Sunday, May 31, 2009

I don't even know

My last name...wait, yes I do!!! But that's the song I had CRANKED on the radio as I drove my mom's car to my sister Joanne's place in Toronto. What a hairy drive that is!! I'm SO glad to have done it at nite than to do it at peak rush hour times in the morning! Altho the down side to driving it at nite is the glare from all the cars!!! My eyes feel like they've been assaulted! Visually!

There was one accident on the way in too that blocked off two outside lanes...they were just towing the second vehicle when I drove by! But it sure does spark those morbid "what if" thoughts! Ugh! Not pleasant! All the more reason to crank Carrie Underwood!!

So, I'm here, tucked into the kids...and no curtains! It sure is bright downtown at nite! I'm right in the thick of it all too! Of course I couldn't tell you where I am...or how to get out of here! I'll worry about that tomorrow! :)

Speaking of tomorrow...the reason I'm crashing at my sister's house is because I have my physical tomorrow morning. I'm to be at the Dr's office between 7 and 8 am...and its a two hour appointment! Complete with a full physical, blood work, and a chest X-ray. And since I have no internet here in the penthouse (not Hugh's!!) I can't post this like I thought! So it'll have to wait til morning when I have reception! I'm off to read for a bit...and listen to traffic...

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I have no words

I'm stunned actually....*sigh* and not sure how or if to blog about it. If you're a praying person, please start praying that our interview goes in our favour!!!! If it doesn't, I'll have to find another place to live. Things have not gone well here tonite....but I won't get into specifics....please, just pray that our family will be reunited forever!!!

Other than that, our day was phenomenal!! My mom and I took the kids to the local Farmer's Market, and it was quite enjoyable!!! Got a few deals, and noticed one empty we tossed around the idea of them opening a permanent fudge booth here in Brantford...nice and local, only two days a week...what more could you ask for? And the place was hopping!!! You could tell there were a lot of regular/repeat customers. Which is good for business! And it's all in a building, so no worries about weather affecting your product. We'll see if it pans out...

Then quite by accident, as we were driving home we happened upon a HUGE, and I do mean HUGE warehouse sale that happens once a year. All proceeds go to charity. And the prices are ridiculous!!! In past years large jars of Nutella were selling for .17 cents a jar...yes, you read that right...and no, it wasn't expired!! Cans of shaving cream for 1.00, and Gillette Mach3 starter kits for's a steal!! Today was no less of a bargain!! Every year it's different in what gets donated by companies to the charity. Today's bargains were, shaving cream, again for 1.00 (I stocked up for Howie for a year!) lots of weed/lawn products, shower curtains and rods, (I got one rod for .50) Glade candles and sprays, OFF sprays, lots of cell accessories (none fit my beloved BlackBerry), jewellery boxes (we're kicking ourselves for not getting those as they went on half price as soon as we got up to the check-out), and then notepads, pencils, tattoos, key chains, wrapping paper, magnet picture frames, erasers....all with a person's name on it. AND the deal was, whatever you could fit into a bag was 2.00!! We SCORED!!! We got 2 bags of stuff and most of it in the names of kids we know (or have) and all told, we got 110 items in those two bags...110 items for 4.00!!!! That's 3.6 cents per item!!! UNREAL!!! Of course I'm thrilled!! lol

And now, I'm off to bed....gonna read and take my mind off my troubles. Pray!

Til next time...ciao!

Friday, May 29, 2009

"Knock Knock"

Was what DJ said to me today at lunch...while "knocking" on my I responded with the required "who's there" and he says "Daniel John"...I giggle, and say "Daniel John who?" He smiles and says "No mummy, I'M Daniel John!!!" And the laughter was not containable!!! Of course because my reaction was one of pure enjoyment, I got that same knock knock joke about 100 times today!!!! I giggled every time too!!! lol

Took the kiddos to the park this afternoon as the sun graced us all day to dry things it was a good day today!! By bath time, it had gotten really dark out, and by the time I put Samantha to bed it was a mild thunderstorm. Too bad DJ was already in bed...he would have loved it!!! He runs to the window at the first sign of thunder!

Quiet Friday nite knitting...nothing really on TV....and surfing was kinda I'm bloggin early, and hittin the sack! Last nite was miserable for me...not Sam, just me. I went to bed and the ringing in my right ear (I think we're going on 5 days now) is horrendous, coupled with the fact that I had a touch of insomnia...when you have a child who wakes so early, it's a bit of a cruel joke! And early she did wake!!! 5:15 to be exact!!! Nursed til 6 and I had to stop it the pain was unbearable...actually woke me up! So we switched sides and she nursed for a while...and then fell asleep again til 7:40! Even DJ slept in this morning!!! Here's hoping he'll do the same thing tomorrow morning!

Not sure if you noticed or not...but I've added another 'button' to my side bar...tightwadmama and man has she got the inside scoop on things!!!! Not sure if they're just for U.S. moms or Canadian ones too, but its quite the insightful blog!!!

Eclipse is getting to the point where I don't want to put it down....or end for that matter!!! There's only one book left in the series....then what? Back to PEOPLE I go!!! I have been trying to read it during the mornings when the kids are watching 'dartoons'....and I'm trying to stay awake! No, I don't drink coffee...or caffeine of any kind on purpose! We don't mix well!

Til next time...ciao!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rainy days and Mondays

Always get me, not really!! Seems to be a trend to start things off with a song...and prove just how old I'm getting...I hope the song sticks in your head like it gets stuck in mine! LOL
Today sure was rainy!!! Coming straight down...and HARD!!! Enough that I could hear it on the roof WITHOUT my hearing aids!!! Had thunder a couple times, which DJ loved! And the power went out once for all of 3 seconds...just enough to shut everything down...and man was it pitch BLACK during those 3 seconds!!! Living out in the country sure makes it tough when you lose power!! I couldn't have seen my own hand if I'd tried!

Because of the rain, we had an indoor day! No shopping for us...but a nice shower for me!! Kids got a snack and Wilbur and I quickly got in the shower! They were both sitting nicely AND quietly when I was done! Will wonders never cease!?!?!

So to pass the time, I added pictures to my husbands Facebook account like he requested...I've got all the pix here on this computer...and really, it's much easier for me to do it and caption them than for him to do it...I'm still waiting for my dishwasher to get installed and it's been well over a year now....don't get me started!

While doing my 'puter putz'ing...I put on this CD I got in the mail from Statistics Canada (go figure) that has all kinds of kids songs in both English and's got the Hokey Pokey and Five Spunky Monkeys....DJ loved the monkeys song!! SO much in fact that he asked to hear it again shortly after waking from nap!

Speaking of nap...he asked me about 9:30 this morning if we could go take a nap on G'ma's bed again....awwww How I wish I could have given in to him! Sam woke up at 5:45 this morning, but nursed back to sleep...and then DJ woke us at 6:45 for the day. I refused to get out of bed til 7 tho just for the principle of it all! So we did nap together this afternoon...and upon waking he looks at me with his sleepy eyes and says "I have to tell you something Mummy" and I ask what, and he replies "We're awake!!!" full of energy he didn't have a second ago!!! Amazing!

It also dawned on me that I could share more of my knitted things with my wonderful readers...and you'll just HAVE to look at them!!! Oh darn!'s a couple jackets I've made for the kids....I added zippers rather than do buttons or ties for them. It's just so much more practical! And it lasts longer and looks sharper!

OK, enough of my shameless braggin!!! I'm off to bed! 4 more sleeps til my physical, 9 more sleeps til Howie's here, 10 more sleeps til my baby turns 3, 13 more sleeps til my interview.....OY and probably not a lot of sleep happening....lucky me!

Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh what a nite

Late December the next line...but not for me!!! Last nite was BRUTAL!!!!!! Not sure what was Samantha's problem, but she woke up SCREAMING exactly 57 minutes after I'd shut my light out. NOT pleasant!!! I went to her and touched her and scared her even further!!! From there I brought her to my bed, and it took her an hour to settle so that I didn't need to be touching her anymore. I've also had a ringing in my ears that doesn't' bother me during the day....only at nite when there's nothing to listen to...and for whatever was set to LOUD last nite...distracting me from sleeping....then I heard my mom walking the hall at 3:52....then DJ getting up at 6 am...then Sam waking up at 7 am when she heard the juicer going...she wanted some and she wanted it NOW! So by 9:30 I was ready for a nap!! And since kids don't generally let their parents nap (well, not til their teens anyway) I decided to go shopping!! We took my mom's shopping list and hit the town! Well, okay, only 2 stores! I got the fixings for DJ's birthday cupcakes...he was quite excited to pick them out too! And very gracious..."Thanks Mum! I love them" I also got stuff I needed to make more hummus. My first batch is GONE!! I just love the stuff!! And now that I know how extremely easy it is to make...I have a hard time buying it! This time I did something different...I bought some kalamata olives to blend in it. Not realizing at the time that I bought HOT ones....YIKES! But in the grand scheme of's such a little kick and it's a REALLY good flavour! Wanna come over for some hummus and pita chips?? Even DJ liked it...Sam's a given....she's like her G'ma that way! She actually sucks all the hummus off the chip and then eats the chip...silly girl!

