Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nice Day for a White Wedding

This morning I woke up a couple times...Howie getting in the shower....Howie leaving for his massage...Sam joining me in bed....DJ joining us in bed...Sam needing my help on the toilet....Belle needing out...DJ was the one who slept the best of everyone and didn't get up til 9:30!! SamSam and I enjoyed our snuggle in the chair waiting for him to get up.

Howie came home shortly thereafter and I got busy making everyone breakfast. Then I gave Howie a haircut and he went out to do yard work. Sam and I stayed in for a bit putting laundry away, gathering more to wash, and doing dishes. Then we headed out to work in the garden. Howie had me cut up weed whacker line first and then we hit the weeds in the garden. Apparently I can't grow radishes to save my life! So, I pulled all that was there and found some smothered carrots trying to grow....I'm sure they'll thank me now! I also uprooted some other thing I'd planted but it wasn't up to snuff, and in its place I put some squash as they needed thinning....hopefully I transplanted them okay. We'll see!

About 1 I came in with the kids to get them lunch...I got caught up in everything here and wasn't able to hop in the shower like I'd wanted to. Howie came in from mowing the lawn and took the first shower. Then it was my turn! I spent 15 minutes figuring out what to wear...and then another 10 doing the kitty litter...why is it I can't just "go have a shower" and be good with that!!??!!? Thankfully the wedding was literally 2 miles from our house!! One of Howie's work buddies and we've socialized with them a few times, so it was nice to be invited.

We arrived with 10 minutes to spare...and even then she was 19 minutes late!!! But that's okay, she's the bride and the sun was shining!! The ceremony itself had quite a few comical elements and it was just great to see these two finally get married!!! Howie's big boss was there too, so it was somewhat cautious til he left...which wasn't too long after. I did meet a couple new club people, but we kept to ourselves for the most part. Enjoyed the buffet of fresh foods we could actually eat and some water from Fiji (of all places) and listened to music. Meanwhile the sun was cooking us like we were turkey at Thanksgiving!! SO hot!!! And we're in the pool area of the home, just not fair!!! All dressed up and the only thing we wanna do is jump in and cool off!

Shortly after 5 we headed for home...such a long trek...the kids greeted us and they looked happy to see us. We visited with my g/f Shirah before she headed for home...and then I got dinner ready for the kids. From the time we got home, my tummy was angry with me...Howie's too, but he cheated and went to lay down! bugger! Once dinner was cooking for the kids I tried to relieve the pressure, but no such luck. Sure did a lot of burping tho!! Well, more than my usual Neither Howie or I wanted dinner, so we skipped it while the kids ate theirs.  Then I bathed them as tomorrow is a church day, and off they went to bed with some was before 9 y'know!

Howie then watched an LFL game (Lingerie Football League) that was in Hamilton of all of the girls on the West team works with Howie at the while he watched that, I read my entire People magazine...even stuff I don't normally read!! Finally he went to bed and I put on something from dvr. Now, the tummy is somewhat settled and I'm off to sleep!!

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Its official

My baby is going to school!!! Today he got his first "pack pack" and I haven't the heart to tell him its BACK pack...he'll learn it soon enough!

This morning I got to sleep in a bit as it's Friday and that's Howie's late day for work...I enjoyed the heck out of it too!! The kids were up at 8 so it wasn't too terrible for him really. I got up and made us breakfast and off he went to work. Avon had come, so he brought up the heavy box that DJ couldn't and I got busy sorting that mess out. Bagged it up and put them according to delivery dates.

Now, while all this is going on, the kids have ever so nicely left the sliding door open twice and Belle had gotten out TWICE!!! And both times I found her at the park where we go to romp around. Fun times trying to catch her! I then ban the kids from the sliding door and lock it up tight! So frustrating!

After lunch we head out to Woodinville to meet up with my Avon client who lives out there and there's a Target out there at which I need to get a wedding gift from a registry there. And while we were there we checked out their back to school section. DJ picked out a Cars2 back pack and a Toy Story 3 lunch pack...didn't want to match...and there was no changing his mind...he felt the power of his decisions!!! lol  He also said he had to try it on to make sure it fit!! Once done shopping we headed back to Monroe and stopped at Freddy's to get some ice cream. I'd told the kids we'd stop at McD's if they behaved and get them a cone to share...and then had the brain child to get the ice cream and take it home so they could have more than one cone. They both understood my logic and agreed that was best!

We got home and I unloaded everything and got dinner started... pizza for them and sketti for Howie and I...after dinner I made them each an ice cream cone and in an effort to keep it to ourselves, we ate outside on the back deck. I popped back in the house to get a wet wipe for Sam's face, and who escapes!?!? Belle!! Right between my legs!! So I grab the leash for the 3rd time today and head out to find her. I get to the park, and no we (me and Snickers) head back up our street calling out for her...nothing. Get all the way to Larry's and she's not there...head back to the park and she's not there. Now the panic starts to set in...but I'm still pissed she got out and didn't come when called.  I then head for the neighbour's across the street and go in their back yard as she likes it there....and there she is...eating cat poop!!! BLECH!!! She does finally come to me when I use a stern voice and I leash her up and take her home. Rascal! She got put on the trolley after that as I was still miffed.

The kids were busy playing and I did some Avon stuff til Howie got home and then got the kids in bed. I then head out to get Belle and she's soaking wet from DJ messing around with the hose out there. So I leave her on the back deck for a bit to dry off (I close the sliding door on the leash and she stays put) and then I had the brain child to reverse she came in but didn't have full range of motion. Howie was watching some program on rock n roll music and the best of the I worked on paperwork that was sent to us about the accident last week....that's a lot of fun!

After he went to bed I put on What Happens in Vegas with Ashton Kutcher and Cameron neighbour borrowed it from the library and lent it to me before she returned it. But it skipped SO bad!!! Didn't for her, but man, for me it was awful!! It made a 90 minute movie into 60!! Well, not THAT bad, but still I'm sure I missed out on more than a few punchlines. Cute movie tho!

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Please excuse Missy's absence

As she broke her tooth yesterday eating CRAB BISQUE and was in some serious pain. Because of said pain, she took a muscle relaxant yesterday and didn't feel like posting would be in her best interest!

Thank you!

That's what my note to the teacher would read...if I had a teacher...but you get the drift!

Yesterday I had a lovely massage at 1 in the afternoon....the kids and I got home after 2, made us all lunch, I finished off the crab soup I'd made, and bit down on an errant piece of shell my lovely sister included in the crab shucking. (I did the knuckles, so I know it was her!) Kept on eating my lunch, and then my salad and the switch to cold food bothered me more than usual (I have sensitive teeth to begin with) and so I sent my tongue to investigate and it felt odd. So I rush to the bathroom and lo and behold I can see the crack in my molar on the bottom left. NOT good!! So I call Howie to let him know, then call the dentist to see if I can get in that day. She said as soon as I could get in, I'd get looked at! So we finish our lunch (me rather gingerly and not eating on the left side) and off we head to the dentist.

Howie met me at the dentist and took the kids home so they weren't stuck in the waiting room like they did for my massage (and they were AWESOME for that too!!) and I got x-rays taken. Because the crack was on the tongue side of my mouth it wasn't very evident on the x-ray...and the doc wasn't sure how deep the break went. So he referred me to a Microendodontist....yeah, say that 5 times fast! Shit it took me 5 times just to pronounce it right in the first place!!! I head home and call the specialist and they were closed...left my name and number and put it out of my mind. Howie fed the kids and I had scrambled eggs and toast just to be safe.

This morning the kids slept wonderfully, which was fabulous since I'd taken the muscle relaxant last nite and it makes one drowsy. In fact, Sam slept 13 hours!!!!! DJ did 12 and I got 7.5! NOT gonna complain!! So after breakfast I try callin the specialist dude again and no answer. I take Belle out for a potty run and guess who calls...and I didn't have my phone on me...I call back and was told I could be seen on Tuesday at 2:30 but that I'd be placed on the emergency care list if someone else cancelled. Within a half hour I got the call that I had an appt for 4:30....I think they just wanted to verify I had insurance...doesn't matter to me, I take the appt.

Since the appt was for 4:30, Howie met us there and took the kids home while I was getting taken care of. First thing they do is take x-rays...3 of them...and show them to me. Again I can't "see" the crack in the x-ray due to position of said crack. Doc wants to take the broken part out and see what's underneath it and go from there. I told him to talk to me in dollars as that's my language...he chuckled.

He then put a topical freezing on the gum, and then the needle came...which brought with it, tears!! Yes, I cried!! I abhor needles!!!! Especially when they're in the mouth! Always have, always will! He only gave me half of the needle and let me calm down...and let the freezing start so he could give me the other half. Felt that too! Then he pulled the piece out and was pleased to see there was no root damage so a root canal was not necessary! Instead, he drilled out the filling that was there, it wasn't necessary anymore, and then filed down the broken edges. He then did some work with the microscope (hence the micro in his field) and took some pix to show me his work. Put a temporary crown on and away I went.

Total damages for today's visit...79.20...WAY less than what I'd been expecting!!! That's for sure! Paid and me and my numb face headed home. Howie was just feeding the kids as I came in, so I made myself some soup and tried not to drool it out...hard task really!! About 9:30 the freezing was gone and I made myself a toasted english muffin. OH, I did have a fudgesicle, and have to say, it was ODD to eat it while frozen...couldn't feel a thing on the left side!!! No feeling = no brain freeze!! lol

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday = Zoosday!!

