Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yup, that was me!

My computer is being I guess I'm thumbing it tonite...which means the short version of our day...sorry!

DJ seems to be back in his "wake up at 7:16am" habit again! Only there's no persuading him to snooze....I fear he'll never need a snooze button! SamSam seems to be copying him too! Makes the weekends all that much more special for me!!!

Today was an Avon order day, so I was quite busy gathering the last of my orders to input! Made it too, with 11 minutes to spare! WHEW!!!! I love all my customers!!! And enjoy going to see them whenever they order! Its fun for me!!!

Just before I hit submit on my order DJ slammed his right thumb in the sliding door trying to get away from Sam....sadly, the joke was on him! It was INSTANTLY red under the nail and I'd say 7/8's of it was caught! It was a doozy!!!! He wanted ice for it right away, as that's what we do whenever he catches Sam's fingers in the door...never this bad tho!! This will now be known as The Summer DJ Lost His Thumbnail. Poor kid!! So I get him some ice water in the cup they've been playing with outside...and he won't stick it in there cuz it I offer to stick MY thumb in there and just count to 10...then we could take them out and have a break. We got to 2! He's such a suck!!! And he won't let me see it....he's paranoid I'm going to hurt him more than already is. I leave him be.

He becomes this whiny mess of a boy....he wrapped his hand up in his shirt and held it up by his shoulder for about 2 hours...would NOT let me see it or touch it! While I was making lunch I asked him if he wanted some medicine to help with the pain...he said yes, he wanted Daddy's medicine! I grab one Advil for him and give him some juice....he puts it in his mouth and drinks the juice....he didn't swallow the pill....and the coating is all off it now...and its a YUCKY taste!!! So he spits it out in the garbage (I'm laughing at this point) and goes on and on about how it tastes! What a kid!

While Sam was napping DJ and I laid on the couch....didn't take him long before the trauma of the day caught up to him and he fell asleep. I let him sleep for about an hour and woke him up. I didn't want him to be a bear for Howie tonite.

Once they were both up, I grabbed a quick shower as I had an Avon meeting tonite. Howie got home and I took off a half hour or so later. DJ was very excited for him to be home, as he somehow thought that Daddy would make the thumb all better...yet, he wouldn't even let Howie see it! He was worried about it needing to be drilled to relieve the pressure....uh, that would take a straight jacket to keep him still for that!!! And some really good knock-him-out drugs! Thankfully, Howie said it wasn't that bad. Whew!

At 5 I took off for Everett...but stopped at Safeway on the Highway to restock my slot for catalogues in the lobby. The 40 I put there 3 weeks ago were all gone! Now, either I have a vicious competitor that doesn't want me to succeed or all those books were taken by potential customers....hmmmm not one phone call yet. I'll be monitoring it that much closer, that's for sure! OHHHHHHHHH while I was driving down the mountain, I had the extreme pleasure of being trapped in a moving vehicle with a flying thing that stings!!! If you saw me driving erratically down Old Owen, slapping myself in the face...not to worry, I missed the damn bug and it flew out the window I'd opened for it! Sheesh!!! I'm beginning to think Howie's car doesn't like me!!!

I got home about 9:30 and tucked Howie in bed and got busy marking up the new box of catalogues my upline gave me for my slot. There were 60 books....took me a while! Now, I'm more than ready for bed...the computer let me it went quicker!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S. my friend Wyndi's daughter, and DJ's good friend, Izzy is going in tomorrow for surgery on her pace maker...they're replacing the battery as it drained rather quickly since her last appt. If you could send up a prayer for them, I'd appreciate it!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ain't that a hoot!

This morning the kids were BOUNCING awake!!! Sam once again soaked her bed...her blanket...her pillow...her pj's...just about everything! I swear, she'll never get potty trained if all her peeing is done at nite! Its ridiculous!!!

I got her changed and cleaned up and then crawled back in bed to just lay there...and get snuggled upon!! Worked like a charm too!!!! It was during snuggles that I told them we were going to the lake today.  The same one DJ did the fishing derby from back in April. He was SO excited!!!

While eating breakfast the sun made its debut for the day!! Sweet!!! This made DJ even more excited...he was dressed and ready to go at 10! I wasn't....still had stuff to do, lunches to make, and laundry to start. We did finally get out by 11:30...a little past what I wanted originally. I got caught up in collecting outgrown clothes for a consignment shop in town.

We made it to the lake, which is oddly, in town, about noon...there was one other mom there with her two boys. She lives close by, so its handy for her! Then another mom showed up with her daughter and we all headed to the "beach" which was really REALLY rocky! It was like walking on a pumice stone all cut up! And it didn't help my feet any.....was hoping for a natural exfoliation process! lol

DJ being the boy he is walked right in and fell...ohhhhhhhhhhhh the water was COLD!!!!!!!! FREEZING cold!! It may have been 70 degrees but the water hadn't caught up yet! Somehow it didn't matter to him....he just kept going in and out until eventually he was numb to it and was sitting there up to his neck in water! Since he has NO clue how to swim, I had to be in there with him. He had water wings on, but that'll only get him so far. A couple times he managed to go head first...but survived. SamSam on the other hand, she stayed near the shore and dug in the dirt/rocks with the other sane children. Altho, to be fair, she ended up sitting in the water by the end too! Crazy kids! Must take after their dad for that as I don't like swimming in fishy waters!

We left there shortly after 1 when we were done eating our lunch....stopped at the consignment shop to see what they'll take from me to sell...turns out not much as I have mostly fall/winter clothing...they did take some of it tho...and some of the shoes! Whew! Here's hoping!!

On the way home, BOTH kids fell asleep!! I guess DJ really got tuckered out with all that water play! Good for him! I cracked the windows and let them sleep! Every half hour I'd go out and check on them to see who was awake...they slept for an hour and a half!!!! Such bliss! if only I could have napped too!!! Would have been even better! Once they got up we used the trampoline next door....I now remember WHY it's been 10+ years since I've jumped on one....not to mention two kids ago....dang!!!!

Howie arrived home to all the clamour two kids can make!!! They hear his car now what with the windows they go running right away! After a bit of relax time I got dinner on the go. After Sam was done eating, DJ was being a butthead!, she told Daddy all about her "whimming hoot" which just had me in stitches!!!! Absolutely LOVE how she says swimming suit! Did ya catch it? To make matters worse, Howie threw the She sells seashells by the seashore out there....I almost had tears rolling down my cheeks!!!! Man, she needs to find her S maker soon!!! Such a crack up!! I should get it on video first mean!

Once everyone was safely tucked into bed I sat down to watch the drama unfold on the Bachelorette! Can you believe that schmuck Justin!?!?!? I mean, I knew it was coming, but had NO clue it was this bad!!! To hear the messages he left her on her phone, played back like that....just sick! And to think, he's representing Canada....not kool dude!! NOT kool!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Perfect Day: Take 2

WOW, this weekend could not have gotten any better!!! Well, okay, one thing would have made it better...having Jake with us! But I'm pretty sure productivity would have gone down and food consumption would have gone up! He IS 16 ya know!

This morning I woke up quite lazily about 9:30....and loved every lavish second of it! Kids were fed...dogs were fed...Sam was dressed....oh, and the dishes were loaded in the dishwasher!!! Without me even asking!!!!!!! How awesome was that!??!!? Kudos to my hubby for making me smile first thing in the morning!!

Once breakfast was out of the way, we all went back outside to work in the yard....some more!!! As if a whole day yesterday wasn't we did even more!! The back fence is now officially reclaimed by us!! Go Howie!! I'm still just baffled to look over the deck and see all the ground that's ours! Incredible!! He's done such  good job working out there! He even commented today that he's happy to be going to work just to get a break from yard work!! lol 

We may even have a new plan for the garden next year....along the back fence since the earth is just so viable!!! There were no other plans for it other than I'll keep my eye on it during a sunny day and see how much sun it actually that is the main factor to any garden! But it would also double the one I have now! In fact, we even talked about the one I have now becoming a melon garden since its closer to the house and gets the heat off it too...and then having a regular garden along the fence! I'd love to grow some corn!!! Listen to me all green thumbish!! Of course, this is all contingent on this year's garden being a hit!! *sigh* So far, it's a fail! But I haven't given up hope yet!

Once Sam was down for her nap I got busy building a fire for all the brush/blackberry weeds that had been hacked prior and already dried out....I had that sucker just a going!!! I worked on it for an hour and a half and then had to leave as it was my turn to clean the trailer and get ready for the day's incoming run. I left a wee bit earlier than that to run Redbox to return the movie and to check in on the gals at the salon I deal with. Imagine my shock and surprise to read that that location was shut down due to economic times. So sad!!! I'll have to call the gal I know at the other salon tomorrow and see what's what! I'd hate to lose the client base of the hair stylists!

