Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Technical difficulties

My computer is behaving like and ornery old man!!! Quite stubborn too!! I've been waiting for blogger to load for 45 minutes now...hence starting on my phone...at least I feel somewhat productive!  Takes a little longer, but at least I can get started!

This morning was a wet one...but not from rain! DJ came to me at 5:30 soaking wet...so he changed and climbed in bed with me. Even at hat time of day he was sad he didn't get to go fishin with Howie who'd taken the day off work. I wasn't sure if it was raining outside or not...it was supposed to..

About 7 Miss Samantha came in soaking wet too!! Sheesh!! Did a pee dam break somewhere!??!!? Got her changed and dressed and she was happy! After breakfast tho, they both got a bath!!! I wasn't supposed to be home this evening, so a morning bath it was!

Howie got home just as we were finishing up our lunch....Samantha helped him eat his lunch even tho she'd eaten everything on her own plate!  I think they're both going thru a growth spurt...DJ is constantly eating! I keep telling them to stop this growing nonsense and they both replay "NEVAH!!!" its quite cute!

DJ went swimming next door (it got nice and warm in the sun) and Howie went napping, Samantha went napping...so I went resting on the couch! DJ was in and out talking to me, getting a drink, going pee, getting changed...non-stop with him! By  everyone was up and moving! Howie out to clean up the boat and mow the lawn, Samantha to supervise her daddy, DJ busy playing and me in here cleaning up the kitchen and putting laundry away. About 5 DJ said he'd been invited to tag along to D's football practice, so he ate dinner quickly before leaving us in peace.

After dinner Howie went back out to finish mowing and SamSam sat and watched Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure while I showered. I came back out and Howie had joined her watching it. She even got to stay up later to finish watching it...and then went right to bed! DJ got home within minutes of me putting her down and off he went to bed! He sure had fun tho!

Once all was quiet I watched Bachelor Pad...I only missed the first 10 minutes, which worked out well as that's all the recap stuff anyways! In between the show, during commercials, they announced who the next stars were for DWTS...I'm sorry, but I don't think I'll be watching this season much...either that or they should rename it Dancing With The Wannabe Stars...seriously!?!?! Bristol Palin is a star!??! Of what?? And Audrina Patridge?? The Situation (I detest calling him that!!) is NOT a star...he's a lab rat! And David Hasselhoff?? PUHLEEZE!!!!!!! His star burned out a few years ago...OY!  Even Howie's not interested this year as his fave dancer, Edyta, won't be returning.

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Never let your praying knees get lazy

And love like crazy!!!

Oh this line just has me wrapped around it!!! It's a great new song from a new artist... Lee Brice called Love Like Crazy talking about a couple who's been married 58 years!!! Such a phenomenon these days!!

In fact, at church this morning we got to congratulate a couple celebrating 50 years of marriage this past weekend! One of their pieces of advice is to always communicate!! That and never go into debt other than your house! It was cute how her husband added that on! 50 years...long time!

After church I kissed my family good bye and headed to Lynnwood for a "Spoil Missy" day!!! I did have 3 stops to make for Avon and then got down to the business of spoiling! First up was a lunch with my g/f Joanne...her birthday treat. She chose a new restaurant to the area...where Hooters used to be....which I'd never been inside of! HA! Anyways, this place is called Celtic Bayou....they mixed and Irish Pub with a Cajun restaurant...such and ODD coupling if you ask me! We split a Reuben sandwich and a plate of fish and chips! Then she twisted my rubber arm into a divine chocolate brownie dessert! Whew!

Then we picked up my other g/f (and newest Avon rep) Shirah at a nearby Starbux and headed to a salon to have our tootsies tended to! Joanne *as I'm typing this out, the Love Like Crazy song just came on the radio!* knew of a place that was beyond anyone's expectations! This nail salon was HUGE!!!!! The biggest one I've been into! It had 17 pedicure stations!!!!! SEVENTEEN of them!!! It looked somewhat Roman in its design, yet had many Oriental touches to the room and walls. Still just gorgeous! The 3 of us got taken right away...and before we knew it we were enjoying the effects of those massive massage chairs while our feet were being snipped, brushed, lotioned and painted! I chose a blue that if you look at it in a different light looks purple! If I can get a car in this colour, I'd be in car heaven!!! Honestly, my two fave colours interchanging like that! Awesome!

Once dried we headed back to Joanne's place hoping to use some wi-fi for Shirah's computer, but it wasn't to be...so we visited for a bit and then took off. I dropped her off at the park n ride nearby and headed home! Just in time to make dinner! Jake was here visiting and stayed for dinner...which was good! I missed out on the last dinner visit last month, so it was nice to catch up with him without the distraction of the entire football team!

He left about 8 and then we put the kids to bed....DJ put his clothes on the couch in hopes of going fishing with Howie tomorrow, he's got the day off, but if its rainy out, he won't be going. Sam was so cute....she didn't want to feel left out, so she went and got herself a pair of pants and a top to put on the couch too!!! SO cute!

Howie went to bed shortly after they did, nothing on tv really....I'm not an Emmy watcher...we did end up watching School of Rock with Jack Black...I'd seen it before, but watched it again due to lack of other choices. I wanted more time on the clock before watching Drop Dead Diva in dvr...had me at the edge of my seat a the end!! Sheesh!! Then I started the movie Love's Unfolding Dream...but stopped it half way in to go to bed! G'nite!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

If it looks like a duck...

Chances are it IS a duck!!! We had some carrots tonite at dinner that made me think of this phrase. Have you ever had a yellow carrot?? Neither had we til tonite. They looked like baby carrots...and yet they didn't! Even steamed up, they got a little darker in colour. Yet, when you eat them, your mouth forgets they're yellow and just thinks it's a carrot! Such a weird phenomenon!

This morning came several times for me! DJ woke just about 1 last nite to pee and was extremely clingy...I laid down with him (and probably shouldn't have) for a few minutes and then left him to fall back to sleep. About 3:15 (what is it with my kids and this time of day!??!) he came in trying to lay down beside me and sleep with us...but I got up and marched him back to his own bed. Again, he wasn't happy with me. Then, at 6:30 I felt him again come into our bed, but this time, I threw him in the middle of us and rolled over to sleep...and couldn't as I needed to pee! UGH! Just about 8 he got up for the day...and found Samantha....they each found their sippy cups in the fridge and were content til Howie got up. I tried sleeping some more, but it wasn't enough! Just after 9:30 I got up and showered and dressed for the day.

About 11 we took off for Lynnwood to attend Jake's football team BBQ...they do one every year to welcome the Freshmen and to make any announcements as the majority of parents do come. This is our 3rd year! Jake is officially a Junior this year....so strange to me! He was half his age when I met him and finishing up Grade 2 and now he's going into Grade 11....just insane how fast this time flew! The kids enjoyed seeing him too!

When we got done, we did a couple Avoning things and then headed home. I tried to get Howie to stop at the store on the way home, but he didn't want to deal with "fair traffic" which was ridiculously easy! Plus, if you use the back ways, even easier! We even had sleeping children! Funny thing too...we were driving along Main St (there'd been a parade this morning) and saw a Mater truck (full size!!!!) pulling out of the BBQ joint we like, and Howie said "sometimes you wish he was awake, like now, and others you wish he were sleeping! Can't win" I wasn't quick enough to snap a photo of it...and it didn't follow us...bummer! He would have liked that!

Once home and kids dealt with, I got busy stamping up the latest batch of brochures my upline gave me for my Safeway spot...since I was going to town, I might as well restock my section! Good thing too! There were only 2 books left there. I also bumped into the hairdresser I used to deal with at a salon that shut down...she's hoping to open her own place up in the next month or so! Then I'll get my customers back!!! Whew! 

After dinner I bathed the kids...DJ was filthy from playing outside and Samantha had pig tails in her hair that needed washing out. That and I like my kids to smell good! :) Didn't take much for them to go to bed either...which was nice! Howie went shortly after that, so I took a trip to the shed to see what was new! Took my neighbour with me too...we each got quite a bit! YUM! Then I came back and watched two, yes 2!!!, movies!
Love's Enduring Promise and Love's Unending Legacy....both from Janette Oak. I think I have 2 more left in dvr. Probably shouldn't have watched the second one, but I was knitting up a storm tonite! And on size 4 needles!! I hate going that small, but it sure is looking nice! I'm attempting leg warmers for SamSam...I found some old patterns, and I do mean OLD!, that my Grams gave me a while back....looked easy enough!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

By 5:30 this evening

I was more than ready for the monsters children to be in bed!!! It was just one of those days where DJ was standing, then jumping, then trampling my last nerve!!!

This morning I got a call from the neighbours asking if I could watch the boys as Michaela was not home and they both had Dr appts...absolutely not a problem!!! These kids are well behaved and get along great with my two!!! About 9:30 they came over and somehow my children transformed into monsters.

DJ got very possessive about anything and everything...and felt the need to show off....which I find ODD to say the least as these kids have been in our home before. Maybe not all 3 of them at one time, but they're not new to us! Therefore, Mr DJ got time out a few times....so annoying!!! In the end the sun did come out and the 4 younger ones went outside to bounce around on the trampoline....then downstairs, then back outside, then inside...they were all over the place!

