Monday, March 12, 2012

Dear Weekend?..

Thank you for kicking my behind and reminding me I'm not in my twenties once again!! Dear Daylight suck!! Dear Blake Shelton...My, oh my, you're do good looking!!! You sang that to me on Friday night and put me over the moon...its okay if no one else believes me...I know! lol And then on Sunday you rocked it even more singing Don't Make Me!!! The difference between this tour and last is incredible!!! And it's only gotten better!! Dear Miranda...thank you for giving us your time and singing on stage both nites!!! What a true treat!! And watching you and Blake together is just darling!! Keep on rocking! Dear Pearl...thanks for being my cohort this weekend!!! What a ride!! Literally! I enjoyed every mile and getting to know you better! Glad our bladders were in sync for all the driving. I can't thank you enough for letting me sleep for two hours on the ride home last nite, it made all the difference in the world for me today. I'm also incredibly grateful your boob hid that second pick that Blake tossed your way, and that you shared your fortune with me. While I wasn't as cool as you to get the hand touch, we sure had fun!! Let's do it again!!! Dear Justin that I've seen you three times, I'm charmed!! You definitely have a way with the crowd and working them up to get them ready for Blake. I absolutely LOVE the shtick you do with Blake when you jump into his arms for a hug and he kisses you all over...cracks me UP!!! Keep it up bro!! Dear Dia Frampton...I can see why Blake chose you for his team last season...not entirely sure why he chose you to open for him tho. I will say, the duet you do ith him is incredible...but the other songs you do barefoot, I don't get...sorry, don't take it personal! Dear DJ and SamSam....thank you for letting mommy sleep in til 8:30 this morning!!! Even tho it felt like 7:30...and you let me laze in bed for a while before waking up. DJ, you're a good snuggled while we (well, you and Sam) watched a movie this morning. And Sam, I love that you like watching Netflix in your room in bed. I also love that you chose today to be a jamma day!! Kinda jealous really! Dear Neighbour...THANK YOU for having my wild child over for hours this afternoon so I could nap easily!! Dear Howie...your lack of sympathy will be remembered!!! But thank you for letting me be a groupie for a weekend...and file taking such good care of our children in my absence. Your time is coming!!! Dear Pillows...I'm coming to join you as soon as I see the After The Rose special...even tho I HATE that he chose Courtney over Linzi.... Til next time...God bless!

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