Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Verdict Is In

For both SamSam and I that is! Missed last nite as I fell asleep at 11 in the chair and when I woke at 2, I went right to bed!! You would have too!! lol

Yesterday Samantha had a follow up with the Naturopath and we learned she is definitely allergic to gluten. She does not have celiac disease, thankfully, but this will be a new way of life for her to be gluten free!! I have been pointing out the last week how her body reacts when she eats food she shouldn't....and we've talked about allergies and that's she'll be avoiding some of her FAVE foods!! I did also tell her that we'll get her some gluten free foods that she'll come to love.

I also got my blood test results...and shockingly my thyroid is perfect!!! She thought for sure it would be off! And my vitamin B is higher than needed but that's good too!! And I've only been doing one B complex a day instead of the three recommended!! My iron on the other hand is extremely low!! She likes to see numbers on the 30's...mine was 9!! Which explains why my periods are so long and heavy!! (sorry if that's tmi, but it is MY blog!) And this has been going on for YEARS!! Since before kids! It's been worse since having Sam, and I've been keeping track for four years now! Needless to say I'm on iron supplements, and should feel better in a week! The true test will be next month when aunt flo visits again.

Today was a no school day...and this afternoon I was given the gift of a quiet house! So while the kids were outside playing I got busy with doing my Avon taxes. I got a lot done in three hours!! Not completely done, but I can see the light!!

This evening I has a parent/teacher conference about Mr DJ!! Who is doing really well!! His focus still has trouble but she has a way of motivating him that just might work...and there's a couple others who need the same motivation. She just loves having him in her class and I know the feeling is mutual!! *sigh* I'm so glad his first year of school is such a positive experience.

After that we went to Freddy's to get a few things...and checked out the gluten free section...I taught Samantha the label signs for her to know if she can have it or not. We got her some cereal, breakfast bars, cookies and cheesies! We came home and they had done hit chocolate and cheesies for snack before watching a movie and bed. Howie got home just in time to tuck them in. Then we watched Grimm together from last week before he went to bed. I've been catching up on DVR stuff and knitting a pair of leg warmers...for SamSam!! Shhhh she doesn't know :)

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