Today, DJ asked to take a nap with me again...he really did enjoy it yesterday...and after last nite, who was I to say NO!?!?!? So I got Sam down for her nap, and then he and I crawled into G'ma's soon as I got him covered up...he sat up and said "let's talk Mum" HAHAHA I could hardly contain my laughter!! And he thought he was pretty smart for making me laugh!! So he repeated himself. I asked him what he wanted to talk about and he said "my birthday!" Too cute I tell ya!!! After we talked, he fell asleep and we all three slept for a good 2 hours!!! Oh boy did I need that!!!!

Took the kids to the park and it was all good!!! Got home just in time too!! By the time I got the kids in the house and up the stairs....looked out the kitchen window and it had started RAINING!! whew! Dinner, bath and bed....all good!

I finished off my g/f Wanda's's the before pic....I should have done one with my foot next to it so you'd see how big it was against my size 9 foot!!!!

And here's the finished product!!! I'm so proud of these!!! I only hope you like them as much Wanda!!! They're busy drying right now...but I tried one on and it fit like a glove, so for an 8.5 it'll fit even better!!! And of course, I'll ask for a picture of her modeling them!!! :) to bed I go...trying to do it a wee bit earlier!! Last nite I got totally sucked into Eclipse!! Oh man was it starting to get GOOD!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Me vs Mother Nature

And she's winning!!! It's that time of the month...or rather, I'm waiting on it and I'm super extra cranky!!! Just ask my kids!! Thankfully they can't answer you...but mummy's been growly!!! LOL Not to mention that lovely weight gain that isn't really a true weight gain...messin with my scale numbers!!!! I was all depressed about the number til I realized Aunt Flo is due for a I'm wanting her to get here already so I can see the Maui damage!! I did pretty darn good actually!! Took my breakfast and lunch shakes with me and a bunch of bars....but with getting up at 4:30 am, and staying awake til 10 pm (or later) I was eating more! I can't beat myself up about it tho! I did make really good restaurant choices....but it still could have been better! The one thing I missed...fresh fruit!!! Should have gone to the local grocery store and bought some...but you know what they say about hind sight...

Today was a boring inside day!! It was so chilly (55) that I actually put pants on shortly after waking this morning. It was also quite windy out and rainy off and on. So, yeah, a boring indoor day! Which is part of the reason I was willing to sell my kids on facebook today!! hahaha...NEVER!!! As annoying as they can get...they're MINE!
We did get some good dancing in....DJ absolutely LOVES Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas...he thinks the beat in it is great for running around like a mad child! And nap time was even better!!! Today, DJ asked if I'd lay down with him on 'ma'ama's bed' (G'ma's bed) so I willingly obliged!! Put SamSam down for her nap, and then and I took our blankets and pillows and set up camp on G'ma and Poppa's bed. He was out like a light within minutes....and I was shortly after him!! Was kinda nice to wake up to him instead of sweaty Sam!! He REALLY enjoyed waking up and seeing me there too!!!
Come to find out, my mom napped with my sister Tori til she started Grade 1!!! She'd come home from kindergarten and they'd nap together. SWEET!!!!! I've got another 5 years of naps ahead of me!!! I'm kinda likin the sound of that! Don't tell Howie tho K? He'll be jealous!!! LOL to bed with my bad self!!! More than half way thru Eclipse!!! Kind of at the boring part my g/f Wanda warned me about...but she did say it picks up!

OH and I finished the slippers for her...just have to "felt" them tomorrow and then I'll post pix of them!! I'm so excited!!

Til next time...ciao!

Monday, May 25, 2009


I had no idea how late it was!!! Tonite just flew by!!! Got the kids in bed by 8:30 (not DJ, mind you, but he was out by 9) and then I sat at the computer and read blogs I follow, caught up on my mommy forums, and putz'd around on Farm Town...and then my dad asked for the office so he could work on his bible study...and I went and watched TV and knit. I'm making a pair of felted slippers for my g/f Wanda...and I'm almost done!! I have on more sole to make and then add onto the slipper (its double soled) and the adding of the second sole is so very mind/time consuming!!! It was almost midnite by the time I got done with the one slipper....and I've gotta do it all again tomorrow nite!...and then I came in here (after getting ready for bed BEFORE blogging) and got caught up in other blogs and Farm Town AGAIN!!!! It's too easy to get lost in blog world!!

Recently another blogger asked what it was that made you want to start blogging....and it took me til today to figure my answer out! I started blogging so I could have ONE place to type everything out and have all the different people in my life be able to keep up with our goings on. Especially with all the immigration stuff, I get hand cramps typing out answers to all the questions. So having the blog makes it simpler for me! Originally I thought it would also be a way for my family to keep up with our news, but it seems none of them read my blog...judging by the questions from all of them this weekend about what my status there goes that reason out the window. And truth be told....I kinda like having a "diary" of it an online one that any random person can read....I haven't said anything on here that could potentially cost me a job (don't have one) or my husband (I'll be a widow before THAT happens) or a friend/relationship. In fact, I've gained new blog friends BECAUSE of my blogging!! So there! Not mention all the things I learn from other blogs!!!! And that's why I blog! OH and I enjoy sharing my humour (even if you don't get it!) and my stories about my kids!!! They're bound to get funnier as they get older....I promise!!! lol

Today was a good my mug shots done (passport photos) for the physical that's happening NEXT MONDAY!! Also decided it would be best for me to stay in T.O. on Sunday nite as I'm supposed to be at the Dr's office between 7 and 8 am....and leaving here at 5 am doesn't really appeal to me! So I'll take off once I get SamSam in bed that nite and be at my sister's house for about 10pm, and crash on her couch! I should get good face time with my book that nite. They're normal people who go to bed early!!! lol
I also got to go to Michael's today to pick up the last skein of yarn I need to finish off the said slippers up above! We ended up doing lunch at Costco waiting for the photos to be developed...and then DJ fell asleep on the way home. So he actually took a nap today!!! Which also meant that I got one with Samantha!!! What a treat! After nap we did the water park....which lasted all of a half hour as it was a chilly 71 degrees out! So I got them dried off and dressed and we hit the regular park for a half hour. I'm a good Mummy!!! After dinner I even bathed them!!! Didn't wear DJ out any, he was a bugger to put to bed! Sam went to sleep instantly!! DJ fell asleep in front of the laundry room door in my parent's bedroom...I was in there doing laundry and he followed the light....OK, must get to bed...its now almost 1 am!!!

Til next time....ciao!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another walk in the park!

DJ really wanted it to be a walk in the water park, but they closed it early! Without consulting me!! How dare they!?!?!! And like a blond mom with two kids, I totally didn't see the barricade blocking the true entrance til AFTER DJ was hitting the button to make the water work! D'oh!

So we headed to the regular park instead....and while DJ was in his clothes, SamSam was not, so she got the short end of the stick and had to be in the shoes, and just her bathing suit on! Granted it was still 77 degrees out at 7 pm (yeah, we went LATE today) I just didn't want a little black footed kid!! The padding thing at the park is DIRTY!! I did give her a bit of a thrill tho and put her in the swing! DJ loves to push her, til she knocks him down (LOL) and they both giggle. Well, tonite, there was a little boy there, probably 18 mos old, who was being swung by his dad and they did this 1-2-3 BLASTOFF thing, and once they left, DJ actually asked to go in the swing for a blastoff...I about fell over!! My son does NOT like the swings!!! He used to as a wee babe, but not since last year...or this year! So I gladly put him in the swing and gave him under doggies (my version of the blast off) and he LOVED it!!! All the while, Sam's in the swing next to him just giggling away!! What a great sound!

Even tho her face doesn't say it in this picture...she's happier than a pig in youknowwhat! Man what cute kids I have! Then again, I'm biased and there's a phrase out there "every mother thinks HER child(ren) are the cutest!!!" Which is so very true!!!

