Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I not _____, I Sam!!

This is one of her favourite things to say! If you call her Baby, Sweetheart, or any other endearment, she will come back at you with "I not ____, I Sam!" With the most serious face on her too! SO cracks us up! Even funnier, she can't say DJ's name right, it sounds like JJ, and yet when he tells her "I'm not JJ, I'm DEE J" she doesn't bat an eye! hahaha

Today the goal was laundry...and believe it or not, I accomplished said goal! The last load is in the dryer done, I just don't feel like going down there to get it. I even got the dishes all done...well, except the dinner ones, I haven't unloaded yet! C'mon, you want me to do everything!?!?! Oh, wait...I do do everything...darn it! Never mind!

I did discover today that I finally got switched into the right district....here's praying that my order date changes too!!! As of right now, it still shows me as the wrong day...which would seriously tick me off to the nth degree!!! I did try calling, but got no where with the "support" guy in India...oy!

The kids were thrilled with all the decorations on the tree when they woke up....its possible I may have said "Leave the tree alone" more than I said "DJ get your hand outta your pants"....quite the chore!

Howie was late home from work, so I held dinner off til he walked in....gave him enough time to change and then we sat down to eat! DJ was being a pill about eating his rice for some reason. The peas, I get, but the rice...that's a normal food for here! Yet, he fought me long enough that there was no time left for a bath. Grrrrr And he got sent to his room for saying something sassy to his dad...I dread when he gets older! I see his little temper already.

After the kids were in bed, I headed to the shed to do my weekly duty...which wasn't much as the book run was very small this last week. I didn't mind. It was kinda creepy being there by myself at nite in pitch black! Remind me not to do that again! I don't mind going there to shop, but to work...I swear I start hearing noises...and I'M DEAF!!!! Should have put my ear buds in and listened to something...next time!!

No Christmas movie tonite...nor was there anything new in the stuff we do watch...so I watched the CMA Country Christmas...loved singing along! That Martina McBride sure has an amazing voice!!! And for some reason, I was shocked to see how old her kids are already! I remember her being pregnant with her first!! Dang!! Who lets these kids grow up!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

This morning I got to snooze in til 9 and then get ready for church without any little people under foot! Kinda nice! I grabbed Sam a dress on my way to the living room as I didn't want the battle of her picking out the dress. She was most content with my choice and even happier to wear her horsey tights again. I ate while Howie showered and got ready and then off we went. DJ was being a pill today...arguing about everything and just being whiny....not a fun way to start the morning.

He wasn't any better at church! That's the last time he takes a bouncy ball with him! I think I'd almost rather have him snoring than misbehaving! He was also a little butthead about communion and saying how hungry and thirsty he was! I didn't feel he was old enough to comprehend the meaning behind the act, so I said no. Oh the shenanigans! Oh and my phone rang during the sermon...HOW EMBARRASSING!!!!!!! I never get calls on a Sunday morning!!! It was my SiL and I hit ignore as fast as I could as the ringtone was Hillbilly Bone...yikes!!!! Then I silenced it! Won't make that mistake again!

Before heading home we stopped for Howie to get one more adapter for the new tv so we can play movies on it...and I needed some napkins and advent calendars from the dollar store...so he took Sam, and I got DJ...he found us in the dollar store and then took both kids back to the truck while I checked out.  Then home for lunch which was left overs. Hot turkey sandwiches rock!!!!! Smothered in gravy! YUM!!! Then we got busy puttering. The goal was to get the tree in the house! And all totes of decorations...which were only 3, but I still feel like I'm missing things.

Once the tree was situated, I couldn't wait to get started....and y'know, I think I'm more than willing to pay someone to put the lights on!!! What  tedious job!! This year I topped last year's count by 200 lights!! For a grand total of 1000 lights on the tree!!!! It IS our biggest tree yet!! Oh and so twinkly!!! The kids were no help! Trust me! I didn't even bother decorating it til the kids were in bed. Who needs that headache!!

Once they were down tho, I was decorating!!! All kinds of purple and gold...and tonnes of others too!! Didn't do the really heavy ones as this type of tree (Grand) isn't made for them. And they'd have to be up at the top, and that's where I put the specialty ones. It sure does look good tho!!! Even the stockings are hung on the fireplace...and the santa calendar is ready to go for Wednesday! And the card wreath is hung up! Like I said, its beginning to look like Christmas!!! Smells like Christmas too!!! The tree is heavenly!!! Remind me tho to wash the tree skirt after this year as I found cat puke from last year...oy!

After Howie went to bed I watched Amazing Race and then the Hallmark movie of the season!! November Christmas...such a heartwarming story! Had me bawling at the end!!! I love sappy Christmas movies!!! Have a bunch in dvr already too just so I can watch 'em whenever I want to!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Third farm is a charm!

This morning dawned early...DJ was up before 7! Thankfully Howie was already up for the day so I snuggled down for a couple more hours of sleep! Just wonderful!

By 9:30 I was dressed and waiting for Jake to arrive! Today was tree day!!! And since he didn't have to work today, he was joining us on our adventure. The kids were anxious too! Samantha was already dressed, but DJ said he wanted to stay in his jammies all day. So I let him be! About 10:30 Howie went for a nap and the kids and I watched some tv snuggled on the couch. Til lunch time that is...then I become a short order cook on the weekends with everyone wanting something different. But we all had lunch and then got ready to leave!

We decided to stay more local and try a new place closer to home. Turns out their prices were too steep for our liking! So we packed it up and went somewhere else we'd seen a sign for. Got there and they were a bit cheaper, but not much. And they didn't have the type of tree I wanted. But we did enjoy their Troll Trail, well, everyone but Samantha that is. She started becoming a bit of a pill at this place. It didn't help that Jake was torturing her either!! Funny, but she just got whinier! Not funny!

Since it was almost 3, Howie didn't want to go to the place we usually go to, and decided we'd just go home and try somewhere else tomorrow. On the way out he went the wrong way but it took a couple miles to figure it out. At which point we saw more signs for another place and boom we were at it! Instead of us all getting out, Howie got out to get prices since that was one of the main points. He then came back and shut the truck off. All the trees were 30.00 and the type of tree I wanted (Douglas Fir) was FREE!! My kinda price!!! But Howie said no as they were untrimmed and scraggly looking. So we wandered around, this time with Jake torturing DJ.
We did finally find THE tree! Howie cut it down and he and Jake hauled it to the truck and loaded it up. The kids and I sat by the fire and warmed up a bit. There was a boy about the same age as Samantha who had on the same boots as her and so he came over to say hi to her. It was cute!!

We headed home and realized where Howie made the wrong turn. Or should we say, the right turn. As it all did work out quite perfectly really! We got home and Samantha had fallen asleep. Perfect timing! NOT! Howie brought her in and she and I snuggled for a bit. She woke up coming in the house and thankfully stayed awake and was happy.

Jake stayed for dinner, but took off soon after. Which worked out good as I was about to bathe the kids anyways. Then they went straight to bed...easily too! I then gave Howie a haircut...he's been asking for a couple weeks now. Then I headed over to the shed as the run was massive!! Got some good eats too!!

Finally I got to park my butt for the nite after putting the food away. Howie went to bed at 10 and I watched a Christmas movie on Hallmark! I love Christmas movies!! Got a lot of knitting done too! Now I'm yawning too much...

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Can I tell you something?

Is DJ's newest way of asking if he can speak to you....sounds like my dad somewhat, now that I think about it. When you hear it 100x a day tho, it gets annoying! "Mummy, can I tell you something?" "Mummy can I ask you something?" I love that he's being polite, but sometimes there's no need to ask permission! Whatta kid!

This morning I got to sleep in til 9...not sure Howie even slept in the bed last nite as he got up when I came to bed he was feeling miserable with a head cold coming on. We didn't have any Theraflu so he toughed the night out with the menthol sniffer thingy and probably slept in his chair or on the couch. Poor guy! DJ didn't mind! Not sure what time he came to bed with me, but he was there when he woke up shortly after 7.

While Howie got ready for work I made us breakfast. Samantha ate dry cereal, but at least she ate!! Then she had some apple with me and a couple bites of Howie's egg sandwich! She's feelin fine!!! Never know looking at her that she was sick for 24 hours! Howie left shortly after 9:30 and we were out the door at 10:30...not too bad! Thankfully most of my stuff was already loaded in the truck ready to go Avoning! 

I finally got to connect with a few people today instead of dropping and leaving!!! Was so nice to see my girls again! Even had lunch at Morgin's house...left over turkey and trimmings! Kids didn't mind a bit either!! I was gonna do McD's for us, but my rubber arm got twisted into left overs! YUM!!! Jake even showed up while we were there, so it was nice to see him for an hour too! Then we headed to Joann's as I had some serious coupons to use!!! Got me some cinnamon scented pine cones for the front hall area....the ones from last year are dead!! Well, they were dead to begin with, but the scent was definitely gone from them! Now the front hall smells Christmasy! LOVE it! I also got yarn to finish off the baby blanket I made for my g/f's baby coming next month. Our last stop was at costco, which was convenient as I needed gas...and we got bananas while we were there!

Then we went to the banks, Ben's and the grocery store so I could get some Theraflu for Howie since he was feeling so miserable still. Good thing he's got the weekend ahead to relax. With one last stop on the way home that worked out, we finally got in the house just after 6 and I got right down to the business of making dinner. We picked up some mac n cheese with the Theraflu....kids were pleased as punch for that! Then they got in their pj's and we snuggled down in my chair to watch Diego. Half way thru we paused to brush teeth and then back to snuggling. Howie came home just as we were finishing up. Tucked them both in bed and silence was golden!!! No more "Mummy can I tell you something?" til tomorrow!!