Avon got delivered, so I worked on that and got everything stamped and ready to go! Not to mention, played with the new demos I got! The latest....a heated eyelash curler!!! Its AWESOME!!!! Uses an AAA battery and gets nice and warm! No more metal clamps yanking your eyelashes! I can't wait to use it tomorrow!

The kids went home just after noon, so I got busy making lunch for my two whiny brats. I then decided that Samantha was going to forgo her nap and we'd head over to the shed for my Friday work. Sorting, loading and sharing the books! What a chore today! At least I had help! Two people showed up and gave me quite the hand!! Awesome! Then we headed to Goodwill and then the library. I'd promised the kids we'd return their books and get new ones. Such excitement!! I think DJ's favourite part is checking the books out himself! Sam even got to do one book! I even had an older gent ask me how old Samantha was, she was busy yammering at him, and he commented on how articulate she is...HA! She is no where near articulate! She just happens to say "library" and "Avon" quite well! lol

Once done there, we headed to deliver a couple orders, but no one was home! So we headed home! We were one street away and Samantha was still awake...by the time I pulled up to our driveway (literally 2 minutes later) she was sound asleep! 4:30 is NOT a good time to take a nap!! But she took one! I got everything but her unloaded and in the house, and by the time I went out to wake her at 5, she was just waking! Within the next half hour, they drove me crazy enough to want them in bed early!

After dinner DJ headed outside to play with the boys, and Samantha did what she wanted to do...inside, outside, inside, outside....she played with the Canadian flag, twirled it, spread it out, wore it like a skirt, yelled at DJ from inside, yelled at DJ while standing on the front porch...she was content!

Finally, it was just about 8 and that meant pajamas!!! I got SamSam into hers first, and read two books to her, then DJ came in just as we were about to brush her teeth. Once she was in bed, I focused on getting him in bed! I had 'em both down by 8:30! Not too bad for on my own! DJ salvaged the whole day by asking if he could add my feet to his prayers. They're doing okay, but that new skin is SOOO sensitive!!!

I watched Eureka and then a movie I dvr'd last week. Hallmark channel ran the Jeanette Oak   series of movies, so I started at the beginning and watched  Love Comes Softly....even tho I've seen it a couple times! And I still cried at the end!! Such a good series!! I remember reading the books....I may even still have them to pass on to Samantha when she's old enough!

Howie got home just about midnite, as I'd wiped the last tear away from the movie, and pretty much went straight to bed! He'd been invited out to watch women's football...yeah...and, they play in their undies...nice eh?

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Friday, August 27, 2010

It was a Fair day

And yet, so UNfair at the same time!!!

This morning we got up and got ready to leave...the plan was to go to the fair!! The weather was supposed to be 60 and sunny...it wasn't! It was gray and drizzly! Unfair!!! Thankfully I grabbed our coats on the way out the door...y'know, just in case! Good thing too!! We had them on before we got out of  the truck!!

Today was the start of the Evergreen State Fair here in Monroe, and with it being the first day, anyone and everyone could get in free before 1pm! By now, you should know that me and FREE get along just fine!!! I already had a schedule from when I tried dropping off my knitting, so I knew kinda what I wanted to accomplish today. Plus, the Mommy & Me group had listed a few things.

We arrived shortly after 11 after parking at the church and walking a mile...free parking is nice! We missed the pig races as they started at 11, so I tried figuring out where the stage was that the Reptile man was going to be at...got SOOOO turned around!! And could not find ONE person who looked like they were working the grounds and would know where it was...wait, I stand corrected...I found 3 people AT the show! We did finally catch it and got to see maybe 10 minutes of it. At this point its really coming down so we stood under a canopy with benches. DJ was able to tell Howie at dinner that he saw a rattle snake, a turtle and something else, so obviously it made an impression him. The next thing I wanted to hit up was the Lumberjack show...thankfully it wasn't too far away from where we were! AND the rain let up!

The kids ate their lunch while they enjoyed watching the lumberjacks compete against each other. I think I was the only one impressed of the 3 of us...DJ didn't say much about it when we talked about it all at dinner. The rain started up again about half way thru the show, so I got the umbrella up to protect us. Once it was done tho, we took cover in a building and walked around looking at things. I'd already told DJ that today was a looking day, not a spending day. He did perfectly fine with it and not once did I hear "OH Mummy PUHLEEEEZE!!!?!?!?" He may be too young for that yet, but still, he did awesome!! Even when we were walking among all the food vendors he did great!

After walking thru the concessions we headed for the petting zoo...conveniently located JUST past the kiddie land of rides! DJ mentioned a few he'd like to go on, which looked fun for his age...but when I checked out the ticket prices, I about died!!! 1 ticket is 1.00....and each ride is 3 tickets or more! That's INSANE!!!!!!!!  I remember going to the fair and each ticket being .25 cents!! How on earth has inflation gone up THAT much in 30 years!??! Honestly! We just kept on walking....

The tent before the petting zoo had a straw maze for the kids...they were each given a basket and told to collect stuff from each station to take to the grocer....eggs, apples, potatoes and then milking a cow (thankfully, not a real cow!) and then sort out their stuff into the grocers bins. DJ said this was his favourite part of the day!!! The petting zoo was kinda lame...the one we went to in June at Forest Park was a thousand times better!! This was small and cramped feeling! At least they had a hand washing station right outside of it, both kids got cleaned up!

As the rains were heavy again, we went into the Arts & Crafts building...I wanted to check out my competition had I entered my stuff in correctly. It was hard to see who actually would have been my competition as everything was laid out on top of each other and there were no real "categories" in the laying out of stuff. Still, there were definitely some expert stuff, and some very novice stuff....maybe next year!

The last building we did was the second concessions building...who knew there were that many leaf guard protection plans!!! And hot tub vendors!!! I did see Avon, and then Mary Kay, and then Cookie Lee, Partylight, Tupperware...you name it! At this point, my feet were aching and I decided to call it a day!

You see, I thought I'd be smart and wear running shoes, with socks! BAAAAAAAAD idea!! Very, very, VERY bad idea!!! By the time we got to the tunnel to the parking lot to get out, I had to stop and loosen the laces as my feet were feeling so cramped. Then, before we got to Hwy 2 to go back to the church, I took the socks off...I was wanting to cry with every step I took it hurt that bad! Once we crossed Hwy 2 and got onto the sidewalk, the shoes came OFF!!! I walked barefoot the last 1/4 mile in the rain....upon further inspection, I had an incredibly RAW baby toe on the right foot and a blister on the INSIDE of my big toe on the right...who gets those!?!? Turns out, the other big toe inside has a small one too, but it didn't break open! I drove home barefoot!!!! On top of all that, my toe nails, which aren't long by any means, are all smooshed into my toes...like runner's toe. If I could chop 'em off, I would! Try keeping two kids and a dog from stepping on your feet!

Since we weren't home last nite for sketti nite, tonite became sketti nite make up nite! The kids happily ate ALL their dinner!! And then had a wonderful luxurious bath. And promptly went to bed! Never heard a peep from either one!! Whew! Howie and I watched Wipeout from the other nite and then he went to bed! Now, its my turn! Early for a change!
Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S. the rains have only gotten HEAVIER throughout the day....garden's gettin a good drink tonite!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things that go bump in the night

Usually involve a child!!

This time it was Samantha!! She bumped into our bed at 3:15 and scared the sleep outta me!!! She didn't say anything and then it got quiet. So I roll over, get comfy thinking she went back to her room when I hear her sigh...so I hit a button on my phone to make it somewhat visible in the room and she's laying on the floor sleeping. The light goes out and I'm laying there debating on whether to leave her, let Howie deal with her, or move her back to her bed. If I left her and Howie dealt with her, chances are, I'd wake up to that...so I got out of bed and moved her back to her room. I picked her up and she said "Mummy!" like she was happy to see me! Went back to sleep easily too! Thankfully, so did I! Whew!

Then DJ joined me at 7 and was restless...by 7:45 he was out in the living room watching tv. Sam wasn't too long after that. My sister says I should enjoy these obscene moments as one day when my nest is empty I'll be missing them....hmmm I'll have to ask my mom about that one! LOL

We had no plans for the day today, so we just hung out at home puttering....looking back, I probably should have started some laundry, but I didn't. The kids were having a rather co-operative day, which is always nice! I've noticed Samantha is getting braver....meaner...more retaliating....she's starting to find her ground as far as DJ bullying her goes....nice to see, but at the same time, she can't be mean just to be mean...fine line! Fun times!

Once Sam was down for her nap DJ and I settled to watch Veggie Tales....til he heard the neighbours arrive home...then he was outside faster than I could say yes! He changed into his swim trunks on the stairs...better than outside on the front porch I guess...lol

As soon as Sam got up I got her in her swim suit as we were headed over to a friends house for a swim and dinner. Such fun!! DJ was actually more interested in the food she had set out than jumping in the pool upon arrival! Sam decided she wanted to go in, so I got in...and then she backed out on me...but the water was awesome, so I stayed in! I did grab her and bring her in, and the fussing wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be..and she eventually let me just hold her at arms length while she kicked her legs. In fact, she even let me dunk her...just that one time tho! But hey, it's progress! I'm setting the stage for next year!

