Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flying Solo

This morning didn't quite go like I'd planned it in my head...DJ came in at 6:50 and went right back to sleep...and so did I...til we got up after 8!! Yeah, we'd have been majorly late for school then!!  ha! As it was, we got dressed, ate and left! This morning was a Norwex meeting I could finally attend...WITH childcare!! Sweet!! It was in Marysville, and if I'd looked at the directions on my phone, instead of going by how I think I'd get there, I would have totally been on time!!!! Grrr Murphy and his damn laws!

The meeting itself was good...I learned some, and listened more than was all good!! The kids had a blast too....we met at a church and they had a playground, so all the kids got to go out and play for a bit...which made it easier for us to listen  to what the new products are (and really, they're ALL new to me!)  We were done at noon and I chatted at bit with my upline and then headed for home. We stopped to do the pizza run while in town, and then dropped them off at the shed and came home home! Which was good as I was STARVING!!!! Made myself a lunch and then started packing up my Norwex kit for my first party tonite.

I then grabbed a shower and kept running over in my head what I wanted to talk about at the party, but at the same time trying not to over analyze what I want to hard! I'm too much like my dad sometimes! I got dressed and ready to go and then waited for Howie to get home so we could make dinner and I could jet!!  I left a bit early so I could scope out the house and see what I wanted to work on to carpets, so that was out...and her windows were spotless! But that's okay, I mucked them up with butter to make my point! :)

The party was to start at 7, so we chatted for a while before the first guest showed up....and in total we had 7 people, which is awesome!! I think for the most part it went well...I know there was a lot of stuff I forgot to mention, but did get to answer most of it when they fired questions at, all but one gal was new to Norwex, so they didn't know what I forgot! All told, it was a great show!! I'm quite pleased with the way it went and happy with it all! Even had one straggler come in when I was all done and did the window demo again for her as that's what sold most of them on Norwex! How could it not!?!?! It is powerful!

I was home by 9 and Howie was shocked at that...he was expecting to be in bed by the time I got home....I was a little keyed up, so I started entering the party online to see the numbers and to order myself some more stuff that I want for display.  Lovin the number...not gonna lie!! :)   By 10 I was ready to sit and veg for a I got Howie's lunch ready to go and sat down to watch Eureka.  Since it was early enough I thought I'd watch The Protector too...but Belle had me outside 5 times...and did nothing even tho I caught her mid-squat to poop 3 times even!!! Such foolishness!! And quite frustrating still! Good thing she's so cute and lovable!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Graduate

This morning the tv was set to a different channel....and they didn't wake me til 8:30...kinda nice!! lol But tomorrow I'm settin the alarm for 7 so we can start getting into a school routine...more for me than for the kids at this point. For breakfast the kids wanted fried eggs like I've been having, so I did those up and they each got some toast to go with it....yummy start to the day!

From there it went downhill a was rainy out so they were kind of stuck inside with each other (DJ did try to go next door) and the fighting was just awful! When does school start again???? I tell ya! I keep saying, if there's tears on the first day of school, it'll be tears of joy....and now that I think about'll be Sam crying since she won't have DJ to bug!!

Then to make it more interesting....and thankfully after lunch!!...the water was shut off! I had no notice it was going to happen...if I'd had that, I wouldn't have been running the dishwasher at that time, I'd have waited. SO frustrating!! I hadn't even put my contacts in at this point yet! Thankfully I had water reserved on the counter....for the dogs, and for I was able to wash my hands.

We then headed into town...first stopping at the shed so I could get the books out...then we dropped off some Avon books to the pizza place...stopped at the fruit stand I hardly get to drive by and got some blueberries and cherries (YUM)...then to the post office where the police presence was massive at the bank (come to find out, it had just been robbed!!! Who robs a bank that's less than a mile from the cop shop!?!?!) but I got in and got out no problem....then to the co-op to drop off more books, then to Freddy's to get more pickling stuff for the rest of the peaches...then to Goodwill to drop off the books (that guy was SO slow I did more than half of it just to get gone!) and then MY bank to do a deposit, which took forever in line!  Howie would have loved me to stop at the dollar store, but there wasn't enough time! It was already 4:30 when we were headed back home...and I had Belle's last puppy class today!

I got home, unloaded, started the bbq and tried to keep calm....dinner was shovelled in and then Belle and I were off!! I stopped at the swing park on the way to let her run off some of her energy...I should have grabbed and learn!!! We got to class and only 2 of us were we started off with 6 dogs...the two labs never came back after the 2nd class...the itty bitty dog, Zoe, wasn't there last week or this week, and now the Rotty, Freja, wasn't there tonite due to injury and she was on crate rest for 2 weeks...poor thing! So that left Zipper and Belle to do the test and pass. We did some light agility training too...going thru a tunnel, jumping over a board, and other her final test was to start walking, stop, sit/stay and walk around her with a loose leash, then walk and jump over the board, walk a bit more, stop, down/stay and walk around her with a loose leash, go thru the tunnel, do the pylon weave and that was it. Then she had to stay on her mat for a whole minute...she rocked that!!! Whew!!! And that was it! Puppy class is over, and she graduated!!! I even have the paper to prove it!! lol  I'd love to put her in formal obedience, but I think we need some time in between...she's still peeing is about to start....I wanna put SamSam in a dance many things! We need more money!!!!! lol Who doesn't!?!?!!

I stopped at the dollar store on the way home to do some shopping, and then finally got home about 8:15....I was greeted by the kids and in we went to get pj's on as it was bed time!!!! Yet it wasn't til 9:30 that I finally said good nite to Sam for last time, she'd had a wee nap this aft and it messed bed time up for her...DJ on the other hand was out before I got to him. Howie was in bed before I was done tucking Sam in too!!

With the house nice and quiet, I got to peach pickling....what a LOVELY smell that is...I think I'm in love with cloves!!! They're heavenly!!! Once the peaches were in the jars, I finally got to sit down and watch tv...and of course I chose the Bach awful that Jake got voted off!!! Kasey is the one who needs to be GONE!!!!!!  He creeps me out!! I applaud Michelle for choosing to opt out of the kissing contest...she sure is coming off in a different light this round!  In the end, bye bye Melissa (DRAMA QUEEN!!!!!) and William, who flew too low under that radar!! And now, bye bye to me....

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, August 29, 2011

I learned something new!

This morning DJ came in to me before 7 so I made him go back to sleep...which he did willingly! Then we were both up at 8:30 and ready to start the day....Sam was too as we woke up to her calling out for me to wipe her up.  I got dressed and took Belle out and then did breakfast with the kids. Sam has been enjoying my eggs in the morning, so today I made her her own fried egg...she gobbled it up! Love that! 

We got to church on time, and discovered I was NOT in nursery like I thought I'd agreed to! And since no one else Sam's age was in there, she chose not to be and sit with DJ and I...her time's coming, but today she wanted to draw sitting next to me. Good practice for her I guess...but dang!!  DJ was extra fidgety and just rude at some points....glad we were in the back row or I'd have had rosy cheeks with embarrassment!  Once the service was over I did some Avon distributing and then we headed to Freddy's to get some fresh food...and kitty litter, it was simply a MUST!!

Got outta there and home by 1...and I got lunch started for us. I'd tried calling Howie as he was out fishing with a guy from work and his daughter....they caught 19 fish in total!! That's just nuts!! Howie got one for our dinner and I was more than ready for some brain food!!! He got home about 2 and got right into cleaning the boat....I was trying to deal with peaches!!!!! Even tho we're eating them up fast, its just not fast enough and I don't want them to I searched and asked for peach recipes. I'd already decided to do some sugar free jam...but found a regular pectin in the cupboard and instead did a batch of freezer jam.  Then a friend (and one of my devoted readers) suggested pickled peaches. I'd never heard of such a thing! So I looked up some recipes and found a super simple one! Got one batch ready to be jarred right as dinner was culminating....and realized my peaches are too big for the jar I had wait and let them cool to halve them and get them done. It was so quick I did another batch! I ran out of vinegar, and used up all the borrowed cloves and cinnamon....but still have 13 peaches, so I'll be making more tomorrow when I replenish supplies!

After a yummy dinner the kids went out to play and I went out to water the garden....found two grape tomatoes...but they're far bigger than any grape I've seen!! They're goin in Howie's lunch for sure!! Speaking of...I must get off here and go get that done!!! I watched Drop Dead Diva tonite and then followed that up with a movie...17 Again. Yeah I like Zac Efron, don't judge me!! lol

Til next time...God bless!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Not a moment's rest!!

Today was B U S Y!!!! Wow was it ever! I woke up shortly after 8:30 and hopped in the shower to get ready for the day...Howie wanted to leave at 9, but that wasn't happening...they did get gone by 9:30 and I was gone by 10. Howie and the kids went to watch Jake scrimmage with his football team at the school and I went on my Avon route delivering.

The plan was to meet at the school for 12:30 and I was spot on!! Whew!! I even got a mini visit with my g/f Joanne and her daughter who I haven't seen in months it seems!!! Summer sure has been crazy!! Once to the school it was time for the family bbq and we enjoyed ourselves! As I'm in line I start squealing to see my bowl...the one I'd left there last year!!! I even picked it up and had a friend check to see if my initials really were still on the bottom, and they were! YAY!!!! Its the biggest bowl I had/have, so I was missing it for a year! SO glad to get it back!!!

After the bbq we parted ways again....Howie and the kids went home and I went on to bbq/party number 2...this one for Avon...a pool party! I'd taken my swim suit, but wasn't in the mood to get all the way wet, so I just sat on the edge with my feet in the lovely water. Sure was nice! It was a small party, but I did walk away with a few things!!! :) Love my freebies!! And even one for ME when I run out of night cream!!  Even better!