By the time I returned to the house, SamSam was up and running around with DJ....and the brush was ALL GONE!!!!!!! It was so weird not to see this huge mound of leaves and debris in the yard!!! Of course, there's still what he cut down yesterday, and today...but those piles need to dry out before we can burn 'em up. Just call me Fire Maiden!!!! Or would it be Fire Pit Boss....either way, I'm happy! Both DJ and I can't wait til Grandma and Poppa come so we can have a REAL bonfire and roast marshmallows!!! He's never had roasted ones and my dad is THE best marshmallow roaster!!! Beyond perfection really!!! Its an art! I can almost smell them now....oh wait, that's just the smoke in my hair and clothes...close!

After dinner I bathed both kids as they were very much so dirty!!! Two days of romping in the yard with all its dirty things....a bath was a must!!! Once they were in bed Howie and I watched Extreme Home Makeover....something we'd never qualify for as we're too normal...and really, our house is fantastic! Its still a feel good show tho! After that was Drop Dead Diva....and Howie went to bed lol! What a great show tho!! I can't believe I missed the first season...I'll have to check and see if On Demand has it. Ohhh good idea! *pats myself on the back*

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gardening: Take 2!

I have to go on record saying that today was THE most perfect day!!! There isn't one thing I'd change about it!!! In fact....I want a do-over it was that fun!!!!

What did we do??

Not much! Well...not much off our property!!!! We did LOTS to/on our property!!! What a HUGE difference today made to how our place looks now!!!! WOW!

We woke up with no plans to go we stayed home (OMG I just NOW realized that we missed the magic show I wanted us all to go to...shoot!!) and got very busy with yard work!! Since last week Howie's been reclaiming our property from the blackberries that have been growing rampant for the past howeverlong years! I think it added a good 12 feet to the side of our yard they were that grown! And te soil there, is truly amazing!!! SO soft and rich!!!

While Howie was toiling away with the weed whacker, I did some inside stuff like laundry and dishes and emails...then headed outside with everyone else! Howie had started a fire in our fire pit area to burn our Christmas tree...and to think, in 6 short months we'll have another one decorated in the house! hee hee

He also burned most of the blackberry stuff he took down last week as it had had a week to dry out. Since this was "take 2" on the burning of the tree....he cleared that entire area of debris that wouldn't burn and WOW what  difference it makes to look out there and NOT see a pile of burnt crap! Amazing!!

While he was busy doing that....I replanted the garden!! I spoke with my friend Cynthia and she said it was more than okay to replant everything that didn't take and see if I can at least get a fall garden from it all!! Works for me!!! In my endeavours I discovered that I did in fact have carrots growing!!! I found these teeny tiny sprouts coming up!! SO excited!!!! The peas are also doing amazing!! I had to tie them up as they're starting to get heavier and not find the trellises to climb on. DJ was VERY excited that I planted the pumpkin seeds!!! I think he'll be watching them closely! Ohhh and my tomato plant has 9 flower buds on it!! SWEET!!!!!

This time I also wrote down what I planted as I I'll know what to watch for instead of being surprised! :)  Once I got the planting done, which didn't take long as I was very sure not to bury the seeds....I got busy weeding around the fence! Oh, what a chore that was!!! It took up ALL of Samantha's nap...and then some! At least now Howie can mow around it and not leave the weeds to grow as he can't get them with the weed whacker or it'll break the strings on the fence. It looks SOOO good!!!! I even took pix! I'll try and upload them tomorrow....I know, I still owe birthday party pix.....bear with me! They're on the 'puter, just need to take time and add them!

About 5 I came in the house to get started on dinner prep....and tried getting the bbq going...out of propane. URGH!!!! So off I went to get it filled, get more beer and eggs, and a movie for tonite! All that took me over an hour!!!! Boy was I starving when I got home!!! The kids were too! I think they were very tired as we had a bit of fighting eating at dinner even tho they liked what all was on their plates. Silly kids!

I grabbed a much needed shower while Sam finished up her dinner...and when I came out, they were pajama' I put them both to bed while Howie grabbed a shower. Then we both sat and watched the movie I rented.Edge of Darkness with Mel Gibson. Can I just say...WOW! I'd read the blurb on it in the Redbox thingy, but it far exceeded what I thought it would be! Very thought provoking! There was no way I could predict what was going to happen next! I will also say, there were A LOT of characters and it was sometimes hard to keep track of who was who!  But overall....highly recommend it!!! Even Howie stayed awake for the whole thing!! :) You know it's a good movie if he watches it all!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Double Duty Day

Fridays are now fully mine!!!! Thankfully I still get to sleep in as Howie doesn't go in til later in the morning...but now he comes home even later!!! Like, long past the kids being put to bed!!

Today was a GOOD day!!! I got woken up rather nicely by my husband...after getting to sleep in and NOT hearing screaming, its a wonderful thing!! Once we had breakfast together, he headed to work and I started cleaning up the kitchen....apparently I tried thanking Howie for doing the dishes in the dishwasher....til he reminded me that I'D done it yesterday before I left!! I'd completely forgotten! So then I gave him crap for not unloading it! HA!

Just before 10 I got a call from one of the gals with the Gleaners asking me to look up a phone I did that for her and then she asked if I could go to the trailer and help unload...sure thing! I had no plans for the morning!! We had MANY hands helping this unload/sort...worked quite quickly too! We were back home by noon and the kids were ready for lunch!

Once Sam went down for her nap, DJ and I laid on the couch and he watched Toy Story...for the umpteenth time! We now have Toy Story 2 out in the truck! I swear, if their toys start talking to me....I'm throwing the whole lot out! Movies included!!! :)

A half hour into "rest" time there was a knock on the door....DJ ran to get it, which allowed the dogs to get out as he's just not quick enough to avoid that yet!! Oh the barking that ensued....they were barking at the UPS truck! DJ brought in the box...and of course I HAD to open it!! I had NO clue who it was from either! I get it open and at the bottom under the brown paper crumpled up to use space, there's a professional microphone....a REAL one!!!

Now, last week, Monday or so, I called Fisher Price about SamSam's Dora microphone/amp set...the cord broke and she hasn't been able to use it. So I called the 800 number and requested a new mic...well, they sent me one alright! 'Cept, it won't work in her TOY amplifier!!! Seriously??? When the guy asked me how it broke I remember saying "She's TWO....she was dragging it around...." Now, I'm laughing at what he was thinking....anybody need a new mic??

After the excitement, we got back to watching the movie and both of us fell asleep!!! TIL 4:37!!!!!!!!!! That is NOT good!!!!! Even Sam was still sleeping!!!!!! 2 and a half hours!!!!!!!! YIKES!!!

Guess who all stayed up til 9 pm....I'm no idiot....if I'd tried to put them to bed at 8 it would have been SO frustrating!! So, instead, they both got long, lazy baths....then we watched the end of Happy Feet a book and turned out the lights! No problems from either one!!

Then I sat down and watched some stuff on DVR from last nite...I'm shocked to say the least about Cristina going home on SYTYCD....I really thought it would be Melinda....hmmmm Oh well...shows ya what I know!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Friday, June 25, 2010

I have some new rules!

Not for the kids amazingly....but for attending concerts!!! I'll get back to that....

This morning DJ was back to his normal routine of waking up at 7:15ish! Thankfully he dozed back for another half hour and then we got up. Sam was already calling my name so she was definitely up! Part of me can't wait til she's in a real bed and can get up on her own...but then that means there's TWO children climbing in bed in the middle of the nite! OY! We'll need a bigger bed for sure!

Since we had a play date this morning we got right to breakfast! And we were surprisingly out the door by 9:30! Impressive these days! Our play date was with a mommy friend from Mukilteo....I've known her since her daughter was 3 mos old and she's now 3! Andie and I hit if off simply because of our age....we're a wee bit older than the other moms we knew from the other we connected!

