Monday, February 28, 2011

Executive Decisions

This morning started just after I went to sleep...DJ came in crying just before 3 am and would not take no for an I put him between us and felt like a mother monkey who has her baby literally attached to the back of her!! Next thing I know, Samantha is joining me around 6...which made me the meat to this kid sandwich!!! One by one everyone left the bed! I woke up just after 9 and went to check the situation and if we were clear to go to church!

Turns out our roads were still white and Howie didn't want to chance we just stayed home and puttered. Nothing really to speak of in terms of accomplishing anything specific....sad no? I did make plans once the rain started to head to town to meet up with an Avon client...who happened to be going to Ben Franklin....and I just happened to have a 40% off coupon!!! Reminds me of the cartoon in the paper Howie saw about a man complaining about his wife's couponing...she goes shopping because she has a good coupon! :)  This was a good coupon too!!!

As I was getting ready to leave the kids headed next door to see if anyone could was cute to see DJ give me kisses, and I love you sign, a wave and then a body hug! Sam tried copying him too...even cuter!!! I met up with my girlfriends...chatted for a nice while and then I left them to their scrapbooking section and headed for the yarn department. I had mentioned to my g/f's about how I saw those magnets back at Pike Place last month and how I want a set for my kids...and she told me I could make my own and its easy. So on my way to the yarn, I detoured to an employee and pleaded my case. She knew exactly what I was talking about and led me right to the section that had everything I could need! Briefly explained it all to me, and then left me to my own devices.
It didn't quite sink in but I was getting ideas...and then headed back to the yarn, she saw me and noticed my empty hands, and asked if I needed more help. She could tell I was perplexed and took me back over there and explained it fully so I got it. And I got it!!! So I picked up a set of gems, magnets and this really scary glue called E6000. Then I finally made it to the yarn section only to discover the yarn I fancy has gone up in price, so I decided to wait til I could get to Joann's with some coupons and headed to check out. My g/f's were just finishing their purchases and waited with me and we all headed out. I got to see Denise's scrapbook in progress and she's doing fabulous!

From there I went to visit Freddy...the milk I tried to use last nite to make pudding was bad, and I forgot to get V8 for the week. As I was on my way there, I missed a call from the Optical place saying Howie's contacts were in...say what?? So first stop inside was to find out what she was talking about. Turns out they ordered the very first pair of contacts he tried...but he didn't like them and went back and had the Rx changed to the ones he's in now. So how these got ordered, I don't know! In any case, she'll be returning them! Sad tho that it took over a month to get them in!

I stopped by the shed on the way home and shopped lots of salads, which is helpful and some fresh fruit and veggies. I got home shortly after 4 and found that the kids didn't get to play next door as they were resting when my two went over. And that DJ was in ultra whiny mode! So I sat with him and watched some red carpet coverage of the Oscars. He struggled at dinner and I suggested to Howie that maybe he's getting S-I-C-K and that's why he was so whiny. Sure enough after dinner he's fevered to 100.0. Gosh darnit!!  He'd also been complaining about a headache...but at one point, when asked where it hurt, would put his hand on his back....then the next time, his head. But he didn't want any medicine for it.

He fell asleep on my lap, so I put him right in bed (thankfully he was already in pj's) and then got SamSam in bed. Finished watching the Oscars, which by the way weren't really spectacular by any means! Then Howie went to bed and I watched Amazing Race...well the 40 mins I remembered to record! Argh, thought I had it set up, but apparently not! It is now! Then some other stuff from dvr and knit the nite away!

DJ woke up about 11:30 and wanted to snuggle for a bit before he went back to bed....still refusing medicine and still fevered...but no higher than 99.8....poor guy! I would like for him to be fully healthy please!!! I'm sure he does too!!

Til next time...God bless!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Can we just say


Oh its SO freakin cold!!!!

Nostril-hair-freezing COLD!!!!!!!!

This morning the kids got up just after 7 and Howie got up with them and I burrowed under the blankets and fell back asleep! When I got up, it was just shy of 10am...NICE!!! I got dressed without looking outside and under the pretext that I'd be heading out and delivering Avon.

HA! Joke was on me!! I was goin nowhere!! It had been snowing pretty steady since before 7, and wasn't likely to stop! Yeah, that put a crimp in my day's plans! So while making breakfast for me and Howie we chatted about the fact that we had no fresh food in the house...and that a trip to town was going to be a necessity! So instead of waiting til afternoon or something, Howie went and shoveled the end of the driveway...we don't have a snow plow for our street exactly, but the gentleman who lives at the very end of the street, who we chat with often when the kids are out riding bikes, has a plow attachment for his truck and so he goes up and down whenever there was piles of it at the end of the driveway. Well, its all ice now, so he only got part of it cleared, but enough to get out without ice scraping the bottom of the truck.

Since this was the first time out of the driveway since Monday for me, I had a list of places we needed to hit to cover my bases!! The main stop was Freddy's and we put the kids in Play Land just so we could walk around and check things out. Sure glad I did that...I found a winter coat for DJ for next year for a whopping 5.99!!! Yes, I'm serious!! And I even found a snow suit set for SamSam for an astonishing price of 17.99! Snow pants and a great coat!!! Insane!!! It was then that I got paged to the PlayLand...just as I was going to look for something for me...go figure! lol Turns out Sam needed to pee again even tho I'd took her before putting her in I signed them out instead and took them both to the bathroom.

As we were leaving Howie went to get a coffee, we'd tried before shopping, but there was this one person ahead of him that was annoyingly long, so he gave up. I swear, he said "I'm gonna go get that coffee" and next thing I look over and there's 4 people ahead of him and there was NO ONE there when he said that!! So I took the keys and took the kids out to the which point I lost Samantha. Just as I'm about to panic I hear her say "Mummy I can't reach it"...she was at the pay phone trying to put it back!!!! ARGH! So I hang it up and off we head outside. As we're walking she hops off the cart and makes like she's gonna cross the drive thru part of the entrance JUST as a car starts heading her way! I grab her and show her what she almost walked into. And promptly put her butt in the seat of the cart! What a rascal!! As we were leaving the parking lot, we got a red light and Howie stopped (normally) and the entire roof of snow fell down the windshield and gave us a such a start!!! lol

We stopped at the shed on the way home, which was perfect timing really, they'd just finished unloading, so I got first when that happens! We finally got home just about 2, Miss Samantha had fallen asleep, so we left her there to nap, and came in to eat lunch. When I got done, I realized she'd slept for over an hour, and that was enough, so I went to get her and she was just starting to stir. She asked for a cheese pizza with no basically she got a quesedilla! But she was happy!!

After DJ was done eating he asked to go next off he went...Sam meanwhile enjoyed sitting with Howie and watching, I took the couch and inadvertently took a nap! Love those unplanned ones!! Did fine til Miss SamSam was in my face!! Good thing she's so cute! DJ came back around then too, and wanted to play outside, so Howie got him bundled up...I took Sam to go pee, and bundled her up to go out too! It still hadn't stopped snowing!! Thankfully they were teeny tiny flakes! Sam was back in about 20 minutes later, and happy to be inside! Howie was taking advantage of the lack of "helpers" and was working on mounting the tv as soon as Sam saw there was measuring tape involved...oh, she was helping alright!!!

Dinner was late, but DJ came in just at the right time for it too! After dinner, in an effort to keep the kids away from Howie (who was supposed to go back downstairs) I put on the Kinect. My g/f Nikki had loaned us her Dance Central game to check it out. I am SOOOOO not a hip hop dancer!! Not by any stretch of the imagination!! Was fun tho! DJ didn't quite get he wanted to do his river rafting...I put that in and he did that a couple times before I shut it down as it was after 9 and bed time needed to happen. They both were out like a light pretty fast! So, Howie and I watched another episode of Dexter...still very bizarre!! Howie didn't want to watch another, so I put on a movie...New in Town. Quite enjoyed it! Such a chick flick! I got some knitting done, so it was a productive nite!

Til next time...God bless!

P.S. yesterday's news...just read Thursday....nothing more happened lol finally stopped snowing about 10:30!!! Sheesh!!! The snow globe finally stands still!! Please, no more shaking!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Skipping today

Didn't want to leave you hanging, but I've spent my evening on the phone with a dear you'll have to wait til tomorrow's post to find out how boring my day was today! :)

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow Day Part Deux

Well, we got another 4 inches of the white stuff...on top of the previous a lovely 8 inches made our world a winter wonderland!! All this snow is confusing my children tho...they keep asking if it means santa is coming again. HA!! So I explain winter and how it can snow whenever God wants it to...and DJ is accepting of this...Sam just says "alright" and moves on.

This morning as soon as breakfast was over they wanted to go out, but that only made me remember that their snow gear was in the washer, so I quick went down and put it in the dryer (with help of course!) and told them they had to wait til it was dry. And wait they did! Sorta patiently!! As soon as he saw the boys next door outside...he was checking the dryer...which was finally done!! So after makin them both pee I got them all bundled up and sent them out to play.

I do so love the quiet when they're outside!! I kept checking on them tho as it was FAR too cold to leave a window open to listen for them. At one point Sam had taken off a mitten to dip her watering can in a bucket of water...yeah, put a stop to that pretty quick!! She came in and got re-mitted and back out she went! I guess she was out there for 40 mins or so...and five mins after she came in, DJ came in too, but to ask if he could go inside next door. So off he went leaving me and Sam on our own for lunch.

She's such a sweetheart!!!! Lately she's been mimicking me and asking me "Are you happy?" and if I say no, she'll kiss me on the cheek ever so gently and say "all better now?" at which point, who wouldn't be!?!?! Little angel kisses they are!! She's also not big on lip kisses...she's constantly giving us her cheek to she's some kind of royalty!  She and I enjoyed our time together...we were just gettin set to watch a movie on Netflix when the front door opened and DJ came in with they watched/played together. Then they all got hungry, so peanut butter n chocolate sandwiches were made. I have to tell you, using Nutella is just pure torture to me!!! I can't even lick the knife when I'm done makin it...nor do I lick my fingers!! Such torture!!!

