Friday, July 31, 2009

Lions, Tigers and Bears

Oh my!!! And then we saw elephants, giraffes, gazelles, zebras, monkeys, a jaguar, gorillas, penguins, wild dogs, ummmmm and hippos! Whew!!! Can ya tell where we were!??!! And truth be told, I didn't see any tigers...and the penguins were awesome!!! They weren't there the last time we went! Judging by DJ's expressions and was like the first time I'd ever taken him to the zoo!! Must be amazing sometimes to not remember things!!! He was full of stories for Daddy and Jake at dinner tho!
We got a wee bit of a late start on the morning...well, later than I wanted, quite normal in reality! We missed the free parking by about 10 mins, but got the most awesomest spot!!!! Got the kids unloaded and headed in. Today was the last day on my membership so I really wanted to get one more visit in. Probably won't renew again til next year...SamSam didn't really get anything out of it....and she was more angry at me than anything! I did let her walk with the harness on, but she just wanted to run...and with running comes falling down....not to mention she has no sense of it wasn't working out for me to have her unstrollered. That and I had DJ to monitor! Thankfully we had our friends Wyndi and her daughter Izzy with us! In fact, she's already on the ball and done a cute slideshow of our day on her blog...check it out! It was SOOOO cute to watch DJ and Izzybell (his nickname for her) walk around the zoo and do things together. Even cuter...he took her hand and they walked together....absofreakinlutely DARLING!!!
Watching SamSam on the carousel was sweet!!! She was so excited to go up and down and up and down and round and round! I know it doesn't look it in this picture, but she was bouncing up and down when it stopped! That, and some of my others were just too blurry!
As I said before, the penguins were new to us, and DJ posed out front of the exhibit and flexed his muscles...Wyndi asked him cute!!!
This is the jaguar we saw...I'd never seen it move...usually it was sleeping...and far away! But today, it was walkin all around and checking it out! Again, go check out Wyndi's pix...she got good ones!!! And have you ever heard the noise a jag makes (the real one, not the car)....its kinda freaky deaky!!! Almost a cough...a smokers cough....and really loud too!!!
It didn't take DJ long to crash on the way home either! Sam snuck in a stroller nap in the last 20 minutes of our walk from the North entrance to the truck...and jabbered the whole way home....then as we were sitting in the line up for the bank, she fell asleep.
It must have been a more exhausting day for DJ than I thought...either that or he's finally accepting the whole bed time routine....tonite wasn't so much a fiasco as the past 3 weeks have been!!! He wanted out to pee once, which he did, and then tucked in one last time, and that was fact, I think he fell asleep in his bed even!!! Haven't checked
I did finally finish Breaking Dawn...and I love the ending!!! Ever read a book and think you have the ending totally figured out in your head...and then get there only to be pleasantly surprised!!! Uh huh! Loved it!!!! On the night table next....Jodi Picoult, Keeping Faith. I bought it months ago and have been wanting to read this author! I'll keep ya posted! As always!
Til next time...ciao!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

20 Degrees DOES

Make a difference!!! Today was not as hot as a long shot!!!! I'm really hoping we've gotten over the hump of the heat wave we're in! To celebrate, the kids and I went shopping this morning!!! lol Truth be told....DJ LOVES going shopping!!! Especially to Albertsons where they have the race car carts...the ones with the car in front of the buggy part...he and Sam love driving me!! (crazy that is!!! Short trip too!!) If they get a free cookie outta the deal...they're even better!!! And behave longer so I can shop easier!!! Today was all about free stuff tho...I got this post card thingy in the mail from a store called Food Emporium, and on it was free Popsicles (shoulda got them two days ago!!), free box of capri sun, and a small bag of Kettle Chips....I don't look a free gift horse in the mouth!!! We also needed hamburger buns and lemon juice while we were there....oh and I got some frozen yogurt...WAY cheaper than that trip to DQ last nite!!!

While we were out I dropped by two places my g/f had seen for rent over by this particular grocery store....and lucky me, the previous tenant was cleaning the house and was able to give me the low down!!! 3 bedrooms, 2 bath (no en suite), teeny tiny back yard, no boat parking allowed as its and HOA street....and that they'd had a car stolen and a car broken yeah, not my kind of neighbourhood thankyouverymuch!!! The other house was right across the street from the first one, and the only difference was that it had a full back yard....but still the same in terms of location. Again, good to know!!!

Howie was late getting off work today, so on his way home he picked Jake up and they both arrived in sweaty fashion just before 6. And then the dinner madness began!!! After dinner the bonding began!! SamSam was all over Jake....she discovered he'll lift her in the air and go "whee" any time she asks!!! This is one of her favourite things to have happen!!!! She's our little thrill seeker....even at the age of 1!!! Go figure! And of course, DJ can't be left out, so Jake really got a work out after dinner!!! Jake went home and the Bed Time Fiasco ensued....

Last nite, DJ was once again found at the gate...tonite is no different! I checked on him before coming online...whatta kid!!! When Howie was putting him to bed, he was going to lay with him for a bit, and DJ said "No, Daddy. You go out, put the gate up and I'll see you tomorrow" HUH!?!?! If only it was that easy!!! With Samantha, she was still awake when I decided she'd nursed long enough, laid her down, and not a peep out of her!!! Why oh WHY can't DJ go to sleep that easily!?!?!! He stands at the top of the stairs, and can reach the hall light (who ever built this house was SHORT! and that's another thing to add to that list of reasons!! The light switches are all too short!!) flipping it on and off while calling my name. After a half hour I let him go pee, put him back in bed and continued ignoring him. Hence him sleeping on the floor....Somebody tell me its gonna get easier!!!!!

Another blog I follow put up a post about comments....and I am like her...curious who my readers are!!! Most I know, as you do leave messages, but judging by the numbers of readers in a one week period, most I don't!! So don't be shy...leave a message!! Most times I respond! And if you have a blog, I typically like to check it out!!

On the last pages of Breaking Dawn....and I have date to watch Twilight on Sunday with a g/f!!! SOOOOO excited about that!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hot enough for ya?!?!

Oh man....Seattle broke records today!!! Hottest day since they've been keeping track in 1891 ish....before today, the record high for a summer day was 100....we got to 103 at Sea-Tac...even hotter in other places! Me and the kids....we stayed indoors with the a/c running all day!!! It was my job to keep my lap kid-free....any idea how difficult that is!?!?!?! HA! I did finally figure it out tho....sitting in Howie's chair at the dinner table is THE spot to sit...the air is blowing directly on you, but the a/c unit is still 15 ft away so it's not coming right at you! Sit there for a few mins and you're good to go for a while!!!
So, last nite, I posted how DJ finally settled around other words, I didn't hear anyone screaming my when I went to bed around midnite, I went to check on him first....this is how I found him...laying on his bedroom floor, so totally sound asleep!!!

Not sure why his book is on the other side of the gate, he must have dropped it....
Even Jasper was checking it out!!!

He murmured briefly when I picked him up (whew he's heavy!! 39 lbs!!) and put him in bed. I then took his gate down....good thing too! I turned the light out after reading about 1:10 and I swear 5 mins later he was waking me up (it was actually 45 mins, but didn't feel it) to sleep with us...nuh uh...way too hot for that, so I played dumb and asked if he needed to potty, which he said he did and so off we went. Then back into his own bed with no struggles! Next thing I know it's 6:59 and he's back at me wanting in my bed....Howie's already gone to work, so he hopped in. Dozed for a bit and then the lure of chasing the dog was too much for him!

He did have an altercation with the cat...I was in the kitchen doing dishes after lunch when I heard him come screaming down the hall. Now, any mother worth her salt knows the difference in her child's cry...and this was no ordinary cry.....he was hurtin'!!! Of course I zero in on the blood on his ear and his hand and try to very quickly assess where/what's bleeding....turns out his ear had a rather nice half inch gash on it...and was bleeding pretty good! Got him calmed down and asked him what happened...he then told me "I was standing on the kitty cat" and while I know that's not true for him to have gotten scratched on his ear, I did tell him that wasn't nice to do....and to leave them alone....we'll see how long that lasts....
Tonite he did extremely well!!! Even asked Howie to put up the gate!! Haven't heard a peep from him since 9ish...which is amazing considering the past 2 weeks!!! Haven't gone to check on him yet, but I'm hoping he's actually in his bed! Howie added another fan to his room....and he likes it blowing on him...and he's shirtless! So once they were settled, I simply mentioned how I could seriously go for a DQ blizzard...and Howie sent me! LOL It sure did hit the spot...even if it isn't on the list for low calorie snacks!!
Gotta go to bed now....I'm down to the final 50 pages of Breaking was SOOOOOOO hard to put it down last nite....but I was exhausted!!! This heat isn't helping either!!! I'm very tempted to grab a sheet and hit the couch...right under the a/c!!! Tempting.....
Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It kinda works...

The gate on his door way that other words, he's fallen with it twice now to make his statement...and asked to go pee 4 times...two of which he actually peed....but....I think he's asleep now and its just past that's a half hour better than last nite....OY!

Today was story time at the library so we got ourselves ready and headed out the door into MUGGY at 9:45 am!!! And it didn't get any better...the muggy that is! DJ did VERY well during story time today! So well that he got to use the kid computer after story time...first time ever!! Samantha got to wreak havoc on the books...first time ever!!! lol

Hauled them outta there and we took off to do some perishable shopping....our fruits were low! And I am enjoying fruit with my is Sam!!! Home for lunch and naps!!! I just love this time! Altho, it sure is WARM in our bedroom!!!! Whew! We keep the door closed to keep the cats out (doesn't always work...) and the ceiling fan going...but DANG it's warm regardless!!! And DJ loves to touch skin when he's falling asleep...blech! lol His poor wife....

