Monday, March 5, 2012

And so it begins

The month of birthdays!!

Friday DJ attended his friend Peter's birthday party...and had a blast.

Today we went to celebrate his cousins birthdays.

First we went to church, where DJ was lulled to sleep by the worship music...first time for that!! So he got a good hour's nap in!! From church Howie and the kids went home and I went to Zumba with my g/f Sarah. It was the same instructor ad two weeks ago...she stepped up her game this week...I'd Luke to take credit for it since I left a comment on how weak her class was last time....who knows!!

After class I came home and ate lunch while answering Samantha's five million questions...all about when we were leaving to go see her cousins...cute, but annoying! She helped me wrap gifts once I had the Avon bagged up. The we all got changed and headed out.

We arrived on time and headed in to visit family. The twins are turning 16 on Wednesday this week. They were 6 when I met them!! Far too fast that decade went!! Dinner was good, the girls chose sketti, do I took rice noodles for SamSam to have and she gobbled em right up!! I think we finally found a noodle winner!!! After cake as consumed and presents opened, the kids played golf on the wii...and enjoyed it of course!! DJ even said we should out him in lessons....ha!

Samantha fell asleep quickly in the trick, but DJ fought it! And won!! Once home we ushered them in and straight yo bed. Howie too for that matter!! So I got lunches ready, coffee ready, dishwasher ready and finally sat down!! I watched Once Upon A Time and it was good! Then Desperate Housewives which is sadly coming to an end this season, but not without a bang!!! Then I checked out the new show GCB which stands for Good Christian Bitches, later changed to Belles, and then shortened to looks good..have to give it some time! And because I was knitting so well, I watched The Good Wife which was fabulous!!!

Til next time, God bless!

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