I left the bbq about 3:45 and went to meet my g/f Shirah at a salon to get my tootsies done for my b-day...this is our second year to do this and man did my toes need attention!! I hadn't done anything to them since the last pedi with my mom back in early July! I picked a pretty purpley colour that is bright!! Quite bright!! I'm not ready to admit defeat over summer just yet!!! Gimme more colour!!!  We sat there chatting for a good half hour after they were done and just enjoyed the time together....rather nice!!!

Then we parted ways and I headed home...with one stop at the shed to shop before getting home home....I arrived and Jake was here for dinner!! I'd talked with Howie and he hadn't heard from him, so wasn't sure if he was it was good to see his car here. Howie was just about to put the chops on the bbq when I got in, so I jumped right in with the side dish portion of the meal.  We all ate together and it was good! We talked a lot about Jake's expectations for college and what he's most looking forward to....good to see where his head is at!

After dinner I bathed SamSam and DJ and Jake went for a bike ride....which bothered Sam a little, and so she got in her pj's and headed out with Daddy for a ride....I caught up to them and we went in search of DJ and Jake...found them at the park and pushed the kids on the swings before heading home. Jake left for home and I left for Panera to pick up the food to take to the shed. Dropped it off and came home to a quiet house! SO nice to finally sit a spell!! I watched Necessary Roughness and The Protector. Enjoyed both and the relaxation!

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

So much for THAT plan!!

This morning I woke up to DJ at my back and Howie at my front....I hate these kinds of sandwiches! I awoke again and Howie was up for work, so I rolled DJ over and covered us both up. THEN I finally slept well! Sheesh!!

When we got up for the day, the discussion was all about going to the fair, which is in town, and opened I semi started making lunch, and letting some bread thaw for sandwiches (I like this kind!) and the kids took FOREVER to get dressed! Good thing we had til 3 pm to get in for I didn't push them to get dressed. DJ fought me on what to wear as he wasn't keen on his "going out" shorts...he wanted play shorts! Then he invited K to come with us before even talking to me about it! And since I was going to have two walkers this year, I wasn't keen on trying my hand at 3 I declined.

By noon DJ was a hot mess...and the heat wasn't I told him we didn't HAVE to go to the fair, and we could wait for another day...he liked that idea and quickly changed into his swimsuit...rascal! I pretty much didn't see him for the rest of the afternoon...Sam on the other hand was bummed we weren't going...and was placated with Caillou. I then got to work on some Norwex stuff as I'd like to be prepared for Tuesday! Oh, and my Avon came in, so I got that dealt with....and tried on my new boots and dress, yes, me, a dress!! It's super cute tho! Might even wear it on Sunday for church...we'll see.

The afternoon dwindled away in the heat and before we knew it, Howie snuck in the house undetected!!! Then we sat outside where it was cool on the back deck and which point DJ came running in asking if he could go with the neighbours to D's football off he went!  That left us lovable SamSam...she enjoys being the only one getting all the attention!  We did dinner and then she and I worked in the garden. Apparently I can grow peas like nobody's business...and I don't even like them!!!!! We ate the green beans I picked last nite for dinner...and today I got all the romaine lettuce up...and my mini onions....why is it some grows well, and others don't???? Grrr

My tomatoes are ready to ripen....I should have a couple million grape tomatoes when all said and done...its about 6 ft tall and still flowering!!! The cukes are finally starting to do something, as is the squash...and I noticed that I have one green pepper growing!!! I'd almost given up on it! The carrots are coming along nicely and so is the corn finally. The pumpkins, are phenomenal!! We should have 20 pumpkins judging from the flowers that are there now...and we've already got 3 softball sized ones....this excites the kids tremendously!! And really, pumpkin growing is in the blood after all!!! :)

DJ got home shortly after 8 and asked to sleep over next door...I said sure since he's never actually made it over nite there lol...and he didn't tonite either!!! No sirree! It was just after 10 when he came home crying...the movie they were watching (Fivel Goes West) scared him and he didn't want to stay there....oy! Got him in bed and went back to labeling my books for the next Avon campaign while watching Suits and Necessary Roughness. Now, I'm still too warm for my liking, but enjoying the non cold feet aspect of the heat and heading to bed!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, August 26, 2011

The man with the meat and peaches!!

This morning my first thought once the kids woke me up was "oooh we gotta go get our meat and peaches!!!" so we got up and I got breakfast started, but we didn't get to eat it at all...instead, we were off to a local church to pick up 40 lbs of ground beef and 40 lbs of peaches...which I was splitting with another friend as I don't need THAT much of either one of them!!!

She then told me she and her 3 girls were heading to the lake they went to yesterday, and that we should join them...I gave it 3 seconds thought and said we'd join them!!! So we went home, ate our breakfast, packed up a lunch and headed to the lake!

What fun!!!!! Its a nearby lake, about 20 mins away, and up north a bit, but gorgeous!! We got a great parking spot in the shade and found a picnic table to take over and wait for my g/f to get there...they arrived within minutes and we all headed to the water. Sam was NOT thrilled with the water option! She's definitely not a water baby!!! DJ on the other hand was having a blast! The water was cool, but after a few minutes felt great on the skin. Sam still wasn't buyin it, so she and I headed in to just be in the sun instead.

We stayed there about 3 hours and headed home...perfect afternoon!!!!! Sam fell asleep on the way home and DJ was ready to go swimming again when we pulled off he went! I woke SamSam and we came inside to unload. We were still unloading when Howie got home....and then the dinner chaos ensued.

I found a sugar free recipe for peach cobbler and tried my hand at it...I think I baked it too long tho as it was kind of a crusty cobbler.....VERY tasty tho!!! Definitely will be making more as we have a potluck to attend on Saturday :) And I do have a shitload of peaches!!! While the cobbler was cooling we took Belle to the park and had her chase balls around....which turned into chasing the kids who were chasing the ball...oy! Then we walked up the street to the breeder and said hello...they were outside and enjoyed seeing her as its been a while!

Got home, had dessert and wrestled kids to bed...this heat is exhausting and DJ fell asleep quite quickly! Sam too for that matter, but DJ was out before I could tuck him in....which compared to last nite was a blessing! Last nite he was up every hour til 3 am...and I'd just fallen asleep twice when he woke me, hate that! So tonite is wonderful!  Then Howie watched an episode of Sweet Home Alabama with me, the low rent version of The Bachelorette....I still like it! Even if most of it looks beyond awkward and makes me cringe!! lol

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back in the groove

I still must be recovering from the loss of sleep over the weekend...I just woke up in my chair after an hour nap....oops!!

Today was a good sunny day!!!! I wanted to get more done, but it worked out just fine! I got a phone call this morning from my father in law wishing me a happy birthday...we then argued over who knew what day it really was....he SWORE it was today, and I promised it was next week. It was cute! In the end he came out for a mini visit and brought me a card, and the kids some new work books. Sam was thrilled with her Hello Kitty package!!!  I then finally gave him his picture of Samantha he's been waiting forever for and then he was gone.

We did lunch and then headed into town. First stop was to the vet for Belle to get her last shots and get weighed, she now weighs 26.5 lbs!!! Up 4 lbs in 6 weeks, not too shabby!! She did awesome too! They took her back and did it, I thought she was going back for the weight only, but when they came back and the tech was warning me of some soreness, I realized they'd done the shot already...perfect!!

We then headed to the massage place and waited a half hour since the vet was so short...Belle waited in the truck while I got my massage...oh so much needed it!!! I love my masseuse! She took the "air mattress" out of my body and set it all straight again. Plus, I love chatting with her for the whole thing too!! I came out and Howie was in the waiting room with the kids....he was going in for 4:30 and then an adjustment. So we headed home to get dinner going....I stopped at the shed first and did the books and then went home.

I was just putting the finishing touches on the sauce for dinner when Howie came in the I got the noodles going too, and the kids helped me make pudding for dessert. Then we chatted fair stuff as the fair starts here in town tomorrow....and ended up buying tix for Miranda Lambert (aka, Mrs Blake Shelton) at the Puyallup fair next month! Super excited for that!!! Then we bathed the kids and got them in bed. DJ was a hot mess and said his throat was hurting, so gave him some meds and put his fan on and he finally went to sleep around 10. It is rather warm today....the truck said 85 which is warm for up here on the mtn!  I love it! I finally don't have cold feet for a change!! lol  I did grab a shower tho after the kids were in bed to get that sticky sweaty feeling refreshing!

After Howie went to bed I watched tv and took a nap, so now I'll head to the bed and finish those zzz's!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where do I begin!?!?!?

738  miles
2 states
4 nites
5 days
13 concerts
a few margaritas
300 acre farm
1 broken tent
2 girls roughing it

It all equals one AMAZING Momcation!!!! WOW!

I truly don't know where to begin...Thursday Howie got to go to his first Blake concert...not sure he was as enamoured by him as I am, but that's okay, he's got his boat! lol  I did a get my m&g with him and surprisingly didn't trip over my tongue! He signed a pic of he and I from last December's m&g and was gracious. *sigh*  

That nite I slept on a FLOOR! Something I haven't done in 20 years...and will never do again!!!! That was far too painful! I woke up every 2 hours to change position, and it took 5 minutes to get to another...when I got up, I was like a bowl of Rice Krispies! OUCHIE!!!! We got on the road by 10 and headed to Oregon.