Howie came home to 3 kids....K went home shortly thereafter and DJ wanted to follow so, took it upon himself to follow, Samantha was distraught and wanted to go...but then K came back, (he went home to pee!?!?!) and DJ realized that K was staying for a bit...then C came over too...and the 4 of them played well! Before they left tho, I made all 4 of them clean up! Gotta start getting into that habit more!

Dinner was very late for us...almost 7 by the time we sat down...which made bath time later than normal, but I cut it short so we were done about 8:30 and off to bed they went! Without a fuss too!! Love that!! Love my little sleepers!! Just wish DJ would stay in his bed the WHOLE nite EVERY nite!!! That'd be nice!! lol

As I was tucking DJ in, Howie did the garbage run and then came in to watch BBT and Rules of Engagement with me before heading to bed. Even just the trip to the end of the drive with the garbage chilled him good!! As of right now, according the computer, its 24 out there...thankfully we had NO heating issues!!! After Howie went to bed I put Grey's on...interesting about the fertility drug side effects (affects? I don't know which one it is...forgive me!) And who didn't see Avery and Lexi getting together!?!?! Private Practice was thought provoking once again!! Shame she terminated her daughter's pregnancy tho! That broke my heart! And that kiss at the!?!?! lol Ahh the drama!!

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another snow day

This morning we woke up to the same amount of snow we went to bed with...but it was coming down when we get that drizzle rain, only this was drizzle snow. And was it cold!!!!! I took the heater into the bedroom last nite, after having it down the hall to warm the kids rooms up a bit, and took the chill out of the air of our room before I shut the light out to sleep. And this morning, it was just as cold, so I put it on after I helped Sam go potty...and crawled back in bed...she joined me and she was cold too!! Once she warmed up she was gone! Her feet were ice cold...she got that from me! lol Poor thing! DJ joined me for a snuggle too, til he knew Jake the Neverland Pirates were on...then he was gone! And I was left to my own devices to get up and get dressed without extra help! ha!

Our morning was nothing to write home about...other than I could not get warm to save myself!! My bones were cold!!! Finally, at lunch, I went and got the heater and plugged it in as we ate...much better!!! I finally started to thaw a bit. Even the kids noticed the difference!!! I checked the thermostat and it said 69 which is okay, we're set for 70, so one degree isn't too bad. After lunch both kids wanted to go out and play in the I bundled them up (after making sure they pee'd!) and I headed out with them for a few to get the paper and the mail. DJ came in after maybe 10 mins...the kids next door weren't home, so he was bored by it all! Sam stayed out another 10 mins before I called her to come in...she was enjoying herself tho!

DJ wanted to do laundry, so I gathered up the kids clothes and we headed down to do the load...then I took a walk on the treadmill to warm my blood up a bit. Seemed to work too!! The kids played amazingly well while we were down there too!! We put the clothes in the dryer before we headed back upstairs. Came back up and it was still chilly, so I got busy making sketti for dinner at which point Howie came home from work.

So, yeah, we had sketti...but wasn't sketti...the sauce had no extra tomatoes, or the brown sugar I usually use to cut down on heartburn and no olives (we were out) so, kinda boring....and the noodles...don't get me started! I got the whole wheat kind which has no sugar in it...and is supposed to be better....but man, it was seriously lacking in taste!!!!! Thankfully the salad we had along with it was tasty!! Still, it was nice to have a change in flavour. The kids, could have cared less about the change! And they both wanted salad with theirs too! We had the rest of the pudding for dessert...kinda tasty...I'm not big on pudding myself.

Dinner was actually done early for a the kids played til it was time to take a bath. I got a call from my mom n dad to we chatted for a bit...Howie got a call too, and headed to the bedroom to get away from the noise. Just about 7, when I was getting ready to bathe the kids, there was a knock on the was Michaela from next door, asking if the kids could come out and play...seems we'd gotten another inch or so since before dinner and it was coming down hard!! All 4 kids were out playing, so I said sure, why not! Bundled them up (me too!) and we headed next door to play. Even took the toboggan DJ got 2 Christmases ago!!! It finally got to see snow!! The neighbours have an amazing driveway for sledding down...I stood at the bottom to stop wayward sledders!  Howie came out and joined us and we were then in a snowball fight with all the kids!! Sam was on our side tho...and Michaela was with us too...such fun!!

About 8 we headed for home to get the kids in bed...which they took to quickly!!! As I was in the bathroom brushing their teeth, all I could feel from the air vent in there was cold air...sure enough the therm was at 65 and after trying to figure out what was going on, Howie noticed it had been switched to COOL instead of HEAT...finally!!! Problem solved!!! And instantly the heat started pouring out of the vents again!! That darn DJ!! Freddy Fast Fingers strikes again!

We watched a bit of Idol and I made some sugar free ice cream per Howie's request! The ice cube trays on the counter were a HUGE hint! Once Howie went to bed, I watched the 35 mins of Survivor that were recorded...must set up dvr for that one!! GRRRRR. Then watched Modern Family...oh, this show just makes me laugh every week!!! And Off the Map...what a show!!! Makes me cringe...makes me tear up...and makes me wanna go to a rain forest!!! :)

Til next time...God bless!'s still snowing!!! I think we're at about 6 or 7 inches now!! Looks like another snow day tomorrow too!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I laughed while brushing my teeth last nite

When I realized I'd titled the post last nite "New Contacts" and didn't expand on it...blond moment! Just leave it at that! I meant to tell you I put the new contacts in yesterday around noon...and boy are they different!! For one, they're like the coke bottle bottoms of the contact world! Seriously! They're SO thick!!! And they're crystal even in the solution, I can't see them! When I put them in, everything is yellow, or has a yellow hue to it. SO odd! And when I blink, I can feel them...if I move my head fast to look at something (or someone) the contact doesn't move as fast as I do and I have to wait for it to settle. I don't like them!!! To say the least! And I'm seriously considering lasik...seriously!! I should have done it 10 years ago when my little sister had hers done...I was so jealous then! Unfortunately, it's not covered by more pennies to save! Howie asked if I was at 100k in surgeries I want now...silly boy!

This morning...EVERYTHING was covered in snow!!!! The kids were beyond excited!!! We weren't even started breakfast and the boys next door were already outside knocking on the door for DJ to come play. I'm such a mean mom  and made him eat first! Boy, did he eat fast too!!! Got him all bundled up and sent him out to play. Sam wanted to go at first, but she changed her mind and stayed in with me...while yelling at the boys from the open window in the living room! HA! She's not at all like her mother!!! Nope! No way!

While he was out and she was occupied, I got busy with Avon as today was order day! I felt WAY more prepared this week than two weeks ago!!! That was stressful! Today, was lazy in comparison!! I did get an order with 4 minutes to spare...and after I'd already submitted mine! Yowza!  DJ came in about an hour after playing, soaking wet too!! But not nearly as cold as I thought he'd be!

We did lunch and then just hung out...I had no where to be and no where else I'd rather be!!! We put "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" on which didn't quite grab their attention like I thought it would...nor mine! I couldn't tell you a thing about it! Sam had 3 or 4 trips to the potty during the movie...she was a peeing fool today! Howie came home and I was snuggled under the blanket to get was SO cold today!! Howie stole my spot as soon as I got up to help Sam in the I went and took a shower.
Dinner was wonderful!!!! LOL We had chicken noodle soup and open faced sandwiches on some Dave's Killer Bread...Howie said it was a slice of heaven!! He was was very tasty!! Sam still doesn't like chicken noodle soup...she likes chicken, she LOVES noodles, but doesn't like it in a soup! Even if the noodles are princesses!! They both loved the sugar free white chocolate pudding I made too!!! I'm trying to teach DJ about nutrition and how the choices of food that he snacks on should be nutritious!! I shut him up this afternoon with a peanut butter long are these growth spurts supposed to last anyways!??!

The kids went to bed easy...Howie pretty much right after them...we did watch some Dirty Jobs first tho, Mike Rowe is awesome!!! Thank God there isn't such a thing as smellovision!! It looked stinky enough just watching it! I then put Glee on once Howie was in bed....odd episode really...not one of my faves! But I do love the singing. Then The Good Wife was good...interesting how things can get screwed up in a case so quickly!! Parenthood was GOOD!!! Love the message of not letting your kids be the boss...especially at the age of 6!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Contacts

This morning the kids were up normal time...busy playing between Sam's room and the living the time I got up, we were all hungry for lunch...they weren't in a snuggling mood :( sux for me!  Today marked the start of phase 2 with South Beach...I survived the two weeks of hell with NO sugar!!!! I have such a genetic sweet tooth I didn't think I could do it, but I did!! I wish I had a number to give ya, but with the pms bloat, I'm still at 15 lbs down...Howie's down 13 lbs since starting!!! Awesome eh?? I think so!!!! I think it may have been just as hard on him as it has been on me...he says he's not a dessert guy...that's cuz he was eating it for breakfast!! lol In any case, the Fibre One cereal and strawberries that I had for breakfast were absolutely heavenly!!!

After breakfast we kept on working on the laundry....DJ gets the whole process quite well...and is begging me to let him do the soap part, yeah, that makes me nervous! About 10:30 he asked to go outside to play, so I bundled him up good as I knew how cold it was out there...boy was it cold!!! They were busy working next door, so he came home and we hit Netflix up for some Larry Boy movies...mixed with Dora! The other day, DJ was telling us what colour things were in Spanish!!! Truly amazing!! I think schools need to start the second language portion of their school career much earlier than high school!

I digress...just as we were sitting down for lunch the door bell rang...K was asking if DJ could play as soon as DJ was done eating he was bundling up again to go outside. I kept Sam in cuz it really was too cold out there for my tropical flower!! She wasn't pleased with me about this decision and let me know many times...especially when I was on the phone!!! Tomorrow is order day, so I was busy calling people I don't have emails for.

Not long after he went out...they both came in to play...and they were hungry for a snack!! Goldfish all around and some VeggieTales to munch to...perfect for them!! About 3:15 we all loaded up in the truck and went to the shed so I could do books...MAN WAS IT COLD OUT!!!!! I'm not kiddin either!! Thankfully it didn't take me long to do what I needed to do...and we were headed back home. Like a dummy I checked for mail...a I was closing it up, I remembered it's a holiday...d'oh!