About 8 we packed up and came the all of 4 minutes home! Awesome drive! lol The kids went right into pj's and then bed after teeth brushings! Howie wasn't too far behind them! He's gotta go in early tomorrow so off he went! I happened on a movie Remember the Titans.....quite by accident. What a phenomenal movie!! Based on true events one year before my birth. Who knew a football movie would have me in tears!!! Fabulous!! It was made in 2000, so it was nice to see some actors we've grown up watching be in this movie and look SO young! If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it, you don't have to be a football player/fanatic to enjoy it! :)

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S. I got my first birthday card in the mail...had me laughing out loud too!!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thank you for being a friend

I've gotten hooked on Golden Girls reruns...thanks to Blake Shelton! He even sang the theme song yesterday on the Today Show...and answered all the trivia they threw at him!! Cracks me up!!! I got them right too! LOL Dorothy got ALL the one liners in this show! And her deadpan delivery was awesome!!!

But back to us! Samantha woke up just before 6, I think, the numbers were fuzzy on the clock! She brought me a diaper and wipes...and asked to be changed! So I changed her and instead of sending her back to her own bed, she climbed in on Howie's side. That will be the last time she does that for a while!! HA!

Just around 7 DJ came in and found her sleeping on the floor on Howie's side...she didn't make it! lol Not sure if she fell off, or if she got off...but she slept there! Meanwhile DJ climbed in beside me and dozed off again! They were both up about 8 for the day. This after suffering from some restless leg and insomnia last nite...what a bad combination that is!!! I think it was 3:30 by the time I finally fell asleep!!!

Once I got my Avon order submitted, I laid down on the couch...and had both kids join me...first time they were still all morning! Sam laid down beside me and DJ behind my feet...love that we all fit together! It wasn't til I was serving lunch that DJ realized he was still in his pj's!!! Neither one was complaining, so I didn't push the issue! Usually, as you know, they're nekkid as soon as they're done eating...today, they just entertained themselves too well! Just as I finished my lunch the kids heard the gravel crunching on the driveway...they immediately thought Daddy was home, so we all went to the window to discover it was my friend Anneke and her girl, Aliya come for a visit! I quickly ran and got my contacts in (the kids weren't the only ones being lazy!) before greeting her. She laughed! It was a good quick visit and then they took off. After that, both kids got dressed!!! Sam to take a nap and DJ go outside to play as the neighbours had arrived home.

I headed over next door at one point as I couldn't see DJ...turns out, he's the same dirt brown colour as their dirt!! Talk about human camouflage!!! It wasn't til he said "hi Mum" that I found him! So then I chatted with Michaela for a bit...then Lara came out, so Michaela and I took her kitten up to my house for a nail trimming. Ohhh was Jazz pissed!!!! She threw a few hissy fits and then retreated to under my bed...no doubt telling Jasper all about this black kitten in the house!! Ahh that cracks me up!

Even funnier...Howie came home, didn't see Michaela, but saw me holding a kitten and was all "WHAT have you done!!!??!?!!" before realizing she was just visiting!! TOO funny!!!!! Oh that had me chuckling! Once he realized she wasn't ours he was holding her and talking to her. MEN!

Just before 5 I headed out...I had an Avon meeting tonite and wanted to stop by the bank first....I was even earlier than I thought I'd be, so I stopped at Walmart (where else?!?!) for pads and this drink mix we like...and then because I still had more time I headed to the other bank we deal with and then went to the park n ride to wait for my g/f Shirah. Once I got her picked up we headed to our meeting. It was a recruitment meeting!!! She's my first recruit!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Now I just need 4 more and I'll be a unit leader...should be interesting!!!! I'm quite excited about it actually!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just another manic monday

Altho, we woke up and the sun was shining!! So that was a good thing! Samantha was the first up...just before 8...the child has NO clue how to just lay down and be quiet with me...or to fall back to sleep! She's just like her father, when she's awake...she's AWAKE!!! And ready to go! Sheesh!!

DJ slept til 8:30...in MY bed!! Rascal!! I came out to the living room and Samantha hadn't turned the tv on...she'd tried, but failed...so she opened the window all the way!! Why she did this, I'll never know...but it was COLD!!! I did say the sun was shining, but it was chilly!!! brrrrrr

In fact, it took me all day to warm up!!! Howie said it got to 80 out there, but my feet felt like it was October!!! It wasn't til I took my shower after dinner that I finally felt the blood hit my toes! Now, right this second, I'm too warm! *sigh* I can't win!! Menopause is gonna be fun....NOT!!

DJ spied K outside and took off to play...Sam wasn't too far behind him...I worked on gathering Avon orders for tomorrow. About 12:30 or so the kids wanted lunch, so I made that and we ate...they start off outside, but then come inside for "help" finishing off their green beans...even tho I've seen them eat them without help before. Once we were done we hopped in the truck to go to the shed to see what was brought in yesterday. Since I'd forgotten to put Snickers inside, she came with us...the kids thought that was just awesome!!! And she thoroughly enjoyed the wind in her face from the kids windows being down. At least the truck was warm from the sunshine!

Once back, Sam went down for her nap, DJ went swimming and I did more gathering of orders. About 3:30 I laid down on the couch to wait for Sam to wake up...and to try and warm up my tootsies with a blanket....didn't work! Sam came out just before 4 and played quietly...she didn't know I was watching her and after looking at me, she told BabyBoy to "shhhhh Mummy's sleeping" which was SO cute!!! I giggled and she knew I was watching her. Howie was home just before 5...he'd gotten another flat tire thanks to another nail...grrrrrrr New tires seem to be more imminent in our future than we think! Lovely!

Bed time was a bit of a struggle for Samantha..she's been quite accident prone lately, and therefore quite whiney....wonder if she's going thru a growth spurt and it's affecting her balance? Poor girl! First thing she does after getting the magic kiss from me is ask for vanilla....she knows! Once they both settled, we sat down and watched some of Minute to Win it...interesting show....but once it was over, I switched to Bachelor Pad....and Howie went to bed shortly after that. I missed the first half hour, which was the challenge, but put enough pieces together to figure it out.

Then I got to watch Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives from last nite...both of which had me crying...stupid hormones! They are both such fabulous shows!!! Now, I'm off to bed!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Company's coming

What a way to get your house in ship shape form!! Whew!

This morning Sam woke me up about 8 when she came in the room...I was so out of it I didn't know what day it was...but then remembered Howie was out in the living room since DJ was laying beside me...they both took off for the living room and I got another hour of sleep.

I got up and the kids were eating, so I made breakfast for Howie and I. Wasn't sure I was going to be able to eat tho as my tummy was giving me troubles or more specifically, my hernia was giving me pain...NOT pleasant! We were out the door in time for church and dropped the kids off at the nursery...this is DJ's second last time in there...then he's with us! Should be interesting. 

We came home and had soup and sandwiches for lunch...YUM!! It was a cool and rainy day and soup was perfect!!! Kids had the last of the pizza, so that cleared that plate from the fridge! After we finished, I got down to business cleaning! Got the dishwasher running as I remember my mom saying "its always better to start a party with an empty dishwasher"...just wish I'd actually emptied it before our friends arrived. D'oh!

Then the dreaded bathrooms got taken care of...oh how I hate, nay, ABHOR doing toilets!! I have the design for a self cleaning one in my head...just need a dream maker to make it all happen!! I also did the sliding glass doors, altho, you can't even tell tonite thanks to my wild children!!! URGH!!  Howie took care of the toy captivation downstairs and did all the vacuuming! I love when he takes care of that!!! One less thing I have to worry about!

I'd just finished folding the kids clothes when Kyle and Lori pulled up...so perfect timing!! Not sure what happened to our kids, but they got even wilder with a new audience! Samantha immediately latched on to Lori and within 5 minutes had Lori spinning her around in the living room. Cracks me up! DJ was disappointed Sage didn't come with them, but he's at his dad's house, so it was just Kyle and Lori tonite!

That fish Howie caught....was INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Turns out it was a white King salmon...SO moist and just perfect!!!!! We only ate half of it and put the other half in the freezer....half was more than enough!! Even Snickers and Jazz got their shares!!! And there's left over for Howie's lunch tomorrow! Truly perfect!!!

After that we settled in the living room to just chill and watch some football while the kids did their rambunctious thing! They left just about 8 and we corralled the kids into their pajama's and put them to bed! What a chore tonite! Then we watched the last half of AFV...such a funny show! Howie picked the winner too! We would have then watched EMHE but it was a repeat of one we'd actually seen, so Howie went to bed. I started watching stuff in dvr and then happened on a movie with Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson... Fool's Gold so I started watching it! It's on pause right now, but I'm liking it! Quite funny!!! And hey, Matt's half naked for the most part, who can say no to that!??!!?!! LOL

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

It couldn't have happened to a nicer person

DJ made it thru the WHOLE nite next door!! His first sleepover was HUGE success!!!! Mind you, I saw lights on when I went to bed, and Howie said he saw lights on when he got up to go fishing...so who knows really WHEN he went to sleep!