The bloodsuckers are out...not the vampire kind either...the skeeter kind!! I think I got bit on the top of my my scalp!!! More annoying than anything! Guess it's time to break out the bug repellent!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bathing Beauty

That was my little girl today!! Case in point...awwww she's too cute for words!!! She got a wee bit wetter in the water today than yesterday.....but not full on step in the water wet! And again, if she got water on her hand, she'd bring it to me to show me....gotta tell ya...that water is COLD!!!!!!!!! No wonder DJ's lips are blue when we leave!!!

Isn't' she darling!??!!?

And of course, DJ had a blast once again!!!! There was a little boy there from last nite (Owen) who I found out tonite is only 11 days younger than DJ...and they got along famously!!! We kept his shoes on today to save his poor toes!! The concrete pad that is the base of the water park is brutal when he falls! Yesterday he broke open the tops of both his big toes, so today we got smart!!! I think there's a pair of water shoes at home in WA...just gotta remind Daddy to bring them when he comes in two weeks!! Time seems to be just flying by now!! 2 weeks til Howie comes for the birthday visit...which also means 2 weeks til DJ turns 3!!!!! Then the next big thing is THE interview!!! *sigh* lot of mental anguish this is causing!!! The "what ifs" are rampant!!!
The jet lag seems to have left me...that and I got a good 7 hours of sleep last nite! (might have SOMETHING to do with it) and here we are Saturday nite, nothing good on tv....and I'm heading to bed after my Howie chat! Who by the way, finally gave in and joined Facebook!!! Never thought I'd see the day!!!
Oh, and if you ever wonder just how much you DO use a finger...cut it while doing dishes....not so much that you need stitches, just enough to render that finger useless...and you'll know what I'm talking about! Yeah, I did my ring finger on the right hand....OUCHIES!!!! It's about 3/4's of an inch long...but not deep at all! It stopped bleeding after about 5 mins....and then I wrapped that sucker up tight!!! Lasted til bath But the air feels good on it now! Gee, if I was a werewolf, it would have healed within minutes....I'm too stuck in this series!!! lol
Til next time....ciao!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Howie Do It

That or hockey was my choice for viewing tv sux when you only have 6 channels!!!! So I ended up having to watch Howie Do It tonite as I had no control of the remote!!! I did try to snag it at 9 when dad switched it to something else, and when he came back in the room he switched it to hockey....oh what a boring Friday nite!! Gone are the days when I'd work til 10 pm and THEN go out clubbing...sheesh, it's only 10:30 now and my eyes are having a hard time staying open...when did I get this old!?!?! Don't answer that...I might have to hit you! lol

Today was a good day!!! After nap time I took the kids to the water park again...this time I let Sam have a turn...Oh she looked SO cute in her bathing suit...and if I could upload the pix, I'd show you just how cute! But the connection from the docking station to the tower isn't there's no pix. Go figure, the one time I take them on the REAL camera, I can't see them!!! grrrrr Anyways, she was SOOOOO cute...she'd timidly walk out to one of the sprinklers, and gingerly touch the water, and then come running to me for me to wipe her hand off. If she happened to get caught in one of the bigger sprinklers (they are intermittent) she'd book it back to me. DJ on the other hand had a blast with another little boy who wasn't quite as brave as he was about the water. It still baffles me that the child I brought into this world, who HATES water in his face during bath time, can run willy nilly thru these sprinklers with water running down his face and not care one bit! We'll see how he does at the next bath....

The "lady" is doing just fine today....he's been rather diligent about putting it up on the table in its box so SamSam can't get at it. When my dad came home tonite, DJ was on the potty and was all of a sudden concerned that Poppa would sit on his "lady" because he left it on his chair. Super cute! Of course, no harm came to "lady"...have ya figured out what "lady" is?? It's his ukulele...cute eh?

I'm still suffering jet lag....according to my g/f it'll take 4 or 5 days for me to settle back into EST...YUCK!!! The only other time I ever suffered jet lag was about 10 years ago...flew to Newfoundland, and in the space of one day took 3 flights...those 3 ups and 3 downs were the death of me....I slept for 3 days straight practically....HUGE difference this time is that I have two kids who need me....and NO sleeping!!! lol

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend in the U.S....and I'm not gonna be there to celebrate! They don't go all out like Canada does for their Victoria Day weekend...but still! And really, Howie has to work Monday, and Jake's with his mom for the weekend, so in essence, I'm not really missing much! July, that's a different story! Hope to be home for that one!!!

Ok...I'm hittin the hay as soon as I have my nightly chat with Howie...what is the matter with me?!?! My parents are still up for crying out loud!!!!!! LOL Last nite I had my chat with Howie out on the deck in the lounge chair looking at the stars....what beauty!! Even saw a shooting star!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The fun is OVER!!!

And it's back to reality now!!! Did the banking today and WOW did we ever do a lot in Maui!!! I don't even want to tally it up and see what the end total was!!! It's just too scary! It was a once in a lifetime vacation....and I did have LOADS of fun....but ya wanna know what REALLY burns fees!!! Instead of being smart (and I did mention it to Howie that I should have done it before we left) and transferring our money from Savings to Chequing...we just did it all by "visa" knowing that it would automatically transfer when needed....well according to the really fine print of our bank (BECU) you're only allowed 6 such transactions in one month! We did 7!! So they dinged us 20.00 for a simple transfer...GRRRRRRR THAT makes me mad!!! Other than that, we've never had one problem or complaint with them!! US Bank...terrible!!!

Today was back to regularly schedule programming...the kids were rambunctious this morning, so by 11 mom was ready to go somewhere and so we packed the kids up and went to a local farm to pick rhubarb! DJ decided to run out of the house without shoes, so he didn't get to come out of the truck and "help" it went quicker!...and Sam decided that it was a perfect opportunity to have a nap!! (I was REALLY looking forward to one this aft!!!) After the farm, we came home and had lunch! And then the fighting began! DJ with not wanting to take a nap...and Sam with wanting to have her nap ON me instead of in her crib. So by 3...I'd all but given up! No nap for the jet lagged mummy!!!

OH...I was the one up with them this morning, so I got to see the delight on DJ's face when he saw the ukulele and that it was for him...priceless!! Absolutely priceless!!! "For ME?? WOW Mum...I love it" Ya, too cute! He hated putting it down at all!! But knows that if you put it back in the box up high on the table SamSam can't get at it!!! It survived day one.....

After the disastrous attempts at napping...I decided to take the kids to the was beautiful here!!! 85 and a nice strong breeze with gorgeous sunshine!! DJ was beyond THRILLED that we were going to the park...and took off running the first chance he got as soon as we got there.

Sam too was quite pleased and walked around in her new sun hat thinking she owned the playground! After playing for a half hour, I'd noticed that some of the kids had their swim suits on...and I knew there was a water park down the we took a walk to see what it was like....yeah.

Have YOU tried to stop an almost 3 year old from going into the water fully clothed!?!?!?!?!! I didn't manage it either!!!! So I stripped him down to his shorts and let him have at it!!! Have you ever tried to get an almost 3 year old to come away from the water park!?!?! While holding a dry 1 year old?!?!!? HA I had a hard time getting that to happen too!!!

All in all tho, they both had a great time!!! And we WILL be going back to the water park!!! Hopefully tomorrow! I hear it's supposed to be nice! And honestly...they sleep SO much better for it!! All that fresh air and vitamin D...not to mention they're too tired to fight me!! SamSam's nursing before nap and bed I'm positively THRILLED that we're back on track with that!! I was quite worried!! I do, however, have 100 oz of breast milk in the freezer....trying to find some place to take it and use it on babies who are abandoned or drug babies....can't just throw it out! That would be a SIN!!! Liquid GOLD I tell ya!!! to never never land I go...well, have to see what Edward and Bella are's another good book!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jet lagged

It just hit me as I sat down to type out my homecoming alive!!! I'm all woozy and disconnected...I literally feel like my head just floated off my body like a helium balloon!! YIKES!

In short...DJ was positively THRILLED to pick me up at the airport!!!! As I put my luggage in the back, Sam gave me I ran around and kissed and hugged her, then ran around to the passenger side and kissed and hugged DJ, then hopped into the truck and off we went for home.
Sam started fussing in the back seat, so we made a pit stop at Walmart for milk....well, Samantha wanted NOTHING to do with me at all!!! She was all about G'ma!! DJ on the other hand was eager to walk with me and hold my hand! Kinda stung tho to have Sam reject me like that!
So we got home about 8:30 and straight to bed!! I put DJ down no troubles....and then came Sam's turn...HA! Again, she wanted nothing to do with me! While I was doing DJ's bed time routine, she snuggled with G'ma in the chair....after screaming her head off that I was putting her pajama's when it was her turn, I took her from G'ma and started nursing her. She immediately latched on!!! YAY!!!!! Oh I was so pleased she wanted to nurse!!!! But the moment my mom spoke (DJ had come out to potty) she was furious she was with me and not her. SO discouraging!! But I persisted and she did eventually nurse to sleep and when put in bed had no protests!!
Hopefully come morning she'll be all about Mummy again!!!

