Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nine years ago today

I married the one man who can drive me the craziest in the shortest amount of time!!! Aside from his children that is...but these three people complete me!! I wouldn't have it any other way!!

This morning I woke up to a whisper...Samantha asking Howie to wake up and get her a cookie and a juice pack! It was cute how quiet she was being, but my bladder heard her!! So did DJ! Then all three of them left and I got another 90 minutes of sleep with some strange dreams!! I got up, ate quickly and me and the kids headed to town. It was originally going to be me and DJ, but Samantha learned what I was doing and wanted to tag along.

So we dropped DJ off at the church for Awana games practice and headed to the salon to get my toesies taken care of....last time was when mom was here!! Samantha picked out my colour...BRIGHT pink!!!! I showed her purples, blues, and other muted pinks, but she wouldn't have it!! She also wouldn't sit with me and soak her feet...she sat beside the girl working on me and asked all kinds of questions. It was cute!! They asked if she'd like her toes painted, she declined politely. Another asked of she'd like her finger nails painted, no thank you was her reply. There were three other girls there under ten all getting pampered, she could care less! One day she'll learn!!! One day...

We were early to get DJ, so we sat and watched. Then the three if us stopped to get cards for the twins upcoming birthdays before finally coming home. The afternoon was lazy!! Naps were tried in for size, but dogs barking and SamSam had other plans. DJ was next door watching movies.

Dinner was wonderful!!! Bbq'd steaks, sautéed mushrooms, steamed cauliflower and asparagus! Delish!!! The kids had pizza...well Samantha had a GF version... Then after dinner the kids and I showered and they were put in bed!! I'd rented a movie for Howie and I to watch. Fast we've been wanting to see for a while now!! It was good!!! Then Howie went to bed and I got caught up in a Queen Latifah movie that was also good!! Chick flick good tho. lol Now it's time for me to call it a day!

Til next time...God bless!

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