We met them at Forest Park in Everett...which is this AMAZING park!!! It has everything!! A HUGE creative for kids to play on...even one for smaller toddlers! 8 or 10 swings. Climbing structures. A petting zoo. And a splash park! Not to mention a swimming pool where they do lessons and whatnot. HUGE park!! We've been to it before for other play dates and birthday parties, but DJ doesn't remember that at all! So today it was like his first time there! I arrived 3 minutes before Andie did , so good timing! The kids took off to play on the creatives right away! About an hour later we headed over to the petting zoo...they had the normal farm animals....mostly babies of and that's perfectly okay! They tolerate the petting more so! I was worried Sam would not like it as much, but she got right in there petting anything that would let her! They both loved it! After a half hour of that we headed up to have lunch at a picnic table. When done eating we hit up the restroom and changed into swim attire for the sprinkler park. Both my kids totally walked right into the spraying water! It was COLD too!!! The sun was out, so they didn't care!

Just after 1 we left as I had two Avon deliveries to make on the way home. Once home I rushed getting ready as I was meeting Howie at the same park n ride I was meeting my friend Denise at to head to Seattle for a concert. Boy, did that start the clusterfuck known as my afternoon!!!! I chose not to do my  make up here at the house and figured I'd do it in the truck on the way into Seattle...good thing too! We left here at 3:10 and stopped at Subway so I could grab a footlong for dinner while standing in line at the theater. As I'm pulling out to head out of town it dawns on me that I forgot my ticket! GRRRRRRRRR So I make an opposite turn and head back to the house....which is when I get stuck behind a truck pulling two trailers...lovely!! Get the ticket, and my camera which I'd also forgotten and dart back out to the truck. Head back down the mountain and proceed to the meeting place. Called Howie and Denise to let them both know what I've done....and just keep on driving.

Now, I'd looked at a map prior to leaving the first time to give Howie specifics on which park n ride we're meeting you'd THINK I'd know where I was going. WRONG!!!! I went the wrong way on 405 and ended up in Bothell!!!! Turned around and headed the right way to the park n ride and made it there about only 15 mins late. Not too bad. Denise had also forgotten her tickets so she was late too...and was about 5 mins behind me.

We head into Seattle and get parking kitty corner to the theater...sweet!!!! We had a twitter friend who was coming from Olympia...she got there at 1! So we were first in line! Together there was 7 of us....good group! Now, I'm the only one with a ticket that says Balcony...and they directed TO the balcony even tho its General Admission....grrrrrrrrrrrrr. While sitting in prime seating on the balcony I text Pearl and tell her to give her ticket to Amber and have Amber bring it out to me in the lobby...worked like a charm!!!!

Now I'm sitting front row and center!!! Perfect!!!

Well...not really!! You see, once the opening act strummed his first chord, the girls went running for the stage! Not just my girls...but a whole mess of people!!!! So by the time this opening act (who was just AWFUL) was on his 3rd song, I couldn't feel my feet, they kept falling asleep on me. Denise had a meet n greet with Eric Church (who was the main course) and so she was off during most of the opening act. When she pushed her way thru the crowds to get to us, I told her she could have my spot as I was going back to the seats. Sheesh!! Making my way thru the throng of people is not my idea of fun!! Denise's friend Janice was still in her seat in the front row, so I joined her. As soon as the opening act was done....the area in front of us doubled in people! I kid you not! When Eric took the stage...even MORE people came to the front area!! After getting stepped on 5 times by 5 different people, Janice and I took off for either the lobby or the balcony...we were undecided! That is until we hit the very last row of seating in the place and realized it was a great spot!!! It was about 30 degrees cooler and no one around us! We were also high up enough that none of the idjits in front of us were blocking our view.

And this is how I came up with my rules!!!

I must know AND like at least 3 songs of who ever is performing!

I much prefer outdoor concerts...and if it HAS to be indoor (winter does happen) then a much larger venue is a must!

The first one is critical! I knew one Eric Church song....and he didn't win me over with the rest! Sorry Eric...just not my style! It was NOT country by any stretch of the imagination!

Then on the way home...I once again, went the wrong way on 405!!!!! UGH!! Thankfully it was only a quick 2 mile mistake!! Now, I'm ready, more than ready, for bed!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer has FINALLY arrived!!!!

And garden has not made it!! I spoke with my garden guru about what's NOT happening in my garden and she agrees...I planted too deep and its been too wet! Bad combo!!! So, this weekend I'll turn over the soil thats not got stuff growing in it and replant things again!! Here's hoping for more sun!!!

After 272 days of being UNDER 75 we hit 77!!!! About time too!! I think this is one record I don't want to see broken thankyouverymuch!! Our house stayed relatively cool too considering! Howie still wants to put the a/c in for when it gets sizzling hot...I'm undecided! I like the heat if  you haven't noticed from all my whining!

Today also held an earthquake in ONTARIO!!!! How insane is that?!?!??! AND apparently there was one back in  1998!!!! Not sure where I was for that one...but being 26 back then you'd think I'd remember something about it!!! Too self absorbed I guess! Or maybe its because I wasn't blogging back then and don't have the written proof of

DJ got to play play PLAY with K today....they leave tomorrow for their fartoolong vacation! I've talked with him about it and they told him about here's hoping the time flies without too many "When's K coming home?" type questions! He'll be lonely that's for sure!! Good thing we've got my parents coming for a nice long keep his mind off who he's missing.

Ooooh know what else today produced!?!?!? Altho, I guess technically it was tomorrow as it happened in Australia....they elected a FEMALE Prime Minister!! That's HUGE!!! Go Girl Power!!!! Of course, since she's the first one, she'll be held under a microscope! And to think....I have a cousin living there and got to witness it all! Pretty neat!

Once the kids were in bed I grabbed a shower and then watched SYTYCD....the women are coming out of their shells and bringing their A game!!! I think it'll be a guy who goes home tomorrow...and Billy is who I pick...just didn't have the same muster as the rest! BUT, if I had to pick a would be Melinda. She didn't quite execute it well enough! Listen to me....talkin like a judge...ha!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Parks don't always work out

Today we had another GORGEOUS day!!!! Not sure yet if we got over 75 or not....KING5 didn't tweet me back...but it must've been close!!!!

With DJ staying out so "late" last nite and not getting to bed til after 9, he didn't get up til after 8:30...SO nice!!! What a difference the sun and extra hour of sleep did for me! Sam was waking up as we were, so we all got up and got the day started!

The plan was to go to a new park for a picnic with the Mommy & Me group...a new to us park that is. The name of it was the Al Borlin park...we've changed its name to the Al Boring park...there was nothing but picnic tables! In DJ's words to Howie at dinner "There were NO slides and NO swings!" Not much fun for a 4 yr old...or a 2 yr old! The only plus was being so close to the train tracks and we had two trains pass by us nice and loudly!

We left there and headed for home for Sam to take a nap...she's still latched on to her new baby boy doll and it goes to bed with her now. Today it's name varied between Gary and Denny....strange girl! Not sure if I'm the one giving her the ideas/names and she's just agreeing...but for the life of me, I can't figure out what she's saying his name is! Even my interpreter, DJ, can't decipher it! LOL

Once we got home DJ went straight to K's house to play!!! SamSam went down for her nap pretty much as soon as we got in the house. About an hour later, DJ came running in asking if it was okay for him to go "swimming"....which ended up being getting hosed down with their hose. He was THRILLED when I pulled out his Lightning McQueen swim shorts! It was like I'd just bought them for him lol Oh to be 4 and not have the long term memory!

It wasn't til Howie got home that he decided he'd had enough of being wet and got changed into his clothes again. It was such a nice day that Howie got changed and came right back out to mow the lawn/weeds again! Turns out we have a little something going on with the septic...something about a fitting....I have no clue! As long as it's DIY fixable, I'm good!

As soon as dinner was done, DJ was back, I have NO idea where he gets all that energy from!!! While he was out I bathed Sam and got her ready for bed. She enjoyed her extra long bath! She's such a funny little girl! Her sense of humour is blossoming and its fun to watch!!! Her vocab is getting there too! I had one of the moms from the group ask if she talks....and it was then that it dawned on me that she doesn't really talk much when we're not at home she doesn't stop! She talks, she sings, she squeals...but when we're out, she listens and keeps her mouth shut. Smart girl if you ask me!

About 20 after 8 DJ came in and it was his turn in the bath...he got the quick-no-play bath! It was close to 9 when he got tucked in...and we didn't hear one peep from him! Love that!!

Since there wasn't anything on tv worth watching, I watched 3 episodes of Lost....and still have NO answers to any I'm not following the alternate storyline very well! I swear, if there's some geek out there that knows how to arrange Lost in 3 parts it would be amazing! The island lives, the after island lives and the if-it-never-crashed lives. SO confusing!!!!! Of course then they throw in the pre everything lives just to mess ya up! Its worse than a soap opera!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eye Ream

Bet you'll never guess what that's supposed to mean in Samantha's native 2 year old language!!!!

