Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Wait: Part Deux

The Sequel!!! There was no knock on the door this morning...so DJ and I took a walk to the end of the driveway and checked the mail box...no big huge envelope!!!! *sigh* Now we're cutting it close and I'm REALLY hoping and praying that it's there for us on Thursday!!! Please God!

After our little jaunt, we packed the kids up and did some shopping...but not til after we got a phone call from the mechanic...seems the truck has a loose differential bearing...which in layman's terms means LOTS of dollars (1000) to fix...and it's not a critical thing, so we opted not to have it fixed. The oil change was already done and we could pick it up whenever. I got all the things on my Canadian shopping list done! 'Cept for one thing, but if I don't get it, I'll live. I just wanna go to the Roots outlet store in Cambridge and get a sweatshirt for Jake and one for me...Howie stole mine! I think we have enough HP sauce to last a year and enough toothpaste for me (1.88 here instead of 3.78 there!!!) to last me 3 years according to my mom (she thinks I use too much!) and chocolate covered graham cookies that are THE best!!! I was also able to pick up DJ's pictures from 2 weeks ago...once I get home I can scan it in and add it to my sidebar. When we left Walmart (where else!??!!) my mom picked up a small fry at the McD's there for the kids, to tide them over til lunch....and Sam was the cutest thing...she'd grunt and wave her hand above the car seat waiting for me to put a fry in it for her to eat...TOO CUTE!!!
Then we picked up my truck...did lunch and naps! Aunt Tori won the nap lottery today!!! She didn't seem to mind one bit either!!! I think DJ's making his rounds before he leaves...sharing his love....lol

He came running to me this morning saying "I got an idea!!!"

I ask "Oh yeah, what's that?"

He says "How about we get in the truck and drive home to Washington"

Too cute!!! He's extremely excited to go live with daddy and Snickers, our dog....he doesn't remember her, but he sees pictures of her all the time on my phone and in print!

I decided today was a good day to dismantle the car seats and wash the part they sit in....it's been ohhhh 9 months....they were really rather due!!! Do you have any idea how difficult it can be to take it apart!?!?!?! OY I hate fighting with inanimate objects!!! I won tho! And now they smell amazing and look even better!!! It wasn't such a struggle to put them back together...16 little stretchy things to attach and then put the belts back together. I didn't put them back in the truck yet, that can wait til daylight. While I'm at it, I'm hoping to get the truck packed with all the boxes that are packed. I've made a list of the "Do NOT Forget" stuff...like the highchair, booster seat...stuff we're using that I wouldn't think of unless it was written down....mommy brain steals a lot!!!

Gotta go make my nightly call to Howie...I'll be ever so glad to kiss him good nite instead of saying it via phone! HURRY UP CANADA POST!!!!!!!! And tomorrow's a holiday...so no mail! GAH!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Please Mr Postman Look and See

If there's a letter in your bag for me....I wasn't expecting anything today...but it sure would have been nice!! The way I figure it....we should be getting a knock on the door about 9:30ish (that's when the mail's delivered here) with our wonderful post person (not sure male/female) and a rather large envelope (12x15) in their hand with my name on it! THEN we can start the happy dance my dad's become so very fond of since last Thursday!! He's even taught it to DJ!!! Yeah, he's not excited at all!!!!

Today's plans were once again foiled by the rains!!! Yesterday we'd planned on going to the beach with my sister and her crew, but the rains got us...and today it was supposed to get to 82 (it did!!!) and I was gonna take the kids to the water park, but the rains got us! To be fair tho, the thunder and lightning is what got us more!!! DJ was loving it!! They just kept rolling in one after the other!!! So instead we went shopping!!!!! For paint!?!?!!? Yeah, paint....my sister had run out of paint for the mile long fence she's painting here at my parents house...so we met up with her there and gave her the paint my mom had just bought...she also got me those beer can chicken grillers just like hers!!! Then we went to Canadian Tire for a paper towel holder...just like my mom's! It's awesome!!! Only lets you take ONE piece of paper towel off in one grab!!! So if you're in a hurry, and just need one sheet...this is your ticket!!! Then we dropped by the consignment shop I use for the kids clothes and got rid of all the clothes and the two potty chairs...they won't take winter outfits til Sept....so my mom will take it then. Then the Beer Store to take back all the empties from Howie's visits...hey, I got back my gas money!!! LOL Then the gas station to get some Olympic glasses for my g/f Jackie (and me too!!) and then home!

Somewhere in there, SamSam decided to snooze...she was doing SO well, and then just crashed! YUCK! I hate car naps!!! So we did lunch and G'ma won the nap lottery!! DJ wanted her to nap with him instead of me...wahhhh!!!! Samantha didn't mind that one bit! She happily played at my feet while I surfed! When DJ and G'ma got up, we surfed some more and got her a one way flight home from SEA on the 11th. She's gotta work on the 13th, so it's time sensitive!
Then we went shopping again to a grocery store, but on our way there dropped my truck off to get an oil change for the trip and to find out WHY it's making the racing car noise it does when it hits 90 kph!! NOT cool! During this lovely short trip Samantha decided again to nap!!! GRRRRRRR So I sat out in the truck with her and she got a half hour nap! Which made her tolerable for the dinner hour!

Tonite was peaceful and quiet....mom and dad went out visiting and it was just me and the kiddos! They had a balloon so it was perfect! I worked on thank you notes from DJ's birthday party....they're all done now, just waiting on pictures to put in them! I also knit up another hat! This one is brown with pink stripes...LOVE it!!!! Tomorrow I'll do a pink one with brown stripes. Gee, anyone I know having a little girl?!?!?

And now, its bed time...or rather, date time with a certain vampire family....hahaha

Til next time...ciao!

Not Me Monday

Its been a while since doing a NotMeMonday that Mckmama started over at her blog! Its a fun time for all!! I'll highlight a few things that have happened over the last month!

Like the fact that I did not let the kids have chocolate chip cookies immediately following breakfast...not much different than toast right?? And I certainly did not let DJ have a candy necklace after breakfast the next week...no not me!!!

Before attending my cousin's wedding on the 19th, we stopped at Cherry Beach, on Lake Ontario in downtown Toronto...an old haunt of my dad's when he was super young. We walked along the beach for a few minutes as they were shooting either a commercial or a movie or something. Then we went to the church for the wedding. As we're sitting in the aisle I realize my super sensitive nose (like this due to my lack of hearing) is smelling poop. Likely dog poop!! So I get everyone in my row (just my fam at this point) to lift up their feet so I can check them...nothing. So I lift up my feet and voila I did not have poop on my shoe! I'm the stinky one!!! I then take off for the bathroom to rid my shoe of the stink! Turns out there's only one bathroom in the church and we got to see the bride before the ceremony!!

These next two are tough for me to admit! As I did not stab myself in the face with a paring knife while putting a piece of cheese in my mouth. Note to self: don't do that again!!

Last but not least! As you know, we go to the park/water park A LOT!! One of these especially hot days we were headed to the park, so I herd DJ into the truck while getting Samantha situated in hers...DJ has a habit of closing the door after getting in...and he was sitting quite nicely in his seat. As I'm sweating getting Samantha in, I decide that we're going to the water park instead. So I run in the house and grab the beach bag and suits and towels and jump in the truck to go. We're about 3 mins from the park when DJ asks "Mom? My seat belt!" And I look back and he's got a hold of the back of the passenger seat ahead of him...fully UNrestrained!!! Only then did I realize I'd forgotten to buckle him in after grabbing the suits!! But I did not do such a terrible thing!! No, not I!!!! And you'd better believe I'm double checking him!!

And this concludes the monthly session of Missy's confessions!!

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I think...

I might just be done packing!!! Other than the necessities we'll be using/needing over the next 4 days, I'm all done!! It took me 5 weeks last year to decide what to pack and here I'm done in 2 days and 12 boxes!?!?!? OH and just for clarification...I'll be driving the Dodge Durango with lots of room in the back...no need to tie my mom and the kids to the roof (I'd have to take turns if that was the case!) and I should have plenty of room for the boxes and DJ's bed...easy!!! I really did send a lot home with Howie over his trips! And thankfully I took the time when I was there in May to put that stuff away...as you KNOW he didn't!!! As I'm packing DJ's jumping on the bed telling me I'm packing....he's such a stater of the obvious these days!!!

That was the morning...packing...and going from room to room to see where I've spread out and gather it back up to pack it. Not too bad!