The kids went back to playing and I went back to Avoning...wasn't too long after that Howie came home from work...soon after K asked if he could go cute when he does that! Used to be, he'd just leave and we'd all hear the door squeak shut. I toyed with him and said no, but he knew I was joking! DJ tagged along with him and played at his house for a bit...again I kept Sam back much to her chagrin...but we played for a bit and she got Caillou instead of hockey...spoiled girl! We were getting dinner ready when DJ came home...good timing really!

After dinner I bathed the it possible that Sam's skin doesn't like baths?? She was fine before the bath, but as soon as she got wet, the red of her skin showed instantly!! And it was angry red too! I think I'll skip the oatmeal next time too...poor thing! She doesn't complain, but it doesn't look fun! DJ once again enjoyed his shower time...this totally cracks me up how fast he turned around. Once they were in bed we watched HIMYM and enjoyed it. Howie went to bed shortly after that tho...and I settled in to watch the Bachelor...after getting Howie's lunch and coffee ready first. I forgot to make him breakfast for this morning....gosh, I felt bad about that too!! So I made darn sure I didn't forget tonite!

I missed the first hometown date...and go figure, it was the Seattle one with Chantal...darn it! I hear her parents house is nice lol. The date with Ashley was okay, but awkward in a way...she was trying to prove too much...or trying too hard to show her affection...something doesn't quite add up for me there. Shawntel's date was just plain creepy!!! And a total ad for her family's business. You could tell her dad was quite upset about the thought of her moving so far away and not taking over the family business. You could also see he wasn't as into the date as she was. The date with Emily was sweet!!!!! I was worried at first that the meeting with her daughter and Brad wasn't going to be smooth, but it turned out great!!! And the fact that it was just the two of them and no other distractions was awesome! And so natural! When you have a family, home is where you're at most times. I did chuckle at his trepidation not to kiss while her daughter was upstairs...and it cracked me up when she said, she'll always be upstairs sleeping!! I'd have smacked him for that! lol So, now we're down to two blondes and a brunette...interesting! If he's really into brunettes it'll be Chantal for sure...and I find it funny that she was the first one out of the car and slapped him...remember that? I do! I'm sure he does too!

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, February 21, 2011

It really bothers me when

Other people put a "label" on my kids!! A long time ago, someone told DJ he was now he hides behind that and says "I'm shy" as an escape route for not doing something. He is SOOO not shy!!! He has moments, but once he gets used to his surroundings and/or people, he's fine and warms right up. And I really don't like the kid he becomes when he's in his "shy" mode....oh so very clingy!!

This morning was pretty relaxed for it being a church morning....the times of the services changed in that they added an earlier service that meant the later service starts 15 minutes later than what we'd grown accustomed to...which is kind of nice to have that little buffer of time to get there. We had plenty of time before service started this morning, so I had DJ go and say his verses to one of his teachers for Awana...he's 3 verses behind right now, and knows them quite well...and to add another, sheesh! So, to say them today would have been fab, that way we can focus on this week's verse til Wednesday. But noooooooo he didn't want to say them to Miss Taylor...for whatever reason he was stuck on only saying them to Miss Michi and I didn't see her there today...which means she probably attended the early service. The woman has NOT missed a Sunday service at that church in 40 years!!!

So I took clingy boy back inside to our seats where he was a menace!!!! I hate when he's like this!! Altho, to be fair, missing the last two Sundays broke stride and its like he forgot how to behave during service. We had a woman join our service this morning who needed prayer, her daughter was across the street being taken off life support...that can not be easy! She's 26 and has/had cerebral palsy. Again, can't imagine! She sat in our row, and you could see her heart breaking!

We stopped at Freddy's after church....remember how I was shopping there yesterday...and as I was sitting at the light IN THE PARKING LOT leaving the store, I got a phone call that my contacts were in. Yeah, talk about frustrating!! No way was I turning around to find another parking spot and go in for we stopped on the way home instead. Which took forever!!!! Waiting for my turn was insanely long for whatever reason. You'd think I'd be excited to wear them, and put them in right away, but they went in my purse and totally forgot about them til about 8:30 or so, at which point, what was the point!?!? They're a different Rx, so I'll wait til tomorrow now. They're also a new brand to me, so I'm cautious.

After lunch the kids went outside to play with the kids next door...Howie plugged in the freezer and claimed the couch. I put a couple trays of water in the new freezer so we'd know when it was ready and then got started on laundry. Oh my word the laundry!!!! I think Howie tries on clothes and then tosses them in the laundry!!!! How on earth can one man make 3 loads of laundry in less than a week!?!?! Back upstairs, I got busy cleaning the kitchen so I could see the counter top...all the while doing some Avon work.

The kids came in, and wanted a movie, so I put Netflix to work!!! :) Love all the options of kid movies! Love the instant queue and how it just holds the movies right there! The kids like it too!! And there's no commercials...and its longer than 22 minutes! So far we're quite happy with the multitude of VeggieTales movies!!! Yes!! I found even more when I did a search, so we have even more!!

My girlfriend Shirah came out to visit...she just got a car last week and finally got insurance coverage today and wanted to go for a she came up to see us!! Haven't seen her in about 4 months or so, it was good to see her!! Sam was thrilled to have someone to show off for and DJ was back into his clingy mode...which was okay for the most part, as he sat with me while we all chatted, but when I tried getting up to go get dinner started, he was annoying. Even got sent to his room for his defiance! urgh!

Since Shirah wasn't staying for dinner (I did ask!) she took off just after 6 and headed home to make her own dinner for her boyfriend...see, there was a good reason! We ate our dinner and then the kids went wild!!! I got busy taking the food from up here down to the new freezer for proper freezing! There's SO much space in the new freezer I didn't even fill it up half way!!! Truly awesome!!! I made a deal with Howie, he gets the freezer of the fridge down there, and I get the new freezer...altho, right now I still have stuff in there so it won't have to work so hard to keep nothing frozen.

Once the kids went down for bed, quite quickly, I ran to the shed to great salads and some veggies...even 2 small sweet potatoes, which will be allowed this next week!! Finally a different colour than green for our food!! :) I also learned, sadly, that my parents have both CHEATED on themselves!! Stray Reese here, crumble of fudge there, and some black licorice were involved!! Thought they'd be stronger than that...I've had AMPLE opportunity to indulge in the sugar world, what with having two kids, but never once did I!! Not even while pms'ing badly!!! tsk tsk!

When I got back from the shed, I got comfy and watched the first episode of Amazing Race: Unfinished business!! LOVE that they brought back some really good teams!! I'm rooting for Jet and Cord, tho after tonite, they're not doing so hot and its only the first leg!! YIKES! Then I watched Desperate Housewives, which totally had me cracking up!!! About the boys moving out on their own as the mom felt they needed to learn how to grow up...hahaha makes me think ahead to Jake moving out and not knowing how to do anything for himself really!

Til next time...God bless!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

For a supposedly quiet day

We sure did get busy!!!

I tried sleeping in this morning and was thwarted!! DJ at 3 thought it was time to join us, but I got him back in his own bed right quick! Then DJ was up again just after 7, with Sam following shortly after and needing to of course, I'm the one getting up with her while youknowwho snored on. He did get up with them about 8 and I thought I'd get some more sleep!  Boy, was I wrong...between the cat using the bed as a launching pad and Sam coming in the room and leaving the dog, who wanted out, there was no more sleep to be had! So sad!!

I finally came out about 9:30 and made Howie and I breakfast and then made the grocery list up for shopping. By 10:30 the kids were both outside playing...even the neighbour kids were out already...the sun was gorgeous, but it was c-c-c-cold!!!! I headed out just before noon, all by myself! Oh, in the meantime, one of the ads I called on yesterday for a freezer called back and it was still available!! So we made plans for Howie to pick it up this afternoon! SO excited about this!!! Finally I can freeze happily!!!

While I was off shopping, the kids kept on playing and Howie did some reorganizing to make room for the 17 cubic foot upright freezer!! I finally got home just before 2 and made us lunch once I got the cold stuff in the fridge...DJ ate earlier, and Sam was just finishing up her lunch. About 3, Howie left to go get the freezer, and the kids were still outside playing, so I busied myself inside!! I signed us up for Netflix...was waiting for a couple things to fall into place first...but, I got it all set up....really easy to do too!!! Only did the digital part for now...til I get the hang of it...not sure if I want to mess with the dvd part or not. Depends on how much I find I can't have access to. For now, we've got quite the selection in the queue! That's kool!!!

Howie got home shortly after 5 and got the freezer into place...have to wait til tomorrow after church to plug it in...then I'm sure I'll have to wait more before I can put stuff in there! I hate waiting!!! lol As soon as he was done we got going on dinner...the kids were happily watching VeggieTales on Netflix...opened a whole  new world to them!! LOL

After dinner I absolutely had to bathe the dirty stinky children...and I think we finally got the whole "shower" deal figured out!! He gets a bath for the first part while I'm drying and dressing and flossing and brushing Samantha, then when she's done, I wash him up like he was having a bath...but at this point we drain the bath, and he rinses off with a shower. Pretty good compromise if you ask me!! And he's happy with the arrangement! They both went to bed SUPER easy what with the 6 hours or so of outdoor time!! That oughta do it for sure!

Once they were settled I hopped in the shower....then Howie had one...we're now a clean family! :) Then we settled in to watch Dexter. I have heard SO much about this show and how people have gotten completely sucked into it, like LOST or with Netflix, we can start at the beginning and see what its all about. Since it was already after 9:30 when we started, we only got to watch one episode....and it's VERY strange!! I haven't got a complete opinion yet as I need to see more...and I've been told to get past the first few episodes as its freaky and gruesome. After we got thru the first one, Howie went to bed, so I watched The Bounty Hunter...funny movie!! I've been wanting to see it for a long time! And I thoroughly enjoyed it! Still not a big Gerard Butler fan...but I do love Jennifer Aniston!!

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Preview Day

This morning there was NO trouble getting kids up and moving....DJ was already in bed with us, and Samantha came in about 7:45, which was good...we had some snuggle time and talked about what was going to happen today.