Howie came home with a Slurpee again, and SamSam was ALL over that!!! She gobbled up yesterday's with was no different!! DJ could care less for it....and me, well its got a bad after taste to least the watermelon one does....

No Jake tonite for dinner....he went away yesterday with a friend over nite somewhere...we're not sure...and wasn't going to be home in time to join it was just the 4 of us for dinner. So after dinner, I bathed the monsters kids....I do so enjoy that after bath baby smell!!!
Then came the bed time fiasco....which in all honesty, wasn't as terrible as some nites we've had!

Now, I'm sitting in the living room, listening to the a/c hum to the tune of 67 degrees....looking at my needles on the table next to me...and half watching tv....all in all, a good evening!!! Oh, from what I've heard, Seattle hit record highs in terms of heat!!! And tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter!!! Doesn't bother me much...I'm used to this kind of heat...but sleeping in it is NO fun!!! Even if you just lie still, you can still feel the heat swirling around you....remind me in December that I was complaining about sleeping in this!! HA!

Til next time...ciao!

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Reasons Why

Remember how I lamented about how DJ was picking up on my dad's lingo and then Howie's seems he's picked up on mine too....only mine doesn't include swear, my chosen phrase of late is "I hate this stupid house" and today, after tripping over a toy HE left out in the living room floor, he very clearly said "I hate this stupid house" *cringe* um yeah....gotta watch that! Altho, I have mentioned this before, and since then have started a list...a rather LONG if you skip over it, I won't be at all offended!!!! lol

Why I hate this stupid house:
1) Partially paved driveway with a 6 inch drop!
2) Gravel driveway the part that isn't paved...
3) No garage
4) Not proper steps to front door, in other words, they're not true step height
5) All stone steps to front door....when you have toddlers its all skinned knees
6) Front door sticks, REALLY badly!!! But that does make it child proof
7) Front door has major draughts
8) No light in front door foyer area
9) Two heating vents in living room don't work
10) Fireplace screen broken
11) Alarm system beeps randomly
12) Kitchen is an odd shape and doesn't fit a dining table
13) Cupboards stick or don't close at all
14) Fridge is in an awkward place
15) No handles on the drawers
16) Sink doesn't drain properly at all while washing dishes.
17) Mold under sink
18) No garbage disposal
19) No dishwasher and the plumbing is too old to allow it!
20) TWO outlets in the whole kitchen/dining area!
21) Slider door to patio is terrible and is a fight to open/close at any given time, takes both hands AND a foot to open!
22) Can't open one of the drawers and cupboards b/c of the fridge
23) No vent from the stove
24) Bathroom is too small
25) Only one bathroom on the main floor
26) Tub had a glass door, and makes for bathing the kids a chore as when the doors are open its not a full half open...try bathing two squirmy kids!
27) Useless shelving area in bathroom closet
28) ONE outlet in bathroom!
29) Laundry room is very crowded
30) No screen on laundry room window
31) Washer is terribly old
32) Broken knob on washer, I have to turn the dial with a pair of pliers....
33) Washer is unbalanced
34) DJ's room has the walk in closet
35) Windows in the whole house are awkward sizes and not the same size at all!
36) Door on DJ's closet broken
37) Closet door in master bedroom is broken, and the two doors are too big for the whole closet.
38) 2nd closet needs a step stool just to get into it
39) TWO outlets in master bedroom, one behind the bed and one behind the dresser....
40) Light switch is behind door when opened
41) Can't turn on lights w/o turning on fan
42) Can't turn ceiling fan off at all
43) Closet door broken in Samantha's room
44) Samantha's room is too far from rest of bedrooms
45) Vent in Jake's room doesn't work
46) Bathroom downstairs is useless to anyone else
47) Backyard does not grow grass
48) Dog run gate doesn't shut
49) Dog run gate isn't flush with ground and dogs can crawl under the gate
50) Front yard has no gate to keep kids IN
51) Outdoor shed leaks
52) Other outdoor shed has no lock
53) The wooden shed is rotted
54) Pine cones and pine sap everywhere!!!!!
55) Gate in backyard fence is broken
56) Drain from roof over flows
57) Bathroom tub doesn't drain properly
58) BUSY street!!!
59) School bus traffic for FOUR schools
60) High school traffic with their loud music
61) Street light visible from kitchen slider
62) When you open the dryer you can't have a laundry basket under it to get the clothes out. It's a drop down door and there's a wall 2 inches from the edge when door is open.
63) When standing up from toilet, ya hit your head on glass shower door...its THAT close!
64) Hot water takes forever to get to the taps
65) We've had construction on our street since we moved in!! May of '08!
66) The kitchen always smells like there's a dead animal in it
67) I have decided I do NOT like hardwood floors as they're constantly dirty!!
68) Lighting in the living room is not in a good spot and the lamp we have sux at lighting it up!
69) No front hall closet
70) In front of my side of the closet there's pebble or something under the carpet and I step on it EVERY time!!
71) Ants EVERYWHERE outside!!! And the traps we set, the chipmunks move! All kinds of ants too!!! The red ones HURT if they bite you!
72) There's a tree stump out front that has termites...'nuff said!

Told ya it was a long list!!! That took me well over a week to compile! Yes, some of it is trivial...but I actually LIVE in this house, I don't just sleep and eat here. Makes a big difference!

In any case, I took the kids to the park this morning as it was promising to be a scorcher today...and it did get to 95 in the truck! So, while it was still 73 at 10:30, we drove to the park to play in the shade!!! Then home for lunch and naps! After naps, we put on our suits and turned on the sprinkler....I got smart and positioned it so that it lightly sprinkled on my legs and feet. Niiiiiice!!!! The kids would rather play with a bucket of water than run thru the water...what's with that!??!! I'm gonna look into getting them a kiddie least then the water will be warmer and I won't be wasting it running it thru the sprinkler....even tho the grass likes it!

Last nite, when I posted about our bed time fiasco...I was just putting DJ back to bed for the 6th time....around 10:30...turns out, that wasn't the last time I put him in bed!!!! He fell asleep on the landing between the two sets of I carried him to bed around 11:30! Whatta kid!!!
Tonite, we put the gate up....the little sneak crawled under the gate....a total of 5 inches!!!! that's all I raised thinking was that if there was a cat trapped in his room, and it wanted out, it could get out....HA joke was on me!!! Howie was sitting at the table on the lap top, and I was sitting in my chair casting on for a felted hat, and we were discussing how easily it worked....when Howie stood up, and said "oh really??" and there was DJ trying to "hug" a cat! One potty and a gate lowering later, he's in bed...and that was almost an hour ago....haven't heard anything since! Just gotta remember to take the gate down when I go to bed so he can join me in the morning.

On a serious note...I asked yesterday for prayers for Stellan....he still needs them!!! He has had a REALLY rough 3 days!!! They've called all the family in...which is never a good sign! And now they're talking about air lifting him to Boston where a heart specialist (who worked on him before) practices. They need to do another ablation on his heart to repair it and keep him in normal sinus rhythm. Please, pray for strength for his little body, and for his mom and dad as they watch their son helplessly! And if you have children....hug them a little tighter while saying those prayers for Stellan!!! I know I have all day today!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Prayers wanted

For Stellan as he's having a really rough weekend go of it!!! For the latest on him, just click on his name and it'll take you right to the blog his mom keeps. Pray for strength for her too! I can't even begin to imagine watching one of my children go thru such health issues!

As for sure was a HOT one today!!!! Howie said the truck read 95 at 4ish when he got home from checking out a car Jake's been looking at. We've had the a/c running all day to ward it off too! It's made a huge difference! Not for the bedrooms, but in the living spaces, it's awesome!

We had a surprise visit from my father-in-law this afternoon. Was expecting Howie, but when I heard the knock, knew it wasn't him! I do love it when he pops in on us! Sam was just loving up on him while DJ played his shy self and hid from him...silly boy!

Continued on with the massive amounts of laundry today, and finally now have half a load left! I didn't think I'd ever get it all done! Remind me not to let it go so long again!!! HA! I was also busy today taking pictures of all the clothes and whatnot that I've listed on craigslist! Finally got to go thru all Sam's old clothes and DJ's old clothes and purge their closet! I have a bag for a friend of ours little boy, a bag for value village, and a bag that's been listed. Would be good to see it all gone!

Howie got to go fishing this morning with a couple Pauls from work. Paul1 and Paul2....not sure which one is which, but one of them caught their dinner....Howie didn't :( I was really looking forward to some fresh salmon too!!! I had a justincase dinner on the menu, so went with that. Pulled beef done in the crock pot...thanks mom!! It turned out great!!! Sam LOVED it!!!

Then came the bed time struggles...or fiasco as I'm fond of saying. The no-eye-contact/no-talking thing isn't working! As soon as I put him back in bed, he's out. In fact, it's now going on 10:30 and I can hear him in his room. Soooo not enjoying this part of parenting!!! I will be taking the extra gate out of Samantha's room tomorrow and placing it on his door frame! Raised so he can't get out underneath it, and high enough he can't climb up and over it. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr If he has nightmares tonite, its because he's been watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire while sitting silently on the stairs....OY!

I'm doing well with my shakes for breakfast and lunch!! And doing REALLY well with the no snacking!!! That was a big downfall for me! I'm also armed with snack bars (Slimfast ones) and with tonnes of fruit and veggies and low calorie yogurt. Lots to choose from!

