Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Eve of it ALL

Today is the last day of my dirty thirties!! Meaning, not only do I have a birthday, but a decade change too! Forty sounds SO old!!!!!

I don't look it (in my opinion)

I don't feel like it!!

Therefore I don't want it!!

If forty is the 'new thirty', why can't I start telling people that?!? My Nanny lied about her age right up til she was 98!! Wasn't til we found her birth certificate after moving her to a home that we learned the truth!!! Makes me like her even more!! So at what age did she adopt the lie?? What birthday did she struggle with?!?

Truth be told, I haven't hit my 'middle age' yet either! When your grandmothers live to 100 and 92, that makes 48 my really I'm still young!!! Besides, I could sleep til noon like a teenager any day!!! Isn't forty when you start napping?!? Ok, that does sound appealing!!

Forty scares me health wise too! So often I hear that things start not working after forty....and currently I have no complaints...well, other than my toe I'm sure I sprained yesterday when I stubbed it running up the stairs carrying twenty pounds of meat! See, I can't be forty!!! Ugh!!

For now, I'm gonna enjoy the last day of my thirties by going to the Fair with the kids and acting out my young-at-heart tendencies! May even do the roller coaster with DJ!!!

It just can't be true!!