Samantha slept til 9 which was awesome!!!!! I didn't wake once last nite...altho, it took me a bit TO fall asleep as I was waiting for DJ...one of those mom things. It took her all of seconds to figure out DJ wasn't there and asked me right away. Satisfied with the answer, she then asked where Daddy was...so we called him...and got cut off. But at least she got to hear his voice...she was happy! I on the other hand, wanted to know if dinner had been caught!

About 10:30 he called back...and yes indeed, he'd caught a fish!! A whopper too!! 24 pounds!! Beautiful King salmon...will work just fine for tomorrow's dinner! What? You thought we were eating it tonite...nope! We've got company coming tomorrow, so we'll serve it up then!

Howie went for his nap about 1 while Sam and I had lunch...her memory is getting better and better...she remembered me saying we'd have macaroni tomorrow (mind you this was on Thursday, but she remembered!) so we had macaroni!! YUM! DJ was in and out, put his toothbrush away, had a bath, put his swim trunks on (he's actually sleeping in them too!) and then headed back outside to play!

The sun came out just as we were about to eat, but he chose swimming...and had a hot dog next door. It was like he wasn't my kid for the last 24 hours! Kinda weird! While Sam napped, and Howie napped, and DJ swam, I got to business colouring my hair! Finally!!! That was the other thing I wanted to accomplish on Thursday, but missed the boat time-wise. So, while I was waiting for the elixir to do its job, I made bagel chips....Emeril Lagasse style. I wish I'd read the instructions a bit closer...I kinda messed it up...but not in a bad way...just in an over-flavoured way. They're still good!!! And I cut them different than he did...might try his way next time.

About 4 when everyone was up, I took Sam and we headed to costco to finish up the groceries and to get dinner...roast chicken! YUM!!!! I also got more of the yummy potato salad that my mom got while she was here...bet her mouth is watering right about now! As I was checking out some cheese, something liquid hit my foot which was resting on the cart...which is odd as I didn't have anything liquid in the cart at that time. My lovely daughter peed thru her diaper in such a way that it came out the side and and bottom...lovely!! She was freaking out that she was sitting in water...uh, nope! Good thing we were there to buy diapers...bad thing, we had more stops!   Freddy's for one last thing before the specials change, and the shed to see what's new! Scored there too! Beautiful apples, a loaf of cinnamon bread for french toast, and some other goodies. We finally got home about 6:45.

The first words out of Howie's mouth were "I really tried to keep him awake!" NOT what a mom wants to hear at 6:45!!! He'd fallen asleep while Howie was in the shower...and was a bugger to wake up! In hindsight, I should have just put him in bed! He was miserable!!! Refused dinner and sat on the floor in the living room whining. It took Howie taking him to the bathroom to clean his newest wound to really wake him up! At which point he was thirsty...then hungry...then full of energy...at 8pm!!! Normal bed time be damned! ugh! It was close to 9 before we heard the last of him. Not bad I guess...and it could have been worse!

Howie wasn't too far behind them...so I picked a movie and watched it! Leap Year...oh it was great!!! I really like Amy Adams...she's also in Julie & Julia (which I just got the book version) This movie didn't disappoint! It was just brilliant! The scenery in Ireland is just beautiful!!! So green! If you haven't watched it, do!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The question here is...

Will he survive the whole nite....

This morning the rascals woke up shortly after 8...which was good! I didn't get my regular Friday morning sleep in as Howie had to go in to work way earlier today, but I do recall him getting ready to leave. Plus, the scent of him was still in the bathroom when I got up....love that smell! I can usually pick out which cologne he used for the day.

Once breakfast was consumed we hit the road!! Fridays are book share days, so I had the chore of going thru all the books for donation...that part alone takes me over an hour to go thru them all. Then we hauled them to the library and to Goodwill. Since today was also grocery day, we continued on and got Freddy's done, had lunch at McD's, then hit up Safeway since we were in the very same parking lot, and then last but not least, Albertsons. I was going to go to the Dollar Store too, but the lady at the check out told me the cart I had (one of those with the cars in front of it where the kids sit and "drive" it) was too big...to which I responded "Gee, I've done it before..." and turned around and walked out!

On the way home I stopped by a g/f's house to drop off a new book and to just chat! I got to see her u/s pix of her baby girl...she's 21 weeks along now...and she had some 3D ones...SO love those!! The kids started playing with each other right away...DJ just loves playing with LT...and Sam and Aliya are adorable together! I think Aliya was grateful to have Sam around, she kept hugging her and kissing her...very darling! DJ ended up staying there to play and Sam and I went on our merry way...I think we both thought it odd...so quiet! LOL

She fell asleep on the way home, so I let her be while I unloaded the groceries and put them away. As much as I was enjoying the solitude, there was NO way I could let her sleep past 5...she fell asleep shortly after 4...boy, did she wake up C R A N K Y!!!! Sheesh that was unpleasant!! You'd think that because she's got me all to herself she'd be happy with that, but the whining and crying was just awful!! Thankfully Caillou saved the day!

DJ came home about 6:30, minutes before I pulled the pizza out of the oven! He immediately stripped right there on the stairs to put on his swim trunks to go swimming....even tho there was no one else swimming and he KNOWS he can't go by himself. So he asks me to join him...nuh uh! Its way too cold...and I'm hungry! Meanwhile I'm trying to have a conversation with Anneke while he's carrying on...naked!!!! The child has no shame!

Dinner was some affair....DJ gobbled his up so he could go outside...and Samantha refused a bite. Once DJ left, she wanted down, so I let her down but wouldn't let her have a drink. Oh she pitched a fit! To which I put her in her room til she was done. She came out and told me she was done crying...and that she was sorry (horry in her language) She finally sat down and ate dinner knowing I was playing hardball. Whew!

As I was putting Sam to bed DJ came running in asking if he could spend the night next door for a sleepover. Insisting that he was indeed invited...so I call to confirm and sure enough! We hugged and kissed Sam good nite and then got DJ ready for his sleepover. He went skipping across the lawn to their back door and disappeared in.

Howie got home some time after 9 and told me DJ had seen him come up the drive, ran out to hug and kiss him and tell him that he was spending the night at the neighvors house....cute kid! Then while Howie was dealing with the boat hook up, I got him something to eat. Samantha heard him come in and was calling out for him, so she at least got a hug and kiss too!

About 11:30 I got a call telling me that DJ was on his way home...I thought for the nite, but it was just for his toothbrush....he got quite upset with me for thinking he was home to sleep...those crocodile tears were ripe and ready!! He was SO overtired at this point!! He ran back, toothbrush in hand, and hopefully is sleeping soundly by now. Which is where I'm headed!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Please contribute to the

"Get Missy Up Off Her Knees" fund!!! Any donation will be greatly appreciated!!!!

You think I'm kidding?!?!?

I spent an hour and a half on my knees washing the kitchen/dining room floor. About 3/4's of the way thru, I was ready to start crying!!!! Man, that was brutal!!!

The money would be going towards the purchase of a Shark Steam Mop which is at a low, low price of only 99.59  Act now, and we'll throw in a huge hearty thank you!!

Hey, a girl can dream!!!

That was the one major task I wanted to accomplish today...and I must say, it was quite the journey getting there!!! I think I suffered from some kind of procrastination disease! I got so sidetracked it wasn't funny!! It all started with having to put away the box of Christmas stuff I got the kids, which lead to the hall closet for anything else I stashed, which lead to creating another box of give away/consign stuff, which lead to going thru the box on the top shelf of the linen closet, which lead to creating a pile of stuff I found in said box for the lawyer, which lead to looking thru the 3, yes THREE, boxes of stuff Howie's kept over the years, which lead to going downstairs to get the box I keep for that kind of stuff, which lead to a phone call with a friend talking about my ADD at which point I got off the phone and got started! Sheesh!!! I feel like one of those Family Circle clips that shows P.J. and all his travels with that dotted line...just like that!

BUT, I did get it done, it feels great, looks great and you could eat off it!!! For now anyways...tomorrow might be another story!!

Howie came home as I was resting from said task and reminded me that I needed to wash up  his work pants for tomorrow...this having 3 pr is gonna cramp my style a bit!! Going to HAVE to stay on top of it now!

DJ went with the neighbours to football again...he has SO much fun going...he's been telling me about defense and how David has to hit people, and how he hurt his leg tonite...of course I have no way of knowing if its true, but its sure fun listening to him babble about it. I even got a good snuggle with him before bed.

With DJ gone, Samantha got all the attention and basked in it! When I gave her a bath this morning we were singing the ABC's (or ABIG's in her books) and I was able to send voice notes to my mom, sister and Howie of her doing her rendition...SO cute!!! She'll do it for the phone, but wouldn't do it for Howie live...still cute!

Once they were both in bed we watched last nite's recording of Wipeout....I think its the commentary I get the most enjoyment from...and from them getting knocked into the water. Howie said he'd NEVER go on that show...bummer!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!!

p.s....I take paypal!! Think of it as birthday gift! ;)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

He almost got me

And couldn't go thru with it...whew!