Traffic was HORRIBLE for a regular Friday...a 4 hour drive turned into 7!!! That's just nuts! So we missed the first concert we wanted to see...and discovered her brand-new-bought-the-day-before-tent was broken...the stretchy string stuff that holds the poles together, was NOT there! So we jigsaw puzzled it together and put the tent up. Whew!! Ate dinner and headed over for our first concert, David Nail...I wasn't too fond of him, but at least I can say I saw him live. Diamond Rio was the headliner...and I have to say, I was surprised at how many songs I knew!!!

That nite was crazy loud with all the tent/RV parties wasn't til 2 that it finally quieted enough to go to sleep...but that's when the idiots surface and I was disturbed a few times from slumber. We got up and headed to Albany where my g/f Angie's sister was staying at a hotel...which meant SHOWER!!!!! So we got all cleaned up, hit the liquor store and the grocery store before heading back to the campsite.

That nite the only one I wanted to see was Alan Jackson...but from where we were, we could hear all the acts anyways, and sing along....we did the RV hop during the day...with friends of ours who were also camping from WA and our immediate neighbours who showed up in the middle of the nite the first nite! I was SO thrilled to have limited porta potty usage!!!! Great people beside us, and all their friends too...made the RV hopping easy!

Alan Jackson is gettin old...hate to say it, but its true! The dude can sing, but he doesn't get around on stage like he used to, that's for sure! I wanna say it was 1992 when I saw him in Toronto with Faith Hill opening for him. Its been a while! He had as sold out crowd of 24 thousand!!! Yeah, this festival was HUGE!!!  Thankfully it wasn't as noisy this nite as Friday was....but the vehicle noise was deafening! It was crazy to see them all lined up to get out of the parking lot...some waited 2 hours to move an inch! NUTS!!! I was SO thankful we did the camping thing!

Sunday dawned bright and early...and both days were in the 90's it was quite warm!! Not stifling, but very VERY dusty! We went in search of a shower and ended up at the nearest hotel, which is 5 miles away, and rented a shower room for an hour and both of us got cleaned up. We also ate a hearty breakfast there before heading back to the dust bowl! We also hit up the local Dari Mart to grab sandwiches for our dinner since it was almost noon by the time we were done  eating. The wait for the food was ridiculous!!

The afternoon held a Monster Truck ride for us....they had one on sight that you could tool around in...they had 8 seats in the bed of the truck and you climb up a tall ladder to get fun!! It completely obliterated the shower we'd had, but dang it was fun!! It would have been MORE fun had we had a male driver...just sayin.

That nite's concert was Little Big Town and Blake again....and another m&g with Blake! This time, I wasn't nervous at all!! In fact, we'd taken a little trip to Margaritaville that afternoon. Both us girls were quite giggly and easily pushed over had we been standing up!! ha! Thankfully, by the time the m&g happened, we were both sober again...but I did blame him making me wait in the sun for that business...he apologized and said there was time to get drunk again...yeah, not my style! lol *sigh*  The show itself was FABULOUS!!!! I'd not seen a full on night time concert of his, well, not an outdoor one...and not with 20 thousand people!! Just nuts how many people were there! VIP seating was definitely the way to go!!!

Sunday nite, the vehicle noise was even worse as people were waiting to get out and get home...I don't think it stopped at all! By 7:30 we were up and moving and on the road by 9 for home. I dropped Angie off at her car for 2 and then got home by 3:40 and in the shower. It was pouring down rain, so before I hopped in  I got Belle in to dry off. She was SO excited to see me!!!!

I was waiting for the kids when I got out of the shower, and within minutes they arrived home. BOTH of them played shy with me and were hesitant....wasn't long tho and Sam was my velcro girl!! We did dinner and Belle and I headed to puppy class. She was very wound up for was a tough class!! Only one more and she's done!!!! I will say, her bladder has grown significantly and we're having fewer accidents in the house! Such a wonderful transition!!!! Of course as I'm typing this (literally) she's over there peeing....GRRRRRRRR

Today was reality day....Avon order, groceries, and an Avon meeting. Momcation is definitely over!! Got the dishwasher going, lunch made and my clothes in the wash....good nite!

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Butterflies have landed!

This morning I had the driest mouth EVER!!!!!! So much so that I had to feel it for my self with my fingers....completely barren of saliva! I could feel every tentacle (no other word to describe it) on the tongue individually! SO weird!! And it took me a bit to generate anything to get the tongue to stop being its own entity!! Howie had just gotten in to bed after a nite at work, so I got up and did the potty thing, as I was getting dressed I heard DJ open his door and sent him to the living room...took Belle out and we waited for Sam to get up. Then we snuggled while they watched Wipeout...yeah, their newest obsession! DJ loves it when they get smacked around and knocked into the water. oy!

We did breakfast and then I kicked them outside....once the screaming started that is! They KNEW daddy was sleeping mere feet away from where they were, and did not listen to my warnings, so out they went!! Belle too for that matter! Kick 'em all out!!!! I then puttered and played my word games on the computer...which is how Howie scared the ever living crap outta me!!! Sneakin up on me as I'm trying to beat Michaela at Words With Friends (think Scrabble) oh the adrenaline was pumping! I'm far better at doing the scaring than being scared! lol

I then made us lunch and then the kids came in and asked for quesadillas...which had Howie crackin up that they even knew that word let alone what it meant!! haha And it wasn't from Dora either!!! The way it started...they wanted pizza, but no sauce....which on a technicality is a quesadilla....esp when I make them on I taught them how to ask for it properly! And now, when we eat Mexican, they'll know what to have! :)

The afternoon flew by!! I hopped in the shower to wash for the massage, but didn't wash my hair as I also had a hair off I went to town for the massage for 3 (I thought it was for 3:30, but Howie knew it was for 3) and then he met me there with the kids and we headed to Anneke's to get my hair coloured and my eyebrows done pretty. (butterflies just fluttered!) I also bought a feather yesterday at Ben's and Anneke put it in for me! Oh I LOVE it!!! So exotic!!! So not me!!! lol

Then we came home and I dropped DJ off and Sam and I went on to get dinner....apparently Howie didn't feel like cooking, so we did Teriyaki least the kids' dinner was a freebie! We got home and ate right away...then I watered the garden and the kids and I went to the shed to meet up with a g/f who had my cleaning paste from her Norwex show. Then we came home and did the bed time wrangle!! Howie vacuumed while we were gone so the place looks decent for the babysitter (more butterflies!) tomorrow while we're at the concert!

Speaking of...I may not be blogging again til Monday nite...tomorrow evening Howie and I are off to Snoqualmie for a Blake Shelton concert...and then we part ways and he comes home while I go on to Oregon the next day (spending the nite at a g/f's house tomorrow nite) for a 3 day country music festival!!!! SO excited for this weekend!!!! Hence the non-blogger status! :D That's forgivable right!?!?!  This is why the butterflies are present....I get to meet Blake tomorrow nite (they just fluttered) and then again on Sunday nite when he plays in Oregon!  WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO gonna be an awesome time!!! I'll tell ya all about it when I get back...gotta get back to packing!

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I can't breed!!!

Oud my node that is....ugh!! At least not both nodtrilld at the dame time!!

Yeah, that's my life right now....all about the nose, and breathing!! I woke up with such a dry mouth this morning, but I'd take dry mouth over not sleeping any day!! And the kids slept til 9, so that was awesome too!! We got up and got started with the day right away! I was supposed to be at the church for 10 to start undecorating...and we left the house at 10! When we got there, there wasn't much to do but help run the garbage out to the dumpster. I did run into the Awana secretary and we got SamSam a book bag for Awana...just like DJ's!  She loves it of course!! And they had such fun running all over the church while I was in chatting with the girls!

From there we headed to an Avon drop and then to Ben's for another Avon drop...and to pick up some shrinky dink stuff to make some key chains....something I learned all about in VBS! So cool to!! I'd never even heard of them til before VBS and they were explained to me. I also finally got a feather for my hair...waiting til its coloured before I put it in...and may even get Anneke to do it for me so it's done right! :)

We left Ben and went to the bank to deposit the kids' money into their own accounts...I finally remembered to bring it with me! Then we picked up pizza from Lil C's and then got gas and picked up pizza from Papa M's and delivered a BUNCH of pizzas to places we share with before heading to the shed to drop off...whew!! Finally we got home and I got busy making my lunch....the kids had pizza in the truck, but I was starving!!!

Howie got home early as he has a grave yard shift tonite at he came home to sleep...but waited til after dinner. While he was getting acquainted with the pillows, the kids, dogs and I headed to the park. Belle now outruns Snickers  by a mile...but won't bring the ball back to me...she likes being "chased" by Snickers and teasing her with it, then drops it for Snickers to bring it back to me. Quite funny to watch! Wore them all out and I got weary from it all. I hate not being at full energy capacity!

We got back to the house at 8 and once the kids were in pj's we watched some Wipeout per DJ's request. Then they went to bed....I was in the middle of tucking the kids in and noticed Howie was up...he got woken by a cat biting his foot. Yeah, that would wake me up too! So he got dressed and made his coffee and watched AGT before leaving for work. I got busy doing the shrinky dink thing and checkin it all out. Its kinda wild how it works! But for future reference...silicone baking sheets are too heavy for it to work properly...I found out the hard way! Then I asked to borrow/have some parchment from next door and she had some! While over there showing my first finished product, I dropped it on their back deck and it went right thru the crack and down below...only me!! So I came home and did 3 more...with the parchment...and they didn't work out so well...they rolled TOO well and became globs!! Live and learn!  I now have 2 more ready to go but am gonna wait til tomorrow to bake them. oooh I'll try the toaster oven this time!

While doing the craft, I watched Eureka and The Protector....both were great, but didn't have my undivided attention...and Belle has ruined me knitting at nite now that she's not napping as much!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I should have stayed in bed!!!