This morning DJ joined me at 2...Howie decided to try sleeping downstairs as he was complaining about the scent of our mattress...which I find odd since I'm the one with hypersensitive nasal capacities! DJ woke up at 2 to pee...just as I'd he went pee by himself, and when he came out asked if he could sleep with me. Since Howie took his pillows too, I told him to go get his pillow and sleep there. He hopped right to it!!! Once he was settled we both fell asleep again quickly!!

But, man, morning came too quick!!!

After breakfast we hung out in our jammies....then about 10:30 I told the kids what we were doing and they very quickly got dressed!!! We were going to an ice cream social!!!! (get the eye ream now??) The Mommy & Me group planned a day at a park to do this, but of course it was 55 degrees and very overcast!!! The longest day of the year and we didn't get sunshine for it!! Kind of gets lost on ya when the sunset doesn't include the sun!

Anyways...the deal was to bring our favourite ice cream toppings and all meet for sundaes!! One of the moms in town offered her home, so we headed there instead of the park. My kids didn't seem to mind one bit!! New toys are always fun!! We had a good crowd too!! DJ chose chocolate ice cream, which surprised me since he's never had it...and then wanted toasted coconut shavings, and chocolate chips on it...blech!! I had vanilla with bananas and caramel on it! YUM!! Sam had vanilla with bananas and chocolate sprinkles. In the end neither of them ate their one scoop....they wanted to go play instead!!

Shortly after 1 we took off for lunch at home and then nap time for Sam. If she doesn't get down by 2 she's a bear....I got the bear today! But the saving grace was the new doll she acquired from the play date. They have two boys and this one lone baby doll (a boy) and their dad was ready for it to be gone, so when Samantha was seen walking all over the house with the baby, she was told to keep it. She was THRILLED!!! And hasn't really let go of Gary (that's what it sounds like the name is...) as he sat at the dinner table with us in Jake's chair!!! So funny how concerned she is about her baby!! She's very maternal and it's showing big time with this particular baby!

After dinner DJ got to go out and play for an hour and a half!! Might have been too much for him as he was nasty when he came in...just downright obtuse! Like when my mom is hungry and doesn't get fed right away! Ornery! ha!  Once he was in bed tho, it took seconds for him to be in la la land!!

Howie and I watched the auditions for Last Comic Standing (LCS) as we enjoy laughing! The auditions are okay for me...I like it better when we've got the solid group and the competition get to learn their style and enjoy it more. Then I watched The Bachelorette...and I'm not at all surprised that Kasey is gone!!! Not one bit!!! I was also able to observe that she's not kissing ALL the guys!!! Chris L, Frank, Roberto and Kirk are the kissers...the other she kisses on the cheek or just hugs. Talk about awkward! Thank God she got rid of Chris N....that had to have been THE most awkward five minutes with him!!!! "So, what's a silly passion of yours?" and his response is "I love Mexican food" HUH!?!?!? Yeah, glad she finally got his number! Roberto is starting to move up in the line of who I'd pick for her! Chris L is still my first choice! He has maturity on his side!! that's a plus in my eyes!

Ok, off to bed I go!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S...did you hear about Jake and Vienna?!?!?!?! As much as I hate it when it doesn't work out....I can't say that I'm not all that surprised really!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I am blessed to have many fathers in my life!!!

My own father, who let me feel like I was a princess growing up,  yet grounded me when I took the princess thing too far!

My husband, who is the best father my kids could ever ask for!!! I think even DJ knows how lucky he is...tonite at bed time Howie was reading a bed time book to DJ and he stopped mid book to say "thank you" and DJ says "you're welcome Dad"  Shocked that the reply wasn't "What for Dad?" he asked him, "Do you know what I'm thanking you for?" and DJ's reply, straight from his little 4 year old heart was "For Father's Day!! I love you Dad!!" How awesome is that!??!!

Last, but not least, is my Father-in-law! Not for what he's done for me, but for raising his son to be a great dad! Dare I say, an even better dad! Or a more perfected dad!!

This morning I tried valiantly to allow my husband to sleep I got up with DJ, who'd crawled in our bed at some point last nite, at 7:15...ugh!!! My eyes were SO mad at me for making them stay awake!! Sam got up about 7:30, so I knew I couldn't sneak back to bed once I got DJ settled with a movie. So I got her settled with juice and cookies and laid down on the couch with DJ. About 7:45 Howie was up for the day! And let me crawl back in bed for an hour...or two!! I told him to wake me up in an hour, and he didn't! Instead it was close to 10 when he woke me!!!

I was up in a shot too as I wanted to make french toast for breakfast. I got a loaf of cinnamon swirl bread yesterday and found a recipe for making oven baked french toast. The last time I made it, it was okay, but no one raved about it. Today...we were ALL raving!!! Oh, it was DELISH!!!! I plan on making this one again!!!

After breakfast I bathed our sticky children as they were DUE!!!! While bathing Samantha I heard ruckus and sure enough, Jake came over!! Turns out he had to work this evening, so he came over early to spend the day with his Dad!!! He then polished off 3 pieces of french toast!

While everyone was visiting, I got started with pre-prep for dinner....Howie's dad and g/f Ellen were coming over. As the kids were eating a mini-lunch I hopped in the shower...and Howie put Sam down for her nap....right before his dad came!! So all the Hughes men got to visit today!! That's a good day!

Around 3 Jake took off to get home to change and get ready for work....I popped out to the shed to do my appointed duty of cleaning...which was perfect timing for the gal already there sorting thru today's run. Spent an hour doing that and then headed back home to get dinner going.

Oh, what a feast we had!! This is something my Dad taught me...when you have guests, pull out all the stops!! So we had steak, twice baked potatoes, corn on the cob, tear away cheesy bread, and Dutch apple pie with vanilla ice cream! Sounds good no? It sure was!!!

Dad and Ellen left shortly after 7 so we sat down as a family and watched a movie on DVR that we recorded for the kids...Happy Feet. Didn't realize it was SO long! So we only got watch half of it before the kids were put to bed. Once they were settled I took off to town for a delivery....nice and quick! When I got home, Howie was still up watching tv...then he went to bed and I watched Drop Dead Diva on dvr....this is turning into a great show!!! It's on Lifetime channel, in case you're wondering!

Now, I'm off to la la land! Just gotta get the dishwasher going before I do....

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

He didn't quite make it

The WHOLE nite....

At 5:47 am Howie heard DJ come in the front door just sobbing!!!

He climbed in our bed freezing cold and uncontrollably crying. Poor kid!!!

Took a bit for him to settle and then he slept til 8:30!

He still had fun! And told everyone he could that he went camping!!

Howie had to go in to work today, so I got the pleasure of having both kids with me to do Avoning

We left at 10:30....returned at 11 and left at 11:02...forgot my purse...grrrrrrrr

Made 11 stops, plus a trip to Walmart (where else!?!?) to get Howie's Father's Day gift

On the way back to Monroe both kids fell asleep after I specifically asked them not to as it was 4 o'clock!

Had to stop at Freddy's to do the groceries with two VERY cranky kids who didn't want to in Playland!

Got home about 6:30 and started dinner

Howie was out cutting back the blackberry bushes (I wish he would have waited til they berried...)

His cutting them back ADDED at least 10 feet to our property!!! That's just craziness!!!!!

After dinner the kids ran their energy off

Got put to bed....took DJ 3 times!

The last time he came out with his pillow across his bum so he wouldn't get spanked....cracked me and Howie UP!!!

He finally fell asleep with his feet at the top of the bed

Howie and I watched a movie The Spy Next Door.

Quite on  whim as I wasn't in the mood for Book of Eli

What a GREAT movie!!!!! Love Jackie Chan and all his stunts! And this movie had SO many LOL moments!!! Highly recommend!!

Now, I'm whupped!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

First time for everything

As I type this my son is sleeping in a tent outside next door. For the first time ever!!!!

Today was GORGEOUS!!!!! We need more than  few more days like today! Altho, we still haven't hit over 74 degrees in 268 days now, it was definitely nice out!!!

This morning started with my Avon being delivered....then we rushed out the door for a potluck at the library which was also a secret (notsosecret) baby shower for the groups organizer Linae. Then we hit up the co-op for dog food and treats...then Albertsons quickly...then home for SamSam to take a nap...then off to deliver Avon and meet up with another delivery at the shopping (which included one of those YUMMY roasted chickens, thanks Mom for the idea waybackwhen) and then drive home and eat dinner.