After lunch came naps...and while everyone napped I surfed...no not on water (that'd be on you tube if I ever try that!!) We're actively looking for a new house to rent....the one we're in now has some potential happenings...so we want to find a place in our own time instead of being put to the gun and finding a place right away. Without going into detail...the owner may need to live in the house....and since we're on month to month, we'd be stuck. Plus, the sleeping arrangements in this house aren't working out too well...and it's on a busy street....and and and...lots of "ands" on my list! So I'm checking craigslist daily (and we have friends keeping their eyes open) and Howie's driving by the houses I send him ads of and checking them out. So far we're at a big fat zero!!! There was one that he saw for rent again that we'd looked at last year, but it was out of our price range...turns out they've lowered it and would love for us to take it...but it's smaller than the one we're in now...so no go!

After naps, we met up with my dad and went to Costco....I've made a list (and checking it twice) of stuff I KNOW I want with me from Canada, as it'll be a while before I can get back, even up to B.C. to get stuff. Grocery stuffs and a couple other things. Had a snack of poutine at the restaurant thingy in Costco...so that tided us over to continue shopping...and we hit up Shoppers Drug Mart before dropping my dad off to his car, and heading home. Late dinner meant late baths, which meant late bed times...but it was all good.

I took pix of the jacket and hat...Samantha really wasn't in the mood to be a model today! So, the hand you see holding her in place is my mom's! The moment I got done taking pix she shrugged
the jacket off! And then the hat came off! What a kid!!! I still am trying to figure out what way I want the jacket to fasten closed...a zipper isn't the smartest way to go with the fun fur so close to the edge...and I didn't make button holes....we'll see!
Off to read my book...going to bed super early tonite!!!!!!!! YAY me!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

This is the last Saturday

Nite LAME movie I'll have to endure....I will soon be returning to the land of the living...those with cable AND DVR!!!!! I'm such a homebody, and this excites me to NO end!!! Not to mention that I'll be sitting next to my husband while watching TV!!!! THAT excites me more!!!! We're both so very anxious now that we know it's all a reality and not a dream!

Today was a BUSY one!!! And again, DJ woke us up at 6:15...I'd just settled Samantha in for a nurse, and he came thru the door...so I whispered that it wasn't time to get up yet, and that he needed to go back to sleep...I think he did, I have no clue! But he was really quiet!! Next thin I know, it's 7:20...not bad!

After breakfast we decided we wanted to go to the Farmer's Market...my mom's planning a family dinner on Canada day so she wanted some baked goods from there for the dinner. But before we did that, we swung by a furniture store that's going out of business as my parents are looking into getting new living room chairs...they're SO desperately needed!!! So we all traipse off to the place and the kids and I stay in the truck watching Cars (what else?!?!?!) and we wait, and wait, and wait!!! Finally about 45 mins later they come out! Dad gets in the car and mom gets in my truck and off we go!
After the market we came home and it was lunch and then naps! Samantha was once again resistant...while DJ was compliant! She got all of 45 mins in her nap...he got 2 hours!!! Something is wrong with this picture!! lol

After nap we packed up the kiddos and off we went to Cambridge to watch my nephew Alex in his championship football game. What a nail biter that was too!!! Back and forth....OY! At one point it always seemed like they were 2 pts ahead of us...but in the end, his team beat them 24-16!!! They never lost one game the whole season!!! Pretty impressive!!! This was his first year playing and I think he really liked it! Don't ask what position he played...I'm a girl! Girls don't know these things without being told a million times!!! I've been a football mom now for 5 years and I still don't get all the positions names! I know the difference between offense and defense...and the gist of the game...but beyond that, the plays and whatnot....too much! If I'm not getting paid to know this info...I don't need to know it! I figure by the time DJ's done high school, I should have a better understanding of the game...lol Baseball...THAT I can do!!! LOVE baseball!!!

I digress...again...after the game we headed for my old store that I worked at years ago...only two people I know had the short stick of working on a Sat nite! Then we headed home...put the kiddos to bed...watched my bad movie and knit! Made a toddler hat between last nite and tonite...gonna have SamSam model it for me tomorrow and I'll post pix of it and the jacket I finished the other day. Got more boxes packed up today...my closet is SUPER empty now!!! Got two boxes of toys packed up too!!! Man that's alot! There's still more to pack toy-wise too! Spoiled kids!

Off to read in the dark....I'm trying to read Breaking Dawn slowly...so I can savour it (as much as a book CAN be savoured) as I know it's the last one in this series. I'm super excited to get back to the library and continue reading the series I'd started long ago by Sue Grafton. I left off on M...so I'll be gettin N soon!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Let the packing

BEGIN!!! I've already packed up 4 boxes of clothes and whatnot that was in my closet. Having two sick kids makes it easy to pack...they were in the living room being lazy while I was being busy like a bee packing what I could. Then I brought up the rest of the boxes from the garage...I don't think I'm going to need them all...I've sent A LOT of stuff back home with Howie over the last 3 trips he made here...so that alleviated some of my baggage...but at the same time, I've accrued a bit more too! Go figure! Well, with both kids having birthdays here, it's no wonder!

My poor babies were both fevered again this morning when they got up....so Tylenol was given first thing! Then we just snuggled all three of us in one chair under a blanky and waited til one of us got hungry. That would be me! I made them each a piece of toast tho with honey...DJ ate his up right away and Sam ate half her slice and some yogurt. Then we went back to snuggling...as much as I hate that my kids are sick...I do so love that snuggle time!

Right about noon time Samantha decided she couldn't take it any more and whined her way back up into my arms (my nephew was here for the day keeping them occupied in the living room) and promptly fell asleep! As I laid her in the crib she started her protest...so I nursed her back to sleep...she protested again when I tried to put her in her crib...but I won the battle and she fell asleep. Had a good sleep too!!!!
As did DJ...they both really needed it! I on the other hand didn't get that precious time to nap! As soon as I had DJ down for his nap...went potty by MYSELF!...then grabbed the boxes from the garage, Miss Crankypants was awake from her 2 hour nap Even thru it all she was still able to give me cheesy grins!! She's getting really good at these! I love how she crinkles her eyes too!!! She's super model quality!!! hahaha

I think DJ's fever broke as he was full of vim and vigor after his nap!!! Which also means it's just a 24 hour thing, which is good! I should have both kids back to normal tomorrow, which is more than fine with me!
I started Breaking Dawn...was tough to put down too but I'm glad I did as DJ woke up EARLY this morning. Thinking ahead...this time change stuff going back to PST is gonna hurt for a while...yikes!
I do know for a fact that my passport was delivered at 7:21 am...what on earth did we do before the Internet?!?!?! So, now the ball's in their court as to how quickly they take care of business and get it back to me!!! My days remaining are starting to fill up quickly too!! There's just so much to do now that the date is set! We've also started looking for a new place to live as the house we're in now isn't gonna cut it...and the street we're on is just too busy for our little toddlers. Fun stuff I tell ya!!!
OK....I'm cuttin out early tonite...even partially ready for bed already too!!

Til next time...ciao!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

It all came down to

One phone call....I can hardly stand myself....but at exactly 8:36 this morning my life changed!! Literally!! This one phone call (and I NEVER thought of it being a phone call) came loud and clear all the way from the U.S. Embassy in Montreal....yes, you read that right! A phone call!!! This particular phone call said...
"We'll be issuing you your visa and we need you to send your passport to us...when will you able to get that to us?"

SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!! I'll have it to you by tomorrow!!!

"Good to know, I'll note that on your file"


Did you hear me SCREAM at that point?!?!??!?!?!! OH. MY. GOD. I'm going HOME!!!!!!!!!!! Is there really anything else to say!??!! I get to go home! To Washington!!! To live there!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Yeah...I like them apples!!! LOL

In other news...my two children are both fevered with DJ being the sicker of the two...he threw up dinner and then pooped breakfast and lunch out...my poor guy! SamSam's just got a low grade fever but she's been eating like a champ! I'm hoping it's just a 24 hour bug and they both bounce right back tomorrow...I'm also hoping I don't get it as I don't want it!!!

*sigh* all is right with the world now!!! The plan...well, they'll get my passport tomorrow by noon, they need to do their official whatevers to it....then express post it back to me in the envelope I left them two weeks ago (today, actually) which if they mail it on Monday, I might get it Tuesday...but Wednesday is a holiday (Canada Day) so Thursday looks more realistic...at which point we'll be hitting the yellow brick road on Friday!!! So 8 more sleeps!!! Putting us in Washington, in my hubby's arms for as early as the 8th quite possibly the 9th....heck, if we push ourselves it could be the 7th!!!!

I get to start Breaking Dawn tonite. The other book I finished last nite, and I gotta say...there was just too much going on it to make much sense....and too many characters that weren't done really in depth to get to know them....disappointed me really!

Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Well, I'm hot blooded, Check it and see

Got a fever of a hundred and three....no, I don't have a fever, but the temp in my truck this afternoon on our way to the water park said 103!!! DANG that's HOT!!! I was quite tempted to run back inside and get an egg just to see if it really would fry up on the hood of my truck...but then thought Howie would KILL me for making a mess hahahahaha So I thought better of it and just cranked the a/c in the truck and off we went! whew!

This morning I met up with my g/f Wanda and gave her her slippers that I knit up...so was super excited (I think!) and later texted me that her daughter (who's 5) asked her where her slippers were and was walking around in the ones I made! TOO cute!!! When we pulled into Tim Horton's parking lot I noticed a helicopter (duh! should have taken a pic of it...where was my brain!?!?!) parked up on the field just past the drive thru...and while we were inside they took off...so DJ got to watch the helicopter leave....I got to crack the comment "Gee, I think I'll bring MY helicopter next time!!" hahaha

After our donut date, we headed for Walmart (yes, I know I shop there alot, but really, can you beat the prices?!?!!) for some new shoes for DJ....Sandals that look nice and are not crocs....boy did we find 'em!!! And in "Light McQueen" style too!!! He was over the moon about them!!! Also got Sam some crocs...two pair actually...a cute blue pair with bunnies on the toe and then a pair of Mary Jane crocs in white with pink hearts. I also got some much needed hearing aid batteries (yup, I'm deaf! Well, hearing impaired really) and some other necessities...

Then of course we did the water park after Sam boycotted her nap and DJ enjoyed his...so by bed time (after a luxurious bath) Samantha could hardly keep her eyes open as soon as she latched on. And DJ only pulled his fake "gotta pee" routine on me once....not a bad nite I'd say!!! I also finished up a sweater I made during the cooler months...it needed to be sewn together and collared...so its now complete...will take a pic of it tomorrow.

I'm fasting for real tonite....u/s is tomorrow morning....for real! lol

Still nothing in the mail worth mentioning...I did get my PEOPLE mag 3 days late...who do I complain to about THAT!?!?! LOL

2 more chapters to go on the book...than on to Breaking Dawn.....

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mummy, my sick hurts

That's what DJ told me when he got into my bed this morning to snuggle. So I asked him what his "sick" was and it was his throat...he's had a chesty cough for a couple days, and no other symptoms....so we're just waiting it out. I'm not so much a drug giving mom....I'd like his body to fight whatever he has naturally....that's just me!

So...today was a bit screwy...and all my fault (I hate when that happens!!) in that I thought my appt for my ultrasound (u/s) was for this morning...so I fasted from last nite til this morning...drank 32 ounces of water in about 5 mins flat....met up with my sister so she could watch the kids (my mom had another Dr appt herself today) and went for my appt. Arrive early, get a great parking spot...figure I might as well wait in the waiting room instead of my sister's super stinky van (she's a smoker...) so I hand over my paperwork...she checks it...I'm not on today's roster....nor tomorrow's...but for THURSDAY!!!!!! Even my own paper says Thurs June 25th!!!!! IN MY OWN HANDWRITING!!! OH I was so irritated!! Hungry...and irritated!! I'm still not ready to laugh at myself about this one...maybe one day! So now I have to do the fasting thing all over again for Thursday....but at least the kids will be home with my mom.

Instead of the Dr appt, I joined up with my sister at a local park she was at where her youngest daughter was having a "field trip" to play at the park. DJ had himself a BLAST playing with all those big kids! And I think he's actually listening to me about not growling at kids, but rather saying "Hello" as he was playing nicely! While there, my sister noticed one of the other moms who I know from waybackwhen and points her out to me. Sure enough its Sherry!!! I haven't seen her in about 15 years!! SO good to see her and kindasorta catch up! We've been in touch on Facebook, but it was nice to Face Chat!

Came home and did the lunch thing...and then the nap thing!!!! Samantha went down easy enough, but DJ, for whatever reason, was just not settling! It took 45 mins to get him to sleep! And then when I got up 45 mins after that, he woke up mad at me for leaving him! *head shake* Then as we're sitting in the chair snuggling, SamSam comes toddling down the hall and totally freaked me out!! I didn't know that my mom was in my room napping with her...so for her to come strolling down the hall sent all kinds of thoughts thru my head....the falling out of the crib kind!! lol

It got to 91 degrees this afternoon...so the water park was a MUST!!! Today, I even got wet a bit just to cool off while sitting in the sun!!! Some lucky kids had some generous grandparents with them who'd bought them all kinds of beach toys (crap!) and so DJ and Sam were playing with it til they left...so it was nice to sit for more than 30 seconds instead of chasing Samantha back to the splash pad...she likes to wander on the grassy area!

I have to say....since putting up my new visitor counter...it excludes any of my visits....I'm shocked that I'm nearing 500 in less than a month!!! Thanks!!! Still nothing in the mail....grrrrr

Til next time...ciao!

Monday, June 22, 2009

What do YOU call them!?!?!

Fireflies or Lightning Bugs!?!?! Whatever they are...they sure are freaky to watch!!! I've taken to chatting with Howie outside on the deck at nite...the star gazing is phenomenal...but the fire flies...they're just bizarre!! In fact the first time I saw one, I really wasn't sure what I was seeing...it was darting here and there...then tonite as I was chatting with him I saw two...they were playing tricks on me...one to my left and one to my right...lighting at odd times...peripherally, I had them beat tho! LOL No shooting stars tonite...of course I was too focused on the bugs...and no mail today either! BOOOOOO!!!!!

We sure did have some heat tho!! Man it was HOT! today....my truck said 87 on our way to the water park...oh yeah, we went!!! I even put my suit on just in case I felt the sudden need for some freezing cold water on my body...didn't happen, but it was nice just the same. Samantha is the bravest baby there...she was clear across the other side of the sprinklers enjoying the big kid ones! And of course testing my patience and her boundaries! It never seems to fail...I've always got people commenting on how mobile she is (they ask her age) or how cute she is...I most certainly agree...but I'm a wee bit biased!

We finally put the a/c on in the house...thank God for the one who invented central air!!! Almost immediately it was felt throughout the house! It had gotten up to 85 over nite IN the house!!! Today there was NO breeze whatsoever, so it was nice to have the cool on the skin...and all the ceiling fans are going!

I finished up my g/f Jackie's hat...she didn't want a pom pom on it..LOL I just hope it fits her!!! Once I figured out the ribbing (thank you Laura) it was all easy knitting!!! I've now got the cutest pattern for a dress for Samantha....we'll see...

I'm now 3/4's of the way thru that book...I'm quite anxious to finish it as I know Edward and Bella are waiting for me!!! Samantha had another miserable nite last nite...this time waking at 3, 6 and 7...blech! I woke up with my back spasming from sleeping wrong! Thank you God for the one who invented medicine that targets the back muscles!!! lol

Past my witching hour...keep praying we hear news this week and that the news is GOOD!

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fadder's Day!

Altho it really felt like any other Sunday 'round these here parts!!!! Samantha chose a rather EARLY wake up time of 5:30 (blah!) and after nursing wanted to play...took some convincing...and more boob...but she did finally fall back asleep...and I swear DJ came in 5 mins after that...but it was more like an hour later....mom and dad lazed in again this morning...blah! lol
After breakfast we just hung around the house til my mom decided that yes, we did want to go grocery shopping! So we shoe'd the kids and off we went...arrived at the store and both of them are barefoot....and they're gonna stay that way! I'm not losing shoes in a store...HA!
Home for lunch and naps....super late naps, but naps none the less! I got a quick 20 minute doze with Sam, and then another 20 mins with DJ....so I'm still kinda tired tonite! Its not even 11 pm and I'm already blogging....that tell ya something!??!! lol

It got up to 85 degrees today and was MUGGY....still is muggy at almost 11....the ceiling fans are on but it's hardly moving the air....blah! So with the heat being so present I took the kids to the water park at the last moment....my dad came home early, so my mom suggested I take them away (nice eh?) and while I was originally going to take them to the regular park, I opted for the water park instead....which they both appreciated!!! I did too as I get to sit at the water park, but chase at the regular park! After an hour of splashing fun (and after DJ hit another girl with a baseball) we got dressed and headed home. Only to find out my sister and her brood were NOT yet on their way for dinner. We got home at 6:30 and thankfully my mom chose to BBQ a chicken as well as do up burgers....so the kids ate and the rest of us waited. But we didn't wait that long as we were all starving too! So as we were finishing, Tori arrived....and they fed themselves.