I was smart and packed one gift for DJ to have in my carry I knew time wouldn't allow for all his treasures...and I kept the ukulele's currently resting on the couch waiting for his wake up call! He'll be SO pleased!!! With that AND his new bubble wand! Oh yeah...we spoiled him!!! Plus his Hawaiian clothes....too easy to spend very little on them!!!

OK...need to go lay down....back to regular programming tomorrow!!

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I must say...

It feels kinda surreal to be sitting Washington...doing laundry...with no kids around and Howie at work....normal, yet so very NOT normal!!!! The kids are doing great still with my mom!!! It does sound tho, that she's quite anxious for me to be home now!!! DJ sounds good tho! I'm not sure if he's more happy about ME coming home or the present I'm bringing

This is one of our first pictures IN Maui...we'd just gotten lei'd...and if you follow me on twitter, you'd know how antsy I was to get this!! LOL It wasn't til we got to the hotel that we got presented with our own!!

This one is from the luau we attended with all the worky people....what a fabulous pig-less meal!!! And the ambiance of being on the beach was pretty incredible!!! You can't beat that!!!!

I wrote all our names in the sand!!! I love how the beach is naturally littered with sea weed...I did try to pick most of it up out of my way...but when you do so many names in the sand, you get to the point where you can't be bothered! lol
So tonite we're going over to my BFF's house for dinner...but before that I get to go shopping, just waiting on the washer to finish so I can come back to dried clothes! I have a few thing on my list to accomplish, but will save my crafty stops to do with Laura!!! SO excited!!!!
OH OH OH, in other news...I broke down and bought Eclipse...the next book in the series...and started reading it yesterday on the plane....til I started getting nauseous....I'm really hating motion sickness!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Monday, May 18, 2009


I don't have the link to C&P to connect my blog to MckMama's blog til I get home to the house...but here's my Not Me Monday post!!

In all my flying last week, I did not grab a little girl by the arm as she was walking down the aisle of the plane as I was busy looking the other way thinking I was reaching for my coat my hubby had across the aisle from me...scared me more than her!!! Gave everyone behind me a good chuckle too!!

I most certainly did not tweet about different people I saw in airports I was in....did not see a man in capris...which I'm told are called manpris (they look DUMB!! And my hubby agreed to never wear them!) and then there was the guy wearing hiking boots, leather jacket, black bandanna and a ruffle SKIRT!!! I kid you not! If I was braver, you'd be looking at a picture!!!!

in all my flights last week (3) I did not watch 4 and a half movies (didn't get to finish Magorium's Emporium) which would be more than I've watched in the last 7 mos combined!! (Kid movies DON'T count!)

I also did not regret not paying closer attention to the maps we had of Maui, was I would have seen just how freakin close we were to the Banyan tree!!! Major Maui destination!! Or the fact that, once again, had we looked at a map, notice how close we were to the only yarn shop on the island! Grrrrrr

I certainly did not miss out on a couple deals that I should have gotten, but let myself think "oh, I'll find that somewhere else" Such is life! And really, it was only two things!

I really did not get car sick on our way down the mountain!! At least there was no stopping to puke! Too much motion! And I wasn't the only one!!

Homeward Bound

Its with a sad heart that we bid Maui aloha!! SO could have done a few more days!!! The beauty is just overwhelming!! The sights AND smells!! Plumeria has quickly become a fave smell!! So while trapped in the big metal bird in the sky, I shall fill you in on what's been happenin!

Sunday we woke up early, yet again!! And this time Howie left me for his planned work meeting. That started at 6:30 (yes, AM) and was scheduled to go til 11. So we (Wyndi and I) took the rental and went SHOPPING!!! Oh the deals we found!! We'd done our homework and had two places mapped out. If the first place in Kihei didn't pan out, the our back-up plan was to go back to Lahaina. As it turns out, we would have only had time for one place...and Kihei was MUCH closer!! We found a hole in the wall cafe called Kihei Caffe that serves a FAB breakfast!!! I had a cheese omelet, with bacon and spinach!! And we split a cinnamon bun! We would have done well to split the omelet too!!! HUGE!! So with our bellies full, we set off for shopping pastures!! The flea market was literally seconds away! And as we started walking thru the shops were just starting to open! So perfect timing! I did have a devil of a time finding a Hawaiian shirt for DJ!! So at the one shop, Serendipity, the sales clerk told us Walmart is our best bet! Well that's just music to my cheap ears!!!!
We finished the flea market and rushed back to the hotel for 11 so we could grab the boys and head up to Kahului where Steve and Wyndi were scheduled to go wind surfing for 1pm. When we discovered that they weren't done, we headed for the pool! We got one round of lazy river in and headed back to the rooms for a drink. It was 12:30 when they got done their meeting!!! So the wind surfing got re scheduled for 2pm just in case...good thinking on our part!! About 1:15 we headed out. Dropped them off and went back into town for Walmart! Not only did I find DJ a shirt, I found CUTE swim trunks for his b-day, a ukelele for his surprise and a t-shirt, and a Lightening McQueen car, as well as a bunch of stuff for us! Then we headed back to the beach to write our names in the sand...and the kids names...and Stellan's name (I follow his mom's blog). Oh, and to document Steve & Wyndi's efforts at wind surfing!!!
Drove back to the hotel to get all gussied up for the company luau! A short and sweet 3 hour fete. The dancing was great, the meal was pig less (and therefore NOT a real luau in my mind) and the weather was perfect!! Since it finished so early...we took one last swim!! This time checking out the adult pool...WOW it was heaven!!! The water was so nice and warm it actually made the air seem cool!! And the hot tub wasn't too burning hot! Quite manageable! It drained the last of my energy and I was more than ready for bed when it closed at 10!!
Of course all the packing seemed rather daunting! so I packed up all the clothes laying around and started tidying up. What was Howie doing while I did this, you ask? Reading!! SO helpful! lol His thinking was that we wake up SO early we'd have no trouble doing it in the morning. So I only did half! Couldn't really pack up the toiletries...and yes, he was right! We were up at 5:30!! Blech! Some vacation when you're up before the sun every day!!

We got all packed and met up with Steve & Wyndi to head out for breakfast...back to the caffe as we knew they'd love it!! I chose the greek omelet this time (YUM!) and Howie has the Loco Moco...a bed of rice, a hamburger patty, fried egg and gravy all over that...a heart attack in the making!!! Didn't appeal to me

Then the last stop was a gas station to fill up, and on to the airport! Check-in was a breeze once we got seated together...they originally had us 3 aisles was a breeze....and then we waited for an hour and a half.

Now, we're on a rather bumpy ride home to Seattle...where the weather's been decent! Let's hope it stays that way tomorrow!!

Til next time...aloha!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Water Logged

Today was almost entirely water related!!! WOW!

Started our day off meeting our friends (Steve & Wyndi) to go for our kayak/snorkel tour...if you do nothing else while in Maui, do this!!!! I will admit to my fears here...#1 I've never been in a kayak before...#2 I do NOT like swimming with fish!!...#3 especially when the "fish" could include ones who could eat me up, or destroy my body...#4 jellyfish don't sound like fun!
BUT, I worked thru it all and off we went!!! We did a tandem kayak, so I only had to paddle for half the time! The trek out to the other beach a mile (or so) away from our hotel's beach went quick! We saw a few Manta Rays poking their heads up out of the water...and one even swam right under our kayak!!! That thing was HUGE!! Once we beached our kayaks, we got our snorkel gear on and took off for the reef. Let me tell was incredible!!!!! I felt like I'd been given front row seats to a live Nemo show!! And the sea turtles were mesmerizing!!! For their size they move PDQ!! One even came up right in the middle of our group of 6 to take a breath!! We got to see (and hold if we wanted to...which I didn't) an unagi...which is a Japanese delicacy...once its in your hand it tries to attach itself to you with its tentacles. No thanks! The other thing our guide brought up was a pencil urchin. Now that I held and it was a most bizzare thing to hold! Even tho you can't SEE it move, you can FEEL it move on you hand, just wild!
Then we kayaked back to our beach! Showered and got dressed to go out fo lunch! Came. Back to our hotel and had time for a nap befoe the boys went to play golf AGAIN!! Once they left, we girls kept ourselves busy,,..drinking Mai Tai's and planning! Finally we took off for the pool, they have about 10 pools connected with a lazy river thing! There's also two water slides wich were super FUN!!! Even the world's only w(er elevator! It took 1.2 mil to build it and it takes 18,000,000 gallons of water to raise it! Pretty neat!
Around 3 we met up with one of Howie's co-workers as we'd discusses going snorkeling again only closer to our beach. Turns out she brought another of their co-workers with, so the four of us took off. What a great hour!!!! When that was up, we did the lazy river again!! Then back to the rooms for shower #2 of the day!! Then we waited and waited for the boys to come back after golfing! They did and we finally went to dinner!! Now it be bed time!!!