Before we left tho, our neighbours had set up their tent to "check things out" as they're going away on vacation that will include camping. And the boys (dad included) were sleeping outside....and asked if DJ would like to join them. I asked him and he JUMPED at the chance!!!! That's my boy!!! When we got back it was all I could do to get him to eat his dinner! Then we called over and sure enough they  were going to camp out. So we got him dressed in warmer clothes and he headed out to IS still light out til after 9 now! I think it was close to 11 we saw the flashlights flickering in the hopefully he settled well and quickly! Esp considering it was 3 hours past his bed time!

I'll be sleeping with the phone on my nightstand like usual!

Oh, and it turns out we've been blaming the wrong cat for the pee on the bed....I walked in seconds after Jasper just finished his dirty deed!! The little bastard! So, he's free to a good home!! I wouldn't let him up on my lap tonite while watching tv with Howie either....

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Friday, June 18, 2010

My own mother threatened it I DID it!!

My 4 year old blessing, aka DJ, sassed me one too many times today!! Recently he's taken to telling me or someone else in ear shot to "shut up"...not something that should be coming out of his mouth!! I've talked to him about it before...just yesterday in fact!! I don't even want him saying it to the dogs when they're barking up a storm!! My way to get them to stop is to say "enough!" and usually that gets their attention and they stop.

So, this morning, K had just come over to play, they were sitting down to watch Phineas and Ferb and I said something, and DJ pipes up with "....shut up!"

Excuuuuuuse me!?!?!?!

He knew from the get go he was in T R O U B L E!!! I'd warned him enough that today was put up or shut up time (pardon the pun!) and I marched his whiny butt into the bathroom where there was  bar of Allenbury's soap for sensitive skin and showed it to him. I told him he is never to say that again while putting the soap in his mouth along his cheeks....then he got sent to his room while I washed my hands and collected myself.

After four minutes I went in and we talked about what he'd done. He was VERY sorry for saying it and vowed never to say it again. He now KNOWS he's not to say it or there WILL be more soap in his future! He came back out and apologized to K for his bad behaviour. Then about 5 minutes later he and K headed outside to play with K's brothers.

Sam and I stayed in and got ourselves ready to head out. Today was my day to head over to the "trailer" and clean/organize and get ready for a I did! I wasn't able to leave DJ behind to play, so he came with and the two of them watched Horton while I toiled. As we were leaving I stopped by the mailbox to see if the mailman had arrived...he hadn't...and then from the backseat I hear DJ say "Stupid mailman!"

Excuuuuuuuse me!?!?!?!?!

Oh no you DON'T get to call someone that!! So we had a long discussion about how that's not a nice word and if I hear him saying it again about someone there will be soap involved! Since he was still "clean" from earlier, he got my drift!

The afternoon went quite smoothly!! He was very responsive when asked to do something! We snuggled on the couch and watched Toy Story til Sam got up...then the two of them headed downstairs to play while I got busy in the kitchen and making up the grocery list. Howie was late home again, but was in time to cook dinner!

Once the kids were in bed I grabbed a shower and got done in time to watch SYTYCD....and I have to say...I'm pegging Alex to win!! With it coming down to Roberto and Alex....Kent will be's a guys year this year!! I do love seeing the alum on there dancing with the newbies!!! As for tonite's dance by the pros...why on EARTH was he chewing gum!?!?!? I found that to be SO distracting from the dance itself! Drove me nuts!!! Also, loved Usher...but he sang the same song on Idol not too long ago....and the vid with him and Bieber was good...but I'm still Beiber Fever free! Whew!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The irony is not lost on me!!!

Today my goal was to find my extra moby wrap to give to my g/f Wyndi for her trip next week. I have searched HIGH and low and can NOT find it anywhere!!! I cheated when I had DJ and made my own...its more like a mei tai and I got it off the ...the pattern made two of I had two of them! Which worked out perfect in case of spit up and whatnot. I gave my other g/f Tiffany one before we moved...but since moving I have NO clue where the second one ended up. So, today I went in serious search for it.

Wanna know what else I found??

The toilet seat cover for our toilet....

The hanging closet thingy I've been looking for for 8 months...

The table cloth my grandma made for me as a wedding present...

And a whole bunch of other stuff I didn't know I was looking for!!!!!! I found my mom's old jewelery box from eons ago that she gave me an era ago...and it had ALL my earrings in it from high school and beyond! I kid you not!!! It was a veritable treasure trove of goodies!!! I could costume a movie set if it was set in the 80's NO PROBLEM!!!

And the I came across this quote, which just summed it up perfectly!!!!!

"I don't mean to brag or make anyone jealous or anything....but I can still fit into the earrings I wore in high school"

HAHAHAHAH isn't that great!!?!?!?! its true too!!! :P

I went thru the entire box and got rid of all the singles and broken stuff...but man, I had a LOT of earrings!! Samantha will have a ball dressing up in her later life!! There were actually a few pairs that were suitable for her now, so I'll clean those up and add them to her collection.

So, while I was lost down memory lane....wildly thinking my kids were upstairs watching Phineas and Ferb....I came to life and brought things in the house...which is when I discovered that my children were in fact, OUTSIDE!!!! DJ with no shoes on and neither of them with coats on...and of course, NO word to me whatsoever! I didn't have my cell with me (unforgivable, I know!) so I missed the frantic "Didyouknowyourkidsareoutside" phone calls from Michaela (thanks hon!) THIS is when I'm glad we live where we do and have who we have for neighbours!!! Whew!

Brought them both inside to give them trouble and time outs....once DJ understood what he did wrong he went back out to play....Sam and I did laundry! I think I did 4 or 5 loads today! I finally tackled the one corner in the laundry room that hasn't been dealt with since moving in. Here's hoping tomorrow is super nice so I can dry some stuff out on the deck rails!

Howie was super late coming home from work as he was attending Jake's baseball game....which got cancelled and turns out Jake wouldn't have played in tonite anyways due to an injury he got from football practice today. He took a finger to the eye ball...OUCH!!! It scraped up the side of his nose and into his he was out of commission for the game today. He did remember to put vanilla on the scratch part as it was starting to bruise!! Smart kid!! I guess I'm doing something right!

Tonite I got sucked into a show that just has me mortified!!! Toddlers & Tiaras on TLC....its INFRICKINSANE!!!! These mothers are awful!!!! This is the perfect template on how NOT to raise your daughter!! The things these moms were telling their daughters to say/do was atrocious!!! Got me all riled up!!! LOL

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S....I still didn't find the wrap!!! :(

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Waiting for the granola

I decided to make the granola a little later than I probably should here I sit waiting for to finish in the oven and then I can head to bed. Its been since Friday that I've had any and I was jonesing for some tonite!

Today we got up nice and early...*note sarcasm* as DJ had peed his bed. I find it ironic and not at all funny that I literally just had the thought yesterday that we've been very fortunate in his pottying skillz and how he rarely if ever pees the bed. And then this morning happens.....5 something he comes to me soaked...I tell him to take his pj's off and put them in the laundry and get some undies...he left them at the side of my bed and went and got undies. Yeah!

Then we got up for real just after 8 when DJ came to tell me Bailey peed in the living room....this after 3 wonderful days of nothing in the house!! URGH!! So while the kids had breakfast I got down to business sending in my Avon order...we had a Mommy & Me group thing today so I wasn't going to be home in time to submit it and didn't want to chance it! While it wasn't my biggest order was the most customer volume for me! 21 orders!!! That's HUGE for me!! And 5 of them were first timers!! Not too shabby!

We were a bit late to Albertsons for our tour...but it turns out we weren't late at all!! Whew!! We got there about 5 mins late and it didn't start for another 10 mins after that. Apparently half of the moms who went somewhere last week got the they were home sick! We had 6 kids for our tour. DJ really got a lot from it this time!!! I mean, A LOT!!! He was telling Howie all about it at dinner tonite and even I was surprised how much he remembered!

We got home in time for lunch, which was provided courtesy of Albertsons and their tour! and about 1:30 SamSam went down quite willingly for her nap. So DJ and settled in to watch Toy Story, the first one...he's really loving this movie! Debating on taking him to the theater to see the 3rd one...maybe, we'll see.