This morning was perfect!! Kids woke up after 8, waited til 8:45 before I let them go down and wake Joanne up, which she LOVED!!!, and then get on with the day! After breakfast I worked on Avon til the order went in at 11:55! Then I got kids dressed and ready to head out the door. While I was getting ready, Jo made us both a salad for lunch....the kids were getting pizza as it was my turn to do that run.

FINALLY we were headed out about 1:30...stopped at the bank, the pizza place and the gas station...and then west for the ZOO!!!!! It was gloomy here, with sprinkles of rain, which I was hoping would keep people away from the zoo...but when we got further south, it was sunshiny!! Perfect weather really for zoo walking! The kids were thrilled to be going as they both thought it was their first time ever!!! Not the case, but to them it was.

We arrived and while Jo took the kids potty, I paid for parking and then headed in. First stop was the giraffes as they were feeding them right then! and that's a neat thing to see! Didn't let the kids do it this time, but will have to some day so they remember it. Then we just walked and walked and walked the zoo! Looking at all the animals!! For some reason, it was poop day! The elephants pooped (MASSIVE clumps of shit!! How'd ya like THAT job!??!) and peed (WAY more than a race horse!!! like a fire hose really!!) and went on their way! Then we're watching gorillas (this one was 34  yrs old) and it sat in a squat and pooped...and he reached back, plucked it out, and buried in the food!! BLECH!!! Seriously?? What is with all the poop!!?!??! And for some reason, it was all I could smell at each exhibit today! Must been the rain or something!!

Most of the animals were sunning, which made it hard for the kids to pick them out unless they moved and the kids caught it. They did great tho!! Jo rented a wagon for them, thinking they'd want to sit...HA! they wanted to pull it more than anything! They did take turns sitting in it with the backpack as a pillow...and when they got their ice cream (cool auntie strikes again!) they sat together in it to eat it. Boy, they had fun!!  Then on the way out, it dawned on me to check membership prices and see if what was paid today could be applied to it...sure thing! So I got the 3 of us a membership for a year!!! DJ has Mondays off from school, so that's perfect!! And if we go one more time, its paid for! We already have a zoo play date with a g/f of mine in a couple weeks, so its totally worth the investment!! YAY!!!

The kids both passed out on the way home...and Jo drove to battle car was close to 7 when we got home and Howie had dinner almost ready! After dinner the kids silliness kicked in and they were wild!!!! Finally corralled them and got them into bed! Howie went to bed before 10, and Jo went to shower as she's flying out stupid early! Which is why I'm still up! We leave the house at 3:15 to get her to the airport for 4 as she flies out at sense going to sleep for an hour to get up and drive. I'm praying extra hard that tomorrow is sunny and the kids can play outside while I grab a nap!! Please God!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Teacher's Pet

This morning was a bit chaotic in the waking....Joanne had an appt with a homeopath at 8, but I forgot to put skype on the computer so she could chat with the dr...but I also don't have a web cam or mic to speak thru...and the dr didn't like that, so she ended up calling her instead. I did find out we don't have overseas calling features! So while she was downstairs on the phone, the kids and I ate breakfast and snuggled on the couch watching tv. Jo came up and saw us all snuggled and wanted to jump in on the action...glad she didn't! It was already hard enough to move with just the kids!

The rest of the day whittled away while we waited for her hair appointment at 2 with my hairdresser. The kids were just as excited as they love playing with Travis and Aliya! We got there and no LT or Alyia! :(  But that didn't stop my two from having fun!!! Even with the chilly temps and sprinkling rain, they still had fun!! Samantha thoroughly enjoyed baby Karina's company and was oohing and ahhing over her! Oh it was so cute to watch!!!

Once done with the hair, we headed home and I got busy right away making crab bisque to go with dinner...we'd thawed out some salmon and Hoiwe was to bbq it, so to add to it, I made the bisque my mom gave me the recipe for. YUM!!!!!! Oh that was delish!! Probably a new fave! Won't be giving too  much crab away since its so easy to freeze and make later too!! Jake came for dinner too which was nice!! He went fishing with everyone yesterday but couldn't come for a meal as he had to work. I finally got to see his tattoo in person!!! It looks good! Nice and crisp and he explained it a bit to me too. Its kinda big, but he's happy with it!

I then left as soon as I swallowed my last bite for puppy class...kissed everyone goodbye and off she and I went. We got there just in time too! Tonite there was only 4 of us, the two labs were missing. We worked on stuff from last week, and added to it....such as signs for sit and stay. I'd already been doing this, so Belle looked like a pro!!! She also got to be demo dog again for something, which I totally approve of as then I KNOW she can do whatever is being asked of her. And she likes the extra attention and different treats!  After class we were able to stay for puppy play, and it was just her and another dog named Zipper. The two of them were ALL over the place chasing each other. Oh it was fun to watch!! They had a great 8 minutes play time!!

We got home and DJ and Sam were outside "helping" Mr Erickson do something in the yard...what it really meant was "they have DIRTY feet" and daddy wanted peace...uh huh! I know that trick! So I head in with Belle and do some Avon calling. I've had a couple people ask me to call them and remind them the order is due...which I don't mind one bit! Once done there, I got the kids in and cleaned them up before sending them to bed. They were both wiped out!!! Jo went to bed before I could even say goodnite and Howie waited til I'd gotten out of the shower before going to bed. Belle was crashed in the living room, so I knit and watched B'ette! Not shocked that Constantine left, I wasn't feelin it either...but shocked that Ryan came back!! That says something to me! Sad she didn't feel it, but I get where she's coming from. So of the two, I think Ben is the "fun" one and JP is the "real"'s hoping she picks right!!

Oh, and I discovered something worse than a dog eating cat poop from a litter box...having her throw it up!! Oh that was just awful! I tried to get her to the kitchen floor, but it came up too quick. AND I'd just eaten!!! Three times I gagged trying to keep my breakfast down!! Just NASTY!!!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Even tho it was just

Sam and I this morning, we were still late for church! Altho technically, not late late, just late to get nursery started as it was my turn in Sam's class. But the other two girls who come were on vacay again, so Sam went in with the babies and I went into service....and I wasn't late for that...much...

After church she and I headed home...I called Howie on the way to see where they were, and they were on their way home with only 6 fish!! Darnit! We got home and I had time to get Belle out to potty and there they pulled they weren't too far behind us!! I got started right away making lunch and then Howie went to take a nap, and Jo took one too...which left me with keeping kids quiet. Yeah, right! We did finally take the dogs to the park for 45 minutes once I learned they'd gone in to "nap" with Howie 3 times! Sweet, but not when you're the one trying to nap!

One by one they woke up....DJ then got to go swimming as they neighbours came home from a church picnic....Sam tried, but she is still unsure of the water. So while they were outside, I got busy with laundry since my fairy left me...*sigh* Howie got up and started cleaning the boat to put away til next time. Then we started dinner and margaritas....yikes!! I should know better than to do that before eating!!! And I can clearly see how its "One margarita, two margarita, three margarita, FLOOR!!!!" Especially if you use the good stuff, Patron, and its so smooth there's NO bite whatsoever!!! Sheesh!!

After dinner Howie got the crab cooking while I cleaned the counters off for him and roasted some almonds and pecans....hottest day of the year so far, and I've got the oven going!! D'oh! The kids were back outside playing after dinner and finally came in after 8 to get pj's on and go to bed. DJ was out before I could kiss him...he was worn out from getting up so early and being outside all day in the wonderful sunshine we had! Sam wasn't too far behind him as I checked on her a few minutes after I closed her door and she was out!

Since Howie has to go back to work tomorrow, he went to bed about 9:30...and Jo went to bed shortly after I sat and knit while watching Drop Dead Diva and The I'm headin to bed...early compared to the last 3 nites!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I concede defeat!!

I am SO not the coolest Auntie in the world!!!

This morning, Sam was the first to come snuggle with  me in bed...just before 8, so not too terrible, but I don't think I'll be staying up to wake Howie up two nites in a row again. And yet, here I am, passing time, waiting to wake him up! But I told him, this is the last nite...har har since he goes back to work on Monday.

The kids and I ate breakfast long before Joanne came upstairs....and while she ate her breaky, the kids got dressed and headed out to play. I wanted to grab a shower before I left the house. Turns out, so did she came in with me....a much different experience than with Daddy...I picked her up and took her into the water, which at first she liked, but didn't like the rinsing off of her hair part....or how long she had to be in there with me as there was no one to pass her off to. Oh well, she survived!

Finally about 11 we headed into town to Freddy's...the kids were being unruly as THEY wanted to head straight to the toy section but we got stopped looking at clothes first...and then trying clothes on...but they got the patience lesson and practiced it. Then we head into the toy section and boom, first thing Jo sees is a beauty salon thingy for SamSam and says to her "you want that?" to which Samantha replies heartily YES!!!!! What 3 year old girl wouldn't want this!?!?! Since I can't see any other boxes of it, I find someone to help us, he goes in search of one for us. So we walk the aisles looking for something DJ wants...sword? no! Tonka truck? yes! But then he spies Finn McMissile from the new Cars movie and is ALL over that!! Saying "I don't have that one actually!" lol  Finally the guy came back and said they had no more in the back and that we could have that one...which Jo was pleased as punch about since it was already set up! lol So off we go in search of a cashier. DJ of course can hold his toy, but Sam can't...and she did ok with that til we got to the car...then she wanted tangible proof it was hers since it was going in the trunk.