Gonna go veg and play Farkle now...stupid game! lol

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I got to see

Some place new to me today!!! We had a wedding to attend this morning, so we were up and at 'em early this morning! My girlfriend Wyndi came to the house just before 9:30 as she willingly agreed (may not again, lol) to watch our monsters children while we were gone. She brought her little girl Izzy with her and they instantly took off to play. I hardly got a good bye from either child! How amazing was that?!?! And I thought of them often, but knew they were in capable hands!! Thanks again Wyndi!!!! And Izzy!!

The wedding was a small affair...I wanna say 40 people! It was for one of Howie's co-workers at the club. I consider it an honour to be invited! As we're sitting outside for the ceremony, with the Snoqualmie Falls as our background noise, it started raining...but not the kind of rain you're thinking of. The sun was still shining, and the rain was more like a sprinkle...and felt REALLY good on the skin!! And lasted such a short time!! The reception was the infamous brunch of the Salish Lodge which was of course, DELISH! Have you ever had french toasted croissants?!??!! oh man!!! Those things are evil!! Pure EVIL!!!!

We got home just as naps were finishing up! Howie took the kids outside while I worked on the mountain of laundry! Whew! It hasn't been that long since I've done laundry, but judging from the pile of'd think its been a week!!!!

As we're waiting for dinner to cook we got a call from Jake...asking if we're home and if he could surprise visit take a shower! lol Whatta kid! He and his g/f Morgin had been out at Funtasia and he knew he smelled rather he came here to fix the problem before going over to Morgin's house for dinner. That's my boy!

Then bed time rolled around....while Sam's begging to nurse and go to sleep, DJ's being his normal buggy self. I tried the whole no-eye-contact/no-talking approach and it took 5, maybe 6 trips back to bed with him. That's hard to do....the no talking part that is. I think the last trip was about 10ish....I hope he sleeps til 8ish!!

Speaking of...methinks its now my turn to hit the sack! But first a shout out to all my family!! I missed another Annual Family BBQ today....but with the wedding last month, I don't feel totally out of sorts for missing it! Hope everyone had fun!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Friday, July 24, 2009

You know I like my chicken fried

Cold beer on a Friday night
A pair of jeans that fit just right
And the radio up

I've had this song stuck in my head for a couple days!!! But now it's Friday nite, and we had beer can chicken for it made song by Zac Brown Band that much more on my mind! LOL

Today was a marvelous Friday!!! DJ joined me about quarter to 7, and snuggled with me til 8...and fell back to sleep. I just love this time!! He likes back to back sleeping, which is perfect for knees or elbows diggin into me! Once we get up, Samantha hears him running after the dog and calls out for us! I think I end up messing up breakfast by giving the kids sippy cups right away, but Sam is usually just begging for one!!! Tomorrow, I'll try giving to them when I give them breakfast....

We didn't have anything pressing on the agenda for today, so we went to Fred Myers, and used up some coupons for stuff we needed. And stuff we didn't....I am female!!! When I came back here in May for my visit, I went to FM's then and saw this purse there that was on sale for 40% off. GAH! It was 54.00 on the tag...and even with the 40% off I couldn't swing it or justify it. Today...was a different story!!! It was marked down to 22.97....WITH AN ADDITIONAL 60% OFF!!!!!!!! How on earth would any woman pass up that deal!??! I got a 54.00 purse for 10.06 tax included!!! Oh yeah...I see the jealousy floating around!!! LOL I'll take a pic of it tomorrow and post it...y'know, before it gets Mommyfied....and kid grubbed!!

On our way home from shopping, I decided we'd stop at the park that's up the street from our house. DJ was pleasantly surprised!!! I hadn't said anything, just turned into the parking lot and he pipes up "We're at the regular park?!" They both enjoyed the whole was almost barren! 4 older boys playing basketball...another mom and daughter, who left shortly after we got there, and then another mom and her two my two roamed all over the place!!

Came home and had lunch and naps! Today I did try something different...back at my parents house because of our sleeping arrangements, I took cat naps with DJ on my mom's bed. So today, DJ and I took a nap together! He lasted a little over an hour...which was good enough for me! And it took away the crankies around dinner time! And bed time...was a breeze!!!! I think we're finally getting the hang of it! lol I went up to tuck him in after settling SamSam, and he was sound asleep! LOVE it!!!!!

I've putzed around tonite, got the pictures put in frames, wrapped a wedding gift, watched a bunch of stuff on's been a nice quiet Friday nite! *sigh*

Til next time...ciao!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Only My Child

I swear...some days it feels like only MY child would do something like that! *shakes head* Just today alone...there were quite a few instances.

Like what, you ask?

How about how Samantha suffered so badly this afternoon trying to poop that I had to give her a suppository again....which worked...and then 3 hours later she has a full on runny diaper! Only my kid could suffer both constipation AND the runs in one day!

Then as I'm chatting with a g/f at the carnival, DJ was busy running around the statue thing behind me. Then my g/f had to use the facilities and asked if I'd watch her daughter, which was no trouble, and so I look around to find where DJ ended up...he's on the train ready to go for a ride!!! Totally unsupervised, buckled in and waiting. Only my child would charm his way on a ride where clearly a parent it supposed to be in attendance!!

As they're getting ready for story time, they do bubbles...which ALL the kids love!! And I grab the camera to take a picture of my darling daughter, who's standing off from the group with her hand down her pants! Only my kid would be caught doing that in public!!!

Or how DJ at the library's annual carnival...during the combined story time, he's fooling around (as usual) and standing under the felt/magnet easel they use...and manages to take it down and fall down with it...IN it!! Right after I asked him to come out of there! Only my child was the one farting around instead of paying attention.

Then there's the whole bed time debacle! Last nite he didn't end up finally staying in bed til about 11:15....and that was after another tearful plea to go pee...which he did! And then he woke up full of vim and vinegar at 7:20!!! Only my child thinks he needs 8 hours sleep instead of a normal 11 or 12!

Yeah, only my child!! lol I know I'm not alone in these observances! But some days are just like that! We had fun at the carnival! We got there super early and got a parking spot IN the library's parking lot! Last year we had to walk a mile!!! (no, not really, but far enough!) And we were one of the first 5 families there, for sure! We met up with my g/f Andie....who I haven't seen since last summer....but kept in touch thanks to Facebook! So it was super nice to see her and her little girl Malorie!
Last year, DJ had no interest in the bouncy house...he got in it, but then wanted right back out! This was all I could do to get him to come out! The lady supervising it was ready to take her shoes off and climb in to get him as I had Sam in my arms. OY! We rode the train twice DJ got 3 turns on it! And the sun decided to join us!!! So it turned out really good! The also had fresh made pizza by Papa Murphy' the kids got to eat lunch there too! I waited til I got home and had a shake.
So, for nap time today, I let DJ stay up and be quiet in the living room with hopes that bed time will be smooth as silk tonite! Plus, Jake was here tonite, so they're outside playing as I'm inside blogging in quietness. What a treat!

In fact, they all just came in, and now it's time to start the bed time rituals....I'll be back in a bit to let ya know how it goes!
And here we's almost 11pm and DJ's been in bed sleeping since just before 9 pm!!! Howie did the honours, and read to him and laid down with him and he was out!!! Not a peep since!!! But if you read the comments on yesterday's post, I'll be trying number one!!! Yes, I've talked to him and tried reasoning with him and given the extra hugs and'll be tough, but well worth it if it does the trick! *sigh* No one talks about this kinda crap when you're trying to have a baby!!! And when the second one comes along you're already too sleep deprived to realize what you're getting yourself into! LOL

In any's been rather blissful to have the evening to myself again and not to be so beside myself with frustration!!! Howie even got a hair cut!!! Oooh my left hand just got itchy....wonder if there's money waiting for me....y'know, if I thought stupidstitions were real!! hahaha
Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Something has gotta

GIVE!!! This bedtime crap that DJ's pulling of late is getting to the point of ridiculous!! Tonite it took almost 2 hours for him to STAY IN BED!!! His antics are getting out of hand! 5 times tonite he had to "pee" of which the first and the last he actually had to pee. Then he wants just one more hug and kiss...which is sweet, but he drags it out! Then the moment you leave the room he's calling out for you again. He's even getting sneaky! I was sitting watching TV and working on the lap top when I heard a small bang...I look over my shoulder and he's laying on the floor playing with a defunct web cam....and the moment I get up he's saying he has to you see now how frustrating this is?!?!?! Howie isn't usually around to help out, as he goes to bed rather early, but tonite he got to see the full DJ effect....and is just as unhappy about it as I am! I'm not sure what to do about it! One of my g/f's says her 3 y/o is just as full of antics as DJ is. When we lived with my parents DJ was in their room (it was HUGE) and never gave me grief! He went straight to bed and while he'd fool around on his bed, he typically didn't get out of bed. Since coming home, that's all gone to heck! *sigh* I'm almost to the end of my bed time rope! Any suggestions would be welcome!

Other than our bed time fiasco, the day went well! I had no plans so we kept it low-key and just hung around the house! It was a wee bit cooler in weather which was nice. I finally let the kids play with the sticker books and stickers my mom got them. Even SamSam was getting into it! Hers is Winnie the Pooh and DJ's is Cars (of course!) Then we made up a post card to send to her and took the Canada stickers she bought and decorated the desk in each kids' room. DJ got a kick out of it all!

After nap I set up the beach ball sprinkler and let the kids run wild! Like I said earlier, it was a bit cooler today, so the novelty wore off quicker....and then we just played and did bubbles. After dinner we took a family trip to Walmart (where else!?!?) to get some herring for Howie to pickle for fishing....blech! Then we came home and started the bed time fiasco!

Now, I'm relaxing to the hum of the air conditioner....watching mindless tv...blogging....and playing Farkle....what more could I ask for?