Howie enjoyed this hot drink and we watched some thing on Televisions most watched holiday shows...something like that...Howie didn't make it long, and headed to bed, I at least had to finish watching it...it was funny! Then I watched a movie I'd dvr'd a while ago called Swing Vote....cute movie! I was a little miffed that I stopped recording with 15 mins left in the movie! We were just coming to the end of the plot (if you can call it that) and it stopped! ARGH!!!!!!!! So don't ask me how it ends...I couldn't tell ya!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!

With no more wake ups thru the nite from SamSam, they were both up just after 7! Ugh! Howie got up with them and I got all of a half hour lay in as he was off to go pick up the turkey from Ellen's house. It was snowing so he didn't want to wait. Samantha was still fevered but was slowly taking in juice. I could care less about the food, but fluids are important!

After breakfast we snuggled and watched tv and waited for Howie to return. He did at 9:45ish! Took that long thanks to the roads. In fact, he couldn't get up our road to our driveway, so he parked in front of the neighbour's house and walked the turkey home. Not on a leash mind you...it was already dead ;)
When Howie finished eating we got busy cleaning. I'd done quite a bit last nite, so today was pick up and vacuuming. While Howie vacuumed I cleaned the kitchen and got the dishes going. Even got the microwave cleaned! Not a fun chore!

About noon we got to working on the bird! While Howie molested the bird separating the skin from the bird, I made the butter mix for it. It was quite a funny time really!! Poor bird! Got it stuffed with oranges and on the bbq by 12:30. Not too shabby!

DJ and I had lunch and Samantha just sat on. Poor thing! Howie cleaned the snow off the steps and driveway in preparation of vehicles. Love that the truck is now in the garage!!  As I was getting things ready for the table, I discovered the can of cranberry sauce was 5 yrs expired! Yikes!! So I called Rick and had him stop off for a few things...onion and gravy...gravy just in case mine didn't work. I've never made gravy before and was nervous.

Seems I shouldn't have been!! The gravy was awesome!!! All of it was awesome!!! Just before dinner Samantha took a nap and woke up fever free!! Even ate a bun for dinner and downed an entire sippy cup of juice! Even ate some whipped cream from my pie! DJ was SO excited for dessert and finally getting some "cake" that he's been begging for for two days! Ellen made a mincemeat pie, so both Howie's were happy!! Never knew my Howie liked it! After dessert everyone cleared out and it was just us! Got the kids in their pj's and we relaxed for a bit. They both went down easy too! In fact, I dozed off with DJ for a bit! I blame it on the turkey!! ;)

Now, I have a clean kitchen thanks to all the help I got from Rick! Huge help really!! And I'm watching a corny Christmas movie...debating about putting on one of my borrowed movies and snuggling under a blanket!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Vocabulary Gems

This morning we finally got to leave the house!!! Its only been since Sunday!! The main goal was to get the propane tank filled for bbq'ing tomorrow...and to fill up the neighbours's tank we filled that we borrowed a couple weeks ago. Thank God they had a spare! :)

First stop was to rep #6's house to drop off some extra books to her...then to another customer's house to drop off an order...but we made a pit stop to the library first. Checked out a couple new books and a few Christmas cd's for the kids to have in their rooms at bed time. DJ has Jewel and Sam has this Martha Stewart collection thingy...they're both happy! I was looking for more kid type music, but couldn't find any. I know the Chipmunks have a cd out and so does the Muppets....but no luck!

Then we went to Fred Meyer where we picked up some last minute things for tomorrow's dinner and spent more time in line waiting to check out than picking up said items! That's what happens the day before a holiday!! On the way to Freddy's, I realized I'd forgotten the dang tanks!!! UGH!!! So we finished our route, and dropped off books to Goodwill...then drove thru the bank...then stopped at the salon I used to deal with that's now up and running with new owners (the stylists from previous shop banded together!) and then home! But only home to eat and head out again!

Before we left tho, DJ begged me to read the books we just got...and since I don't do bed time story time, I figured why not! So we read all 5 of them and I had happy kids! Back in the truck we went with the frozen tanks...I think I suffered frostbite just picking them up!!! Didn't take long to get back down our slippery hill...which was sanded and actually not bad at all! Over to the co-op and wait in line for tank fillage. The guy filling the tank admired my near earrings and was excited to get an Avon book...a first for me!! Then when I went in to pay for the propane, the gal I usually deal with was all over my earrings asking if they were QVC (as if!) and so I handed her a book too!! I have to say, when I ordered 70 books, I wasn't sure I'd be able to hand 'em all out...I am NOT having trouble!!!

After the co-op we went to the consignment shop to see if they had a pair of snow pants for DJ...the ones from last year are too small...and he says they hurt when he bends down. So considering I'd like them to be handed down to Sam, a new pair were in order! Found a pair right away and made him try them on...he was pleased!! Then I asked if I had a credit with the stuff I brought in last month, and sure enough, I did! So I went hunting for boots for Sam...her rubber boots are just not gonna cut it! Found a pair and she hated them...but they fit and were the only pair in her size, so we got them. By the time we got home, she was excited for them!

We barely beat Howie home and I was on top of getting dinner going! Chili sounded perfect!!!! It was perfect too!!! Very yummy!! Kids had nuggets and noodles! Then we played around for a bit...and I ended up sorting thru Sam's clothes that she's out grown to pass some of them on. Discovered a 3T puffer coat in her closet and made her try it on...she hated it (do you see a pattern here?) and then found the princess slippers my mom gave her a couple years ago...they're a size 9 and she's almost an 8, so we tried them on. They're also a heel, so it was funny to watch her walk in them! But, she forgot about hating the coat...and its now hanging in the front hall. :)

Her vocabulary has grown leaps and bounds! I still struggle sometimes with what she's saying, but DJ's  great translator! Today as we were driving around, they were watching Barney' sing along video...and she did just that!! O M G it was the cutest thing ever!!!! AND she was doing the hand motions to go with the songs!! SO AWESOME!!! And her new favourite thing to say..."yeah...I know" with the pause and everything! It used to be "alright" and now we've moved to "Yeah,....I know" noooooooooooooooooo!!!! This wasn't supposed to happen for a while yet!!!

While I was watching tv, I heard her cry out about 11:30 so I went to check on her and she was whimpering in her room...I open the the door and discover her right there on the floor...open the door more and see why...she'd thrown up her dinner. So I rushed her to the bathroom if there was to be any more....and got her cleaned up and her hair pulled back. Then we sat for an hour in my chair...she took some Tylenol and drank some juice...but nothing else came up and her fever started subsiding. Then she asked to go back to bed...so we discussed about where the puke should go...hopefully there won't be anymore!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow Day!!!

This morning at 6 Samantha crawled into bed with me...and DJ, who crawled in earlier, but I have no clue when!! Together we all snuggled and kept warm for another couple hours!! The electric blanket I put on the bed last nite, isn't so electric...but it definitely kept me warm!!!
While the kids were eating breakfast, I called Howie to see how he fared thru the nite at work...to my surprise, he was on his way home!! He worked all nite, so he was coming home to sleep! He said "hi" to all of us and crashed!!

DJ wanted to go outside at 9:30, so I had him wait a half hour before getting dressed. The kids next door were on the slow side of the day, but DJ kept on playing...for all of 10 minutes!! It takes twice as long just to dress him up to go out!! Ugh! Undressing is no fun either! Whatever happened to one piece snow suits?? As much as I hated mine as a kid, I now see the simplicity!!!

About 11 DJ got the knock on the door to go play, so we did the dress up thing, again! And off he went o play! Just as he was heading out, my Avon was dropped off! So I got busy dividing everything up and organizing. Oh and playing with Samantha whenever she asked! She likes to play catch with stuffies! God, I love her laugh!! She was suffering a bit today in the breathing department, all stuffed up with a runny nose. Poor kid!

I got Howie up at 1 like he asked and went back to feeding the kids lunch.  Then he ate and chaos ensued! Remember that bet he lost...today he paid in full!! He washed every washable surface in the house!! Did a great job too!! While he did that I got the cheesecakes made for Thanksgiving dinner. Which also gave the kids their first opportunity to lick off the beater and spatula! YUM!!

Just before 5 I finally sat down for a few...and Samantha liked that idea and snuggled with me...and fell asleep!!! So not what I had in mind!!! I did let her doze for 20 minutes. Then got up and started dinner, at which point I hear Howie say "DJ, wake up!" Noooooo!!! Oh he was miserable to keep awake! I gave him two choices, go right to bed for the nite, or stay awake and eat dinner. He chose dinner!
After dinner I bathed the kids! Not sure how, but Samantha had sticky stuff in her hair! Very glad to get her cleaned up! They both went down effortlessly and without coming out once! I then got busy making a batch of caramel corn while Glee recorded on!!

What a GREAT Glee too!!! Two Bruno Mars songs made it beyond awesome!! Parenthood and the Good Wife were good too!! Now, I hear that warm bed whispering my name!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby its cold outside

This morning DJ woke up about 7:30 and just wanted to snuggle...too bad he can't snuggle without fidgeting!! He got up shortly after and went to watch tv...Samantha joined him about 8...and then they both came to snuggle under my warm blanket. I was told then that it was snowing again. The enthusiasm in their voices is sweet!

The morning was lazy as we watched the snow fall! It was teeny tiny flakes because it was SO cold outside!! By noon it was coming down faster, but still small flakes. Howie was getting hammered at work!

After lunch we bundled up and headed to the shed to do the book run. I decided not to run them into town, so we came home instead. DJ got his snow suit on and headed out to play with the boys next door. While Samantha and I hunkered down to watch Dora...she's all the rage these days!