This morning I woke up feeling the worst!!! Stuffed up and running again...but man my throat hurt! More so from breathing all nite with my mouth open I'm sure. I also had that manly voice thing goin on...yeah, so fun! The kids at least took pity on me and let me stay in bed til I got up just before 9...they had only gotten up at 8:30 themselves, so that was nice of them.

We did the breakfast thing and even tho I'm done on phase one, I'm still gonna keep the breakfasts the same as I know I don't need the carbs in the mornings....and I'll have cereal on the weekends when Howie's not here. That works for me! That and Samantha really enjoys eating my eggs with me! :)  After breakfast DJ went in search of playmates...and found none. In fact, I'd stepped outside to see where he was and he was sitting dejectedly  on our front lawn just waiting was so sad for me to watch...but at the same time, he was content to just sit there. Just as I was gonna call out to him, Jessica appeared at the end of our driveway and came running up to play with him.  He hopped right up and took off running with her. Just what he needed! And what I needed to see for him. I pray school isn't this tough for him...and remind myself that he did great in VBS! Man, parenting is tough!

Samantha decided to join them for a bit....but then came in to check on me. And then begged me to come to her off she went to ready things and "call" for me. SO cute! I went in and she was all set up to do my hair and make up (Gasp!) On Saturday my g/f Shirah had given SamSam a beauty set that had nail polish, lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow and hair I took most of it away as I don't want to tempt fate...and she IS only 3! So she got to keep the face powder and puff thing...which I then wore ALL OVER my face! I do mean all over!! She applied it with the puff thing, with her fingers, with the eye shadow brush, you name it!! DJ came in and started helping her!!! Then DJ said he'd give me a massage and I should lie I did...which turned into Sam doing the night time routine with me...asking me what my fave part of the day was and "reading" me a story...then they tucked me in and left me there! I won't lie, I did doze off!!

An hour later they came and got me to show me some cars they found....which were the love bugs Howie and I got early in our I reclaimed them and put them away. We then took the dogs to the park as I wanted Belle to be worn out for puppy class...she listens better! Jess came with us as she'd come back over after her lunch. Everything went fine til DJ tried catching a ball instead of the dogs and ended up rolling/tripping over Belle and hurting her back leg...we then headed home so Belle could rest up. The kids kept on playing and I came in to tidy and make dinner. Howie was at his massage and that meant no bbq'ing...and I didn't have enough pancake mix to make that, so I settled on french toast. I got whole wheat, and everyone else got the cinnamon raisin bread. I quickly ate mine and headed to class.

It wasn't til I got there that I realized I'd arrived without treats...poor Belle! Tonite was more of the same and practicing and practicing...the "leave it" command is tough! But oh so necessary! She gets it, but then when they up the ante and put treats on the floor, that is just torture!! She did well with going to the mat, and staying there for about 30 seconds, but we're supposed to get to a minute by next week...and quite honestly, we don't do the mat thing, so I'm not working on that...sounds bad doesn't it? I should, but she keeps chewing the mat I have for that's not gonna work! She is a rascal! The new thing tonite was working on "wait" when at a door...that way they don't go running out of the house the moment its opened...which is the theory....thankfully we have the gate to ensure that til she gets it!

I got home and got in the kids to bed mode...Howie helped with teeth as I was quite worn out! Once in bed Howie put on the CMA thing I watched last nite...and I read in between watching it all again...can't help it! lol Then he went to bed and I watched Bach Pad...and Ames totally won me over!!! Oh it was the sweetest thing to watch him run after that limo Jackie was in and leave the show to be with her even tho she was the one voted off!! SO sweet!  And that "in the dark" date would have creeped me right out!! More so if there had been people in the dark reaching out and touching me at the same time I'm so spooked! No thanks!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer colds SUCK!!!

This morning I woke up with a runny nose....and at the same time, it was stuffed like nobody's business! NOT a fun way to wake up! Plus, I was sandwiched by the boys....I laid there waiting for one or both of them to get up...DJ finally did at 7:45 and Howie within 10 mins of that! I got up and went pee and shoved a tissue up my nose and fell back to sleep for a bit.

The shower this morning was awesome...cleared me right up...til I stepped out, then I was stuffed right back up again. Only now, I'm beginning to think it's a sinus infection...lovely! NOT good timing at all!! When Howie came in to get ready for church, he informed me that he also wasn't feeling well! Great! But, off we went to church.

Today was VBS Sunday....the kids get to go up on stage and sing the songs they learned all week....DJ got up on stage and just stood there! VAST improvement over last year!!! If you recall...he had his hand down his pants playing with himself during...yeah, that was OUR kid! This year, he had his hands in his POCKETS!!!!! But didn't sing one word!! Ok, so stage fright might be an issue! Samantha on the other hand didn't even bother to get up on stage...nooooo, she did all her dancing in the pew next to daddy!!! I was behind everyone doing the songs with the kids, but at the back! Such fun!! The kids did awesome too!!

After we had a picnic and we stayed for that, but not for too long as DJ started misbehaving...which really he wasn't, he just wasn't listening to Howie. We left and stopped at Big 5 for Howie to get some new work shoes...and me a cooler since I can't borrow Howie's apparently...its his boat one! When we got home, Howie laid on the bed...for three hours!!! I had the kids out in the living room and they were in and out and when in they watched the Phineas and Ferb movie. The sneezes are killin me!!! And the moment I sneeze, the nose runs like a leaky faucet! Yeah, I'm sick! And not even sure where I picked it up either! Blah!

Dinner was low key, burgers and veggies...then SamSam and I went to the shed to shop and do the books, which saves me a trip tomorrow. Then we came home and put kids to bed. Howie started watching the CMA Fest thing on tv with me and went to bed...he's not a very friendly sick person! What man is?!!?!? So, I watched it all and enjoyed it! Especially the fast forward button thru commercials and performances I could care less for! :)  Then I watched Drop Dead Diva and folded laundry. Perfect Sunday nite except for the sickies!

Til next time...God bless!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

ShoesDay should be a real day!

DJ dubbed today Shoesday...and it fits!!

This morning the kids loved me enough to sleep in past 8, and because I loved them enough to leave them sippy's in the fridge, they left me til I got up at 8:45! LOVE it!! (Said like Weezy in Dragon Tales) At which point we did breakfast and start getting dressed for the day. We had A LOT to do!!!

First up, a stop at my hearing aid drop off an order, books and my dead hearing aid...oh, and to use some interior decorating store's bathroom...poor SamSam! The lady was gracious and totally understood!  Then we went to Seattle...this little shop I've been following on facebook was having a 15.00 boot in cowboy boots!!!! One thing missing from my attire! I thought I'd be meeting my g/f  Shirah there, but instead we went to her place (she's super close by) and had lunch and used her potty (why is it both kids can't go at the same time!?!?!) Then we headed to the shop...I tried on all kinds of boots...high ones, short ones, mid ones...and settled on a mid calf boot in black suede...simple but elegant! My fat calves will probably never let me wear a high boot, sad, but have to accept it! *sigh* But hey, I did get a pair of boots for 15.00! And when I showed them to Howie, noticed that they were BRAND NEW!!!!!! The soles were spotless!!! Even better in my eyes!!! :)

The kids were excited to get some for themselves, so we went in the store (the boot sale was outdoors) and they had NO kid boots at this location...but at her other store...they did! So we headed there....can't not go considering we're never in this area often!! Found the store and found them each a pair of how excited they were!!! Get them all rung up and find out they ONLY take cash...grrrrrr I was 5.00 short of the total the end, we put Sam's back (she does already have a pair) and got DJ some new boots....oh he was happy!!

From there we finally got on with the Avoning!! DJ was my book runner today...if it was just a book, he'd run it to the door, but if it was an order, I'd do it...worked well!! Once we were done the Avoning, we stopped at Walmart (where else?!?!) to get 3 things...that's it, THREE hour later we were checking out and I realized the main item we were there for wasn't in our off we went to get it! Then as we're checking out, I either had the dumbest cashier, or I totally missed the signs saying 50% off...either way, I got an 18.00 pair of jeans for 5.50!! And a 15.00 pair of boots for Sam to grow into (2 years maybe) for 1.50!!! That's just nuts right there!!! Each of the kids got running shoes...DJ got two pair, one for school and one for other times...and Sam got a new pair of runners too...both of them got light up ones...they picked them! Sam had a choice between Dora and Princess, chose Princess...then a choice between Princess and black/pink ones, chose the black/pink ones and then the black/pink and the light up ones....TOTALLY picked the light up ones in one second flat! No hemming or hawing, she was done! She knew what she wanted! It was cute!

The hart part of the day...keeping the kids awake on the way home!! They were quite goofy, which often leads to fits of giggles and then silence while they doze off...NOT happening today! Once Sam got drowsy, but I got her awake. Since it was quite a bit later than I'd wanted it to be, and Howie caught a bad salmon that was full of worms, we did Teriyaki for dinner! I called it in and picked it up on the way home. We left everything but dinner in the car and came in to eat. THEN the shoe showing off happened! Boy, its cute that they think they run faster cuz the shoe lights up! SO cute!!  Baths happened once the shoes were put away and then bed time! DJ was out before I could get to him, and then Sam was instantly after that!