Bed time was a nightmare tonite...oh horrible!!! I decided to let DJ play with his cousins a bit longer and put SamSam to bed first....which was fine, but I guess she wasn't done nursing at the same time I was done nursing her....so she had a SCREAMING fit while I'm trying to put DJ to bed. After saying good nite to him I go into our room and she's just a sweaty mess!!! So I strip her out of her footed pj's and put in a dress which is like a night shirt...and nurse her again! She falls asleep and the moment I put her in her crib starts crying. I don't play the game so she had to CIO for all of 5 mins tonite.
DJ on the other hand....continued the nightmare with his potty antics!!! Crying like he was in pain.....saying "I want you Mummy" In the end it took almost 2 hours to get him to finally go to sleep!!! That's ridiculous! I'm not sure who's child I took home from the water park...but it's definitely NOT mine!!! I want my good sleeper back!

Gonna go check on other blogs I follow and get caught up and then have my nightly phone call with Howie...quite possibly out on the deck where it's nice and cool...and then go to bed early. I know, your jaw just dropped...it does happen on occasion tho!!! lol

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I can not believe

That a perfect stranger today in Costco gave DJ a 5 dollar bill just for being cute! I kid you not!!!! We were sitting there having our lunch....Sam in the buggy to the right edge of the table...and DJ sitting beside me on the bench. As he's eating lunch he starts chatting up the man sitting on his left and the man's son across from him (about 10 yrs old) and telling him how he's growing big like Daddy....and just other ramblings (like his mother...but we won't go there) and as the man gets up to leave he leans over and puts a 5.00 bill in front of DJ...we refuse profusely and the man just walked away. Yeah, my jaw was dropped too!!! I started thinking which corner I should put him on with a cup...or better yet, have him play his ukulele for money....hmmmmm!!!!
Then my dad reminded me tonite that I'd given a homeless man a two dollar coin yesterday as we were stopped at a light in Toronto. We were sitting at a light and there was talk in the front seat of needing coin, so I checked my purse and had a toony, so I said so. Dad rolls down my window and lo and behold there's a man with a cup...so I put my money in it and Dad rolled up my window and the light was green. I was a little taken aback as I wasn't' fully clued in when the discussion was going on about the need for change....and bam just gave it away. So, his lesson for me today was that what I give, God returns...even better! Good lesson! And the money will go towards some new shoes for DJ as he seems to have outgrown the two pair of non-croc like shoes he owns....DANG he's just growing!!

So after a morning of shopping....we came home and an afternoon of napping!!! Put SamSam down easy squeezey!! And then read DJ his new book that his G'pa's money got him today at costco...a Thomas Friends book (He forgets the & in the title) that makes noises as you read it...super cute! AND a good message about helping others. It's a paper book so we have to keep it up high from Sam's grabby hands!!

After nap we went to the Dutch Mill Restaurant out in the middleofnowhere off Hwy 5...what a NEAT place!!!!!!! Its a gardener's paradise....with a petting zoo type thing that has sheep, a wandering billy goat (Oh Samantha HATED that) and some miniature ponies, bunnies, and chickens. Then their entire play area was all wooden toys that you can climb on (some even had picnic tables built into them) and a shed turned into a play house...and of course the standard play cars for kids...DJ was in heaven!!!! Then we go inside and it's a gift shop with all kinds of Victorian wares for sale...and a restaurant that closes PROMPTLY at 6 pm!!! The restaurant has a salad buffet with everything home made and made fresh that day. They started clearing it away at 5:30 (we got there at 5:15!) So it wasn't a pig out meal, but just as filling as we needed it to be!

Mom and Dad took off from there to go to the races at Mohawk, a friend of theirs was racing tonite...and the kids and I headed in the opposite direction for the house!! A bath was in order!! SamSam is now finally at the age of appreciating all the splashing that happens in a bath!! The giggles coming from behind the curtain (I'm not getting soaked!!!) were contagious! They were both splashing each other it was hilarious!! DJ even braved the shower to rinse off...thank you to the inventor of Sprinkler Parks!!! Because of them he's not afraid of the shower anymore! Hallelujah!!! Once they were both in bed it was knit time....which also happens to coincide with bad movie nite....*sigh* We are getting the DVD player fixed this week....we HAVE to!!!!

Off to bed....this book is good, but not as I was hoping it would be from the title....oh well!

Til next time...ciao!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Here comes the bride

All dressed in white!!! And now she's a new member of my extended family!! My cousin Luke got married today, in high style too, I tell ya!! The wedding took place downtown Toronto, at the church he was baptized in as a babe!! Which also happened to be across the street from the restaurant that my grandfather started waybackintheday! So my dad had a great trip down Memory Lane! And truth be told, it was fascinating to see!!! I'd heard all about it, but never seen it...so I enjoyed watching his enthusiasm!
I digress...the wedding itself was the longest wedding I've been to ever!! And punctual too! It actually started right at 4pm!! We finally got out of the church around 5! It was also the sweetest wedding I've been to! You could tell how serious both of them were while saying their vows and exchanging their rings. It was just precious!
On our way to the reception we stopped at a dollarama to get a gift bag and card...let me tell you, this is where the crazees shop!!! There were two uniformed guards in Kevlar with guns keeping the place in order...I was a little intimidated to say the least!
The reception was held at Ontario Place Atlantis...in the most gorgeously decorated ball room. We were first directed to a mezzanine above the ballroom that had an open bar...I did in fact indulge! But only 1 and a half drinks...haven't had a good Caesar like that in a LONG time!! We had several waiters walking around with trays and trays of canapes and appetizers. Quite delish on our empty tummies!!!
We were finally allowed downstairs to our designated tables...I sat with my mom, dad, sister Tori, sister Joanne, SIL Kim, brother John and SIL Debbie....with two empty spots where my other brother and his wife were to be. The buns were brought the table and I swear EVERY table dived for the bread baskets just to put some food in their stomachs to soak up the spirits! Then the first course was served...a lovely salad with a Greek vinaigrette dressing. All the while speeches are being given....very funny and touching speeches I might add! Then the main course was dispersed...grilled Cornish hen, with a goat cheese demi, and grilled veggies. For dessert we had Dulce caramel or 7 layer chocolate cake...I chose the caramel cheesecake!! It was VERY good!

THE neatest thing about this reception....was there were no party favours....a donation was made on our behalf in lieu of favours to either the Heart & Stroke Foundation or the Cancer Society...how sweet!!! Then.....there was a candy bar!!! The first time I walked by it I thought it was one of those "guessing" games...where you guess how many pieces of candy were in the jar. Then upon further investigation....each jar was labeled with what was in the jar....and there were little baggies for you to fill up. How awesome was that!?!?! I literally felt like a kid in the candy store!!!! It appealed to everyone, young and old!!! Who doesn't like candy!?!?!! lol

We left just before 10 as I was really wanting to get home to the kids....they finally settled for Mary just after 9 pm...Samantha was extremely clingy and DJ was just wound up! And here we are...just about midnite-thirty and I still have to take my party face off!

Til next time...ciao!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I had a date tonite

With one of the most handsomest male I've seen in a long time....and he's only 3!!!!
Yup DJ and I had a date!!! I'd seen a sign on our way to the park at one of the local schools that they were having an end of year Fun Fair. The other day on our way home from the park I stopped to get more info from the poster in the window. It was for tonite from 6:30 to 8 pm. KOOL!! So my mom watched Samantha and DJ and I took off for a place unknown! We got there and there was a firetruck parked right in the front...but DJ didn't want to have anything to do with it...he's spied a basketball...so off we went to get tickets so we could play the games. He was SO excited!! They had basketball throws, soccer kicks, hockey shooting, fishing, bean bag toss, face painting (he declined) and all other kinds of non sport activities (he wasn't interested) for the kids to do. It was quite crowded too! So we got our tix and walked around to see what all there was...did the bean toss, and he got 2 out of 3 in!! I was impressed!! lol Then we did the basketball throws and he got a little help from the girls running the stand and got 2 out of 4 in. Then we did the fishing thing...and without my help (I kid you not!) he was able to fish for 3 of the same coloured fish in the kiddie pool...TWICE!!! Then we did the hockey shooting thing...and the guy running it was impressed! DJ had a hard time giving up the hockey stick tho...lol Then we did the soccer thing twice and he had fun kicking it to some big kid. Got lots of high fives from everyone around him. Then we got some popcorn (one of his 'prizes') and cashed in our remaining tickets for useless junk! On our way out he wanted to stop and climb in the fire truck!He didn't look around or be curious about much...just sat in the truck and let me take his pic...then climbed out! lol Then we went home and he went to bed! Sam missed us! She giggled when we came in the door, got down off my mom's lap and met us at the top of the stairs gate! BIG smiles!! DJ rambled on about his time at the fair and his date with Mum! all the while getting put in his pj's! SO cute!!!