We got home minutes before a fishless/crabless Howie did....just enough to get the salon in the house and set up in Sam's room...she was in complete awe!! SO fun to watch! I then got started on lunch while Howie went and napped. Then after we ate, Jo wanted a nap, so the kids and I headed to the park with the dogs. They didn't want to stay long as their new toys were calling their names, they could hear it! lol So we headed back and they actually played quietly waiting for someone to wake up. Howie was first and Jo was shortly after.Then she grabbed a shower and we headed out for dinner.

To a place we'll probably never eat at again!!! A new Chinese buffet place that just opened up a month ago or so...very bland food and quite chewy! The kids did okay, and got to try some new stuff...but stuck to the typical kid foods. Then we headed to Freddy's again as we forgot to get Jo a one day license for her to fish tomorrow.  It wasn't til we were on the way home that I noticed the time (8:24) and that I had to do the Panera run for the gleaners...YIKES!!! I made Howie hurry it up and then as soon as we got home, ran in grabbed car keys and headed out. Jo came with me to see what it is we do and how much we get.  She was amazed!!! And picked out a few goodies for here that we don't normally have.

We got home after 10 and she went right to bed....Howie wasn't too far behind her I watched a new show I'd dvr'd called Sweet Home Alabama....kind of a take on the B'ette, but with a Southern girl and half country/city boys...interesting! I enjoyed it and knit just fine with it on. lol Now, I'm drowsy and need to go wake Howie up....he'd better catch a dang fish today!!!! :)

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yet another, crazy busy day!

This morning it was SO nice to wake up to Miss SamSam as the boys had gone fishing....we took our time getting up, well, til she started callin for me to wipe her that is. Then we had breakfast and were out the door at 10. I dropped her off next door and headed to the shed. Today was a gut/clean day for the shed.

I worked with the others til 11:45 and then headed to the airport to pick my sister Joanne up. Her flight was to come in at 12:18, and I didn't even bother to check the flight status online...if I had, I would have seen she got a half hour delay...but I'd already left plenty of time for her to get her luggage and be outside waiting for me. Just as I was doing my first lap around arrivals  she called me saying she was still at the baggage claim waiting for her bag and that they'd left a half hour late due to mechanical issues. So I headed to the cell phone lot to wait for another call....yeah, that didn't happen as there was something going on and a cop was directing traffic away...which put me somewhere I had no clue where I was going. I sorta followed the person in front of me as they had tried to go to the lot too...but I found a sign heading back to the loop and got on. I figured I'd just sit and park since the lot was closed...worked well as with in a minute Jo was out and we loaded her in the car.

The drive home was chatty as its been 2 years since we've seen each other, but 3 since she was last here to visit. She felt the extra hour of driving to get to Monroe compared to Lynnwood...and with all the motion she getting ill. Finally we got home and everyone was outside to greet us. Took her in and gave her a quick tour before making her a lunch as she was too! Then both she and Howie took a nap while the kids were outside playing....but they didn't stay out long, and so Jo's nap wasn't much of a nap really as she's right under the main room of the house...the dining room. Howie on the other hand got a great nap lol

While the crab was cooking, Jo and I headed to Albertsons to get some wine and turkey for her and turkey legs for crab bait. We got home at 6:45 and got right into making dinner...and eating it!! Oh it was yummy!!!! She'd never had 'caught that day' crab with us and enjoyed it muchly! Then she and I shelled a pounds worth of meat to make some bisque tomorrow YUM!

We wrestled the kids into bed by 9:30, which DJ needed badly was he was fading fast with getting up at 2 to go fishing...thankfully he had a 2  hour nap on the boat today. The 3 of us watched a bit of tv, but then Howie went to bed. Jo went to bed minutes after that as her body clock is messed up with the travel. So I watched the two episodes of Necessary Roughness that I had in dvr...gotta say, this show is fast winning me over! LOVE it!!!

Now, I'm struggling to stay awake so I can wake Howie up to go out on the boat again....*yawn*

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, July 22, 2011

And the diagnosis goes to...

Today was crazy busy!! The kids were up far too early for my liking...and far too noisy to let Belle continue to rest...or me for that matter....something about a broken lamp...not a fun wake up! Sam and I had breakfast, but DJ said he wasn't hungry, so I didn't make him anything...odd for the kid who never stops eating!!!

After breakfast I got a call from my sister, she flies in tomorrow, and we chatted for a bit before I had to get ready to head out. Dropped the kids off next door and I took the car to the collision place to get an estimate. Without really knowing the true damage, it'll cost 678 just to check it all out...and our deductible is 500...but that's not our cost, that's the 92 year old's cost...but we haven't heard from them the estimate is all I got today.

Headed home and got home within minutes of Howie coming fish today, but he did get 5 crab...and gave 2 to the guy who went with him on the boat today....3 is plenty for us! Then we all had lunch and hit the road again....this time for a dr appt for the 4 of us. We all got weighed (the scale there is exactly the same as here, so I'm happy with that!) and then herded into a room to wait for the dr. The kids are fine...minor bruising from their harnesses on the car seats...Howie and I both have aches and pains. His is his back and right hip, mine is my neck (I'm a neck cracker and up til tonite, I couldn't crack it...and it still isn't a great crack either) so we each got an Rx for massage and physical therapy...which we may have to wait til we hear from the 92 year old's insurance.... We also got Rx for muscle relaxants and ain't cheap!!!

Then because we needed to pick up the script at Freddy's, we just did the shopping while there...that was fun! I was listless if you can believe that!! I can't remember the last time I was the end I only went over budget by 3.03...not too bad really! PLUS I had Howie AND the kids with me!!!! I did manage to clear a couple more things off DJ's school supply list...slowly but surely!!  We got outta there and headed home to do dinner. Surf and fowl! I'd gotten a costco chicken yesterday for while I was at my meeting, but Howie didn't end up doing it, so we did it tonite instead.

After dinner was clean up time...Howie vacuumed while I swept and steam mopped the floors...much  needed!! My sis has allergies, so its best to do it the day before so it'll settle and not bug her so much. Here's hoping! Then we got the kids in bed around 9 and Howie by 10 as he's goin fishin again! I relaxed for a bit til I realized I'd forgotten to do the downstairs bathroom/laundry room. Got that done and another load of laundry going...never ending! I sure do miss my fairy!!

Belle started something new tonite...she saw herself in the sliding door and started barking like crazy!!! It was funny but far too late for such antics. I tried picking her up and changing her focus, but she was determined to protect me from that other dog. She also thinks the fan is going to attack her and barks like a mad dog at it! The potty training isn't getting any better....heaven help me!!

Now, I gotta go wake Howie up as he was afraid he'd oversleep and be late getting out to go fishing...

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Know what is

Definitely not a fun way to start the day??...getting rear ended!

This morning we woke up before the kids, got dressed and while Howie was out with Belle I got our eggamuffins ready for breakfast. We got the kids up and dressed and we were out the door shortly after 8 headed to Wenatchee to watch Jake play football at his camp. We got gas first and then hit the highway. Traffic was good, and flowing nicely. Our ears were just starting to pop (Belle's too, poor puppy) when we got stopped near the top of the pass. They're doing some blasting and right before the blast they stop traffic in both directions.

There we were sitting with the e-brake on just chatting and telling the kids to expect a boom sound soon...I'm not making this up...and then BOOM!!!! Only the boom was felt and we flew forward as the car behind us (also stopped) was rammed into us by a white Dodge Ram from Idaho, driven by an older man. Not the BOOM we were expecting at all!! Howie instantly got out to assess damage while I was calming kids down. The police were called, information swapped, and insurance companies called. We pulled forward a bit as we were still french kissing the dude's front bumper. We now have an imprint of his plate on our rear bumper. Lovely!

Then the waiting....because we were so far up on the Pass, it took about an hour and a half before the police showed up. Since we had Belle with us, I couldn't get out, which I probably wouldn't have anyways since the kids were in the back. Then the real BOOM happened and scared the crap outta all of us!! In the time it took til we were released to leave, there were 3 more BOOMS that startled us. About 11:30 we were let we headed east to find a washroom. Plans to go to watch Jake were cancelled as we now have to go buy two new car seats. Found an outhouse type washroom and I declined...but Samantha used it and we left.

Oh, come to find out, the white pick up driver is 92 (NINETY TWO!!!!) He even commented that they were gonna take his license away after this year...I'm thinkin it'll be after this accident! He didn't get out of his truck til the cop came to write it all out. On our way back home the Dr called and we now all have appts to get checked out tomorrow. DJ was complaining that his back hurt, and SamSam said her tummy hurt. She and I both cried right after but for different reasons. Mine was shock more than anything....and realization that it could have been worse....much worse!!
About 20 mins after impact I was clear headed enough to call our insurance broker, explain what happened and he gave me numbers to call...while on w/ him my mom n dad called so I called them back and gave them the whole scoop.

Once home we all used the facilities...turns out something that traumatic really DOES scare the shit outta ya! Even Belle!! Then we all piled into the truck and headed out to get new car seats.  Then on to costco to do grocery for food and Howie for fishing gear down the street, he got a referral spending spree...which took him less time to spend than it did me to do the grocery shopping! Go figure! We got home and put the new car seats right in the truck...Sam is THRILLED hers is just like DJ's now and has a cup holder.

We actually then got an hour to relax before the craziness started up again...then Howie went and hitched the boat up, while I dealt with Belle and got changed to head out for my meeting in town for Avon. The meeting was good!!! And I learned a few new tricks...just need to apply them! Then I hit up the dollar store for shopping and especially coffee filters...and then home!! The kids were already in bed when I got home even tho I'd told them they could wait up for me....they were sound asleep too! Howie was watching something on netflix and so I let him finish and fed the dogs. Belle has definite been shows in her poop...VERY soft tonite, poor thing!