Today was Kindergarten preview day at the school we want DJ to go to. Boy, was he excited too!!! He ate breakfast pretty quickly and hustled butt to get socks and shoes and a coat on...I was impressed! Of course, when it's something HE wants, he will move quick! We were a tad later leaving then I wanted, but still made it in time to watch him get settled. His teacher's name is Mrs Hughes, so that was funny to him, but really easy for him to remember!!! And she has a niece named DJ, so he'll be easy to remember too!! In fact, she already knew his name before we came in the wild!

He found a spot to sit and colour before we left the room...he looked SO proud to be there!! Like he was born to be there!! I did manage to snap one picture of him colouring but he wouldn't look at me...even still, you can see the smirk on his face! There were no tears from him, no "don't leave me" cries...nothing! Samantha was the one doing the crying cuz she wanted to stay with him and go to "stool" too!!

Instead, she and I headed to the gas station and then to costco to do some grocery shopping. We got there before the doors were even open!!! Never done that before!!! At least, not with kids! So she kept on watching her movie, and I played on my phone before we went in. I forgot how nice it is to shop with just one kid in tow...and when you go early in the morning like that, there's no samples tempting you!! Kinda  nice!! And she was her own almost 3 way! She did keep asking where DJ was and when we were picking him up! Awwww

Once done there we headed back to Monroe...but still had 40 mins to kill, so I went to the co-op there and got the dog food and then headed back to the school to wait. Sam had her movie and I had my phone again...and the sun was GORGEOUS today!!! Even had to crack the windows it was getting so warm! Just before noon we headed in to get him...but the class was on their way outside to meet parents (must have missed that memo) so, good timing on our part! DJ was first in line, so he grabbed my hand as we walked out. Said thank you to the teacher and that he'd see her in September.

The whole way home he chattered on about how much he liked school and wants to go back tomorrow! LOL I explained that tomorrow was Saturday and there was no he settled for Tuesday which point I explained it would be a long time til he gets to go back every day! He didn't like that. at all!!

As I was making lunch he showed me all that he'd done in's letter was F...for Frog and boy things! He even told me that red or blue frogs are poisonous...I'll have to look that up...but that he even remembered was awesome!! Even sang the song 5 speckled frogs...all by himself too!!! They had even done a plate with the cycle of the frog...from egg to tadpole to frog...and he explained it all to me...pretty darn impressive for 3 hours of school!!!

As soon as lunch was done, both kids were outside in the one point DJ even had his shirt off (all 4 boys next door had theirs off too!) thankfully that didn't last long and he had his stuff back on quick! It did get to 51, but still not really shirtless weather! Sam even went out to dig while it was nice and quiet I got busy working on my Avon emails and got them sent! Sam came back in as she got chilled and was done playing. DJ came in about 3:30 too so we all snuggled and watched some Dora.

I'd bought a roast chicken at costco, so dinner was half done...still didn't get it served til 6:30 as it took me that long to get everything else ready...underestimated myself! Hate when I do that! Means cranky hungry kids! It was tough, but worth it, to pitch all that roasted goodness called skin....SO tough!!! But I'm realizing that animal fat is NOT healthy...and fat in means fat on!! Who'da thunk it!!

After dinner I got a pounding headache...and badly craved chocolate to cure was one of "those" headaches....NOT fun!! Instead, I took some advil and decided that bathing the kids was not in my best we got pj's on instead and they ran wild...apparently they're alligators Usually DJ's a Chihuahua and Sam's a kitty alligators are funny to see!

Finally got them in bed about 8:40....with the promise that he could stay up and wait for Daddy...but had to do it in his own bed in case he fell asleep (HA!) and on that note he was asleep in 5 minutes! Sam was another story...she was out of her bed twice...once to hug DJ and the other for no reason. Thankfully it got quiet quickly and I was able to sit for a bit til Howie got home from work. Once he got in I got his dinner ready and went back to watchin tv. The headache had subsided at this point a bit, which was nice!!! I was afraid it would turn into a migraine!

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, February 18, 2011

And then there was 9!

This morning I woke up on my own just after 8 to an empty bed!!! NO DJ crowding me!! This does not happen often!! Or at least, not often enough!! lol  In fact, Miss Samantha was the one who woke me when she closed her door behind her as she got up. She came in to snuggle me for a few seconds...but she really just wanted to know where DJ was. So I explained he was still sleeping and we had to be quiet for him. She didn't mind a bit! Came out to the living room and had the tv to herself! Quite content she was til she needed to pee. It was then I discovered the dry diaper...yippie!!!!!! Not quite two mornings in a row, but two mornings this week!!!! That's huge progress!!!

Just as I was finishing up with her, DJ woke up...8:45 is late for him!! He musta needed it tho. Last nite he banged himself against the wall too many times and woke himself up. He was still fevered when I put him in bed...but when I checked on him before I went to bed, he was cooling down...not as hot but still warm. When he got up this morning he was 97.3! These fevers are very weird!

After breakfast the kids got dressed and I did some kitchen work and packed us up a lunch. We were headed to Lynnwood and to North Seattle....first to do some Avon errands, and then to sign up my 9th rep! Who's really my 8th rep as I lost one :(  So, I keep plugging away trying to find more recruits! The gal I signed up today is a twitter friend of mine...and concert buddy! So I was thrilled when on a whim I asked her if she'd like to sign and she immediately said yes!!!! And to be honest, I think she'll do VERY well!!  YAY me!! lol

The plan was to leave at to be leaving at noon, was terrific!!! The kids were fabulous the whole way too! First stop was to my Unit Leader to get some stuff I'd forgotten to order in my last order...oy! Total blond moment! Then to drop off part of my order to a client. Then a pit stop at Joann's as DJ really needed to pee before going on further...and I had a really cool coupon that was 5.00 off anything priced 5.00....which I read wrong and tried to get something for 3.99...that's not how it works, so we headed out as we were running out of time. I did take 10 minutes to eat my lunch in the parking lot tho...I was famished!! The kids had already eaten their lunches.

We got to the mall we were meeting at about 7 minutes not too bad!! Met up with Angie and her little girl Sarah (my new friend, according to cute!!) and chatted about Avon and signed her up! Sam needed to use the bathroom and I have to say...I LOVE family bathrooms!!! Complete with the sink right in only complaint is how tall everything is! About an hour later, we were back on the road for home! Well not quite home...had to stop at Freddy's where I got some cauliflower and a cucumber. And for Sam to use their bathroom. oy! LOL

I then met up with Howie, who brought the kids home while I stayed in town for an Avon meeting with my district. First was a leadership meeting at 5 and then the regular meeting at 6....I sat quietly for the leadership one as I'm quite new in comparison to the other girls. The regular meeting was informative and garnered me many winnings with my tickets. I'd accumulated 6 tickets...4 of which were I got some cool stuff! Happy girl I am!!! I love me some freebies!!!

With the meeting being in town, I was able to be home before the kids went to bed. I was also able to sneak in the house undetected and scare the kids!!! hahaha Love doing that!! They thought it was great too!! They were already in pj's which was fabulous and so we chatted for a few before it was time to get them ready for bed. DJ was very excitable tonite and was VERY chatty!! Good to him be normal! Samantha was sneaky...while I was tucking DJ in, she needed to pee, which I think she did, or at least, I didn' hear otherwise. Then as I was in the kitchen working on Howie's lunch I had to go out into the hall for something and there she was sitting at the end of the hall quietly. As soon as she saw me she claimed she had to pee...but it was for naught! Little rascal!

Once they were settled and Howie came in from taking the garbage to the road, we watched Big Bang Theory which cracked me up!! Of course! Sheldon really is my fave!!  Grey's was poignant in showing all that can go down in one hour at a hospital! Matter of life and death decisions. PP was just sad all around!! And actually had me in tears at the end! So to cheer me up, I watched Royal Pains from dvr and had a good chuckle!

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Its baaaaaack!!!

This morning the kids were up about 8:30 and happy as all get out!! Breakfast was consumed in a timely manner and the sun was shining!!! Sounds like the start to a good day no? It definitely was! About 10:30 DJ wanted to go next door to play, but I reminded him that the older two have he may not get to go in. Good compromise: all four of them played outside in the sunshine!! PERFECT!!!! Well, Sam didn't really play with them, she does her own thing, like digging in the dirt...not sure what she's looking for, but she digs anyways.

It wasn't long before Sam came in the house cuz she was done...I thoroughly enjoyed the quiet and got some stuff done phone wise. When Sam came in, I settled her with a Dora and hopped in the shower. Still sounds like a perfect morning doesn't it??

DJ came in just as I was getting lunch ready for us all to eat...he wanted K and C to join us, so K ran home to see if that was okay, and came back to say "no thank you" and take C home. DJ was okay with this as we were eating lunch and heading to the hair dressers anyway and he'd get to play with LT there. Thankfully neither of them dawdled too much...and I'd started lunch early enough to make sure we had time. Just as I'm preparing sippy cups and the kids are getting coats on, Samantha announces she needs to poop...great timing! So off she and I go and she does her business. DJ went and got in the truck...with explicit directions to get into his seat and his seat only! By the time we leave the house, we're already  5 past the time we were supposed to be there for...thankfully she only lives 5 minutes away!

We arrive and she gets started on my hair first....while mine is colouring, she cuts DJ's hair and he goes back to playing. But he doesn't really, he stays in the room with us playing. This should have been my first clue! He's been begging to play with LT for ages and now that he has a chance, he doesn't!?!? About 3 we leave for, lookin like the age I claim to be!! YES!!! And DJ looking very dapper!

About 4 DJ came to me and said he was cold, could I please cover him up on the couch...should have been clue number 2! I bundle him up and do the same to Sam who's copying her brother. When Howie comes home, I want DJ to amaze him with the 3 verses he knows for Awana tonite...but he doesn't want to and is whiny...clue number I hug him and realize he's burning up!! 101.1...go figure! Its baaaaaaack!! Instantly the tears start as he realizes he'll be missing out on Awana for the 2nd week in a row....but I calm that by saying he can wait up for me again...only this time IN pajamas!!

Since its "Starve a fever, feed a cold" I offered toast and jello for his dinner...and he was happy with that...but I think even just the act of sitting up at the table was too much for him as he was tearing up and crying for no apparent reason. I told him he didn't have to eat and could to back to the couch which he did right away. Poor guy!!  He was distraught when I left for Awana but was placated with some water and some Daddy loving.