After a good couple hours outside, DJ came in to thaw!! About 4:30 Howie phoned to say he wasn't coming home. The weather and bad tires are not a good combo! I'd kinda figured as much watching it come down here! And I'd been keeping up with twitter and saw it was taking people HOURS to get home!! In fact, at 11 there were still people trying to get home its that bad! But seriously, we've only got 3 or 4 inches...which isn't a lot, but here, they're not prepared for this! Also a very good reason to stay home snuggled under a blanket!

Dinner was sketti as it was easiest with left over sauce! Kids actually enjoyed it and didn't fight eating the tomatoes, aka strawberries, or potatoes...so that made for an enjoyable dinner. Tinkerbell came on the Disney channel and I went and took a shower after putting laundry away. Then it was bed time for the munchkins...who thankfully went to sleep quickly! I was gonna make some more caramel corn, but once I got the kitchen cleaned, I was done for the day! So I sat down and watched tv and knit. Even enjoyed a mug of Gingerbread hot chocolate!!! Well, after I burnt my tongue...man, I hate that!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Best way to wake up

Was Samantha coming in the room saying "it no-ing Mummy!!" as she was over excited about the snow falling and what was on the ground!! Our first snow for the season...it sure is cold enough! As I type this, it's 29 degrees...and supposed to get down to 17 over nite...brrrrrrrr that's COLD!!! Howie got up at 8 when the kids did and I lazed in bed til just after 9 enjoying the warmth of the comforter!

When I did get up, I got dressed for church and then dressed the kids...Samantha in a dress no less...a Dora one even!! We were out the door after 10 and admiring all the whiteness on the way to church...so beautiful!!! DJ fell asleep again in church and slept for about a half hour...I wonder if I should take him to an ENT for his snoring...its really loud for a 4 year old!!! 

Once we got home DJ was chomping at the bit to play outside...so as soon as lunch was done, both he and Howie were dressing for the weather...DJ to play in it and Howie to fish in it! Which left Sam and I in the house...I asked her if she wanted to take a nap, and she said no! Brat! So we watched Caillou and Dora instead! DJ came in when the neighbours went in their house...and thawed out on the couch under a blanket. Howie got home just before 4 and had no dinner with him...that's okay, I wasn't expecting any fish! He did have fun tho!

Then, because I asked, he reorganized the garage so I can park the truck in there!!! We were joking on the way to church that the truck isn't as good as the car as it has heated seats...so when he asked why I wanted to park in the garage, I reminded him I don't have heated seats!!! So, now I get to park in the garage!! SWEET!!!! No cleanin off snow for this chickie!!!

After dinner DJ surprised me...literally...by counting in Spanish from 1-5....I had him do it twice as I could hardly believe my ears!! Then made him do it twice for Howie too! Clear as day he said them all! Dora IS a good thing!!! lol Blew me away!! Once the kids were in bed, I ran to the shed to stock up...the only thing missing for Thanksgiving dinner is onion...and I'm saying it out loud so at some point this week, I'll remember to pick one up! Here's hoping that trick works!

When I got back Howie was watching the AMA's....and I have to say, I really do like my country music bubble!! Who the heck are all these people who think they're singers!??!!? Have I really gotten that old!?!? In fact, it depresses the crap outta me that I'm old enough to be the Artist of the Year's mother!!!!!!! Downright depressing!!! And truly, him thanking Michael Jackson..."If it wasn't for Michael Jackson, none of us would be here" just shows his immaturity! Somebody get the boy a speech writer!!!! Ugh!!! I was saying to Howie earlier that MJ is my generation's version of Elvis...he'll never die!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

3rd time's a charm

This morning was glorious!! Howie got up with the kids again and this time it was almost 10 by the time I rolled out of bed!! So wonderful!!

The kids were already fed so I got them dressed...I swear Samantha hates pants!! She fought me about wearing a dress, again! And she remembered I'd said that today she could, but that wasn't til later on, finally she listened to me and got dressed. DJ was easy as Howie was already outside, and the neighbours were too...so he was dressed and outside lickety split!  After I ate breakfast, SamSam and I left for costco to finish up the shopping. While there we had a mini lunch of sorts...Saturdays are fantastic for sampling!! At least Samantha thought so!

We got home shortly after 1 and made a real lunch for everyone, except DJ who was too busy playing,  after putting the food away. Then Howie went for a nap and Samantha and I hung out. About 3:30 DJ came in the house disguised as a stink bomb!! Oh he smelled so smoky from the piles of burning leaves and of dirt! It was right then I decided to bathe both of them! While I was doing that, Howie showered. Then it was my turn and then we were out the door for church and their Thanksgiving dinner.
We made one stop on the way...for chew :( after 10 days of none, Howie conceded defeat! He promises he'll do better next time....

Dinner was fantastic!! And the kids did great! DJ ate about 3 buns and brought 3 home. They both had fun making bead necklaces and running around with the other kids. Samantha even got brave and went up on stage just for fun! We left just about 8:30 and stopped to get a movie for tonite. Got the kids in bed and settled in to watch Killers. Which was a no-go as the disc was unreadable...GRRRR!! If you recall, I rented this very movie a month ago and we were having connectivity issues. So instead I watched Time Travelers Wife. Howie didn't want to see that one, so he went to bed. I have to say, its an odd movie! I had no clue what to expect, and certainly didn't expect to cry at the end!! Good movie tho! And I wanna read the book now! It is always better! Then, for shits n giggles, I tried Killers again, after wiping some crap off it, and it worked!!! Just as I was getting it started, Howie came out of no where! He was having trouble sleeping, so he watched it with me. It was cute! Now its done and so am I!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A little bit of Christmas

I had the wonderful pleasure of sleeping in...and the kids didn't wake up til 8! Go figure! It didn't stop me from enjoying the whole bed to myself for another hour!! Heavenly...especially when I wake up at o'dark thirty and find DJ huddled at my back! He woke up last nite at 2:30 begging to come to bed with us...but I flat out refused...took me 10 minutes to calm him down enough to go back to sleep! Rascal!!

Howie was running late this morning, so he didn't have breakfast with me, and headed to work...he wanted to stop at his fave place on the way to work to get some fishing gear! I know better!! ha! After having the "you're not wearing a dress today" fight with Samantha I got down to business of making the grocery list. No easy task when I have to include Thanksgiving trimmings!! I'm actually excited! Knowing the turkey is not MY responsibility is huge!!! LOVE that!

Since costco wasn't on the list for today, we waited til after lunch to head out to Freddy's...which gave DJ time to play outside with the boys in the morning. Sam and I snuggled on the couch watching Dora...Caillou was broken!! Whew! When he did come in, he was chilly!!!

It wasn't til after 3 that we finally headed in to town...listening to Christmas music!! The kids weren't happy with my choice, they wanted Veggie Tales...but I won! Dropped them off at Play Land and off I went in a whirlwind to do my shopping. Remind me next time to re-write the list so similar things are grouped together and easier to find...and also, remind me next time that if I get a cart that lists to the left, to immediately change it!! Man, that was difficult!!

Picked the kids up and we headed to the next stop....where I picked up my Christmas cards for the year!! Step one complete!!! Of course, the kids are all about the get-me's in the store...they do pretty good tho...it was pouring down rain as we left the store and headed home. One stop off at the shed meant we were having pizza for dinner! Kids were happy! lol

When we got home I let the kids keep watching their movie (I caved on the way home...) as I unloaded groceries. Well...DJ can now undo the big buckle on his car seat (been waiting for this trick) and so he was loose in the truck...and took the key out of the ignition and dropped it!!!! Its so dark out, that there's no way I'll find it! Good thing we live in the boonies eh? Got them inside and dinner in the oven and Samantha started freakin out that she didn't want dinner she just wanted chocolate milk...I'd gotten more choc syrup and she knew that...so we had words about that and finally she calmed down. She even had an apple juice after the choc milk, so I'll be changing a diaper before I go to bed!!! I know better!!

After dinner we snuggled in my chair and started watching Tinkerbell again...shortly after 8 we got down to the bed time business...instead of books, the kids wanted me to sing Christmas songs to them...Rudolph and Jingle Bells...they danced and sang along (well, kinda) and it was fun!! They both went down easy with DJ only getting up once. I grabbed all the cards and got to work filling them out!! Got all but 10 done too when Jasper decided he was tired of waiting for my lap to be free and just plopped down on everything! Howie was home by then and we watched Dane Cook do some stand up and then he went to bed. I watched the Mentalist and just enjoyed kitty loves!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Necessity is the mother of invention

Sometimes it can just be inspiration!!!

This morning they were up and at 'em just after 7 again....I wish they could tell time! And be consistent!! lol I know, there will come a time when I'm dragging THEM out of bed...I will remember this!

After breakfast I got busy tidying the kitchen as we were having a play date this afternoon. And in between putting dishes away and loading the dishwasher again, I was dealing with Avon messages and orders! I did hit submit at 11:52...whew! 8 minutes to spare! :) Nothing like cuttin it close! Was a good one for me!  2 new customers this round is a bonus!! If I can get 2 new every campaign, I'd be golden!

Once submit was hit, I got busy doing the 10 second tidy as I knew Kody and the girls were on their way over!! I hadn't even put my contacts in yet! I got the kids picking up toys, and I dealt with the million books we own and getting them back on the shelf they belong on!! They were everywhere!!!! We even found DJ's slippers!! What a bonus!

Since Kody had fed themselves, I went ahead with lunch for us since the kids were begging me for food! I think we've hit yet another growth spurt!! The kids all played well with the occasional tattler coming to tattle on someone!!! All in all they all had fun! Meanwhile it was nice to talk shop with Kody about Avon and sharing tips and tricks!! And of course poring over the books and oohing and ahhing.

