Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Butting Heads

Or butt heads....either or really!!

From the time we left the house, the kids were fighting about one thing or another...we woke up kinda late, and Sam did NOT wanna wake up! It was cute to see her shake the cobwebs from her sleepy eyes and realize I was serious! We woke up at 7:37...obviously I need to set a second alarm!...and we were out the door at 8:10...way better than I thought it would be! We pull into the drive way of the school and DJ says to me "do I have to get a tardy slip?" awww poor kid! He had plenty of time to get to class before the bell rang.

Sam and I headed for home to have breakfast. We were both HUNGRY!!!! So cereal it was! Thankfully just enough milk for both of us. It was an Avon morning, but I was all caught up on orders, and just waiting on my come-lately's to Sam and I snuggled in the chair a bit and looked at the family album of pictures she LOVES reading!!  I like that she likes it so much! She can usually pick herself out in the pictures too, which is impressive.

As she was eating her lunch, and I was in the middle of making mine, a new client stopped by to pick up her order...a Sultan police officer...first time meeting her, and she's just as nice in person as she has been on the phone. We chatted a bit and then she went on her way, and I came in to finish my lunch prep. Sam was done eating, so she played Starfall on the computer...she's getting the hang of the mouse and clicking on what she wants. Its cute!

We went to pick DJ up from school and I had to go in and chat with the office about my driving some kids this week from the church to the school on Thursday, from Christmas rehearsal, and then from the school to the church on Friday for the afternoon performance. And while I was there I inquired about heading up the Auction that happens every year, they're in need of someone to organize it and I figure, if I take this one, I can drop recess, drop hot lunch, drop anything else and concentrate on this and make mega hours every year for, if we're gonna be there for 10 years, I may as well find something I can really be in charge of! Howie thinks I'm anal enough to pull it off! I have a meeting with the administrator and a couple other people next Thursday to go over things and talk about when to get started. YIKES!!!! I can do this!!

Then we headed to the salon I deal with to drop off an order, then to the bank, and then to Freddy's for some milk...and other things! Howie beat us home and was getting the Christmas decorations down so they could come in the house and warm up before we decorate...which I think is gonna happen on Thursday as we have Awana tomorrow nite. The kids are SO anxious!!!! Me too!!!!!! I'm hoping the 500 coloured lights I bought will be enough...altho DJ said I can mix in white if I need to...I'm thinkin I'll just get more coloured ones if need be!

After a yummy dinner I hopped in the shower and then put on a fashion show (VERY different than the VS one) to try and decide what to wear to the Christmas party this weekend...SO undecided!!! ugh! Hate that! And I don't wanna spend money on something that won't fit me next year either! Because of this, it was close to 9 when the kids got into bed. Howie was watching Biggest Loser cuz there was NOTHING else on...and then he went to bed about 9:30 and I watched Glee, which was great! LOVED all the songs they sang tonite!! Sang right along too! Kind of like karaoke in your living room! Then New Girl, which I'm really not sold on yet... Then I switched over to the Victoria Secret fashion show to watch Maroon 5 (specifically Adam Levine) sing Moves Like Jagger, which is such a great song!! And I have to say...I MUCH prefer him singing it WITHOUT Christina's voice!!! The rest of the "talent" for the show left me empty...Jay-Z and Kanye (blech) and Nicki Minaj (there's a reason I hadn't heard one of her songs before tonite!) but the bras were cute! Darn shame VS doesn't make 'em in my size! ha!

Then I flipped on Raising Hope, which is always good for a laugh...Bro-gurt...HA!! Altho, bacon flavoured yogurt does sound good...somebody get on that! Then Parenthood...which had me holding my breath!!!!! Having a child go missing is NOT my idea of fun!!! And you could feel the panic!! Such a fantastic show!!! And now, I must go move DJ from the couch back to his bed...he came out saying he couldn't sleep (and he has been for 4 hours now) and instantly fell asleep on the couch...goofy kid!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lazy blogger

When I don't actually sit at the computer and type this post up!! But I gotta say, I do enjoy being able to sit in my warm chair beside the Christmas tree and blog about my day!!! My only complaint is the "keyboard" on doesn't turn sideways and get bigger...the upside tho is that it's pretty good at fixing my typos as they happen!!! And there are a few...ok, more than a few!!! 5 in that last sentence alone!!!

This morning the kids were up a ill before 8, which was nice! I had DJ beside clue when he crawled in bed. And of course SamSam was calling for me from her throne! When I went out to the kitchen this is what I saw (not sure if the pic will actually attach here or at the end...) but they were having a "party" in the kitchen!! While they cleaned it up, I got breakfast going. We puttered around til 11:30 and then headed to the shed to do the book gathering...Samantha watched a Barney movie and DJ played Angry Birds...he's officially addicted!! Even asked santa for one!! The crazy thing...he's actually clearing levels!!!!! That's just wrong!! lol

We got back and I made us lunch and the kids went out to play as the sun was shining for a change! While they were out, I headed to the warmest spot in the house: Samantha's room with her heater!!! It lasted all of 20 minutes and they were in the house. DJ set up xBox and played done games...SamSam watched him and I got busy with dishes and dinner prep. Howie wasn't gonna be home on time and then only ended up being an hour late...better than he thought he'd be! But dinner took far too long to thaw and chicken chili didn't we had BBQ chicken instead. The kids had leftover pancakes with tonnes of fruit on top! I'd bathed the kids before dinner, so that took pressure off getting ready for bed...and instead we moved furniture and brought the tree up!! This may be THE best Christmas yet!!! This is the best age!! Well, maybe next year will be better, but so far, this one is good and it's just started!! Wait til they see the advent calendar!! Even tho we've done them for a couple years now, I'm willing to bet they forgot!! And they didn't see me buy them, which is quite helpful not to be nagged about them!

Once everyone was in bed, I worked in some Avon stuff, some Norwex stuff, and got lunches ready. It wasn't til almost 10:30 that I sat down! With the Christmas season, my shows are hit and miss...tonite was just Hart of Dixie...which was good!!! A late Thanksgiving show, but still good!! Now, DJ's been up for bid nightly bathroom ritual...and I'm camping out in SamSam's room where its warn to finish my lazy blogging!! :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

O Christmas Tree

This weekend FLEW by!!!!

Saturday's accomplishment was family pictures!!! All five of us!!!! Jake met us at the mall in Lynnwood, and we had SUCH a great photographer! She drew Jake out of his mood and got real smiles!!! It was fantastic!! What was to have been a 91.00 order cost me 7.67 (plus 10.00 living social deal) and I was more than pleased!!! And, since we were already at the mall, and the kids were in dressy clothes...AND the lines were ridiculously short...we got pix done with santa!!!!! Again, pleased as punch!!!! If you a friend of mine on fb, you've already seen them!!

After the mall we headed for home. Jake came shortly after us and stayed for dinner and some kinect play with fj! The Apple Cup was also on do he an Howie watched that. We had a great dinner and an enjoyable day!! It was good to have him all to ourselves and not at the end of a football game. I can only hope he enjoyed his time with is too as they will be getting fewer once he starts college. *sigh*

Once the kids were on bed, I took off for the Panera run for the shed. And instead of coming home, I headed out to play bingo with some girlfriends!! None of us won either :( There was hardly a crowd, but no luck!! They owe me so I can at least break even for this last year!!

So that's why I didn't blog last nite...I got in at 1:40 and went straight to bed!! Didn't even pass GO!! Definitely didn't collect 200.00!!!

The kids got me up this morning as Howie was off fishing again. He caught a steelhead yesterday, but with Jake over we saved it til today! We were just about ready when he got home and we were off to church at a decent time as I had SamSam's class to teach today and she was thrilled!! I think it went well!

We came home for lunch and to change before heading back out fof some Christmas tree hunting!!!!! Before living here we would drive an hour and a half to the mountains to get a that we live on the mountain, we go up the road!! Almost literally too!! We found a place this year that I'd been looking for last year and this year the sign kinda jumped our at Howie. We found our tree after a good search (money IS an object!!) and loaded it up! They even had a shaker there to get the critters off it! DONE!

We got home with plenty of time for Howie to blow leaves while I gig laundry and dishes done. We had the steelhead for dinner and it was beyond good!!! Then the kids and I headed to the shed to shop...then home to bed for them! After Howie went to bed I watched Amazing Race (I'm now team Andy/Tommy!!!) and Once Upon A Time which is such a good show!!! And since it was still early, I got a Hallmark movie in!! Now blogged up and out!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday

Something about Black Friday excites me!! Is it the proximity of Christmas!?!?  The ads?!?!?! The deals!?!?! I don't know, but like an addict looks for its drug, Black Friday is my drug!!!

Of course, I'm not THAT addicted that I'm out there at midnite or 5 am for the store opening...oh hell no!!! I finally figured it out...go at 10 still get the same deal and there's WAY less people idiots in your way!!!