This morning I woke up FFFFFFRRRREEEEEZZZZZIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!!! With just a sheet on, it was NOT enough to combat the 50 degree temps outside...the window WILL be shut tonite!!! When I asked Howie (who also confessed he woke up frozen) why he didn't throw the blanket on me, he laughed and said "I did turn the fan off!!" HA! brrrrrrrrr

The kids came bounding in about 8...just about the time I'd finally warmed up from my little wake up at 5:30! Thankfully those little warm bodies snuggled up with me in bed for a bit before heading out to see Mickey and his clubhouse!

About 10, we were ready to roll!!! We had a new Avon delivery to do, and then a play date to have! The new delivery is a previous rep (20 yrs ago) and super close to me!! YAY for locals!! Then we headed to Lake Stevens to meet up with a friend and her two little girls....DJ was super excited to see Emma and it was darling how Sam says Isobel...so cute! We got there shortly after 11:30 and had a great visit, lunch and time outside riding bikes...the kids, not me...altho, Kody was caught on camera riding the tri-cycle!! Oh yeah! I'm good like that!!! 

I think we left there shortly after 3 and headed for home...with a stop off at the bank. Not even 5 minutes into the drive and BOTH kids were asleep!!! So, I cranked up Blake's new album and sang along!!! The peaceful ride came with a price tho....two VERY cranky/whiny/crying kids when we arrived home! DJ because he got a nap and Samantha because hers wasn't long enough!! The tantrums they were throwing were epic!! And totally unnecessary!! Once they calmed down, it was easier...DJ headed next door to play and Samantha delighted herself with her balloon (we're convinced its indestructible!! what balloon lasts 2 weeks!?!?!) while I cleaned the kitchen and got dinner going.

During the height of the crankiness I called Howie to let him know not to check the mail box...and to warn him of the kids....he said he had to work late and wouldn't be home til they were in bed. Which was odd, since I could tell he was in a vehicle....he said he was on a parts run. Here I was ready to be really pissy and he starts laughing!! That'll be the last time I warn him!!!!!!! Joke's on him!!! HA! But seriously, he almost got me!!

Dinner itself went rather smoothly considering...I decided against a bath for them as I was feeling kinda lazy...so we just puttered outside and around the house til it was time for them to go to bed. Which we let slide a little bit due to the naps...but overall went okay. Howie put a small stool in Sam's room so she can reach the light....she thought that was just the GREATEST thing ever!! Stood there turning it on, get off the stool, get on the stool, turning it off...repeat! SO cute! Her light is a lowered switch, but not enough for a 2 yr old!

Once they were tucked in, we sat down and watched an episode of Wipeout...laughed our butts off too!! Altho, they do need to change things up a bit more...its getting repetitive! Then once Howie went to bed I was on my own to watch Psych...just had to wait a bit. Now that SYTYCD is done, Wednesday nites are kinda slow!!! Gonna have to remember that and pick up a movie next week! Any recommendations!??!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My own garden is trying to kill me!!!

This evening I cooked up the green beans I'd harvested last nite...and the peas from a couple days ago...wanted to get them taken care of...not to eat tonite or anything...tonite was pizza nite!

So, when they'd cooled down a bit, I tried some of the green beans...YUM!!!!! Then I went to Howie and tried putting one in his mouth and he did this freak out thing that had me just laughing!!!!

Then choking!!!

And with choking comes coughing!!!!

And this calibre of coughing should only be done while sitting on the toilet!!! Unless of course you like to wet yourself!!!!

First of all...no, I didn't do any of the above....the choking, yes, the peeing my pants, no! HA! but damn!!! That's not fair!!! Age combined with 2 kids dancing on my bladder for a combined total of 20 months is not a pretty combo!! Sheesh!!

That was pretty much the excitement of the day too! Sad eh?

No, not at all! We stuck around the house for the most part. DJ was out swimming at 10:30 again...Sam was begging for her balloon before he'd even closed the door! Today we added all her magnet for the fridge...that occupied her for a nice while, just putting them on the fridge, taking them off, repeat! As we put them away for the day we went thru each letter and number. Her favourite letter is O as that's pretty easy to pick out!

After lunch I took a quick trip to the shed to drop off a lipstick sample for another member, and while there got a pizza that looked half finished...it was cheese and spinach...to which I added grilled chicken, olives and garlic! YUM!!!

Once Samantha was down for her nap I changed into my suit and headed for the cool waters next door! At least today DJ wasn't AS clingy...he was still annoying, and had to be touching me....ugh! Then K got back in the water and he was off being a goof! About 4 I headed in to get Sam....she was still sleeping so I hopped in the shower quick...she found me! And then amused herself by trying to turn the tv on. She can do it 9 times out of 10...today was the 10th time and she messed up on the tv remote. A for effort tho!

DJ came in asking to go to football practice again....so I made him a quick dinner and he headed off. He got home much earlier than last nite, and was hungry again, so he finished off his green beans from earlier and then had a piece of pizza! Then they both went to bed! Howie and I were watching AGT, the wild card episode....didn't really get my attention...in fact, I even commented "I can't believe this show is still on...it's going on FOREVER!!!" which is true!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

He was in the pool

About 10:30 this morning!!!! I really do think he has gills now!

He came running back in shortly after noon and asked if it was alright to go in the neighbour's house cuz they had a Veggie Tales movie AND it was different than what we have!!! He was so excited!!! So instead of just getting dressed again, he changed swim suits. One wet one, for one dry one! Which means it'll be good for him to have two every year.

While he was out, SamSam and I got the dishes going, gathered up all the laundry, and played. She's such a silly girl!! She saw her balloon from VBS week up on top of the book shelf, so I got it down for her since there'd be no fighting! She ate some of her lunch outside, and then came in with me...she needed help with the rice.

Just about 2 she went down for her nap and went down quickly too! I went to check on her 5 mins later and she was out! So, I laid down on the couch in front of the a/c....today wasn't nearly as hot as yesterday!! We hit 84 which is SOOOOOO much more bearable than 100!! About 5 mins after I laid down my phone rang....Michaela was asking if I wanted to join everyone swimming. So, I got up and changed and headed over. They recently got a solar cover for the pool and I tell ya, it made a HUGE difference in the temp!! Two weeks ago when I took the kids it was FREEZING...today, it only took me 5 mins to warm up to it. DJ thought it was fun to have me in the pool with them...and started showing off his gill talents!! The boy was swimming under water!!!!! Just from him watchin David and other older kids he's picking this up!! He's a natural!!! Its insane really!!

Then he got clingy!! I had arms and legs wrapped around me and he wouldn't let go!! Then he had to pee but refused to do so without my "help" which he didn't need at all! So that ended our time in the pool...which was fine as I could feel the effects of the sun on my arms. I definitely got a good dose of Vitamin D!!!  DJ said he was hungry, so I made him a sandwich and sat outside in the shade of the deck to dry off. Once he polished off his sandwich he wanted to go back in the pool....so he put his first suit back on which was already dry and off he went. Sam got up and I asked her if she wanted to go swimming and got a resounding NO! So back to the balloon we went!

I was doing laundry when Howie came home...and I found him laying in the coolest spot of the house...the couch! lol It was his turn to enjoy the breeze! DJ came running up to us at 4:30 asking if he could join the neighbours to go to the football practice again....he was so excited! He ate dinner first and then left without saying goodbye...again!!! I called him back and he chuckled as soon as he came in the house...he knew!

Dinner was quite mellow without DJ around!! Kind of odd really! Sam didn't mind one bit! She loved all the attention! After dinner I gave that little sweaty girl a bath and she had fun playing in the water! A bath she'll do, but NOT a pool! Crazy kid!

DJ got home just before 9 and went straight to bed...not even one get-up after tucking him in!! I watched Bachelor Pad while Howie facebooked....and then he joined me to watch some of it....man, is there A LOT of drama on this show!! More than in any Bachelor/ette show!!! Dang!!!! And the two Canadians got voted off...bummer!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Monday, August 16, 2010

The heat got to me!!!

After surviving yesterday's temps, one would think that I'd survive today's equally hot weather.


In fact, it got the best of me!!

After church we came home, ate lunch, and packed up a picnic dinner...with lots of water, and a 1/4 of a large watermelon all cut up.

Our destination was the Festival (Festible according to DJ) of the River which is up in Arlington! When we left the house, it read 92 in the truck....and it just kept on climbing as we drove!! It got to 100 quite easily before we knew it!

The festival was all free and put on by the Stillaguamish tribe every year.....the parking tho, is not free!! But for 5.00 you're right there as opposed to walking quite a distance! And our spot was perfect!! Stage right!! So, we left our stuff in the truck, save for our blanket to lay out, and went in search of my girlfriends. They'd saved us a great spot close up front!!! It was perfect!! Since we weren't interested in who was on stage at that time (sorry to whoever it was up there...) we took the kids and went walking. DJ had spied a bouncy house and slides...so we walked all the exhibits (I've been to too many fairs/crafts shows to be thoroughly impressed....) and found the bouncy house. The tickets were 1.00 each and they could jump around for however long they wanted!! Sweet!! Worth the buck!! Unless you have my kids and 30 seconds is all they wanted...UGH! So, instead, they let the kids go down the slide once each (also one ticket a piece) and DJ jumped at the chance! Sam...not so much! So, DJ took her turn too!

