Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some days are like this

This is how I felt today running around doing errands and Avon deliveries....

Our day started at the usual time and we were doing good til we had to leave. For some reason time goes much quicker as I'm trying to buckle everyone in, make sure all my Avon is in the truck, and everything else is taken care of. Plus I added two stops on the way to school that weren't exactly on the way TO school. Yeah, DJ was late...but only by 10 minutes!! Better than I thot it would be!!

After dropping him off I chatted with Howie and learned that Samantha woke up while he was in the shower and did some dry heaving. She'd also done a couple more while getting dressed and decided to wear jammies for the day...complete with a diaper!! Fine by me!! With the dry heaves, I only let her have sips of water...if I'd left it up to her, she would have drank the whole sippy cup!!

We made several stops...several!! One was at Trader Joes as I was told they had a good selection of GF foods, meh...I found more at Grocery Outlet here in town. It was fun to walk around tho! It's been years since I've shopped there! It was also then that I learned SamSam was feeling worlds better as she was non stop talking!!!

We got back in the truck to make more stops and I let her have a handful of dry cereal...slowly...we were armed bin case she threw up, but we were also a seat apart! She did just fine!!! About noon we were headed to Jackie's place and she fell I got a short n sweet visit in with her and then we left. She woke up an hour later as we were on our way to Costco.

We were just in time to get DJ from school and stop by the bank before heading home to let Belle out of her misery, I mean, crate. I unloaded and dealt with whiny kids til Howie got home. He's miserable with a sinus thing going on and thankfully I got a roasted chicken and we had that for dinner...DJ and I did anyways. While eating my third bite, my temporary crown came unglued...AGAIN!! Even tho it was after 6, I called and got the after hours number for the dentist...turns out, it's his home number!!! Who does that?!?! So awesome!! What's not awesome this is he doesn't work on Fridays!! But he's meeting me in the morning to cement it back on. Thankfully it's not as painful this time around...nor as shocking!

Howie went to bed at 6:30 and I got the kids bathed and in bed by 8:30!! Quite the feat! After getting Howie's lunch made I sat and watched tv and knit, frogged and knit some more.

Grey's was good...on a human level! I enjoyed it! PP was good too!! I'm loving the addition of Benjamin Bratt!! Mmmm mmmm!! Howie woke up just after midnite, as I was about to start White Collar, so he watched with me and I headed to bed! Which is where I am now...

Til next time...God bless!

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