So after a nice breakfast with the kiddos, we got dressed and headed to Freddy's for some Black Friday shopping. I had a tentative list...if I got it, great, if not, that's okay too! Of everything on my list...I got it!! Having the kids with me was less of a challenge than I thought it would be...I just told them we were shopping for other people...and they bought it, hook, line and sinker! Even the Angry Birds t-shirt I got for DJ! He picked it out even!!! I got the kids two pair of pj's each, no question about them from either one! I got a set of legos for DJ and he never said a word! Are they oblivious, or just that trusting!?!? lol

We got outta there just after 11...I think my receipt says 11:01 or something like that. The lines were ridiculous, but if you go into it expecting it to take longer to check out than it did to shop, it goes by quicker! lol From Fred we went to Ben...I had a coupon (yet another drug) for 40% off one item...and I'm REALLY good at going in for just that one item!! Which I did!!

Oh, while I was trying to decide on what yarn, my children were wandering the store and came back to me with a fake rock...I had NO clue where they got it from, so told them to return it! They didn't come back, so I went in search of them and found them one aisle over looking at the aquariums. (can someone tell me WHY aquariums are in a CRAFT store!??!?!?!) and then DJ says to me "Look mom, I got a fish!!!!" and opens his palm to show me a complete shock I tell him to return it to the water and wait breathlessly for the fish to start swimming....which it did!! YIKES!!!!!! That would/could have been traumatic...more for me than him I'm sure!! lol  What a kid!!! As we were walking away (oh yes, we had an audience of one) he says to me "that fish was really easy to catch!"  Spoken like a true fisherman!!! LMAO

We head for home after Ben and get lunch on the go. As soon as slowpoke Sam was done her lunch they were off to see if Jessica was home...she was, and they brought her back! The 3 of them played downstairs for a bit, and then came up to colour a bit before going over to her house...and then back here. It's been a while since they'd seen each other and they were getting along great! Meanwhile, I was wrastling the carcass of a turkey we ate yesterday!! Yes, I saved it from the garbage!!! I made an AWESOME turkey noodle soup!! Big HUGE stock pot full of it!!! What I thought was too much water (something like 24 cups!) was actually not enough! But it'll do! Quite the hearty soup!! Since I was in a domestic mood, I tried my hand at sugar free caramel corn....should have stopped at the soup!! lol I ruined it by tripling the "sauce" for a doubled recipe and it went soggy first and then baked hard as a rock! Next time I'll skip the salt too! Howie didn't like it one bit! Not sure he's a fan of molasses tho, so that might be the problem! 

After dinner (which was pancakes, not soup!) I bathed the kids and we snuggled to watch a movie....which I should know better than to judge a movie by its picture! The title was A Golden Christmas with 3 little Retriever pups on the front.....they didn't show up til the very end of the movie...which the kids didn't see  cuz they were in bed. I kept wanting to change it for them and put a more kid appropriate movie on (It was a Hallmark type movie) but they wanted to watch this one. So we did! Howie got home and that ended movie time with them! Off to bed they went!

Howie had soup while I read to the kids (he LOVED it!) and then we tucked them in and he went downstairs to work on his fishing stuff and I watched the rest of the movie, which is how I know the pups weren't til the end.  It was a corny movie to begin with! Then I picked Gnomeo and Juliet....watched maybe 20 minutes of it and decided I really didn't need to watch the other hour of it!! No thanks! So I'm 0 for 2 in the movie department tonite!!  So I flip thru the netflix queue and find "One Week" and it looks interesting...yeah, it wasn't! But it was set in Canada, so I enjoyed the scenery. That's about it. I HATE that Netflix doesn't have closed captioning! It's my one beef with them!! I loathe watching movies without subtitles so I can know what's being said instead of creating a dialogue from what I think I'm hearing!

Thankfully it was a 94 minute movie, and I shut the xBox off! I finished the movie I started last nite in the dvr...fell asleep with a half hour to go while watching it. Again the acting was terrible, but it was on a book I'd read YEARS ago!! And I wanted to see how it ended. Man I'm striking out in the movies this weekend!! Who knows what tomorrow will bring!! But for right now, its sleep!!!! :)

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, November 25, 2011

I could be...

One of those people who are out there shopping Black Friday....but I'm not! Thought long and hard about it tho!!

I could also be one of those who over ate the Thanksgiving feast...but I'm not!!! No siree!! I did have some pumpkin pie tho!! definitely the highlight of the meal!

I could also be one to tell you I didn't watch football, but that would be s lie!! And it wasn't that I watched it so much as it was in all day! I did catch the highlight reel for the Green Bay game...that Suh guy has issues!!

I will tell you that I'm incredibly thankful I didn't have to host Thanksgiving this year!! My responsibility was to do the veggie DJ would say "easy breezy lemon squeezy" We had wonderful food...the turkey was succulent!! Along with dressing, mashed taters, peas, corn, bread, and pickled things! I'm so proud of the kids as they ate everything but mashed potatoes AND they both tried gravy for the first time!! Samantha loved it, DJ not so much. Night and day those two are sometimes!!

All in all we had a great day with lots to be thankful for!! I'm thankful for my husband and all he endures to provide for our little family!! I'm thankful for my children and all their silly nonsense every day!!

I'm just thankful!!

And tired! The tryptophan is having a delayed affect on me ;)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Breaking Dawn

This morning was going so smoothly til we were on our way to ballet and I realized, that while SamSam was in her outfit, we'd forgotten her slippers. I asked if she'd be ok without them and she said no, so we turned around to get them. And that move right there cost us being on time...bugger! Not sure she even noticed the difference in teachers...Miss Rachel is in Arizona for the holiday and we had Miss Jessie. It was a different class for sure!! But Samantha enjoyed it nonetheless!! DJ enjoyed hanging out with Jaxon too, Delaney's brother. He had my phone as Jaxon had a DS and DJ was feeling left out. I let him play Angry Birds and he was showing Jaxon how to do it. It was funny! Especially as I don't let him play!!

After class we dropped off a book to one oft regular customers and then headed to the bank. There was no pizza to pick up anywhere...rather off this close to a holiday, but it gave ilus time to hit the dollar store up. I love how clueless the kids were when I was putting stocking stuffers in the cart. Works for me!!

Lunch was next when we got home and within minutes if their last bite they were begging for the craft I'd promised we'd do. Making Christmas ornaments, some we painted and some we baked. The painting ones were first..,and totally kid done!! The baked ones were mostly mommy done! They were much harder than they seemed! I did get LOTS of instruction tho!! :) Now that they're done, they don't want to give them away! Hahaha They each took off for next door about 5 mins into the baking process...which was more than fine with me! Less stressful for me!! Nor to mention quieter!! Once they were in the oven, I got started on dinner. With no Awana tonite, we had a lovely sketti dinner!! And those kids came home hungry!!!! Love it when that happens!! We were all done in 22 minutes!! A new record for sure!!!

The timing was perfect for me as I was headed out to the movies with a g/f of mine. She got me hooked on this series, maybe you've heard of it...Twilight...yeah, it's all her fault!! And since we've seen all the other ones together, it was a no brainer who I was going with!! We did have plans for last Sunday, but she wasn't feeling well, so we postponed it to today as it would. be a couple weeks if it wasn't today!!

I completely enjoyed it!!!! Like I said to Howie and on fb, it was WAY better than my imagination saw it as I was reading it!!! I do hate that they broke it up and made it two parts!! AND that they're a year apart in viewing!!!! Why?!? It's already filmed!!! Argh ! And besides, I would have gladly say there for another 2 hours!! Easy!!!

I got home just before 11, and got Howie 's coffee ready for tomorrow. And then I watched Modern Family which had me lol'ing for real!! So did Happy Endings!! Revenge was juicy tonite!!! But now I'm off to la la land!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I really can tell

When I don't take the vitamins....but it isn't til much later in the day that I realize my error!!! :(

Last nite, after a busy day and evening (I sorted a 1200.00 Avon order with my g/f for a fundraiser we did for her daughter's dance team) I got home and made Howie's lunch before sitting to veg. I was even too tired to knit!!! Then DJ came out at 12:30 and snuggled with me in my thing I knew, it was 1:30!!! Oops!! Got him back in bed and then went to bed myself!

This morning I woke up to THREE kids! No, we didn't secretly have another one...DJ had a sleepover and Kristopher actually stayed the whole nite!! First time in a long time!! However, the boys went to sleep about 10:30 (10 minutes before I got home) and were up at 7:30!!! Sam got up just after 8 and I got up when they were "starving" and we all had breakfast.  Then the three musketeers went downstairs to play after getting dressed. Sam stayed behind a bit to see the new clothes I'd gotten from a g/f of mine who's daughter out grew them. A big pile of "now" clothes, a box of "later" clothes and a box of "really later" clothes!! She was oohing and ahhing all over the place!! Well, more like WOWing and gasping!! It was cute! She's definitely a shoe horse too...there were two pair  of shoes to grow into and a pair of tinkerbell slippers which she put on right away! And the novelty apron! Go figure! It's now hanging in the pantry for when she needs it....heaven help me!

