, and sitting nice and quiet watching the new Veggietales movies....its SUPER cute to hear Samantha sing along with the opening song!!  SO cute! Howie came home bearing junk mail and the newspaper...and news he was pullin a graveyard shift he kissed us all g'nite and headed for sleep. That took the pressure off dinner!! So I watched Dora and Diego and some Penguins with the kids til dinner time. All the while keeping an eye on Sam whenever she went running in the direction of the bathroom.

Dinner was low key since it was just us three...and then it was bath time! Man, they needed that! I needed that!! I was missing that fresh kid smell! Just as DJ was getting in and Sam was getting out of the bathroom, Howie got up and surprised her at the door! She liked that! So he helped me with the bed time routine and soon they were sleeping! Samantha was not happy with my choice in bed time music...I wanted her to listen to the new Veggietales lullaby cd...she wanted we compromised for tonite she'd have Veggietales and tomorrow she could go back to Barney. I did sit and sing 4 songs with her from the lullaby one and even had her fave song Itsy Bitsy Spider on it...she mouthed the words barely, but wouldn't sing it with me! Rascal! 

Howie ate his dinner and got ready for work...I got comfy with the remote and a cat on my lap! Since there wasn't anything on tonite, I watched quite a bit from Desperate Housewives from 10 days ago and Brothers & Sisters from the same nite...and Castle from last nite. All were good...Castle had me on the edge of my seat tho!!! The continuing, or base, story is gripping!!! Nathan Fillon is perfect as Rick Castle! Now it's time for bed...haven't got much to do to get ready as I gave my eyes a jammies day...didn't even bother to put my contacts in! They're thanking me too!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Goodbyes suck!!!!

But at least they aren't nearly as bad as they used to be!!!

Today we got up uber early to drive my parents to the airport. My mom woke me at 7:30 and I was surprised to learn I was alone in bed!! DJ soon joined me tho, complaining how the light under his door woke him up (yet he sleeps with a night light on!!) so he came into my room. We were talking about what was going to happen today and all of a sudden he exclaims "Mum, my penis is TALL!!"

And cue laughter!

I was so taken off guard by this comment that I told him to take his hands out of his pants...and he tells me they're not IN his I change the subject! I know now, for next time, to explain to him that it means he has to pee...and send him on his way! OY!!!

About 7:50 Miss Samantha came in my room to join us...she'd been woken by Grandma and wasn't pleased!!! She snuggled for a little bit before needing to pee (thank God she didn't have a tall penis!) but really she'd already done it in the we pretended. I got dressed and we came out to eat breakfast, which my mom had already gotten ready for us.  I wanted us out the door by 8:15, and we almost accomplished that! The real goal was to be on the road by 8:30...and we did do that! First stop was for gas and then we were Southbound to the airport.

I have to say, whoever came up with the HOV lane is a freakin GENIUS!!!!! We flew by miles and MILES of traffic that was stop and go! Once we passed Bellevue tho, it was pretty smooth sailing. Til I had a cop pull in front of me and pull over as there was something in the road....scared the youknowwhat outta me too! Did he REALLY have to scare me like that?? I would have seen it and avoided it...this way I had to avoid him AND the piece of metal in the an obstacle course!

In any case, I got them to the airport about 10 mins past their 2 hour mark...and since their first flight was domestic, they weren't doing customs til they hit Toronto. So it was all good!! We hugged them good bye and headed for home. The kids were sad, but know that they're coming back in the summer again....that does take the sting away!! Melancholy is what we all felt....they didn't want a movie...I didn't want we just looked out the windows for a while as we drove home.

Instead of going straight home for the nap I wanted SO badly, we stopped at the shed to gather books. I had no intention of doing anything with them, but knew that new ones were coming in, so wanted to do it before I got lazy! We were home by 11:45 even with our pit stop for an hour plus. Not too shabby!! I got started on lunch as we were all hungry from an early breakfast. Then came time to rest...but really, there's no rest for the wicked...and today, I musta been the wickedest! lol  I had phone calls to make and bills to pay now that real life has resumed.

DJ went next door about 1 for what I thought was time at their house...but I was mistaken, just as I'd drifted off on the couch (finally) he came in with K and C to they all went downstairs to make all the noise they could!! DJ's new garbage truck and fire truck were a hit! Not to mention the flashlights!! They sure did have fun!! Howie came home to it all too!! Just in time for me to grab a shower!! I had an Avon meeting tonite, and needed to smell better! lol Plus, I needed to wake up! It worked!

I came out and dinner was on the I added to it and we sat down to eat...I then got up and left pretty quickly to go to Lynnwood for my meeting. It was a short and sweet meeting...trying to gain more recruits and how to do that. There were 6 of us, so it was small...but good! Then I stayed behind and chatted with Rachel more as originally it was supposed to be our unit's meeting. I was outta there by 8:30 and home shortly after 9! Howie was still up and watching fishing shows and I was dealing with Avon order all that sorted just as he was going to bed. Since he'd already done the dishes, I got his lunch and coffee ready and sat down to watch Beauty (Brad) and the Beasts (some of them really are!) aka The Bachelor....honestly...WHAT does he see in Michelle!?!?!?! Emily I get...Chantal I get...Britt I get...but Michelle!?!?! UGH!! Such drama and high maintenance! His recreation for Emily was super sweet!! And shows a lot of thought went into it beforehand! Makes me go hmmmm lol Next week looks terrifying for her tho with the whole race track thing.

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, January 24, 2011

And the farewells have begun!!!

I can't believe how FAST the last 10 days have gone by!!! Reality returns tomorrow :( and even the kids don't want it! Having mom and dad here has (as always) been such a blessing!! From every meal they've taken us out for, to the movies we've watched, to the donuts we've consumed and every mile we've driven!! We absolutely love having them here!!! And they like coming here too!!! Dad said he got to really relax this trip, which is good!! Mom was doing fine til she did the Kinect games that first day, and buggered up her knee/leg...she shouldn't have been jumping on the river raft!!

This morning I woke up in the middle...and my entire left shoulder was NUMB!!!! I swear, I woke up in exactly the same position I fell asleep in...and my shoulder did not like it!!! It took me a few minutes to even be able to roll over and not on top of DJ...and then a few more minutes til I got feeling back in my shoulder...that was weird!!! Like going to the dentist and he missed!  Of course, once I got rolled over I was too hot...and I had to pee...and DJ was rolling over and over and over like he was sleeping on a log in a river! Finally he rolled out of bed and was up for the day! Howie got up with him and I soon heard Sam's voice! It was only 8:30, so I rolled over and got another hour of sleep!

We were a few minutes later for church, but easily found a spot for 5...after the single lady moved to the row ahead of us. Today's sermon was on raising Godly children....which I found interesting!!! DJ however, continued his log rolling and was constantly bugging at me thru the whole sermon. After the sermon I signed up to make a baby blanket for the Sanctity of Life mission...where we fill up a baby dresser with new items for a mom in I have a reason to knit! It's a boy, so that'll be I still have (believe it or not) baby clothes that were gifted to me when I had DJ that he couldn't wear due to seasons and age not coinciding, and this little guy should fit perfectly in them come summer! I'm liking this task!!

