Monday, January 30, 2012

I knew this day would come

I just didn't think it would happen so soon!! Today we were actually early for church!! It helped that I had nursery duty...for real this time. Between me and a youth girl, who's also one of Sam's Awana leaders we had 6 kids. I think they all had fun! Only two criers, one because she had a toy taken from her and she screamed, I told her screaming wasn't necessary and she cried. The other was being a diva when she didn't win at musical chairs, I just let her cry that one out. After church we parted ways and I went on to do Avoning. None of my regulars were home which made it tough to find somewhere to eat at...and pee!!! I did get done in record time tho! I was home before 5:30! And that was with a stop at the shed on the way home too!! I came home and Howie had installed the new gate we bought yesterday at Lowes...a metal one that swings!! No more climbing over the gate to get downstairs...unless of course you want to. I'm so pleased it was installed so quickly!! The kids will need some practice to open it, but they'll figure it out eventually! They have everything else that's been proofed in this house! I sent the kids downstairs after dinner to clean up the play room....I go down there a half hour later and am pleasantly surprised to see how clean the floor was...and then I turned around...they'd piled EVERYTHING into one big pile...oy! I then helped them put it all away. And we sorted thru it all too! Keepers, giveaways, and garbage! We went a bit late, and bedtime was upon us! Samantha chose the book, or more specifically the story from our childrens bible...Daniel and the lions den...and before I could get started DJ piped up and said he wanted to be called Daniel from now on. Say what??!?! Remembering all my name changes, I feel I must humour I suggest we call him Daniel John instead of just Daniel...not good enough, he wants just Daniel. Hmmm. I ask him why, and he tells me about the boy in grade one who's also a Daniel. We talked about how Mrs Hughes would have to change everything that has his name on it. I got a suggestion from the Facebook village to make him wait til he's done school for the year before it's less confusing. I know I'm gonna have a hard time When we picked his name, it was always with the intention of him being a DJ... Til next time...God bless!

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