After 11 I sent K home so we could go grocery shopping...the boys tried their hardest to make it so DJ could stay behind and play, but Lara had errands to run this aft too and I knew we'd be gone all afternoon. And we were!! We headed to Sultan first to drop Avon books at the pizza place I leave them at...and then by request, dropped one at the Sultan P.D. as I'd gotten a call earlier this week (and an order!) from an officer and she wanted the current book....SWEET!!  When she suggested coming to pick up her orders whenever they came in, I fully supported having some police presence at my home! *chuckles* She even knew my street when I told her as we have a "regular" on our street that is always causing trouble!!!

Then we headed to the bank and Goodwill before heading to Costco to do the shopping...I knew going two days before Thanksgiving would be crazy, so I put my patience hat on...and it worked!! The guy honking his horn at me while I was waiting for a prime parking spot, he forgot his today!!! Idiot!  We did lunch there too, and ate before we did the shopping. All told, we were in there for 2 hours!!!! Oh, and DJ fell asleep about 10 minutes before we got there, so Sam and I let him sleep another 20 before waking him...but that wasn't included in my 2 hour total! The kids are VERY excited that we got our gingerbread house kit!! Me too!!!!! lol

After Costco we went to Freddy's, where again, I put on my patience hat...wish I'd remembered the kids' listening hats!! This trip was only an hour thankfully, and they were prepared and had ALL checkouts open which was good as I was able to check out quickly! Then we dashed back into the rain(oh yeah, did I forget to mention it's rained steadily for the past 24 hours...but I'm thankful it's not the "s" word, as that kind of down fall would be debilitating!! On our way home from Freddy's we made a couple Avon stops and a couple Norwex stops before FINALLY pulling into our driveway. Howie was already home and was able to help carry things in the house. I'd gotten a roasted chicken per DJ's request (cuz we haven't had it in "SO long") and that helped with the dinner madness and putting things away madness!!

Bath madness happened after dinner...ohhhhhhhhh but first let me tell you...while at Freddy's, I was picking out a butternut squash and DJ found a gold hubbard one and wanted it badly!! So I found a smaller one and we got it...and Sam wanted a  yellow squash, so we got a small spaghetti squash....hey, who am I to deny my children their squash!?!?!? Even if I'd never had them! I'm game! So it was decided that we'd have the "macaroni" squash (oh she cracks me up!) with our chicken and just for safe measure, we had broccoli too! I will say...the spaghetti squash is very different in the squash family! I'd go so far as to say it's the black sheep of the squash family! Not a smooth flesh at all!! Yet, you could twirl the strands like spaghetti and eat it....and with enough butter and salt, it was tasty!! If we do that one again (Sam FOUGHT eating it) I'd pick a smaller one...half of the one we ate was rather a bit much!

Sam fell asleep sitting with Howie while I was bathing she was easy to put to bed...DJ and I read a couple books and then he went to bed nicely...he was tired too! Howie and I watched X Factor for a bit til he went to bed...and then I missed the last 15 minutes of it as I was busy on the computer getting another fundraiser ready to go in tomorrow. I did get to sit for a bit and knit while watching last nite's Castle, which was good! Really good!!! And then I watched tonite's Parenthood...which was definitely a pre show for next week's drama!! DJ came out while I was making Howie's lunch and so I snuggled him a bit before putting him back in bed....and before blogging...peace out!

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, November 21, 2011

If it wasn't for my neck

My head would NOT be attached today!!!  OY!

Howie got up with the kids around 7 and that meant I could sleep in til 8:30 ish and get up to shower for the day. While I was showering, Howie was loading up my Avon stuff into the car so I could just leave from church to go Avoning. Once I was dressed, I got SamSam dressed in a dress we talked about on Thursday when she picked out a dress for the football party...and she let me do pretty braids in her I did two small ones and joined them in the back like a wreath on her head...I just love this on her!!

We got to church with PLENTY of time to spare today...a first! Since we took two vehicles, and I needed to stop and get cash for the sitter, Sam was already in her class, and Howie and DJ were waiting for me in the sanctuary. We didn't have regular seating, as they had their annual Thanksgiving dinner last nite (we missed it obviously) and the tables were still up from that. DJ was a pill for the most is it if he misses a week that he becomes this hellion in church?? Not fair! I ended up with him in lap for the most part just to be able to silence him if needed. When church was done, we went our separate ways...them for home and me for Lynnwood.

I arrived at the dance captain's house (Morgin) to have lunch, and then start sorting out the orders for the fundraiser...8 boxes worth!! On my way to her house I realized I'd forgotten to grab the extra books from the back of  the truck *slap forehead* so I called a local DSM and asked if she had books, she did, but wasn't home ARGH! I decided I could possibly fake it, and just give out books to the girls' moms instead of everyone. Ok, doable...

Then as we're bringing in the boxes I realize I don't have the invoices to actually separate the orders into *SLAP forehead* so we bring them in and set them on the table and I make promises to come back tomorrow WITH the proper paperwork. Its then, that I realize that I've forgotten the prize for the top seller *SLAP FOREHEAD* and I'm ready for a stiff drink! Geez!!! Who's running this Mickey Mouse operation!?!?!

So, I leave there and head over to Jake's house to get his phone bill money...but I have an ulterior motive...his mom has a new puppy and I wanted to meet her something fierce!!!!! She's a black lab and 8 weeks old...what an absolute doll!! I do NOT miss puppy teeth!! ha! She's doing well on the potty training too...could probably teach Belle a thing or two! THEN I go about my Avoning and get side tracked with a couple of my fave people that I haven't actually seen in a while...that was nice to catch up with them! Introduced them both to Norwex too! :)

I got home about 5:30 and was very happy to see both children were still alive...but unhappy to see they hadn't cleaned up their mess downstairs yet. So after dinner (and our chat with mom and dad) I went down (spatula in hand) to supervise their cleaning up. Took about 40 minutes, but they got it done! I'm seriously thinking they don't need any more toys!!! Honestly! Might be revising the lists a bit...

Once they were in bed, Howie went too! Back to the grind tomorrow...and he got two new books from a friend and was anxious to dive into one of them. So, I watched the AMA's on my own...thank God for the fast forward button! Most of what they call "music" not listenable! I can't stand it! I'm getting old!! Wil. I. Am.'s performance left me scratching my head...til the new craze LMFAO (yes, it's a group's name) came out and did two songs that had my jaw on the ground!! If I never see them again, I'll be lucky!! Congrats to Taylor Swift for winning Artist of the Year...quite the honour for country music!! She's earned it tho!!

Then I watched Amazing Race which had me belly laughing...they had to do the Muscles in Brussels challenge....that was FUNNY!!!!!! Kudos to the women for putting those bikini's on!! I'm sure I would have had a fit doing that challenge! The Good Wife was GOOD!!!! Dang!!! 

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


This morning I got to sleep in til a glorious 10 o'clock!!! I don't even remember the last time that happened!! The kids came in to see if I was getting up for the day lol I did!

Everyone had already eaten but the kids had forgotten I got them a new cereal...Kix...and so the had aid morning bowl if cereal and loved it!!! This is awesome as the sugar count is really low!! And of course Miss Samantha had me share my eggs with her.

While I got food ready to go, Howie went and showered up and got ready to go. The goal was to leave at noon and we were pretty darn close!! 12:02 and I only forgot one thing! Two cans of pop for us...and Howie wouldn't turn back even tho we were just out of the driveway!! Buggar!

The quarter final game was in Camad, which is WAY down south...on the Oregon border...almost 4 hours driving. But traffic was actually pretty good and we did it in 3 and a half! Which gave us time to find a Starbucks and a subway for food. We got back to the stadium with 47 minutes til game time and I was frozen within 5 minutes!! We had a slight breeze in back of us that was chilling. The game started and we could warm up a bit with all our cheering and foot stomping. Without that I'd have been an ice statue!!

The game, well it sucked!!! Big time! The refs were local and I have a real big beef with that!! Their bias was so obvious it was disgusting!!! And very unfair!! Couple that with some serious mistakes on our part and it makes for a bad game!! The final score was 40 to zip. Such a tough loss!! It's one thing go lose, but entirely another to get shut out like that!! There were a lot of tears in the dressing room! After all, for most of the seniors it was their last game if football ever! Sure, a few will go on to play college ball, but most won't. That's a tough realization!!

We are currently in our way home to the babies who are sleeping soundly in their beds!! I talked to DJ after his bath and SamSam was already out. It's been a LONG day!! I'm ready to make love to my pillows!!! :)

All Talked Out

Something my dad would know nothing of!! Ha!

This morning was almost a disaster! I woke up sandwiched between the I checked the clock....I'd shut the alarm off...and it was 7:20...time to get DJ moving. So we debated on who was taking him to school...I won! Or lost, however you wanna see it!! lol

When I got home Howie was up and being with SamSam..,so while he got ready for work I made us breakfast Samantha had already eaten...I got her set up before DJ and I left at 8:03'n what a difference having one kid to cost up makes! After Howie left for work, Samantha and I snuggled and watched tv. Nothing else to do realty, so we enjoyed ourselves and had about 68547942 pees. I wish her bladder would kick in!