About 3:30ish they headed for home and I got the chicken thawing for dinner...and sat down with the kids in my chair to snuggle with them. Howie came home and we all got up...but I was dragged back to my chair to continue sitting...both kids were worn out, they didn't even care that football was on! In fact, Sam didn't care so much that she fell asleep!! I tried waking her, but man did she get grumpy with me!! So I let her have a 20 minute nap...she's not a fan of the 20 minute power nap! ha!

After dinner I bathed the kids...and then got them into bed and hopped in the shower myself...then watched tv with Howie and knit. He went to bed and I kept on knittin! I finished off the hat for Samantha that I started last nite, and then started another...one I'm calling the ponytail hat...I was checking to see if I had the right size for Sam's head on the unfinished hat, and since the top was open, her ponytail just popped right out...and I thought "Huh, that looks cute!!" So, I made one that does just that...it's a hat with a hole in the top for her pony!! And its more than the head band ear warming thingys you see in the store...its cute! She'll love it! Trust me! lol

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

2 new inductees!!!!!!!

This morning they finally slept til 8!!! What a treat! NOW I feel like I got that extra hour I was supposed to get when the time changed! By 8:30 they were back in snuggling with me asking what our day held...and I reminded them they were going to the dentist!! Both became excited!!
After breakfast we got dressed...and Samantha's penchant for dresses continues...but I did manage to get a pair of pants on underneath...to keep her warm more than anything. Thankfully I made the appt for 11am...plenty of time to "fight" if need be about gettin out the door! It was all for naught tho...and we made it with a couple minutes to spare!!

I had the pleasant task of filling out the patient forms for both, while they dove into the toy box! Pretty much as soon as I was done, the kids were being called back! Samantha first and then DJ. While they were off, I spoke with the receptionist about Avon, and asked if I could leave some books in the waiting area. Just as I sat down to get comfy I was being asked to come soothe SamSam...she was wigging out a bit. I got her calmed down and the hygienist showed her all the neat tools...let her pick out a new toothbrush...moved the chair up and down and back and forth...and looked at her teeth. She did awesome!!  Then we waited for Dr Travis to come in. He chatted with her (he's got a little girl who's 2 months younger) and then counted her teeth...she did fabulous!! No tears! And no cavities! Then I brushed her teeth with the fluoride stuff and we were done!

Meanwhile, Mr DJ did incredible!! Beyond my wildest expectations!! He did so well, she was able to clean his teeth, use the water sprayer, and spit sucker (yes, there's gotta be a better word for it, I'm sure) AND do x-rays!! That in itself amazes me!!! Then he got a fluoride treatment and a bag full of the same goodies SamSam got! I seriously could NOT have asked for a better first dentist visit!! He told me Dr Travis was nice and told him he needs to brush his teeth in the morning too...oy! They had their picture taken for the No Cavity Club!! SO proud I am!!

We headed home for lunch with a few stops before. We delivered the books from the run, and then did a deposit at the bank, and a special stop at a shop I've been dying to go into...Sweet Indulgence...a candy shop! I told the kids they could pick out one thing...DJ chose sour fruit balls and Samantha chose gummy butterflies...I chose a mix bag of caramels which will be going into my stocking :)
Then we went to Ben's and I let the kids pick out a colour of yarn for new hats and scarves...Samantha picked pink, and DJ picked red again.  THEN we headed home for lunch! Since the 30 minute wait was up for the fluoride, we got right to lunch! With a taste of the candy after (I put mine away!) which was yummy!! We tried callin for K to come play, but he wasn't home. So they played together and I did some Avon follow ups.

Howie was home before I knew it and dinner was under way!! It was an Awana nite, so we ate early...DJ was doing SO well til he dropped his bowl with maybe 7 bites left...it was an accident the dog enjoyed!
I'm gettin GOOD at knowing my kids now!! I only messed up on one girl's name...not too shabby I'd say!! DJ did awesome in his class and got a treasure for good behaviour! I want that kid at home please!!! On our way home we did the bed time routine and listened to Christmas music.

Once DJ was in bed, Howie followed suit and I got busy knitting up Samantha's hat...I'm just about done, but my knuckles started paining. Survivor was gooooood!!!! SO glad Brenda is gone!! Sad they lost everything in a fire...especially the foodstuffs!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm a winner with Avon!!!

Well SamSam has definitely got something happening nasally, poor girl! But it seems to only bug her in the morning...once she's blown her nose a few times she's good. I think even DJ is starting to suffer, he was up about 12:30 to pee, and then I found him clung to me at 2, so I put him back in bed, he was NOT pleased! And before I knew it I woke up as Howie was getting ready for work and I found DJ once again at my back! Moved him over and next thing I know he's awake for the day at 7! Samantha followed suit at 7:30 with her snotty self!

After breakfast they played for a bit and then got bathed. Samantha has really grown in terms of accepting her hair washings. Its actually kinda nice! There's no more screaming!! In fact, she asks me if she can dunk her head before I wash it...such a HUGE change from a month ago!! DJ still insists he's swimming...my little fish boy! Correction: he's a shark! We sure do have some funny conversations!

Lunch was uneventful...which is always a good thing! And come to think of it, it was ketchup free too!!  After, DJ very sweetly asked me to call next door and ask if K could come over to play. So I obliged and had 3 happy kids for a while!! And a louder/messier house! K went home and the 3 of us snuggled in the chair and watched Veggie Tales. Which TOTALLY explains where DJ has come up with "Hey! What's the big idea?" and totally cracks me up! He uses it perfectly in context too!

After Howie got home from work and changed, I got ready for my meeting. I was picking up Rep #6 at Albertsons and she was riding with me! We had a great chat the whole way there and even arrived a few minutes early! Rep #8 met us there...so it was good to have both come out! It was also nice to get recognized for all my new recruits!! Even got a little bling for my hard work!

As we were in the meeting, Rep #6 got a text from the mom of one of the girls she nanny's for, and got told she cut her hair...crew cut short...and she had such gorgeous brunette hair that was nice and long for a 5 year old. I simply dread this happening to SamSam!! Terrifies me really! The whole drive home was interesting conversation!

Howie was still up when I got home, but went to bed within minutes. I got comfy and watched an amazing Glee!! Oh how I love this show!! But, if you know me, you already know that!! :)

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!
P.S. if you wanna become Rep #9, please, let me know! :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No use cryin over...

Spilled Pepsi....but trust me, I wanted to!!!!

This morning SamSam woke up all snotty...and not in the prissy way, in the she had snot all over her face way!! She wasn't too happy about it either!! Went and got a wipe and let me clean her off and then she climbed in bed with me...DJ was already there! We snuggled for a little bit and discussed what we were going to do today and then got up and had breakfast.

After breakfast we took it easy...sorta...I put all the dishes away and got it re-loaded and ready to go after lunch dishes were added. Then watched tv with the kids...they chose Tinkerbell, which I actually watched with them and learned that its Tinker Bell...Bell is her name and she's in the Tinker clan/family/tribe/whatever you call it. Learned something new! Either way the kids were happy. I think DJ chose the movie...we're really into the "its MY turn to choose" stage of things! SO fun!!!! *said sarcastically!*

After lunch we got ready to head over to the shed to do books...they've finally settled on one day for the book run, which means Mondays are now my day to go get them! Today was a light day...I had 4 boxes of books in total! Even tho it was half the time, Samantha still fell asleep in the truck!! And stayed that way long after we got home too! I finally woke her up at 10 to 4 as that was more than enough of a nap! When she woke, she wasn't too happy with me, so when we got inside I got her boots and coat off and then snuggled with her in the chair...and DJ joined us. That's how Howie found us when he came home from work. They were so content they didn't bother him when he went to change out of work clothes....which is a first!!

Before dinner I went and grabbed a shower since it was an easy dinner...and I had plans for after dinner. Sloppy Joes were on the menu...not my favourite at all! But they are Howie's and they are easy to make! Throw in some tater tots and everyone's happy! As I was dishing it up Howie was getting the table set and our drinks ready...DJ decided he didn't want sweet/sour sauce with his nuggets, he wanted Ranch...and got it out of the fridge and took it to the table....and knocked over my entire glass of pop! Yeah....not a fun chore to clean up! You see, I'd just this afternoon made up the Christmas card list for the year, and even pulled out the extras from last year to do up...and they were on the table...not any more they were a sopping mess in the sink.....and cue the crying! No, not really, but I wanted to!!

After dinner I got to work on my Avon email to my customers and then went to sit in my chair...which was covered in all the kids' stuffies....which were loaded back up in the laundry basket and dragged back to Sam's room...I swear, if she gets one teddy bear this year for Christmas, she's losing 10 of them! There's far too many of them! How does this happen!?!?!?! So they were told to put them back....10 minutes later, I go to check on the progress...and they're all piled up on her bed and all the books are piled under the rocking chair and she's back there 'reading'....oy!!! So they were told to put them away and that it was time for bed. Finally!

Once they were tucked in Howie and I sat down to watch HIMYM...which was good! Quite funny actually!! At the same time, sad how they categorize Canadians and their traditions...at least the mockery was so far fetched it was funny! Howie went to bed after that, he struggled last nite with the lack of tobacco...so here's hoping he sleeps really good tonite! Meanwhile, I kept on watchin tv just knittin away...and actually finished my scarf!!! I can't wait to wear it...wait, yes I can!!!! ha! Oh the wind tonite was horrendously loud!!!! Knocking things around all over the place!! At one point it sounded like a siren outside the window. Even Snickers was afraid!! I saw only one brilliant flash of lightning and then nothing. Eerie!

Now, I'm sittin here listening to the radio...the Christmas station!! Oh I can't wait to decorate for Christmas!! Just gotta wait for Thanksgiving first!!! I'm chomping at the bit this year!!! Both kids will be fun to watch with the wonderment of it all!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Monday, November 15, 2010

I will not make a bet

Unless I'm 95% certain I'll win!!! So when Howie asked me yesterday to make a bet with him about whether my g/f Shirah was coming for dinner or not...I took it on!!!! I knew she was coming! Just knew she was coming!!!