Howie was late coming home from work, but everyone was happy to see him! He brought a gift with him too!! Our friends Wyndi and Steve sent a gift for DJ's birthday on behalf of their daughter Izzy...this GIGANTIC box of outdoor chalk and a Cars memory game. So, after dinner DJ and I played memory. Dude's got a memory on him too!! I didn't cheat...nor did I help him and he WON! YAY!!! He got my memory and not Howie's!!!! Howie's memory is like a sieve...I kid you not!! So this is very good to see him do so well! And he really enjoyed playing with me! Sam didn't enjoy us playing without her so I let her have a turn and she was happy! Now, for her, I

Since there was nothing on tv tonite I watched 3 episodes of  Lost...and I'm confused as to why they keep flashing to this alternative life, the one they "would" have had if they'd never crashed...and how everyone crosses paths with each other regardless of being stranded on an island. I swear, it makes NO sense!!!! I think the writers burned out 2 seasons I guess its good that its over and done with! But man, my confusion is just growing! I thought being able to watch them in a row would help...its not!

So, now I'll wait the last 8 minutes before taking the granola out and then head to bed!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I was so busy

Avoning this morning that Miss Samantha pulled me away from my chair and made me sit in my rocking recliner and put Barney on for her.  Ha! Just what I wanted to do...NOT!!!! But sit with her I did!! It was nice to take a break! Then we watched Fifi and then "more Fifi!!!" ...I just love how she says Fifi...and its so incredibly clear. I think that's what gets me...she can say it perfectly! We've been working with her about her S's and its tough for her! We also LOVE how she's so grown up sometimes when she says things...just today when Howie got home from work, she went up to him and said "Up Dad!" and the Dad part was very enunciated! And it had that tone that if you don't, I'll put up a fuss! Of course, he obliged!!!

Today was a good weather day...the rain held off til the kids went to bed...and I'm quite happy about the rain...means I don't have to go out and water the garden! God's doing it for me!!! And its much more evenly watered now! :)

This morning DJ headed out to play with the boys next door...he doesn't know it yet, but they're going away for 3 whole weeks....he's going to be heart broken!!! 3 weeks to a 4 year old is L O N G!!! And then when they get back, we'll have my parents here visiting...and then summer is half over! Sheesh!!!!! Who planned that?? I think summer should be 6 mos long...not 3! Of course, if we could just get summer temps we'd be laughing!! Today was chilly!!! The heat even came on this morning!!! If that doesn't say something, I don't know what will! Man!

DJ was still out playing when Sam joined him after her nap! With the windows open I feel okay letting her go she waited til Howie was home, so his ears were open for her. She just likes the swing next long as the boys leave her be, she's quite content to just swing away! I knew Michaela was out there too....and all the boys watch out for her. She has no clue the people who are looking out for her! Lucky girl!

I made Chinese for dinner...Cashew Chicken...oh it was YUMMY!!! Even the kids liked it! Took DJ some time to come around to the fact that he was NOT getting  hot dog for dinner...meanwhile SamSam was plowing thru her dinner like nobody's business!! She is a rice fiend!!! Love that she's a good eater! We've also entered the "reverse psychology" age for her....tell her NOT to eat her carrots and she's shoving them in her face! Its comical!

Tonite was The Bachelorette....I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO glad she finally saw the light about the "weatherman" from Texas...he was annoying!! And can't sing to save his life! Jesse was another good pick to have gone...he's just too country for her. I do wish she's exercise her options like Jake did and remove a few more at a time. There's one dude that has literally had NO camera time...Chris one knows anything about who he is! I wonder if he's a spy on her behalf in the house...might be interesting! Either way, he's not attractive at all! lol My fave is Chris L...who I picked out from that first nite....and Roberto is a sweetie!! Kirk is also growing on me. Kasey is "kreeping" me out!!! Seriously!!! I love Monday nites! LOL

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S. my cousin who's been deployed is now home for a 2 week vacation with his wife! SO excited he's home safely in the middle of his deployment! Hope they have a wonderful time together!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

A little more than kissed

I'm downright sunburned!!! I woke up redder than I went to bed...did someone put tanning lights in our bedroom without me noticing!?!?!? I think I even burned the hair follicles on my scalp!! I can see the red where my part is....but it hurts even to touch the hair!!! OUCH!!! Thankfully I'm a faithful aloe user...and that stuff feels SOOO nice and cool on the skin!!! Its like my skin sighs with relief when I put it on! lol

Today wasn't as sunny...but it was dry!! So we're up to 3 days in a row now...not too shabby!! I was able to get out in the garden this afternoon too and check on its progress....and I learned a lesson...not to plant things too deep in the soil...those new growths aren't strong enough to break thru...and with all the rain we've had, it just made the earth that much heavier! I did some surface recon today and uncovered a BUNCH of new growth starts...this excites me!!!! I was beginning to think all was lost...but its not!! YAY!!! Howie also got me a piece of the chicken wire cut so the peas will have a little something to climb up! When the beans and cukes are ready, they'll get their own. I think the cauliflower and broccoli are done....they got too wet and didn't make it. In the next couple weeks I'll replant them so I can have a late summer crop of them.

Interestingly sad fact....we have not had a day over 75 degrees since September 23rd OF LAST YEAR!!!!!! Apparently yesterday we only got to 74 at Seatac where they take "official" temps for record keeping...that's insane!!!! Come on summer!!!!

I also got 4 loads of  laundry done...even dried a comforter on the back deck in the half, it sure smells GOOD!!! I just love that outdoor dried smell! I sure wish Howie would give in and create me a laundry line...I'd love to dry our clothes out there!! The sun is amazing!

This afternoon I had to return the movie we rented and pick up a couple I did that while everyone watched Toy Story...the first one. DJ had never seen it and was enthralled!! I recorded it yesterday, so we have it on DVR for him to watch whenever. When they got done watching it Howie discovered a Buzz Lightyear movie on...we missed the first 20 minutes of it, but DJ didn't care!!! I just love how Sam says it too "Buhh lighyer" but she knows!! Hearing her say "To infinity and beyond" is just too comical!!!

After dinner, which was YUMMY!!, I bathed the kids...all that playing yesterday and today had to get washed off!! Then once they were in bed, it was my turn! Which is how I know my hair follicles got burnt...they hurt to wash! I did put aloe in my hair last nite, and may do so in a few minutes when I go to bed.

Ohhh I made a deal with the devil Howie...that if he took care of the kitty litter, I'd make him a batch of caramel corn every week....he took it!!!! This pleases me to NO end!!!! Since not doing it for the past 5 years, I've kind of gotten spoiled!! Twice now the cat's peed on the bed in anger at me, so to avoid this, Howie has the chore...while I slave at the stove to make him caramel corn! Win win if you ask me!!!!

Speaking of...guess I'd better get busy making more for my parents dad LOVES the stuff!!! It is really good!! And soooooooo bad for you!!! lol

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


From the word "GO" its been sunny today!!! Oh what glorious sunshine!!! And on our way home this afternoon it was 78 degrees!!! We've been waiting for a day like this since September of last year!!!! Well, not quite, but it sure feels like it!

I'm sure there are MANY sunburned people in PNW....there will be many moans and groans tomorrow! I'm thankfully not one of them! I was smart enough to put my SPF on! And the kids too! Even thru the sunshine lotion, SamSam had a little pink in her cheeks...and DJ got some more brown on his arms. He got blessed with the Hughes skin tones...and they tan VERY well!!! Sam, she got my alabaster colouring that will tan, but wants to go lobster-like first. If only we were back in the 1800's where it was "cool" to be untanned!!!

This morning I stepped out of my to speak....I made an appt with my unit manager with Avon and she came out to show me the ropes about going door to door. I keep driving by these neighbourhoods where the houses are grand and thinking it'd be great to have a couple clients in there! So, today, she and I went walkin and knockin!!! I got 8 names in an hour to follow up that's 8 names more than I had before!!! Some were very receptive and eager to talk...others, not so much! but that's life. All but one don't have an Avon its mine for the taking!! And they don't have anyone in the area that they remember. Even better!!

Almost as soon as I got back we took off again.....Jake was playing football (throwing games they call them) with school. They only wore helmets and no, no contact. Just a way to get a look at the competition for the upcoming season. Jake's team won all 5 games!! We only stayed for 3 of them....each game was only a half hour long. But that's still 2 and a half hours of football in the hot sun! He called earlier this evening and sounded tired according to Howie.