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Who knew

I'd be sleep deprived because of my THREE year old!!!! I swear! The past three nites have been awful with him! And last nite was no exception! He woke me up (more like scared me awake) at 1:50 (not even an hour after I shut the light out) to go off we trudged to the bathroom. he did in fact pee and I put him right back in bed! I was just dozing off again when he scared the crap outta me again! Again, to pee....which of course you and I KNOW he doesn't cuz he already did 15 mins ago!!! But he started getting noisy and off we went to the bathroom again....only I'd forgotten my glasses for this trip. And man I am BLIND without them!!! So he doesn't pee and back to bed he goes...only this time he put up such a fuss crying and whatnot that Howie woke up. I think the trick was agreeing to leave his door open a crack.

In any case, Howie didn't come back to bed and I found out later that DJ got up again at 3 to go pee...and he did!! This time Howie asked him if he wanted to go to bed with Mummy, and DJ said "no, that's okay Daddy, you go sleep with Mummy" hahahaha outta the mouths of babes!

I took the kids to the library for story time again....both of them were all over the place!!! I find it humourous that while everyone's seated listening and singing, my kids are roaming the room. And yet when it's marching time (we all walk around the chairs that are in a circle) both of my kids can be found sitting on the empty chairs. OY!!
Leaving the library was a CHORE!!! DJ started pitching a tantrum because he didn't want to leave! I had plans to go grocery shopping, so I couldn't just let him play with the computers there....and he was NOT listening to me at all! I find that so embarrassing when he pulls this on me in public! Like I can't even control my own kid...wait, I can't!!! GAH!

Naps were fabulous...for them! I tried dozing and only got about 20 mins! Power naps are great when that's all you want, but when you're looking for more, it just doesn't cut it! Then as I get resettled, Snickers started howling and barking at the same time! Scared the crap outta me! Turns out there was someone outside the door wanting to sell me books....persistent bugger too!

Howie went to visit a friend in the hospital after work, so he was late getting home. And since we've had some REALLY late dinners lately, I really wanted dinner on the table for I BBQ'd for my very first time ever!!! Just BBQ chicken....and I have to say, it was YUMMY!!! Plus, the kids NEEDED a bath tonite, so off we went after dinner.

So far, DJ has managed to stay in bed since 9ish....with the door cracked open....and here's hoping he'll sleep right thru the nite again! Please God!!! Oh, and I've started back on my shakes today! I found Slim Fast has the shake mix that's worlds cheaper than buying the shakes that you just chill. And it was pretty tasty! It takes milk to make them, so I'm quite happy to get my day's calcium! And the 4 hours they say it works actually works!!! So now, I'm back on the wagon!!! Remember I had my blood work done to test my thyroid....yeah, I still haven't heard about the results! BUT, I did speak with my Dr's secretary and she was to have faxed the results of the blood work and the ultrasounds to my Dr here....for which SamSam has an appt with on Aug 7th.

Now, I'm off to veg...not much time left in the nite before my eyes will be begging for sleep! They're already starting to burn a bit.

Til next time...ciao!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Have you ever known

A 3 year old who LOVES mustard!?!?!? DJ can not get enough mustard on his hamburgers or hot dogs!!! It kind of happened accidentally last week when he asked to try mustard on his hamburger at dinner....and because I'm all for him trying new things, I put the tiniest dab of it on his 1/6th of a burger piece....he gobbled it up! A couple days later at lunch we were having hot, I use ketchup, mustard and relish on mine....he again asked for mustard. So I put some on sparingly....he asked for mustard 2 more times!! Since then, he's been ALL about the mustard!!! I think it's great...but odd for a 3 year old! lol

Today we did some grocery shopping...and I will never again not hunt down a double seater....having DJ hang on the end of the cart is NOT my idea of fun!! Thankfully it wasn't too long a trip! But by the end he was in the cart as I got tired of telling him to get back on the cart! I sure wish Walmart (where else!?!!) would get one of those day care areas so moms can shop in peace!!!

This afternoon I'd arranged with a friend (one of Howie's former co-workers) to come over and be with the kids while I finished off my shopping....during daylight hours!!! She ended up coming over an hour later than she wanted and we ended up just yakking the whole time she was here!!! It was so nice! Nice to get to know her better too!!! I drove her to her eye Dr and headed out to costco to do some shopping so we could eat dinner.

My poor Samantha has been suffering lately with constipation....and I can't seem to find the right mix of prune juice she needs on a daily basis to keep her soft and regular....the trek cross country messed up her delicate system badly! Tonite I actually had to use a suppository on her. She'd been trying for an hour to poop and crying the whole we calmed her down and did the deed. She didn't want to get up after that so she just laid on the floor and I rubbed her back and tummy. Thankfully it worked quicker for her than it does for DJ and within a half hour she was back to her happy normal self! I guess we're back to half and half prune apple juice! It's just hard tho as they share sippy if I do one with prune they both have to have prune and DJ's been doing good! Win some, lose some!

I am officially nursing Samantha longer than I did with DJ....she's 16 months old today! And with DJ, because I was pregnant with Sam at the time, I couldn't go past 16 mos (actually 4 days shy of 16 mos) as it hurt way too much! We're only nursing at nap time and bed time...and she's now sleeping right from the time I put her down at nite, til the time I get up....most times DJ and I are waiting for Sam's cue to get up!!! It's kinda nice having her in her own room!! And she self soothes VERY well!! Most times I put her in bed and she's fully awake....yeah, she cries, but within 3 minutes she's sound asleep!!! I love it! Of course, I do know that she could very well become the bothersome 3 year old that won't go to sleep....kinda like DJ!!! LOL Man, if I had a dollar for every time I hear "I have to pee" when putting him to bed...Howie wouldn't have to work! HA!

Gonna go veg and play my new addiction...Farkle...whoever invented that game is evil!! Pure evil!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Not MY Child!!!!!!!!!

This week instead of doing Not Me! Monday, MckMama suggested we have a Not MY Child! Monday to mix it up!!! Thankfully I only have one talker to embarrass me!!! And that he does!!!! Altho, to be fair, he gets quite shy in most of his "moments" are here at home and I can correct him right away!!

As you know, we lived with my parents for almost 10 months....and my dad, bless his heart, hasn't had to worry about watching his language for a long while!! Now, being that he's 74 he does have some license in what he can say in his own home...but after a while...DJ started picking up on his most frequently used word. I did not hear the word Dammit come out of DJ's mouth when he got frustrated with anything...not MY kid!!!

Since being home (all of 10 days now) DJ has picked up on Daddy's most frequently used I did not give DJ trouble when he said "Can't open this frickin door" nooooo not MY kid!!!

Now, those are two of his bad word ones....but some of the stuff that does come out of his mouth...just makes me wonder!! Just today as he's sitting on the toilet, and I'm sitting on the stool in front of him (this is his stall tactic before nap, mind you!) he looks at me and says "You having a bad hair day Mummy!" Sadly...I couldn't argue with him!!!! On another hair note....the other day I'd just come out of the shower and it was nap time, so as I'm tucking him in he says to me "you hair stinky!" Guess I'd better change up my products....LOL

One of the comments he would actually make in public....and this is from a few months ago....he'd tell complete strangers "Sam eats booby" at which point I did not want to crawl under the floor and die!! That is definitely not something MY child would say!!!

And this concludes the Not MY Child! Monday! Hope you got a few laughs!!

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wouldn't ya just know it

The ONE day both kids sleep in (DJ til 8:10 and Sam til 8:15) I have to get up at 7 am to make sure Jake's awake to go away to his football camp!!! Howie told me the best way to get Jake up and moving was to let Snickers, our dog, go down there and lick him awake! I tried to be nice and just call him answer...called I got up and let Snickers go down there.....waited 3 minutes and called again. AHA, he was awake!!!! I tried dozing off again, but had NO luck!!! So finally at 7:30 I got up and saw Jake off. He's gone now til Thursday to Wenatchee. He's quite excited about it!!

Howie got to go fishing again this morning....he again, came home empty handed, but his buddy caught a couple keepers! Howie honestly could care less if he actually catches fish...he just likes being out on the water before the noise of the day!! I think he likes the nap he gets in the afternoons too....

Which is what he did early today...I did keep him rather late last nite with our company....later than his usual 8:30 that is LOL So he napped....the kids and I did lunch....the kids napped....I tried napping....the couch isn't all that comfy! And Howie had locked the his plan of me waking him at 2 didn't quite pan out for

After nap I got the kids in their swim suits and we headed off to Izzy's house!!! Her mom set up a couple pools and a sprinkler as today was to be another nice day!! Oh they had FUN!!! Thanks so much for inviting us Wyndi!!! DJ really likes Sissy's house! (that's what he calls her...)

On our way home I called Howie so he could get dinner going....well to my DELIGHT he was doing the dishes!!! What a sweetheart!!!! And once he got done soapin up, he did get dinner on the go, so all I had to do was take over when I got in the it! I love having breakfast for dinner...somehow it just tastes better!!!

Now, all is quiet and I've been busy making up the grocery lists...gonna take a while to restock the kitchen after it's bachelor run! lol

Til next time...ciao!

Things that go

BUMP in the nite...usually end up with a crying 3 year old!! Poor guy fell out of bed...for the first time since leaving his crib!!! He had to pee, so I think he sat up and was faced wrong somehow (you should see the positions this kid sleeps in!) and then fell out of bed the wrong way...if that makes any sense! I was still up reading when I heard the BUMP...and it was loud enough to alarm Snickers and get her anxious....and then the crying started. Putting him back in bed was a bit of a chore as he was a little bed shy. But he did good til almost 7:40 this morning!