On a totally inrelated moment...I had my first ever sushi meal last nite for dinner...YUM!!! I couldn't do the raw stuff (sashimi) but I did have a nibble of the octopus and tuna...YUCK!!!

Ok...eye lids are drooping!

Til next time...aloha!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Aloha and mahalo!!!

This flying thing is getting old!! Why didn't anyone actually do the math as to how many flights (6 in total) and how many miles (a million) or how many hours (24 total) I'd be doing in one freaking week!!!???? I tell ya, if it wasn't for my husband and Maui...I'd be snuggling my babies!!!

Who, by the way, are doing AMAZING!!! I've talked to them quite a few times already and its only day two!! It'll get more difficult once we're in Maui because of the time change...6 hrs! That's HUGE!!! Samantha has refused all attempts of breast milk, which just breaks my heart!!!! All that time I spent pumping and she has NO interest!!! I'm going to continue pumping while on the trip just in case she wants to when I get back....I'm praying we're not done! I really enjoy our little sessions! Watching her little face slip into peaceful slumber and her body totally relaxing...maybe that's what they mean by sleeping like a baby...its not the quantity of sleep (which we all know isn't long!) its the quality of sleep....hmmmm. DJ only started missing me at bed time last nite, and woke up with a coughing fit...poor guy! He sounded SO raspy!! My mom said he talked in his sleep..."I need Mummy"....awwww :( He also told my mom about 50 timed throughout the day that he was getting a surprise when I got home...better make it GOOD!!!

So far, I've watched Bride Wars (LOVED it!!!) and I'm right in the middle (literally) of The Darjeeling Limited...gotta say, its not doing much for me!! Howie just told me to stop watching it and find something else...just may do that! The choices on today's flight aren't near as good as Air Canada's I had to rent the digEplayer...12.00 for 3 movies...I guess it works out in the end...

I'll report back more once I get lei'd!!!

FINALLY got lei'd at the hotel!! I'll back up a bit and go over the last 24 hours...I stupidly finished the rest of that did NOT get any better! Blah! I then started Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium and promptly kicked myself for not stopping the other one so I. could see all of this one!! I wasn't even a third of the way in and the player was taken from me...grrrr
And I highly doubt I'll rent the player again (12.00) on the way home as there wasn't much else on it I'd want to see...
In any case...we landed in Kahului on time and rushed off the plane to wait for our luggage. The warm mugginess of the noon time day greeted us even before we were in. open air...loved it! After getting our luggage, we went and got our rental car...we went in on one with another (GREAT) couple. After waiting what felt like hours we were finally in air conditioned bliss! All of two minutes later we pulled into the Costco parking lot...yeah, we're smart like that and had a plan to get snacky things because we were forewarned how expensive things are here. When we arrived at our hotel around 2 and upon exiting we got lei'd with these beautiful purple leis!!! Took a bit to get checked in, but in hindsight I'm glad we were an hour later than the rest of the group...that would have been chaotic...
As soon as we got in the room I took pix before we mussed anything up! The bathroom is gorgeous!! Our room has two queen beds...and we actually had the discussion of whether to sleep together or separately...yeah, I smacked him!! 2 mos apart...c'mon!!
After settling we went wandering the whole resort...stunning!!! Came back to the room and had a snack and then headed out for dinner with our rental friends. I'd done my homework and knew of a restaurant famous for their onion rings. So we went in search of it...let me tell you...they were THE most amazing onion rings EVER!!! We both ordered fish and chips, just different fish...Howie got Mahi Mahi and mine was Pacific Whitefish...his was incredible...mine, not so much! After dinner we wandered the main street of Lahaina and looked into some of the shops. Not for too long as we were all exhausted! Howie was asleep before I was done getting ready for bed!!

Here we are its Friday afternoon, and we're off exploring Maui! Our goal is to check out the crater and then dinner and walking around. Howie got a round of golf in this morning...and I got a good nap! I was up for the day at 4:30 by 7 I was tired again...and with no one telling I couldn't...I napped :)

Til next time...aloha!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just kidding!!

As I type this out...of course I'm not nearly as kool as the astronaut who's tweeting from outer space, and I'm not really actually online as I'm typing either...but hey, its the thought that counts!! Besides, I have a feeling my hubby is going to keep me too busy to let me blog I'm jumping ahead of myself and going back in time...literally plane took off about 15 mins late this morning which in light of everything I tweeted about, was a good thing. Now that I'm safely in the air, I'll freely admit how many butterflies I had just on the way to the airport!!

I didn't get to sleep last nite til almost 2 and I swear it was only 5 mins later my mom was tapping me on the shoulder to wake me up. I bounced off the couch and got myself ready!! My dad on the other hand just plodded along taking his sweet time...making coffee, making himself an egg nonMcMuffin, taking a potty break....I was almost ready to scream!!!! Here it is 5:15 and I'd wanted to be on the road already!!! In the end we did get to the airport at a fairly decent time, with plenty of time for me to check-in and hand over my bags. My one bag was 30lbs of useless crap, and the other was 50 lbs, 2oz....and she seriously wanted me to take 2 oz out of it and put it in the other bag...ya, I didn't!! I'm a rebel....but c' combined total was still 20lbs off the allowable total...the gal who tagged my bags didn't bat an eye I consider that a win!

Once my bags were checked I was in search of a Starbux...not just for a Chai tea latte, but for a "city" mug for my g/f Jackie...and lo and behold, before I could go any further...there it was!! With LOTS of mugs!! So mug in bag and latte in hand, I set off for security....barely 5 sips in and I'm told I can't take it thru security...WHAT!?!?!? I just bought the damn thing 20 ft away and now I can't have it!?!? In my efforts to enjoy my money's worth I tried drinking it quicker...OUCH!!! My poor tongue and roof of my mouth got burned....still smarts too!

I got to swallow half of it (barely tasting it) and then headed thru security...nice and breezy!! Then the long trek to my gate only to sit and wait! The plane was late arriving from where ever it flew from, so there was a bit of a delay...that's fine, sure wish I'd had a latte to drink at that point...they announce boarding for people in rows 25 to 39, so I look at my boarding pass...row 24...again, wish I had something warm to drink...then they start boarding everyone else, so I just sit there waiting still...I mean really, I'm 5 ft from the ticket taker, and I'm gonna walk 15 feet to get to the back of a line that has to end at some point right? And its not like they can give my seat away right? So within a few mins it all dies down and I get up and get scanned in and board. Turns out, the one and only advantage to boarding early would have been getting the emergency door seat, you know, the one with no one in front of you...seems the original occupant of that seat was a non english speaking gentleman...who's now my seat mate...I got the window and for the most part, the mutual arm rest!

I got to watch the first current movie in about 7 mos....Marley & Me...oh what a fantastic movie!!!! I cried and cried!!! Just such a feel good movie!! Trying to decide what to watch next....still have 2 hours before we many choices too!!! But I think this time I'll pick something funny like Yes Man...I'd love Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but its an almost 3 hour movie, and I can't watch only part of it w/o knowing how it ends...and The Reader looks fantastic, but I don't want to cry again!

Part two later...

Part deux...I chose Yes Man as my second movie...and for as much as I cried in the other one...I laughed in this one! Had to watch I didn't start sounding like a lunatic laughing at myself out loud...but it was FUNNY!!!

Got off the plane and got some exercise....I think I walked 500 miles, just to get to yet another security station...before I did that tho I bought a post card, wrote it out, stamped and mailed it for DJ. His first piece of mail! Awwwww
So I fill out the customs form...go thru a check with an officer (who GRILLED me about everything!!!!) Then got my bags, re checked them, and went thru another security check...I tell ya!! I made I thru and got to wander the halls of the terminal for another hour and a half...good thing I had a 3 hour lay over!!

Now, I'm sitting quite comfortably in my leather rocking Howie packs up our suitcase...and waiting for American Idol to come on so I can see the results...and then I'm hitting the hay so I can get up and have a groundhog day tomorrow! We're getting picked up at 5:05 to head to the airport for Maui!!

Til next time...ciao!

Do Not Disturb

*reunited and it feels so goo*

That's it...that's all I got...