All that sliding shifted something in DJ's body and he had to pee...so Howie took him (God bless him, there's no way I could survive a trip to a porta potty) and I took Sam back to our blanket. There was NO shade to be had near the staging area....so I provided shade for SamSam...but man was it HOT!!!! Even nekkid it would have been too hot!! The backs of my knees had sweat just dripping down my legs!! YUCK!

Howie finally made his way back to us and we took off for the river....just to check it out...it was too deep for DJ to just go in and cool off....while walking around in the forest I started getting faint....I could feel my heartbeat in my scalp. Howie said my face was beet red to! DJ's head was super sweaty too...and Sam had some pink cheek action going on. So, we decided to bag it and head home. Howie went and got the truck while the kids and I stayed in the shade of the forest. I felt bad leaving all my friends like that....but also didn't want to leave in the back of an ambulance!!!

Speaking of...one was coming into the park as we were leaving...and we'd heard that two people already hadn't done so well in the heat. Washington is just not prepared to deal with this kind of heat!! Nor are its residents!!!

The ride home was much more scenic than the one up...we took the back way and stayed off the highways. The fun part was trying to keep the kids awake!! NOT!!!!! But I didn't want a repeat of yesterday....napping after 5pm!

When we got home we had a picnic on the back deck...DJ was all geared up for a picnic, so we all ate outside!! And we ate the food I'd taken too!! No sense cooking something! After dinner we tried just cooling off!! The kids got naked and danced around in the cool air the a/c was pumping!!! They went to bed and Howie and I broke out the freezies!!!!! Been waiting all day for that! :)

Now, I'm draggin myself to bed....tempted to camp out in the living room as its cooler, but my bed is far too comfy for that!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

To Maple Valley and back!!!

That's how far I went today!!!! But we sure had fun doing it!!!

This morning it was just me and SamSam!!! And she didn't get up til 9!!! GLORIOUS!!!!!!! I got up before her, got ready for the day and then she came out of her room....she was up shortly after me, but was busy playing in her room. Usually she doesn't get to do that as DJ goes in to "get" her when she wakes.

After breakfast we hightailed it outta here! Knowing how much I had to do, I wanted to get a good start on the day....and I would have been doing good if I hadn't forgotten my knitted items to enter into the State Fair. URGH!!!! Since we were only 5 miles from home, I turned around and came back for them. Today was the last day for entries.

We finally made it to the Fairgrounds after some stop and go traffic in town (a sign of what's to come I'm sure!) only to find no one who actually worked there...and the Administration building was closed! URGH!!!!! So I left there with a sigh, and a promise to make a phone call first thing Monday morning. I tried calling while I was in the parking lot, and got the machine that doesn't let you leave a message.

When we finally got under way, we headed to Lynnwood first for deliveries....the first 4 weren't home!! So, it was going much quicker than expected!! Next stop was my District Manager's house....you see, recently there was a fire in the an apartment building and 30 people lost everything!! Karen's 9 year old daughter, Chloe, wanted to do something for the people who lost everything, and so they started the Chloe Broussard Fire Victim Relief....and started taking donations. The news caught wind of this little girl's idea, and it's spiraled!!! HUGELY!!! When I got there, they had bags on top of bags, on top of boxes!!!  While I was there, someone dropped off a tv and a table...and more people were pulling up! It was a never ending stream of people and bags and boxes!!  SO very awesome for this little girl to learn that a community CAN pull together to help others!!

After leaving there we finished off the local deliveries and  by 2 we were on the road south for Maple Valley. I have a dear friend, Nikki, who just moved into their new home this past Spring, and she was throwing a "We Miss Our Friends, Come Hang With Us" party...so she'd get all the unpacking done!!! HA! It worked tho!! I didn't see any boxes in the living area!!! She also had an Avon order, so two birds...one drive....worked out well! Plus, Samantha had an absolute blast playing in their back yard on their very own "park" and with all the other kids present! We left there at 5:05 and she was out like a light at 5:11!! Not my ideal time for her to take a nap, but at least I wasn't stuck in the perpetual game of Mad Gab while I'm driving and she's talking. I swear, that's what it's like!! She says something, and I rack my brain to figure what it sounds like and what she's trying to say...just like Mad Gab!!! (Great game btw!)

We finally made it home shortly after 6 and it was none too soon! After only a 40 minute snooze, Samantha was not pleased to still be in her car seat!!! Thankfully Howie was already on top of the whole dinner thing, I unloaded and got started on the noodles to go with dinner and we sat down to eat. DJ was still outside enjoying the cool water of the pool (it hit 95 here today! Hottest day of the year so far!) next door. When he did finally come in, he ate and pretty much went right to bed. He snuggled with Howie for a few minutes and they were quietly talking while I was doing dishes...the conversation ended with DJ wanting to go to bed!!!! I was shocked!!! But he'd had a full day of fishing, playing and swimming!

Samantha on the other hand, didn't go to bed til 9 thanks to her late napscapade!! Howie wasn't too far behind her schedule either!! So, I watched a movie I've had in DVR for a while...Coach Carter. Now, I don't even like basketball, but this was a GOOD movie!!!!! And, its based on a true story...so that makes it even more watchable! The only bad part for me was that it was one of those "let's talk about what you just saw" kind of movies...so all the commentary made it 3 and a half hours long!! Thank goodness for fast forward!!! Skipped right thru all that crap!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I got a glimpse of what it used to be

Like to have one child. I do remember those days of just DJ around....even further back, to just Jake!!! Tonite I got a glimpse of what its like with just SamSam!! DJ joined the neighbours as they attended David's football practice!!! They invited, and he said yes before he even asked me!! He was SO excited!! He came in from the pool, got dressed, ate dinner quickly, and took off without so much as a hug or kiss! I called his butt back in the house to say goodbye properly! Something I blame my father for!! :s  (love you dad!)

This morning everyone slept in late after the later than normal evening. The kids didn't get up til 8:30 and we finally go up about quarter to 9...just perfect! Howie got ready for work and I fed everyone breakfast. Howie left and the Avon arrived!! I got busy sorting it out and then we took off for the shed...today was book share day! Thankfully I had another gal helping me out going thru all the books and putting them in boxes. We got 60 boxes on Tuesday and I took about 12 of them today! Whew!! The library took 6 boxes and Goodwill took the rest.

I also had one delivery to make to a new customer...so it was good to make her acquaintance today  and hopefully she'll start doing some more shopping with me! :) We got home from all our running around about 1:30 and got down to business eatin lunch! Then Sam took her nap....I tried watching a movie I started last nite, 21...it as pretty good! Sorta predictable...but still good! I liked how it ended! I say I tried watching it, because I didn't quite manage to watch much...I was busy watching DJ out the window having fun! And before I knew it, it was time for Sam to get up! I prefer her to wake up on her own, but there is a statue of limitations on how long she's allowed to go for! :)

After Sam and I ate outside (it was HOT today!!) she then had a bath....then I sat her down to watch Veggie Tales and grabbed a shower myself! I remember those days of just DJ, sitting him on my bed watching tv and taking a shower....Sam did great!! I let her stay up a few  minutes later than normal and we read some books in her room before she climbed into bed.

DJ got home shortly before 9 being all loud and normal....and thirsty and dirty...he had FUN!!!! As I was dealing with him we heard the crunch of the gravel in the driveway...Howie was home!!! While I herded DJ to bed, Howie got work getting the boat ready to roll for tomorrow. Herding was a job and a half!! But I did finally get him settled and in bed!! Then I got busy loading up the car for tomorrow...one less thing to do in the morning.

Once Howie went to bed I watched the rest of that movie and a couple other things in dvr and called it a nite! *nods* Yup, it was a good nite!! Still a bit warm...it says its 70 outside and is midnite...we're expecting SUPER warm tomorrow! Bring it on!! :)

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Friday, August 13, 2010

19 more sleeps!!

This morning was heavenly!!! Even tho I didn't actually sleep til 9:45, just laying there was heavenly!!  Howie had today off from working an extra day last week, so he got up with he kids shortly after 8 and fed them their breakfast. When I got up he was getting ready to head outside to mow the weeds! What we have wouldn't be considered grass...its green, but its not grass!

While he was tending to the outside, I tended to the inside! The kids wandered between both! I got the laundry going and the dishes going...and all before noon too!! Talk about productive!!! I will say tho, I kept thinking it was Saturday because of Howie being home! Threw me off more times today that it should have!

When Sam went down for her nap the boys were outside washing the vehicles...it was SO stinkin cute to watch DJ with this glove that's a million times too big for him, and dunk it in the soapy water, head over to the car and slap it on there, rub it around a bit and repeat! Super cute!!!

While they were engrossed in that, I took off for Fred Meyer as we were in need of chocolate milk and apple juice...the two staples in our children's lives!! Plus, I'd gotten my rebate cheque from therm, and with it got some other coupons...which allowed me to get some more school supply type stuff for the shoe boxes he's doing up. I also scored some birthday tops for SamSam...yes, I realise that its still 6 mos away, but at 2.38 a shirt, how could I possibly pass that up!?!?!! I also finally got Blake Shelton's new cd...All About Tonight! SOOOO good!!!!