This morning I got to sleep in a wee bit....Howie asked for french toast for breakfast, so I got up a bit early to make that happen! Sounded awesome when he asked! And I was not disappointed!!! Delish way to start the day! We then headed to church with time to spare! Dropped SamSam of in her class and she didn't even look back! DJ was excited to hand off our filled shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child...and I was pleased to see SO many boxes filled at the front of the church!

After church we stopped at Sprint for Howie to get a new case for his phone as his broke...and then the shed to see what was what! Then home for lunch. I didn't want to eat too much as Samantha and I were on our way to a baby shower this afternoon and there's ALWAYS food at a shower! Boy, was I right!!! Samantha even shocked me by eating a lumpia for the first time!!!! Such a good eater! My g/f, and hairdresser, Anneke is in the last 7 weeks of pregnancy and it was good to see her! She's super cute with her pg belly!! I did win one game...by second choice...the real winner had already won a game, and so I was runner up. I chose wisely and got a candle! :) Sam was thrilled for me! She had such a blast that on the 15 minute drive home, she was sound asleep half way home! NOT what I had in mind!

We got home and Howie and DJ were out in the garage...so DJ very "lovingly" woke Sam up...and she shared her bounty with him...we were to take party favours from the shower, which were iced sugar cookies and Sam had chosen two butterflies. DJ was thrilled she thought of him!! We all went inside and Howie carried up the two loads of laundry needing folding...and I noticed he'd vacuumed...which was awesome!! So I got busy folding and Howie got the bbq ready for dinner making. Just as I was folding the last of the clothes, Shirah drove up!! YES!!!!!!! I'd won the bet!!!!

What did I win? you ask....

Why I won all the linoleum in the house cleaned by Howie!!! Yessiree bob!!!! Thankfully he gets to use the new mop I bought a few weeks ago and not have to do it on his hands and knees like I did the last time! Thanks honey!!

Dinner was great and we had a great visit! The kids were excited to see her and played hide n seek with her, she didn't even know she was playing til SamSam came out and told her to find them!! SO cute!! She brought a pie so we indulged in some apple pie and whipped cream! Have you ever had to do that by hand!?!?! I wouldn't recommend it!!!! Hurts! A LOT!

She left just after 8 and it was bed time for the kiddos!!! I think it was 8:40 or so when they finally went down...and then I sat down to watch Amazing Race...Howie did for a bit too, to eat caramel corn! Then he went to bed as it's a "school" nite y'know! I then watched Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters! Both of which were humourous! Got quite a bit done on my scarf and I'm trying to decide how long I want it...I'll likely keep it to two skeins...its SO nice to knit with tho!!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mini Movie Marathon Missy style

This morning I got to have the laziest bones in the house!!!! Can't remember the last time I got to lay in til almost 10 am! And not once did the kids come bother me!! That in itself is amazing!! They did however make lots of noise in Sam's room playing around. Sweet sounds when I don't have to be the referee! Everyone was happy to see me up and moving and I gotta say, I love those hugs I get when they haven't seen me for a whole 14 hours!!! lol

Howie went out to the garage and upon opening the door discovered I had a flat tire...NOT a good thing!!! So while he worked on that, I got the kids dressed, and DJ joined him instantly to "help" which I'm sure Howie just enjoyed! Did I tell you...he's gone off the chew....today was day 3...he's a tad on the grumpy side of it...lots of gum chewing and candy sucking going on around here. So, Sam and I stayed in and snuggled in my chair. He put the spare on and took the truck to get air in the rest...apparently I was 20psi down in the rest of them...which is kind of like hearing Greek! That's man's work!

After lunch Howie went and took a nap, and the kids and I watched Dora...she's made an appearance in our house now...and I have to say, she's SO much better than Caillou!! And the kids actually respond when she asks questions...and they tell her where she's to look/go. Its cute! Howie got up just before 4 and I got up from the couch where I'd been laying with DJ...within 8 minutes he was asleep! GAH!! So I woke him up and all was good! Whew! About 4:30 I noticed Howie starting the bbq up and wondered why he was starting so early...he said it was 5:30 and I started laughing!!! The one clock in the house (toaster oven) hadn't been changed with last week's time change and he was going by that. So, he shut it all down and sat down to watch football.

After dinner I bathed the kids and got them into bed...they were more than ready! As I was to have them in bed and to stop hearing "mummy! mummy! mummy!"  I then popped in one of the borrowed videos from my g/f Jaime....I chose Good Luck Chuck...which I think I've seen part of, but didn't remember it all....Howie went to bed about 15 minutes in...I enjoyed it! And since it was a short 90 minute movie, and only 10:30, I chose another. Last Song....one I've been anxious to see for a while now! I must say, it didn't disappoint! And I had NO clue really what it was about! I was bawling the last half hour! Where did that come from!?!?! lol

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I am armed!!!

But not dangerous....at least I don't think I am!! I could be wrong...but usually, I'm not...wrong that is...ha! 

This morning I got to sleep in a bit...Howie got up with the kids and I curled up under the warm blankets and dozed back...didn't hear a peep til he came in at 9 to get ready for work...and I got up and made us breakfast. Which the kids happily helped me eat! Thieves! Howie left for work and the kids got dressed.We headed in to town as I had a follow up appointment with Rep #6. She's doing good and has her first two orders entered!! So I showed her around the website and answered any questions she had! The kids all played well! Before we left I borrowed 11 movies from her...she's got over 500 of them, easily! So, I am armed with hours of entertainment!!!! When we got home DJ went to find K to play with and found him! Sam joined, but didn't actually play with them...she did her own thing...which was kinda fun to watch her do actually! Then she came back in and wanted to sit in the chair with me....so I obliged! She's a good snuggler!

Lunch was indoor and outdoor...not a picnic, but out on the front porch....a playing lunch I guess you'd call it. Fine by me! I enjoyed my soup and croissant at the table in peace with a magazine!! That hasn't happened often since the weather turned. Once they were done eating lunch they kept on playing. The sun was shining so they were playing!! Before I knew it tho, both were back in the house watchin tv as the neighbours went somewhere...so they took turns snuggling on the couch with me while we watched Phineas & Ferb. Their songs have GOT to stop being so catchy!!!!

About 4 I started trying to figure out what to do for dinner....such a struggle when you can't bbq!!! And trust me, I can NOT bbq!!! Samantha wanted macaroni...but we didn't have any, so I compromised and did rotini with the left over sketti sauce! DJ was NOT pleased with me at all and put up such a fight!! He wanted cheese, and apple and some bread. HA! Not what was offered! In the end, he ate all his sketti!  After dinner I grabbed a shower, so I put Veggietales movie on for the kids. Worked for 5 minutes, if that!  I got a load of laundry put away before DJ was in the bedroom saying "ha ha, I found you!" Like I was hiding! I have yet to find the place in this house where I can truly hide from my monsters kids!

After my shower I got the kids in their pj's and decided to let them finish watching their movie...I got busy making caramel corn for Howie...since I seem to have taken over the kitty litter duties with it being upstairs now, I haven't made any for a couple months! And I do need to start thinking about Christmas!! Once that was done and cooling I finally sat down to watch some tv for myself! Started with Wednesday's Good Wife, which was good, of course! Micheal J Fox is phenomenal as always! It was hard to know if he was acting or being real with the symptoms. Then I watched The Mentalist from last nite, which was equally good!

Jake's team had another game in the playoffs tonite, but since it was all the way down in Lakewood, about 2 hours south of here, I knew I wasn't going! Howie went tho and so did his dad and sister! I got half time updates and then nothing...seems his phone died! But I did find out on facebook from one of the players sister's update! They lost, 49-21 I believe is what I heard. Howie still isn't home as there's something going on on SR522, and he sat there for 45 mins not moving before turning around....should be home soon tho. In the meantime I'm gonna go watch Blue Bloods and knit! Tonite I started MY scarf!! Can't wait!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Strawberries in sketti??

This morning I was wakened by DJ being mad that SamSam was in Daddy's spot in bed...and that meant HE couldn't be there! I simply suggested he get in beside her, but nooooo, he didn't want that! I got sandwiched again!! And then they were up at 7:30 for the day!

After breakfast DJ wanted to go see if K was home since it was a school holiday for Remembrance Day (Veteran's Day down here) and I told him it was a bit early for that...so he played with Sam for a while waiting for me to let him...then he decided to go over there on his own anyways! Came back all excited that K was coming over after he was done eating his breakfast. So he waited patiently for the doorbell to ring. And it did! They played inside for a while and then saw D and C outside, and joined them! Sam did for a little while, but then came back in to me. So we snuggled in the chair and watched Caillou for a bit. She watched, I read!

After lunch I got the sketti sauce cooking and then we headed in to town to meet my g/f Denise with her Avon order! Made one more stop on the way home and that was our outing for the day! Nothing too exciting! While we waited for Howie to come home we worked on DJ's next verse for Awana and discussed what the book asked us to! Then since we had time, I let them colour the table toppers I got for them to do for Thanksgiving...great big blobs of colour and you can't even tell what's what!! LOL I'm also trying to teach DJ how to hold something in his hand to colour with....he gets frustrated easily by this. He currently holds it between his long finger and his ring finger...such an odd position! He's also obsessed with seeing his name on paper...once in a while he'll copy it...

Dinner was of course, the sketti, which both kids complained about all the extra strawberries in their bowls even tho I'd fished most of the big chunks out! Yes, we're talking about tomatoes!! They see them, and don't like them! YET, if ketchup is involved...they're game!! In fact, at lunch today, Samantha dipped her cooked cauliflower in ketchup! And DJ copied her for whatever reason ICK!! BLECH! Just wrong!!