I felted SamSam's slippers today....these are the before pix... I got smart this time and put the up against a measuring tape to show the size before and after! They didn't shrink down near as much as I thought they would...but these were done with a soy based wool...not pure wool...so that might have been my own fault there. Instead of her growing into them by this fall...it'll be fall of 2012!!! In any case...they're still super cute!!!

And on the knitting note...I finally made the straps for a purse I made my sister (made the purse 2 maybe 3 years ago but didn't like the straps I originally had with it so cut them off) and here's the finished pic. I took one of her too, but I can't seem to rotate it for the blog...so she'll be happy she's not being featured...yet! lol I do need to learn how to add a liner to it to protect the purse itself....one of these days....

OK...I'm much later tonite than normal, I had a GREAT nap with DJ this aft...so much so in fact that I didn't want to wake up! Apparently Sam thought the same as I had to wake her!!! LOVE those kinds of naps!!!!!

Tomorrow is my cousin's wedding...a BIG family affair!!! I'll blog tho, no worries! LOL
Oh and it's officially been one week now since THE interview...and no news! Like I told a g/f online...the world will know one way or another!!!
Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just so you know

I typically struggle to come up with "titles" to each day's post...I think about it from nap time on...most times inspiration hits me when I sit down to do each post, but sometimes the idea comes to me throughout the day (be it something I've seen, heard, done...) and most times, the ideas leave me as quickly as they come to me...if I don't write it down, it's GONE!!!! So tonite you have the lame title as the funny/quirky ones disappeared!!!!

Today started of late...at 7 instead of 6!!! Imagine that!! She DOES know how to sleep!!! lol DJ got up about 7:15 or so, and came in to snuggle with us...Sam heard him open the door and "called out" to him with a grunt! He came! So cute!!!

It was a grey and dreary day with promises of rain...so we had no plans! We hung out and did the cartoon thing...something they haven't done in a while so I don't feel bad for letting their minds rot for two hours...and truth be told...they're usually too busy with other things to pay attention to the show that's on. If there's music...Sam's watching it! If there's tools or animals...DJ's watching it!

At lunch, Samantha decided the high chair was as comfy as her crib...poor girl!!! With us talking at the table she didn't flinch one bit!!! Don't worry, I didn't leave her there for long....after taking this picture she startled awake and I took her out and put her to sleep in her bed!
Speaking of beds...I sold her old one! The co-sleeper that I absolutely LOVED!!!!! I was sad/happy to see it go!
After short naps all around....I gave the kids a bath...quite unusual for this time of day, but DJ had an appt for pictures at walmart and I wanted him clean... Didn't' seem to matter to him as 30 seconds after we left the house, he fell in the gravel and got all muckied up thanks to the rain....so back in the house we went to get cleaned off! The photographer we had was not as creative as we've had in the past...but DJ was on the ball today!!! His smiles were HILARIOUS!!! And man does he ever look like Jack Nicholson! (I promise you, no relation! altho if there were, he could help me get that elusive visa!!!) In the end I chose the package promotion of an up close facial one...you can kindasorta see the soccer ball he's holding...and then did 2 5x7's of him in his other outfit (yes, I'm one of THOSE moms!) holding the football...as Daddy will LOVE that one!!
Dinner tonite...was spectacular!! I will fully admit I was more than skeptical about the method my mom chose to cook the chickens...but it was TASTY!!!!! It was beer roasted chicken...doesn't sound that appetizing does it? But the thing of it is...you put a half can of beer in the middle of this contraption that the chicken is sitting on, and it provides necessary steam to keep the chicken moist. Much like this one, but by a different company....you can use it in the oven or the BBQ! Its on my list of what I want to buy before heading home!!!! YUM!
It's now after midnite...so I'm sending myself to bed as no one else is awake to do it for me! hahaha Remember those days!?!? Being told to go to bed for your own good, but not understanding that it really was! ahhh the life! Now I'M the one sending kids to bed....go figure! I finally get it and the lesson is lost on me....
Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We had a play date!!

With a dear friend of mine who's agreed (willingly) to watch BOTH my kids this Friday while I attend my cousin's wedding. Thanks to Facebook I was able to advertise for a babysitter and my old high school friend, Mary, offered to take both. So today we had a meet and greet of the kids...she has 2, Meaghan who's 4, and Jackson who's 2....they all did fabulous!!!! It was nice to see Mary too!!! It's been about 7 years since I last saw her...maybe 8 now that I think about it. But I swear she still looks like she should be in high school!!! She said the same thing about me (I think she was just being nice...lol) and then we sat and got caught up while the kids played. She offered us lunch and then we took off as I was hoping to avoid Samantha having ANOTHER nap in the truck....I failed! So she slept on the way to Cambridge, and then on the way back...and was done with the whole napping thing. I did leave her in the truck tho when we got home so as to let her get the most sleep possible, when hunched over in a car seat that is. My sister was outside, so when Sam woke up, she was brought right in....I was trying to get Mr DJ to take a nap...took all of 5 mins to get him asleep! How I wish it was that easy for me...altho, some nites it is! I barely get thru my own prayers and I'm gone!

After nap time, we got changed (they, really, not we...) into our swimsuits to head to the water park. It was a balmy 82 out and I figured the problems from Sunday HAD to have been cleared up....boy was I wrong! We arrived to a splash pad that was wet from recent water flow...but the flow was no more. So we hit up the small creative behind the parks shed til it came back on. Luckily for us it wasn't too long...and they were off running into the water. Today, SamSam literally took a shower in one of the sprinklers...she just loves running thru it now!! Everyone's amazed at how mobile she is! (I'm not! She has to run away from DJ all the time!!!) There was one little girl there who was the same age as Sam, and she's not even walking yet!!! OH if I could have been so lucky.....lol

Came home and had a BTN dinner (Better Than Nothing) as in left overs...I was feeling incredibly lazy!! We did make some room in the fridge for the new things my parents brought home from their shopping excursion....so it worked out well I'd say!

I haven't taken pix of the slippers yet....nor have I felted them....but I did get started on my g/f Jackie's hat that she requested! I can't NOT have anything on the go!!! That would just be wrong! lol Of course, all I got done tonite was casting it on....no real stitches knit just yet...tomorrow tho!

I didn't get much reading done last nite as Sam woke up screaming bloody murder...I think she sat up in her sleep...and when she did that, she banged her head on the crib slats...which in turn scared the crap outta her!!! It took me 15 mins just to get her to calm down! So she got a special nite and slept with me! Right up against me! Body heat and all!!! Woke up nursing her and have no remembrance of her asking....ya! She likes those kinds of mornings, cuz God knows how long I've been her pacifier....

Til next time...ciao!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Let me be perfectly clear

I HATE NEEDLES!!!!!!!! *shudder* I really do! They HURT!!!! This morning was all about needles! I fasted last nite (if you recall) and got up this morning and headed to the lab once the kids were fed their breakfast (that was hard to do!) for 8:30...then back to the house...eat (rather drink) my breakfast...wait two hours, with nothing after breakfast, water included....and then go back and get poked again in the same damn spot! OUCH!!

The first draw was for 6 vials...the second for 1. Because my mom's diabetic my GP is checking my fasting blood sugars (and I had gestational diabetes with both pregnancies) and my 2 hours post meal blood sugars. Well, having a mom who tests every morning...I had her poke me and test on her machine...fasting came up at 6.9 and my 2 hour came up at 5.9...so totally within the normal range...we'll see what the lab concocts! In any case, my u/s is now scheduled for next Tuesday for my abdomen and thyroid gland. Then I should be all done, medically speaking, for a year!
After our not-so-much-nap time (Sam slept in the truck on the way to the second blood draw for an hour, and DJ did NOT nap with G'ma like I thought he did) I took the kids to the park. It was windy by our house so I didn't want to do the water park....and the regular park is just fine sometimes! DJ had a fun time chasing all the other kids there...I do wish however, that he'd stop ROARING at other kids in greeting....seriously?!?!?! It's so caveman! Samantha on the other hand was practicing her balance....oh my word! There's this fake log rolling thing (for lack of better words) that when you stand on it, rolls like a log in the water...and you're supposed to run on it (??) or balance on it...in any case, SamSam's been drawn to it like a moth to a flame! Every time we go to the park lately, she runs for it! If there's other kids on it, she waits her turn! *shakes head*