While they slept on, I headed to the shed to see what came in was only 8;50...but man its gettin dark fast again! As I was coming in the driveway, my friends Travis and Anneke were headed he warned me of the ornery raccoon that's hiding around the shed...and that he's hungry as he growled at Travis just minutes ago. Yeah, NOT what I wanna hear!!! So I bid them goodbye and head to the shed. I park on an angle with my high beams pointing to the open space and on the lock...quickly run to the lock, and with each number I put in place, I'm looking off to see if there are eye reflections...totally freaked out! I get all the numbers in place, and it won't open!! GAH! I run to the car and call Lara, whos' one of the managers, and see if there's been a code answer. So I call Anneke since she was just there and ask if it had changed. She said no, but that it was open when they got there as someone else was there. So I run back to the lock to double check my numbers and I swear to you, I heard growling under the shed....yeah, I hightailed it back to the car! I was gonna wait til tomorrow to go, but Travis offered to come back and help me out. So I waited patiently. While I'm sitting there, checking my phone and then checking out the window, I see a rat the size of a kitten...I kid you not!! This thing was HUGE!!!! *shudder*  Travis and LT get there with a flashlight and check the perimeter first and then let me in. Whew! Did my shopping and he escorted me back out...even tho he didn't see a raccoon anywhere while I was in shopping.

It wasn't til I was home that I got the email about the lock code change....oy!!

Once Howie went to bed, he was whupped from getting up so early, I watched Sweet Home Alabama...which seems to be the total opposite of The odd really! Then I watched Suits, which is fast becoming one of my summer faves! :)

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Not at all what I planned!!!

This morning was the last get up for VBS...and DJ woke up at 6!!!! SIX!!!!! Of course I didn't look at the clock when he came in to me, and I sent him to watch tv til my alarm went off, but when I checked the clock I was shocked to see it was when he came back in the room to tell me the tv was on the wrong channel, I made him lay down for a bit. But he was too I sent him out again...and then it was 7. I really am beginning to dislike this hour of the morning! I got Belle up and outside before getting SamSam up....and I noticed right away she was in different pj's than what I put her to bed in. So I comment on it and she says something about the sleeves on it, no clue really! And then I feel her bum and she's got no diaper on...ACK! She's dry, but when did the pull up come off!?!?! She said she got up to pee and took it off and didn't put a new one  on....again NO clue when this happened!! She's quiet!

We get to VBS right at 8:30 and head right to our line ups...Sam went into the babies room again and all was well...or so I thought. Get into worship time and she sees me and wigs one of the girls brings her to me and she sits with me for the whole thing. When its time for her to go her class and me to mine, she again freaks out! So I told her I had to go ask my class if it was okay and that I'd come back for her. Well, according to Taylor, she didn't do anything but sit there and wait for me...wouldn't play, wouldn't have snack, just wanted to wait for me. So when it was time for recreation, the crying started and the director came and got me to get her. Full on, can't breathe tears...which calmed down the second she got a death grip on my neck as I carried her to my class. Rascal!

During VBS one of my reps texted me that she hadn't gotten her order yet...which is SO not what I wanna hear!!!!! Howie was waiting at home for my order to bring it to me so we could do the deliveries after VBS...he messaged me that he had to leave for work, and no packages. CRAP!!! So we ate our lunch as planned at the church, the kids enjoy this...and then we came home. It was on the way home that I saw the guy in the ground that I remembered they shut the water off to our entire neighbourhood....NOT cool!! Since I hadn't planned on being home for the shut off, I didn't plan on me being here...which meant, NO water anywhere!!! Nothing! SO frustrating!!

So to kill time, the kids and I took a nap!! It was just me on the couch for a bit as I listened to them playing outside, but then one by one they came in and laid on the couch with instead of falling asleep uncomfortably, I suggested we all go to my bed and they both agreed! SCORE!!!!! DJ was the first one asleep too! Sam didn't take long and neither did I! We slept for 2 hours!!!!! Not what I had planned exactly, but a damn good sleep!

Since it was after 4, and we still had no water, the kids wanted to go on a bike while I was gettin my shoes on, DJ had Belle on the leash outside...and lost her! She's getting stronger every day!! And now, she's too strong for I go chasing and we all find her at the park....bring her back, get the bikes and off we went. Sam's still not solid on riding yet, so I'm helping her as best I can...but the right training wheels is very loose, so I tighten it and she does great for 30 whole seconds and the wheel gave out completely scaring the crap out of her as she lost her balance. She left the bike and walked with me....DJ said he was tired and so we headed back for home. Put Belle on the trolley and got in the car to go blueberry picking.

Went to the shed first to see if they had a pizza for the kids for dinner, they did, the kids were happy, and we were off to the blueberry place. We're the only ones there and the chatty owner comes up to let me know that there's hardly any berries due to a disease...lovely! Well, he wasn't lying!! I barely got a pound of berries!! It was heartbreaking to see clusters of berries where only one is good, and the rest are pruned up at half the size, if not a quarter of the size they should be! The kids had fun tho! There's an old boat in the middle of the garden area that has they were both pirates!

We got home and I started dinner right for them, chili for me. Then they went outside for a bit....and at 8 I started the pj business....and even got their teeth brushed before Howie got home from work. It was 8:40 when he came in, ate his dinner and then both of them went out to "help" him get the boat ready for tomorrow. DJ managed to fall on the gravel and rash up his leg, so that sent him in early...and was the beginning of the end of him...I couldn't get them in bed fast enough at that point. Even then it was after 10 by the time I shut DJ's door...pretty sure he was sleep before I closed it too!

Oh, my Avon did show up and was waiting when we got back from berry after dinner I got it all bagged up and ready to go! Howie went to bed by 11 and I got the tv to myself for a bit. Watched a Franklin and Bash I'd missed, the pilot I think, and it was good! Then watched Necessary Roughness which was also good! Like that it's a non lawyer show!! Now, I'm quite beyond tired as Howie asked me to stay up to wake him up for fishing...he was an hour last last weekend as I didn't stay up...but oh man, I'm whupped! Sure hope the kids sleep in tomorrow!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, August 12, 2011

4 days in and I'm feelin it!!

This morning I was the one to wake before the alarm...6:45 and the bladder goes off! UGH!!! Remind me not to make up the water intake difference that late at nite will ya!! So I laid crawled back in bed til it was time to get DJ up....I checked on SamSam and while she wasn't fevered anymore, she and I were staying I called Kay and asked if she'd still be able to pick DJ up...she's our closest church friend, and sure enough, she was good to go! So I woke him up, and got him breakfast.  Then we waited outside for them at the bottom of the driveway to make it easier. At first he was very trepidatious about getting in her vehicle but the desire to see his friends at VBS won out and off he went!

I came back in the house and thought about laying down til Sam got up, but that didn't brain was wide awake!! Just after 8 she came out and was perfectly fine!!! I then got Belle up and potty'd and then we did breakfast....where she ate cereal and had apple juice!! No problem! So we puttered our morning away, sitting together watching Caillou and me working on the computer while she watched Caillou...I want her OUT of this Calliou phase!!! About 10:30 I grabbed a shower as I wanted to leave by 11:30...which didn't happen due to a phone call about the accident and insurance we ended up leaving at 5 to 12 and I was to get DJ at 12:15...we made it! Whew!

Got him picked up and headed to the Mr Dizzy automotive....the brakes on the Jetta were VERY due to be today was the day! I'd packed up a lunch for us and the kids remembered the last time and that we took a walk to a nearby park, so I said we could do that. Well, they were MUCH faster today than last time and by the time the kids were done eating, they only needed another 15 minutes...SWEET!!!! It was only 1:30 and I hadn't planned on going we did! DJ stayed out to play, and so did Sam til she got sent home by K who told her she was fevered, and she wasn't but she came home anyways....and watched Caillou...I was able to grab a power nap twice while it was playing.

At 4 we headed back into town for my massage appt....Howie was already waiting for us and took the kids home while I got worked on. She KILLED my butt again...but man, I do feel the looseness of the hips after that! Sheesh!! Got home and we started the dinner process....and because it was a bit late, Howie helped out with the bathing part of the day and gave DJ a shower while I bathed SamSam. Got them both in bed and got to work making lunches for tomorrow. Howie went to bed early and I was still workin away. It wasn't til after 10 that I got to sit down!! Watched the rest of Covert Affairs and then Royal Pains, which was quite funny! Now the dishwasher is running, the puppy has finally settled down after having the cat chase her (that was funny) and my eyes are quite heavy!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Late nite tv

This morning DJ woke up at 7, and I begged him for the next 15 minutes to sleep...nope! He kept on chattering about VBS and how we needed to get up right away! As if on cue, Sam came out of her room, so we were up!! Got breakfast done for me and Sam (DJ enjoys eating his on the go) and getting everyone dressed for the day. The goal is to leave the house at 7:50, but the reality is that we're in the truck backing out by 8:05, which gets us to the church for 8:25....good practice for school!

We got there and set our lunch in the lunch room and off DJ went to wait in his line while Sam went into the baby room...that was the deal we made yesterday! I also told her regular teacher to lure her over at some point. When I got into the sanctuary for worship, she was sitting on her teacher's lap waving at me! I blew a kiss and she was all good! YAY!!!

It wasn't til our paths crossed again that she fell apart...she was leaving music while I was heading to missions and she became human velcro!!! And would NOT join her class even tho snack time was next for them. So we did the baby room thing again and it worked once again! Not sure what her deal is, but at least she wasn't with me!!

We ate our lunch at the church and then headed to Freddy's for a meeting I had. DJ went into play land but Sam refused...guess she'd been away from me too much already today. She did good tho for my meeting and wasn't disruptive! Then she and I did a bit of shopping and picked DJ up and head home.

Got home and they both stayed outside to play...I literally collapsed on the couch and dozed for a bit til Belle's whining woke me up! Cat nap was all I needed!! I then hopped on and did some email stuff before Howie came home from work. Once he was home he relaxed and dozed too! Even tho Belle did great last nite, we were both still tired! And these mornings are torture when the bed is so cozy!!!

