Monday, March 19, 2012

Should I stay...

Or should I go?!?

To blog...or not to blog....that is the question!!!

Although to be truthful, I'm quite sucked into the Hunger Games book and would rather spend my last awake half hour reading than blogging. That is one damn good book!!! Plus, I'm trying to finish it before the movie comes out this Friday!!

Our weekend has been full and lazy!!! Saturday I had the extreme pleasure of sleeping in late! Like noon late!! SO wonderful!!!! I then ate and wrapped up a gift for Samantha's friend and then she and I were off to a Princess dress up birthday party. She had three dress changes before finally settling on a Snow White dress. She had her hair done up (my hairdresser is the mom!) and her toenails painted and then thoroughly enjoyed a G/F cupcake. It was cute!!

Then we came home with the birthday girl and got ready for party number two!! My next door neighbour turned 40 (gasp!) in Friday and we had a surprise party for her at her house. I don't know that I've ever been in on a surprise party before. It was also potluck and other than the two pizzas I made, that was it for making dinner!! Me likey!!

While yesterday was busy, today was the opposite. Rather nice!! The snow, yes SNOW, derailed any outdoor work that Howie wanted to accomplish, so he helped gravity hold down the couch and chair. I in turn helped my chair with its gravity issues. Dinner was corned beef and cabbage...St Pat's dinner a day late. That made it even easier to keep the chair grounded!!

I then watched GCB from last week and the pilot of Missing on the iPad. GCB has me cracking up over the outlandish things that are said!! And Missing looks really good!!! I've watched a few movies lately too...we've got HBO for 3 months. Last nite I picked The American....what a waste of time!!! Then I picked 127 Hours which was good!!! Gory at one point, yet it had me bawlin in the end!!! Based on a true story too!!

Now, I'm gonna go read!!!

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