Saturday, January 28, 2012

She's the man

Boy, was today busy!!! Howie got my sleep in...I made a meeting for 8:30 not even realizing that i was cutting my nose I got both kids up and dressed and out the door. I'd realized last nite that I'd overbooked myself so breakfast was already done. We got out of the house on time, but hit all 3 lights on the way there and poor DJ had to get a tardy slip! I then headed to the library for my meeting with one of the long timers of previous auctions to brainstorm with her and pick her brain...I think it worked. Sam and I left there and headed to Snohomish to the Imagine Inn for their Winter Wonderfuls puppet show. My g/f Kody and her two girls met us there and we watched together. Sam was mesmerized and even got up and danced the first song and did freestyle was awesome!!!! But then she wouldn't go up to save her life!! I kept suggesting it, but no go! It was a 45 min performance and from there I headed to drop off an Avon order to a new customer who lived 5 mins away from the theater. Nice lady age...2 kids that are ten years older than mine...and she used to be an Avon rep....I like those customers as they KNOW the product well!!! While we were on the way home I started doing the math to figure out if we had time to head home for lunch...we didn't. I'm not sure if Sam was reading my mind or not, but she suggested Red Robin and I had JUST been thinking of doing that. So, we did!! She got Mac n cheese with apples and I had a chicken avocobbo was tasty and quite filling! Then we went to 9 places to hand out procurement forms for the auction before heading to the school for recess duty. The sun was shining but it was still chilly....and those are good conditions for recess!! Sam is finally willing to play with some of the girls in 3rd grade, but mostly likes to play soccer by herself. After recess I checked with DJ's teacher to see if she needed me...she did!! I got to test the kids on their reading skills. DJ chose to be first and he aced it!!! Just as I knew he would!! But after hearing all the kids, I see he's smack dab in the middle! Good place for him really. I'm pleased! It's beyond awesome to see him learning to read! I can't wait til hes reading a real book to me!! We waited for school to be over and got DJ and finaly headed home! Sam tried falling asleep on me less than a mile from home...nipped that in the bud and kept her awake! We got home and they played outside a bit. It's always fun til someone (Sam) gets poked in the eye. Got her calmed down and on her way out the door she caught her thumb in the sliding I made her stay in...of course at that point all she wanted to do was snuggle!! Which we did!! After dinner we watched Over the Hedge...the second half as they'd already seen the first a couple nites ago. They stalled bedtime just enough that Howie got home from work. And he'd stopped by the Apple store to get an iPad2...his turn for a new toy....which I'm currently using to type on....I kinda like it. Tabbi's charging now or I be on it....but I do like this one!! It's familiar since we've both been using the iPhones. Since there was nothing on tv I chose a movie from the dvr...She's the Man...I liked it!! It was cute. Now I'm ready for a conversation with my pillows...we've missed each other!! Til next time...God bless!

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