After church we came home and had a football lunch...boneless wings (that were a bit spicy for this wimp!) and fries and salad...I could care less who was winning really...but didn't want the Steelers or the Bears to outta two isn't bad!!! Instead of watching tho, mom, Sam and I went to Freddy's to do some grocery shopping. Boy, having only one kid with sure makes a difference!!!! She did fabulous too! Howie meanwhile, pressure washed the car...there's so much grime and dirt on it you could barely tell it was silver. My truck too, but I had it with me and it was 5 when we got home, so no time for it today. Hopefully soon I won't look like a dirt road and I'll be gold again!

In our travels this aft we picked up menus for two Mexican was decided our last dinner together would be Mexican...I was bummed, its not my first choice and to be honest, I was thinking it would be Teryaki for dad. So after looking and discussing, we chose the one that we hadn't been to yet. Not a good choice!!! The food was bland, they forgot DJ's drink entirely, didn't salt my margarita, and I got frozen vegetables, not fresh. I will say tho, Samantha shocked me! She made 3 trips (or was it 4) to the bathroom (this part isn't so shocking) but as she's sitting there, she starts singing along with the Spanish Spanish!!!! It was funny!!!!! What a mimic!

After dinner we got Dairy Queen to wash away the bad tastes in our mouths. Oh, and mom's fish she ordered...came WHOLE!!! That was totally unexpected! The ice cream did the trick too!!! Once we got home it was bed time for the kids! Sam did her nightly routine of peeing every 5 minutes...and laying on the floor in her room with the door open....DJ on the other hand was out like a light!!! Howie wasn't too far behind him as its back to routine for him tomorrow too!! Mom and Dad stayed up with me and we watched some PBR...those guys are CRAZY!!!!!! Just nuts!!! They carried this one guy out in a stretcher, he'd been knocked unconscious....not sure we ever did get an update on him...that's just sad!! Then dad fell asleep with the remote in his hand (WHY do they do this?!?!) while it was on The Bodyguard!  So I was stuck watching it as there wasn't anything else on to watch....and what I did want to watch was in dvr and he had the remote!! MEN! He did finally wake up and we watched Blue wanted to watch Glee, but they don't have that in On Demand and I didn't have any in dvr (shocked! I know!!) so she watched with us and read. Now they're in bed and I'm heading there myself once I get the dishwasher going!

Til next time...God bless!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

There's an APP for that!!

I now have a fake Kindle....cuz there's an APP for that on my blackberry!!! Sooooo all the free books I keep seeing/hearing about from the Frugal Gals on facebook....I can get 'em!!! Or, if I want to buy the book, I can do that too!!! So far, I have 4 books! Even started one today while we were travelling all over Snohomish county!

This morning was lazzzzzzy!!!! The plan was running mom and dad's last there was no real rush to the day! Howie got home from fishing about 10, ate something and then my dad told him to go take a he did!! Then we all took turns showering. DJ was positively THRILLED to join the neighbours outside in the sunshine riding bikes...happier than a pig in shit really!!! Its been a long week for him not being able to go play whenever he wants to. Samantha enjoyed having control of Dora and Diego too! Me, I enjoyed the couch's capability to accommodate my prostrate position!!!

We were all showered before lunch tho and decided to eat before heading out. First stop was Lowes for these playmat things my neighbour told me about that were on sale for half price...they're now waiting for birthdays as grandma and poppa bought those. Then costco, where I tried to get Howie's contacts ordered but ran into a bit of a snafu! The trial pair he was given from the doc we saw last week, hurt his eyes...and he could only wear them for a couple hours....we got the call yesterday that his were in, so I called today to cancel them as he didn't want them. Didn't realize that because the prescription says for that specific brand, costco can't just order the ones we want. So, I called Freddy's while sitting there to ask them to fax over a corrected Rx and was told it would be done on Monday. Which is good! They're worlds cheaper at costco!! I'll just have to figure out how to submit if to insurance to get the rest of our allowance back. Dad was shopping while I was doing this, and I finally found him in the checkout line.

Next up was Lynnwood, for World Market...this is a store mom and dad like...and they do carry a few Canadian a price!! Sheesh!!! There was a Crunchie bar, just a normal sized one, for 1.99!! That's insane!!! I didn't even check the price on the Aero and didn't see Coffee Crisp anywhere!  Next up was a store just down the strip from World Market called Storables...this is mom's little guilty pleasure! She likes this store! I do too! I found some good sized containers to hold my lipstick samples...and a hair catcher for the bathroom drain, and a sugar packet holder, and an empty spray bottle for Infusium...the kids stole mien for their bathroom. lol

While most of this was going on, the kids were napping in the back of the truck! So Howie enjoyed the quiet while we were shopping. They woke up just as we were coming back, so a good hour and a half! YIKES!  Next stop was Family Christian Bookstore...and the kids came in for this one, as I knew Sam would need to pee! DJ too apparently! While in the bathroom area, there was a piano that was inaudibly begging my children to bang on it! oy! Then we found the kid section and they were in Veggietales heaven!!!!! ALL kinds of toys and books, and cd's and videos, and dolls, and and and...they were just in awe!! This was DJ's favourite part of the day...he thought it was just great to see all of it! They got 3 videos from grandma and poppa and I got them each a cd to play in their rooms.

Next up was Walmart (where else!?!?) as dad needed shoe laces and wood while they were doing that, I got some groceries that I know are cheaper!!! Worked out well I'd say! Then we were on the road to home!!! I fell asleep reading the Kindle app...not sure who else dozed off, but the kids were happily watching one of their new dvd's!! I love how if you fall asleep on the ride home, a 45 min ride feels like 5 minutes!!! The best!!!!

Once home we scurried to get dinner going as it was well past 6!!! It was delicious too! DJ thought so as he gobbled up more pork chop than I thought he would!! And the tortellini we got from costco was beyond what any of us expected!! It was DELISH!!!! Dessert was a donut! Hey, no different than cake really!! And more tastier I'd say! 

Since the kids had such long naps, bed time was pushed back...which allowed for some Kinect time!! DJ's really getting the hang of moving the cursor to where he wants it to go! And he's getting better and better at every game he tries! He beats his own score every time!! I just wish he'd stick to one game for more than one turn! And I've noticed he doesn't use his left arm or leg near as much as he hopefully this will help him get more mobility there.

Finally got them in bed for 9:30 and it was card playin time!!! Dad was rubbing mom's legs, so we waited til he was done that and got down to playing. I won the first game!! WOOT!!!!! And mom won the second game...just like last nite come to think of it!! By then it was after midnite...Howie went right to and dad watched a bit of tv and I got started blogging!! Now, its bed time!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tourist for a day

This morning with no eggs hatching into dionsaurs or alligators, both kids slept til 8:30....most wonderful!! Then, they went in search of Grandma and Poppa...even more wonderful!! I lazed in bed checking on my phone til 9 and then got up. Breakfast was had before Howie came home from fishing...with no fish!! Stories of bites, but no fish!

The plan for today was to be touristy and head to Seattle...after lunch! So, while we waited, Howie set up the Kinect and we played a few games! Man, that thing ROCKS!!!! Its so user friendly, even SamSam can play easily!! Granted she's just copying us, but she did help me win the Space Pop game!! I'm not sure if I enjoyed watching my parents play, or looking at the pictures it takes while you're playing. Yes, even my parents were playing the games!!!