After dinner I bathed the kids and helped put them to bed!! Then as Howie did the garbage collecting and taking down to the road, I did dishes and made his lunch. Then he went to bed and I sat down to watch the telly! BBT was good! Quite funny! Grey's was good too...Callie looks awesome with short hair...and if I had black hair like that, I'd totally have blue highlights!!!! SO awesome!!! Private Practice was a good follow up! Glad its all shaking out the way it should! 

Til next time...pray for the safety for all troops!

P.S. I'd like to thank my cousin Jeff for serving Canada in the war....I thought about him more often today because of Remembrance Day...he comes home soon!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I've said it before

And I'll say it again....


Why does he continue to take stage time on COUNTRY MUSIC award shows!??!

I'm a little passionate about my music..in case ya didn't know!

Speaking of...did you see Blake Shelton take home an award or two...and his fiance cleaned up well too!! Loved Brad's comment about how there will be a baby 9 months from now cuz of tonite! HA!

Today was LONG!! It didn't help that Sam was up twice before I went to bed, and DJ once...and then DJ was in bed with me just before 5 (after Howie got up for work) and then DJ's telling me Samantha's screaming in her room...so I get up and go to her...she's soaked, change her and her pj's and into my bed she goes...they fall asleep fine, but I'm in the kid sandwich and can't move!! Might try them both on Howie's side and leave me my own space next time...that and SamSam's baby fine hair tickles my nose!

We got for the day just before 8...which was fine as we had A LOT to do today! Well not really A LOT, but quite a few miles to cover!! It was an Avon delivery day!! I wanted out of the house by 10...which meant 10:20ish....but we were off!!!!! Then 5 miles from home I remember something incredibly vital...so we turn around and get it...so it was 10:30ish when we left for real!

Did a few stops and then landed at my g/f Michelle's place...I'd been talking to her for a while now about joining Avon...and today, she did!!! So that's number 8 now on my plate!!!! YAY me!!!!!! I know she'll do well, as she just took 3 of my clients with her...her mom, our mutual friend Laura and herself!!! Its all good tho! Now, I gotta go find me 3 replacements!!!  The kids ate lunch there, and enjoyed playing with her grandkids' toys...and then discovered all her stuffies and played with them! Crazy kids!

We left there and stopped at Joann's to get my yarn for the baby blanket...they didn't have the colour I needed....different store, and they had WAY less yarn options than the Lynnwood one! Shoulda just gone there in the first place...hindsight... We got out of there and I noticed it was 2, and it dawned on me that I was to meet Nikki with some Avon stuff...and I had a half hour to get there! YIKES! Thank God for carpool lanes!! Made it and was only 3 minutes late! That was in Bothell...then I had to go back to Everett and deliver two orders!

About 3:30 we were headed home...with a stop at Freddy's for dinner! I'd gotten my rewards in the mail yesterday, so today, I got a roast chicken and some macaroni salad...yum!!! Thanks Freddy! Howie was already home when we got home, and after changing, I got right down to getting dinner on the table...Wednesday's are Awana nites, remember! So we were eating early enough to get us out the door in time! Even still it was 5:48 when we left...BUT...I did manage to get there in time to check in my first kid!! Usually, I miss the first 2 or 3 as they're leaders kids...but not tonite! I even got all my work done and packed up by 8 again! Went and picked DJ up from his class where he earned ANOTHER treasure for being a good kid!!!

Instead of going right home I had to stop for gas...and then we stopped at Ben Franklin to see if he had any yarn...he did, but the wrong colour!!! I may end up giving an unfinished gift...hate doing that! Its the thought that counts right? We finally got home just after 9 and DJ went straight to bed with minimal fuss and a few delay/stall tactics....expected! Once he was tucked in, I got to work on the messy kitchen! Got the dishes loaded and entered in my two new reps online so they can officially open for business! Howie had the CMA's on, so I was half listening but it wasn't til 15 mins before it was over that I got to sit. Brad Paisley wining EOTY is awesome!!!!! SO glad I can say I saw him live and KNOW he puts on a great show!! Certainly entertained my socks off! Then I watched the whole thing with a cat in my lap!! Perfect cap to an evening!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I feel childish

After going to the dentist today! Sheesh!!

This morning the kids woke up at normal time...I think we've gotten over the time change hurdle! Finally! Breakfast was once again cereal...and I must say, Samantha is doing fantastic at making a milk mess!! Ha! She does good getting it all in her mouth too, she's just not got surgeon hands yet lol!

After breakfast they got busy playing, pretending, chasing, giggling, crying, tattling, squealing, sharing, pushing, pulling...normal things! If you know my kids, you can figure out who's doing what on that list!

Before lunch they finally wanted to get dressed! Such lazy kids! No, really, I was having issues with some software on our computer and spent a grueling 2 hours in a "live" chat (that was no where near instant) with some tech...and we did correct the software, but I have no clue if it works as it frustrated me so bad, I haven't gone back to it since the reboot!

After lunch we packed up as I had a meeting with my newest recruit...she used to sell Avon a couple years ago, and wanted back in...gladly!!! So, if you're keeping track, she's #7!! WOOT!!! Did you know anyone in the US can be a rep under me...just saying! We were supposed to meet at McDonalds since they have a play land, but it was cold and rainy, and their structure is outdoors. And then I had a stoke of genius...Fred Meyer!! They have a play land and a starbux!!! Worked perfectly too!! I even got a salted caramel hot chocolate! YUM!!! If you've never had one...GO get one!!!! You can thank me later...in the form of a starbux card :)

Since there wasn't time to head home after my appt, we headed to the dentist's office to wait for Howie. We were doing the vehicle swap...he took the kids home and I went to the dentist. They took x-rays of all my teeth and of the broken one twice. Then I swear I waited a half hour for the dentist to come check me out. Turns out the broken tooth isn't that broken, and doesn't need a crown! SUCH good news!! And all can be fixed with a filling!! Whew!! Then he did a quick check of my other teeth and found 3 (THREE!!!!) more cavities!! SO not kool!! They're tiny, and shouldn't have decay, but we need to tend to them quickly! Which is why all 4 will be filled on the 13th of Dec...blah! And I'm getting a cleaning too! Lovely 2 hour appt to look forward to! I also made an appt for the kids' first ever dental appt next wednesday!! I'm excited! Ha!

Got home shortly after 5 and got dinner going! After that it was bath nite for the kiddos! Then bed time which is, still my fave time of day! Once they were tucked in, I got their laundry going, on my way back up the stairs, I noticed my Avon on the front porch! YES!!! So I got busy sorting and bagging it up.

Howie went to bed shortly after 9:30 and I finally got to sit and watch Glee...which was fantastic as always!!! Love when they do mash-ups!! Now, it be bed time!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I may not have a job but...

Some Mondays are just as miserable as the Mondays working people complain about. I'd really like to know who got the extra hour of sleep!?!?! I sure haven't felt it! I woke up when Howie went to work, and then when DJ joined me...and then when SamSam woke up! They were a tad on the relentless side and less on the snuggle Mummy side! So we got up and had breakfast. DJ's been on a "yogret" kick and that's what he wanted to eat. I asked what else he wanted with it and cereal was decided on. Both of them had it in fact! Been a LONG time since they've had cereal.

After breakfast they were slow to get out of the pj's...fine by me! DJ was also in fine sassy form! His attitude stunk!! About 11:30 we laid on the couch to snuggle and watch Imagination Movers and he fell asleep! Shocked me! It took K coming over about 12:45 to wake him up!! At which point, I had my loving boy back! They ate lunch while K waited and then they were off to play! Since it wasn't rainin, they even went outside for a bit...til DJ took a shovel to his face accidentally! He got a fat lip and survived.

They came in and I put on a movie while I showered. Thank you Tinkerbell!! Howie came home just as the kids found me...musta been a commercial! I came out and snuggled the babes before I headed to Lynnwood for a Leadership meeting...it was perfectly small too...are of us to the one dsm, so we got a lot of face time and talk time! Even got some pizza! While sitting there, I see my oldest client walk by (its her birthday today) and then her daughter walked by (also my client) so I said "hi!" Then when the meeting was over I went and sat with them for a few minutes. I had one more stop before heading home, and then took one slight detour...to Old Navy!! I've had a gift card for there for a while now, and since it was way earlier than I thought I'd be, AND I had no kids! It was a no brainer! In I went! I don't usually look at regular priced stuff, so I headed straight to the clearance. Can I just say, most of what they have is SO thin its insane!! I did find a polo shirt (nice and thick) for me, and a t-shirt and fleece vest for DJ! After my 10.00 gift card, it cost 2.52! Not too shabby if I say so myself!

I got home shortly after 9 and Howie was already in bed, so it tucked him in, got his lunch and coffee ready and settled in to knit! I'm a couple inches shy of finishing a blanket I'm making...SO frustrating when two skeins of yarn don't match up! Guess I'm adding a stop to Joann's this week...oh darn! Or is that, oh yarn! Haha ok the lack of sleep is gettin to me!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Monday, November 8, 2010

I finally hear snoring in church!!!!!!

I kid you not!!!

The time change memo did not make it to my kids....they were up at 5:30!!!! And no amount of snuggling and shushing could get them back to sleep....and since Howie was already awake...he got up with them! Not sure if both of them got up or if DJ stayed with me...its all kind of fuzzy for me. I know Samantha came back at one point with no clothes on and snuggled in a for a few minutes to warm up (not fun for me!) and then she was gone! lol  Then they both came to join me, and Howie shooed them out...so my sleeping in today didn't quite pan out! Howie woke me up shortly after 8 which was the old 9...and Samantha joined the snuggle while DJ was occupied in the bathroom.