Til next time...ciao

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Leaving On A Jet Plane...

I am all packed up....I think!!! Boy what a chore it is!!! Making sure you have all the necessary stuff you KNOW you'll need as well as the stuff you think you might need...and then there's the stuff I know I won't need here!!! OY What a chore indeed!!!!

Today was a beautiful day in every way!!! The weather was nice....the kids were sorta well behaved...bedtime was almost effortless! All around a good day! Gave my kiddizzles a few extra hugs too....the world lost a beautiful baby yesterday as Kayleigh went home to be with Jesus. I've never met this little girl, but she sure did teach me to be even more grateful than I already am for my perfectly healthy babies!!! It just breaks my heart when any parent loses a child....I simply cannot imagine!!!

I told DJ this morning at breakfast that "Mummy is taking a holiday and going to see Daddy" his response "Will G'ma and Poppa still take me shopping?" I think he took it quite well don't you?? Of course, throughout the day I let him see me packing my stuff up, and we talked about how I was getting on a plane and flying to see Daddy for a week and that he was to be a GOOD boy for G'ma and Poppa, and take care of SamSam cuz she'll probably be sad. He even told Daddy that I was coming to see him when we did our bedtime phone I think he's gonna be just fine!!!
Tonite as I was nursing Samantha to sleep, I prayed it wasn't my last time to nurse her....I really hope she doesn't decide that she's done breastfeeding while I'm gone! I'll be pumping every day on her schedule just in case she wants to when I get back. I didn't stop bf'ing DJ til he was 16 mos old and even then it was because I was pregnant with SamSam and it hurt SO bad!!!

OH...I finished New Moon today....what a way to leave me hanging!!!! I NEED to find someone who has Eclipse so I can keep reading and not have to wait til August for the paper back version!!! GAH...somebody help me!!!!!!! lol I do have 5 weeks worth of PEOPLE to read while on the well as a novel by Jodi Picoult (see how savvy I am with the linky things now?!?!?) I also have my iPod ready to go!!!!! Still have to pack a sandwich, and some snacky stuff (Thank you Jackie for clarification) and then sleep....HA sleep....I have to be up at 4:45 so we can be out the door by 5,so I can be at the airport for 6 and then fly at 7:30!! Already done the check-in thing online, so that's one less step when I get there...

Til next time...ciao!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Good day!!!

It's Not Me Monday again....This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Ahhhh let's what did I not do this past week!!! While out shopping last week at ROOTS, I most certainly did not walk up to a woman, thinking she worked there, and ask her if she knew if the sweaters came in double X sizes or not...only to be asked "Do I look like I work here?"
YIKES!!!!! She was laughing at me tho, and told me not to was then I spotted her purse next to her in the bin of sweatshirts she was looking at...oops!

I also did not almost fall asleep today while getting my eyebrows waxed...ya, I know! But it's really not that painful anymore to me!!! And having to lay there with my eyes closed is just a tough thing to do! I did not stay up way too late last nite reading New Moon....noooooooo, not me!!!

I did not go for a pedicure this afternoon with my good friend Annette! She was my therapist/manicurist/movie buddy friend for many years til I moved to WA the first time. And since then, neither of us have found each other's replacement... :( Someday...
I had a great time with her this aft and the pedi was just the icing on the cake!!! Oh she's amazing!!!! I was almost not late for pix with my sister at walmart after my pedi....we decided to do pix for part of mom's Mother's Day gift. Got some GOOD ones too!!! The one of the two of us is a bit nontraditional, but that's the way we roll! lol And we did not order 5x7's of us arm wrestling...hahaha LOVE it!!! I'll post copies when I get them back in 2 weeks!
Next month is the grand kids turn....all 6 of them in one shot...should be interesting!!!!

So the to-do list is pretty much scratched out now!!! The clothes are packed (did not do that while DJ was out with my parents in the driveway tonite) and all that's left is toiletries....most of which are new travel sized it should be fairly easy!!! Other than's bed time!! I have a date with a vampire *insert evil laugh*

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mudder's Day

Altho, today was no different than any other day for me....I know my kids are too young to get the concept and my husband is too far away to spoil me in any's just one year....out of how many more do I have of being a mom??? Many, many!!! So today was regular programming! And routine is good!

In honour of Mother's Day tho, here's a poem my mom handed me a week ago to read....

If I Had My Child to Raise Over Again
If I had my child to raise all over again,
I'd build self-esteem first, and the house later.
I'd finger paint more, and point the finger less.
I would do less correcting and more about connecting.
Id take my eyes off my watch, and watch with my eyes.
I would care to know less and know to care more.
I'd take more hikes and fly more kites.
I'd stop playing serious, and seriously play.
I would run through more fields and gaze at more stars.
I'd do more hugging and less tugging.
I'd see the oak tree in the acorn more often.
I'd model less about the love of power,
And more about the power of love.
D. Loomans
It's hard to follow that tho, even on your first time around the parenting ring....even harder to do it as a single parent!!!! These last 7 months have been challenging to say the least! I'm oh so very VERY ready to be only half of the parental unit for my kids!!! I've said it before, and I'll say it again...I'm a MUCH better parent when Daddy's around to shoulder even some of the responsibility!!! I did have a serious "aww" moment tonite putting the kids to bed. The routine is: read books, call Grandpa Hughes and chat, call Daddy and read his bedtime story and chat, say our prayers, sing Jesus Love Me, hug, kiss, nosies, and butterfly kisses. Well tonite during the prayers/song time SamSam decided she wanted to up on my lap with I gave in (I do have two sides!) and she joined us. While singing, she snuggled right into the crook of my neck...copying DJ who was doing the same thing on the other side....That moment right there, was something I think EVERY mother lives for!! Such peace, contentment, and love! Undeniable love! In fact, I sang the song 3 times just to make the moment last that much longer!!! And it did!!! To my surprise, it did! Then they started giggling at each other....the sound of them laughing at nothing, is just amazing!!! We must have sat there for a good 5 minutes just enjoying each other!!! Y'know....I think they gave me the best Mother's Day gift ever....those 5 minutes!!!

But I'm still ready to have Daddy around part-time!!!!!!!!!!!!
We got word on Howie's application for citizenship....they finally found his application!! He'd gone to walmart with the receipt of his money order purchase....they were able to give him the the m/o's ID number....but being the silly man that he is, he'd cashed it in thinking it would expire...they don't....and got a new one....which he didn't have the receipt OR the ticket stub for....but they found that he did buy another one, and after some digging were able to find the number for him. He then called Naturalization back and they'd found his application....and will be sending him copies of everything. So that ball is now officially rolling....I just pray we don't have to wait for that ball to finish playing in order for me to go home! I can't even allow myself to think about the possibility that this interview next month may not go in my brain can't comprehend that right now!!! I don't want to, is really the truth!
OK, enough heavy stuff!!!! I got a lot of reading done today!! A LOT! I'm now 3/4's of the way thru New Moon....what a fabulous book!!!! I'm so engrossed and captivated!!! This author is fantastic!!!!!
Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

What a pain in the

BUTT....literally!!! I woke up this morning with a cramp in the right cheek and it hasn't let go since!!! WOW does it hurt!!! Even breathing hurts it....I know, I know....I gave birth to 2 painful can this be....may I remind you I was on some pretty wonderful drugs!!!!!!!!!!!! Not this's grin and bear it....hahaha AND I've had my ass kissed today...again, literally!! DJ knows my bum hurts so he's been kissing it and saying "All better mummy?" Poor kid doesn't know any better...but I did put a stop to that!

All that diggin yesterday is what's caused this....and if what they say is true, tomorrow's not looking any better in the way of pain....hopefully I'll be "okay" by the time I see Howie!!!

I got the suitcase of useless stuff packed today!!!! Didn't take me long to pack it either!!! The more I take now, the less I have to drive back! And hopefully we'll be able to take DJ's toddler bed with us...if not, craigslist will do! Speaking of, gotta get the co-sleeper listed....quit dragging my heels! I'm half tempted to take it back home to sell...we'll see.