After lunch we shut it all down and loaded up to go. Our destination was Pike Place Market...apparently my dad's never been there in all the visits here...we took my mom when DJ was 8 days old...and borrowed a wheel chair for me, that was awesome! After finding a place to park, we walked in the rain to the market. We didn't find anything to buy, but I did get a couple ideas!! They had these sets of gem magnets, 7 in a set, and I think I'd love to get a set for each kid so they can show off their school stuff on the fridge. I'll be keeping my eyes open! The other thing is something I could possibly make, with some thought, for's a bun roller thingy for the hair...super easy!!!!! And looks great in!

It didn't take long to walk the whole thing really, and we did walk some of the outside vendors...I think we were heading north in less than 2 hours. It was decided on the way that we were making that stop to Krispy Kreme after all!! DJ fell asleep pretty much as soon as we were driving...Samantha had one on the way into Seattle (me too) so she was happily singing to herself.

Dinner was dad's choice...and we tried valiantly to sway his decision to the Crab Pot, but he wasn't havin it! Red Lobster was his desire...and the closest one to home is in Lynnwood, so we headed there. What a yummy feast we all had!! Kids included!! They truly did fabulous in the restaurant til after dinner. Food seems to energize them lol. Their drinks came in cups with lids they could take home...but DJ didn't believe me and insisted on asking a waiter to see if he could take it home. This makes me SO proud! His conscious is kicking in!!

The drive home was quiet as it was mom and dad's turn to nap! We stopped at Freddy's to get some english muffins for breakfast tomorrow morning. Once home, a donut was consumed by both kids and some Kinect was played before bed. Samantha had no problems going to sleep, but DJ struggled for a bit...we heard tapping and the "Mummy" song over and's a one word song! We were playing cards and enjoying his song. I finally won a game too!!! Sweet victory was mine!!!!! Now, we're watching The Mentalist as the napping seems to have delayed bed time.

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, January 21, 2011

For the first time in 21 years

I've got new glasses on order! YAY me!!!

Yes, you read that right...21 years!! Give or take...I was 17 when I was in a really bad car accident and my then glasses were all I got new ones AND contacts to take the weight off my fractured nose. Sweet deal for me!! But since then, I've never gotten them updated as I only wear them at nite to read and in the mornings before I put my contacts in. So today, while we were out gallivanting...I looked into them. I checked the other day at Fred Meyer and didn't like the price I was I didn't even bother looking at frames there. Today, while mom was shopping at Walmart (where else!?!?) I took a gander at what they had and found one pair I'd "settle" for...but they were red, and I'm not really a red girl...even if I was wearing a red shirt today (which the sales gal pointed out 3 times!) but they did fit good on my face.

After Walmart we went to get gel caps for my parents....they make a lot of their own vitamins and these caps are MUCH cheaper here than back home!!  While eating lunch, Mom called to make sure they got the shipment in and then found out another store also had them, and more of them! So we went to the one in Lynnwood first and then North Seattle. The way we went there had me all discombobulated and all I  knew at that point was to head north to find wasn't til we were almost at costco that it dawned on me how freakin close we were to Krispy Kreme...darnitall!! Woulda been a sweet treat!!

The costco we went to had an optical place, so mom told me to go check out their frame I did...found two I liked and couldn't find mom for her opinion. So I left them on the counter and went in search of them...walked the ENTIRE store before finding them at the bathroom...go figure! So they came back with me and hated both choices! HA! I thought I wanted a pair of dark frames, y'know, to make me look smarter....but they really just wash me out! And I did want SOME kind of bling to them...granted they're more than likely not going outside this house, but still...after many different frames, I settled on another two...both had rhinestones on the was brown and the other dad hated both and said that the bling distracted...what does HE know!?!?! After trying them both on again and again, I picked the brown ones as they were the wider ones and they didn't touch the sides of my face. My mom has perma grooves from her arms...I don't want that!

While I was paying for them (they'll be at my door in 2 weeks!) the rest of them started shopping....which would have been fine had I not discovered after the fact that they added the anti reflective glare to the lenses...not at all necessary!! This required a refund...and then they discovered they forgot to add the shipping cost (7.00 which is WAY less than what it would cost me in gas to drive back down) so I had to wait thru all that before catching up with everyone else. Mom had my list, so she'd already started the shopping and sampling.

It was 4:30 when we got outta there and headed to the gas station to fill up before finally heading home. We were having Jake, Howie's dad and Ellen over for dinner....Dad and Ellen arrived after 3 and Jake showed up about 4:30 and we made it home at 5 after 6....the traffic was HORRENDOUS!!!! Seriously, I have NO clue how people commute every day like that! Its just nuts!!! Dad slept the whole way home and we kept checking on the kids to make sure the stayed awake....within the last 2 miles, Samantha fell asleep! OY!

Got in the house, unloaded the truck and instantly got started on dinner!! Howie had the bbq going and the oven I hopped right to it! I have no idea what time we finally sat down, but boy was I glad there was food in front of me! Good dinner!!! I do know it was almost 8 by the time we got done with time left to bathe kids! So they got pj's instead after everyone left. And into bed about 9...Sam did her usual pee 4 times routine and then not a peep!

I was all set to kick some butt at cards, but Howie went to bed and mom and dad fell asleep watching I laid on the couch (bad idea) to watch something from dvr and fell asleep for a half hour. They woke up about 11 and headed to bed....I watched another program in the dvr and now its my turn to head in.

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The bustling metropolis of Monroe

This morning DJ woke up just after 7 to check on his mom got these eggs that when put in water crack and an animal breaks out of the shell...they were read at 7:15! Lucky me!! Howie was gone fishing and my parents were still sleeping. The alligators kept them busy, cuz you know he woke Sam up for hers...and then I heard my dad's voice.

When I got up just before 9, no one had eaten and Howie wasn't I made egg mcmuffins without the mc....delish! Even DJ wanted one!!! My dad wanted two, but I didn't have enough muffins....darn it! While eating we discussed what was on today's agenda....and the fact that the sun really was shining!!!!! I went and grabbed a shower, and then Howie followed suit and we were ready to go by 11:30!

Our destination....downtown Monroe!! We drive it all the time, but have never walked it! Today, we walked it! And looked in most of the windows...popped into a few stores and just took our time! Didn't take long to walk up one side and back the other....I think there were 100 antique felt like there were!  We had one more place to go, but it was further down the road, so we walked back to the truck and then drove there. Mom and Dad got out to check it out...but didn't find anything.

From here we didn't really have a plan, so we drove to Howie's work....I got a nap on the way, and I'm not sure who else did, but it was quiet!! When we got to the club, Sam was sleeping...but DJ was still awake. Dad and Howie went in....they're doing an expansion in a couple years and already have a model I sent my dad in to check it out. Its pretty neat what they're gonna do the to place. It was also bonus day, so that was the main reason to go! On the way home, DJ joined SamSam in the sleeping travels!! Man, was it ever quiet in the truck then!!!! ha!