Now I'm taking myself to bed...far too tired for anything else!!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Puppy 101

This morning started WAY too early with Belle freaking out, and then DJ waking up, and Samantha very shortly after...and from there it went downhill quickly!!!

So much so, that by 11 the kids were both in their rooms waiting for Howie to get home....which was about 12:30! I'd found them outside with the hose spraying Belle who was tethered and MUDDY as all get out! You couldn't see ANY white on her at all! All my hard work of bathing her two days ago went out the window! They're lucky all they got was sent to their rooms!

After lunch I gladly left to go do the book run for the myself!!!! I didn't get solitude at the shed tho...ended up there was 6 of us doing things there today...most of them gabbing and in my way, but what can I do about that? I hightailed it outta there to get home and pick Belle up for her first vet appointment. I'd called this morning to see how old they have to be for 2nd shots since puppy school started tonite....and she needs to be current in her shots.

I got her and headed to town....we arrived with a couple minutes to spare and were taken care of right away. She weighed in at 21 lbs which is perfect for age and breed. And by the time the vet came in the room she was crashed on the floor....the ride in took a lot out of her. She got her shots, and a nasal thing to prevent kennel cough which happens with social interaction such as puppy class. She did awesome with the vet and I got SO many questions out and lots of reassurance that its just a phase we're going thru and to tough it out, she'll get it eventually. *sigh*

Then we headed back for home, got dinner going, and the kids got sent to their rooms again (this time by Daddy) for being in the truck and locking themselves in (*snicker*) knowing full well they shouldn't even be in there! Glad I wasn't the only one who dealt with crazy kids today!  As soon as I was done eating Belle and I took off for puppy class. I was hoping to get there earlier than I did, but at least I was early!

I have to say, this may be the best 100.00 ever spent on this dog!!! Truly!!! I got so much out of one class already and have 6 more to attend! She also got to be demo dog a few times as she had the exact behaviours that the instructor was looking to correct....and it was neat to Belle respond so quickly and easily to the correction from someone other than me...and I now KNOW she can be corrected! I'm all over it!

We got home and the kids were outside playing so I came in and cleaned the kitchen before getting them into bed....which was easy since they'd both gotten a fair bit of fresh air. Howie went to bed shortly after them as he'd gone fish looking today...its not really fishing if you don't have fish to prove for it! *I'm ducking when he reads this!*  When he was gone I put on the B'ette and was actually sad to see Ames go. During the home date he grew on me....and surprisingly, he was the best looking one of his family....he's just got an old soul and it was endearing! BUT it was quite obvious the spark was NOT there for her with it wasn't a shock he was gone.   Then I watched Eureka which was good, as usual!! Its the only sci-fi thing I watch...its more humour than sci-fi really. Then I watched a new show called Rizoli & Isles....I like Angie Harmon and she's in this one. Not sure how I like the show tho....we'll see.

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Party Crashers

This morning Howie HAD to go out at 8 am to get chew....which meant he woke me to ask me how he was paying for it...the kids were only awake since 7 something...then he leaves!!!! Didn't take them with him, he goes by himself!! The nerve!!! What's the FIRST thing they do when he leaves....come get me! So I got up and got breakfast going quite annoyedly (if that is even a word) as I was looking forward to another hour of sleep. In the end, I was still late for church!!! If I hadn't come back to get a skirt for Nola that I'd made while hoping to see them at the birthday party we were attending, I would have been fine time wise. *shrugs*

Pastor Dan is still on holidays, so one of the elders took a turn at the podium...and y'know, I firmly believe there are just some people who are born to preach!!! Today was not one of them! DJ fell asleep, so that made it somewhat bearable for us...but I had NO clue what he was speaking on and ended up doing DJ's "keep them busy" pamphlet.

After church we put DJ's car seat in the car with me and the 3 of us took off for McD's for lunch and then to a birthday party in Arlington. We get to McD's and I have no bank card...its still with Howie, so we wait for him to come to us and then get lunch, eat and head on the way north. Good thing we did lunch as there was just snacky stuff at the party.  The rains let up long enough for the party to be outside, which was good. I knew no one there, so I just sat back and watched my kids interact with kids they've never met before. I have to say, I'm pretty darn proud of them!! They showed good manners and had fun! The pinata was a big hit with the kids, but again, I watched my kids figure it out and in the end they each got two pieces of candy, while the other kids (and there were several older ones) got real greedy and walked away with bags full. I was more than happy they only got a couple...less hassle later!

The piece de resistance was the ice cream sandwiches that the kids made in lieu of two LOVED theirs! I got them each a vanilla one, turn around and DJ's at the chocolate ice cream table...with his hands all over one I did the most horrible thing and ate the one I'd touched that was supposed to be his. I can't just throw it out and waste it. Oh the moral dad got his pay back and he wasn't even here!!!!

Shortly after 4 we headed out...stopping at Micheal's in Smokey Point to see if they had shirts for VBS...the ones they had you could see thru!! No thanks! I did end up getting a couple more Crayola gift things for birthday parties I'm sure the kids will get invited to...and they were on sale!!! Since there was also a Target there, I checked for shirts there...nada! I mean really, how hard is it to find a white crew t-shirt!?!?! Hanes??? Nothing! So I call one of the other teachers and she calls my boyfriend Ben and sure enough he's got shirts you can't see thru. I head home and before I can say "don't fall asleep" they're both crashed! Thankfully it's a short trip home.

We get to Ben's and I wake them gently as I don't want the bears to come alive. Ben is having a tent sale, so we head over there first...and what do I find!?!?! White t-shirts for a DOLLAR!!!!! They only had 2, so I grabbed them both (I'll use one of my own for my shirt)  and the kids start doing the pee dance, so we head in to use the facilities and get some rhinestones. On the way home we hit up the shed for the weekend runs which wasn't as big as usual, but I still got some good stuffs. FINALLY we get home!

Salmon was what was for dinner and it was oh SO good!! Seriously!!!! Like candy!!! We had broccoli and green beans with it...the kids gobbled theirs up....Sam not so much on the fish...we're gonna do it with Teriyaki sauce next time and she make like that more. DJ on the other hand cleaned his plate before me!! After dinner Howie went and got the boat ready for tomorrow's trip out...the kids "helped" him which meant they rode in the back while he was lining it up with the boat. Then he TRUSTED DJ to tell him how much further he had to go and ended  up hitting the trailer...I'll admit, I did chuckle...he's FIVE!!!!! Even Howie couldn't get too mad as he was the one to trust him in the first place!

The kids went down easily and before 9, which is good! Howie went before 9:30 (had to have his freezies before bed) and I watched Drop Dead Diva. I did not expect that story line at all!!!! Should make it very interesting for sure! And The Protector was good too!  I thought about knitting and discovered that part of my ruffle skirt pattern is missing (I should have the dang thing memorized really) so I printed it off again and got the yarn balled up ready to go...maybe tomorrow nite I'll get that started.

Til next time...God bless!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Party Girl

This morning Samantha slept til quarter after 8...amazing how well she does in a quiet house! Even Belle did fantastic!!! I woke somewhere around 6:30, and just rolled over of those curious about the clock moments. I got Belle taken care of, and then she and I had a lovely breakfast....we snuggled in my chair for a few minutes and then I started getting ready for the day. Packing our lunches, and making sure I had everything for Avoning, and then showering before we took off.

First stop was at a Tastefully Simple party that my g/f Nicole was having at her house. We were late, but didn't miss any of the food samples....Oh soooo GOOD!!!! I stayed away from the sweet stuff, but the dips were fabulous! In the end, I got the Bayou Bourbon Sauce (PERFECT for salmon) and then the Spinach and Herb mix. We left there shortly after 1, and when we got back into the car I checked my phone to see the pic of Howie and his catch of the day!

That sucker is 30 lbs of King Salmon goodness!!!!! Almost weighs as much as SamSam!!! That's just nuts!! Here's DJ holding it up for a picture....check out his neck muscles!!!!

Sam and I headed into Lynnwood to my deliveries....she's such a trooper!!! She fell asleep on the way in, which was perfect timing really. We had lunch with Morgin and her mom, they hadn't seen her in forever, and were amazed at how big she's gotten. She charmed the socks off them too!!! By my last home stop Sam asked to do the book part, so I got her out and gave her the book, she walked up to the door and just dropped the book. HA! I knocked and Cynthia came from the front of the house, so she picked up the book and handed it to her. I may have an assistant soon!!

We finally got home at 6:30 and there was no dinner waiting for us....the fish was cleaned and put away. Howie was beyond exhausted!!!! The two times Howie tried to nap he was woken he gave up and cleaned the fish, but had no energy to enjoy it, so its DEFINITELY on the menu for tomorrow nite! Can't wait!!! So we had hotdogs, coleslaw and green beans....of which the kids gobbled it up!  Then it was bath time...Howie barely made it thru story time and then hit the hay! I got to clean up some of the dvr stuffs and enjoyed my solitude. I thought about knitting, but just not motivated enough...and Belle had a rough evening, so no sense trying to concentrate on something when I need to focus on her. Still no real improvement in the potty training....oy!

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

And they're off!!

This morning after a lovely long breakfast, we said goodbye to my parents as they pointed that RV east and started the journey home. I'll admit it freely, I cried! (this is why I'm the favourite!) and even the kids were out of sorts. Super extra whiny and not fun!!