I raced home from Awana...even left early since I wasn't waiting for him to come out of class...and he was asleep when I got in the door. Howie said he must have just fallen I sat on the couch to feel his head and he I carried him to bed and laid with him for a bit before tucking him in. It really breaks my heart to see him suffering so! I just wanna hold him the whole time and let him know its gonna be okay.

After saying good nite to him, I come out and get Howie's lunch and coffee ready for tomorrow...just as I'm finishing,  he heads to bed....I got him some Breathe Right strips and he said last nite was a better nite's sleep in a LONG that's good to hear! I sat down and flipped to Survivor! SO excited for this to be back on tv! Even more so cuz Boston Rob is back! Smooth Operator!!!! I'm most DEFINITELY on Team Rob!! Team Russell can youknowwhat!! It should be interesting. I was positively FLOORED with how the first tribal council went down!! Absolutely stunned!!! Who the heck does Phillip think he is!?!?! WOW! Just WOW!  Then I watched Off the Map...this show is turning into my Wednesday fave...along with Surivivor now...but it's gripping!! Cheech is a good addition to the cast too! DJ woke up just as I was starting this one up, so we rocked and talked for a bit...he said he couldn't sleep...which is translation for "I bumped into the wall too many times and woke myself up" I got him settled after a good 20 minute snuggle...he sure did warm me up! Here's hoping he'll sleep right thru. He didn't want any medicine, so I pray whatever is in his system leaves it just as quick as it came back!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I wanna be a car guy

This morning I woke up with DJ once again suffocating my right arm...rolled him over to the other side and fell back to sleep. They both were up at 8:30 this morning...and Miss Samantha had a dry diaper!!! This is SO awesome!! I'd given up hoping for that for another 6 mos or so....every day is one step closer to being completely diaper FREE!!!!!! WHOO!!!

Today was my first day at my new job for the gleaners....calling pizza places and seeing if they have food to be rescued...and one of the places did, so I gathered up what I could for a trip to town to make it more than just a quick trip into town. The kids didn't ask for their movie, so I didn't put it on...and they just started rambling on and cute to listen to them converse with each other. Today's topics of conversation were: DJ wanting to be a garbage guy and Sam wanting to be a car guy...then we moved onto hair cuts and how DJ is ready for one, and Sam pipes up and says she doesn't ever want one...which morphed into DJ remembering the movie we saw a few weeks ago when my parents were here.

So we talked about it...he couldn't remember the name of the girl...but with a bit of prodding he did remember Rapunzel! SO impressed me that he was able to remember this from only seeing it once!! So we talked about how much and what he remembered...and he remembered it all...even where he sat in the theater. The boy has my memory!! YES!!!! lol Even Sam was putting her 2 cents in too! She remembered sitting with daddy and mommy and  being good! Which she was!

We did our thing and came home with pizza for lunch (duh!) and they were happy!! After lunch DJ wanted to vacuum for Jake's visit I let him. We also continued on with the laundry lessons!!! I'm really loving this! I then got to work on cleaning off the table so Jake would be able to join us at it!

About 3:30 DJ asked to go next door, and Sam said "me too!" so I made her potty first and then sent them both. DJ tried to not let Sam go with him, but I put a stop to that quick!! The silence that came as soon as they were both out the door was almost deafening! And glorious!!! I got busy working on some Avon stuff that I needed to do on the phone and having noisy kids in the back stealing my attention aren't good! Plus I needed to deal with some medical claims stuff for vision benefits. Howie came home to the quiet too! As much as he enjoys having them be excited to see him come home, he enjoyed being able to get changed and decompress before they did come home. Sam was first...and it was cute...Howie hid under the blanket on the couch and she TOTALLY played his game!! Oh it was funny!! She came up, asked me with a smile on her face, "where's daddy?" and then tip toeing over to the couch to rip the  blanket off him at which point he screamed BOO and they both burst out in giggles!! VERY cute!

DJ was home next and came home happy...and coatless...what a kid! The plan as soon as he realized Jake wasn't here was to find a good hiding spot! I told him to lay down in the tub with the shower curtain drawn...and he thought that was good! SamSam chose the coat closet...finally Jake arrived...his entrance marked by the duel exhaust noise. Since he didn't search for the kids RIGHT away, Samantha popped out of the cute! About 3 minutes later he asked if DJ was hiding too...and Sam said he asked "I wonder where" and Sam just gave DJ up in a heartbeat and said "in the bathroom!"  Ahhh so cute!!! She's just full of cute!!

Dinner was tasty! And everyone gobbled it up! Most of the dinner chat was about school and football...and it was good to get caught up on his life! He's growing his hair out...not sure what he's trying to achieve, but he's wearing a after dinner, DJ came out of the bathroom with one of Sam's on his head to be just like his big brother! Instantly Sam got up and went and got one too!! I should have gotten a picture...didn't even dawn on me til right now!!

DJ was antsy to show Jake the we set it up and played a few games. The boys did the car game and of course with Jake's sense of direction, he did much better! So they moved on to boxing where DJ beat Jake down with two (2!!!) KO's!! Then came ping pong, which somehow I got roped into playing...I lost by 2 points but gave him a run for his money!! Then the 4 of us played the bowling game...where I kicked BUTT!!!! Wasn't my best game as the kids kept interrupting all of us...but again DJ only trailed Howie by 5! GO DJ!! Then the boys did the track and field, where Jake had the advantage again with knowledge and size. DJ was still thrilled to be playing with him regardless!

Shortly after the marathon of games, Jake left for home and we put the kids to bed. They both went down quickly and quietly too!! Howie and I watched Glee...or the Bieber influenced version!! Wasn't expecting the Bieber invasion...still haven't gotten that fever everyone talks about! Howie couldn't handle all the Bieberness and went to bed lol  I got out the needles and knit the nite away! After Glee was Raising Hope and the new one, Traffic Light...then the Good Wife and Parenthood, which had some pretty good comedy in it! I ran out of yarn during the second half of Parenthood, but Jasper was on my lap with the blanket I'm making, so I kept the heat going!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I find it hard to believe

This morning I woke up to DJ on my dead cold I rolled him over to Howie's side...he was in the shower getting ready for work....and got some feeling and heat back into my arm. Such a strange feeling to wake up to! Next thing I know it's 8:45 and Miss Samantha comes in...I'm totally loving these late mornings!!!! :) Once the sun comes back, they're out the window...not to mention school in September will be end of any weekday sleeping in!

The part I don't believe....happens right at this point in my, we've been doing South Beach for a week was day I hop on the scale and take a gander....would you believe it told me I'm 15 lbs lighter than last Monday!! Isn't that insane!??!!? I still don't believe it!

I then had the extreme pleasure of cleaning up the cat puke the children were all riled up about...DJ gagging and Samantha tip toeing around...seems one of the ribbon strands from those noise makers that the Noise Maker Fairy took was ingested by the cat...and his little body doesn't like plastic! Hence the lovely puke piles everywhere. Yet another reason the NMF exists! lol

After breakfast DJ asked to vacuum since the cat puke disturbed him so...who am I to say no!?!? And it does get the toys picked up...altho, next time I'll have him wait til 3ish to do it so it still looks good when Howie comes home. Sam had her red toy one out and vacuumed right along side him...I really need to get a pic of this!

After lunch I got the dishwasher going and then DJ and I went downstairs to get some laundry going. Yes, I'm training the next Laundry Fairy right here! *giggles evilly* No, he asked to help me yesterday when I washed his blankets from his he was invested...and they needed to get into the he got another load in there and got it washing. He was also really good at remembering to go down and switch it out! This is awesome!!

Then we made Valentines cards for Howie...DJ wrote Daddy and then signed it DJ...a keepsake forever for sure!!! We hadn't planned on exchanging gifts til we get the tax refund, so it was a quiet holiday for us. I did make a ham in the oven (smelled AMAZING) and did some broccoli and asparagus...a heart healthy meal on THE heart day!!

It was also bath nite...and I learned a very important lesson...don't let DJ take a shower until I'm completely DONE with Samantha....oh what a mess! He put the stopper down and had a good 8 inches of water in there before I realized what was going on...Sam was done at this as I'm washing my hands from the Rx cream I just applied to her, she slipped in the water he sloshed out and hit her head on the tub. Thank God it's a fiberglass tub and not ceramic! Got some vanilla on it right away and calmed her down before sending her out to watch some Dora with Howie. So DJ played in the water he had built up and I soaped him up before putting the shower on for him. MUCH better!! And next time, that's what will happen...he'll have her bathwater and play while I tend to her, then I'll wash him up and THEN he can shower!!! I was much drier this time than last!

Once the kids were in bed we watched HIMYM which was funny! Then we watched 2.5 Men and had a this point it was 9:30 so Howie headed to bed and I put on the Bachelor....grabbed some knitting needles and hit play. SOOOOOOO glad Michelle got sent home!! But Miss Chantal needs to calm down a bit! So now we're left with two blondes and two brunettes....should be interesting! Pay attention next week as Chantal's date will be here in the Seattle area! I do wonder how long ago that was...not that I'm ever downtown!

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, February 14, 2011

All by myself

This morning no one got up til 8:45!!! How insane is that!?!?! DJ came to the bed at 7:30 but fell back asleep til Sam came in at 8:45...totally wild! Even Howie slept in! And he never does that! So the three of them got up while I continued to be cozy all over the bed by myself!!! About 9:15 I got up and had a shower and got ready for church. I came out and the kids were still in pj's so I sent them for clothes and then made breakfast for Howie and I as the kids had already eaten. While we were eating, Howie mentioned how much more sick he feels today than yesterday...and with both kids coughing and runny noses, we decided not to go to church and spread the love germs. So I got a load of laundry going, and got the kids dressed anyways, and then got my Avon stuffs together to leave...all by myself!!

I grabbed a Blake Shelton cd...his greatest hits and plugged it in and I was on my way to Lynnwood. I had few deliveries to do since I'd done the majority of them Friday, but I did have books to hand out. Hardly anyone was home so I just dropped books and went on my way. My usual lunch spot wasn't home, so I headed to Joann's and ate in the parking lot...then went in and wandered....all by myself!!