We headed to church on time and got settled in...we had a GREAT guest speaker today that is a men's speaker, and his sermon was about teaching kids when you don't think you're teaching kids!! Howie didn't think he needed to yell...I simply said he was passionate about what he had to say...and he was!!! While he was giving his sermon, DJ got a wee bit bored and fell asleep....


I kid you not!!!! We had people from all around us checking out where it was coming from....didn't help that the guy behind us was dozed off too...at least HE didn't snore in unison!! ha!

When the sermon was over, Howie carried DJ out and I stopped to pick up two shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child...they have clear plastic shoe boxes for us to fill up. DJ was excited to bring them home and fill them up with the stuff we have ready. My g/f Kody was waiting next to our truck to pick up some books she was short on...and thankfully I had some to give her!! And arrangements with Rachel to get more for me!! Sheesh!

On the way home, Samantha fell asleep...and slept for 2 hours!!!! She really needed it tho! So the 3 of us ate lunch and DJ was off to play outside with everyone from next door. At which point Sam was awake...but she was being a little diva and didn't want lunch, or to change to go out and play, or to sit with me, or anything...she just wanted to whine! LOVE those moods!! Finally she snapped out of it but still didn't want to eat...so out she went! Howie got a bit of a nap and then headed outside to put the tarp on the boat...and me, I was gonna go lay down while everyone was out of the house...but that thought was VERY short lived as Howie popped his head in to tell me Jake and Morgin were on their way for dinner.  And the 10 second tidy started...which was really more of an hour long thing! I got 3 loads of laundry done too! And was folding number 2 when they arrived! The kids were both very excited to see them!!

Dinner was good...conversation was mostly about last nite's game...and somehow switched to Howie and I in high school and the yearbooks came out! I am FLOORED how much Jake looks like "high school Howie" and then he commented how he was enjoying ALL his hair now as he's afraid he'll be bald later in life...we all got a chuckle at that...but he STILL does need a haircut...bad!!! In case he reads this...ha!

Once they left the kids went to bed quite easily since their bodies were thinkin its 9 pm...here's hoping they figure out the morning thing tomorrow! I then headed to the shed to shop while Howie watched tv...when I got back he went to bed and I watched tv. Amazing Race was tough to watch...all those mistakes!! And the cabbies not letting them have their stuff til they got paid...interesting!!! lol  Sad to see the father/son team eliminated! Penalties suck!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Playoff Season

Has begun!!! For high school football that is...

This morning I had the extreme pleasure of sleeping in....mind you, I woke up at 6 with a kid glued to my back...so I moved him to the middle, got up to pee, and then back in bed. Sam got up shortly after 8 and both Howie and DJ joined her...and I got to stay in bed til just after 10...SWEET!!!!!!!! I got up and made breakfast for Howie and I, the kids had already eaten...and I made a deal with Howie, I made breakfast and he helped me with the book run :) I won on that one!!!

Shortly after 11 we all headed out to the shed...got the kids watching Toy Story 2 and we got busy with books. There were quite a few! It sure is nice to have the extra hands, not to mention muscles!! We dropped off at Goodwill and then the library...and then took a slight detour so Howie could check out the park we drove by. Well...what a great learning detour! He saw this sign for "Wiggly Park" and followed it...turns out its this amazing dog park!!! They have all kind of climbing structures for the dogs, tubes to run thru, and a big grassy area perfect for a chuck-it!!! DJ says from the back seat "We should bring our dog Snickers here, she'd LOVE it!" ha so cute!

We came home and the kids had lunch...I had a half lunch knowing that dinner was going to be early....and then we all just hung out. Howie tried working on the new tv and got picture it...but we were both bummed that it doesn't have closed captioning...and I don't think I could watch regular tv ever again...so it'll become the downstairs tv. I even managed to catch a cat nap on the couch...between being attacked by giggling children!

While Howie grabbed a shower I got our dinner going...left over sketti with fresh noodles...well, Samantha decided she wanted that instead of pizza with Michaela...and even decided she wanted to eat it NOW instead of later! So cute! She grabbed a spoon out of the drawer and carried her bowl to the table. Howie helped her eat while I went and had a shower. He left first to get there early and I waited for Michaela to come...we had to take two vehicles as he had to go in to work after the football game to change the master clock for tonite's time change.

Tonite's game we played against Bonney Lake which is an hour south of us...and I must say, our guys were in good form! The entire game was like a tug of war! Until the last 6 minutes of the game where we pulled two (TWO) touchdowns out of nowhere!!! Final score was 41-28....what a victory!! They played great in the pouring rain too! Thankfully it wasn't too cold, but the rain didn't help! I wore too many layers...long johns, turtle neck and then clothes WITH a jacket...too much!! But I'd rather be warm!  I did get all the Avon books handed out that I'd brought with me too!! And showed off my Flip video camera!!!

The walking and standing in the rain soaked my pant bottoms....I felt like Sam and DJ when I got home with pants wet half way up the calf! Sheesh!!! I paid Michaela and the moment she closed the door took the pants off! Not only were they cold from the wet, they were heavy!! lol  I got comfy in my chair and waited for Howie to get home...and watched SNL...it was a repeat, but had Jane Lynch from Glee on it. Tonite was good...she's a great character actress!! And the band tonite, was someone I'd never even heard of...Bruno Mars...and I gotta say, I'm a fan!!! Howie, notsomuch! lol He went to bed! Now I'm off to join the sleeping!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Is it bad

That people think spending 6 hours to do grocery shopping is bad...even my mom thought so! Ha! And she's gone with me! To be fair tho, its 45 mins to costco, get gas, go grocery shopping, have lunch and head back to Monroe, another 45 mins! That trip right there is 3 hours!! Then another hour and change at Freddy's! A trip thru the drive thru bank, and then the dollar store and Albertsons...at which point the kids are gettin punchy, so bribes start flyin! One last stop by the shed before we head home and all that adds up to 6 hours! OH and we stopped to watch a "Scoop" working...didn't find Bob tho...we did look!

So, funny thing happened on the way to costco...the kids were buckled in, I hadn't even started the truck, DJ informs me that he's Woody, and Samantha pipes up and says she's "Jeddie" (those darn esses!) and that I'm Buzz. (Daddy is Prospector!) Then I hear DJ say "Don't worry Jessie, Andy's got enough room in his heart for you too"

At which point I stifled my laughter!! Think they've been watchin too much Toy Story 2?? Nahhh But, when we walked in to costco, the first thing they see is Toy Story 3 playing on the first visible over priced HD tv we see. So we stopped for a few minutes to watch, and they were both enthralled! Another mom with two kids stopped too...they should put a play pen area up!! My kids wouldn't move!! Then we roll past the display of TS3 videos for sale...and then books, toys, bikes, you name it! They're EVERYWHERE!!!! We've been invaded I tell you!!

When we got home, the kids stayed outside to play for a bit since it hadn't started raining. K was eating so they came inside...when he got done he came over here. Then they all tamped outside...unbeknownst to me, BAREFOOT!! When DJ came in to pee, he left muddy footprints everywhere! Ugh! I was just about done getting breakfast, I mean, dinner on the table so I called Samantha in too! After dinner we washed both sets of feet up! I got them both in bed by 8:20 and they were sound asleep when I checked in 10 mins later!

Howie got home just after 8:30 and ate something. I was in the middle of making 4 dozen cookies for Jake's football game tomorrow. And I'm not the only one either! We watched a bit of tv together...Friday nite's really lack! I did watch Blue Bloods, and I'm liking it more! I swear Tom Selleck hasn't aged!! Then the dvr took over and I watched The Mentalist. Now, its beddy bye time!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Friday, November 5, 2010

We're finally enjoying

Spring   Summer Fall with temps that are quite something! We've had better weather these past two days that most days this past summer!!! Sad really! We're enjoying it tho!!!

This morning after breakfast was eaten I got to work on submitting my Avon order before noon....and the kids got to work making more clean up work for me later....they were busy playing on the deck, and had both Samantha's blankets and their pillows, and a bunch of wheeled toys to send flying down the back of the Adirondack chair...cute...

They even had a picnic outside since it was so gorgeous out! After lunch, they were back out there digging in the dirt having fun....and I got busy with laundry and dishes. Altho, lookin at the kitchen, you'd never know! HA! About 4 they kids came back in and they were FILTHY!!!! Better than muddy, but I did make them take their pants off so I could put them in the load I was starting. Being Evanoff babies, they LOVED getting to be half nekkid running around!! HA!

Howie got home a wee bit late thanks to an accident on Hwy 2, and he took the scenic route home instead. In the end he was only about 10 mins late! Dinner was sketti...which still feels odd to have on a Thursday nite for whatever reason...lol  Just gotta get my brain around it all. In any case, Howie, SamSam and I were all done by 6:30 while Mr. FartAround had had two bites if that....he doesn't like the "strawberries" I put in the sauce...even tho I tell him its tomatoes...so we picked them out, and he finally ate, but still took a half hour to do so....which didn't put me in a good mood to want to bathe them...so they played instead! Howie was busy fixing the tv system so I can watch movies again...and he succeeded!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! Too bad I don't have a movie nite planned til next weekend....we've got football this weekend! :)

Once kids were in bed I got working on the grocery list while Howie chatted with is bud on the phone...then we watched Big Bang Theory together and he went to bed. I got nice and comfy and hit play on Grey's. Which was good...not riveting for November sweeps, but still good! I am SHOCKED Cristina quit tho!!!!  And then Private Practice....WOW was that biteyournailsattheedgeofyourseat good!!! The gal who plays Charlotte is one phenomenal actress!!! I kept hoping throughout the guy Sheldon was with wasn't THE guy...but damn! It'll be interesting to see how her character changes with this now...God bless any woman who has endured that!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

And hen there were 6

This morning I had an appointment to sign up my 6th Rep for Avon....YIPPEE!!!!!!! She's a gal I met a year ago (maybe less) thru the Mommy & Me group...and we went to the pumpkin patch a couple weeks ago together...and I chatted her up about it and left it at that! :) Then I got the mail saying she was ready! So, today, she started her own business for 10.00!!! How awesome is that?!?! The kids had fun too! She babysits two girls ages 4 and 18 mos...so my two got along famously with them! And shock of all shocks...when I said for them to help clean up, they did!!! Well, Samantha did...DJ just put his shoes on and headed to the truck! Silly kid! Someone oughta teach him some manners......