Howie got to go fishing this it was just me and the kiddos til noonish. Jake got up and ate and went to football practice...and then to a friend's house. So really, this day wasn't any different than any other day...'cept for the fact that Howie had my truck...and one of the car seats. I didn't have any plans anyways....other than MORE laundry!!! I swear! Howie wears more clothes in one week than me and the kid combined!!!

Naps were a family affair again!! Howie desperately needed one after getting up so early and then fishing for 7 hours! I needed one because of the fitful nite of sleep I got. Note to self: don't sleep with the upright fan on...blah!

Since Howie didn't catch any fish...we thawed the fish we were given last week by my BFF and her hubby for dinner. YUM!! The animals love it when we do fish!!! Cats especially!!! After dinner we welcomed our friend Steve and Wyndi and their little girl Izzy. We'd made plans to hang out and let the kids play! So tonite was a late to bed (please God, let them both sleep in!) but they all had fun! Munchin on chips...playing with toys...well, til Izzy got her hand slammed in the door by DJ! Poor thing!! Sorry Iz!!!
Once the kids were settled in their beds with visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads (Christmas in July don'tcha know!) the adults got down to business! We played a new game (to us anyways) called Bananas.....if you like crosswords or Scrabble...this game is for you! I of course LOVED it!!! Won both times we played it too!! Then we played a game called Posers which was an absolute crack up!!!! Think Balderdash...but the answers you give aren't for the meanings of words...its in answer to a question the poser asks. And you have to guess which answer you think the asker wrote. Oh the fun we had!! Even Jake played with us! At one point we were all crying from laughter!!! Such FUN!!!!! Thanks guys!!! We have to do that again!!

Now, it's time to drag my butt to bed!! Of course I NEED my next couple chapters in Breaking Dawn!! Oh its SOOOOO good!!! I'm about 3/4's of the way thru it now! Hoping to see the movie for the first one "Twilight" this next weekend when my g/f Andie comes home from her holidays!

Til next time...ciao!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Boy, was it a

HOT one today!!! whooo! I do enjoy it tho...but am incredibly grateful we have a window a/c to help cool things down! I even had it on before noon...which is unusual for WA!! We didn't go anywhere today...just stuck around the house. Took the kids outside before lunch....which was fun. And then it was lunch time....why is it that every time I do a leftover lunch, one of the kids want it? Earlier this week it was the enchiladas, remember? was my sketti that DJ wanted! He ate well...his lunch AND part of mine!!! LOL

During nap I was feeling productive....and channeled my inner Betty....Crocker that is! I'd gotten a recipe for Blueberry Muffins from another blog I follow, and wanted to make them. I had everything on hand and bought blueberries specifically for making them. They turned out okay... but I found the batter to be a bit dry while making them....which is a bummer! The fresh blueberries in them tho...TASTY!!!! So, while I had the oven blazing hot I decided to make Jake some chocolate chip cookies. Now, before you go thinking I'm all Susie Homemaker....they were the frozen dough kind. All I had to do was put them on the cookie sheet and bake them. 18 mins later we had a good smelling house and cooling cookies. YUM!!!

After naps and after Howie got home we got the sprinkler out for the kids to run thru. They sure did love it!!! This is a beach ball one...HUGE beach ball. And you put water in the bottom of it so it won't move and it sprays in 4 areas....ours only sprayed in 2 I'll be calling Little Tykes to see what its problem is. This was a gift DJ got for his first birthday from my g/f Jackie. I took lots of pix, but they're still on the memory card....which is still in the camera....tomorrow I'll upload them....both kids are in their new suits...DJ in his Light McQueen one and Sam in a 2T one....please tell her to stop growing!!!!!!

We've got Jake for the weekend...well part of it....he leaves Sunday morning for a football camp in Eastern WA...Wenatchee to be specific. He's really looking forward to it. This is his first year to go as Freshmen don't get to go. He's also been selected to play on the varsity team....which is pretty exciting in itself!! He's second string right now, but thinks come September he'll be starting. I just love his determination!!! I'm so proud of him! And can't wait to watch his games!!

Howie's going fishing tomorrow, so he was very busy after dinner getting the boat all hitched up and all his gear in working order. He's quite happy about being able to go out on the water again! He's got two friends going with he's looking forward to that. Jake's got football practice or he'd be going with. DJ won't get to go in the mornings for a while yet....but we're hoping to do an afternoon run in the near future as DJ WANTS to go fishing!!!

Well, I'm off to watch some tivvy with Jake...Eureka is the show we both love!! It's a new one tonite too!!

Til next time...ciao!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It was another

BEAUTIFUL day in the Pacific Northwest....sunshine from the get go!! And DJ sleep til 7:30!!!! He came into my room then and told me "it's not dark out anymore Mum!" SO sweet!! He still crawled his cold toes into my bed and we chatted (me with my eyes still closed) about what happened yesterday at the park and how that behaviour wasn't acceptable. I love these moments!! He seems so grown up at times to me! He heard SamSam just about 8 am and we both got up then to rescue her from her crib.

We had nothing on our books and so I decided we'd go to family story time at the library. Turns out today it was run by the one gal at the library who I don't care for. She's a little non-understanding of toddlers....and expects too much out of the kids sometimes. The gal who does baby story time...could care less what the kids are doing during story any case, the kids had fun! As I was watching Samantha run wild in the room, it reminded me of the early times I took DJ....and now he'll actually sit and listen to the stories being told. I love it! With family story time they do crafts, and I haven't let DJ use scissors or glue or markers we left early and went to the park. OY what a decision that was! I should have known from the empty parking lot that it was a bad idea....should have peeked over at the play structures to see that there was about 5 million kids from a summer camp running all over the place....*sigh*...but we went and braved it anyways. DJ got the really good lesson of standing in line and waiting his turn for the zip line that had about a dozen kids waiting their turn for.

SamSam cracks me up...she LOVES to climb up on things but then finds herself stranded and can't figure out how to get down so she whines til someone rescues her. Cracks me up til I'm the one rescuing her...ah, who am I kidding...I still laugh at it!

Dinner was once again a whole family affair as we had Jake over. Sam got REALLY mad at Daddy for not taking her with him (he takes DJ) to go get Jake....good thing she's got a short memory and is easily distracted! :)

I quickly bathed both kids separately after dinner as their feet dictated they NEEDED to be bathed! Badly!! Bed time was a snap too...I totally love this divide and conquer technique Howie and I have....he takes one and I take the other. DJ tho, will wait for me to tuck him in....tonite he was on the landing of the stairs waiting....silly kid!

Now, I have a cat at my elbow....a dog at my feet...and a re-run of Private Practice on TV...gotta love it!!

Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yes...I was THAT mom today

And let me tell was NOT fun!!! DJ woke up once again at he crawled his wiggly cold self into my bed and warmed up and wiggled for an hour...all the while I'm telling him that if it's still dark out, he can't get out of bed yet. I really should work more on his number recognition so he can tell time! He does great with his letters, and can count verbally....but not visually on the numbers! Somebody oughta teach him! LOL

After breakfast we got ourselves dressed and headed out to Fred Myers as there were a few things they had on sale that we needed...also found a pair of "Light McQueen" swimming shorts for DJ...a must have in his eyes!!!! I totally forgot that they have a play land area for I totally could have shopped kid-free!! Or at least DJ free as he's the grabbiest! I'll have to remember that for next time for sure! I will say this too...that the cashiers there really need to work on their customer service...if I read the ad wrong...don't condemn me...just laugh it off and move on! Seriously! The drama is not necessary!! I have two toddlers that give me more than enough drama during the day I don't need your huffiness on top of it all! OK....rant done!

After our shopping it was only 11 am, so on our way home we stopped at the park that I used to take DJ to all the time. Well it was like the first time he'd ever been there all over again. And he was LOVING it!! So was SamSam! They have two structures in the play for small babies like Sam, and one for bigger kids like DJ and older. They also have a zip line thingy and a swing set. There's even a basketball hoop off to one side! So while Sam was exploring the small structure and loving the slide on it...DJ was roaming around having fun running and sliding. Then he asked if we could go swing....and since it's one of Sam's fave things to do we headed in that direction. There are 2 baby swings and 2 regular swings and all 4 were in we hung out by the zip line and watched other kids go. DJ then decided he'd like a he patiently waited for his turn (with a lot of prompting from me about who's turn it really was!!) and enjoyed the short ride that it is and brought it back for the next kid. Now, there are about 5 other moms at the park and they all seemed to know each other....and were quite ignorant of my presence....which is fine....but no one was monitoring the two kids who were also using the zip line but me. Finally one of the baby swings opened up and I put Sam in (amazingly the other moms took their kids off at this point....whatever!) and I was still monitoring DJ at the zip line. Well, he helped the little girl ahead of him bring the swing back and instead of letting the boy (Henry) go before him, he hopped on it and took a turn. All the while I'm talking to him about how it's not his turn and if he takes a turn we're leaving. Guess what? We left! But not without the overly dramatic tantrum from my three year old boy! He done did good too!!! Screaming at me, sitting down on the ground (remember I've got Samantha on my hip, who's also pitching a hissy fit at being taken out of the swing before she was done!) and crying loudly....oh it was a sight! I finally had to football carry him to the truck while he's carrying on....not an easy task to do while trying to carry another in your arms carefully! I tried to set him down and having him walk normally, but again the antics started up....and back under my arm he went! I was SOOOOO embarrassed!!! I got to be THAT mom and I didn't like it one bit! But I stood my ground and didn't let my 3 year old dictate! I'd rather be THAT kind of mom thankyouverymuch!