Well today...she got herself up ON it and stood there (slightly rocking) for 7 whole seconds!!! I was dumbfounded and started rethinking her whole career!! Do we have a gymnast on our hands!?!? Every time she'd fall off, she'd turn around and get right back on it!!! One other mom even asked me how old she was and was stunned when I said 15 months! She absolutely LOVED playing on this thing!!! What it must be like to be 1....lol

I did manage to snap this cute pic today too....its VERY rare for me to get one of the two together...sitting nicely...and smiling even!!!! Sam's grin is cheesy, but still present!!! Not bad for two kids who haven't napped well eh?
OK...I promised myself I'd get off the computer at midnite (NOW!) So I'll end this post...I did NOT crack open Breaking Dawn...nor did I end up reading my other book last nite...I spent way too much time on Farm Town last nite...so tonite...I'm going early! Sam slept til 7 this morning and I woke up to her cooing in her crib...best sounds to wake up to EVER!!! So much better than crying!
Til next time...ciao!
P.S...I finished the slippers for Sam....so I'll take pix tomorrow and post them once they're felted! I can't wait!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Today Did NOT feel like Sunday

At all to me!! Felt like Saturday....but then again, the whole week Howie was here...every day felt like Saturday!!! So today I got to get up with the early bird...aka Samantha! She was up the first time at 6 and then again at 7...but I managed to keep her in bed with me til 7:30...that IS what cell phones are for...right? DJ didn't get up til just after 8....which totally shocked me! It was nice tho to sit with SamSam in the chair and just snuggle with her.

After breakfast I decided to take the kids to Walmart for a couple reasons...#1 I need to print off some pix from the disc that my g/f gave me of our little photo shoot on the 5th...and from my camera of Maui for the photo album I bought there. And #2 I wanted to get DJ a new hat...he doesn't have one as we lost is somewhere....and I don't want him to get out of the habit of wearing one as it does protect his head.
So the three of us took off for shopping pastures....the place was PACKED for it being 10:30 on a Sunday morning!!! I should have taken cue from that and gone home! But we found a parking spot and headed in. Did the picture thing right away as I knew I could easily kill and hour in the store walking around. Done!
Once the pix were picked out and decided on I took my receipt and went shopping. We didn't find any hats in the baby section for DJ at all!! LOTS of really super cute ones for SamSam, but that was my goal! Today we wanted to spend some of Grandpa Hughes' birthday money that he sent. My other thing to find for him was new pajama's like the ones my sister gave him for his birthday...they had NONE in his size at all!! I was soooooo disappointed! What we did find tho more than made up for the lack of pj's!!! We found hats!!! And not just any hats!!! We found hats that fit DJ!!! And the one an only hat the wanted...we got!!! It's a "Light McQueen" hat!!! I had to beg him to take it off to pay for it!!! lol I also got him a fisherman's type hat for at the water park....nothing special! Then something that struck my fancy we got him too....and apparently it struck his quite well....a battery powered tooth brush! Who knew that it would get him to WANT to brush his teeth!?!?!? Colour me SHOCKED!!! He actually asked to brush his teeth after lunch! I obliged (it's not gonna hurt!) and off we went to the bathroom....well playing with it to make it work and making it work IN the mouth are two different things. He all of a sudden was scared of it...so I took control and told him I was gonna tickle his teeth...he thought that was funny...but it worked!!! By golly, it actually worked!!! Even tonite after his bath he asked to brush his teeth...WOOT!!!

As we're in line to check out at Walmart...my son starts being his normal grabby/bratty self!! And Sam starting getting bored with it all and whining....ugh! Checked out as soon as I could...quickly popped over to the portrait studio to make an appt for DJ's 3 year pix (as I know my FIL is going to start bugging for his 3 yr pic for his wall!!) so that's on Wednesday. Then I head back over to the photo center to pick up and pay for my pix....she takes my two receipts and starts writing up an envelope...huh? She hands me the top tab and says they'll be ready in an hour....HUH?? I ask her why that is when I did the whole thing an hour prior...she says in a snotty voice "It says on the receipt you have to bring it up so we can process them" At which point I look at her and say "There really should be a sign to that affect as I'm kinda busy with their (pointing at perfectly timed noisy kids!!) goings on to read the fine print on some stupid receipt. Fine! I'll have to come back for them another day. Thanks for your help" and we stormed outta there. Ok, storm might be to strong a word as DJ's shoes (which he'd kicked off the moment we entered the store) decided at that point to fall off the bottom rack of the buggy one by one....thus negating my storm motions! grrrrrrrrrr

After taking a short nap with DJ (I needed it!) I grabbed shower and once both kids were up (during my shower) we took off for the water park as it was quite warm!! They had fun! Just as we were leaving they shut the whole thing down to work on the pumps....so good timing on our part.

Now I'm taking my starving self to bed (I'm fasting for blood work tomorrow) and gonna read Breaking Dawn...that's right...I broke down and bought it today at Walmart...I just couldn't handle it anymore!! I'm trying to decide whether I really want to read it...or finish the one on the night table that I'm almost half done....decisions, decisions!!

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

It Breaks My Heart

To say goodbye yet again to my husband!!!! But that's what we had to do as our time together had come to an end. We did jam pack the day tho! I got my last sleep in til whoknowswhenagain and it was WONDERFUL!!! He did an amazing job of keeping the kids quiet and away from my door....I woke with a start at 8:30 (sad that THAT is now considered sleeping in!) And when I found my cute little family, they were at the table eating breakfast!!!
We then had plans to attend my nephew Alex's football game in Cambridge, and on the way pick up my niece Brianna to have her for the day as her mom (my sis) was working. That all went accordingly! I must say...it felt weird watching football in JUNE and not August....but it still felt the same weather wise!!! Man was it chilly!!!
After the game we headed back to my parents house for lunch (well, the kids did it picnic style at the field) and pack up Howie's stuff. He put DJ down for a nap and took a cat nap with him, then fixed the switch in the bathroom for the fan (he's REALLY handy to have around!) and then we all piled into the truck and back to the airport we went.
I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but DJ was so engrossed in his movie (Cars, what else!?!?!) that he didn't seem to notice that Daddy was saying good bye to him. It wasn't til about 15 mins after leaving him that DJ noticed and said "hey, where's Daddy!??!" I told him he was at the airport and DJ replied "well go back and get him!" Sad really!!

Samantha protested rather loudly from her car seat the last 20 minutes of our ride home which made it quite unpleasant! She was thirsty and I'd forgotten to grab any sippy cups...bad mummy! Once home tho, she was okay! Refused anything to drink until she thought I wasn't looking....boy she's gonna be a toughie!!!
After dinner I took the kids to the water park to run off their steam...and it worked like a charm! SamSam is getting more and more brave with the water...even more than the last time I said that!! She's so freakin cute to watch too! Now each one is like a personal water fountain! She even ventured to the big kid side!!! At first it was just the three of them...then two teenybopper girls showed up in 'kini's I'm sure their mothers would flip out about! So once DJ was chattering from the cold even tho he's saying "I'm not dold Mummy!!" we got dressed in our jammies (I was smart enough to bring them...no sense dressing them twice!) and headed for home.

SIDEBAR...why is that everyone is SO obsessed with taking pictures of themselves on their cell phones!?!?!?!! Seriously!?!!? This is twice now...the first time was in Maui...these two maybe 18 year old girls were taking rather suggestive photos of each other (and together) in the hot tub of the adult pool. And then today these two young girls doing the same thing...have they no decency!?!?! Don't they read the papers and know that this constitutes as child pornography!?!?! AH it infuriates me!!! No brains...no headaches (famous saying of my husband!)

With the time of his flight leaving, he would be in the air for bed time...so we didn't get to do our nightly phone call...we did leave a cute message tho! DJ likes leaving messages more, I think! I did try something new at bedtime....no more pull ups for DJ...he's done SO well the past month with no wake up wet ones that I thought it was high time to let him be. So for those taking notes....we barely went thru a pack of pull ups!! In fact we still have 8 left!!! WOW! That's impressive!! For him to have gone since March in pull ups...and now nothing! My baby boy is growing up!!! If only he'd hold his own penis down when peeing....I hope that comes sooner rather than later!!!