After lunch she and I headed to town for recess duty. When I got there we hustled in, only to find out that the schedule had at the time we were to be heading out, they were coming back in. And they were headed across the street to the church to watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving!! Samantha and I joined them!! Til I got sent back to the school to fill backpacks! That was the most tedious job yet!!

From the school we went to drop off an Acon order..,then to get se gads and then to the shed for a specialty glean. Then we raced home do I could pack up the last of the demos I'd need for tonite.

Tonite was the Purchase with a Purpose for the Uganda trip next summer. I got home about 10:45 and just wanted to veg!!! In fact I keep falling asleep while typing this on my phone....narcaleptic style!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

It's all together possible

I may have taken the whole "Wordless Wednesday" to the 

What really happened...I fell asleep watching Survivor and when I woke up, took myself to bed!

Yesterday was jam packed with all kinds of goodness...ballet goodness, Awana goodness....even a quick doze on the couch with my best girl goodness!! But clearly I was wiped out! And, I realize now, I forgot to take my vitamins...

Not today tho!!! Took them with breakfast and have been right as rain!

Which we did not wake up to...nooooo, instead we had white stuff on the ground that excited the heck out of my children!! Upon further investigation (and a conversation with Howie) it turns out it was really hail...just a false alarm! Whew! Two miles from our house, there nothing anywhere to be found!! This is going to be an interesting winter!

I actually managed to get DJ to school at 8:20 this morning....and there was minimal voice raisage (yes, not a real word, a Missy-word!) It helped that a) DJ got dressed before I was even out of bed he was so excited about the snow; b) he had his lunch packed before I was able to get Sam dressed!; c) only one child to feed breakfast as Sam and I were coming back home to eat!! Gotta love it! I also discovered there's a train at 8:14....gotta remember that one! Oh, and the one last nite was moving SO slow, I could have walked faster than it was took over 8 minutes to cross the road...and then on top of that, we had a second train in the opposite direction pass at the same time, but moving a bit faster.

Sam and I spent our day puttering...I'm doing a fundraiser tomorrow and was gathering my stuff together and making sure all my books are stamped. The Princess and I did lunch together and then she got a bubble bath while I got ready. The plan was to pick DJ up from school and head to Alfy's for an Avon meeting...from 3-5...then stick around for the team party for DJ's football team at 5:30...which thankfully was only an hour long and we were home about 6:45 with DJ in the bath by 7. And for once, both kids were in bed by 8:15!! Kinda nice!!

Howie and I watched BBT which was priceless!! Many laughable moments!! Then he went to bed and I kept on with Rules of Engagement, which is losing me and Whitney, which is gaining me! That show is just so darn funny!! Private Practice was heavy!! I've never been around someone who's addicted to drugs (nor do I ever want to be) but the pain looks awful!! The cliffhanger ending...GAH!!!  Then I watched Psych from last nite, since I fell asleep, and it was very comical! I'm enjoying their guest stars this season!!
Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Today was a trick!!!

Even tho the sun was shining, it was freakin cold!! Last nite before I went to bed, like always, I took Belle out for one last potty and noticed what looked like snow on the chair...more likely frost that had frozen well, but dang!!! What a reality check! And now they're calling for snow this Friday...I'm praying valiantly it stays away til Monday....I've got stuff to do this weekend and snow isn't welcome!!

Because it was so cold, I made DJ start wearing his winter coat today to school...we seem to have lost his Lightning McQueen jacket and it was the warmest non-winter coat...I've checked everywhere too!! I also made breakfast last nite, so the kids enjoyed their eggamuffins on the way to school and I had mine when we got back home. The morning was an Avon biggest order yet...but that's because of the fundraiser I just did with the dance team at Jake's school...but still...sorting that is gonna be fun!! I made the grievous error of not hitting the "ship separate" button and now it and my regular order are all coming together! YIKES!!!! Won't make that mistake again!!

After it was all submitted the Princess and I did lunch...and then we lazed around til it was time to go get DJ from school...we arrived a few minutes early and caught up with Marty's mom and chatted with her for a bit. The kids played for about 15 minutes before they both  needed to potty, so we went in to do that and then headed home. DJ was home all of 5 minutes before asking to go next door...and off he went! As I was getting Sam ready to go over, the boys came over here, so they played downstairs. And with such good timing, Howie came home from work which allowed me to hop in the shower!!

Once I was ready, I hopped in the car and headed to Everett for an Avon meeting...feels like FOREVER since I've been to one too!! Man there were a lot of new faces tonite...that's good tho! The leaders did put me on the spot and had me talk about how I did the fundraiser...and then I had two people afterwards ask me all sorts of was a good meeting! From there I went to see my boyfriend Michael...been SO long since he and I spent any quality time together! And lucky for me, the yarn I like to use was on sale, so I got some for the kids to make their Christmas hat/scarf set...kinda behind this year! Sheesh! Lately tho I've just been trying to stay warm while watching tv...need another space heater, Sam's got the only working one in her room!! She's got the coldest bedroom, so the heater is on til I go to bed and it stays moderate til morning...I was pleased to feel that when I went in to wake her this morning.

I got home and everyone was in bed...except the dogs...and Belle was very enthusiastic to see me! I got busy right away getting lunches ready...remind me not to leave it so late again! I think it was close to 10 by the time I sat down! Glee was GOOD!!! Love the Mash Off and the way they mashed the two Adele songs...LOVE it!! And New Girl is getting pretty good...quite a few laughs tonite! And Raising Hope did NOT disappoint!! Parenthood was good...tough to watch as a mom tonite, its hard to tame the mama bear sometimes!! lol

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Me and My Girl

This morning Sam was up to pee around 6:30 and came back to bed with me, which is SO different than when DJ comes to bed...she likes her space, and I'm not to touch her (sounds familiar) and DJ, well, he's a glove...a very warm glove!! So we all got up about 8:30 which was nice and did the breakfast thing after promising the kids we would go to the zoo next week...they were BEGGING!! With tears even!! But DJ has no school next week for Thanksgiving week, so we'll pick a day and go then! That seemed to placate them! And we made a plan for them to earn money to go on the merry go round....they're gonna make me go broke here! LOL

After breakfast DJ asked to go next door...and got sent home for a bit...I noticed two of the boys outside a half hour later and DJ was out there super fast to play with them! He was allowed to stay behind with the boys while Sam and I went to the shed to do the books. She had her Strawberry movie on and I had Pandora on on my phone! Got the work done and headed home for lunch. DJ didn't want to come home in case he couldn't go back lol, but Lara sent him home and he ate and went right back. Apparently they played and watched Snow White...we watched Diego and Dora per Princess SamSam's requests!

Howie came home as I was giving Sam a bubble bath, she's really getting into those now! And her skin looks almost perfect again! Whew! After her bath we got started with dinner and we were actually done by 6:30!! First time on a Monday since the middle of September as we no longer have football for DJ! Nice!!! So he got a bath after dinner and they were ready for bed shortly after 8...but with book reading, talking, snuggling, and prayers it was close to 9 when I came out of DJ's which point Howie went to bed! I got his lunch ready and DJ's lunch sorta ready, he can finish it up in the morning...he likes doing that. I also made us eggamuffins for the ride to school...we were to have a play date after dropping him off, but plans changed since making them...that's okay with me too as it's an Avon day anyway!

So once my chores were done I sat and watched tv a spell...HIMYM was sad...and funny, but more sad than anything. 2 Broke Girls was funny!! Max really is the new Alice from that diner in the 70's! lol 2.5 Men was funny as I didn't see the dream sequence coming. And Mike & Molly was good. But Hart of Dixie was the best tonite!! Gosh I love those accents...maybe Jake will go to a 'Bama school and we can follow him...I can dream! LOL

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, November 14, 2011

All Zoo'd out!

This morning Sam woke up her happy self! When I checked on her last nite she was burning up again...she woke briefly, smiled, brought my face in for kiss (bad breath and all) and a quick hug before going back to sleep! But, because she was fevered, and it hasn't been 24 hours we didn't go to need to get the other kids in the class sick with whatever bug she's carrying.

As we were eating breakfast we looked at the calendar from the zoo that came in the mail...talked about each animal and I suggested we go to the zoo for the day....they both jumped all over that!!!! Ate breakfast lightning dressed (thermals and all) and were waiting on me!!! I packed a quick lunch...cheese, crackers, turkey, and other easy things to grab and we were gone!

We got to the zoo around noon and headed right in...first up right thru the gate, penguins!!! And people were feeding them, so we watched. Then hit up the bathroom so we could do some serious walking....all the way to eat lunch! lol Since it was 12:30, the kids wanted to eat (not that they can tell time, mind you) so we headed to the cafeteria and found a table to eat at. The last time we were there, it was crazy busy! Today, half the tables were empty...kinda nice!

