Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Let It Rain Down

I guess it's better than the snow we got last month, but man, the rain is relentless!!! We're under flood watch...well our roads to town are...our elevation serves us well in these watery times!

After breakfast we took our sweet time leaving to go grocery shopping. First stop was Grocery for us , but my g/f told me they have the best local prices for GF stuff. She was right too!!! We got all kinds of GF goodies!! Crackers, tortillas, chips, noodles, noodles and more noodles!! She was one happy camper!

We then did the Freddy's run and got the rest of our necessities. I even scored some birthday gifts for DJ!! All their clothes are 70% off the lowest I got 20.00 shirts for 3.00!!! How sweet is that?!?! I got 4 for DJ , one a gift, and one for Samantha! All for 19.73 or some such ridiculous number!!

We finally got home just before 2 and I made lunch immediately as we were all hungry!! They had their salami and cheese usual, so they were doing good. I was starving!!! Our afternoon consisted of glow baths and hair brushing. When they were done they headed next door to play and I hopped in the shower. Howie was home when I got done and I got right to making dinner. One of our purchases today was GF pancake IS Shrove Tuesday!! Not that we're Catholic by any means!! But once that suggestion gets implanted by others having them you can't turn that off!! lol

After a rather tasty dinner I took off for an Avon meeting in town. Long time since we've had a local one! I came home laden with stuff!! Got my Presidents Club recognition and I win three door prizes! I rock!!! Ha! No, really, I love going!! Got up try out two new products coming out and smell a new perfume.

I got home as Howie was reading to our pajama clad kids. I helped tuck them in and sat down to relax. We started watching Glee (how on EARTH could they end it that way!?!!) and Howie went up bed. Last week was a fluke! lol then I watched Cougar Town, New Girl (I'm really liking this one!!) and Raising Hope (which was hilarious!) Parenthood was heartbreaking!!! I Also learned I was a week behind on Survivor!!! It started without me!! Thankfully it's on On Demand and I caught it! Poor Kourtney! Out without a chance!!

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