On the way home I stopped at the shed...and got those shoes I posted on fb last week....the Steve Maddens...size 10...stilettos...yeah, I'm crazy, and will probably have no where to ever wear them!! I put them to show Howie and he stood up next to me and was to my shoulder....ha! In any case, the gal at the shed was putting stuff away, so I helped her for an hour putting everything away. Then I shopped and headed for home.  Howie had dinner under control and turned it over to me...bunless burgers were the menu! So while the kids' noodles were cooking and our cauliflower steaming, I sat with my babies. Samantha, upon my return, came to give me a hug and said "we still love you!"  WHA!??!?! Where did THAT come from!!!! Made me chuckle! Silly girl!

The kids dawdled thru dinner and soon after it was time to get ready for bed...DJ kept begging for me to let him take a shower...used every excuse too! HA! Crazy kid! Finally they were in bed and asleep quickly as they'd had some outdoor time this aft since it was such a gorgeous Spring like day!!!!!! Hope there's more of those to come!!

Once they were tucked in we watched the Grammy's...which were already 45 mins in which is nice not to just fast fwd the commercials, but those performers that I've never heard of! Can someone explain to me Lady Gaga's outfit/song!?!?!?! The shoulders looked alien and just plain weird!! And the whatevertheywere coming out of her forehead. I'd be willing to bet she's a really pretty girl underneath all the freak! I saw a status on fb that I stole about her too..."Lady Gaga went to the VMA's dressed as meat, now she's at the Grammy's in an egg. Two more red carpets and she could be a Denny's Grand Slam"  Oh this cracked me up!!!

Another "wtf" moment was Cee Lo Green's outfit for his performance...he looked like what would happen if you crossed a peacock and a rooster with a disco ball!! SO weird!!!!! And don't get me started on Mick Jagger...cuz I don't need him!! How old IS he!?!? I'm almost afraid to find out....what if he's the same age as my dad!?!? That's sad!! He has not aged well, let's put it that way!!!

And the final winner of the evening for record of the year was for some band I've never even heard of til tonite...Arcade does that happen!?!? I knew 3 of the 5 up for the award and they choose the one no one's ever heard of!! And then they hijack the stage to "play" another song...yeah, I put Desperate Housewives on instead! lol

Til next time...God bless!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Birthday Party threats

Really do work!! Especially the closer you get to party time!

This morning just before 3 Miss Samantha woke and wanted to snuggle...I suggested we go back to her room and she said no, so I made room and let her snuggle up. She felt chilled even with her pj's, the space heater is no longer in her room, so its not as tropical as she likes it and when she kicks the covers off, well you can see where I'm going. I tried to fall asleep with her there, but had no after 15 mins of her laying beside me and snoring away, I moved her to her own bed and she stayed there. Whew!!

I however woke up next to DJ as Howie'd gone fishing...but it wasn't because of DJ that I dad called me at 8:05 on a Saturday morning! Love that ignore button...sorry dad! :) In any case, about 10 mins later DJ awoke and said the sweetest thing "Mummy, I grewed over nite!!!" HA he probably did too! I forgot to mention that yesterday when we got home he made me measure him like the nurse did Samantha...he was feeling left out! He's now 44 inches tall...or 3' 8" tall! Insane!!!! He was only 21 inches when he was born!!!! Sam woke up at 8:45 and we all got up then....well we called Howie first to see if he'd caught go :( So off to breakfast we went!

When I dressed Sam I was SO surprised to see how her skin looked so calm!! And she had no complaints...other than that I was lotioning her up again. Poor thing! Since my hands are so sensitive, I get can be sympathetic to her anguish. It was about this time that the threats started...DJ was being so grabby and obnoxious! Howie got home after 11 and went for a nap shortly I had the pleasure of keeping kids quiet for 2 hours. Almost impossible!! Afer several timeouts, Howie finally got up and the chaos ensued! Whew!

After Howie ate his lunch he went out and washed my truck...oh it was SO filthy!!! Not a soapy wash, but a pressure wash to get the dirt off. Worked like a charm too! I gathered laundry and got it going and did dishes and minded misbehaving children. Oh and got a gift ready and did up a card...DJ signed his own name even!!! So awesome!! Barely legible, but hey, he did it! I helped Sam do hers, but she wanted to be just like DJ...go figure!

About a half hour before the party DJ was at his utmost rotten behaviour and got sent to his which point I told him he was NOT going to the party, but that Sam was (she even scolded him, that was funny) and he lost it! Became a slobbering mess! I knew I'd let him go, but damn his attitude sucked and I wanted him to realize who was boss! So I got Sam ready, all the while he's begging and crying and her boots on, and her coat. Then stepped outside to tell Howie what was going on and he gave me a good suggestion, that if he started pulling the same shit next door, they were to send him home. Deal! I went back in and let Howie be the good guy and told DJ that daddy said he could go, but that if he misbehaved once he was being sent home! Happy boy! Who amazingly got ready at lightning speed!! I walked them over and then headed out to Freddy's to get more salad stuffs and tp...I didn't guess very well at how much salad we'd eat!! ha!

I got home after a stop to the shed and Howie had the water on to boil for parsnips...since I'd never made them (let alone eaten them knowingly) I just thought to do them mashed...and when I peeled them, they smelled great!! Once they were done I mashed them up, but couldn't use butter, so they looked boring to be honest. Well, the taste, was NOTHING like what I'd built myself up for! How disappointing! We both ate them but if I never have them mashed again, I'll be alright! lol I've heard from many that roasting is the way to go! Also, upon my return I was greeted by children with noise makers...lovely! After a half hour of that noise I told them that noise makers only survive one day and that the noise maker fairy will come tonite when they're sleeping and take them away. I didn't get much cool!! Guess what's disappearing til the weather clears and they can be outside noise makers!!  ha! Love it!!

After dinner I bathed the kids...Sam's skin was red again, so I put oatmeal in her bath and used the cream again. During DJ's bath, I heard a tinkle sound, and sure enough he was peeing in the water!! EW!!!!! He was just sitting there watching it too...double EW!!!! So I told him that was that and he was having a shower...which is my usual threat to get them to stop foolin around when I'm trying to wash them up...and he protested and tried hiding from the water. I explained to him it was just like the sprinkler at the water park but warmer water and that seemed to do the trick. Got him washed up and out of the water. He was THRILLED with the shower method!! I was in shock! And far wetter than if I'd bathed him...yeah, not cool! lol They either need to make shower curtain with sleeves so I can get in there without getting wet, think NICU incubator with the sleeves to let people touch newborns...but in a shower curtain! lol Or, we'll just go the easy route and get a hand held nozzle. He was already asking for another shower tomorrow! lol Ah, my crazy child!

Once they were in bed, I made us some vanilla (soy milk) ice cream...such a nice treat!! Used sweet n low and it was delish!  Howie was busy downloading music so I watched tv and folded laundry or sat with a cat in my lap keeping me warm. Good relaxing nite!!

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I swear, my children are normally good

But today, they were NOT!!!!! Well, for the most part they really were...towards the end of our excursion, they were definitely monsters!!

This morning I woke up at some point and almost rolled over into I tried rolling the other way and there was I gave up! At some point I do remember DJ asking if he could go watch I said sure knowing Howie was out on the couch...he was feeling miserable and felt like he'd caught the kids cough/cold...and didn't want to bother my sleep with coughing. Next thing I know, it's nine and time to get up and get breakfast made. Made a pesto and cheese omelet to go with our V8 juice. It was SO good!!

My Avon arrived while I was making breakfast, so once Howie left for work I got busy sorting it as I had deliveries to make this aft. I also made a doctor's appointment for Sam as she was broken out in hives and was quite uncomfortable...and lately it seems like I can't calm her skin down...and with it being a Friday, no sense waiting!  I wasn't sure I'd even catch our Dr, but turns out, she was in today! And I got an appt for 2:45! Good timing for deliveries and all.

After lunch we headed out...why is it when you HAVE to be somewhere at a very specific time it seems like Murphy is your shadow?? I swear! Gettin the kids ready, took far longer than it should have or would have if it had been something for them to do! I had one delivery to make here in Monroe, and then we headed for Everett...wouldn't you know it, I totally blew by my exit and ended up on the freeway! Going in the wrong direction!!!! Gah! Got off on the first exit and thankfully knew where I was and how to get back to where I was going! Then left without the money for the 3 orders I delivered...oy! The place we were at is a business that sells walkers/wheelchairs and the like, well the kids think the recliners (the ones that make you stand up from sitting) are just the coolest! Today they discovered the scooters...yeah, we weren't in there long! lol

From there we headed to the Dr's office in Edmonds and were a bit late. As we're walking into the reception area Sam announces she has to I tell them Samantha is here, and we'll be right back as we race to the potty! DJ didn't follow us...he was mesmerized by the fish tank. There was a real live Nemo in there!!! We waited about 10 mins before getting called which point neither child was listening to me! Lovely!

First thing the nurse does is weigh Sam on the way to the exam room. With her clothes on but her shoes and coat off, she weighs 36.2 lbs...then they did her height and she is 37 3' 1"...a lb for every inch almost! Next came the temp in the room...perfect 98.3! Then the nurse brought back a gown for her to put on...HA!! Not happening!! She got naked, but then didn't want the gown on at all! Even tho it was full of fish, no way, no how! So I bribed her with taking a pic...that worked! but as soon as I snapped it, pout and all, she wanted it off! Only, I'd tied it on, so she was stuck with it! The Dr came in and took a look at it and said its more than likely eczema (Dr Mom was right!) as she shows classic signs of it! And there's no other symptoms. She also listened to her heart and lungs and declared all good. Prescribed a steroid cream (really low dose) for me to put on her twice a day and if it doesn't clear up in 2 weeks, then we're to make an appointment with an allergist. Yikes!  I have one allergy that's developed since having DJ and that's that I'm allergic to something in most liquid I use bar soap instead...makes my hands react much the same way Sam's skin, blotchy and VERY itchy! I'm itching now just talking about it!