Right before dinner was to be served, the kids came in and Sam sat with me, that's when I noticed she was warm...99.8 warm to be exact! So she got toast for dinner and barely ate a whole bite...just laid her head on the table and did the Nanny was pathetic! So much so, that I took her and put her in was only 6:30!!! And she was out like a light! DJ wasn't too far behind her...he was in jammies by 7:30 and out like a light by 8 too!! WOW!! Haven't had a night like that since before mom and dad came!! Whatever was I to do with myself!! Howie had said he was going to bed early I got lunches ready for the boys (I found DJ a ride for the morning) and got their breakfasts ready and that's when Sam woke up. She needed to pee, but had already peed the pull up, so changed that and tucked her back in.

It was then that Howie went to bed and I got caught up in Norwex stuff on the computer. I submitted my very first order today from the party on Friday nite...yay!!! I'm excited for my stuff to come too!! More so than the starter kit as this is stuff I've picked out!!! Finally at 10 I sat down to watch tv...and caught the season finale of White Collar....WOW is all I can say!! Did not see that coming! I have to wait HOW long to find out!??!?! Dang!! Then I started watching the season finale of Covert Affairs and was just getting to the good stuff when I heard Sam calling out to me. She was burning up, so I brought her out with me and took her temp...she was 100.2, but felt much warmer. She snuggled with me for a bit and when I put on MY show, she asked for Caillou. And yes, I'm such a while she's watching that, I'm blogging and playing Words With Friends...iPhone's version of Scrabble...but a different board...I found it on fb and know that quite a few of my friends play it and I LOVE word games!!! :)

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

If this is what school is gonna be like...

I may be a walking zombie by week 1! ha!

This week is VBS and I'm one of the I HAVE to be there by 8:30...last year was 9, but I was so green that it didn't matter, this year, it matters! So I've had my phone alarm set for 7:15 and the regular alarm set for 7:20 just in case I don't hear the phone one going off...which hasn't been a problem the past two mornings.

The problem is Belle!! She's been having a couple rough nites...waking up almost hourly and whining!! Not to go potty, or because she's hurt, but damnit, it better stop!!! That coupled with the fear that I'm gonna over sleep has me sleeping lighter than usual and it sux!!! Sunday morning when Howie got up, Sam was in the hall on the he brought her into me, which woke her, and then she had to get up to check on Daddy before going back to a 15 minute ordeal! Then Monday morning, DJ's taking over my side of the bed and its only 4:15, and Howie's already gone, so it threw me for a loop...and add to that Belle whining, and its just miserable!! BLAH!!!

Getting out of the house isn't too terrible as long as I prep EVERYTHING the nite before...otherwise, its precious minutes lost doing something I could have done. Monday morning we were right on track (early even) and I set the drinks up on the railing to hop over the gate and the whole thing went down. Tomato juice crashed to the floor and dumped right on the bottom stair....along with my heart! One of the chocolate milks also bust open and was leaking everywhere. I cleaned up the linoleum and left the stairs for later, I seriously had NO time! Swapped out the chocolate milk and left. In the end, we were 5 minutes late for what Sarah wanted us there for, but earlier than Kim, so I was good!

THIS morning, nothing went wrong and we were still 5 minutes late, but still good...I go to drop SamSam off at her class and she freaks out on me!! Much like last year, only this time, I can't sneak away (she got PISSED when I tried that today) and I can't tell her I have to pee and not come back (she suddenly has to go too) so there were tears! LOTS of them!!  She sat with me during worship time, and then I tried getting her to go to her room and she threw a I sat with her and talked to her and finally did the tough love thing and left her in the hallway under the eye of Joanne. About a half hour later the director comes to me and asks how long I want her crying for as its been a half hour already and she's not letting up. GRRRRRRRR!! Sarah says she can come into our room, so I go grab her and bring her in. I won't let her do anything tho, so she sat in a chair while I carried on with my duties.

Tomorrow, she's decided she wants to go in the baby room as I've explained that I NEED to be in my class and she can't be there. DJ was very concerned he wasn't going to get to go...he's made some new friends in his class and is having a blast!! SO awesome to see him shine! And he's actually learning the songs as he was singing it at dinner tonite. Cute!

Now, I must get to bed!!! Its midnite and that's my power down time...I do have A LOT of reading to do as my Norwex starter kit arrived today!! YAY!!!!!! Got all the catalogs done up, and its starting to come together!! :)

Til next time...God bless!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

It wasn't lazy at all!!!

Which is kinda how I thought today would be! HA! Was I mistaken!!

This morning DJ woke up far too early...crawled in on my side and fell back to sleep...but then I woke up with a dead arm (when will I learn NOT to let him lay on my arm!?!?!?!?) and when I tried moving him, he woke was only 6:45 at this point. Thankfully Howie woke up with him and he and the dogs were out of the room. I did manage to fall back to sleep, but it wasn't deep by any means! :(

So by 9 I was in the shower and getting ready for the time Howie came to wake me, I was just getting dressed! Shocked him!! So while he got ready, I got breakfast going for us. Even tho we were ahead of the game, we were STILL late for church!!!! Only a couple minutes, but darnit! lol  Service was good...DJ however, was very fidgety!!! And we had two younger ones behind us that were worse! Afterwards tho, I showed the boys the room we worked so hard on yesterday! They were impressed!!! While Howie went and got Sam from her class I chatted with peeps and even had a gal come up to me and ask me if I was shrinking. I laughed and said,  yes, I am!!!  43 lbs now since Feb! She hadn't seen me all summer, but noticed right away today! Oh that made my day!!!!

Then I paid for the kids to go to Awana...which is awesome!!! It doesn't start til Sept 14th, but I wanted to pay it now as I know school stuff will still be needed come school time!! The only thing DJ needs now is shoes...he's all set in every other way according to the list! After church we headed to Lowes to get Howie a new lawn mower...the previous one (used if you recall) hit a rock the last time and did some serious it's toast! While we were at Lowes, we priced out pergo and picked the colour we matches the cupboards to a we either may not do the kitchen area, or we may go a bit darker in colour...not sure yet what the final verdict is. But we did watch a video on the Lowes site and we can totally do it ourselves!!!! SO exciting!!! I can't wait to get rid of the pee smell!!! And it seems, Belle only pees on here's hoping we solve that problem!!!

We got home after 1 and immediately did the lunch thing...then the kids went out to play and Howie went out to play with his new toy...and mow the lawn. I stayed in and puttered...worked on some Norwex stuff...worked on some Avon stuff...and decided I really didn't want to go back into town and do the grocery shopping....the MAIN thing we needed was toilet paper as we were sharing the last roll! Literally! So I buzzed next door to see if she could spare a roll and they were in the same boat as I dragged myself to town! Ended up finding so much stuff!! That's what happens when I'm kidless!! I spent 2 hours in there!!! GAH! I did discover, I'm down another pant size!! This excites me to no end! So I got a new pair of shorts...with 8 *EIGHT* pockets! Perfect for when I go camping in 10 days!

I got home about 6:30 and we got dinner going right away while I was trying to put groceries away...of course, at this particular time, Belle manages to get outside (with no help from the kids either) and runs!! At first she's in the neighbour's yard...and Max almost had her still enough for one of us to grab, but she's getting faster! And then BOOM, she's off to the park!!!! We chase her, grab her, walk her back and put her on the trolley. Whew!!! Back to dinner prep! Since the kids weren't eating steak with us, I got them started before us. They appreciated that! About a half hour later it was bed time for them...and off they went with visions of VBS in their heads!

I then got everyones breakfasts made so if we're running late on time tomorrow, it can be eaten in the truck on the way to VBS...we have to be there by 8:20! YIKES!!!! I'm trying to think of this as school prep!! Another 30 sleeps and this is reality!! Ay yi yi!! It wasn't til 10:30 that I finally got to sit I watched Drop Dead Diva and shut the tv off....and now, I'm about to shut the blog down and go to bed 2 hours early!! Here's hoping I sleep!! I should, the book I'm reading is kinda boring to me! The Secret Life of Bees...I'm struggling. But everyone who commented on my status on fb loved I'm plowing thru...

Til next time...God bless!

Can I be done with this day please!?!?!

This morning I woke up to hearing SamSam saying "help me, I have to potty" at which point I hopped out of bed and investigated...but forgot my glasses...yeah, fun. She's laying on the bathroom floor saying she can't get her pj shorts I go pee first since I'm about to bust and she gets mad at me...but she didn't get up off the floor! Go figure! Got her potty'd and got her a sippy cup and went back to bed to lay down and wake the heck up...and Belle wasn't anxious to get out of her crate yet, so I took advantage of that for sure!!

By 9 we were up and eating breakfast...sure enough, she wanted some of my eggs, and I'm glad I added an extra one for her. And she discovered cinnamon raisin bread! I drool at this stuff!!! But that's all I can do is drool! We were out of the house at 10:20 and on our way for a full day....first off meeting a g/f at the shed so she can go thru maternity clothes we got in last week, and so she can see the shed and what its about in case she wants to join. Then we went to the bank to do a deposit...then to a Norwex show of my g/f Jill, she came to mine, so I thought I'd go to hers, I know she was worried about numbers. Plus, it was a good learning experience for me too, since the crowd was older, smaller and quieter. Gina definitely mixes her stuff up about what she talks about....I enjoyed sitting back and learning. Good for me! :)

Then we left there and went to McD's for lunch...I had two side salads as my lunch and Sam got a happy meal with a Smurf in it (Boy that took me back to MY childhood!) and then we went to the church. We were decorating for VBS, but I got there early to go thru the "free" car wash that was raising funds for Uganda. Sam wanted to help them so badly!!!! Another 10 years for that!  We then parked the car and headed in to help decorate. The theme this year is Big Apple, as in New York our fearless leader (Sarah) came up with all kinds of stuff to decorate the room, the best being the graffiti wall she created so that the kids can draw all over it! Its awesome!! And us teachers got to tag the wall first!! hee hee that was fun!