After eating we got started...first up was the jaguars, and one was in the "cave" cleaning itself and the other was pacing around the open area...those things are HUGE kitty cats!!!!! WOW! So thankful for the 3 inch glass between us! Then we saw some monkeys, but somehow skipped the gorillas...which DJ wanted to see badly. Next up was the Family Farm (slight detour on the way to Africa) and got to see pigs, cows, goats, donkeys, and sheep...which the kids enjoy even tho we drive by half of them every day on the was to town, but I was following their lead. Next up was the African Savanna, which on the cool, windy day like today, didn't hold much action!! They were hiding somewhere! We did enjoy walking around the village tho and I explained to the kids that the one room they were in, was a WHOLE house! Not sure they got it! lol

In any case, the hippos were actually moving around and snorting water in our general direction! They really are a massive animal!!! I think I could out run one if need be...maybe! The giraffes were playful today, and Sam was thrilled as this was her animal of choice to see. They were in their pen area and not in the "savanna" area.  The lions were waiting on food, and very attentive (again VERY thankful for that glass!!) and it was neat to see them so alert. Most times they're basking in the sun when we go. The wild dogs were busy sleeping and keeping warm, so they weren't much to look at...altho, they're much bigger than I thought they'd be up close.

Next was the elephant barn....and one of the elephants, Bamboo, had just finished painting a  picture, but we did get to see her eat a whole pumpkin! She grabbed it, stomped on it and tore it up with her truck....SO wild to see!!! She was also playing with the handlers, and showing them the bottom of her foot. We learned a lot about her, she's 42 years old, and should live to about 60...she's been with this zoo for 40 years now...and some of handlers have been with her for over 25 years! She doesn't get along with the Chinese elephant, Chai, so they keep them separated. lol The kids enjoyed watching her as much as I did! We moved on to the monkeys and saw some Siamangs, one of which came right up to DJ at the glass window and just sat and stared at both of them...quite funny! Got some good pix of that!

Then we hiked up to the Northern Trail and saw two porcupines (naming them Oliver and  Molly doesn't make me think they're cute!) eating some leaves. Then spotted the gray (they were white) wolves and counted 4 of them...they were playful too! Then my fave, the one I wanted to see...the brown bears!! There were two of them and we sat waiting for them to come to the water area...they kept teasing us! But then they came right over to the water's edge and were looking above our sheltered area...then the fish went crazy in the water (they were being fed) and that was just the temptation the bears needed to try their hand at some food. Oh, I got some great pix! And even a video of one of them fishing!! Again, so incredibly grateful for that glass between us and the bears!!! For sure! The otters right next door were quite playful and Sam enjoyed watching them! We also had a snack in the shelter as there was a bench to sit on for me.

We hiked it back to the penguins and used the bathroom again before heading to the Zoomasium...and indoor playing place for the kids. We got there and there was a sign on the door saying they were closed at 3:30 and it was already 3:45...oops! So we went in search of the gorillas instead...and found none. DJ got mad at me saying we were too late! ha! As we headed out we stopped to see the penguins again, and the gal was feeding them...what a frenzy!! And quite funny to watch too! She'd offer a fish, and they'd smell it first, if the liked it, they'd eat it...otherwise it would shake its head and wait for a different one...picky eaters!!!

By the time we were headed back to the car, Sam was in full meltdown mode!! Poor girl! The whole ride home I kept waiting for her (and him) to fall asleep, but neither did...and then it got to the point where it was too late for them to catch some z's without it ruining bed we sang songs to stay awake...and yes, Christmas songs too!!! Anything! We got home and Howie was waiting for us and to make dinner...he'd spent the day helping a friend get some new lights in their kitchen, which is why he wasn't with us at the zoo!

After dinner the kids snuggled a bit and then went to bed without one minute of fight! They were TIRED!!!! As am I! But I did enjoy some prime time telly...Desperate Housewives (I totally forgot that I missed last week and was a little thrown!) and then Once Upon A Time, which is still SO good!!! And then the Good Wife, which was ho hum, but laying ground work for future episodes, I can see that. Then Amazing Race...amazing how the wrong directions can cost you the game!! I still don't have a fave for who I want to win this season either!

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

First Round of State

Is done!!!

Well done too!!!

DJ's also done football for the season. Thankfully his game wasn't til 10 but it was COLD!! 39 degrees cold!! We've noticed snow up on the mountain tops and today the sign for traction tires was flashing...winter is coming! At least it wasn't raining!! DJ did great playing center, but got zero time on defense and therefore made no flag captures and he was well aware of it too!!

I think we won, but we lost track of the touchdowns at the half. We were paying more attn to the really bad calls the ref was making!! Wonder of he knew they were 5 and 6 yr olds?!? In any case DJ was happy and that's all that really matters!!

We for home and Howie left us for Costco to pick up his contacts, so I got started on lunch. When the kids were done eating they headed. Wxt door...apparently play doh is all he rage over there. Not in my house thanks!! Howie claimed the couch to watch football and so I took Belle and we had a nap in the bedroom. Tak about a perfect afternoon!! Totally spontaneous too! Of course my vitamins are working and I didn't sleep a wink! And it took me 2 hours to warm up!! Brrrrrrr At 4 I got up and showered to get ready for football game number 2.

I had put Norwex to the test and tried their new Fridge So Fresh next to the kitty litter replaces baking soda and lasts for a year...WOW!!! I let that box go 4 days (normally its 2 with 2 cats) and I couldn't smell it!!!! How wild is that?!?! Now I've got to buy 10 more for all the other stinky places in our house!!! Hahaha

The babysitter got to our house right on time almost exactly when Samantha's fever came back!! I hates leaving her but knew she was in good hands! And it was low too! But man was she a hot mess!! We got to the game with a few mins to spare.

What a game it was too!! We got first touchdown and then a second...then they scored a field goal right before the end of the first half. Then they scored again...we scored...they scored and we won by 3 pts!!! Whew!! Jake made an awesome interception too!! Hope all the college scouts were paying close attention!! Now we're almost home and I can sit and relax a spell!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

I really don't function

Well with little sleep!!

Last nite when I checked on the kids (as I do EVERY nite) Sam woke up when I went in there....and had to I got her up and took her...she'd already filled the diaper, so we put a new one on and she asked to snuggle. Which melts me, and I can't say I go get 'ready' for bed and come back out and lay on the couch with her and we both fall asleep...oh, it's after 2 am at this point too!

At 3:30 she woke up and covered her mouth...we ran to the bathroom (thankfully I'd fallen asleep with my glasses ON or I'd be blind!) and she made it to the door and hurled the 5 bites of sketti she'd eaten at dinner. Get to the toilet and its incredibly violent much so, it's coming out her nose!! She's crying and coughing and all kinds of fun pukey stuff! It took a half hour just to get her cleaned up and calmed down before we were back on the couch...this time WITH a bowl for the next puke.

Which happened 90 minutes later, but we were prepared!! It was also after 5, so that meant we could go take over the bed...Howie left for work and we slept...til she woke up saying she didn't like the bed, and went to the floor...then DJ woke up, I sent him out to his sippy cup and told him to let us sleep. He didn't...and was back bugging shortly after...I told him to either snuggle with me or go out, he chose snuggle and we all slept til just before 10.

The day itself was good...she bounced back pretty quick and by 3 the fever was gone...she was doing sips of water and making jokes. We headed to football practice (last one of the season) and met Howie there so I could go on to Seattle for my first Norwex meeting.  The gal above carpooled with me and that made a HUGE difference in traffic time too! Going there was atrocious and took 2 hours...coming home was an hour! Crazy!

I got home just before 11 and noticed the garbage wasn't out, so I ran that to the road and then switched laundry over, and made Howie's lunch and coffee before FINALLY sitting down to veg a bet! Watched BBT which was quite funny and then Rules, which was ho hum, and then Whitney which was truly LOL. Now, I'm hittin the hay and catchin some z's! Tomorrow is a regular Friday and that means I don't have to get up til 9!!! WOOT!

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Whew, that was busy!!!

Yesterday was NUTS I tell you...nuts!!

Well, the morning wasn't...and I got DJ to school with 5 minutes to spare!!! Tuesdays are like that...everyone's eager! Come Friday, it's a whole other ball game!! After we dropped him off, Sam and I came home for a spell...then had lunch and headed to Miss Kay's house to drop off her Norwex, and then to the shed to pick up books, then to pick up DJ from school, then home to get dinner going and have a shower, eat dinner and head to Lynnwood to pick up all necessary info on the fundraiser I'm doing with Jake's school's dance team (so his ex-girlfriend) and then to Panera in Woodinville to train a gal on how we do the pick up...and then, just for fun (and milk) I stopped in at Freddy's and grabbed a few things before finally heading home! Where I got caught up in entering things online for the fundraiser til I forced myself to sit and relax a spell!!