So, Howie's safely on the ground in WA and on his way back to our house as I type...then off to pick up our dog and return home to settle in for the nite. And now it's time for this girl to hit the hay too!! I'm so glad he got me back on track for going to bed earlier! I needed it! Of course I don't have anything vampirish to read right now either. The book I am reading tho is starting to pick up! Its tough sometimes to read an author you're not familiar with for the first time...and get used to how they write. It's such a grown up book too!!! Complete with swear words!! LOL

Til next time...ciao!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Normal Life

Is when I have my hubby with me while we do family things!!! Today was a perfect example of the life I've been missing for the last almost 9 months now....I got to sleep in by MYSELF!!! Granted it was only til 8:20, but still...LOVE it! After breakfast I gave the kids a bath...they LOVED it! lol Then we just hung out...did laundry...played...Howie washed the truck with DJ's help (well, as much as a 3 year old CAN help!) Lunch was a family affair....and then naps were under way! I got to play around on the computer while naps happened and Howie went to find a bolt for fixing my dad's weed whacker...and glue to fix DJ's golf club...got to have an uninterrupted shower!!! The kids woke up...we got them in their swim suits and took off for the water park. Oh they had a BLAST!!!!! Beautiful 80 degree day with lots of sunshine!!! Perfect day for the water park! A lot of other families thought so too! SamSam is getting much more brave with the water!! Her diaper was SOAKED when we were done. DJ got chilled quick and wanted to go to the regular park...so we dried them off and re-dressed them and hit up the regular park! Got LOTS of pix as I wasn't the one chasing the kids today!! How nice! LOL Still wish I could upload them....there might be a way I can do that...will check into that after.
After the park we went grocery shopping....it was a toss up between going out for dinner, just the 4 of us, or getting steaks and grilling....we chose grilling! I LOVE when Howie bbq's!! And he didn't want to get caught out of the house come 8 pm...hockey!

So we came home...grilled dinner...put the kids to bed....and it's relax time! I can't think of a better way to spend my day!!! I'm just sad that it's the last one of this visit with Howie...and not knowing when the next one will be kinds sux! We've talked about it some...if we get the yes, then I'll be home first part of July...if we get the no, then we're looking at moving me and the kids out there for September...obviously not our fave option!

Oh...I did have a rather tender moment with my son this afternoon. He'd woken up as I was doing my hair after my shower and wanted to sit in the bathroom with me (he chose the floor) and as I'm curling my hair he says "Mum, you're beautiful" Is that not the sweetest thing EVER!?!?!?!!? I stopped doing what I was doing and hugged the crap outta him!!! I love those kinds of unsolicited moments!! Every mother dreams of them!!! *sigh*

Off to go spend the rest of the evening with my hubby watching the last half hour (more like hour really) of the hockey game. GO PENS!!!!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The 5 Stages of Grief

I wonder if they apply to us today....let's see...
Stage 1 is Denial....I didn't get that, but in a round about way I guess we did! But I'm sure that's not the denial they mean...
Stage 2 is Anger...oh I think we've got that covered...or rather Howie does. No sense in both of us getting our panties in a bunch!
Stage 3 is Bargaining....and with people like this, there's no use trying to bargain. They'd see it as some sort of admission of non-existent guilt!
Stage 4 is Depression...I think I've got that one covered! The more I think about/talk about it, the more depressing it all sounds!!!
Stage 5 is Acceptance...not quite there yet! I guess we'll have to be there when we know one way or the other, now won't we?

Enough of that...let me brag about my children for a few moments! I'm so incredibly PROUD of how well they did on the 14 hours of driving we did! The way there, we left at 10 am...potty breaked around noonish....then again around 3 ish....and arrived at our final destination for 5:30. So for a 3 year old to go 7 hours with only 2 pee breaks is pretty darn good! SamSam struggled a bit on the second break, but that was cuz Daddy took her out of her car seat and she did NOT want back in! Made for a rough few minutes til I got situated in the back and handed her a timbit. Once we got to my g/f's house in MTL we were given a choice to go with them to her oldest son's soccer game (next to a park) or stay behind and walk to the park 3 mins away. We chose to go watch the game and then go out for dinner after. DJ had a snack with her boys before the game, but Sam didn't so she started getting REALLY fussy about 7pm for something to eat. So we snuck back to the truck and had some goldfish while Daddy tended to DJ. Then we all went out to Boston Pizza for dinner. Went back to the house and set up camp. We did the divide and conquer strategy for bed time...Daddy got DJ and I got Samantha....they were both out like lights almost simultaneously! And the spent their first nite in the same room together!
DJ got to use his new sleeping bag that he got as a gift for his birthday...and LOVED it!! Of course, by morning he was completely out of it (it was on the floor) but he did, however, stay ON the REAL bedwithnorail!!! Not bad...not bad at all!

Neither child was mad at us for waking them at such an ungodly hour!!! 5:45 is NO fun for anyone, let alone two toddlers!!! In fact, Sam was already up and talking to herself (the room they were in was right off the bathroom) so she was easy! And DJ just wanted to be hugged before fully waking up...I did that! We were out the door at 6 am! That was our goal! My phone said it would take a half hour to get there...but it didn't account for all the lights we got...red ones that is! So we arrived at 6:45 ish and tried to find parking...didn't want to do the metered stuff as we knew that re-entering wasn't a possibility. And since we'd driven right by the door to enter we knew that there was no one else there. We took the time then to feed the kids in the truck. Then the waiting inside the embassy...they were a source of entertainment for most people waiting. I know this because of the smiles! And DJ made a friend in a girl named Celia...he wanted to leave with her when they left....

As soon as we were done, we took off to our g/f's house to pick up our stuff....DJ fell asleep then and had a GOOD long nap! We took off just before noon and didn't bother stopping for lunch right away...especially with DJ sleeping....and we'd had a mid morning snack of timbits. (I'm such a terrible mother!!!) We stopped once we got back into Ontario tho because we needed gas...and it was 10 cents, if not more, cheaper than Quebec! So we got McPuke's for lunch...the kids liked that! *rolls eyes*

About 10 mins later DJ informs us he HAS to poop!!!! So we take the next exit and find a place with Tims in it and hit the toilets. And man did he ever (I know, it makes such blogworthy news!!) Back in the truck and back on the road we go! Not stopping again til Bellville where Howie actually let me drive for an hour!!! I was SHOCKED!!!!!! LOL Then we switched somewhere in Oshawa at another McPuke's so Howie could get back in control. Finally arriving back home at exactly 7 pm! Boy were they anxious to get out of the truck!!! Thankfully my mom had a nice dinner for us...she'd arrived at the same time as us with the food!!

Bed time was a little later than normal to let the food digest...and hopefully they'll sleep in a wee bit tomorrow! In any case, Howie's already gone to bed...in fact, everyone is in bed but me...so now its my turn...as I type this with one eye open....my contacts are SO dry!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Not good news...

But not bad news either...if that's possible...or even makes sense!
We arrived at the embassy for 6:45, fed the kids breakfast in the truck, and then headed to wait at the entrance of the embassy. Doors didn't open til 7:30 and we were 2nd in line to get in the door. While waiting we read all the notices of what NOT to bring...which was everything we had in our bag!! And no cell phones! So Howie trekked it back to the truck! Thankfully we didn't park too far away!

We went thru security...down a set of stairs and waited in the basement. A gentleman came and took our "letters" (mine was B) and took us up to the 19th floor of the building. Where we waited some more. I got called back about 8:30 and we all went...Howie and the kids got sent back to wait...I answered some questions...and was told to go sit, but that when he calls my name again to come alone. Was about another 15 mins and I was called again, this time to do finger prints. And then sent back to wait more!! The kids were really starting to get antsy at this point! So I fed Samantha and she dozed for a short while...finally about 9:55 they called me to a closed room. Again Howie and the kids got sent out...I was asked to raise my right hand and swear to tell the truth, the whole truth...and so on. Then asked a series of questions. And they were perplexed...how was I able to cross the border twice since returning to Canada in September with no problems! So the end result: I wasn't approved, but I wasn't denied either...and after they do their "homework" and contact homeland security they'll inform me of their decision...either a 10 year ban for violating the first visa or the visa itself so our family can be reunited. Should know more in 2 weeks....so we continue our wait!

I'm quite numb actually!! Disappointed! Stunned! But yet I can't cry...or rather, I haven't yet....I'm sure when Howie goes home on Saturday it'll hit me hard! Not knowing when we'll see each other again...the uncertainty of it all is mind boggling! Our 4th of July plans are null and void...as is the semi-planned trip home on the 26th...we are plan-less til we hear from the consulate!

I hate not having a plan!!!

Til next time...ciao!


Oh I had a nice long post all done and somehow LOST it!! I'm ticked too!! My thumbs were worn out!!!!

In any case...please pray our interview goes in our favour tomorrow! We're up at 5:30...on the way to embassy at 6...arrive and commence waiting at 6:30!!

If it goes well...the whole world will know!!! If not...who am I kidding?? The whole world will know!!!

