Wednesday, March 21, 2012

To My Darling Daughter

I can not believe you turned FOUR today!!!


These last four years with you have been so joyous and wonderful!! You make me laugh every day with your matter of factness, and your intuitiveness. Every. Single. Day!!!

I can't thank you enough for agreeing to stay three forever...and the tears you shed were genuine as you were trying to please me, but sad at the same time. I love your heart!!

This morning, thanks to Lenny and the Lost Birthday, she requested breakfast in bed...and she got just that!! So darling!! And she sent me away too! Once she was done eating she had a bath and I had a shower. We were in the truck and on our way to town by 11 for her party.

We did a movie party...Samantha invited 4 friends to join her to watch The Lorax. Now, I went into this movie completely clueless as to what it was about....what a darling movie!!!! I had the urge to plant a tree as soon as it was over!!!

We then convened in the hall on a bench for the opening of the gifts...she got a Polly Pocket house set, a My Little Pony, a beautiful picture frame with a picture if her in it all dressed up at Aliya's party 3 days ago!!, a new colouring book and twist up crayons. Lucky little girl!!! We all parted ways and she and I went to Burger King for lunch.

Before picking DJ up from school we stopped at Freddy's and got a couple things. And then stopped at my FAVE coffee stand as they do a free drink on your birthday...she got a chocolate shake.

We got home and I got right to work making GF brownies for her 'cake' and that also meant cleaning the kitchen first. Fed DJ a pb+j before leaving. Tonite was his first t-ball practice. Since I'm team mom, I went today. We had 6 of 9 kids present...Samantha was enjoying the playground adjacent and I talked with a couple other moms. With 20 mins to go, Samantha and I went back to the car to warm up.

With not getting home til close to 7 it was close to 8 by the time we were five eating. Way too late for my liking...don't see me and Samantha making it to too many more mid-week practices!! They both went to bed easily and Howie right along with them. He's been sleeping crappy and thinks its the diet Pepsi I got last Costco trip. They didn't have the caffeine free I've. So today he went without and is hoping for better sleep.

I'm just about done with book 1 of Hunger I'm off to finish it maybe.

Til next time...God bless! And happy birthday SamSam!!! Love you LOTS!!

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