Watched yet another pointless/boring/couldawrotethatbetter movie!!! The Perfect Neighbour...and it was Canadian....OY! All I needed was something on to knit to, and it did the trick! I'm about 75% done the first slipper for my g/f Wanda!! Need to get to Michael's (oh darn!) to get some more fun fur for it (say that five times fast)....and then I can keep moving along! Not sure if that'll happen before or after Maui....I do have nothing planned for tomorrow....we'll see what the weather's like.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day (my 3rd one) and :( I have no hubby near me to spoil me with sleep!!! Not so much about the gifts, it's not necessary, but sleeping in sure would be a treat! I'll get plenty of opportunity to do that in Maui!! FOUR MORE SLEEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just had to get that out lol :)

Time to put one more nite to rest.....I'm half done New Moon and it's getting GOOD!!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Friday, May 8, 2009

I got my kicks

and it wasn't on Rte 66!!! It was in a craft store called Mary, before I go any further, you should know that back in WA, I frequent yarn stores on a fairly regular basis...probably twice a month...give or take. Sometimes it was for myself and my purchases, other times it was to drool over stuff with my bff Laura...and there was the monthly knitting meetings held in an LYS (Local Yarn Store) where we drooled even more!!! Since being here in Ontario....I've been to Michael's all of 3 7 months!!!!!!! I was going thru withdrawals people!!!!!

Yesterday, I mentioned to my mom that I'd really like to get to Mary Maxim before I leave in June...and she promptly suggested the next day (today) for the visit...well, don't have to ask me twice! I'm SOLD!!!! We took off this morning relatively early for us, and headed straight to Paris...Ontario that is...and had a good hour long visit with Mary and her crew....I got the wool I need (hopefully enough) for making a pair of felted slippers for Wanda, and then some yarn to make Jackie a hat, and some wool on sale to make SamSam a pair of felted slippers! They sold the Cascade 220 that I've been using for my slippers (got one done) but not the colours I need...grrrrr Hopefully I'll have time to look for it in WA when I'm there next week, otherwise its heading to the UFO pile...

After the shopping we came home and had lunch and I put the kids to bed...and took of for tanner pastures...wait, that's not how it goes....but it works for me!!! On my way down the road it started sprinkling, and I knew rain was in the forecast, so I stopped and fulfilled my mother's wish for some wild Lily of the Valley that's growing on the side of the road. What a mucky, muddy, wet job that was!! I was covered in filth! But I got her a good bunch of them and she's delighted!! Even got them planted when I got home from my tan/open tower surgery. Seems the tower to the big puter was having power they replaced the whole power unit in the tower and we're good to go!! Good too, cuz I did NOT like the lap top...I know, I'm odd!!

Sam's still workin on those molars...poor girl!! Today she was just as miserable as yesterday...but she would let me massage her gums on the bottom where they're almost set to poke thru the gums....I wish I could take the pain for her....I can't imagine!

I'm completely enjoying New Moon....waiting patiently for what my mind thinks should happen....I won't say anything as some may not have read the series *insert shocked look*

Til next time...ciao!!!!

P.S. I can now count on ONE hand how many sleeps til I see Howie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Princess Crankypants strikes again

She's back to teething the bottom two molars...this is month 5 of this nonsense!!!! Poor girl! Fevered all day long and VERY clingy!! I can't say as I blame her tho....I think I'd be just as miserable! I'd like to take a minute to thank the makers of Tylenol and Motrin....without you, the pain for all of us would be unbearable! She even got/took 3 naps today too!!! One in the truck, one with me, and then one on me....did I mention she's fevered!?!?! I don't know who was sweating more, me or her!

DJ got to do something today that was so exciting for him!!! We (my mom and I) took the kids to the barn where my dad goes every single day....he's got two horses he's training.....and DJ got to see the jogger, the barn, the dog, the track, the horses....everything! He was quite enthralled with it all! Even got to pet Humble Rumble! Took lots of video too, so he can remember doing that with his Poppa!! SamSam just took it all in whilst being in the stroller....

Other than that, just a normal, regular ol' day....Oh, I'm currently typing from the lap top as Samantha has singlehandedly corrupted the big wont let me get past the motherboard screen as it doesn't recognize the keyboard/mouse we i can't click past it which is ANNOYING!!!!! So it's on the to-do list for tomorrow as the lap top is SUPER slow in comparison....and I thought the regular 'puter was slow...HA

6 more sleeps til Howie and 7 til was bit freaky for me with Sam being so needy....and then thinking about leaving them for a WHOLE week!?!?!!? I need it, but it's gonna be tough! Knowing they're going to be with my mom is my saving grace...she's much more in tune with them than anyone else....but it's still gonna be tough!

OK, I'm tired of the lap top...

Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If you ever wanted to know

What the absolute worst smell to wake up to is....just ask! Now, typically on any given day, my porkloving dad makes bacon with his breakfast...and I gotta say, it's one of the most wonderful smells to wake up to! Coffee drinkers will say it's coffee, but foodies will tell ya otherwise! I'm not a coffee drinker! So bacon is a weakness for me....but if I can't eat it (diet, remember!) then smelling it is just as satisfactory!! There is always the fact that DJ gets a piece every morning and he shares his nibbles with me...what a great kid I'm raising....but I'm getting off track....

THE absolute WORST smell to wake up to.....burnt roasted garlic!!!!!! YUCK!!!!!! My mom decided today was the day we were making hummus so to prepare she thought she'd roast the garlic in this garlic roasting thingy you can put either in the oven or the micro. My mom is a micro-loving-mom....but when she read the "destructions" as she calls them, and followed them it didn't look right, so she gave it an extra 5 mins....WHAT!?!?!?!!? The destructions say to cook it for TWO (2) minutes!!!!!!! And she gave it an extra FIVE!?!?!?!! Oh it was putrid!!! In fact, here I sit a good 16 hours later and I can still smell it...I swear! Needless to say, I pitched that set of cloves and started over...gave it the 2 mins it required and it turned out very nice thankyouverymuch! The hummus....when we followed the recipe alone it wasn't that we added a jar of ground kalamata olives in oil that smelled HEAVENLY!!! And then some salt and pepper...gotta tell ya...I'm quite impressed!!! It was fabulous!!!!!! I like my hummus smooth and this was SMOOOOOOOOTH!!!! Thank you Vitamix!!

In other news....not much else happened!! My arm wasn't hurting til DJ started pounding on it this afternoon...even now, when I raise that arm, it pulls a a tired muscle.
OH and no nap for DJ this aft...but we did insist on a one hour lay-down-on-your-bed-and-rest time. Worked and he was able to just settle down a bit. Which made bed time a breeze!! Out like a light in the first try! Whew! As a matter of fact, I had both kids in bed by 8:30 and got some quality knitting time!!! for the American Idol hour...I was too busy IM'ing, texting on FB and tweeting....that IS what commercials are for!

OH, we got the maps and books and stuff for the drive home!!!!!! It was a rather large box and not what we were was BETTER!!!! Maps that were highlighted with our route...a booklet with all the individual highways and cities we're driving thru...tour books for certain areas....and then a map of each state we're driving thru....DANG!! CAA went all out!! We have also decided that we're stopping to see Mt Rushmore and Yellowstone Nat'l Park! If we're driving right by them....we HAVE to stop!!! Who knows when we'll get to see them again! The plan is to still take off after my mom's Dr appt on the 26th and get to Chicago that first nite. We wanted to stop and see Oprah, but turns out she finishes taping the end of May, AND all audience members have to be over 18...what would we have done with the kids!?!? So, bummer on that one! Getting the maps makes it that much more exciting and nerve wracking!!! I have to keep thinking positively!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I am woman

Hear me roar!!!!!!!!!! Lots happened today....went for a tan this morning, which was just the regular tan....nice and toasty warm! No more burns!
Then we did lunch, and after getting SamSam down for her nap (notice only one kid's name there) I took off for the Dr's office to get my tetanus shot. According to my files, I haven't had one since 1989...major car accident I was in at age it's been a while! Good Lord, that's 20 years! Anyways, the shot itself wasn't that bad! I even commented that it was the first time my GP had ever given me a needle....and I've been going to her since 1992....I was blown away by that! I felt woozy, but I'm pretty sure that was all in my head...get it? lol
After the appt, I went to see my sister who's selling the fudge this week at Cambridge Centre, as there was some fudge she needed....worked out quite well for me to just zip it over to her. While in C'bridge (I don't get to go often) I went over to the outlet mall to Additionelle to see what they had in the way of bras...and while in the parking lot, I made the decision to head into Roots first. It's REALLY changed since the last time I was in there! It used to be more of a bargain that what they have going on now...bummer! I did get each of the kids THE cutest shirt...DJ's is red and blue, and SamSam's is pink/white/purple....and they both says My ROOTS are Canadian! Oh so cute!!!!!! Then I headed over to my original destination and as I walked in there were two racks of clothes that were on mega sale. The gal comes over and explains what's what and then walks I start looking. It's a real hodgepodge of stuff and in all different sizes. I find a pair of pants I'd been eyeing back in January and lo and behold...they're in my size!!!! So I take them and try them on and I'm pleased as punch they fit so well! In fact, they're a wee bit on the loose side, but still quite comfy! A little long in the leg, but I can get that fixed quite easily. If it wasn't chiffon, I'd do it myself! (yeah, I'm handy that way!) The original price on the pants....79.99...marked down to 59.99 and then more markdowns....I remember in January they were 50% OFF the 59.99, they were a whopping 5.00!!!!!! YES, you read that right!!!! I got a pair of 80.00 pants for 5.00!!!! If I'd walked in there specifically looking to buy pants, I wouldn't have found anything!!!! I go in there for bras, and I find pants!! I think I'm going to go bra shopping more often!!!!!!! LOL What a steal!!!! Talk about beating the recession!

