Tuesday, February 28, 2012

From the moment I opened my eyes

I knew the kids had bounced back!!!! Thank God too!!! They were both giddy and giggly this morning...and didn't want to smother snuggle me either!!! So we got breakfast on the go and DJ was outside playing...Sam chose to stay in her pj's and stay warm while we headed to the shed to pick up books. I tell ya, the sun was shining, but DAMN it was cold out!!!! I heard it was 28 this morning...it sure felt like it! Inside and out!!! I tried to do the books quick, but they still took a while...14 boxes will do that!

We got home and DJ went right back to playing....Sam needed to get dressed first and then she joined in...I was going to work out, but the logistics didn't work out for me to do that, so I did laundry instead...fun right!? And I got lunches ready for us...which proved difficult as DJ wanted a picnic outside...yes, the sun is shining, no, it's NOT picnic weather...oh the tears!!!!! Oh, they even asked to go to the beach today since the sun was shining....did they not remember the flakes of snow coming down yesterday!?!?! Apparently not! Man alive!!

After lunch they went back out to play again while I got ready to head to town...I was meeting one of my reps to stand at the post office to hand out Avon books and get names/numbers for potential clients. I also finally remembered to return the shredded envelope that once was my parents Christmas card...that would be why they never said anything about getting it...and since the stamp wasn't used, but had a mark thru it, I wanted my money back! Yes, it's only 80 cents, but dammit! The government already gets enough money!!! It took a good 20 minutes to get the form printed and filled out by the Postmaster and then the lady behind the counter made me wait in line AGAIN to get the 80 cents back...but I just smiled thru it all!! :D Like my mama taught me!!

We headed for home about 3:45 and made a stop at my g/f Anneke's house, chatted with her a bit and then headed home...we got home literally one minute before Howie!!! The kids went back to playing, and I got on the treadmill. Finally! Didn't do a whole hour, but got a good 45 mins in...so that's good!  Dinner was FABULOUS, pork chops, wild rice which Sam LOVED, and steamed broccoli....topped off for DJ with a hot cross bun  and for Sam an apple with peanut butter...lucky kids! Once they were in bed we put on The Voice and enjoyed the last of the blind auditions! Some of Blake's choices surprised me....none of Adam's did! lol And their bromance is HILARIOUS!!!! I just love it! Howie went to bed after the last audition and I kept on frogging.

Remember that sweater I made last year?? The purple/white/green one...it's FAR too big on me now, so I took it apart to re-use the yarn...it was that or let it sit in my closet! I started off okay frogging the cowl neck, but once I got into the yoke it was a mess!!!! I spent 2 hours on it last nite and a good 3 hours on it tonite!!! Til I realized I could frog it from the beginning too....oh so much smoother!!!! In the end I probably lost a skein...so I cut it up into strips for the birdies to use when I put them in the yard come Spring!  I thoroughly enjoyed Smash tonite...its like an adult Glee...only somehow better...just love it!!! And 2 Broke Girls was hilarious!!! HIMYM was somewhat predictable. And now I'm off to bed!!

Til next time...God bless!

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