Today, was no better...we woke up and were making good time and then it all fell apart and there was much yelling and we were late for one minute, but that's late! Then we went to SVEC to drop off the books and so Sam could play for a bit. Then we went to Laney's house for a playdate before going to ballet class...which she had fun at, as usual...the moms are trying to get me to join the adult dance class that's happening Mondays starting this coming one...they're CRAZY!! Deaf people don't do dance...we have no equilibrium!! ha! And I'm SOOOO not getting into that get up with the tights and chiffon skirts...nothankyou!

After dance we went to the bank, then to pick up pizzas and drop them off at the shed, then home where we had lunch and I did more of the fundraiser work....there sure is alot of it!!! Before I knew it, it was time to head to school to pick DJ up...last week when he stayed after school til howie picked him up and brought him home, he was a hot mess on the way to Awana...I wanted to avoid that and have him home earlier to get that meltdown out of the way. Sure enough, as soon as we were home he melted!! Sheesh!!

I was getting dinner going when Howie got home...we ate early (but not early enough apparently) and as I'm getting everything together, Miss SamSam says her tummy hurts...I assume its because shes hungry and brush it she's uber whiny, but attribute that to it being such a full day for her.  As I'm feeding her and she's clinging to my arm I notice her warm we take her temp and it's 99.6...we give her the option of staying or going to Awana and she chose to stay home...not gonna force her!

So DJ and I headed to Awana rehearsing his verse on the way. It was a crazy busy nite for me and before I knew it, it was over!! Not sure where the 2 hours went, but I got DJ from his class and we headed to the truck. We parked near the back entrance as we arrived late for the good spots...and as soon as we got in the truck I looked for my where to be found!! NOT A GOOD FEELING!! So we head back in to make sure I didn't leave it in the church, which I know I didn't as I was sure I'd left it in the truck...HATE THAT FEELING!! I call Howie and no again, no answer,  we head back in the church to ask for a flashlight and I tried Howie again...finally got thru and my purse is in the dining area. UGH!!! So we head back to Laney's house as I'd forgotten my sunglasses there and we were right there...then head to Freddy's to get gas.

It wasn't til I was AT the pump that I realized I didn't have my purse with me....which meant I had no money, no cards, no nothing!!! And Howie was in was SamSam...I call him, no answer, call again, no the 3rd time (it really IS the charm) and he answers. Begrudgingly he brings me my purse after learning I literally had 2 miles left in the tank of gas. He also had to wake Sam who was NOT thrilled to be woken up and put in a cold car to rescue me. I thanked her for rescuing me when we tucked her back in bed and she said "I didn't rescue you, I just brought you your purse!" lol Even not feeling well she still cracks me up!

Everyone in bed, I finally sat down to watch the CMA's and the first one I see win, my buddy Blake Shelton!! Male vocalist of the year...AGAIN!!! LOVE it!!! He's had a phenomenal  year...and its panning out for him!! Kinda nice his wife won Female vocalist!! And Brad and Carrie as hosts...freakin perfect!! Seriously, they ever mess with that formula and there will be some pretty pissed off people!!! The best part about this year, aside from it being in my dvr and being able to fast forward thru performances I could care less to see, was being able to fast forward thru all the crap and watch what I wanna watch!! LOL It cut that 3 hour program in half!!

Now, I'm whupped, and VERY thankful we have no school for the next 5 days...tomorrow is a teacher training day...Friday is Remembrance Day and we don't have school on Mondays...NICE!!! I'll be leaving juice for the kids for sure!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's a Marty Party!!!

This morning DJ woke up super excited as he knew it was Marty Party day!!!
Marty is a boy from his class and DJ was invited to his party, which was this morning at 9 am!

I kid you not!

On a Monday!!!

A birthday party!!!!!

Of course, we were late thanks to children who don't do as they're told from the first time I say something....*sigh* At least this time the consequence was real and they were missing out on the party! The first stop in the Marty Party was at an inflatable place called Jump, Rattle &'s new and just opened within the last month. The kids took off running liked they'd been there before! We had the whole place to ourselves and there were about 9 inflatable things to play/jump/slide on. Sam found some ground toys once she scared herself silly on one of the taller And Marty, he was in the massage chair when we arrived! ha! Like his mom said, he's a breed unto himself!

From there we went to Marty's house and the kids went upstairs to play...I hung out with the moms and got to hold a 10 week old baby! mmmm baby snuggles!!! He was such a flirt too!! Lunch was served at 11 (apparently Marty was up at 4:30 ready to start the day! yuck!) and the kids ate their sketti and meatbobs...well, Sam did, DJ thought they were kind of spicy, which they were. The "cake" was actually a massive chocolate chip cookie with mint chocolate chip ice cream....again, DJ didn't care for it and Sam gobbled it up! The ice cream, not the cookie.

The kids played and played and played...inside and outside...then presents were opened and the playing continued! We left shortly after 1:30 and headed for home...with a stop at the salon I deal with to drop off books and an order. When we got home DJ went next door to see if the boys could play and it ended up they came over while their mom went into town, which was fine with long as they stayed downstairs. Howie came home and they all migrated next we had almost an hour kid free to just chat, kind of novel really!

After dinner I bathed the kids and Sam got a bubble bath!! I got my latest Norwex order and one of the items was the bubble bath and knowing there's only 3 ingredients in it (water, cherry extract and polyglycosides) I knew it wouldn't bother her skin...SHE LOVED IT!!! lol  She's such a girl and just enjoyed laying in the water watching the bubbles!  Thank you Norwex!!

Once the kids were in bed I got Howie's lunch and DJ's lunch ready for tomorrow and then sat down to relax! At which point Howie went to I watched HIMYM (love the slap fest!! and Kal is growing on me!) and 2.5 Men (LOVED Alan's impersonation, and the "winning" at the very end of it all was just perfect!!! I'm still chuckling!!) and then Mike & Molly (which was one of their more mellow episodes really) and then Hart of Dixie (which was good! Still loving the country music and those accents!!) and then Castle (which was funny!) Love my dvr and all those commercials GONE!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

There's an App for that!

This morning's time change REALLY messed DJ up...he was up at 6:30 (the real one) and I was able to convince him to snuggle in and go back to sleep...he did...for an hour...then he was WIDE awake! Howie got up with the kids and I told him to wake me at 9, which was GLORIOUS!!!! I think the time change should happen every weekend! I actually got that extra hour of sleep!

With the time change, we were actually at church early again...might be because of Howie tho really, he's such a ball buster about leaving on time! lol Service was good...and we had a new experience...two boys from DJ's Awana class were in our row, so he didn't even sit with us...and behaved relatively well!! It was very different! And nice!!! After service we headed to costco...what a NUTHOUSE!!! We were going to do lunch there, but the lines for that were ridiculous! Thankfully we'd all sampled thru the store and I gave the kids each a cheese stick on the way home. They begged for McD's but I wasn't in the mood for that for them, so we went home and made our lunch.

The afternoon got away from us with no particular reason...I took the kids and dogs to the park and we played for a while. Then at 5 DJ asked for a bath, and I had no reason not to, so they both got bathed and enjoyed their bath time since there was no rush for bed time. They also got to wear pj's to dinner...quite the phenomenon! No sense putting dirty clothes back on them...or putting clean ones on for an hour or pj's it was!!! 

Dinner was quite lovely too...and NO ONE squawked at the squash....Sam ate every last bit with no fuss whatsoever!!! YES!!!!!! Of course she wasn't raving over it, but she also wasn't crying/fighting/whining about it! Ahhh the sweet sound of progress!  After dinner the kids played while I ran to the shed to see what today's haul a few goodies and came home. I really don't like being out there in the dark like that! And the kids didn't want to come with me...they were too busy playing on the computer.

They were both in bed shortly after 8 and went to sleep very quickly!! Howie went pretty much as soon as they did and I got to watch Amazing Race...which I'll admit, today I watched only to see who got I wasn't pay much attention (the phone got me!) and then I watched Once Upon A Time and since I wanted to actually see it, I put the phone down!! lol Now, I'm about to go watch The Good Wife. Wish I had some motivation to knit...most times I'm just too darn cold!! Wonder if there's an app for that!?!??! LMAO

Til next time...God bless!

iNadvertantly iBecame part of the iFamily

And I'm in freakin heaven!!!!!!!

This morning the kids and I woke up slowly...sorta...DJ was up at 6 but came back to bed with me when Howie got done helping him go potty....Howie was off to go fishing in the river, and DJ went right back to sleep no problems! And slept til after 8 too! I was smart and left them each a sippy in anticipation of their waking...and they liked that. Then I got woken by Sam telling me that DJ needed my help in the bathroom...again!

We had a lovely breakfast together and then wasted time. My g/f Tiffany had told me about digital books thru the we checked it out and ended up reading 3 books together at the computer...pretty awesome!!! Its more for readers than non-readers, but they enjoyed reading books we don't have. When I get my iPad we'll be able to read them together in my chair rather than uncomfortably at the computer. Howie came home as we were reading the third one...which was my clue to start making dinner to take with us for the football game. I did that while Howie showered...then I showered and packed up clothes for the evening. 