So when Michaela asked if we'd like to go on a walk (mind you, we'd JUST started lunch) I said sure! They waited for us and then we all went. Belle came with for exercise...and did really well! I'm working on her not pulling me on the leash...she'll get it one day! She'll be like those dogs I see so often with the leash draped over their backs while they walk alongside their day!

In our travels we stopped to pick pre-approved roadside strawberries....they had TONNES of berries growing right on the edge of their property, and coming out from under the we helped ourselves. I haven't had sun warmed strawberries in an extremely long time! They were DELICIOUS!!!! And totally made up my mind that we're SO having strawberry plants next year!! Its a must! As we were heading back up the road, I noticed the owner of said strawberries on her porch, so I went up and introduced myself. She said I could come dig up as many plants as I wanted as they multiply rapidly every year! DONE!! And she said I could have some raspberries too! DONE!!!! Oh I can't wait!! Now I gotta find the right spot for them and clear it out.

We got back from the walk and much to my children's chagrin, we went into town to deliver Avon and pick up a few things at Freddy's. I was also hoping to co-ordinate my one client who's getting married tomorrow, getting her Avon to timing was off! So we headed home instead and got dinner under way. Yummy homemade pizza!! After dinner I got the kids in their pj's while we waited for Howie to come home....I needed to run to town as I'd gotten a call the bride was at the church. Sam pitched a HUGE fit and I ended up taking her and the truck and going. She was out like a light before I even got to town!! Go figure!! When we got back, DJ was already sound asleep too! So we put Sam to bed and I got busy making fishing lunches for the boys.

Once Howie went to bed I put on Friday Night was the series finale! Which made me sad! And with my emotions being so emotional today, I cried several times watching it! Such a good show...and they did a thing at the end that was 8 months later, so that kinda tied up the loose ends. Now, my eyes are done, they're so dry it's not funny...

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, July 15, 2011

This will go down in history!!!

This morning the rains were still with us....and DJ crawled and went back to sleep again which is awesome! But we were all up at 8 regardless. Mom and dad, however, didn't emerge til after which point the 3 of us were snuggled in my chair waiting for them. We all had breakfast and told the kids that they were leaving today, but first a lunch at Red Robin (Yum!)

Dad got busy cleaning the stairs with the carpet cleaner, and mom started hauling stuff she'd packed back to the coach, and re-making their bed in there. By 1, DJ had forgotten about eating at Red Robin (Yum!) as he started saying what he wanted for lunch. I asked him if he'd rather have a sandwich than RR and he got all excited again! We finally left shortly after 2 for town. That was a late lunch!

Lucky us, we got a brand new, on his first day, waiter!!!! (Sense my sarcasm please!) Now, either this dude has never eaten in Red Robin (Yum!) or he's never eaten at a restaurant...there was NO common sense! We asked for 3 waters with lemon, and he did bring 3 adult sized and two kid ones....yeah, not what we asked for!  He took our orders and I asked for a bunless chicken burger....which I literally got...meaning, not wrapped in lettuce which is usually how that goes. Kinda odd! Everything else was up to par, but he sure came by a lot to check on us!

Once we got out of there we headed to Lowes for Dad to find a shop vac...and what a deal he found too!!! Half off!!! Can't beat that with a stick! Then we tried going to Staples to get some school supplies, but we were a day late for the  penny deals :( so we headed home instead. As we're driving home, we sorta pass by Dairy Queen and DJ pipes up that he wants some ice cream. Which made us all chuckle. You see, the other nite, we did get a mini blizzard "for the kids" and dad and I would get a couple bites each. I sat in the back to spoon it into the kids mouths...and dad's too for that matter. I gave him  his 2 bites and he said it was akin to having an orgasm in your mouth....then it was down to the last few bites and he says "go ahead and have your bites" and I replied that I didn't want them. So now, he feels I conned him into having ice cream. And its not that at all, but rather I tested my will power and won! I will admit, I'm still chuckling even as I'm typing this out...hee hee! Good times!

We got home shortly after 4 and the kids went next door while mom and dad were trekking things to the RV still. When they came back (I was out switching car seats back to where they belong, the informed me they were staying one more was just too late to get started and really get some mileage under the tires before night fall. So we all came in and relaxed...Howie came home and went to work in the garage for fishing this weekend. Mom wanted breakfast for dinner, so we had scrambled eggs and pancakes with blueberries....DELISH!!!!!

After dinner DJ finally got to play with his new RC truck...his patience was definitely tested! I put laundry away that my fairy had folded. She'd also given me a few pairs of shorts she's shrunk out of and I fit them all! That was awesome! Then I got tempted to try on some of the smaller clothes in my closet...I got into the jeans I wore pre-DJ....not without a little effort, but its been 6 years since I wore those jeans!!!!! LOVE it!!!! Once the kids were in bed, we played cards and mom took the cake! She won too many times to be honest!! It was fun tho none the less!

Then Howie went to bed and we watched Suits...what a fantastic show this is!!! Quite funny and outside the box. Then mom and dad headed out to the RV to sleep and I watched Royal Pains...another fantastic show!!! USA is hitting home runs this summer!!!! Now, I'm listenin to Blake's new album on a Rolling Stones's on my list for this weekend when I'm in Lynnwood and near a Best Buy! If you haven't got one of his albums, do get this one!! Shameless plug, I know! :) You still love  me!

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beautiful Mind

DJ's getting the hang of crawling in bed without noise...he thinks it's a game, and who am I to ruin his fun?? ha! We were up before mom and dad were, so the 3 of us sat in my chair and watched Regis and Kelly....Blake Shelton was performing, so I HAD to watch it! And turns out, we only had to wait about 10 minutes to catch his song. At which point, dad was on the couch to hear it and commented on how nice his voice was...yes!!! Finally someone other than a female fan gets it! lol

After breakfast a bit of chatter mom and dad headed to the RV with our carpet cleaner in the wheelbarrow...the kids went outside to play and I had a few moments peace!! Well, aside from the dogs!  Then the rain started, the kids came in hungry (of course!) and then mom and dad came in frustrated with each other over the steam cleaner. It was decided that since they had extra soap, we'd steam the area behind our chairs in the living room where it stinks the worst. And that's when we discovered that they'd done it all wrong in the RV and had the soap in the water, not the soap dispenser. So I got that all corrected and showed dad how to work it, even tho I'd never done it myself!!

In the end, we did the whole upstairs, minus the bedrooms, and it  looks great! Even tho Howie did them 3 weeks ago, I was amazed at the filth that came up. Truly amazed!! Then they headed back out to the RV to do the carpets right. Howie came home and the sun was shining again, so the kids went outside again and I grabbed a shower. We then all piled into the truck and headed for town....we dropped mom, dad and SamSam off at Freddy's and then the 3 of us headed to DJ's school for a meeting with the president of the school board and another lady who basically interviewed us as to what we thought were DJ's highlights. It lasted about 45 minutes and then we headed back to Freddy's to get the rest of the fam.

Just to torture the kids, we drove by Red Robin and they begged us to go hindsight, we might have eaten sooner...instead, we came home and bbq'd up the steaks I'd thawed and boiled the corn mom bought and steamed the asparagus after sauteing the which point it was 8pm! I hate eating that late!!! EVERYONE was rather grumpy! *sigh* Then its bedtime for the kids, and I'd rather them have time to digest their food before being put to bed, but what can  ya do?

Howie went to bed at 10 since he'd gotten up at 3 for work this morning, and then mom, dad and I  watched Beautiful Mind with Russell Crowe. It was odd (like mom said) to see him in a sensitive role. And the movie itself was far too long as I kept nodding off during it for 10 seconds at a time. It was a good movie, they just could have sped it up a wee bit. But its over, lunch and coffee are ready to go and I'm gonna take Belle out one last time before bed!

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm drawing a blank

On what to title this happens

This morning DJ crawled into bed with me shortly after 6:30 and was very quiet, as instructed, and just snuggled in and fell back to sleep. And Belle was none the wiser!!! This is a good thing! DJ woke about 8:20 and heard Poppa's voice, so he took off to see him...I got up and did the bathroom thing and then got Belle out. Dad had made me some turkey bacon, so I made a couple eggs and a piece of toast to go with it...YUM!!!!!

Once done eating, I got right busy with Avon since it was order day. Around 11 mom and dad hopped in the RV and headed to Everett to get the issue resolved. Turns out, it was a bad fuse and not anything  more serious or they got it fixed and headed home for lunch. Meanwhile, we'd done the pizza run and dropped off our extras at some outreach places and came home.

It was cute tho, when DJ realized that the RV wasn't parked where it's been for almost a month now, he was upset they'd left...but not that they'd left, but that they'd left without buying him his promised remote control car/truck/helicopter (he has to choose one) cuz that's more important than them saying goodbye!! Oh to be 5!

Belle has had some setbacks today, but I did get an email with the homework for the training class and in it were some VERY good suggestions on potty training, so I'm starting to implement those. And also training...once the kids were in bed, (dinner was yummy!!!! and we had the crab cakes as an appetizer) I worked with her on "sit" and "down" treats were VERY tasty and did the doing them inside as opposed to outside, I think, made a difference. She did awesome!!!!! And later 'sat' for my dad when he asked.

Then we played cards where Howie soundly beat me...I wasn't even close to winning either, but I had a shot!!!! He went to bed right after that, and the 3 of us sat and watched tv til mom and dad went to bed. Now, it's my turn!

Remind me to get the laundry downstairs so the fairy can do it before she leaves us on Thursday!!! :D

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Barrista I am not!!