We left there and headed for costco...while I was making a well child check for Sam, I got a call that my glasses were in...sweet!! Made one stop at the hearing place I use and dropped off some samples and new books for their office. Must make a point of doing that more often! When I left there I messaged another client to meet me at costco for her Avon...worked perfectly!! She stayed with the kids (Sam fell asleep on the way there) and I ran in and got my glasses. I must say, the Woodinville costco is FAR more thorough than the Shoreline one! They got a case for me to take my contacts out to try the glasses on...and I could SEE!!! WOW could I ever! Then he adjusted the arms on them so they don't slip or fall off and then sent me on my way! I grabbed DJ a churro on the way out and went back to the truck. It was quite the sight to see DJ's head out the sun roof! Then my g/f's head popped up too!!! lol They didn't enjoy their time together at all!

Then we headed to Freddy's to pick up Sam's script for the we enter the store DJ is drawn by the claw game machine and watched someone actually win a stuffie...well, he wanted to do it...yeah, right! He was being a brat and so Sam and I headed in the store and sat on the bench right inside the store where I could see him....and as he walked in, he walked right past us...I was curious to see what he'd do, but Sam called out to him...didn't think of that. So we head in and he stops at the tv outside the electronics annoying to be walking and then all of a sudden get stopped by a 4 year old! He did it again to me at Play Land...then as we enter the pharmacy they both announce they need to we leave and head to the restroom. DJ didn't have to go, and was being SUCH a brat crawling under the door and bugging from the outside! EW!!! Then we head back to the pharmacy and I tell them both to sit in the this point they'd both lost the cookie they would have gotten from the bakery....and DJ keeps messing around and looking at me with that sly grin that meant he KNOWS he's pushing my he lost xBox time!! Finally its my turn and the cream isn't's been 2 hours and it's not ready!?!?!? OY! So we sit and wait the 5 mins or so til they call her name. Pay and leave! As fast as possible!!

Stopped by the bank on the way home and then the shed for the bread run...then finally home! At this point its after 6, so I get the oven on for the pizza I got for the boring! And while it was cooking I intended to get some chicken done in the oven....only that turned into me cleaning out the freezer mess since it's not freezing again...its frosting up and not allowing cold air to flow properly! Stupid fridge! Their pizza was done and I finally got to doing the chicken and got it in the the mean time I was starving!! And that pizza looked damn good!!! So I ate the cheese off it...not quite the same as eating pizza, but it did the trick! Would have been better with ham and pineapple or pepperoni and black olives lol.

Finally it was bed pj's got put on and I lotioned Sam up good and gave her a Benedryl to help calm the itches...per Dr orders. Then I found Charlie Brown's Valentine on that delayed bedtime. Howie got home before it was over and so we put them to bed and I got him his dinner. He wasn't up much longer as he's going fishing for the last time this season in the that means early wake up. I got comfy and watched some DVR'd stuff.

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Another victim??

This morning around 3 something DJ woke up to pee...only he'd already done it in his bed...NOT the best place for it!!! Thank God there's waterproof (or in this case, pee proof) cover on his I cleaned him up, and brought him to bed with us...he didn't seem to mind a bit...and apparently neither did I as I have no recollection of waking up during the nite for feeling claustrophobic. Not bad!

Sam woke up this morning a little out of sorts...and she was warm to the touch...took her temp and it was normal...but still she wasn't "right"...she was thirsty, and helped herself to a cup of water from the bathroom. Smart kid! Til she tried drinking it while lying down!! In MY bed!! While laying next to me!!! Talk about a quick wake up!! That water was COLD!!!! The new sheets...beaded the water and I was able to soak it up with a towel quick!! She was wet too, so we got her dressed right away. She didn't know what she'd I explained it to her and she says "alright"

The sun was shining again...torturing DJ to no end! Who by the way had no signs of fever at all!! At least he was happy with the vacuum again...I told him he could do the stairs today when we put it away yesterday. Crazy kid! I will train him to be the best darn husband there ever was!!! In any case he vacuumed and took chocolate milk breaks...they both did as SamSam was managing the toy vacuum. LOVE it!!! By 11:30 tho, they were done cleaning and wanted Dora or Diego...and for me to sit with I obliged! Sam started coughing this morning too, and DJ's cough is moving stuff around, but he doesn't know how to spit it out...I keep telling him it's okay to spit it out. We'll see.

After lunch they were both wanting to go to the neighbours...and then about 3:50 they saw K and C out there playing...DJ took off like a bat out of coat even! So I called him back in for one and let him play...Sam meanwhile, was happy to sing along to Dora. There's also another program on Nick Jr that's Chinese in nature...and both kids were repeating it quite odd!! And yet, very kool at the same time!

While DJ was outside and Sam was quiet, I got busy working on tax stuff for Avon...and realizing the system I had in NO good!! And will be adjusting the "system" to work better for me....I also need to do it monthly rather than yearly!! Sheesh! I got most of it done that's good! Just a few more things take care of and off it goes to the CPA.

Howie came home just as DJ came in to pee and ask me to take him for a bike ride...which Howie had already promised from when he came in the house, he was attacked!! Barely had time to change and was out the door again! lol Both kids enjoyed it thoroughly! Even Sam said it was the fave part of her day! Awwww!

After dinner I gave them both a bath...Sam had an accident today too, so they both were in need of cleansing! Plus, she keeps taking her hair out of the ponytails, and then gets food in it...yuck! I will not cut her hair, but we need to find a compromise! She likes it wild and free!! I like it out of her face and her food! All the fresh air did them both wonders as they both fell asleep instantly! As soon as they were tucked in, I went and grabbed a much needed shower too! Howie then went to bed and I got settled in to watch Grey's and Private Practice...but a little Big Bang Theory first.

BBT was HILARIOUS!!!! I just love Sheldon's nonchalant way of saying things...the writers of this show are awesome!! And Leonard's dilemma was quite humourous too! Grey's was just all around good! LOVE that they addressed internet idiots looking for fame by destroying themselves and getting it on video! The new doc looks interesting too!  PP was thought provoking to say the least! In so many ways...the attacker returns wounded and the DNR situation...and then suicide...dang!!! Too much! Still good tho! Then I watched Royal Pains...another good one on USA network!

And yes, Angelia...I'm MORE than ready for Survivor to start up again!! Bring it on!! I'm on Team Rob tho!! :)

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fever be GONE!!!!

This morning everyone woke up happy and fever free!!! And the sun was shining to boot!! No where near warm enough to play outside in of those deceptively sunny days just to drive the kids crazy...they might have lasted a whole 20 minutes if I'd let them out in it....which I didn't! Nor would I let him go over to the neighbours which he was begging to do! Sam too for that matter, but since she's been with him 24/7, she's probably got some germs in her that wouldn't be nice to share.

So we stayed home...playing and watching Dora or Diego...Sam's SO stinkin cute when she starts dancing at the end cuz "we did it, we did it, we did it YAY" She is cuteness personified!!! And DJ was in fine big brother mode being a little bully at times. Proof he was definitely feeling better! And is appetite was back in full force...constantly hungry!! Sam, not so much, and I swear she grew over nite! Could have been just cuz she was wearing all black, and black IS slimming!

After lunch, DJ wanted to watch a VeggieTales movie with me...but got distracted by the vacuum...yes, the vacuum!!! He wanted to vacuum his room...well, in order to that, he needs to clean he did! And he really did it too! Took all the toys out of his room, picked up the books, and stuffed animals and pillows and then vacuumed! At first he started with the toy one, I'd put new batteries in it yesterday, and then he just gave in and used the big one. How awesome is that?!?! I'm raising my own little cleanin fairy! Or fairies...Sam loves to wipe things clean with a wet wipe any chance she gets! So after his room, he asked to vacuum the living room...sure thing, just clean up all the toys and get them off the floor! Took a bit of effort, but he did it and then got to vacuum! Now, he's not 100% in doing the whole room...but he will do it for an area, and then empty the canister...cuz that's important don't ya know! LOL What a kid!! So I then did the whole thing after he said he was done, and even did the hallway. Looked good!

THEN we put the movie Howie came home from work to VeggieTales instead of hockey. DJ and I had chatted about Awana tonite, and I'd asked for advice on whether he should go or not, and the consensus was: 24 hours fever free or no going anywhere...and we'd have been pushing it time wise for the 24 hours part. So as I'm thinking about whether he can go, and rehearsing his verses just in case, he lays down beside me on the couch and BAM, there's the fever! So I tell him to take his temp for me, and its Awana!! Poor guy! He started crying right then and there!!! Wednesdays have sorta become our little date nite where its just him and me and we chat there and he was bummed! I was bummed his perfect attendance was going to be marred! :(

In the end, I went without him and it was odd...odd driving the car...odd listening to the radio and not a movie...odd not talking to anyone...just odd! His teachers missed him too! So he can either recite his verses on Sunday (providing he's well enough to go) or wait til next Wednesday. So, we'll keep reciting them here and move on. Howie let him stay up to wait for me again...but he fell asleep on the couch shortly after 8 once Sam was in clothes! So I got him jammied and into fun dealing with a half asleep child! He was still warm, but sweaty, so I'm hoping his fever breaks once and for all! I've had enough of this fever roller coaster!!! GONE!!!!!

Howie went to bed as soon as DJ was tucked in...or rather, while I was tucking him in...and so I had the remote to myself! First up was Modern Family...oh that was a funny show! Then the new one Mr Sunshine with Matthew Perry...meh, we'll far, wasn't sucked in right away. Then Off the Map...that amputation was gross!!! Turned my stomach and I had to look away. One question tho...if she was caught in a coral reef, or near coral as suggested wouldn't that mean they were in the ocean?? Which would also mean that all that blood should have attracted some sharks no?? hmmmm Good thing its Hollyweird!! Then I watched Castle, or tried to, started dozing off, so now I'm calling it a nite!!

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fever: Part Deux

Last nite about 12:30 DJ woke up and wanted to snuggle with me...that's when I noticed his fever came back...poor guy! I ended up rocking him back to sleep and then attempting carry him back to bed...bad idea! He weighs WAY too much for me to be doing that  now! In any case, he woke up and wanted to pee, so I took him and then tucked him back in bed. Came back out, blogged and went to bed myself. As I'm reading he woke up about 2:25 and said he was I check him and he didn't pee himself, so I didn't know what he meant til I ushered him back in bed and noticed the puke...lovely! So we put towels over the puked area, and changed pajamas and gave him some Tylenol. He went back to sleep and I hit the rack too. Next thing I know, it's 7:30 and I'm part of a t-bone being cooked!! His fevered head was up against my back and it was HOT!! Sam was what woke me, so I shushed her, she laid down next to DJ, sideways, and went back to sleep til 8:30! WOW! She woke up and went and watched tv...DJ slept til 9 before he got up when I did!