Then we headed to Main Street to meet up with another client so I could give her her order...then we stopped at the post office to mail a package, which is conveniently located next to a dentist my g/f Jackie recommended and since I was literally RIGHT THERE, I went in to get a vibe...the kids immediately started playing with the toys they found in the toy chest while I chatted with someone...and I now have an appointment for next Tuesday afternoon to x-ray my back molar to see the extent of the damage...Please don't let it be a crown!!!!!

Finally we headed home and got lunch under way...then I shooed the kids outside since it was a gorgeous day here! SIMPLY gorgeous!! It was warmer today that most days in the summer!!!! My truck said 72 on our way home and that was at 1! We broke weather records today!! And tomorrow is supposed to be just as nice! I even have the kitchen window open! NICE!! While they were outside I got some Avon work done and messaged all my peeps about tomorrow's order deadline.

Just as I was gonna lay down and rest my head for a half hour, the kids came in...so we all three snuggled on the couch...my fave part of the day today! Howie got home and I went to take a shower before Awana...leaving him to pop the pizza into the oven. Good timing too...I came out and there was 37 seconds left on the timer!! So we actually ate earlier than last week! Good thing too...we made it to the church for 6:10...and off DJ went to his class while I sat at my table secretarying for the T&T group! I'm really getting the swing/routine down....I got all my stuff put away and was able to get DJ for 8:15 and off we went to an Avon appointment. Yes, I know it was late, but I had "the stuff" for her...and she needed it tonite! :) No biggie...DJ played his shy self and ignored us while we chatted for 20 minutes. She's the mom of my hair dresser! So it was nice to meet her!

We came home and DJ went straight to bed (and sleep) so did Howie...which left me the remote! Me likey!!! I watched Survivor...still not sure the strategy behind voting Alina off...Naonka SO deserved to get booted! But I do get the logic behind wanting her in the final 3 as NO ONE would give her the money! Then again, stranger things have happened!

Now, I'm all caught up on my Avon and hittin the sack...deadline is noon tomorrow, so til then I'll be scarce!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I have found their currency!

Yesterday at my hair appointment while chatting with Anneke she said something I hadn't heard put "that way" before. We were talking about how DJ won't do certain things for himself as he is quite used to me doing it for him...like wipin his butt after pooping. (hey, its my blog and I'll talk poop if I wanna!) which as I've told him, he's old enough to start doing and will HAVE to do when he goes to school. But the way she said "find his currency" made SO much sense to me! And my thoughts went straight to that bowl of candy up on top of the fridge!!

So, today, when he called me from the bathroom, I went in with a proposition....you do it, you get to pick anything out of the candy bowl! His eyes lit right up!! And he asked "even the EM EN EM's?" (I wish you could hear him say it...so cute!) and I replied with a big yes!! So, he did it!! He actually did it!! Not well,  but he did it!! lol It'll take some practice! But I no longer fear him going to school and me getting a phone call to come wipe his butt!

I was supposed to have a meeting today at 1, but just as I was putting my shoes on, I got a text message asking to postpone it to another day...so since the kids were already coated and shoe'd up, and DJ buckled in his car seat even, we walked to get the mail and newspaper. And then I checked on my garden...I don't think the acorn squash are gonna get any bigger...which makes me SO sad!! The leaves are all dying and it kinda smells in there! If we get a good dry spell I'll go in and pull everything out. I really wish it had given me a bigger yield. Oh well...it was a good starter garden!!!

Howie got home just after 4:30 and for whatever reason, it became family wrestle time on our bed! And then DJ asked to go for a bike ride, and off they went! Which was the perfect time for me to sit and write up emails and make phone calls with no little voices in the background!! When they came in, I got started on dinner! Did you know chicken noodle soup is a chore to feed my kids!! SOUP!!! They'll eat any veggie (usually) and prefer to eat them over other things (DJ the other nite asked for carrots and grapes over rice) but give them soup and it's a no-go!! Again, the "currency" came in handy! DJ ate all his while Samantha refused! So, he got the candy and she didn't! Boy, did she not like that! But rules are rules! And meant to teach!

Once candy was consumed (and he did share) I bathed the kids before putting them to bed. mmmm they smell so edible after a bath!!! They both went to sleep easily and we got to sit and relax a bit. BUT there wasn't anything to watch thanks to the elections going on here. Thank God the political commercials are DONE!!!! There were SO many of them this year!!!! SO many! So we watched DWTS results show, which is a joke since we don't watch the dancing show to begin with! And really, celebrating their 200th show....they air twice a week!! So really, its their 100th week of being on air. My fave part was watching how the boys have changed over the years....how young they looked in that first season! LOL And OH the HAIR!!!!!! lmao!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I knew there was a reason

I don't keep candy in the house!!! UGH!!!!! From the get go this morning (which was later than normal due to last nite's excitement) all I heard about was candy candy candy!!! So, I told them both they had to behave to get some...that lesson didn't sink in...unfortunately! In the end they each got one piece of candy for the whole day...coulda been more....

After breakfast we headed out to my g/f Anneke's house as it was my turn for a haircut AND colour!!! Even got my eyebrows did!! LOVE all that pampering! I especially love it when someone washes my hair...I could easily be coerced into something I'd otherwise say no to! I could easily fall asleep too!! Dang!!! Scalp massage is VERY relaxing!!! She also used this deep conditioner that is TO DIE FOR!!!!! O M G it was like laying in a lavender field in a warm summer's day!!! HEAVEN!!! I can still smell it now when I bring my shortened hair forward. I got a new style...the inverted bob...but not severe! Real subtle...just enough that when I tuck my hair behind my ears (a constant habit) its all evenly matched. The colour...looks freakin AMAZING! I'd forgotten how nice it looks when it doesn't come from a box! Perfect morning!!

We went home for lunch and then packed up again to go do the book run for the shed..this time I didn't get too many books as they were mostly star trek or star wars books...not my cup o' tea! When I got them all loaded we headed to the library and then Goodwill...then home! We were home snuggling watching tv when Howie got home...and then the wrestling began!! OH and Samantha now thinks its just fine and dandy to take her clothes off to sit on the potty! It is Sam's potty don'tcha know! Funny and yet not at the same time! At least when I get the time to train her, she'll want to sit on it!

After dinner I tidied up while the kids went viral...I swear, food just makes them go crazy!!! DJ got a time out that ultimately led to bed time...but they both needed it! So after brushing teeth, and saying prayers, off they went to dreamland! I then grabbed a shower (but not my lavender hair!) and watched tv with Howie til he went to bed. I even sewed DJ's latest badge for Awana on his vest...he was so excited I was doing that for him!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat!

From the get go this morning DJ knew it was Halloween!!! Even wanted to wear his costume to church...which we said no to...turns out a couple of the teens did...didn't think a witch costume was really appropriate for church service! C'est la vie! We got home and had a great lunch of soup I'd made yesterday....the potato leek broccoli one...oh it was goooood!!! Kids didn't even want to try it...so more for us! It was after eating my last Ritz cracker that I discovered I'd broken a piece of my back molar on the bottom left side....NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! At least it's not painful...other than to my tongue...which can't stay away from it....like right now as I type this....

After lunch I quickly ran to Lynnwood (not ran, but you know what I mean) to deliver two Avon orders...and make a quick stop at Joann's with the lovely coupons I got in the mail this week...I have a baby shower to go to in a couple weeks, so got some yarn for that...and found this silk bamboo in bark brown that will match one of my winter coats just perfectly!!! Oh its SOOO soft!!!! I can't wait! But, it'll have to wait til I get other stuff done for Christmas. Maybe...lol

I got home just after 3:30 and found everyone in the garage...Howie taking fishing inventory and the kids doing whatever they want...Samantha was filthy! lol They were excited (still) about going out tonite and asked if they could get in their costumes already....no patience! I put on a movie for them and Samantha fell asleep! Howie came in and took a nap too...so it was me and pestering DJ awake...he wanted to be in his costume SO bad...he stripped to his shirt and then added underwear....crazy kid! Even ate dinner like that! I will say, he ate well and without a fight with the trick or treating on the horizon like that!

Finally we were off shortly after 6:30....we didn't see one trick or treater til we got to where we were going....a nearby neighbourhood with lots of houses. Buzz and Giraffe were ready!!! Off they went! It only took Sam a couple houses before she figured out what it was all about...and then she was the first to say Twick or Tweet at every house! DJ's way of saying thank you was "To infinity and beyond" the tag line for Buzz Lightyear....he'd even do the arm motion for it! SO cute!  At every house (but a couple) I handed an Avon catalog out....smart eh?? I thought so!  In the end we did about 20 houses...by the 18th Samantha was asking to be up...so we knew she was done! We did stop by our friends house nearby and they were ready for our kids...they don't get trick or treaters, so they enjoyed seeing our two dressed up! Had a great mini visit with them and off we went for home!

The kids were already in their pj's under their costumes, so once the costumes were discarded teeth were brushed and they were in bed!!! DJ was already asleep when I got done with Sam who was being a bit of a pill....but she did finally settle. Both kids were in the same positions when I checked on them an hour later. Sleepin hard!  Which is where I'm headed now!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!