This morning DJ woke at 7:30...about an hour before I wanted him to! So he got Belle up and he's not fast enough, so she' pees in the hall...I take her out and she does both businesses and then bring her in, and settle him. I go lay in bed and wait for Sam to get up...about 8:30 she did. I then made the first pot of coffee for mom and dad when they got up.

The morning literally disappeared and before I knew it, it was lunch time and then we headed out. We as in me and the kids. I had volunteered to do a shift at a rest stop for our gleaners Smokey Point...and one of the other members watched my kids while I was doing this...perfect!!! The kids got a play date...the parents got some time alone...and I got to listen to music both ways!! lol

My shift was from 2pm to 6pm...and in that time frame, we made 210 cups of coffee!!! I kid you not!!! When I left, there was maybe 60 cups left....not too shabby!! I'd taken a book with me, but didn't even get to crack it open we were that busy. After my shift I stopped at Walmart (where else!?!?) to see if Blake Shelton's newest album was out a day early...I'd heard of others finding them out already and was hoping that would be me too. No luck...I was bummed!!!! Seriously!

I got home about 7:30 and dinner was in the microwave waiting for me. Mom had also made a crab bisque that was DELICIOUS!!!!!! oh my stars was it ever good!! And she didn't even use the right amount of crab...she used half!!! Hopefully she makes more before she leaves...altho, I'd rather her try her hand at crab cakes next!!! But, I'm not picky!! 

Once the kids were in bed I suffered thru Howie's torture. Watching fishing shows. You see, typically, he's in bed by I usually have two shows recording and it doesn't bother anyone. Tonite, he stayed up to visit with us...and got pissy that the dvr was doing its job for me. Finally he switched to Eureka and then went to bed. Mom and dad tried to stay awake with me to watch it, but didn't last the whole show.

Finally they went to bed at 11 and I put on the B'ette. As much as Ryan has bugged me previously, I started to see a glimmer of a real person tonite and she boots him off! I also noticed his kabalah he instantly lost points again. Lucas wasn't a surprise to me....I think his previous marriage was a turn off for Ashley...altho, I'm not sure why, it shows he's not a commitment phobe! I have NO faves at this point...I don't care for Ben or Constantine's hair do's...they're awful! And Ames' eyes/face bother that leaves JP I guess, and he's kind of intense....time will tell! And as for Emily's interview....who knows if it's a plot to get rid of the press/paparazzi so she and Brad can continue in peace...I'm sad for them!

Now, I must go make Howie's lunch!

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Girl + Creek = BATH!!!!

This morning we made it to church...not quite on time, but that damn time continuum struck again!! I swear it was 10:20 and we were headed out the door...but we still didn't make it for 10:45! It was a good service too...our pastor is on vacation (somewhere warmer!!) and today we had someone from the Missions Board.

After church it was decided that we'd do Red Robin for dinner instead of lunch....and so we went home and had lovely salads instead. Since it was already 2 by the time we were done eating, Howie, mom and dad headed out to the coach to see what's going on. And to mount the new tv they bought. The kids and I headed to the swing park to wear the dogs out. And that I did!!! I'm noticing that Belle has increased her speed since last week....she now keeps up to Snickers, but Snickers still has a bit of an edge. Its fun to watch!

The girl who lives right beside the park, Calista, came over to see my two and chat...then they went out the fence to see her, and Miss Belle decided she wanted out and wiggled her way out thru an opening in the gate...panic set it as the road the park is on, is SUPPOSED to be 25/h but no one ever does that...especially heading out from up the I ran out to catch her. She went into the ditch (yuck!) to get some water and I waited for her to get out, caught her and leashed her back up. Then we headed to Calista's house to meet her parents. Had a great chat with her grandpa (also a Collie owner) and he gave me some good tips to try...also told me to wait out the puppyness and she'll be THE BEST dog ever!! I know this, but I'm apparently not as patient as I once was. As we're chatting the kids were off exploring with Calista...

Then the screaming was SamSam....we get over to where they are and she's SOAKED from head to toe!! Apparently DJ and Calista were jumping over the creek that runs thru their property, its about 18 inches wide in the part they were in...and she didn't jump, she fell in....soakingdrippingcrying mess!! We said our goodbyes and walked home to get her in the bath. I'd wanted to bathe them, just didn't think I'd be doing it at 4 in the afternoon!!!!  She cried the entire time til I got her dried off and was able to hug her...poor thing!

Then we waited for everyone to be done at the RV....they came in, changed and we headed to Red Robin (YUM!!) for dinner. Even stopped at Dairy Queen, where we got the kids a mini Oreo blizzard...of which I had NONE!!!!!! So proud of myself!! We got home and it was wrangling time...finally got the kids in bed and sat down for a bit. Not too long as I was on Belle duty too! Other than two completely missed pees, and they weren't in her normal spot (so eating where she has peed recently IS helping) she's doing great! I even got a poop outside!!! Its been a while since she's done that. Then one by one they dropped like flies and went to bed. So I watched Drop Dead Diva and The Protector....with nothing to knit! I finished the baby blanket and now have nothing on the needles!!! Shocking!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I found a job I wouldn't want

Crab meat picker!!!

Sorry for no post yesterday, I was whupped!! And didn't feel like staying up any longer to, yesterday wasn't there ya have it!

Today wasn't that spectacular either. Well, the weather was fabulous! And I got to sleep in til almost 9 on my own!! Howie and DJ were out fishing and crabbing....Sam was still sleeping and so were my parents. I even woke up before Belle!!!! THAT doesn't happen often! So I took her out and waited til I could leave to take my Norwex gal the bottle she left behind from my party. I'd forgotten it far too many times....and she had a show today, so it was a must really.

So, I hop in the car while everyone else is asleep...I even have Belle with me, and head out. I get back, literally 15 minutes later, and Sam greets me bawling.....she thought I'd abandoned her! Poor girl! And she'd peed the bed and was SOAKED!!! Got her changed and we snuggled a bit just to reassure her. In the real world without my parents downstairs, I would have woken her and taken her with me instead of Belle!

After breakfast we puttered waiting for the boys to get home...they'd caught 9 crab and no we were having a crab feast for dinner!!!! YUM!!!!! We all had lunch together (well not me and mom, we'd just had breakfast it seems) and dad was having breakfast, he had another lazy in essence, we all sat at the table while some ate and some talked lol Then it was decided that Howie would go help install the new RV batteries that were bought yesterday and THEN go take a nap. The batteries took a lot longer than anticipated, I'm guessing, as I got to listen to Blake's new album digitally on the fan site before I get a hard copy hopefully next week!

Then it was crab cookin time once I woke Howie up....then I headed into town to get some fresh corn on the cob to go with it. When I got home he had cooked up half of it, so I started shucking corn right away and got that cooking. I also made some coleslaw and got the pickles out. The kids had chicken nuggets as I KNEW full well they wouldn't eat crab. And they didn't! Neither did my dad, he had a hot link sausage instead. Crazy people!! I fully indulged in 1.5 crabs and all its glorious meat!! After dinner mom and I shelled the rest of them...we'd eaten 4 crab, and had 5 to pick...SO not a job I'd want!! In the end we got 2.5 lbs of meat! And I'm armed with a recipe for bisque and for crab cakes!! Can't wait!! Plus, we'll be making a crab omelet for breakfast tomorrow...are ya droolin  yet?? lol

After dinner the kids went back outside to play a bit before bedtime. DJ was BEYOND exhausted!!!!! He woke up 3 times last nite thinking he'd been left behind by daddy, who would NEVER do that! He'd only gotten a 40 minute nap on the boat...up at 4, 40 minute nap....yeah, he was a wreck!! I didn't even get to tuck him in he was out so fast! Once the kids were in bed we all played cards and I won! Finally!!! Hard to believe we've only played 3 times in the 2 weeks they've been here!!

I'm also VERY happy to report that Miss Belle has has ONE pee accident today in the house!!! Poop is another story...but one thing at a time! I also got a recommendation from a friend about a training starts Monday!!! THIS Monday! Its 8 weeks long and is 100.00...which isn't too shabby!! I emailed and they still have we're discussing it.

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Busy day of nothing!!

This morning started off with DJ joining me in bed with a whisper...and he went back to sleep quickly...I think he was just cold since we'd let him sleep in his underwear only. SamSam came into the room about 8:30 and snuggled with me til Belle started making a ruckus...and off the 3 of us went! DJ wasn't too far behind us once he was does he know!?!?! We ate breakfast rather quickly as I had a VBS meeting to attend with the other teachers in my class.

I was late! UGH! But only by 13 minutes....and no one batted an eye at me, so that was good! Sam ended up coming with me and DJ stayed back, which is a good thing! On their own, they're half as noisy!! And Sam was FABULOUS for the morning with me!! Simply delightful! After the meeting we went by a g/f's house to pick up her Avon order and payment for the last one. Then we headed for home and lunch!

Everyone had eaten but us, so we got right to it! After that mom and dad went to work on stuff in the coach, the kids went off to Jessica's house and I had a few moments peace!! So I filed my nails down since they were starting to click on the keys, and already I'm noticing a HUGE difference in typing tonite! Last nite was ridiculous! Then the kids came back as Jessica's dad didn't want the 3 of us read a couple books and snuggled on DJ's bed til it was time to get up and get dinner either started or figured out. Jake was coming for dinner and to see my parents before they leave.