I rushed home so I could get ready to head out for dinner. We'd been invited to the home of a friend of Howie's who's a pseudo colleague thru the club....I think....Howie took them out last weekend fishing, so they invited us for dinner and a swim. When I got home DJ was in the pool next door swimming, so we got him out, dried off and into his dry swim suit and off we went! This pool was WAY different than what DJ's used to!!! This had a shallow end (that was taller than DJ) and then deep middle and a shallow end again. DJ thinking he's all that and a bag of chips jumps in the water....and sinks! Howie's right there and grabs him out. At which point we tell him AGAIN that the water's different in this pool! They had a life jacket in his size and so we put that on him and he did great!! Jumping  the water, dunking his head under....just fabulous! Then he'd get tired/cold and come out, take the jacket off and sit in the sun for bit. The next time he wanted to swim he wouldn't say anything and just jump in again...at which point someone would haul him out...AGAIN!! Each time he went under I'd hold my breath for him....and as soon as he's up, I breathe again!

Samantha wanted NOTHING to do with the water even tho she had water wings on, AND a floaty ring....clung to me crying for Daddy the two time she was in the water. She liked sitting there with her feet in the water, but that was it. And it was warm water too!! Silly girl! DJ managed to drag her in....and she screamed bloody murder. I was the one to haul her out....and she went running to daddy! Good thing as I felt something strain/pop in my hernia area...NOT fun!

Before we knew it it was 8:44 and the collecting of children was to be done! We'd had a wonderful dinner, and the kids were in and out of the pool 3 or 4 times! They have a 9 yr old boy and a 16 yr old daughter....so Sage played with DJ quite well! Showed him how to work an xBox controller too!! That was funny to watch actually...DJ has NO clue about video games thankfully! No rush really!

Once the kids were in bed we sat down to watch the last 45 mins of SYTYCD...I'd totally spaced and didn't dvr it....and I thought We'd be home before that!

So....Lauren won....she totally deserved it!!! Any one of them deserved it!!! and Ellen dancing Alex's number with Twitch was captivating!! Hilarious!!!! Id heard a rumour on twitter about it...but it was still fun to watch! And so the summer seems to be winding down now....tsk!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The End of Summer....already!?!?!!

I heard on the radio today a promotion for one of the Fall Fairs in the state....say it isn't so!?!?!! Already!?!?!

And yet, at the same time, I just filled out an application for submitting some of my knitting stuff to our local fair too...sad that its all coming to an end...we sure got gypped on the summer front!! This weekend is supposed to be nice, but who knows what's after that!!!

This morning Howie came home shortly after 7 and moved DJ to the middle and crawled into bed. DJ woke up just before 8 and went to watch tv while waiting for Sam to get up. She did just before 8:30! I then spent the next 3 hours trying to keep the kids quiet and the dog from barking...tough task!!!

Howie did finally get a chance to sneak up on me when he got up tho...I was sitting at the computer working away and she startled me from behind! Usually its ME doing the scaring...and he hates when I get him good too!! So he did his little happy "payback is a bitch" dance. Brat!

Just about noon I took off for Lynnwood for my monthly Avon meeting with my district...and today was GOOD! Learned even more about skin care and what's what. Even got a sample I can give out to someone...who will the lucky person be....?!?!? lol  Then I stayed for the 3pm make up clinic and learned a few more tips!!! Samantha will be set make technique wise!!! Plus, I've noticed in the Avon books they give pictorial lessons which is very helpful!

Once set free I zipped across the road to Walmart (where else!?!?) in search of Blake Shelton's newest cd which came out yesterday....I'm itchin to have it!! And wouldn't ya know it...they didn't have ANY!! NONE!!! Not one cd of his...not just the new one!!  YAY for him, but boo for me!!! I'll have to check at Freddy's when I go tomorrow...crossin my fingers!

I finally got home about 6:15 or so and was happily greeted by two barefoot kids!!!! Oh, and Snickers!! Howie was in his chair looking beat up by two kids! Turns out it was 4 kids who beat him up as he had tagalongs!! Poor guy! Just a taste of what my days are like... :D

After dinner the kids got bathed and put to bed! I then went out to water the garden and pick all the peas that were ready....got quite a few of them too! Then I got to come in and sit in my chair and watch SYTYCD...I purposely waited a while just so I could skip over the fluff part...and the solos....I wanted the meat of the show! Man, I was NOT disappointed either!! Tonite was stellar!! All 3 of them were fantastic!! And while I've predicted Kent to win...I now change my vote to Lauren!! She pulled the bunny out of the hat tonite!! Just magical!!! Phenomenal!  It'll be a close race to the finish for sure!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What might have been

A really nasty cold is not!!! Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat (I can hear my mother telling me to gargle with warm salt water...and as much as I love salt, I do NOT enjoy this!!) and so I kept on sucking back the Halls candies. Then someone on my facebook suggested those EmergenC things...which I happen to have a couple on hand from samples. Those things are NASTY!!!!!!! But, I will say this, my throat has continually gotten better!! I also had a Halls right before bed, and one before I got out of bed this morning. Now, my throat feels fine! And I haven't sneezed once today!

AND the kids got the memo to sleep til 8!!! DJ slept til just past 8 and Sam slept til 8:30!!! The bonus is that I didn't wake once til 7:51!!!! I needed that solid sleep! Made the day that much more bearable! Here's hoping!

This morning the kids just played and played which was good as it was an Avon order day for me! Not much scrambling going on, as most of it happened yesterday which is good! It wasn't til after noon that DJ realized he wasn't dressed for the day...he was still in his jammies! Good thing they look like shorts and a top! LOL That made me chuckle when he realized that.

As soon as lunch was wolfed down they both went out to play for a bit...the sun was starting to peek thru the clouds...they (whoever THEY are) say we're supposed to get to 90 by Saturday.Which will be quite welcome!!! Got a lot to do this weekend!

After Sam was down for her nap, DJ did the unthinkable (to me anyways) and went swimming!!! The older boys next door were, and he feels like he can't miss an opportunity to go swimming! Just watching him made me shiver! He finally came in when Howie got home and his whole body was SO cold!! Howie taught him a VERY bad thing...put those cold hands on Mummy's back!! BRRRRRRR I retaliated and had him do the same to Daddy! He thought it was fun to make us jump about!!!

I grabbed a shower before dinner as Howie was laying down right after to get some sleep...he's currently at work doing a graveyard shift. BLECH! And as soon as the kids were done eating he kissed them goodnite and hit the bed! Which left me to do the bed time wrangling!! All was going well til it came time to brush teeth and DJ tried to assert himself....which got him sent to his room! And in the end made that task quicker and quieter doing just one at a time. They both were tired and went to sleep quickly!

Since Howie was sleeping, I chose not to watch Wipeout without him...awwww....we get such a kick out of that show...and enjoy it together, so I'll wait. Hopefully he will too....lol
I went to wake him at 9:30 and he was already up...so I got his coffee going and sent him on his way. Then sat down to watch tv and knit. Or rather...undo all I did yesterday and change it up to bigger needles! What a difference that made!!!! Much easier.

Now, I'm tuckered out and there's a big huge empty bed with my name on it!!! Every once in a while its nice to have it all to myself!!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I haven't even had my birthday

And I'm already thinking Christmas!! And just tonite, caught myself thinking about Thanksgiving!!!! GAH!! One season at a time please!!! Today was cold enough to have been a Fall day...'cept everything was still green! Yet, my son was outside in his swim trunks and a sweatshirt!!! Do I have to claim him as mine?? At one point he even wanted his snow boots on....all I could do was shake my head!

This morning they were once again up at 6 something....they need to get the memo that we sleep til 8 in this house!!! I woke the first time at 5:30 which was a good thing for Howie as he missed his alarm...and I don't remember anything past "honey, its 5:31" so that's good!

The kids were in and out of the house...thankfully the rain held off til late afternoon! They actually played well together for the most part...til the toy throwing over the back deck brought that to a halt! Sam fought diligently against going for a nap after having a wonderful picnic with Kristopher on the back deck. I love that he's a calming influence on the two of them. They all ate beautifully!

While Sam was snoozing DJ went in search of his playmate....not to be seen/heard from til around 5 when he got sent home for dinner! He said he had fun!! That's always a plus!  After dinner the kids got a bath and got them in bed. Our bed time routine evolved so that they both get put in bed at the same time now...and we piggy back race to the bedrooms with gigglers on our backs!!! Used to be that Sam would get an extra 15 mins of snuggle time, but she's doing good with the switch.

With everyone gone to bed (Howie went shortly after the kids did!) I got to sit and knit and watch the telly! The Bachelor Pad started tonite....kind of a bizarre show! Should prove interesting over the next few weeks! VERY glad Michelle got voted off...but didn't have a clue who Juan was....oops! I also finally recorded the Where Are They Now episode that TV Guide was running! Interesting!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Monday, August 9, 2010

He's been inspired!!!

I just wish he wasn't such a rebel!!!