On our way home we stopped by "the trailer" and noticed a lot of activity! We arrived just as they were unloading two runs of I was able to do more 'shopping' and round out all the stuff we got from yesterday. We're fully stocked in the food dept again! I love this!!! I got eggs, raspberries, cookies, scones, cauliflower, and pickles. We had some pickles with dinner and they were YUMMY!! DJ decided he REALLY likes bread and butter pickles!! And after 9 years together, I learned something new about my husband....he likes to dip bread and butter pickles in blue cheese dressing. Yeah, go ahead and scrunch up your face...even say "ew" if you want to....I tried it....won't be doing it again!! Pickles are just fine on their own! lol

Once we had the kids in bed (which DJ was a struggle due to his nap in the truck on the way home) Howie and I watched From Paris With Love with John Travolta....its such a guy movie!! Lots of shoot 'em up bang bang! I will say tho, the story line was good!!! There were a couple times I even said out loud "I didn't see that coming!" ....but definitely a man's movie!! Howie thoroughly enjoyed it tho! Even stayed awake for the whole that right there says something! :)  Once he went to bed I watched a movie I'd recorded on soon as it started I remembered seeing it before...but only I watched it again! What a touching movie! The Memory Keeper's Daughter Even tho I'd seen it already and knew how it went...I still was left bawling at the end!! Damn hormones!

Now, it's beddy bye time...I hear my pillows whispering my name!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I just love

Sleeping in that extra hour or so on Friday mornings!!! Truly!! Even DJ last nite when I said to him "I'll see you in the morning" while tucking him in, he says to me "No Mum, I'll see DADDY first!!" To be honest, I'm not sure who's more excited for Friday mornings....him or me! :D

When I did get up, they were both fed, and still in their pj's...which is more than fine with me! They were even playing very well together come to think of it....usually I hear screaming/squealing when I'm in the dozy last, nothing! Even more perfect!!

The sun was our friend today too!! It rained over nite and everything was wet, but at least the sun was out and making the attempt to dry everything. I love looking over the railing of the back deck and seeing the green of my garden. I can see tho, that some of my seeds didn't take. *sigh* But that's okay, a friend of ours has starts for watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew...and I get some when its time to plant! So at least I'll have room!!!

Around 11 we took off for town to pick up some $$ owed by an Avon client and then to get cat litter...we can NOT afford to run out! lol On the way home we stopped at "the shed" to see what was dropped off on yesterday's glean...and while I was there a lady dropped off her run, so I was able to help unload and put things away. That also meant I got to glean some of the better looking stuff...and stuff I wouldn't normally see. So, we had pizza tonite for dinner!! YUM!!! It was only cheese, but I didn't have time to add to it. Once Sam woke up from her nap, she and I headed back to the shed to help clean up the new trailer that we're moving into. I have such an amazing kid...she sat in the truck very happily playing with DJ's sunglasses and watching Horton while I worked my butt off for an hour and a half. Lara's son David and Anneke's son Travis were there to entertain her for a bit too. She just enjoyed herself immensely! And we got A LOT done today!! All of the food that wasn't in the fridge/freezer was moved over....and as we moved it, we cleaned every surface GOOD! I had fun too!

So by the time we got home after 6 and got dinner going it was just about 7 when we finished and these children NEEDED a bath!! DJ especially since he'd been out playing all day. I finally took a nail brush to his toe nails in the bath...glad he thinks it tickles and is fun...those suckers were D I R T Y!!

Howie came home from work just as I was getting started washing DJ up...and then took over with the bed time routine of reading to them before putting them in bed. Once they were sound asleep, and Howie ate his dinner, we sat relaxing watching the opening ceremony of the World Cup. Quite the diverse group of performers!! Some of the music was just bizarre!! Great rhythms tho!!!

Now, I'm heading to a REAL busy day tomorrow!!! And I started reading a book I borrowed from my neighbour....Dave Ramsey  I've been wanting to read it for a while far I'm still in the early chapters and haven't learned anything yet. I'll keep ya posted!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Friday, June 11, 2010

You know its summertime programming

When you watch movies on Lifetime!!!  Tonite's movie was Speak with Kristen Stewart...from the Twilight mania...she was the reason I watched it. It was kinda slow...but that could be because I missed the first 20 minutes. And yet, I don't feel like I missed much due to flashbacks. In the made me cry....I pray nothing like that EVER happens to my daughter...and at the same time, I pray we have the kind of relationship that I have with my mom...I could tell her anything. Might take a few weeks to spit it out, but eventually I told her everything. I hope I don't become an ignorant mom that doesn't pay attention to her kids emotions and what messages they send off physically, not just verbally.

Ok, enough of that! Today we woke up to dryness....then the sun joined us! So while the kids were playing downstairs, K came over and knocked on the door to see if  DJ could come out and play. He sure could!! He's never gotten dressed faster either!!! ha! That kid flew out of his pj's and into his clothes!!!

By lunch, the sun was shining and the boys and Sam had lunch out on the deck at the picnic table...I can see this being a daily thing once the sun decides to be daily....please, let the sun be daily!!! By 2 something the rains had joined us...and were pouring down from the skies!! The boys came in to play....Sam joined them when she woke up. Then they wanted to watch a I put on Cars for them to watch!

Howie came home with a headache and went and laid down since the kids were occupied with their movie. Once dinner was well under way, we sent K home for his own dinner at his house. The boys were begging for a sleep over...we'll have to schedule one for sometime soon!!

After dinner Howie watched last nite's Stanley Cup winning game (Thank you God!!) since he was out at Jake's game instead of home watching it. He got home too late last nite too, to watch it...but I did offer!!! He already knew who won, so it was kind of past importance. He did watch it tonite to see the goals and plays. I went and coloured my hair and had a shower. A much needed dye job!!! I didn't get my normal colour, number 81, as they no longer make!!!! So tonite was the first time with number far, its much darker than what I'm used to...hopefully the sun lightens it up big time!!!

Now, I'm off to bed....I have no book to read...and I'm all caught up in my!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Belt Buckle goes to...

Tonite was the CMT awards....for you non-Country music fans...this is a fan voted awards show! And much more relaxed than other awards shows! One day....I WILL be in audience!!!! Mark my words!! My goal is to be there for CMA Fest in that Howie?? lol He knows I'm such a he knows I'm semi-serious about this! I have a twitter friend who was in attendance at tonite's awards show...SO jealous with every bone in my body!!!!!! Hence the declaration!

Today was more rain....are ya shocked??Yeah, neither were we!! We had a play date planned for today too....a trek around Tye Lake with DJ on his bike...and then a picnic at their awesome instead I had Howie bring in the picnic table last nite just in case....good thing too!

Before Kody and her girls arrived the kids and I went to town to pick up some money owed for Avon...get some stamps....and get new books at the library. Remind me not to get 8 books for the kids at one time again....I had to read them ALL before dinner!!! And stupid me picked up longer books too!! There were two Dr Seuss books that had me rhyming in my head long afterwards....and one of them was a tongue twister book...damn!!! I was spitting all over myself to say them right! DJ just laughed!

We got home with a bit of time to spare before Kody arrived....and my kids were thrilled to see them again. It'd been a while! And they all took off running and playing and yelling and was good! Perfect for indoorness. Lunch was done in shifts as my kids were hungry sooner...and actually it worked out well! Then the snacking began...that was funny!! Each kid wanting something different...and DJ just eating whatever was out there! We did FINALLY finish off DJ's birthday cake!! Whew! Small pieces make it last too long! Thanks for the cake help Kody, Emma and Isobel!

They left while the sun was when Sam got up we headed door kids were out too, so it was all good!! Howie wasn't coming home in time for dinner as he was spectating at Jake's baseball game. After all the wacky weather we'd been having, I wasn't sure if he'd get to play or not.They lost and Howie wasn't home til just about 9. I'd just sat down to watch the CMT he joined me for an hour and then headed to bed.

I have to say...I"m THRILLED with all the winners!!! They all deserve to win! The only serious beef I have with this year's broadcast ....the host!! Kid Rock is NOT country and shouldn't be hosting!!! He's crass and comes across as a moron!! And honestly...a RAP song as an opening act didn't sit well with me!! I don't care  if he involved 15 country acts...and the song has the word "cowboy" in it...its NOT country!!

Ok, rant over! lol Now, it's time to get to bed.....I laid down on the couch while the noodles were cooking for dinner and near fell asleep!!! Sheesh!! I washed my pillows thanks to cat pee...and now I can't sleep on them...urgh!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Bet yer bottom dollar that tomorrow....we'll have rain!!!

Oh that ISN'T how the song goes!?!?!?!?! HA That's the PNW version!!! justsoyaknow!

We did have sun today tho!! Glorious, 73 degree sun!!! Right from the get go too! This morning we had a picnic to attend! So I was ever so grateful to see the sun shining down on us! With not a cloud in sight! Sweet!!!