Back in Monroe by 2:30, we headed for home...tonite was an Awana nite, so that meant early we snacked on apples and yogurt to tide us over til dinner....which was dad's fave, Teryaki!! This time we added a couple orders of gyoza...and they were gobbled up!!! YUM!!!! Very shortly after dinner DJ and I left for town. We we got to church we noticed the FULL moon!!! So when we got out, DJ just HAD to find it and howl!! That's my boy!! Awana was good...but I think I'm getting too good at what I do as I had LOTS of time to spare tonite! DJ's class ran late, so I stood outside his door watching him without him noticing me...he really IS a different kid!!! It was fun to watch him interact with all the kids in the room and be good! *sigh!!!*

We got home and SamSam was waiting up for us!! Howie had a first...he bathed Samantha for the first time ever!!!! And said it was EASY!!! Guess who's doing more bathing!!!! LOVE it!! So we got the kids in bed and watched the last hour of AI....I'm undecided as to whether I like J.Lo and Steven Tyler...then we played two games of cards which I lost at....stupid cards!!!! I swear, they're jinxed!! ARGH!!!! After Howie went to bed, and mom went to get ready for bed, I sat and watched Off the Map with my dad (til mom called him down) and I must say....even tho it's only two episodes in, I REALLY like that show!!! The snake story was creepy!! You see how big that thing was!??! *shudder*

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

After much studying

I failed the exam!!!

This morning I woke up when my leech did at 8:30...but I didn't get out of bed til Howie came in to get ready for his dentist appointment. He fought valiantly, but in the end went...and it was semi-pleasant. At least they didn't biopsy his mouth, which is the part he HATES!!!! In general he hates going....he's the biggest wuss I know for the dentist!

He returned to find us still mulling around!!! The next appointment wasn't til 12pm...and this time it was for both of us. Eye exams! He went first while I put the kids in Play Land...and mom and dad shopped around. Well, turns out, I could only put one kid at that particular time as my one would make it 8 and that's their max! So, I chose DJ to go in and Sam to walk around with me. About 10 minutes later I heard my name called to Play Land...and sure enough, two kids were leaving, so there was room for SamSam. Which was good timing as Howie was done his appt and was waving me over for mine!

I failed!! Miserably!!! Ok, it's not THAT bad!! But its sad to me! I now have astigmatism worthy of weighted the price more than doubles per lens...from 65 to 140....that's a HUGE jump!!!! AND to top it all off....weighted lenses aren't coloured!! :(  so no more baby blues for this girl....all grey from here on out!! For over 20 years now I've had coloured, green or purple (yes! purple...they ROCKED!) and now I have to have my natural eye colour. And get this, my prescription changed for the better...say what? How's that work!?!?! Does that mean that the lenses I'm wearing now are too strong? That makes NO sense!! ARGH!!!!! With the extra expense of my contacts that ruled out getting a new pair of regular glasses...I was quoted 200 for THE most basic, never wear them outside of my home pair of glasses...that's NUTZ!!!!!! You better believe I'm gonna be shopping around! I don't even care how thick those bottle caps are!!! NO ONE WILL SEE THEM!!!!!

After all this, we headed to Alfy's for their customer appreciation a pop and eat all the pizza you want! So the 6 of us ate for 10.86! How often does THAT happen!?!?! Nice!!!! And its the kids' favourite...PIZZA!!!!

The plan after was to walk around downtown...but it was still raining, so we bagged that (its supposed to be nicer tomorrow) and headed home...where most everyone fell asleep! The kids went downstairs, Howie went to our room (I think) and mom and dad crashed in the living room....I did too, for all of 5 minutes til I got a poking to my forehead! DJ's newest nice!!! So then in an effort to keep them quiet, we went to DJ's room....but it was a lost cause....everyone started waking.

Just after 5 I headed out for my Avon meeting, picking up one of my reps on the way. Since it was also at an Alfy's pizza place...I opted for the salad bar instead. The meeting was good and I got to catch up with one of my friends! Traded ideas and learned how to be more organized....I think I'm pretty organized, but sometimes, it does get away from me! All in all, it was a good meeting.

Came home to a quiet house with the kids sleeping and adults watching tv...they were waiting for me to arrive to play cards....and apparently, I have NO luck!! I have yet to win this week!! UGH! We played two games before Howie went to mom and dad and I watched Parenthood and The Good Wife before they hit the, it's my turn!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

Let down your I may use your golden stair.

Can ya guess what we did today?? lol

This morning I slept in til 10:30!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it!?!?! Not a peep from my children either!!!! I did wake when DJ woke up beside me at 8:30 and thought to myself "gee, I'll just doze off til 9 and then get up" so imagine my surprise when I open my eyes at 10:30!!!!! I sure did feel well rested!!!!

Since the morning was gone! I looked forward to the afternoon! The plan was...go to the shed and sort out what was asked of me...come home and have lunch and a rest...head to the movie theater and then out for dinner. Perfect!!!

Everything went according to plan too! Couldn't have asked for a better day! Well, other than the down pouring rain!! Man, it was really coming down too!!! The rivers around here are flooded and the creeks are now rivers!!!! The ditches are now creeks! Its insane how much rain we've had!!! Truly!! We're good so far up on our hill...but if our creek/rivers go over, we may be screwed a bit. we do have one way out that has no bridges, so that's good.

The movie...was AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Now, I've never read the story of Rapunzel...but knew that famous line that everyone knows! And the kids, well, they could have cared less....WE WERE GOING TO A THEATER!!!! That's what excited them the most! 

Tangled...was beautifully done!!! The animation is Disney, so its good! And the innuendos were kept to a minimum! Finally! And I did get to see Sam laugh a couple times at some funny parts. It was while at dinner that I googled Rapunzel and learned a bit more about the story. Such was originally written in 1698!!! I just find that fascinating!!! Now, the original story is nothing like what's being portrayed in Tangled...and I must say, I like Disney's adaptation!

After the movie, we chose a 5 pm movie, we went for dinner down the street at a restaurant called Canyons....YUM!!!!! It was their rib mom, dad and I had that, Howie had fish and chips and the kids chose what they wanted! Everyone left happy and full!! Yet, we stopped at Dairy Queen...a weakness for my dad! And an indulgence for me and Howie! SamSam quickly learned I was sharing mine with her, but it took DJ a bit to warm up to sharing with Poppa!!

All in all, the kids weren't in bed too late...9, which isn't too terrible I guess! LOL And we settled in to watch some stuff on dvr...quiet nite! Howie went to bed at 10:30 and mom and dad were gone by I got to watch the Bachelor WITHOUT any commentary!! Yes!!! I must commend Madison for making her sense waiting for a connection to happen if it hasn't already in 3 weeks...and especially when you see it happening with other women and this ONE guy!!! Kudos to her!!! And she's much prettier without the teeth in the way!  Michelle...that girl is gettin on my nerves!!!!!!  Honestly!! ugh! The date he had with Emily had me in tears!!! I just can't imagine that kind of tragedy!! I'm noticing also, he's weeding out the blondes....if you look at his last season, his two finalists were brunettes...interesting no?

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, January 17, 2011

That's a wrap!

This morning we all got ready for church and out the door by 10:06!! Not too shabby when you add two extra people to the mix! Samantha went right off to her class with a quick hug for me! The 5 of us then had the task of finding room for all of us to sit together....which meant the second row. Dad wanted the first row, but we talked him outta that!!

While we were at church, the Seahawks were Howie set the dvr for the game and I shut off the text updates on my phone so I wouldn't spoil it for him. We came home and he turned in on right away and hit pause so it wouldn't accidentally pop up with a current score....then we ate lunch before settling in to watch. Now, you know I only like the last 10 mins of the I laid on the couch...and fell asleep! When DJ woke me up, by tapping on my nose, I noticed that we were watching the Patriots game...huh!?!?!?! Seems the Seahawks game was so terrible they fast forwarded thru the middle and watched the end...where they lost! :(   And then the Patriots lost :(  Now, I could care less who wins the Superbowl!

