Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Its tougher than I thought

To call my son by his given name....but he keeps reminding me and correcting me. We've had many discussions throughout the day about how/why he was named and that even while he was in my belly he was DJ to us. And that because there's already a boy named Daniel in first grade and they do a lot of stuff with them, it will be confusing. I even tried suggesting he wait til the beginning of the school year next year to change to Daniel, but he's adamant it should be now! He even corrected Sam when she called him DJ...but for the most part, she's been good at calling him Daniel...until he does something and she's upset with him lol

After breakfast I got busy with some Auction stuff...emails and whatnot...and Sam took FOREVER to get dressed, so it wasn't til after 12 that I could go do the books at the shed. The kids stayed behind to play with the boys next door, so I was on my own! Not that it made much of a difference as the kids do well when we go. Thankfully there was half the book load as last week!! I got home and made us all lunch. I got busy on auction stuff again and before I knew it, it was 3 and I wanted to get on the treadmill before then! Oops!! DJ was still outside playing, but Sam was inside with me as she'd had enough testosterone for one day!

I did a good jaunt on the treadmill too...3.25 miles!! Most I've ever done! Just when I thought I couldn't go anymore, a great song comes on Pandora and I'm bootin along! I don't hurt as much today as I did last week...so I'm likin it! My hips are a bit tender when I sit for too long, but not too terribly. Today I did 70 minutes worth....and actually am considering a 5k....but then I shake my head! LOL I couldn't run the whole thing, so what would be the point? Plus, I want to get this hernia fixed....which would set back any training I'd be doing. Maybe I'll wait til I'm 40...er, 29 again! lol Its a thought.

Dinner was in part, thanks to Pinterest....I'd found a recipe for homemade chicken nuggets and tried them out. They were super easy!!! But I should have lowered the heat to begin with as the first half of them were kinda crispy and darker than I'd want them to be. But I did try one...OH MY WORD they were good!!!! At this rate, we won't need the frozen crap ever again!!! Then because I'd had such luck, I tried out another recipe I'd seen on Pinterest for crustless mini quiche type things done in my muffin pan. I changed it up a bit and used smoked steelhead, spinach and olives in with the eggs. Can't wait to try one tomorrow for breakfast!!

I took off before the kids were done eating as I had an Avon meeting to go to....just a small one with some other unit leaders. It was done just before 9 and I was home by 9:30...not too bad! Once I got some more auction stuff done on email, and lunches squared away, I sat and watched the Bachelor...my, oh my...that Courtney is a skank!!! I don't like her one bit!! Not at all surprised Elyse wasn't given the rose....even I could tell there was nothing there!! I think I'm rooting for Kacie B the most! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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