So, yeah, DJ not having a nap...just isn't gonna fly! By dinner he was this whiny/crying/throw himself on the floor mess!!! He's obviously not ready to skip them. In fact, come bed time, after sitting on the toilet for 15 mins for nothing other than conversation, meanwhile Sam's getting MAD at me for not putting her to bed...I finally sent him to bed. He then got mad at me (at least they take turns) and I fed Sam and she was out like a light in 20 mins. After getting her settled in the crib, I decided to peek in on DJ and if he was still awake, allow one more potty sit.
I couldn't open the door...and when I tried, I hit something...the something was HIM! He'd fallen asleep in front of the door!! So I go in thru the laundry room, and pick him up and put him in bed...he then cries out "Mummy, PLEASE" and falls asleep. OY! This kid I tell ya....'s later than normal, off to bed I go to arm REALLY hurts now!!!! OUCH!

Til next time...ciao!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday, take 2

Yes, I know I already posted today, but that was a little something special...out of the ordinary...extra! Besides, you wanna know what I DID do, not what I did not do today!! lol

I started New Moon last nite, and could barely get thru half of the first chapter....I was that tired out from all the driving yesterday! I do appreciate the fact tho, that Stephenie Meyer does not dedicate her first chapter to reciting what happened in the first book!! Chances are, if I'm reading the 2nd book, I already KNOW what happened in the first!!! And chances are, I'm not altogether dumb if I can handle reading a 500 page book and remember what happened!!! Kind of a pet peeve of mine when series of books just keep reiterating what happened before hand...

Today was an interesting day! I had another "first"...went for a tan, which is somewhat of a normal thing this month due to Maui (9 more sleeps!!) but today I got to do a stand up tan instead as the lay down beds were busy. I've never done a stand up tan before! It is A LOT different than the lay down beds!!! MUCH hotter, MUCH shorter in length of time needed and MUCH hotter...oh, did I mention that already!?!?! I felt like a chocolate chip cookie in the oven! If they could talk, I'd know what they were saying!! I was sweating ALL over!!!! She did warn me tho, not to put my hands up too high or I'd burn my arm pits....boy am I glad she warned me! My face is burnt and tingly, I could NOT imagine feeling that under my arms right now! WHEW! It was quite draining too!! I came outta the tanning salon feeling kinda drunk! All my energy was sapped! Sure did tan me up quick too! You can really notice my tantoo's just a heart on the left side peeking out from my's cute!

So my husband, who's been on his own now for 7 months, calls me up this evening quite perplexed at the amount we're paying for cable...basic-no-movie-channels just jumped to 80.00 a month....I could almost do the math and figure out how much an hour that is for his viewing pleasure as he's gone to work all day....but I won't! LOL So, he called comcast and they said they'd give him the lower "new" customer rate for 6 mos....then he called Verizon and they're no I told him to call comcast back and tell them he'll take the lower rate but for 12 mos instead of 6! They usually give to me for 12...
It's kinda nice to have him more aware of the bills and where all the money goes...he thinks we should have more of it somehow....but we wont get into that now...whole 'nother can of worms!

I'm off to bed...took 2 hours to get DJ finally settled tonite after 5 trips to the bathroom....VERY annoying...I'm almost considering deleting the afternoon nap....not quite sure he's ready for that as sometimes he'll nap for 3 hours! And yesterday, when he had no nap, by dinner he was very emotional and punchy...granted, he went down within seconds of being put to bed...still weighing out what I want to do....

Til next time...ciao!

P.S....if anyone knows how to make the background on my blog prettier than the standard I have picked out...please let me know....I've gone blog visiting and there's some REALLY cute ones out there, but I have no clue how to go about doing any of that stuff....

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. I'm learning as I go here....but brutal I've ever lied to you guys....

Yesterday at the shower, I did not forget to give a card with my gift, or even sign the tag on the bag, because, who does that!??!!? I simply ran out of time and while my mother has an assortment of cards on hand, wedding/shower cards are not to be found. I also did not put DJ's poopy underwear in my purse after him having a bit of a problem...I can't just throw out good undies from one little poot (toot with poop) so I found a bag to put them in and he went commando for the rest of the day!

In my twittering yesterday I did not squeal when I actually got @replied by Jason Mesnick...the most recent bachelor from the show The was so silly too! He asked what every one's fave cereal combo was and I happened to be sitting in the car waiting for my sister, so I replied to his tweet....and within minutes he'd responded to me. He lives in WA so I'm drawn to his other way to say it!! LOL

Oh and one day last week, while shopping at walmart with the kids, I most certainly did not put back an open tube of Aveeno cream that DJ had opened and squeezed out all over himself! Seconds....mere seconds after I put it in the cart to buy!! What a mess he made too!!! The one time you wish something was sealed on the inside and it's not! But, not, that most definitely wasn't me!!!!

OK, I think that's enough brutal honesty!!! I'll be keeping my brain on track to remember more embarrassing moments of my life from now on...hope you had fun reading them!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Loooooong day!!!

Today started off way too early!!! It seems both my kids have decided that 7 am is an acceptable time to get up and get going for the day!!! WRONG!!!!!!!! LOL What it is, is that I need to go to bed earlier to get my beauty sleep....but the owl in me WHO's at nite....we are at an impasse...they'll win of course....why do I even bother fighting!??!! *shakes head*

So today started at a little before 7 thanks in part to my mother's error in judgement in setting something on the stairs that then created a domino effect that resulted in a wine bottle tumbling down the stairs....made quite a racket! Thankfully it didn't wake Sam, that was DJ when he responded to her in my effort to grab a few more minutes of Z's, I tried nursing her, but she was far too curious as to what DJ was doing...and he came in to see if we were over! That and I knew there was a lot to do today!

First things first, after breakfast was a shower for me...and for the first time, while both kids were awake, I got an uninterrupted shower!!! I never lock the door, and most times I have Sam in the bathroom with me....but today, they were both engrossed in the TV and I had 1o minutes of blissfully hot water!!! Certainly perked up my morning!
After that we got dressed and out the door....first order of business was to meet up with my sister at her ex boyfriend's place so he could work on her van while she was with me. Now, I dated the guy before she did (don't ask why!) and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO incredibly grateful that God didn't choose me to have his kid (that was Tori)....its amazing how downhill one can go as they age .... whattheheckwasIthinkingwaybackthen!?!?! If I could, I'd go back and slap the silly outta me!! lol
So after picking her up, we then headed off to Milton to pick my mom up who was working at a craft show....then we all headed northeast to my Aunt's house for a bridal shower for my cousin's fiance...did ya follow all that?!?!...we ended up being about 45 mins late thanks in part to my sister and father, and then to traffic! We managed to find an alternate route thanks to my mother's amazing knowledge of Toronto, and avoid a possible traffic jam that, in the end, tied up the east bound lanes for over 4 hours!
The shower was quite enjoyable!!! Both kids had free range of the place and tonnes of food to eat! Of my family, one of my other cousin's wife was there, two of another cousin's daughters were there, my two sisters, my two Aunts and my mom....not too shabby a turn out! We were missing 7 other women from my side of the family....but that's okay! we had a good representation there!
The theme of the shower was linen, so I gave an afghan I'd made, and some dish cloths I'd made...pretty painless for me! I still find it odd to be praised for my's a hobby and I enjoy doing it!

Around 4ish we took off for home....that's how we know about the accident still being cleared...they were taking photos of the, no bodies! Thank goodness!!! I can watch it on TV all I want, but nooooo, not in real life!!! Dropped mom off to her car, took my sister back to her van, and then went to walmart to get New Moon!! and then we all met up at the Chinese restaurant across the street! YUM!!!!
It wasn't til 8:15 that we left and I was home with an extremely cranky DJ (who had no nap) and an almost asleep Samantha by 9! Yeah, we flew! In fact, we were home a wee bit before 9 and I was sitting in my chair with DJ in bed by 9!! He fell straight into slumber land...not even one "I pee" murmur from him tonite!!!

OK, I've rambled enough...gotta go read!!!

Til next time...ciao!