DJ had a game at 2, so that was our first stop....he did SO good too!! Got 2 flags again and missed a couple...but he was just as proud as we were of him!!! Grandpa and Ellen were here as well as my g/f Shirah...lots of support!! He loves it too! That and the snack at the end of the game!  From here we went Avoning...would have been more, but I only had half the books I intended to have with me...not good! As we were out and about, I dropped my Blackberry out of the door handle where I had it...NOT good! The case came apart and the phone screen went white....which is never good for any phone! I took the battery out and nothing...did that a couple times actually, and no luck. It took a picture as I'd hit the wrong button at one point....and it let me know I had a facebook notification...but that was it. So once we were done with the Avoning portion of the day, we headed to Verizon to see what could be done.

I walked in with the phone and showed them how I was almost ready to cry...and he took me over to his computer and checked to see what we could do. I don't have insurance on the phone I thought I was totally screwed!! Turns out...since my number is the primary on the account, I could upgrade early and wouldn't get dinged too bad. He then toyed with me and said I could get the iPhone4 for 99.00....say WHAT!?!?!! lol I was drooling at this point! I ran out to tell Howie what was what and he said to go for we started the process of transferring all my data. Which turns out wasn't ALL of it, as my notes in the phone didn't transfer...and I'm hoping I can get them somehow. A half hour later, I was the proud owner of a beautiful white iPhone4!!!!

Then we headed to the stadium for Jake's game, but ate our dinner in the truck before heading in. No time for playing with the phone darnit! The key strokes are gonna take some getting used to...not having an actual key pad with buttons is tough on this chick! The game was PHENOMENAL!!!! Talk about a difference in play when its playoffs!! Tonite we played a team from Prairie (No clue where that is even) and they made the first TD, which makes me nervous!!! Going into half time, the score was 7-6 for them....but our boys came out of the tunnel after half time just raring to go! And killed them in the 3rd quarter!! Final score was 33-7 for us!! What a great game too!! The kids did okay for the most part...its tough for them to understand what's going on...Sam had 3 potty breaks and DJ had two...that's hard leave! 2 of the 3 times I took Sam the score changed!

They fell asleep soon after leaving the stadium as we headed to Howie's work for him to set the master clock so all the clocks change for tomorrow's Daylight Savings. The time continuum struck me as I played with my phone...literally, the ride from the stadium to the club was all of 3 minutes, I swear!! lol And the ride home was equally short! I did start feeling ill on the way home and paid attention for the last 5 miles or so to calm the swirling feeling. And now I've played with it for over an hour since being home, I'm ready for bed! Plus, I want that extra hour of sleep!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

the Other Mrs Hughes

I woke up this morning with a body next to me....had to feel around and see which body, was DJ. So I got up and went to the bathroom like most normal people do when they wake up...only Howie had stolen the toilet I sent him a message via i.m. and no response (I heard him out talking to DJ, who I tried calling for help when he woke) so I tried calling him on his was on vibrate...finally he saw my plea and helped me out! Sheesh!!! We were down to the very last roll in the house, thank God today was grocery day!!

Howie took DJ to school and came back...meanwhile Sam and I had breakfast and got ready to go shopping...she wanted to come with me and since its only her, she came! We did some Avon book dropping on the way and then finally got to Freddy's about 10:30. Had a few exchanges to make and one return and that ate up a bunch of time (I hate waiting in line!) and then we got started on the shopping. Oh when we first walked in we spotted a friend of mine and her daughter, so we chatted a bit til Sam's uber small bladder kicked in! Then when we were checking out I ended up behind another friend in line, and our neighbours showed up, so we chatted a bit with her too! Busy place!

We were cutting it short for time with all our butterflying...and made it home at 1 pm....we needed to leave at 1:20 to get to school for recess duty...yikes! I'd called ahead and Howie make Sam's lunch, so she started eating right away...I made mine, ate and then we were on the road...exactly 1:21...not too shabby! Got to school and signed in and waited for the kids, whew! After recess I checked in with Mrs Hughes and she had some cut outs for me to do...which took the whole 50 minutes too! My poor fingers have scissor bruises! They don't have crafting scissors and this was really thick paper...OUCH!  Since it was also Avon day, I'd brought it all with me as one of my clients (a parent at the school) had ordered slippers and they came in, so she followed me out to the truck and got them. Then we did one delivery while in town and headed for home.

There is an antique store going out of business on Main used to be the first bank, way back in the early 1900's...and they still have the vault in the store, which was kind of wild to step into such history! In any case, the whole place was on serious reductions....I scored a bunch of stuff for 10.00 and I'm quite happy! Got another milk pitcher for the kids to pour their own first one I got 6 mos ago is a huge hit, so now when its in the washer, we have a back up! I also got DJ a "treasure" box for Christmas...he's always wanting a special place for his "stuff" like what SamSam has, so this will do nicely! 

After that we went to the dollar store for some necessities...with the lack of toilet paper, we depleted the tissue supply....yikes! Can't have that! We're one of the few homes where there are 6 open boxes throughout the house...Americans aren't big on tissues for whatever reason...and I find it odd! We finally got home just before 5 and the kids stayed out to play with the boys next door. Sam was the first back in just before 6 and she was a popsicle...or a Samsicle! Dinner was on the slow side due to the chicken not thawing fast enough and the squash not cooking quick enough...but it sure was tasty!!

Sam had managed to get the piece of gum she was chewing everywhere BUT the garbage...we cleaned up her hands with rubbing alcohol, but it wasn't til we were just about to sit that I discovered it in her hair....never had this before. It brought back memories of my childhood and the smell of turpentine for my I asked my village (facebook) and learned peanut butter will do the trick. So while she was on her last few bites, I took a toothbrush full of peanut butter and brushed it on and rubbed it in...and combed it right out! I was amazed at how easy that was! Of course, now she needed a bath, so off we went! Howie's solution, and I quote, "Just cut it out, its only a little bit" which would have been a clump near her ear, and about 3 inches worth of hair...NOT happening! Thank you village!!

The kids went to bed shortly after 8 and went quickly for the most part...Howie was watching Wipeout rerun, so I watched with him til he went to bed at 9. Then I watched last Sunday's Once Upon A Time and rather enjoyed it! Even if it is a bit on the dark side. I still have Grimm to watch, and now have two of them to catch up on. I then chose Psych, which is such a great show!!! I just love it! Their references to things just crack me up! Then I watched Blue Bloods...but fell asleep for a half hour of it til DJ woke me up...we snuggled a bit on the chair til he went back to sleep and I carried him to bed. Now its my turn! AND there's no football game in the morning...YAY!!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Princess

And The Pea Razor Blades

That was me today...only I didn't know the pea was an actual razor blade...go figure!

This morning I woke up sort of DJ beside me and the door was closed...two very odd things! So I got up and got dressed, but left Belle in the crate to investigate. Turns out Howie was home as he wasn't feeling well...and DJ had been up since 6:30, but Howie made him lay on the couch...yet still gave him cookies....whatta dad!!

I'd made DJ an eggamuffin last nite for his breakfast as I knew Sam and I were coming right home with no stops, but since Howie was here, he took him to school instead....fine by me! Sam and I enjoyed  breakfast while he was gone. He came home and went right back to bed for a few hours. Now, most times when he's home on a work day I struggle to keep it quiet for him...not today...Sam was fantastic!!! She wouldn't snuggle with me tho no matter how nice I asked!! It wasn't til I got a blanket on me while sitting in my chair that she came over finally...even then it lasted 30 seconds! I'd already told her that she was having a bath today and so she decided that it was happening now, not later! She loves play baths and during the day, she can get as pruny as she'd like! lol

While she was in the water Howie got up and said we were ripping carpet we did! Or rather, he did and I carried the foul stuff outside!! When he pulled up the underlay he found 3 razor blades from some seriously lazy workers!! I knew I'd felt things under there...happens when you're barefoot a lot!  Then I had the task of pulling the staples out...and then vacuuming them up...we did break for lunch and then finished the whole living room done! Belle likes it and hates it....she likes how the balls bounce and she can pretty much play fetch by herself...but with that inch gone, her ball rolls under things it didn't used to before. And for sleeping, she's in the hall right now, where the carpet is! Peeing, she hasn't done that inside yet (and I think we're going on day 10 with maybe 3 pee accidents) but she did poop earlier behind Howie's chair GRRRR  The smell is SOOOOOO different in here now!!!! I lit a candle and you could actually smell it thru the whole house!!!! It was awesome!!! And when I sat in the chair tonite after the kids went to bed, I wasn't repulsed!!! Finally!!