Once the kids knew I was awake, they begged me to get their bubble guns working for them...Samantha's was having technical difficulties, so I took a bit for me to figure out what was wrong and fix it so that it worked for her. Talk about fun!!!!!! They went outside and had a blast!!! Used up the entire contents of one bottle of bubbles...each of them!! And when they came in they were soaked with mud up to their knees!!!! Both of them changed into clean clothes, which for some reason meant pajamas to them...oh well!
Dinner was fabulous!!!! DJ gobbled up the steak first thing but Sam left it to the end and struggled a bit with it. After they were done with their "kindergarten" egg, according to DJ, they went and had a bath. Finally, good smellin kids again! This also meant an on time bed time tonite!!! DJ fell asleep quickly, he'd told me he as tired after his bath and was yawning...Samantha, was busy playing with her LED flashlight at the door...and we could see the light shining at the end of the hall. It was cute! She fell asleep with it on and beside her.

Once they were sleeping we sat down and watched a movie my mom and dad brought called Fireproof...with Kirk Cameron....and a bunch of volunteer unknowns. What a great movie!!!! REALLY great!!! I've had several friends who've watched it last year, and I remembered this, so I was excited to watch it. It did bring me to tears too!! A couple different times! Not sure about anyone else...

After the movie it was only 10:30, so we played a couple games of cards before bed. During the first game Dad thought he heard coyotes was Samantha crying  in her room....ha! She needed to pee, so we ran and she did...then back in bed she went. A half hour later I hear her again...she wants I get her a half sippy full and tuck her back in bed. She was still awake at midnite when Howie went to bed...haven't heard a peep since, so here's hoping she's down for the rest of the nite!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Canadian Christmas

Today was busy....but I did get to lounge in bed til almost 9:30!!!!! What heaven!!!! I could hear the kids with my mom and dad....and then I heard Howie come home from fishing...all from the warmth of my cozy bed!! HEAVEN!!!!!

I got up and got dressed...the kids were already dressed, but hadn't eaten breakfast, they told my mom they weren't hungry yet. So while getting my breakfast, made them theirs! And then DJ ate almost 3/4 of a bagel with my dad. After breakfast I went and took a shower and got ready to go Avoning. This was the first Saturday of delivering on my regular schedule...SO good to see some of my customers faces again!! Mom came with me and we chatted the entire time!! We also took a break to shop for a bit...Walmart was beckoning us! Plus we wanted a sub and there's a Subway in the store. Two stone! She ended up getting DJ another Tonka toy...this time a fire truck...and Sam a Tinkerbell watch (which was broken :( when it opened) a shirt for herself and I got the kids Despicable Me!!! They got Christmas money from my sister and this was a good investment!

We got done in Lynnwood about 4:45 and headed back to Monroe where I had another delivery at Freddy's...and we did a bit of shopping in there too! Can't resist! I got two new pillows and a birthday gift for Sam and mom got veggies. We picked up Teryaki for dinner and headed home...with a quick stop at the shed to see what came in. Finally we got home about 6:15 and just took dinner in...unloading anything else could wait...smelling that Teryaki the whole way home made me hungrier!! The kids GOBBLED up theirs and I think next time we'll have to get them their own to share!!! They love it!

After dinner we put on Despicable and dad hadn't seen it and Howie had never seen the beginning. During the movie my dad got very antsy about the luggage still missing. We'd gotten word that it DID in fact arrive on the noon flight today from Joisey...but no idea when it would be delivered. So by 8 pm my dad was gettin see, my mom's diabetic and her insulin was in the luggage. She had enough for a couple days, but there was more than just insulin. It took 3 phone calls from my dad before he got the message across to them that they NEEDED to bring the bag tonite or else! Finally he got word that it would arrive at 9:50.

The kids went to bed quickly at 9 with no fuss....and we got busy playing cards. All the while watching the clock and counting the minutes down to the arrival of the bags. At 9:48 I commented they had two minutes to 9:49 the doorbell rang....kinda freaky!!!! So we finished our game of cards and then dove into the suitcases!!!! OH the wonderful items it contained!!!!! The kids got SPOILED!!!! Beyond spoiled!!! In fact, I had to hide some of it as there was a lot!! 48 kinder eggs are not necessary!!! I left 8 on the table (we ate 4) and put the rest away. It was decided to just leave it all on the table for the kids to find and delight over. They'd gone to bed happy with their new toy-of-the-day already...imagine how excited they'll be tomorrow!!

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dear Someone

Dear Continental....thanks for bringing my parents from Toronto to New Jersey and then to Seattle. You were way off on the arrival time tho and I had to circle the airport 5 times looking for these two white haired people! All the while, praying my newly potty trained daughter wouldn't utter the words "Mummy, I have pee" Oh, and thanks for not sending my mom and dad's baggage!! If you'd arrived in Newark at the agreed upon time, they wouldn't have had to run thru the airport to get on the plane that was being held for them. Like I said, if you'd been on time, their luggage could have made the flight with them. Also, it was totally not cool that you didn't forward it on the next flight to mom needs her medicines!!!! Major FAIL!

Dear SeaTac....your circling loop is bearable if a little long...and for a Friday afternoon, totally doable!! I have to say, your show of support to the Seahawks was AWESOME! I was able to get a pic of the sign and post in on twitter. Yeah, I roll like that!!!

Dear Seattle Police Dept...the escort you gave the 4 bus convoy transporting the Seahawks to the airport was awesome!!! They literally stopped traffic for the buses to merge into the highways. The flags the cop cars were sporting were pretty neat too flying in the wind!!!

Dear 12th man...your sendoff was awesome to see!!! All the flags, jerseys and pompoms were a sight from the freeway on the overpasses and bridges .Even Matt Hasslebeck tweeted that he was humbled by it all! That was me honking by the way!!! :)

Dear Sam...thanks you SO much for waiting til we got to costco to have to go potty!! you did amazing!! And I especially love how you warmed right up to Poppa right away!! he's teasing you most of the time y'know!

Dear Computer...YOU SUCK! It shouldn't take me an hour to type out so little...stop freezing up on me!!!

Dear DJ You were totally captivated by the 10.00 toy Grandma bought you today. It's a Tonka garbage truck that works and he's able to pick up any kind of garbage (his hotwheels work for him) and then dump it in the back and crush it and shove it in the back container and then dump it all out. He played with that thing for 4 hours with a short break for dinner Its currently on his dresser waiting for him to wake up!

Dear Pillows....I'm coming...this stupid computer is driving me batty and making me finishing now instead of later!!

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Have I told you how much

I love my Shark Steam mop?!?!?!

Or how much I love that my daughter picked up on this potty training thing like it was an old trick she knew all along!?!?! Seriously!! This morning the kids slept til almost 9 and Sam came in and was saying she needed to pee RIGHT NOW! lol So we went into my bathroom, which she thinks makes her special somehow, and that was when I discovered that the pull up was dry!!! SWEET!!!! So we kept it off and put the pj's back on. It was bout this time that Howie came home from his night as I'm getting out of bed, he's gettin in! At least he got the warm part of the deal! Last nite was COLD!!!