Sam was AWESOME for the 3 hours we were there!!! SO awesome! Oh she made me proud!! At one point she discovered the dry erase board and it was at her height, so she just stood there drawing to her heart's content. By the end of 3 hours tho, she was done! So was I at that point. So we headed for home...with a stop to Albertsons for wine for Howie since I didn't do the regular shopping. Then the shed to see what was there for fresh foods, and then FINALLY home! Where we dove right into making dinner! Howie had caught a small 8lb fish, big enough to feed us, so I'm not complaining! As soon as dinner was done tho, right into the bath Sam went and DJ into the shower. I left while Howie was putting them in bed as I had the Panera run to do.

Got home from that shortly after 10 and it was 10:30 by the time I sat down for the first time to relax all day!! Howie was watching Spartacus, so I caught up on fb and twitter til he went to bed and then I watched Rookie Blue. I'm all caught up now thanks to On Demand and dvr. I must say, I like the little Canadian references to places and things...even how they say "double double" for coffee...SO Canadian!!

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

First Party Success!!!!

This morning I woke up SORE!!!!! Oh so sore from the massage yesterday!! ALL over my back and butt! Of course, it didn't help that I was sandwiched in by the boys...and when that happens, all of a sudden it feels like 150 degrees under the covers I'm trapped by...hate that feeling! I finally got up just after 7:30 so I could pee...and that prompted them to head out to the living room with the dogs...and I stretched right out and kicked off covers!! Ahhhhh

Then it was 9 and I was woken up by Howie in the shower...he didn't want breakfast, so I was on my own for that and off he went to work. The kids had just eaten but Sam was struggling with her cereal...she really doesn't like Shreddies (bestill my broken heart!!) and so it sat, all mushy...I added some sugar and some more milk and she ate a bit of it. Then she wanted my tomorrow, when its just her and I, I'll make her some eggs for breakfast!

At 10:30 I started preparations for leaving the house to go grocery shopping at wasn't til 11:30 that we were actually on the road!! Got in, got the stuff, and checked out! There weren't too many sampling people today, which was fine, got us out quicker. Then we loaded up the truck and headed home. After I unloaded and put stuff away I got our lunches made. Once DJ gobbled his down, he was off to play outside. Sam however, enjoyed being inside and pretended the hearth was her stage and sang me lots of was darling!

The rest of the afternoon kind of disappeared really...before I knew it, it was dinner time (I'd made chili since it was a cooler day here) and the kids had the chicken from last nite and then Gina came to train me a bit on Norwex as my first party was tonite. I love how DJ greeted her "Hi Miss Gina, we're my mom's kids!" oh that cracked me up!!! Her too! We did a half hour of computer training, and then headed next door to set up for the party.  Since I really didn't pay that much attention at my show (I was monitoring kids) I had pen and paper for this show to take copious notes! She did include me in some of the testimonials but won everyone over with the cleaning paste and the carpet stains...which is what won me over in the first place!!!

After everyone left, we added everything up and it was a good two bookings!! YAY me!! One for this month and one for next month! I can do that! She then walked me thru closing a show and headed home. Then came the chore of putting kids to bed...wound up, brownie filled kids!!! Howie was at least at home, but not really helpful as he was eating dinner...since it was so late, we just brushed teeth and they went to bed. DJ in his clothes as he's goin fishin tomorrow with Howie. SO excited he is!!!! And he's wearing his new shark shirt from the zoo since he's fallen in love watching them on tv during shark week. Crazy kid!

Speaking of Shark Week....while I was entering the Norwex order, he was watching sharks...and told me that when we get to Cali next year, he's perfectly okay NOT swimming in the ocean there....which is my thought about any non-chlorinated water in the first place!!! ha! After he went to bed I watched an episode of Rookie Blue...somehow my dvr isn't recording it, but thankfully its in On Demand...just means there's commercials, but not a lot of them...and they've rigged it so I can't even use the fast forward button! Seems they caught on to us commercial haters! lol

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Is it school time yet!?!?

This morning was heavenly!! DJ crawled in with me at some point and was still sleeping when I got up at 9...of course he was awake before I got out of the bathroom and raring to go!! I'd left sippy cups in the fridge for the kids, and came out to find Sam in Howie's chair watchin tv...she's so smart!! I took Belle out to potty and put her on the trolley for a bit while we ate...that and she didn't do her second pee which I KNOW she needs to do!

After breakfast DJ got dressed and headed outside to play with the neighbours....Sam took her sweet time getting dressed but once I said she could pick a dress, she was all over that! And dressed in a flash!! She headed out for a bit too, but did the in and out thing again. I puttered for most of the morning and then got busy with dishes and what, I miss my fairies!!!

Once lunch was done I got the urge to we picked up in every room and DJ got started vacuuming his room...I sprinkled the stinky stuff in the living room and went and put clothes away til he was done with the vacuum. Once my turn, he took off and headed outside to be in the pool...his 3rd time for the day! He swims til he's cold and then changes....I swear, his suit will never be dry!! I don't know how he puts on a cold wet suit to begin with! Not my cup of tea!  I even offered a different suit, but he said no....his choice!

Since tonite was crazy busy with meetings everywhere, I chose to prepare dinner ahead of time so Howie could pop it in the oven and make a nice dinner. I tried the chicken pesto bake in the South Beach cook book my mom gave us, and it smelled great!!!! I then grabbed a shower while Sam watched Caillou and DJ was swimming for the 4th time! He stayed behind in the pool while Sam and I headed into town for my massage appt at 4:30...I got Howie's appt as he's not quite recovered from the beating she gave him last weekend.

Today, she worked on more muscles and those related to the hips...specifically, she massaged the shit outta my ass and it HURT!!!!! She also did a lot of lower back work and its tender now, but my neck feels the same as last time...I probably should have iced it earlier tonite!! Howie met me at the clinic and took Sam home and swapped vehicles with me.  From the massage I had a meeting at 6 at church for VBS. I got there a bit early and just sat in the car listening to music and facebooking and being starved!!! The pecans I had before I left the house weren't cutting it!

I wore the shirt I'd made for our class and completely forgot the shirts for the other two teachers...good thing Howie was coming in for and A/V meeting at 7!! I messaged him to bring them, and the salmon we'd frozen for a friend and then an Avon order for a gal I didn't realize would be at the meeting. Our meeting was much shorter than anticipated, so Howie and the kids found me in the room we're using for our class...he remembered everything!!! Even brought me dinner which I started into right away! DJ ate half my chicken, so I'm guessing it'll be one we make more often!! The kids enjoyed being at church with no rules...just being themselves and in play clothes! :)

We left about 20 after 7 and went to the dollar store to do the shopping...I was only gonna get a couple things, but decided to do the whole shopping as it'll save me a trip this weekend...which is jam packed already! We got home and unloaded and the kids got their cream for SamSam and 3 cookies for DJ....I got jello!! lol Then I got Belle out to potty and Howie pulled we both got kids in pajamas and into bed.

I then tried to get Belle to potty again, and no luck, so I kept her on leash and attached it to the sliding door...she started whining bad!! After a bit we went back out and still nothing...back on the leash she stays. Howie then tried before going to bed and still nothing! So this time, I kept her on leash, but held it! She didn't seem to mind it really. A couple hours pass and we go out and she pees right away, so I take her off leash in the house and she enjoyed roaming...but the moment she went behind my chair, I stopped that nonsense and took her out...she fooled around and we came back in...but she didn't get off leash again....she's currently sleeping on the floor behind my chair here on leash....God help me figure this dog out!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Its OFFICIAL!!!!!!

I'm now a Norwex rep!!! I couldn't pass this opportunity up and so we joined!! With Howie's blessing of course! I'm so excited to get this going, I already have my first show on Friday at my next door neighbour's house, and really, I'll be shadowing and taking notes from the pro who signed me up! Then I'm wide open til the 30th when I have my next show booked! Then one already in Sept and one already in Oct! SO exciting!! Or would that be Norwexciting!!! (sorry, couldn't resist!) If you wish to peruse my site, click here and check it out!

This morning the kids were great!!! Fabulous in fact! They woke me up shortly after 8 and then left me alone to get up on my own! AND they didn't bother Belle, who's going longer and longer in the crate now. It was nice to get dressed without anyone buggin me!  We ate breakfast and boom, DJ was outside playing...Sam did the drifting and out and in and out....she gets like that. The boys were drawing on the concrete drive and having fun.

Lunch was outside today due to DJ being dripping wet when he came in to eat...and since he wasn't done swimming, he kept his suit on, but walked all thru the house with it...lovely! I enjoyed my lunch inside thankyouverymuch! Then after lunch Sam wanted me to read her a book, so I did just that on the back deck in the sun. Then I tried to just sit in the sun and absorb some Vitamin D...and the mind starts going on about all I should be doing instead of just sitting. The other nite, when I went to puppy class early, it was SO nice to just sit in the sun for a half hour because I wasn't at home and had nothing else to do.

Part of my "to do" list in my head was to move my Avon stuff, and now Norwex stuff, downstairs to my new office...aka, Jake' room, aka, guest room...the bed's still in there, but I've commandeered the table and added some tables to give me more shelving area. I got most of my stuff downstairs, but there's still some up here I can see. I also got the rocking chair out of SamSam's room (that was bittersweet) and down in my office so it won't get ruined in the play room like most things tend to get. Sam was so happy to see it go, that meant her beauty table and book/bin thing could be side by side instead of smooshed up.