Howie went to bed shortly after the kids did...and I got to watch BBT (oh my stars that was funny!) and Rules of Engagement (meh) and Whitney (this one is getting funnier and funnier, I also like how it's old school and filmed in front of a live audience!) and then Grey's (kinda nice to go down memory lane and remember George and Izzie! and the heart in the box thing was kinda freaky!) and then Private Practice (kinda disturbing...and I'm over Addison and her therapy sessions...) I also got to watch Survivor while everyone was at football practice...what a glorious 2 hours that was!! Sam asked to go with Howie and he couldn't think of a reason for her not Then within minutes she found the puddle and they sat in the truck for the rest of practice. I thoroughly enjoyed my completely uninterrupted shower...*ahhhhh*

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Big Bad Wolf

Was a howlin today!! I heard some trees creaking and moaning and it was scary! Belle thought so too! She doesn't much like her "bidness" interrupted by noise...and it takes her that much longer!

This morning I woke up when DJ came to bed...I think around 6...and my clock was flashing 12:00...which obviously means power I hit the button to make it stop flashing and checked my phone, another hour of sleep...whew! But I tell ya, having 5 clocks tell you the wrong time is quite confusing! lol We made it to school as the bell was ringing...and then Sam and I had to come home...those 5 clocks stole my brain and I forgot 5 things this hearing aid included!! And with only one, its kind of important to function!

After picking up what was forgotten, we headed to Sky Valley to drop off books...and last week's books were still there, so I helped Jill remove them and load up the new books. Sam was enjoying herself in the play area...she found a couple friends from Awana and made herself at home. From the school we headed to the church to wait for my g/f Kody...I had some apples for her. We chose the church as it was nice and close to the dance center....which Sam was thrilled to go to!!! I got some pictures today, but I haven't uploaded them...I'll do that tomorrow and post the Halloween pix too!

Once dance class was over we headed to the bank and then picked up pizzas as per our usual Wednesday routine! We got home and got lunch going for the two of us and then the afternoon frittered away! I laid on the couch around 3 and before I knew it, it was after 4 and Sam was snoozing in my chair...she needed it tho! Then there was a knock at the door....a friend coming to get something Howie said he could he waited for Howie while I tended to Sam, who'd peed herself upon waking up. Howie got home as I had Belle out to potty and then we got dinner under way.

I'd gotten an email this afternoon that the kids were getting homework to when DJ got in, we did it right away...with lotsa fussing too! But he did get it done and was able to go to Awana after all.
I was so proud of DJ...he got his wings tonite and his first jewel...and perfect club attendance jewel too! HE was proud!!! So awesome! I think Sam got a badge too, but she doesn't see them til I sew them on. The ride home was a loud one....the rains were dumping!! We talked a bit on the way home about getting right to bed...and tonite they were in bed by 9...and we got home at 8:40, so that's not too shabby really!

I did sit for a bit once they were out and watch X Factor with Howie til he went to bed...then I got busy emptying the dehydrator...the apples and bananas were done! The apples are lovely and crispy...the bananas are not at all like what you can buy in the obviously they've been doctored!! Not sure what I can do to prevent the blackening part...and make them really dry as opposed to chewy...I'll have to google that!  When I got to sit again, I watched Modern Family (HILARIOUS!!) and Happy Endings (ahh staycations rock!) and Revenge which is just getting better and better really! Now, I'm gonna go watch the back of my eye lids...I hear they're pretty awesome!

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Man, was it COLD this morning!!

I have discovered the one thing worse than waking up before the alarm...

Waking up before the heat comes on in the morning!!!! Man, that was chilly!!

DJ came into bed with me a 6:50 (about 2 seconds after I woke up on my own) and told me to roll over so he could share my pillow and get warm! ha! Thankfully his feet weren't icicles!! So we snuggled til 7:10 and then got up to get dressed. Sam didn't want DJ to wake her, so she stayed in bed til I came to get her up....cute! Then we did breakfast and out the door we went!!

ON TIME!!!!! Yes!!! If I can judge a week by the first day of school, then it's gonna be a good week!! We even had a few minutes to spare at school, but DJ wanted to walk in on his own...I let him....watching him walk off into the school makes him SO much older than the 5 year old I know! From there, Sam and I went to wait for the bank to open and then head home.

The morning was full of Norwex, Blake Shelton ticket buying with my g/f Pearl, and Avon ordering! Before I knew it, it was noon and time to start thinking about lunch! Sam was specific in what she piece of toast with Nutella on it, green beans and cheese...odd combo! But she was happy and that makes me happy! After lunch we headed to the Heide's...their girls have been our babysitters of late and Kay (the mom) had some apples for us to glean from...AND she was loaning me her win for me!! And Sam just loves going there! Granted, we've never been in the day light hours, so she was super impressed with the chickens, horses, and play ground!! She and Kay's youngest played for a bit while we chatted (mom, she's got a cellar about double what Sunderland had!! Quite nice!) and then we got our coats on and headed over to where the apples were...there were about 8 boxes to pick thru and most of them were rotting or rotten...I did manage to find 47 apples!! Enough to get my started that's for darn sure!

Then we went to the shed to get the books and put the new books on the shelves....Sam had Apunzel to keep her company and I got right to it! I'd forgotten my phone, so it wasn't til I got home that I saw Howie called to see if he was picking DJ up...glad he did! They came home with in 10 minutes of our arrival! I got busy doing dishes and cleaning apples and thawing hamburger meat for patties. Oh and I washed the dehydrator in the bath tub while Howie dried for me....that was a chore!!

Before dinner was started I got two trays of bananas in there...and after dinner I got two trays of apples in there...the hum of it is making me very sleepy while I sit here! And the heat from it (all of 135 degrees) is keeping the chill at bay here in the computer area...would it be wrong to bring it into the bedroom to help heat the room up!??!! lol  After dinner the kids played a bit and then it was bed time...DJ had played outside after school til dinner, so he was tuckered! I read to both of them and then we tucked them in.

Howie was watching tv while I got lunches and coffee ready...he quit chewing tobacco today and its been edgy to say the least...snappy is more like it! But I'm very proud of him for doing this!!! It's been a long time coming and I'm glad to be done with that smell! Cold turkey is no way to go, but he's doing it and survived the first day! Once he was in bed and my chores complete, I sat and watched tv...first up was Glee...which is gettin dicey in the baby drama!! And the diva drama!!! Love it!  Then was Raising Hope which was funny!! Very comical tonite! Then Parenthood, which was a lil close to home in the whole family fun nite drama...and how post partum baby fog is hard to shake! Still good tho!

Now I must go crawl into bed before the house freezes me to death!!! Arizona sure sounds nice this time of year....

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I was working in the lab late one night

When my eyes beheld an eerie sight
For my monster from his slab began to rise
And suddenly to my surprise

He did the mash
He did the monster mash
The monster mash
It was a graveyard smash
He did the mash
It caught on in a flash
He did the mash
He did the monster mash

I got DJ hooked on this video in youtube today!! He was mesmerized by it for some reason...and it's a cartoon version too, not real first I only let him listen to the song while we danced, but then he wanted to "see" it and he must've watched it 10 times today!

I can remember (and this was "back in the day") that we'd have Halloween parties at school and this song would be playing on a loop in the background (probably a cassette tape too!) while we enjoyed gross looking foods that were meant to be creepy....boy, those were the days!!! lol Now, like every other major holiday, its been banned from the schools. Not that we'll have that issue at a Christian school...just a memory that 'haunted' me today.

Thank goodness it was sunny out today...the kids were outside for the most part all afternoon which was wonderful! I was able to take a shower uninterrupted!! Such a treat!! Especially amidst the pleas to put their costumes on! That was the question of the day!! And also the bribe of the try threatening a 5 year old that he'll lose his potential candy!!!! It works!!! Of course, now we're moving on to the Christmas threat!! ho ho ho!

Finally after dinner Buzz got ready and so did our Monkey! DJ was able to wear his Buzz costume again...altho in his mind I'm sure this was the first year for it...who am I to disappoint!? And Sam, while she wanted to be a princess, we had a monkey costume on hand....and that's what I got her excited to be! She had fun with it too!! And was THE cutest monkey ever!!!!

We went back to the same houses we went to last year...and it went a bit quicker I must say...they did awesome walking from house to house...and we only had 2 each kid! Sam struggled carrying her bag after the first street we did, so we dumped it into the back of the car before doing the second street...since they're not at the greedy stage, we didn't do more than 25 homes...just enough to let them get the whole picture! We were back home before 8 and they were already in their jammies...under their we sorted the candy, and they each got 3 picks...and only one had to be throw out due to lack of air in the bag...and then it was teeth brushing time! They were both out like lights pretty quick! DJ before I could get to him even! Sam was thrilled when I told her she could be a Princess next year....Apunzel is her first choice!!! I'm not surprised!

So we watched HIMYM which was hilarious for this Canadian!! Howie went to bed half way thru it...again! so I watched the rest of the line up. 2 Broke Girls was funny! And 2.5 men had me laughin! Mike & Molly was the best tonite tho...Spongebob was killer!!! Castle was dramatic...not typical for a Halloween nite...but still good!

I think I'll go get into my costume now...and pretend to be a sleeping person! :D

Til next time...God bless!