The kids and I did breakfast and then in an effort to keep nice and quiet for Howie to sleep, we watched some new Dora I'd recorded....and Diego! Really tho, I was just delaying the for my parents' arrival tomorrow! I started telling the kids too that we were taking a trip to the airport to get them tomorrow and they were excited! DJ more so as he's got more memories of them than Sam does, but she showed the appropriate excitement too! lol She'll learn quick!

Howie got up just as I was making lunch for I made him lunch as well and we all ate together. Kinda nice! Then the fun started! Cleaning! For whatever reason, the garage took priority on Howie's to-do list...while I had the inside. So I got started on decluttering some of my Avon boxes that had been piling up. And at the same time clearing the kitchen of stuff on the floor so I can mop it. Just to add to it all, I threw in some laundry and know, just for fun! LOL The kids were inside and out...they started off outside with Howie, and then Sam came in, and then DJ came in, and then DJ left again, and Sam left again...I swear we need a revolving door some days! I got the kitchen floor done and then worked on the kids' bathroom floor and then took it downstairs and did the 3rd bathroom floor and laundry room as mom and dad will be utilizing that one when they're here. Whew!

About 4 Howie suggested I run and drop off the books for donation since we need the space for the kids' car seats tomorrow...they sit in the back back and that makes it easier for my mom and dad to climb in and out. So off I went to do that...and thoroughly enjoyed the silence while I drove...on the way back tho I got a call from my mom and chatted with her for a few minutes...they were just about packed and she wanted to know if she'd left slippers here from last time. She also told me they weren't arriving with Air Canada but rather Continental....I hadn't looked at that part really...just the timing. And I totally missed that they're flying to New Jersey and THEN to about a backwards route!

Got home and got dinner started right away...both kids were home, and hungry! Since I didn't want the argument about dinner (chicken pot pie) I made them nuggets and got them started. Howie was in the shower, so as soon as he was done, we ate. Then bath time...gotta have good smelling children for the grandparents! :) Mid bath Samantha declares she needs to poop...turns out it was just a toot, but man she was worried about doing that in the bath apparently!

She also got tucked in 3 extra times thanks to her bladder!! 2 of the 3 times she actually peed too! About 2 hours after the last tuck in tho, she was crying at her door, so I ran to her and she needed to the night time responding is kicking in!!! SWEET!!!!!!! She's doing awesome!!! She's so cute too...asked me if I'd tuck her back in bed, which of course I'm gonna do! And she thanked me! lol Such a sweetheart!

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Awana with both of them

Is not so much fun for me!!

Last nite I slept great...could have been longer, but I'm happy!! The kids were busy playing when I got up...and then Sam was hurt somehow and needed we all snuggled for a bit talking about what the day was to hold. I could already tell Sam was in a "mood" so I tried bribing her out of it with an Avon meeting. HA! She got excited for a second and then went back to foul.

Breakfast didn't help her mood either....she ended up spilling her cereal milk all over herself...I think if she was older, it would have been one of those "better back in bed" days. Poor girl! She was on the fragile side of life too...crying at every little bump...even the self inflicted ones!!

About 11 I got a call from David next door asking if he and the younger boys could come over to play...turns out the younger ones could, but he had school to do! I thought the extra boys would be good for Sam, and she did perk up a bit! They were all over the house too! I think it helps that their house is identical to ours...all the kids feel at home in either place. Just before noon I got a call from my upline asking if I was going to the meeting and I decided no....I was told to just bring the kid with me, but with Sam in her state, that wouldn't be fun for I need to conserve gas so I can drive to the airport on Friday!!!!!

It was just after 1 when K and C wanted to go home...well, K did, C could have stayed longer I'm sure! lol It was good timing for us to do lunch...and for me to tell them that Samantha was going with us to Awana. Howie had called and said he was doing a night shift tonite and with it being Awana, he couldn't very well sleep while having Sam with him. She was SOOOOOO excited to get to so with us for once!!

After lunch I put on a movie for the kids while I went and had a shower....and then got sketti sauce going for dinner...which was going to be EARLY!!!!!! I felt kind of like a senior citizen eating at 4:30!! But I needed to stop at the bank and then the ATM...and with having Sam with us, I needed the extra time. Turns out we could have eaten at 4:45 and still have time! lol We sat in the parking lot of the church for a few minutes...and then DJ realized where we were and wanted to get inside! Sam was too young to join DJ, so she was stuck with me. The child peed 6 times (if not more) in the 2 1/2 hours we were there!!!!! Insane!!!! And she peed every time but one...kinda makes it hard for me to do my job with all that running back and forth! Then I had then brainstorm to go to the room where she plays during church and get something for her to play with. That worked...the bucket of animals was just the ticket! And I got my work done on time even!

We got home just after 8:30 and got right to the business of bed time...Howie was up already and eating his dinner/breakfast. So he helped with story time and then tucking in...then hopped in the shower and headed to work. I got comfy in my chair with a blanket and a cat trying to warm up....watched that new show Off the Map...and there were a few times I had to turn away from the scene as it was making my stomach turn. Good intro tho....I'll be checking it out again. Plus, its got the kid from Friday Night Lights...the one who played I'm liking that already. And he's playing someone his own age!

Then I got caught up on my interrupted shows from last nite on On Demand.....and then found a show called American Pickers....I've had a few friends who avid watchers....and it was interesting. They're junk collectors! lol Still enjoyed it!

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This ain't no Little House

This morning was horrendous for me!!! Or rather, the nite was! I went to bed normal and just lay there...tossing...turning....going from side to side...then on my back...and looking at the clock...waiting for sleep to claim me!! UGH it was awful!!! Last I looked it was 4 am...and DJ came to me at not a good nite for me!

On the bright side tho...Sam came to me this morning nekkid and with clothes to get dressed in....seems she'd gotten out of her pj's and pull up and went potty all by herself....the pull up was dry!!! She did this first before even coming to me as DJ and I were snuggling in bed. Kinda kool!!

The morning was an Avon one...I pretty much had done it all yesterday, so today was tying up loose ends and just hitting submit! Which was good...the kids were all over the place! So once I was done, we snuggled on the couch and watched Dora....I'm amazed at how easy it is for Sam to repeat words in Spanish like she was born to do so.

After lunch I sent the kids next door, per her request, and tried to nap. It didn't escape my attention that it was 3pm and exactly 12 hours from the time I was struggling to sleep in the first place...and here I was in a quiet house, no kids, no noise, no nothing and still couldn't just fall asleep! I did enjoy warming up under the blankets tho...and did doze for a bit as I was awoken by Howie calling...and then my neighbour to let me know that Sam was done being over there...but that really she just needed to pee and was fine. Howie came home before they did and I was still laying down. I'd already decided to do an easy dinner with little to no I enjoyed being lazy.

Dinner was burgers even tho it was FREEZING outside!!!! They'd been predicting this EPIC snow storm for a couple days now, and we kept waiting for it to hit....lots of wind, but no snow. Our power went out about 20 after 4 too...should have known that was a precursor for what was to come! After dinner I bathed the kids and then got them in bed. Samantha took extra helpings of tucking in...she got out 3 times and peed all 3 times...go figure!

Howie went to bed right after he got done tucking DJ in...and I came out to get his lunch ready and then sit and veg...I got all settled and comfy and started watching the Glee re-run that was tonite...and about 10 mins into it the power went out. It flickered a couple times and then just stayed dark. So I went in search of a lighter...that took me 5 minutes. Luckily we keep a flashlight handy! I got some candles going and then sat and played on my phone. 17 minutes later, I was officially bored!! LOL I'm SO not cut out for Little House on the Prairie!! It was too dark...and too quiet....and too eerie! About 5 mins before 11 everything came back on. the 40 minute interruption made my dvr selections tonite useless...kinda need the middle of the show to make it all make sense! 