Then I tackled the dishes, and laundry and, and, and...finally at 4 I laid on the couch for exactly 20 minutes before I had to get up and get ready for an Avon meeting....which was same old, same old really. One of my reps went, so I was glad to be there for her...and I did win a few things in the door prize drawings :) Gotta love freebies! After the meeting I stopped into Staples to get binders for Norwex stuff...and sadly, didn't see anything else I needed lol

I got home shortly after 7 and Sam and Howie were headed next door to swing on the I put my stuff down and went out to join them and suggest we take the dogs to the swing park....that was acceptable and we all headed there with Belle pulling  leading the way. They ran themselves ragged, both animals and children and then we headed home to do bed time. DJ was completely captivated by Shark Week on the Discovery channel and was just absorbed with Howie sitting in his chair with him. I have to admit, it is pretty interesting!!

Once they were in bed Howie ate his ice cream quickly and quietly while I was snuggling DJ, as he knew I couldn't have any while on phase one...I also can't have fruit, but bought a huge bag of cherries the other day, so I had a handful as a mid afternoon snack as I don't want them going bad. He then went to bed and I put on stuff from dvr to clean it up a bit. Plus, I hate commercials!!!! :D

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summertime = Skinned Knees

This morning both kids were in bed with me for a few minutes til the whining started...I swear, they're getting whinier by the day!!!!! The sun wasn't quite out when we got up (just hiding, not that early!) and by 10 or so it came out.  We had a list of errands to complete, so at 11 I got us started heading out the door. I nailed that...I wanted to be on the road by 11:30 and it was exactly that by the time we were on our way!

First stop was in Sultan to drop off an Avon order and some books at the pizza place I leave them at. Done! Then on the way into town, I stopped at a fruit and veggie stand to see what they had. I'd been there about 6 weeks ago and they had they had LOTS!!! Since DJ forgot to wear shoes, he stayed behind while Sam and I went in. I got some cherries, cucumbers and avocados...YUM!!! 

Next up was DJ's school to make a payment on his education...kinda hurt, but I do know its for the best in the long run for him. He's SO excited and its only a month away!!!!! YAY!!!!! Then we went and got the pizzas for the run....did some banking, at which we also opened accounts for the kids, they're happy about that!...then dropped our extra pizzas off to Boys and Girls club (they were THRILLED) and then finally to the shed to drop off the pizzas.

We got home and the sun was out in full force! I got Belle out of her crate and put her on the trolley while I made myself some lunch....the kids had pizza, so they were happy! The boys next door were out and so DJ joined them swimming...Sam tried to join them in the kiddy pool at the base of the stairs, but came in to do some more whining. She got changed out of her suit. Then noticed the sprinkler was on and got back in it. Got wet and changed out of it. Decided she wanted to go outside again and got back in it. All I could do was shake my head!

Howie came home and I took the kids to the swing park with the dogs...Jessica and her mom were there so she and I chatted while the kids played. Then we all walked back home to do dinners. After dinner I showered with the kids and Howie got them dried and jammaed. Then they went to bed and I finally sat down for a bit.

Oh, before I took the kids to the park, I was hopping over the gate we have to keep Belle from going downstairs and what do I do...take the gate out, but catch myself on the half wall before going down with the gate....but not before skinning my shin up pretty good!!! OUCH!!!!!! It still hurts!!! The shower helped a bit, but dang!!!

Howie went to bed shortly after 9 as Belle made a lot of noise last nite apparently and woke him up several times. I heard nothing! Poor thing! And yes, poor Howie!!! I then ended up watching Take The Money And Run...which seems like a dumb show to be honest...if I don't catch it again, I won't feel like I'm missing out! Then I watched some stuff in dvr. I got the last shirt done for VBS and that feels good to have it done. Belle was too busy wanting to play with me for me to take my knitting out...argh!!

Day 2 of phase one was tough again...not so much during the day, but at nite! I run out of good snacks to eat to keep the hunger at bay!! Sheesh!!!! I may modify it tho after one week and see how I do...

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Princess Camp

This morning, according to Howie, DJ woke up for the first time at 4, then again at 5:30 and had conversations together, and then fell back asleep with me (I have NO recollection of this thank God!) and didn't get up til after 8:30...Sam slept great too!!! lol We got up and I got breakfast going...since there's no Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the house, Sam chose Shreddies (my FAVE!) and didn't eat one bite...she wanted toast instead...rascal!! I on the other hand, am doing day one of phase one again to get out of the plateau slump I'm in! So far, so good!

About 11 Sam and I headed into town...first stop was the shed to clean out the shelves in there so that they're ready for the new shipment of books tomorrow...and then we headed to Aliya's house so we could pick her up and join her at Princess camp....Samantha was adamant about NOT going and how she wasn't a princess, so she shouldn't go *rolls eyes* and then Aliya gets in with her tutu and Sam has a different tune. We get to the dance studio and she literally just walked away from me without so much as a goodbye! Yeah, nice knowing you too!! I left a bit bewildered but pleased she felt comfortable there.

The chore then was to figure out what to do for 90 minutes since there wasn't much sense in going home! So I headed to St Vincent de Paul to drop off the stuff....walked around there for a bit as I'd gotten a coupon, didn't see anything I liked, gave my coupon away, and got back in the truck. Headed to the banks, then to the consignment shop. Turns out its been so long, I have a nice credit!! So I wandered for a few minutes, found a Mariners t-shirt for DJ and a pair of capri tights for Sam in pink. That killed what little time I had left! Headed back to pick up the girls and then head home. On the way I stopped at a g/f's house for a few minutes and then we dropped Aliya off and then finally got home. At which point, I was ready to eat Samantha I was SO hungry!!!! I'd at least taken some almonds and water with me, but 3 o'clock is NOT a lunch time!! Princess camp's time is just off! 12-1:30 is not acceptable! Sam had no real lunch! Poor thing!

Howie came home as the kids were outside playing in yet another gorgeous day...summer has finally arrived!! DJ then came and asked if he could go to D's football practice, so we said sure and he quickly ate a sandwich. We ate our dinner at 5:15 so I'd have time to head to puppy class...which turns out I was a half hour early for!!!! D'oh!!! So I sat in the sun and facebooked on my phone while Belle sniffed the grass out.

Puppy class was good...but Belle was not!! She was easily distracted and very barky today! The rotty in the class was her target today...bark, bark, bark! So annoying! But she did do well once I got her attention. She LOVED play time again with Zipper! And I think the teacher is right, Belle grew since last week! She'll be 4 months old tomorrow! She also warned me that our potty issues could very well last til she's 8 mos of her pups had issues til then too. Lord help me!! Not sure I can live with this smell for another 4 months!!!!

We came home and Sam was waiting for us...DJ wasn't home yet. So got her in her pj's and by the time she was done, he came in the front door. He had fun and enjoyed playing with K on the monkey bars...which he still can't do on his own whew!  Got them both into bed and sat down with Howie to watch tv. Its Shark week and he had 1000 ways to die a horrible death (or some stupid name) and the one he was one just grossed me out! So I made him switch to Sharks!!! After he went to bed I put B'ette on and got my rhinestones out to finish up the VBS shirts I'm working on. Got two of the 3 done, and my hand was cramping up too bad.

B'ette...she chose wisely!!! With all the editing, its SO hard to see ALL that she's gone thru with each guy...and it was hard to see Ben so heartbroken and pissed off....but hey, it was real emotion! Here's hoping Ashley and JP actually make it thru the paparazzi phase and survive!!! Few have done it!

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Short and Sweet

This morning I woke up with reality...Sam screaming at DJ for some atrocious thing he'd done!

Headed to church and got flashed (lights only please!) and thankfully I heeded his warning as mere feet in front of me was a deer trotting til s/he found the field it wanted. That was cool!

After church, due to inclement weather, we had our church picnic was tasty and had stopped raining at least by the time we ate, so standing outside waiting for a burger wasn't too traumatic.

Howie took the kids home and I went on Avoning, or was going to til I realized HE had the Avon in the back of the truck oops! Met up and got my stuff and off I went. Most of my normal peeps weren't home, but got to socialize with some who usually aren't home! Was nice!

Got home, the kids were fed and happy, sort of....I made Sam's day by bringing home two bags of clothes and a new toy bin shelf thingy from one of my clients....her little girl who's gonna be 7 decided to part with some stuff and wanted Sam to have it. SO sweet! We've gotten clothes from her before and its always such a blessing. The grow into stuff is currently in the washer now...and all 9 bins are full of stuff in Sam's room. She LOVES it!! It's Princess too, so that makes it even better in her eyes.

After dinner DJ got in trouble for hurting Sam, quite meanly too, so he got sent to his room and fell asleep just before 8, Sam went to bed easily and I got started on the laundry. I also entered all my new orders for Avon...I love how as I'm handing out one order, they're giving me a new one to put in!! LOVE that!

Howie went to bed and I got working on the shirts I was to make for VBS...iron transfers....IRON!!!! Who uses those anymore!?!?!? Certainly not anyone I know as evidenced by my status update on fb about it LOL. And since I was making 3 shirts, and I'd let Howie's work shirts sit in the dryer too long, I thought I'd iron those too...won't make that mistake again! No thank you!

Folded 3 loads of laundry and watched B'ette, Men tell unfortunate Bentley didn't show up and apologize to everyone...ass! I thought it was a good Tell All, and it wrapped everything up nicely. I also like how its the day before the final rose...instead of a week! Nice work ABC!! Now I'm off to make Howie's lunch for tomorrow and get to bed!

Til next time...God bless!