Fun stuff I tell ya! We came home, had lunch and took a nap!!! Then when Howie came home from work we all piled into the truck and took a trip to Walmart (where else!?) to get kitty litter and a few small things we'd been missing out on. Then we came home and had Sketti for per Howie's request! And truth be's been a while since even me and the kids have had it!! It was DELISH!

After some outdoor play time once dinner was done, it was bed time!! My second fave time of the day...first fave being nap time!! My third fave time of day is when they wake up as they're snuggly and sweet! awww!

I've been remiss in commenting about how much I'm enjoying Breaking Dawn...the last in the Twilight series! Oh it's GOOD!!!! Far better than even my imagination thinks it'll go! Kudos to Stephanie Meyer!!!

Til next time...ciao!

P.S....I did get over 1000!!!! YAY me!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Off we go to Grandma's house

Said Little Red Riding I took the kids to the library story time they have for babies under 18 mos...I get to go for this session as SamSam's still young enough!! It was SO good to see Kathleen, who runs baby story time, again!!! And she was shocked to see us...obviously she doesn't read my blog LOL....and welcomed us home!!! DJ of course played shy and Samantha was enthralled with her bubble making Eeyore machine! They both did very well for the whole thing considering they haven't had this much interaction with other kids their ages since we left. For the most part...they both did REALLY well during play time too! I'm so proud of my kids!

After that we drove around the neighbourhoods that are/would be in Jake's school district looking for "For Rent" signs....found a couple and wrote down the we'll see what pans out. I'm in no hurry, but I really do hate this house. One day I should sit down and list all the things I hate about it...that way if the landlady asks (she doesn't read my blog either, whew!) I can hand her the list of what I hated about living here. Might actually be a good idea!

Lunch was good...Samantha stole my enchilada I got to eat her PBN (Nutella) while she enjoyed my chickeny goodness! Brat! Naps were heaven too!!! As soon as Sam went down, I went down! It was so nice to nap in my own bed!! I didn't sleep all that well last nite...the kids did, but Howie and I didn't. It wasn't til I was doing dishes after my nap that I remembered we'd shared a Pepsi....that had caffeine in it! GAH! Not a good thing for me!

Dinner was a full family affair tonite. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we have Jake over for a couple hours and that entails dinner. Howie took DJ with him to go get Jake and boy did I have an unhappy Samantha while DJ was thrilled!!! The kids played outside for a bit before dinner, DJ sure did miss playing with his brother!!

My g/f Jackie came by to pick up her Cdn goodies (fudge included!) and it was SO cute when DJ introduced Jackie to Jake and said "He's Jake and he's my brother!" Such pride!!! It was good to see Jackie too! I'd seen her back in May, but I was soooooooo jet lagged this was a much more relaxed visit. I'm really hoping she keeps me in the loop so I can join her for a couple jewellery making classes!!! Then we all we went back outside to play before dinner....that's when I snapped these two SWEET photos of a Dad and his daughter!! Don't they look alike!?!?

Bedtime went perfectly....and now it's just me and the fur babies! My toesies are cold....left my slippers under the desk in Sam's room...won't make that mistake again! I've pored over all the new grocery ads that came in today's mail....and tomorrow I'll start making up "the list" for Monday's shopping. And now that I've blogged I can go finish off the hat I started back in Ontario...longtimeagonow!!!

Til next time...ciao!

P.S....I'm SOOOO close to 1000 hits now....I fully expect to wake up tomorrow morning and see it past 1000....LOL I know, small things amuse me....but my mind is NOT

Monday, July 13, 2009


Homemade Enchiladas....sounds good right?? Let me tell you they were YUMMY!!!! One of Howie's co-workers (Tina) made us a HUGE Pyrex dish of them....and homemade mac and cheese (tomorrow's menu!) and a cheesecake....wasn't that sweet of her?!?!! It was soooo nice not to have to worry about dinner and just pop it in the oven and make a salad to go with it. Even enough left overs to make Howie's lunch and some for the kids lunch! SWEET!!! Such a nice surprise! She didn't want me to have to stress over cooking for a couple meals....I'm pretty sure I haven't met her....yet...but I do see a hug in the future!!!

Today had a bit of a somber ring to it...we attended a memorial service for a family friend who was a couple years younger than Howie. He was found on the 4th of July by his ex-wife and was in a coma....after being told he wouldn't come out of the coma, and told he could stay in the coma for 3 days or 3 months, he then died on the 5th. He leaves behind two daughters and a son who's our Jake's age. He died of liver and kidney failure....such a shame!!!! His memorial service was very sweet! I was touched by how many football team members showed up for a show of support....this was also the first time I've seen Jake since getting home Friday. I missed his visit on Friday as mom and I had gone out to do our shopping and to get dinner. Man has he grown!! He's SOOOO tall now!!! 5' 11" or some insane height!!! The potluck after the service was quite stocked too! It was nice to catch up with people I haven't seen for over 10 months now!!!
Our twin nieces babysat our sleeping children for the first time....Jessie even got to change her first diaper...don't worry, it was just a pee one LOL Next time its Ercia's turn! They did good....Sam woke up about 20 mins before we got home and was perfectly fine with them! Happy to see us when we walked in the door, but she wasn't distressed or anything. This is SO reassuring to me! DJ slept til they were about to go home and he played shy with them again! He was cute on the way there....talking about his cousins and how he was going to play with them....they get in the truck and he won't even look at them let alone talk to them! It was a chore just to get him out of the truck! I promised him they'd play trains with him and he moved PDQ then! It was good to have them come over a bit before (and to have lunch with us) so the kids were familiar with them. I think they enjoyed being with their cousins!

I swear I've done 4829 loads of laundry since getting home!! And only 2 of them are mine and the kids....what's wrong with this picture?!??!! I think Howie waited til I got home and saved all his laundry for me!!! Even tho he said months ago that he enjoyed doing laundry and would continue doing his own when I got home...which I had NO problem with...HA!!! How short his memory truly is!!! Altho, I will say...while I was bathing the kids tonite, he took the mop and Pine Sol to the kitchen floor and got all the puppy pee and other crud off it! I could go sock-skating now!!!

I'm currently sitting in my recliner with the laptop ON my lap and watching a DVR'd Bachelorette!!! I love it!!! Everyone's in bed...even the dog's napping somewhere.....this is good!

Til next time...buenos noches! (must be those enchiladas kickin

Not me! Monday

Of course it's Monday again....which means I get to enter confession and admit my wrong doings....and you get to have a laugh! This was all started by MckMama over at her if you're feeling the need to get some transgressions off your chest...join us!!

During my travels with my mom we shared MANY laughs!! Our personalities are similarly matched and I've considered her a best friend since I was a teen! So to take this trip with her and feel like Thelma and Louise...was awesome!!! During our drive across Alberta, and on our way to my g/f Joanna's house I managed to not pull off the ultimate stunt!! We were about a half hour past Calgary on our way to Canmore when my mom decided she really did want to go to Walmart (where else!??!) to get a new bathing suit as we knew that the hotel in Banff had a pool. So she took this local access road on the right and timidly drove down the dirt lane. We came to a Texas gate and she slowly crossed it...turned to the left to go under the highway to get to the other side. As soon as she turned the corner...and she wasn't sure what the tunnel was really, I think she thought there was a herd of cows waiting for her....LOL...I then did NOT scream "STOP!!!!!!!!" (I'm laughing now just typing this) and she didn't know whether to hit the brake or step on the gas.....oh was so not funny!!!!!!!!!!

Another thing I overlooked in my "pee" post was that when bathing the kids, I got Samantha out and dried off....and while getting the Q-tips out (we use them for the nose, not the ears!) she stood up and went over to the door. I got what I needed and went to get her, as soon as I got close to her, I felt this warm spray and couldn't compute where it came from til I looked down....Samantha did not just pee on my foot...NO!! It couldn't be! But she did!!! The first time she's peed like that ever!!! The brat! With DJ he peed on Daddy the first day of life, and then on me the day we got home from the hospital...but SamSam....she's never done that....until Saturday that is!!! Ahhh the joys of being a mom!!!!

Those are my confessions of the week....hope you enjoyed a good laugh!

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Life as I remember it

Is well under way. We've now returned to regularly scheduled programming! Sorry for the 10 month interruption! Ahhhhhh I love it!!!
This morning SamSam gave her wake up call for 6:24 and joined us in bed...well me...Howie got up then. She did fall back to sleep and we both slept til just after 8 am...I'm loving this!!! DJ got up at some point and hung out with Daddy watching "dartoons" on Sprout tv....I LOVE this channel!!!
During breakfast (which I got to eat all in one sitting as Daddy fed the kids!) we discussed what our day would entail. Yard work for Howie and more laundry and unpacking for me. We also NEEDED to get some real groceries. I love my husband dearly, but he can't shop for his life!!!!! I should have had a g/f do the grocery shopping for my homecoming.....*rolls eyes!* So the rest of the day was intermittently littered with shopping list words...stuff that would come to either of us during normal, everyday conversation.
Howie did indeed get the yard work done before the rains he felt good about that accomplishment! I got quite a few boxes unpacked and clothes put away properly. I'm also going thru the clothes for stuff to sell/give away....I didn't realize there was so much!! And man is it HOT in the kids walk in closet!!! whew! The kids had fun playing with all their "new" toys from before we left in DJ's room. He's quite fascinated with everything in there. I've decided that the toys will remain there as its MUCH neater in the living room now....I'm not bruising the bottoms of my feet stepping on wayward toys!
Lunch was a family affair again....I think we all like it much better this way! And DJ seems to be doing a bit better at feeding himself again. Thanks to Daddy's re-enforcement!
Naps were also a family affair!! Once the kids were settled, we took a nap too!...or tried to! I'd taken my phone to bed with me as my BFF Laura (and puppy Mojo's mom) was to call when they got on the ferry so we'd know what time he was getting picked up. Dozed again and our friends Steve and Wyndi called to see if we could join them for Red Robin...but naps are WAY more important! LOL And 3 pm is an odd time for dinner...unless you're a senior....hahaha! (j/k you guys!)
Jim and Laura showed up for Mojo around 4 and stayed for a half hour visit to see the kids....and to tell us all about their fishing weekend! Sounds fun too!! They totally thought of us and how much we'd love it! Even gave us some salmon!!! Which is on the menu for tomorrow's dinner! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! l love fresh salmon!!!!
Shortly after they left, Steve and Wyndi and their little girl Izzy came by for a visit. The kids hit it off and were up in DJ's room playing most of the time. We took turns running up to see that they were doing good. At one point, Miss Izzy was nekkid in DJ's closet....there's just so many clothes in there!!! What a good laugh we had!! After getting dressed...she still wanted to try on something and came out wearing a pair of SamSam's pants under her dress!!! They were a little short, but hey, that's what Capri's look like! LOL What a girl!!!