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm in denial

And not, De Nile...denial...where I refuse to believe the obvious!! 

The sneezing....just tickles in my nose

The stuffed up feeling after....hello, I just sneezed! *ACHOO*

The watery eyes...I'm tired

The, I'm tired lol

The Halls I keep sucking throat, wait, I like the candy.....oh crap! I don't have time for parents are coming in 4 sleeps!!! Plus, IF I get sick, you know what happens next right? The kids....Howie...then my parents while they're here....the list goes on!!! No, I have no time to be sick!!! *ahem*

This morning the kids were excited to see the snow had stuck around...DJ was the only one who had plans to play in it...but he at least waited til after lunch for that. The morning was spent trying to keep warm on the, was it COLD in the house!!! I did get some warmth in running up and down the stairs doing laundry. You'd never know by looking at the play room that I cleaned it and had EVERY SINGLE TOY put away...nope! You'd never know! OY! *ACHOO*

After lunch while DJ was outside playing Sam and I were inside running back and forth to the bathroom...she likes to "beat" me to the bathroom when she needs to pee...and I swear she's trying to pee outside the toilet while sitting there! I keep telling her to lean forward, but she looks at me with this glint in her eye and leans back. Such a brat! But, we have been doing the one pair of undies a day thing for a week now! Pretty darn cool if you ask me!! And her little bum is just too cute diaperless!!! *ACHOO*

Once DJ came home from playing outside we loaded up and headed to the shed to do the book sort and pick, if I wasn't cold before...I REALLY was after that!!! I couldn't feel my fingers it was that cold! Since I had no reason to be in town, I brought the books home for another trip later this, there's 3 boxes of cd's and I kinda thought Howie would like to go thru them first....I was right! *ACHOO*

Howie was late coming home from work and since I wasn't in the mood to really make a big meal...I did soup and grilled cheese....and I think I have found THE perfect way to make the grilled cheese sammy....with 3 cheese seminola bread...oh was it tasty!!!!! SO good...and probably SO wrong for you!! LOL The kids gobbled theirs up first....they're not big on soup....even the kid fave, chicken noodle....they did both eat it tho, just took some effort! After dinner I got another puppet show and got asked to bring the video camera over...what a ham!! Bed time went smoothly and Samantha must have been tired as she didn't even come out once!  *ACHOO*

I then got busy working on my Avon as my order goes in tomorrow and I have forgotten the last couple times to write out my orders tonite I made sure I did that before anything. Howie was busy watching football...the BCS Championship...while the Bachelor was recording! So all was good! Once he to bed and I finished up my orders I got comfy and watched. I must say....I think this is the first time a Bachelor has ejected ALL the drama divas....SO nice!! No need for that crap! I understand that when you put that many women in a competition for one thing it can get fierce, but damn! Drop the drama! :D I have no patience for that...ask Sam! *ACHOO* *ACHOO* *ACHOO*  Aw crap!

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, January 10, 2011

SIX more sleeps!!

That was my first thought this morning....only 6 more sleeps til my parents come for a visit!!! That and "gee Samantha sure smells like pee!" as she crawled into bed with me this morning. Thankfully the Princesses are keeping her and my bed dry when she's sleeping!! She really does like having Princesses on her diapers!

I called Howie to see where he was at when I got up...he was on his way home! Fishless AGAIN!!!! Darn fish! Of course he says is the jigs that are bad...and the water's too low...but I know its that the fish are too smart! haha In any case, he was on his way home and I got the kid their round toast and then hopped in the I was serving, I heard the garage door open, so that was perfect timing!!

We got to church with a few minutes to spare...and DJ was in his normal mood for sitting still and being quiet. Actually, he did great! The sermon was a tough one to listen to...speaking on divorce and what the Bible says in that regard. I was a little shocked to learn how easy/rampant it was back in Jesus' time...and am very curious to see how the sermon finishes next week. Both Howie and I are previously we were squirming a bit.

As I was waiting for Sam to be done pottying while picking her up from her class, I turned my phone on...and got a text from my g/f Kody...and instantly remembered I was to bring something for her and that she was out in the parking lot waiting for me....yikes!! So we made a plan to meet at Albertsons and I'd run home to grab the box for her. We made one stop on the way home tho for Howie to exchange something fishing-wise he'd gotten a couple weeks ago that wasn't what he he got more's hoping we're eating fish when mom and dad are here!!

After all the running around I got back home just as everyone was about to eat lunch, so I joined them. You'd never know DJ was sick the way he was carrying on!!! Crazy child!!! As soon as lunch was done, Howie started moving furniture to clean carpets. Since he was also doing our bedroom, I went in and tackled that while the kids played in their rooms. Got all the laundry downstairs and all my books that I'd read out of the room...all the recycle from the bedroom out...put clothes away...and vacuumed so it was ready for cleaning. Then I tackled the kids' rooms!!  Other than the piano, there's now nothing under DJ's bed!!! Sheesh! THEN the 3 of us went downstairs to sort thru the toys...garbage, giveaways and keepers....they didn't know about the giveaway box!! I'm sneaky like that! But really, they have enough! 

It was almost 6 by the time Howie was done rinsing the carpets and so I got the bbq ready for dinner...and then prepped the rest of dinner waiting for the time to get it going. We moved the furniture back into place with towels under it and then sat down to eat. The kids must have been starving as they ate quickly...and DJ had seconds on the pork chop!! Since no one needed bathing, they ran wild til bed time! Literally!! I'm not sure how Howie slept thru it either!! Altho, DJ and Samantha put on the most adorable puppet show for me!! I caught it on my Flip but have yet to upload it! SO cute!!!

Once they were in bed, Howie was very quick to follow!! Which left me the remote!! And on Sundays, that means Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters.....oh joy, I get to watch it with my parents next week...*hangs head*  Thank heavens for DVR!! And with the time change, I might get lucky! lol

Til next time...God bless!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

12th Man Roar

This morning I woke up at 9 in almost a panic as the kids hadn't bothered me...and I couldn't hear them!! I got up right away to check on them to make sure they were even here...and wondered if Howie had come home early and was with them. Nope, they were content...Sam in Howie's chair, and DJ on the couch and they were watching tv. So I crept back to the bedroom and got dressed before alerting them to my awakeness. Then I snuck back out and scared them both!! DJ was still not 100% but only slightly fevered...and asking for "round" toast...guess the English muffin was a hit! Sam wanted the same as him so I made two...she wanted peanut butter and Nutella on cookie!

He ate about 3/4 of it and was fine...then about an hour later he had to go to the bathroom.....and when he bent over to be wiped, he got up wrong and had to either it was too fast, or he was upside down too long and something just didn't sit right. In any case, he was back on the couch and just took it easy. Samantha on the other hand was running wild!!!! She was definitely NOT sick and quite okay with DJ not chasing her! She wanted to dress, and he was quite content to stay in his pj's.

