Friday, April 6, 2012

Yes, I'm still here!!

While I do miss blogging, I don't miss the pressure I put on myself TO blog daily. Never realized how much it was really.

But I've been thinking I'd tweak it a bit...instead of rambling on about my day in every detail, I'll just highlight my favourite (damn spell check tried to Americanize my word there) part of the day...if I feel so pressure!!

Today my fave part was shopping with SamSam. She really is an amazing kid. And not just cuz I'm her mother. I see the way people react to her and talk to her and watch what she does. The world is her stage!! Her sense of humour is spot on!! Her comedic timing is fantastic!! And she's only FOUR!!! Good Lord, she's four already!!!! No blinking!!! Next I know she'll be 14!!

Her excitement over a new laundry basket was darling!!! And her joy are showing DJ his was pure. If course she also had to climb in it to make sure it fits :)

Crazy girl!! Love her to pieces!!!

Til next time....whenever that is :)