Howie cooked dinner once again, while I got the fixin's done....burgers were the menu!! And green noodles and salad...veggies and cheese for the kiddizzles! YUM!! Even DJ said "Daddy you make the BEST burgers!" and proceeded to eat his entire portion! Then we all went grocery shopping as we had nothing for me to make Howie a lunch with.....I done did good at the store too!!!! We're set for the week!

Now, I'm enjoying the quiet of the house...using Howie's laptop as the regular pc is in Sam's bedroom...we're toying with putting it in the kitchen....our dining table is in the living's an odd set up for a house....watching tv re-runs...and about to sit and knit once I hit the publish button. It sure is good to get into my own bed with my own pillows and leech Howie's body heat in bed!!! I'm usually a frozen Popsicle!!!

Til next time...ciao!

P.S....I forgot to mention that I did in fact get an email from the Montreal embassy....while I was eating lunch after crossing the border. It said, very shortly, "Good afternoon, You should be receiving a letter in the mail in the next few days. Have a good day" That's it! Nice eh?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Why me!?!?

Today was all about PEE!! Not mine, but pee I kept stepping in!!! Starting the morning off with stepping in cold pee is NOT a fun thing!! Seriously!!
And not only once...but TWICE!!! I've had my shoes on since!
Who's pee am I stepping in you ask....puppy Mojo's!! We're puppy sitting for my BFF Laura as she and her hubby are away for the weekend. The gal who's monitoring their three teenaged boys is allergic to dogs...and puppies are worse. So Mojo couldn't stay at home...let's face it...3 teenaged BOYS!! Besides which...we sooooo owe them for the 4 times they watched our dog while Howie was visiting us! Its the least we can do!
I am, however, cured of wanting another puppy!!! Nothankyouverymuch!!! They're way more work than my baby!!

We said goodbye to my mom this morning as her flight was leaving from Vancouver, B.C. at 1:45 pm. So to make the almost 3 hour trek, they (Howie and mom) took off about 9:30. It was sad to see her leave! We sure did make a lot of memories on our cross country journey!! Oh the laughter too!!! The kids didn't understand that she was I'm prepared for DJ to ask me tomorrow when it finally sets in.
After mom left we got busy getting CLEAN!! It was my intention to bathe the kids friday morning at Tim's house, but with deciding to try for home, and all the uproar of being home, no way I was gonna try then! I'd forgotten how much I hate our bath tub!! Its got glass doors...which in theory is nice, but when bathing two filthy kids...the track they glide on...not fun!!

The unpacking has started...its nice to see other clothes than the same 3 outfits we've all been wearing for 9 days!! The laundry has been non-stop for most of the day! It didn't help that Howie had a "forgotten" load in the WASHER! Ew I hate that smell! And he had one in the dryer!! MEN!!
Got both the kids down for naps and grabbed a shower myself!

About 5ish my FIL and his g/f came by for a visit!! The kids were both awake and not groggy, which made for a nicer visit! As they were walking in, Howie was right behind them! He'd had a 2 hour wait at the border to get back in the US!! Poor guy! It was a hot one today too!
After Dad and Ellen left, we quickly got down to making was nice to have such a normal family dinner!! I've missed Howie's bbq'ing skillz!!! After dinner we took the kids and Mojo out for a romp in the front yard. I think everyone enjoyed that!!

Bedtime was an ordeal! What happened tonite I had expected last nite! Oh the crying!!! DJ and his "I need you mummy" business! I'm SO glad I have help with it all now!!! I've really missed that! Daddy takes care of DJ and I get SamSam! Whew!
Now we're having a boring, normal Saturday nite watching bad tv on REAL cable!! I love it!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home

YES, you read that right!!! I can hardly believe it myself!!! What started out to be such a disappointing start to the day, what with no mail arriving at my parents house...facing the reality of sending my mother home tomorrow...being on my own in a strange can imagine!! So here's how it all came down...
We were eating breakfast discussing all we needed to do before my mom flew out. Our gracious host said we could stay as long as 10 days if needed as he and his family wouldn't be home til then. And during our discussions, we toyed with the idea of just going to the border to:
A) see if we could get across
B) see if we could just talk to someone to get an answer about it all.
So if all else failed...the worst they could say was "no" but at least we'd know!!
So we packed everything up and drove the whole 5 mins to the border. Oh what an agonizing wait too!!! At least an hour, if not more! Mom had to keep reminding me what I was to say...and to take off my sunglasses...and speak clearly...and be humble...and on and on!
At first there were two lanes at the Sumas crossing, which then spread to 4 lanes. We started off in the right lane, and then mom had me take the righter lane when it spread so we were closer to the building for when they pull us over. Samantha had fallen asleep on our way to the border, and DJ fell asleep waiting for us to get to a place where he could pee! Perfect for crossing. As it turned out, we got THE S-L-O-W lane!!! Our lane also had to alternate with the traffic coming from duty free...grrrr!!!
So we get up...he asks to see I.D. so I hand him the kids' birth certificates and my mom's passport. He asks why I don't have one
"Well, that's my problem and I need help or information. I've been approved for a visa on June 25th, mailed my passport in to the embassy in Montreal and still haven't gotten it back" I reply
He says "So, you're Canadian?"
Me "Yes!"
Him "Can I see your birth certificate?"
Me "Yes" and I hand it to him
Him "Do you have a drivers license?"
Me "Yes" and I hand him the only one I have, which is my WA one.
Him "Where are you going?"
Me "Lynnwood"
Him "What will you be doing there?" All the while typing things into his computer
Me "Live there"
He walks to the back of my truck, then to the front. I already had Samantha's window open so he looked in at the kids and all my stuff.
Him "What are you bringing in?"
Me "Clothes and the kids toys"
Him "Any fruit, vegetables,or plants with you today?"
Me "No"
Him "Any alcohol or tobacco?"
Me "No"
He hands me my papers back along with a form he rips off a pad, that says Non-Compliant and says "Have a nice day"

HUH?? My mom had to tell me to start the truck and drive. I was completely dumbfounded! Speechless. So I did what she said and asked "Where am I going?" And she actually had to tell me to start driving home. I didn't come to a full understanding for probably 2 whole minutes. My brain couldn't compute!!!! I was in!! I was allowed to go home!!! O M G!!!!!!

And that's just what I did!!! I drove away from the border just amazed!!! Still in shock!, with NO clue where I was going!!! I passed 3 gas stations without stopping to get much needed gas...I was down to 18 miles to empty!!

My very first phone call was to Howie who was praying we'd get thru as I'd text messaged him to let him know we were trying. He too was speechless and asked me three times "You got thru? You're actually in Washington??"

I finally spotted a gas station and tried to get my bearings...I couldn't just keep driving on roads totally unfamiliar to me! It was then I looked up at the street signs and realized I was actually on a familiar road...thanks to Jake having baseball tournaments in the area! So I plugged it in to my maps app on my phone and bingo, 1 hour and 45 mins to HOME!!

We stopped for lunch in Lynden and celebrated (well, mom did with a glass of wine) at Bob's Burgers & Brew. What a YUMMY lunch too!!!

Howie was able to get off work a half hour early...and was waiting in the driveway for us. Bouncing on his feet...literally!!
SO good to be have my family back in same house!! We got all the boxes brought in, but not dealt with...there's time tomorrow for that! DJ was thrilled with his own room!! His own bed, desk, toys!! Until it came time for bed that is! Oh the tears and drama!! But he got a hall pass and his door was cracked open...and lots of hugs and kisses were given over and over! And finally 45 mins later he was blissfully asleep!
Samantha on the other hand, fell instantly asleep at the boob and made one tiny whimper when I put her in bed.

Now, everyone's asleep and I'm watching REAL tv!!! Kicked back in MY recliner!! In MY house!!!

What a great way to end a day that started off so bleak!

Til next time...ciao

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where in the world

Is Carmen Sandiego? Wait, scratch that, my name is Missy Hughes...and tonite I'm in Abbotsford!! Now, if you look on a map, its not that far from Chilliwack...but we did a lot of driving anyway!!! From C'wack to Maple Ridge to visit friends for lunch and afternoon...then back to A'ford! Took all day too!!!
We took our sweet time this morning waiting til the last possible moment to be evicted, I mean check out. We knew upon waking that there was no mail...turns out, there really was NO mail for the whole sister is out painting the fence anxiously waiting for the mail to come...and none came! How dare the postal person take a personal day!!! Don't they know I'm waiting on a VERY important document!?!?! GAH!