I went to snuggle with DJ for a bit, and realized I was on duty to make dinner for friends of ours who just had their 3rd baby on New Year's I got up and got busy with that...well, while I'm in the kitchen, I might as well load the dishwasher and get it going. I made chili for them....but was stumped about what to do with it since they're a dairy free and gluten free home...makes it tough! I did get to use my vita mix tho...I didn't have any cans of tomato sauce, so I took 2 cans of diced tomatoes and zapped 'em in the vita mix and bam, had sauce!!

Howie got home after noon with no fish, again! I already knew that, but still had the kitchen clean just in case!  Instead, I got lunch ready for everyone...DJ wanted round toast again, and this time I added a slice of cheese....he was so happy for that! And I'd already poured him a glass of ginger ale a couple hours ago, and he drank that down easily.

The Seahawks game was scheduled to start at 1:30...and I thought that was a perfect time to go finish off the grocery shopping!! I took Sam and DJ BEGGED me to go with, his fever was gone, and he was bouncing all over the place, but I insisted he stay...I was already taking one kid that if she needed to potty would make me run...didn't want to add a puking one on top of that. So off we went...and I was right...parking was awesome...and hardly anyone in the stores!!!  Sam and I did our best to zip in and out...but looking for gluten free cornbread mix cost us a lot of time! There is no such animal I've concluded. It did finally dawn on me that salad was a good side I grabbed a Caesar kit and called it good!!

We got home and I immediately got busy making brownies for their dessert as I knew they'd eaten those before....and watched the last 5 minutes of the Seahawks game...which really, is ALL I need to see to get excited!!! I'd been getting text message updates about the game so that was helpful to know what was going on. It was during these last 4 minutes that Lynch scored his 67 yd touch down...the guy was a BEAST!!!!! Literally running out of guys trying to stop was awesome to watch!! In the end, the Hawks took the win and it was amazing!!! We are the 12th man on the field!! I had a g/f down in Seattle who could HEAR the 12th man roar...I'm sure it sent tingles up her spine even tho she's a Saints fan.

Once the game was over, I quick called over to let them know I was their dinner angel and not to make anything...and as soon as the brownies were done, I packed the kids and their dinner up and headed over. I didn't let my two out til I knew what was what...but baby Karina was awake, so my two came in and played with the older two kids. I got to sit and hold her...oh so wonderful!!! She smells just awesome!!! And I got to hear about her birth and stats...she barely made a sound!! Other than the pain in my left wrist from holding her just so, you'd never know she was in the room!! SO alert too! My oh my!! After a half hour tho, she fell asleep in my arms and I laid her done in her cradle and gathered my two up to head home. Called Howie and had him put our dinner (pizza) in the oven so it would be just about done when we got in the house. It was! DJ wanted more round toast...the pizza was a spinach/artichoke/chicken deal....too much for his tummy. It sure was yummy tho!!!

After dinner I bathed the kids and then got them in bed. SamSam only came out 3 times for her potty delays...and after the third time's dribble I told her to stay in bed...and she did! She'd taken a nap on my this afternoon on the way that didn't help. Once she was tucked in for the second time I got busy giving Howie a haircut and mustache trim. Never done a mustache before...and I gotta say, I think I did alright!! I can see his lips!! Then he grabbed a shower and went to bed. I watched a movie from dvr and did nothing! My wrist was still sore from holding I just enjoyed sitting. About 11 when the first movie was over, I put on a second and laid on the couch...where I promptly fell asleep for 2 hours! Now I'm heading to bed for more!

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Poop Delays

Are a very real thing! yes, they are!!!

This morning I got to sleep in til 9, but my body didn't recognize this!! Thanks to DJ waking me up a couple times (clue #1) last nite...once to pee, and once cuz he wanted to get in bed with us...I said no, and told him to grab a blanket and pillow for the floor...he did! Next thing I know, he's at me again, no clue what time, and Howie got up and DJ got in...its all a blur!

I got up and made breakfast, which I shared with SamSam....DJ had hardly eaten (clue #2) and gave half his toast to the dog. Howie left for work and I had two naked kids on my hands...they got dressed and we headed out the door...before I get Sam all bundled up I asked if she needed to pee...she did...and pooped...and then bundled her up and sent her out. As I'm gathering the last of what I'm taking with me, she comes in the house and says she needs to poop again....and she did...but man, she took forever!!! In the end, we were a half hour past what I wanted to leave by.

Costco was first stop...I get gas first and then find parking...its NUTS for some reason, and I waited 10 mins for this lady to unload her massive order into her tiny car. DJ is being extremely clingy (clue #3) and extra whiny (clue #4) and wouldn't have anything to do with samples (clue #5) and was starting to look a bit pale (clue #6) So I finished up as quick as possible and met up with my g/f Denise to give her her Avon order...and we checked out. I asked if DJ wanted a hot dog and thankfully he said no (clue #7) so we headed for the truck instead. Got everyone loaded up and off we went for home.

I swear, no more than 3 minutes pass and he's asleep (clue #8) and Sam says to me "I leepy Mummy" and she fell asleep!!! What a gorgeous rainy day for a drive!!! So quiet!! I didn't even want music on...just wanted to enjoy the silence! Spoken like a true mom!!! We get home and DJ woke up within I got him out and in the house...he laid on the couch (clue #9) while I unloaded the groceries...and put them all away. Then I went and got Samantha as it had been an hour for her and that's long enough. She was hungry so I got lunch going for us...DJ still didn't want to now he's got a fever (clue #10) and is in and out of sleep on the couch.

After lunch I go to snuggle with him on the couch....I'm the one in and out of sleep at this point with my human heating pad next to me. All of a sudden he says to me "I'm gonna puke" and I run him to the bathroom....while he's puking all over he floor. Now, at first glance, I thought he was puking blood, but it was too red, and not was cherry kool aid from this morning. Lovely!! We now have a trail of red dots from the living room to the bathroom. He did manage to get it all over him too, so I stripped him down and got him in pj's at that point. He didn't mind. Then back to the couch he went. I was afraid to join him

Dinner was just me and Sam, so I made KD and we had ham and salad with it. DJ was begging for food, so I toast him up an English it's toasting, he dry heaves into the garbage (it was closer) and I was going to refuse him the food...but I know he was hungry..and he did get some colour back in his I let him have it. Nothing to drink, mind you, but I did pour him a glass of ginger ale to let sit for later. He was excited about that.

Once we were done I put on Madagascar  and we all snuggled on the couch to watch really is a cute movie!! And hearing Sam sing "I like to move it, move it" is adorable!!! An hour after the toast I told him he could have his ginger ale...and he gently sipped at it. Very proud of him! He drank half before bed. We waited til Howie got home (and the movie was over) to do bed time.

Well, Miss Samantha has now figured out to delay bed time..."Mummy, I have to pee" has become her newest game!! 4 (FOUR) times she came out and used that line...and 4 (FOUR) times she actually peed!!! Go figure!! So....maybe we'll wake up with a 1 lb diaper tomorrow!! Dry is unrealistic, but less is better!!!

DJ woke up about an hour after he went to bed...peed and went back to bed...Howie did too shortly after that. I watched Grey's and Private Practice from last nite (thankyoudvr!!) and knit the nite away. As I was done and getting started on this post, DJ came out. He needed to pee, no poop, no drink something...ha! He ended up doing all 3 and was very chatty and animated the whole time. Still fevered, but his spirits were in a good place. He told me after getting off the toilet that his feet were asleep and he needed to be too!! Cracked me right up!! As I tucked him in he told me to say good nite to his feet too!

Til next time...God bless!