Til next time...bon nuit!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

He actually WANTED

To go shopping!!!! I about fell over when Howie said he wanted to go shopping today!! At Canadian Tire no less! Such a guy's store!!!!! So we did that this morning and it was a good jaunt out. Got the kids out of the house, and also got the ant traps my parents have been talking about for a while now. Oh, and DJ got some water shoes for the water park...actually, his G'pa bought them, he just doesn't know it yet lol.

The butterflies have multiplied in my abdominal area!!!! Every time I think about what's coming on Thursday a wave of nausea rolls over me...I'm tired of waiting and not knowing!!!! And yet terrified of getting the wrong answer!!!!! They can do that y'know...they have that power over my life! I can't tell you how much that sux!!! It ALL comes down to this one moment in time!!! *SIGH* And there's nothing you or I can do about it either!!! Unless of course someone out there has the inside line with Mr Obama....lol

Got the clothes packed up, and the list made for what we need....you'd think we were going away for a week! Not just one nite! Its incredible all the stuff you need when you've got kids in tow!!
My g/f is all set for the Hughes Invasion tomorrow....hope she knows what she's in for! lol

Other than that, today was a nice quiet day 'round these here parts! Samantha is just smitten with her Daddy again...and sometimes I cease to exist...its kinda nice for a change!!!! I can actually sit in a different room from the kids and enjoy my time! Imagine that! Oh how I long for these kinds of days EVERY day!!! I need my life back!!! I want my own home....my own furniture...my own TV!!! My own bed!!! My own everything that I've worked hard for!! I especially want my husband back full time!!! Even his snoring last nite was like music to fall asleep too....well, for the first 5 mins anyways!! hahaha

Ok...off to bed early we go....ROAD TRIP tomorrow!!!

Til next time...ciao!

P.S...that car accident I spoke of yesterday was in this morning's paper...it happened around 5:30 pm (I drove by it on my way home about 8ish) and it involved a 65 y/o man who flipped his fiberglass 1934 Ford vehicle...he's in serious condition.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Turn It UP

Is a GREAT song!!!!!! Man I had it cranked too on the radio!!!! It just took me about 10 minutes (if not more) to find the artist for the song Turn It Up, I Like The Sound Of That...by Aaron Lines It has a great beat to it and simple lyrics!
So how/why was I listening to music that was CRANKED in the truck?? Could it be that I drove somewhere on my OWN!! With NO kids in the vehicle begging me to watch "jungle" over and over!!!! Yes! It is possible!!! Especially when Daddy is around to do his parenting job and mind the children! I'll never call it babysitting when he does it as it IS his job too!!!

Today I had my second physical...with my own GP in Cambridge....one where I'll get to see the results!!! When I went back in March I complained about a bulge I have in my upper abdomen area....I think it's a hernia, but I'm not a Dr!...so she said for me to make an appt for a physical and then she'd refer me to get an ultrasound. So, I did just that and today was that appointment! And she did indeed refer me to get an ultrasound...not just of my upper abdomen (for which I have to fast!!) but also for my thyroid! She seems to think it's the right side that's inflamed....and while I'm at it...I get to go get poked for some blood!! She's doing a full work up on me too!!! In fact, I have to fast for that, and then eat, and go back two hours later!! Oy vey! Hopefully I can get that done next week as there's just too much going on this week for me to consider it. I am toying with doing it Friday while Howie's here...we'll see.

THEN I got to go for another drive tonite...by myself! This is where I heard that song I mentioned before...and the new Taylor Swift one, You Belong To Me...great song too!! In any case, I digress....I was on my way to Burlington to pick up my SEALED medical results from the physical last week for my interview on Wednesday (and...cue butterflies) as my sister forgot to bring them with her yesterday to the party. She picked them up for me last week when they were ready...and had a brain fart...but that's my fault for not reminding her (insert scoff sound)
So she called tonite during dinner to tell me that our plans to pick them up on Wednesday on our way to Montreal weren't going to work and would I be able to meet her halfway and pick them up tonite. We agreed that would be easier. So I took off right after my last bite of dinner (almost quite literally too) and hit the road. There was a sign just before I hit the "mountain" in Ancaster saying that QEW was closed beyond Hwy 6....huh....so I called my mom and got a detour route. Boy was I smart in calling her....the exit she had me take (some 5 miles before Hwy 6) was right where all the traffic was backed up to. It was quite the detour too....some 35 lights (all timed thank God!) and the Burlington Skyway (I abhor bridges!!) and back onto the QEW I was...met my sister and hopped back on to go home. The westbound was fine...as I approached Hwy 6 I could see that there was a car in the middle ditch, and one on its side that looked like it had been "put out"....not a good accident! (not that there's ever a good one, but non fatal are better) It was also kinda creepy to see the highway barren of cars....all the traffic was coming off at Hwy 6 and being re-routed to Godknowswhere...but I would have still been stuck in it had I not called my mom. WHEW!

I managed to get home after DJ was in bed (but still awake and needing to pee, of course) and Samantha was waiting to get in her PJ's and be put to bed. Perfect timing! Now, I'm off to bed myself!

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

He's Free...

That's how my superhero DJ says his age now. Yup, he's three! Three years ago today, this wonderful little boy made me a Mom. My life's ambition was completed! All I'd wanted to do by the time I turned 16 was to be a Mom....and it took some help from the world of medicine to make this little boy a reality.
We'd been married for 2 years and trying to conceive him for over a year, so off we went to the Dr to find out why we couldn't. All the testing, and poking and prodding...turned out I was the one with the issue. In layman's terms, I had a steel trap door downthere that wouldn't allow his boys to swim freely. Easy fix in the world of infertility...we certainly lucked out there. We did our first (and only) IUI (IntraUterine Insemination) on September 10th, 2005, and it worked like a charm! Boy were we thankful too!!! Our little guy was born on June 7, 2006 after 19.5 hours of labour, of which 2.5 of those were pushing, he was born via c-section weighing in at 10 lbs 15 oz and 21 inches long....I make 'em big! Since then he's been such an amazing little person...always wowing us with his talents! This last year we've seen him grow leaps and bounds!!! Literally too! He's currently standing at 3 ft, 2.75 in tall...so 38.75 inches....that's 2 inches since Christmas!!! His vocabulary has improved remarkably....as has his sense of humour! He is such a joy to have in our lives! To watch him be so incredibly loving to Samantha just melts my heart...he's constantly looking out for her (when he's not knocking her down that is) and sharing with her (when he's not taking everything from her) and hugging on her (it's more like a football tackle) and its just so cute!!

His birthday party today was a small affair and he had such a wonderful time! He really enjoyed opening all his presents, but didn't understand why he couldn't play with whatever he'd just opened right then! I'd love to say he was thrilled with all the clothes he got, but even at his tender age of three, he was not one bit excited..."oh, MORE shirts" without even looking in the box to see what else there might be...brat! And I was expecting more of a reaction to the movie Cars we gave him as he's been a Lightning McQueen freak for a while now....ho hum....and back to playing with the tool set my mom and dad gave him. Again...brat!

He's been very Daddy centric since his arrival last nite...which is MORE than okay with me!!! I'm enjoying the break...and Samantha did come around to him this morning. She woke up at 6 am and wasn't at all pleased that he was in bed with me...but he got up at that point to go read...so she nursed back to sleep and we both slept til 8 am! What a treat!!! She got up and let herself out the door and I waited for DJ to come say hello with the camera in hand...he did...came bounding in saying "Mum, you're awake!!!" Upon seeing the camera, he fled the room! BRAT!
After breakfast we had a birthday bath! Then we took off for the store to go get balloons!!! He didn't understand why he couldn't play with them right away and that they were for decoration...but he did okay without them til after everyone went home.
Nap time was a chore as he was just too excited!!! I fell asleep before he did, and woke with a start to find him peacefully sleeping beside me. Then I put SamSam down for her nap, and woke with a start on her too!

Everyone who said they were coming, came! Dinner was GREAT! (even if one of the cupcakes got eaten before it was cake time...) and I think DJ really enjoyed having everyone sing to him...he was just so darling to watch as he looked around the room to everyone singing...if only he could remember this! A room full of love for such a terrific kid!!!

One of his gifts from Aunt Joanne and Aunt Kim was Superman pyjamas that came complete with a Velcro cape...so we put them on for bed tonite! Turns out, his little buddy Clayton had the same PJ's, but his were Batman...SOOO cute! He, of course, didn't understand why he had to take the cape off to go to bed....even got up to go pee once I had Sam in bed, and asked where it was...whatta kid!

And so it is...I'm the mother of a 3 year old boy!!! Truly amazing! What a miracle he is!! And a gift by all means! I guess it's my birthday too in that regard! I thank the Lord for him daily!!!

Til next time...ciao!