We were late leaving thanks to Miss B and her bad hearing...I swear this dog is deafer than me!! It took me 15 minutes to get her in the house around at 11:30 when we're ready to go out the door, what do the kids it and let the dogs out!!! URGH!!!!!! Again, it took me 15 minutes to get her wandering butt in the house so we could leave! Calling for cookies didn't I called Howie and had him on speakerphone and made him call sorta worked...she wanted to know where he was!

We made it to the park shortly after 12, but luckily no one had started eating yet. My two took off running to play with the other kids there. We had 6 kids in our group, so that was good! It wasn't so much a tea party this time as it was last time, but it was fun!!! We let the kids run around more after lunch and then pulled them in for a craft....we made hats out of paper to go with the masks we made last time! I did more of it than they did, but they liked them...and liked wearing them!

About 2 we left and hit up Goodwill...I'm in search of a wrought iron shelving thing for out on the deck to get the planters up off the wood deck. I didn't see anything...but did get a Martha Stewart gingham valance for the kitchen. Now all I need is a tension rod and we're good to go!  Then we drove to Target to pick up SamSam's pix....they came in last week but I had no time to go get them...and I was hoping to meet up with Stephanie, my twitter friend, who works there and she actually did the picture taking. Alas, it didn't work out, she was on call for 3 but wasn't needed til like ships in the night, we missed each other.

Speaking of ships........have y'all seen this show Whale Wars??? I have a local mom friend who's been going on about it on her facebook so tonite I found it in On Demand and watched the first episode of season 2. I wasn't enthralled, but I am curious to see how it pans will watch another epi or so. But what does that say about Lost??  I have 458437609 episodes in DVR to watch and I'd rather watch something new? hmmmmmm 

Oh well....I know I'll watch it eventually! Tonite was also the season finale of Glee...I can not put into words how much I absolutely LOVE this show!! Tonite gave me chills!!! Just listening to them sing that Journey medley was awesome!!!! I can't wait for the Fall when it comes back on. I did see that they're starting the season again on Thursdays at 8 if you haven't watched this is your time to catch up and get just blown away!!! I plan on watching it all again!!

Now, I'm heading to bed....I did a half hour on the treadmill tonite while watching Jillian Michaels new show Losing It  which is really good!!! Teary, but good!! Motivating!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Monday, June 7, 2010

My Wish For You

I hope the days come easy and the moments pass slow,

and each road leads you where you want to go,

and if you're faced with a choice, and you have to choose,

I hope you choose the one that means the most to you.

and if one door opens to another door closed,

I hope you keep on walkin' 'til you find the window,

if it's cold outside,

show the world the warmth of your smile,

but more than anything, more than anything,

My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to,

your dreams stay big, your worries stay small,

You never need to carry more than you can hold,

and while you're out there getting where you're getting to,

I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too,

Yeah, this, is my wish.

I hope you never look back, but ya never forget,

all the ones who love you, in the place you left,

I hope you always forgive, and you never regret,

and you help somebody every chance you get,

Oh, you find God's grace, in every mistake,

and always give more then you take.

But more than anything, Yeah, and more than anything,

My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to,

your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small,

You never need to carry more than you can hold,

and while you're out there getting where you're getting to,

I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too,

Yeah, this, is my wish.

Happy Birthday to my first born son!! 4 years ago right now I was in awe! Pure awe of you! Raw awe of you!!!

I can hardly believe its only been 4 years since I became a Mum. Some days feel like 4 years!!! Most days are just amazing because you're in them and such an amazing, smart, incredible kid! AND you're MY kid!

Don't ever think for one second you weren't wanted...we tried desperately to have you for a few years. It finally came down to getting medical help as I had a condition that wouldn't allow me to get pregnant naturally (which Samantha shattered!) so we chose the medical route to ensure us having a child together. I'm so incredibly grateful that we were able to have success on the first try as this baby making business is NOT cheap!

My 40 weeks and 4 days of pregnancy with you were incredible!!! We bonded before you were even here!! It wasn't the smoothest of pregnancies, I was monitored pretty closely for gestational diabetes, but managed to avoid medicine by watching what I ate. And, even tho you weighed in at 10 lbs 15 oz (YES, that IS close to 11 lbs) I only managed to gain 3.5 lbs throughout the whole pregnancy. Truly a miracle in my eyes!! :)

I tried picking your birthday....June 1st....but after 8 hours at the hospital with several methods tried, you wouldn't budge! So we went home to wait another week. My due date was June 3rd....and the next chance to induce with my doctor was June we signed up for an induction. All day June 6th your dad was in a panic as we didn't want your birth date to be 06/06/06...doesn't sound promising!

At 4:11 am on June 7th I went into labour...naturally!! I'm so glad you liked the day we picked and showed us with your own timing. Granted, you could have let me sleep just a bit longer....just! I woke your Dad up about 5 and told him it was time...the standard line every pregnant woman wants to utter! He got up, got showered and dressed while I went and woke Grandma up to go with us. We were supposed to get a phone call around 6 am to let us know if today was a good day for an induction...and when we didn't hear anything from them by 6:30 I called in. The contractions were a little less than 5 mins apart.

I think it was 7:30 by the time we got settled in this amazing room on the maternity floor. THE best room actually!!! Two walls of windows!! The biggest room they have too! Which it turns out was for the best with all the people who came to see you that day.

Most of the day is a blur...they gave me Pitocin to speed things along....and they gave me Fentanol to help with the pain and I was able to get a nap in while contracting every 2 minutes. I do remember at 4 pm they came in and checked me and broke my water to move things along. It didn't take much to achieve this. Around 6 pm I was checked again and was 6 cm dilated. I still had 4 to go. At this point I'd been in labour with you for 14 hours....very exhausting!!! At the 12 hour mark I got an epidural and that did help a bit. He said he was going on a dinner break and grabbing a nap as it typically takes one hour to dilate 1 cm....I told him no nap, I'd be ready to push at 8!!! I wasn't kidding either!!! I was really ready!!!

Your Dad had gone home to check on the dogs (Snickers and Shylah) and take care of them and shower and come back. I called him at 8 and told him to hurry the heck up! I'd already started pushing!! Even Dr Bray missed my first few pushes. By 8:30 everyone was in place ready for your arrival.

By 10:30, after pushing for 2 and a half hours it was decided you were NOT coming out naturally!!! My pubic bone was straight across and not at all curved to allow your head to pass. The decision was made to have an emergency cesarean section. I can remember them giving me this liquid stuff to drink...and I even said to the nurse, please don't make me throw up...there's nothing in my stomach. She was mean! Made me drink it and heave it back out! Nasty stuff!!! blech!

Your dad got dressed up in scrubs to join us in the operating room....while he was dressing Grandma helped me with getting the needle in my back to kill the pain of surgery. She was helpful and at the same time nerving. She was crying which made me cry!! I wasn't worried one bit about the c-section til she started crying. Man!

At 11pm on the dot you were born!! I could feel the pulling and tugging on my body, but could not feel a thing! Very surreal really!! They lifted you up over the curtain so I could see you before they whisked you away to clean you up and weigh you. Oh, you had the best looking kisser I'd ever seen!!! Such a kissable face!!! Thanks to 3D ultrasounds, we already knew exactly what you looked like!! It was amazing! Once they cleaned you and weighed you, you were put in Dad's arms for us to both admire!! I couldn't move to touch you thanks to anesthesia but Dad put you up to my face so I could kiss you all over!!! You didn't cry much...just kinda hung out! They wheeled me back to the room and Dad carried you beside me. Even tho it was 11:30 or so at nite, we still had a crowd waiting to meet you!

Pretty amazing!!! You, are pretty darn amazing!!! Don't ever change!!

The song above is for you...sung by Rascal wishes for you are huge!!! My dreams for you are mountainous!! The world is ready for you!!!

Today, at age 4, you fully understood the day was all about you!!! And very graciously you loved every minute of the attention!!! All the pictures I took...the many, MANY times I wished you a Happy Birthday, while you just thanked me!!! The dozens of times I sang Happy Birthday to you!!! Even the paddy whacks you got!! :D Can't leave those out! 4 is going to be a fun year!!!

We went out to do some Avoning and everywhere we went, he told strangers it was his birthday!! Anyone who would listen to him! It was darling! Then we came home and had the first picnic at the picnic the living room! The weather didn't co-operate! It did clear up and the sun came when Howie got home from work he got a bike lesson. He's doing much better today than Saturday! I'd reckon he'll be doing it on his own by the weekend! His smile and determination are just the best!!

Man, I love this little boy like no other boy!!!! He stole my heart from that first look! Love at first sight really does happen!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S. sorry this was so long....and yet, I'm not that sorry as I got to re-live a very special day!