I didn't let him have breakfast, but did give him some watered juice while Sam and I had breakfast. Then it was Avon, Avon, AVON!! As of yesterday, I had 2 orders....then this morning, I got 8 more!!! Sheesh!!! Talk about stressin me out!! I literally submitted my order with ONE minute to spare!!!! And then realized I'd forgotten to get bags and completely forgot an order!!! ACK!!!! Then I discovered the order for new brochures didn't even go thru!! NOT kool!! I then call customer service over in India, and find out that books were indeed not in my order...and if I ordered them separate, blah blah blah extra fees....crap! So I call my upline and ask if she'll put my extra stuff in, and sure enough, no problem! OY!

Once noon hit and the order was submitted, I could breathe!! I then sat with fever boy on the couch and snuggled with him til lunch. Since the liquids stayed down, I told him he could have a half english muffin and a cheese stick...he was very happy with that news and gobbled it right up. After lunch we went back to snuggling and watching VeggieTales...he then fell asleep and I let him be. Put on some Dora for Sam and went and grabbed a shower as I had a meeting tonite.

Howie came home while I was in the shower and DJ woke up then, so he only got about a half hour nap...whew! I'd much rather have had him nap in the morning, but sick bodies do what they need to do. About 5 I headed out, and it took multiple hugs and "3 more kisses" before I could leave...even then he was teary eyed. I told him he could wait up for me to get home before going to bed. He was happy with that.

The meeting was good! All about skin care and how it compares to what's available in the mall and price comparisons. Very interesting! I even managed to score a night cream of what I use which I'd just run out of! Sweet!! I must say, it was VERY hard to ignore the pizza and just eat my salad....and the chocolates on the table...torture!!! But I was strong and stuck to my salad and water (shockingly, no caffeine AND sugar free soda...bummer!!) with lemon and a sweet and low in it.

I got home and DJ was still up...not even in his pajamas!!! So I got him ready and into bed and kissed him good nite! About 15 mins later Howie said he heard Sam crying, so I went to investigate and she was sound was DJ calling for me cuz he had to tell me "5 more things"...that he wants a red rocket, a red car, a red truck, a red boat and a red school! And Sam wants all that in yellow! Oh, and I'm gonna build two houses, one red and one yellow and they'll beside each other. Ok....and his fever he was extra chatty...just like his

Glee was FANTASTIC tonite!!!! Well, except for Puck's song...hate that song! Rachel's song tho...LOVE that song! And I got goosebumps hearing her sing Katy Perry's Firework!! Chills!!! Just awesomeness!! Then I watched Parenthood...another great drama show! I started out watching it for Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls, but now I enjoy watching it! Then I took a break to make myself a cup of tea and here I am...debating whether to go watch The Good Wife or go to bed...I did make a sleepy time we'll see!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

South Beach Stardate 272011

This morning was just like any other morning...woke up to DJ next to me....last nite about 11:30 he woke up and wanted to snuggle in the chair with me, so we did for a good 15 minutes...his fever had broken and he was very chatty. Put him back in bed and that was that. This morning he was in good spirits and wanting LOTS of food!! With no puking yesterday, he got his wish! :)

About 11 we got ready to head out to the shed to the books...I'd chatted with the hair dresser and we agreed her 5 week old babe was more important to keep healthy than my hair colour! We're rescheduled tentatively for Wednesday. Off we the pouring rain!! blech! We were there all of 20 minutes when we were joined by another mom and her 4 kids...of which DJ and Peter are friends from the kids all got out and played...well Samantha took all of 30 seconds to find a mud puddle and land in it! yeah, not fun! She wasn't too thrilled about it all either...yet went in search of another puddle to jump!!

Since the gal at the shed was going to the school, she took the books for me and saved me a step! COOL! So I did some shopping and we headed home...just in time for lunch! As per the title of this was day 1 of South Beach and surprisingly, I wasn't hungry til the evening. I did have to remind myself to eat the snacks tho. And late evening when everyones in bed, that's my toughest time!! So instead, I had celery and a laughing cow cheese...and then some jello. Just had a cheese stick before typing, and should curb anything hungries til morning. I did plan on a cuppa tea...but forgot and time got away from me.

The afternoon was spent just playing away! Then about 3:30 I put on some new Dora and snuggled with the kids on the couch...they weren't in a snuggle mood (for more than a minute that is) and ended up each in a chair sitting quietly! LOVE it! Howie came home and found us all mellow! He kinda liked it and mellowed out with us...well the kids found some energy at that point and were gettin wild!! So off they went downstairs to hockey (oh joy) had been put on the tv upstairs. Before I knew it, it was time for dinner and we got started on that. Stupid me forgot how to steam asparagus and I burnt the lot...yikes! I can still smell that charred chicken bullion smell...lovely!

After dinner I bathed the muddy monsters...Sam needed it! While her back, front and arms are doing fabulous ezcema wise, I noticed her bum and the backs of her legs were red and blotchy, so I made her bath another oatmeal one and did the same as two nites ago. At least she wasn't complaining about it...tho she did have her hand down the back of her pants a lot...gotta watch for that. They would have gone to bed easily if we could have figured out WHY their rooms were dark! Their fuse kept flipping within seconds of resetting it...we tried a couple different things and discovered Sam's heater was kaput! Once it was unplugged, everything else worked fine and the kids had nightlights once again. Whew!

Then Howie and I enjoyed a sugar free popsicle and watched How I Met Your Mother...such a funny show! After Howie went to bed I got the remote and watched the Bachelor...and shook my head! Michelle is one crazy broad!!! Did you notice they put the ages up of the girls...SO much easier to understand their mentalities now with the ages shown. According to Chris Harrison, its because the fans (us) wanted it and so they put them up. I really like him with Chantal, but she needs to keep her crazy in check! And talk about  manipulating the situation by telling him she loves him...ha! The chemistry with Alli and Jackie weren't there, so I'm glad to see them gone. I think they both knew it in a way too as their reactions were tame...tearful, but tame. I'm willing to bet that when Michelle gets booted off, there will be lots of "bleeping" going on!!! Britt and Ashley were super quiet tonite...they may be next.

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Carb Overload

This morning I woke up to a mass of heat next to me....DJ...and he was fevered. Poor guy! He got up at 7:30 and next thing I know its 9:30 and Howie's waking me up for church, but tells me DJ's still fevered, so we decide to stay home. I then got another hour of sleep before fever boy came to snuggle with me for a few minutes. I really don't like when he's sick...but man, I do love his calmer behaviour!!

Since this is the last day before South Beach takes over our lives...we carbed it up! Seriously!!! lol Starting with french toast...not just any french toast either...this was made with Cinnabon had bursts of cinnamon in ever!!!! Even tho the kids had eaten breakfast with Howie, they each had a piece it was that good!! DJ even ate a whole piece...thankfully he hadn't thrown up, and so far was keeping food down. Tough to get sick when you're in the middle of a growth spurt!

Then the house became the center of activity...Howie went down the garage and cleaned/organized....I'd broken a coffee cup down there, but was in the middle of chaos at the time and left he cleaned it up for me and then spent a couple hours down there cleaning. I can now park in the garage again!! Sweet!! While he was busy out there, I got dishes done, and laundry put away, and magically made 4 more loads appear at the snap of my fingers (I know...I'm superhuman!!) Then did the kitty litter and took a shower! Then since I was done needing hot water, I got the dishwasher going and the laundry 3 of those 4 loads washed...gonna start the last one before I head to bed here.

Lunch was late, since breakfast was late...but first I gave Howie the hair cut he was begging for! While he showered I got lunch together...yesterday I'd bought some sushi at costco and decided that was going to be our SuperBowl snack! Worked out perfectly and was delicious!!!

Then THE game began....I was more interested in the commercials and the halftime show of the Black Eyed Peas...could care less about the game itself...that was tweeting time for me...chatting about all the commercials just seen. Doritos was pushing the envelope in a WTF kind of way...but still funny! The VW commercial with Darth Vader wins my fave vote!! I'd seen it last week, but seeing it on the big screen was just as funny!!!! The half time show was great...but I'm a fan...have been for a while! It was quite funny to watch on twitter how all my country music fans were disgusted! I got a chuckle outta that!!! 

Dinner was mix matched...and in 3 shifts! The kids ate first...DJ wanted round round toast he got! Sam wanted a hot dog, but warm, and that's what she got! Howie got the last of the chicken wings and fries and I was going to have the ravioli, but once it was cooked up, it showed its freezer burnt side! And truth be told, I wasn't hungry at that time. So I got busy making his lunch for tomorrow, which is going to take a bit more effort than before! And instructions apparently! lol  Then I had a bowl of cereal, which the kids helped me eat!

DJ's fever bounced around all day...up and down and up...he kept having me check his was cute! While there had been no vomit involved...we didn't let him have any crystal light for fear of what he'd do to the carpets again. He understood amazingly and didn't fight the lack of fruit water. By bed time (actually by 7:09) we were ready for them to both be in bed!! Even tho he's fevered, he still managed to bring SamSam to tears many times with stupid stuff! I was more than ready for the game to be over and to watch Glee!!! I even heard Howie say "if Glee comes on before I get out of the bathroom, hit pause" WHAT?!?!? He'd been seeing all the ads for the show and wanted to watch it! Um okay!

Of course, it came on while he was in the bathroom and then it was bedtime for the kids! So once they were in bed, we sat down with the last of the homemade ice cream and watched it. LOVED it!!!! Every single second of it was awesome!!!! And I'm not a fan of zombies! lol The best part...another Glee on Tuesday!!!! SWEET!!!! Then Howie went to bed and I watched Knocked Up on tv...I'd seen it before, but there was NOTHING else on and the movie I recorded the other nite lied to was 4 episodes of Golden Girls.

Til next time...God bless!