This morning the kids were up at 6:30...and the tv diversion trick didn't work...they were both in fine form! Howie finally got up with them shortly after 7 and I slept til 9. That past couple nites I've woken at 3:30ish for no reason...and then last nite I added a potty trip at 5:30...so the best sleep I got was from the time Howie got up til I got up just before 9.

I got ready for church BEFORE heading out of the bedroom...good thing too as the kids needed my attention immediately!! I made breakfast for me and Howie while he showered and we were out the door by 10:05!! Not bad! We were on the road the church is on and I got a phone call from a friend who needed a ride to church, so we made a detour and picked her and her son up. The son gets in first and DJ says "Hi, who are you!?" Quite the greeting!

Samantha did great going into her room for while we were in the service...DJ stayed with us as he was getting up on stage to sing his songs with his class...and we practiced them here at home and talked about how he was going to get up there. He started saying he wasn't getting up there, so I bribed him with gum...it worked! He went up on stage!!!

And did nothing!

Not one song!

Not one action to the songs!!


Correction...he stood there with his hand in his pants for the most part!

MORTIFIED I was! I leaned over and told Howie that was HIS kid!!! We did laugh, but then it just didn't stop...and when he came back to us after his class was done, we heard the chuckles...oy!

He started getting fidgety during the rest of the older classes songs, so I took him to nursery with Sam and he was kool with that idea! Whatta kid! That's the rebel part...

We didn't stay for the potluck after the service...not sure Howie comfortable with that yet...but how else is he gonna make friends if he doesn't stick around! It was nice to be greeted by a few people who recognized me from  VBS....kids too!!!

We made a stop on the way home from church to Big 5 for Howie to get new shoes for work...he ended up getting two pair...which meant we had shoe boxes!!! DJ instantly remembered about doing the shoe boxes up in VBS for the missions....and asked if we could do that again. When we got home he removed the shoes and papers from the boxes and wanted to fill them immediately! We scrounged up a bunch of stuff just from around here. Pens, pencils, crayons, two books, a stuffed teddy (from their own collections), toys from their collections, tennis balls, deck of cards, and a washcloth I knit...and now he wants me to to shopping for more stuff to fill the box! He's been inspired!!!

After lunch Samantha went down quickly for her nap what with her early morning shenanigans! Once she was settled we watched the Blue Angels on tv doing their thing for SeaFair. It didn't take DJ long to fall asleep on the couch...at which point I declared it family nap time!! Howie stayed with his chair and remote...I took the dark bedroom and big bed!

About 4 we all got up and got reacquainted with the day! Sam woke up cranky....DJ woke up wondering what happened...and Howie was already outside tending to the boat he ignored yesterday due to rain. About 4:30 DJ and I took off for the shed so I could help unload....it was a good run and we scored some watermelon! Which we had with dinner! SO good!!

We let the kids stay up a bit later than normal due to the naps...and they were happy to watch the Veggie Tales movie I recorded for them. I worked on some Avon stuff as my order goes in this Tuesday. Once they were put to bed tho, I gave Howie a hair cut and sent him off to bed. After getting his lunch/coffee ready I sat down to knit and watch Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives. Thoroughly enjoyed both too!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Girl Dates are FUN!!!!!!

Today was wonderful!!! More than wonderful!! Truly AWESOME!!!

It didn't start that way...the kids were up shortly after 7! We have no VBS and they get up early!!!!! Go figure! And they were in each others business from the get go! Didn't help with the headache I had going. Once they ate breakfast they seemed to have calmed down.

About 11 I gave them a bath since I wasn't going to be home at bed time to do it...and didn't want to try and fit it into tomorrow morning's routine. Since giving DJ a pair of goggles yesterday, he's been wearing them non-stop! Even in the bath!!!! Goofy kid! Its fun to watch him tho. I also gave Samantha her first ever french braid....it lasted all of a half hour til the sides fell down. Come to find out, she was rubbing her head on the floor and loosening it....just being SamSam!

Howie got home from fishing about 1 and immediately went to sleep! He took a work friend, his wife and their son out fishing today....they did end up catching one fish and only 2 crabs...someone stole our other crab pot! SO annoying!!! And just downright rude if you ask me!

I grabbed a shower after lunch, before I put Sam down for her nap...and once she was settled, I took off to meet my g/f Jackie at her house. Made a couple stops along the way and took care of some business! I think it was close to 4 when I got there...and we took off shortly thereafter for Seattle! I just love being a passenger and checking out the skyline! It was raining and overcast, so I could look up quite easily to see stuff! She took me down to Pier 57 to a restaurant called Crab Pot....I'd never been and only learned of when she ate there a couple months ago before a concert she was going to.

The wait was an hour to an hour and a half! So, we walked across the hall to a shop called Pirate's Plunder which had all kinds of touristy stuff! I laughed the most at the Twilight corner with all kinds of stuff that says "Forks Washington" or some such vampirey stuff. After walking around the whole store we headed to the bar to wait for our name to be called. Conversation was easy and fun! I don't she and I have ever really had much one on one time...so this was extra special! They did finally call our name and seat us....since we were smart enough to have grabbed a menu (Yes, mom, I grabbed you one!) we already knew what we wanted.

The Pacific Clambake was our choice for dinner. It had steamed clams, mussels, dungeness crab, snow crab, oysters, shrimp in the shell (which included their eyes!), halibut and salmon on a skewer, andouille sausage, corn on the cob and red potatoes in their jackets. Whew!! What a feast!! And they serve it all in this bowl and just dump it on the table!! They lay down butchers paper first, but that's how its served!! Still steaming!!! It was a mound of food!! The people next to us asked if they could take a picture of it since they weren't ordering that, and wanted proof that that's how its done! Then Jackie asked them to take our picture!

The eating began!! It was DELISH!!! Jackie doesn't like oyster, clams or mussels, so they were all mine!!! SO good!!! It was almost an hour and a half of eating!! Takes longer when you have to work for it! :)

We left there just before 8 and got back to her place just about 8:30...so I visited for a few minutes and then took off as I wanted to stop by Walmart (where else?!?!) to get some contact solution...its one we both agree on! I got slightly sidetracked by the kids clothes dept...and managed to do some more Christmas shopping!! An hour later I checked out and was on my way home!

Jake and Morgin had decided to come here for dinner, so I missed out on seeing them...but judging from the pizza boxes, they had a good dinner! They were already gone home when I pulled in...and Howie was in bed sleeping! DJ just woke up to pee and drink (isn't that an oxymoron!?!?) and then went back to sleep. Now, its most definitely my turn!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I am so H-A-P-P-Y

And I'll tell you why
I know that my God loves me
'Cause he shows me all the time!!

This is one of the songs the kids learned at VBS this week...and on Sunday they'll be getting up on stage (God willing) and doing it for everyone. I have a hard time seeing DJ actually being willing to go up on stage. Samantha, now that's a different story! She LOVES being up on stage! BUT her class isn't part of the group on stage. Yes, I'll be sure to get pix!

This morning didn't go quite as planned....there was no time for breakfast, so I lost some "mom" points and gave the kids plain donuts for the ride to church...no different than a piece of toast with jam...or a sugar cereal...right!?!?! In any case, we were a couple minutes late...and Samantha took off with a gallop as soon as she got in her room...not even a glance back at me! DJ and I headed in with the rest of the gang for the video and songs.

The day itself flew by!! We kept our kids so busy before we knew it was time to send them home! And for me to pick up  my own kids! From here we went across the highway to the Fairgrounds to drop off a new Avon book to a potential client who was a vendor at some horse show. Then we headed to the shed to learn my new responsibility....taking the cast off books we don't want to the library or Goodwill. Whew, that's a chore! Today we had 18 boxes of books...heavy work too!

From there we went to Freddy's to finish up the grocery shopping...without a list even!!! I hate that!! But I have NO clue where it ended up either! I did okay, only went over by 10.00....coulda been worse!

Then we finally got to come home!! OH its been a long day!! And to top it off, Miss Samantha was napless once again...so she was punchy and quite fragile....makes for a lot of fun! So, while DJ was outside playing with the boys next door, she and I read all 9 books we got from the library...she liked that!!! I also decided since both of them were overtired, we'd skip bath tonite and have one tomorrow morning...I had run out of patience...long ago!

They were both in bed by 7:57 and I" willing to bet they were both sound asleep by 8:00!!! There was not one peep from either one of them! I needed the quiet too! In fact, I sat there and read the local paper front to back (I see ya smiling mom!!!) and just enjoyed the silence! It was during this silence I realized I was missing a cat....so I went looking for her, and no sign....then I head outside calling for her and nothing. As I'm out watering the garden Howie came home! So I spent time with him while getting some laundry going and tidying up. We had a good chat! Love those times! Then he ditched me for the bed and sleep!

Which is where I'm headed!! Please Lord, let my children sleep in tomorrow!! Amen! 

Oh, my wonderful husband recorded SYTYCD for me last nite without me even asking!! So, I got to see the end which is most important anyway...and the tri-fecta is as I called it!! Shoulda put money on it! Next week should be interesting!!!

Oh, and I changed the words to the kids' song:

I'm so T-I-R-E-D
And I'll tell you why
Its been two whole days
Without a nap in sight!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!