I did call the embassy number I have and listen to their 5 minute message where they s-p-e-l-l e-v-e-r-y w-o-r-d o-u-t i-n t-h-e-i-r e-m-a-i-l a-d-d-r-e-s-s its rather annoying!! Then they give these 900 numbers you can call...for 1.89 a minute...or an 877 number that only costs 1.59 a minute...I chose this one. The person I spoke to was of NO help whatsoever!!! She told what I already knew and that was that!! I paid 3 bucks for nothing!! She said the only way to get an answer from the embassy was by email...which I've already done...twice!
I now know what an airplane in a holding pattern feels like!! Going in circles!!

After our visit with my friends, we agreed it just wasn't going to work to stay at her house...she's in the middle of a SERIOUS summer clean/repair for her son's wedding next weekend...and she doesn't really have beds for no go there. Then my mom got to work contacting people she hasn't had communication with in over 20 years!!!! And finally we caught a break!! The son of her BFF of longtimenow lives in Abbotsford...and was more than willing to have us stay at his house as his own son is in is his fiance...and he himself is leaving tomorrow for we can stay for a while at least!! Whew!!! HUGE relief off my shoulders!! Not to mention my pocketbook!!
So that's where we're at...still in a holding pattern...still no answers!!

Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So Close...

Yet still so far away!!!! I'm beginning to feel like Waldo in "Where's Waldo"!! So, where am I again?!?! Oh, right...Chilliwack, BC! SOOOOOOOOOO close to home, yet still so far away!!
This morning we woke up all cozy in our beds at the suite in Banff, took our time eating breakfast, showering, getting ready...and back on the road for almost 10am! Seems SO late after all the days we've been travelling...6 if you're counting...

The mountains ARE beautiful...but there's something to be said for flat, prairie control!!! You can't use that when the roads are steep and winding!!! And boy were they steep AND winding at the same time!!! We made good time tho! Stopped in Golden (nothing was painted gold...I was disappointed) for lunch, which was hearty!!
Then we took Rogers Pass over the mountain...and down!!! Stopped in Salmon Arm (who thinks these names up!?!?) for gas. And then in Merritt (country music capital of Canada according to them) for dinner. And then all the way down (and up!) more mountains til we hit Chilliwack!
We did stop at Lake Louise to do the gondola ride up to the top...DJ would have LOVED every minute of it! But it was 26.00 per under 5 are free...but we just couldn't justify spending 93 cents a minute for the ride (both directions) when none of us were properly dressed for frolicking on the Mtn! So we skipped it and continued on. And DJ, he was none the wiser!!

I have to tell you something SO bizarre!!! When we were driving in northern Ontario, we played the road game with this truck that was with some company called Tanknology. I kid you not, that very same truck passed us today on the way down the mtn!!! We were positively STUNNED!!! It had Ont plates, but we couldn't get up close enough so I could see the driver (mom was driving) to make sure sure! How wild tho!!

Ok, off to la la land for me!! We gained an extra hour today...I'm feeling it! Whoever said they want 25 hours in the day...are NUTZ!!!

Please keep praying I'll get my passport...still no mail!! And I sent another email to the embassy...and I'll be calling their 900 number in the morning...I have GOT to get to the bottom of this! I wanna go home dammit!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blown away

By it all!!!

The mountains and being in the heart of them: blown away!!
Took DJ swimming for his first time ever and within 10 mins (no word of a lie) he was jumping off the edge into the pool without me catching him!!! Blown away!!
Our hotel room, nay, suite!, is FANTASTIC!!! If you ever get to Banff...definitely stay at the Banff Rocky Mountain Resort!! The room: blown away!!
How about the simple fact that both kids were sound asleep by 8:30 local time after enjoying a meal in our kitchenette, in our suite!! And mom and I got to watch tv that wasn't cartoons: blown away!!
The fact that I'm so close to home I can almost smell it, yet STILL have no passport, or any word on when I should have it: yup, you guessed it...blown away!!!!!!!!!

Today was a great day!! Started early thanks to Samantha's internal clock being off...altho, DJ did try to crawl in bed with me at 3am thinking it was time to get up....sent him straight back to bed and he slept til 7!!! Samantha on the other hand was wide away and wanting to play at 6:30...oy vey!
After showers for mom and I we loaded up and went and had breakfast at A& you know what those two letters stand for?? Allen & Wright...never knew they had meaning!! Sad eh?
Anyways, after meltdown #1 for DJ we left and went to walmart (where else??) to get water wings for the kids...knowing we were going swimming and I didn't want to get caught paying thru the nose for them! And we got laundry stuffs as we'd done our homework and knew the hotel has a coin-op laundromat. Then we headed west to Canmore to visit an old friend from waybackintheday!! I think its been about 20 years since we've seen each other...but thanks to Facebook we've reconnected!! She knew from following my updates that we were headed her way and invited us to have lunch. Both kids fell asleep a half hour before we arrived, so we let them sleep while we visited and met my g/f's two adorable children!! The kids woke up when the rain hit, and joined us. DJ took about 5 mins to warm up to Sofia and she was his new best friend!!! Too cute!

After our visit we hit up the Safeway in town as we knew we had appliances in our room! Then we checked in and its been wonderful!! Very relaxing and with some degree of normalcy for the kids!! We sure needed this break in the journey!!

As I mentioned, still no mail containing my passport! If you could add this request to your prayers, I'd be ever so grateful!! The timing of it arriving tomorrow would fit perfectly...

Til next time...ciao!!

P.S....this is my 100th post!!! Yay me!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 4 and we're STILL

In the Prairies!! Man is it flat out here!! We've had many a chuckle at making flat jokes!!
If you're at all familiar the show Corner Gas, we did talk about going to visit where they filmed it...but it was an hour out of our we just kept going. Mom wanted to do the RCMP museum too, but in the end chose not to. And the T-rex museum was 86km off the highway....what are these people thinking!?!? lol

What a miserable nite for me! Samantha woke up about midnite local time, about 2 hours after she went to sleep to poop! The poor girl was struggling earlier, and I guess with the relaxation of sleep she was able to poop. And then instantly fell back no, I didn't get to change her...and yes, I had that stinky butt near my face for most of the nite! Don't laugh!
She then woke up at 3 am local time to eat...and again at 5 am...and up for the day at 6. Because of this disjointed sleep, my back was a mess!!!! It was spasming in so many places, I could hardly move!! It was then I discovered I'd been bitten by a deerfly the day before at the campground cafe we stopped at for lunch. Not once, not twice...but THREE times!! The trifecta of bites!!! In a nice triangle too! I remember killing something that was bugging at the nape of my neck, but thought it was just a mosquito! Man are they ITCHY mothers too!!!(Tho I'd rather it be me instead of them!!) I put the only thing I had with me on them...aloe gel! I have to say, it worked quite quickly!! And I was able to forget about them for a while!
With getting up so dang early we went and had breakfast and got on the road by 8.

Not much to report about the drive either...really boring and flat!!!! We did see a salt mine...and 2 mini oil rigs...had lunch in Gull Lake...and hit Alberta about good timing. We've also had the pleasure of driving into some heavy thunderstorms! Gotta say: that gets the adrenaline going!!! Man it was intense at one point! Had my flashers on, and got as slow as 40 kph...even had a transport pass me!!

I think we listened to Cars 4 times today...and DJ gets so excited at the race EVERY time! Like he's never seen it before! Amazing!

Our goal today was for Bassano....and we made it there for 7pm!! We didn't want to get too close to Calgary as the Stampede is going on and the rates for rooms will have gone up! Not to mention finding a room would be that much more challenging! But after checking out the motel...and mom going in to talk to the guy...she quickly retreated to the truck and said "NO!" The guy gave her the creeps...and it didn't look like a nice place at all! The only other place was even older and worse looking! So we got outta there quicklikebunnies!!! The next place that had accommodations was Strathmore...which is where we're parked for the nite! At Leroy's Motor Inn. Same price as last nite's dive...but 1000% better!!

Everyone's asleep...again...and now its my turn! Read and sleep! Good combo!

Til next time...ciao!

Not Me! Monday

Its time again!! I can't link up with MckLinky over at MckMama's blog like phone is good...but not THAT good! But here's my...ahem...moments!

Last week I was out shopping with the kids gathering up the last of what I wanted/needed from Canada. While in my old store (Zehrs Hespeler) I was in search of some UltraSwim shampoo...gets chlorine out of hair...and as I'm walking slowly up the aisle, not minding the little hands in the buggy with me, Samantha knocked over an entire display of sunless tanning stuff. I did not then just upright the display and haphazardly put things back in it. I did not then just walk away...oh no, not me!!

With all this cross Canada travelling, there may possibly have been a few minor mishaps...but I did not laugh!!

Like the morning at one of the motels, I took a shower and when I stepped out realized I only had one towel. I did not use that one towel for my hair, and then use a face cloth to dry my body off! Nope, not me!

As well as the travelling we've been eating in lots of different restaurants. At one place we're getting ready to order when DJ starts fussing at his eyes saying they hurt. So we ask if he's got something in his eyes and he points at the pepper shaker...I did NOT laugh uncontrollably then!!! That would be just a horrible mummy thing to do!!!

The other frequent activity when doing all this driving is getting gas. Now, we've been fortunate in finding most of them to be full-serve...but one place was self-serve so I hopped out of the truck and fill up. Now, one of the services full-serve gets you, most times. is a windshield cleaning. So thinking I'd be nice to my mom, I reached for the squeegy and did the front I'm reaching across the passenger side, I did not then realize I was smooshing my clean white t-shirt into the side view mirror, which was also covered in bugs....ICK!!! I hate when I do that!!!

Til next time...ciao!