We ended up having Teriyaki which appeals to all, and it was good! From our regular place so we KNOW its good stuff! But I think they forgot to give us a new punch card....hmmm not cool! After dinner Jake and DJ played some Kinect games, and then Jake worked with Belle a bit. Today I started something different in the potty that when she goes outside and doesn't potty, she gets crated for a half hour and then tries again...if she does go potty, she gets to play with us til the next attempt. She spent some time in the potty....but with Jake, he took her out and she peed right away, and then again he took her out and she pooped right away....go figure! We begged him to stay for a couple weeks!!!!!!

We put the kids to bed before he left, but only just, so once he left DJ finally calmed down and stayed in his room...his delay tactics are growing...oy! Sam on the other hand falls right to sleep! Then while I did some internet searching, everyone watched Wipeout...after which Howie went to bed. Then we watched Royal Pains from last nite an Suits from tonite. Suits is really growing on me!!! It thinks outside the box and I like that! Then mom and dad went to bed and I watched Love Bites, which I'm still trying to figure out....

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

NEVER again!!!

This morning Belle woke up when DJ came in to the room about 7:30 and by 7:50 she was getting quite demanding to be let out...and DJ had gone back to sleep! Go figure! So I got up and got her outside. Come back in and catch her mid poop and haul her back outside. OY!  By 8:30 both kids are up and we're all snuggling on the couch talking. I send them downstairs to my parent's room at 9:20 to see if they were up yet...they were! They all came up and we had breakfast.

Plans for the day included, trip to DJ's school to dropping off an  Avon order and then mom and dad got the quick glance at DJ's classroom. Then to Everett to drop of Jackie's Norwex order (it came SUPER early!!) and then to walmart for lunch and shopping where I was able to cross 3 more things off DJ's school supply list. Then to the Christian Bookstore for mom and dad to peruse at their leisure. Then to Mountlake Terrace to my hearing aid place to drop off an order and more books. Then FINALLY headed for home in rush hour traffic.

Got home and Howie was working on the boat getting it ready for this weekend and Belle was not quite enjoying her new dog trolley system that Howie installed. YAY Howie!!  She didn't like it so much that she broke her choke chain collar!!! Now, it was a loaner, so I'm not sure how old it was to begin with....rascal!!

Dinner was fabulous and I got to make coleslaw for the first time ever!!! Mom did the chopping in my vitamix and I did up the dressing and it was delicious!! After dinner we all scattered! Mom and dad to the RV to take stuff down there and to get it ready to steam clean the carpets. Howie to his chair, til dad needed his help with battery stuff. The kids outside to play, and I watered the garden, weeded it and found my first radish sitting on top of the soil waiting to be plucked!! I'll enjoy that tomorrow in my salad!

Finally got the kids in bed and the ridiculousness started....they'd had a nap in the truck at 5, and since my dad was also snoozing, no one could keep them awake....well they were WIDE awake tonite well past 10! DJ was sweating in his pj's so he got to sleep in just undies...and Sam switched blankets from her fleece to her cotton quilt...but it wasn't til I added a small fan to each room that they settled down finally! No more napping past 5! NEVER again!!

Howie went to bed about 10, and the 'rents and I watched Covert Affairs and Franklin & Bash before they retired for the nite! I'm not too far behind them!!! Just gotta find my VBS notebook stuff...oops!!

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Swerve to avoid the herd!!!

This morning was perfect!!!! DJ woke up about 8:30 and Belle wanted out at 8:45...I had to finally wake Sam up at 9:30!!! Mom and dad were slow this morning too...but quicker than I at the breakfast thing! :)

After the dogs ate I crated Belle and we headed to costco to do MY grocery shopping. We split up once inside and I had two hellions in my cart! Should have split the kids up too!!!! Man alive!! I was done far quicker than they were but I had one item left in on my the time I finally located it, they were in the check out ahead of us! Go figure!

We headed home and unloaded and made lunch. The kids got a hot dog from costco so they were taken care of and went to play. After lunch I was ready to head out and do the Freddy's portion of my list....Dad chose to stay behind which benefited everyone!!!!! Belle didn't have to be crated again. The kids could play outside. Dad could relax. And we didn't have to contend with anyone!! Before anything could get decided otherwise, mom and I took off for town! 

We wandered Freddy's and found all kinds of good deals...I even got an overhead dog trolley for Belle so she can be outside but still run and not run off, which she's done to me a couple times already now. Granted, she was just following Snickers....crazy dogs!!  Once done with Fred, we headed to the dollar store to put my list to rest! Got everything and more there and headed for home. Turns out the kids were FILTHY from playing so much. The puppy napped the entire time (dad says he threatened her...ha!) And both Howie and dad were relaxing in the chairs when we came in.

The swirl of dinner prep started as soon as the groceries were put away. Mom made mashed potato surprise...which is really mashed cauliflower and a bit of cheese...quite yummy!!! The kids didn't think so, but they don't like mashed taters anyways. There were no leftovers, so that says something! After dinner I bathed the filthy monsters children and got them into bed before 9:30!  Then watched Deadliest Catch with Howie et al, and he went to bed and mom put on a dvd she brought for me called The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven, which is truly touching!!! Not to the point of tears, but just really heartwarming and makes ya smile!  I couldn't link up the link for the movie as Blogger is being a google it tho!!

Then they went to bed and I watched White Collar which had me crackin up! And now, my pillows and I need to have a chat...once I take the dogs out one last time!! Here's hoping for another 8:30 sleep in! :)

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Things that go BOOM!!!!!!

As you all know, today is the 4th of July...and things around here go BOOM often!! Thankfully we're quite removed from the majority of the idiots...but we have had more noise this year than last year. The dogs have been freaking out and neither have been peeing properly outside. oy! They get out there, and start lookin for a place and then BOOM they go running! Today all day its been like that...BOOM, BOOM then a rest and then more BOOMS!!!

In fact, just heard one now!!! But they're few and far between now for us!

Our day was good! The weather was most desirable for a holiday Monday!! Gorgeous really! This morning we were all lazy in getting up. The kids and Howie were up at 8, and I got up at 9:45 and mom and dad came up shortly after 10! By 11:30 the three of us were headed into town. First stop was Ben to get a couple school supplies for DJ with my nifty 40% off coupons. Then to Lowes to get a rolling drawer thing for the RV. Then to Freddy's to pick up some essentials and non-essentials.

We got back and had lunch...Howie had fed the kids and was headed into the shower from his brush fire business. Then Sam wanted to go in the pool next door, which was FREEZING!!!!! It may be 75 out but that pool is C-C-C-COLD!!!!! So I let her think she was going in, and she sat in a floaty for a bit, then I tried getting her into the floaty ring where her feet are actually in the water and she wanted OUT! So I went and sat on the neighbours back porch knowing full well Sam didn't want to swim. DJ was in the water tho! But he's crazy!! Takes after his dad!!!!! :)

About 4:30 my mom was headed back to the house from the RV, and she had rum in her hands, so I followed her and she made me a blueberry daiquiri that was quite yummy!! Then dad made from scratch Angus burgers for dinner and we had corn on the cob and bean salad.  Talk about delicious!! The kids didn't care for them what with the onions and all that flavour in them, but we sure did! We got done dinner at 7:15 and decided we weren't heading out for the fireworks show til 8:30, so the kids headed back out and mom and I worked in the kitchen while dad napped and Howie laid down in the bedroom.

We were finally headed to Maltby to our friend's (and hairdresser) church as I'd gotten wind of their having a show. I originally wanted to go to the demolition derby at the fairgrounds, but for the 6 of us it would have been 60.00 to get in. Then mom, in all her newspaperness, read about the ones in Everett at the marina...but traffic is a nightmare to there! Then this afternoon Lara mentioned they might go to the church ones in Maltby and forwarded me the email with info.

Well, we got there, found parking, found the bathrooms, found my girlfriend Anneke and even got set up right behind her so we were all together...and we waited. The show was to start at 10 and it did so shortly after. We had the anthem, the pledge of allegiance, and prayer before all the BOOM started! And what a show!!!! Man, it was fantastic!!!! Its been a couple years since I've seen fireworks in person, but this was truly amazing!! We were so close, you tilt your head up and all you could see was fireworks, no people, no lights, just fireworks! And at one point we didn't know where to look they were everywhere in every colour!! FABULOUS!!! DJ was overtired from all the swimming and sunshine, so he sat on my lap for the most part and snuggled into me (which was good as I NEEDED his body heat!) and Sam was on Howie's lap with her mouth open in awe and a big ol grin on her face! It was precious!! Definitely a 4th we'll remember for a long time!!!!!

We weren't even back on the highway and the kids were sound asleep! We got home and carried them in, I changed them into pj's while asleep and Howie took the dogs out to potty....which didn't happen as the BOOMs were still going on up here. Then Howie went right to bed as he's gotta go back to work tomorrow, and I got his lunch and coffee ready while mom and dad watched Wipeout. Then they went to bed and I'm sittin here...not for much longer tho as I'm whupped!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, July 4, 2011

She has a "tell"

First off, I did in fact skip last nite...I was just too drained from the heat, the day, everything! Plus, the main (no offense Fiona) reason I do the blog is for my mom, and she's

Yesterday I was a chauffeur for my parents...they did come along for my Lynnwood run on the Avon deliveries, and then we went to Ikea and walked around for 2 and a half hours after a lunch there, and then costco on the way home. I was pooped!!! And we had our first 80 degree day yesterday! NICE!!!

Today we got up and headed to church...even if we were 15 minutes late, we still got there! Much tougher getting 6 people out the door on time instead of 4! Service was good and I managed to chat my way out the that! We then headed for home and had a nice breakfasty lunch of eggs and turkey bacon. Which is surprisingly good! And the kids LOVE it!

After that, it's all a blur....a big lazy blur!! I took a nap, took the kids to the park with the dogs, went to visit Belle's G'pa up the street, got some good advice to try with her in regards to her behaviour and potty training, and then came home for a good ol fashioned BBQ of burgers and dogs! YUM!!! While on the way home from Larry's house, Sam was acting weird and holding my hand, telling me she loved I asked her what she was doing at Larry's house as I didn't see her and it took a bit to even find her there. Oh, she started bawling when I asked her that. And saying she was sorry. So I asked her what she did and she went into hysterics!!!! It was quite funny, but at the same time I was concerned for what she'd done, if she'd done something harmful. I then turned around and headed back to Larry's to see if I could see any damage to anything...all we found was a duck egg. I headed back to where she was (she would NOT come with me) and found her hugging a tree crying her eyes out. Get her home and she will not stop crying to tell me anything. I take her to her room so its just her and I, and the crying continues. I leave her be to calm down, and go back in 10 minutes later, half expecting her to be sleeping, but she's still crying. FINALLY I calm  her down and she tells me she found the egg, picked it up and dropped it and something black was in possibly an unborn duck, but I didn't tell her that! She knew she wasn't in trouble and I got her cheered up. What an ordeal!!!! She can not tell a lie! If she was Pinocchio, her nose would never grow!!!

Once the table was cleared  the rents and I went to the shed and shopped, and then came home to kids in pj's. Got them brushed and cleaned and tucked in and we watched AGT for a little bit til The Marriage Ref came on. I've never seen this show before...the premise is quite interesting really! Have 3 people decide who's right in a simple argument that's been going on for a while! I enjoyed it and so did everyone else!  Then Howie went to bed and I watched Suits with mom and dad. This show has grown on me quickly!!! I rather like it! Of course my dad thinks it's a gay show as there's mostly guys in it....oh dad!

After that show mom and dad went to bed and I took the dogs out potty one last time...the fireworks sounds have been torturous to them tonite! They've both been scared silly by them! Belle has definitely learned how to jump up on the couch because of it all too! At one point tonite, Howie had both girls out and the sound sent them running into the house....Belle came bounding in the house and ran straight to the back edge of the couch....we all thought she was gonna go right thru the open window/screen she was going so fast! She was that scared! It was a good laugh tho!

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Goodness Gracious!!!

Today started off perfectly....8:44 was the time DJ got up, Howie got up, Belle got up, everyone but me!! Well, I got up and went pee, but then got back in bed to fully wake up. I was in a Hughes sandwich before DJ and Howie got up, so I enjoyed just stretching while waking.

After breakfast Howie went outside to work on the yard...I got my Avon sorted out and bagged up...and mom and dad did their annual BBQ clean up....only this time they cleaned even more than last time! It looks practically brand new!!! Sheesh!

After lunch we gathered everyone up and headed to the movies to see Cars2....DJ tried to pull some stunt about staying with the neighbours instead of going with us, but I vetoed that nonsense! I knew he'd be super sad if he missed out on it. It was a great movie too!!!! The beginning was a little slow for me, I did doze off, but then it picked up and was a good movie! More about Mater than anything else, but it was all good! Kind of like Inspector Gadget meets Bond meets enjoyed it a lot too!  After the theater we tried finding something in Woodinville for dinner, but had no we went to Blazing Onion in Snohomish. Well I'd never been there, but everyone who's eaten there has loved it, so I suggested it. We walked in and were the only ones in the "lobby", where its almost cafeteria style. You order your meal, then take a number and find a table...if you can find a table. So the 6 of us are looking at the menu when a bunch of people come in and just take over the ordering line with no regard for us who've been standing there for a while now. Everyone got flustered and we left. That was that! So we walked across the parking lot to a Teriyaki place and ate there instead.

Once home the kids stayed outside and had popsicles next door while we came in the house to tend to animals. Then it was bed time for the kiddos, and card playing time for us adults. Mom whupped our butts again!!! She always wins! We should get her to buy the lotto tickets! Then Howie went to bed, while mom and dad and I watched the final Oprah that I'd dvr'd for them. Then they went to bed and I started watching Friday Night Lights....til I saw lights!! Outside my living room window. The flashing ones that make you sing "bad boys, bad boys, what ya gonna do? What ya gonna do when they come for you!" So I text my neighbour to see if she can see anything better than me, I head out on the back deck to see if I can see anything and all of a sudden one of the cops takes off up my street!!!

I'm still texting with Lara and she says "come out here" so I grab my jacket and head out there to be part of the neighbourhood watch! That's when we hear the sheriff on the megaphone asking someone to come out of their house on the street ABOVE us!! This is 3 different places the cops are all over now in our immediate area!! INSANE!!! So we listen in on this dude who'd been beckoned rant and rave about how he's innocent. Then we head to the front of her house and discover 2 other neighbours who were checking things out on the corner...and we all watch an ATV get loaded on a flatbed tow truck...the ambulance had left already with someone in it....just nuts! The other 2 neighbours tell us they're the ones calling the cops on the party up the street with the M80's they kept lighting off. And we all heard the 4 wheelers doing their racing up and down the streets...just nuts!! So then we head back to listen in behind us, but that had all calmed down at bit and someone else was talking about how he'd lived there for 23 years and only got broken into once, and as soon as that happened he went and got guns....I mean really!?!?!? This is scary shit now! 

Then we watch 3 cruisers take off down the main road, and two sheriff trucks come up our we took a walk up to see if Larry was awake and knew anything...he wasn't. So we turned around and came back home and parted ways. Wasn't it just last week the dude hit the power pole?? Maybe that was 2 weeks ago any case, I've had enough excitement on our street for the rest of the year now!!

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, July 1, 2011

You wait right there missy!

This morning I only slept til 9:30 as we had A LOT to do I got right to it as soon as I was awake. Howie got up with the dog and DJ shortly after 8, which was nice! I truly do love vacation sleep ins! THE best!!!

After making Howie and I an omelet for breaky, I got the kids dressed in their picture was finally the day for Sam's 3 year pix. We've been battling facial wounds since March!!!! I kid you not! She'd scratch herself, or bump herself time after time...and just as one was healing, another would come along! Today, she only had one scratch to contend with...and I had a free "touch up" with Picture People, so they made it disappear in her photos...and she's GORGEOUS!!!! I'd add it here, but Blogger is being a pill! They're on my fb as of right now! She makes me swoon!!

While we did our picture thing, mom and dad walked the mall and checked things out and came back to us. SO glad they did too, as I needed help picking out THE pic for the package! there were too many to choose from that were so good!! After the mall we went in search of a Subway and ended up at Red Robin (Yum!) for lunch...we walk in and the kids both say "We've never been to THIS Red Robin" haha such comedic kids!

After lunch we head to the Target area, the kids and I had a couple returns there while mom and dad went to World Market and Storables. We found them when we were done and got back in the truck. Next stop was Home Depot, only this time I dropped them off and the kids and I headed to do some banking, which took FOREVER!!!!!! Ugh! We picked mom and dad up and headed to Everett Mall for the Sears there. Howie now has the job of installing a garage door opener...YAY!!!!!!! So awesome of my parents to gift us mobility on our garage door like that!! Previous owners took it with them, so we have all the wiring done, but no actual opener. I'm ready for winter parking now!! :)

FINALLY we got on the highway headed for home and traffic on I-5 was just awful...then again, it was rush hour! Mom and dad took naps while the kids tried to be quiet in the hard for them! I stopped at Freddy's to get some salad fixins for lunches. What should have been a 5 minute pop in trip, ended up being a 20 minute trip thanks to a woman who asked me about my nose ring and ended up telling me her life story....all I wanted was some Ranch dressing!!!

We got home and Howie was ready to cook dinner for us...the kids were outside playing til I called them in, they hadn't changed out of their good clothes yet! After dinner we relaxed for all of a minute til it was pajama time for the kids. DJ was once again out before I could tuck him in....tuckered right out! Love it! I came out to the living room and Howie was watching some show on Discovery about fishing, Swords I believe its called. Dad was rubbing mom's feet, and that was the extent of our evening. Mom went to bed shortly after 10, Howie about 10:30 and Dad was downstairs working on his bible study til he came up at 11ish for his Healthy Choice fudge bar....these thing are AHMAZING!!!! And mostly sugar free!!! Its insane how good they are!

I watched Rookie Blue, which I discovered last week is a Canadian show...SO good! I'm starting to learn the characters more...apparently I missed season one. Then I watched this week's Love Bites episode...which is also quickly turning into a summer fave! Now, another fave of mine...Pillow seen on the inside of my eye lids!!

Til next time...God bless!

Retail Therapy

Today I had the pleasure of waking with Miss Belle at 6:30, then putting her back in her crate around 6:45 as she'd knocked the gate down trying to chase Jazz. She did good going back in too! Then DJ came in and went back to sleep and we were all up shortly after 8, which wasn't bad as we had things to do today!!

First off was signing up a rep...or rather, re-signing up a rep I had before who fell by the wayside with life and its trials. So YAY me!! After getting the kids potty'd, they went back out to the truck to watch Tangled with G'ma and Poppa while I did my thing. Went quicker than normal since she was a former rep, so we chatted about various things in between.

Then we left to head for the outlet mall...and I ended up having to u-turn at a truck stop...I must say, they are a different breed of people. Dad did buy a lotto ticket, so if he wins, I'm shuttin the blog down!! lol After using their facilities we headed back to where we came from....which led us to Carl's Jr burger joint. We had a great lunch!!!!! Really!

Til next time...God bless!