Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Not my idea of of

A happy Valentine's day!!

To be fair, it started off beautifully!! While I was making DJ's lunch the kids came into the kitchen and started whispering to each other. They'd noticed the cards left in the table for me...I was then instructed to close my eyes while DJ placed them in my hands. SO sweet!!! DJ had signed it by himself and wrote on the outside of the envelope. Samantha had a bit of help, but was still just as proud!!

We got to school with plenty of time and no tardy slips!! Sam and I headed home for breakfast and to start our day. I got to work in some emails and then bathed SamSam. Love those lazy play baths!! Then I set her up with a movie and went to shower. We had a quick lunch and then took off for town. I had a Dr appt for 1:30 and we were right on the button! Samantha recognized the building and asked if I'd be getting blood drawn too. I wasn't sure, but we'd have to wait and see.

While I was in with the Dr, she stayed out with my friend Raeshele and coloured and got a tour of all the offices. She wowed them all!! I was indeed sent for blood off we went across the street. While trying to find a parking spot...the unimaginable happened!! My temporary crown fell out while chewing gum...which I typically don't chew on that side consciously...and instantly the pain of an exposed half tooth kicked in!!

As long as I didn't mouth breathe the pain is off we went and I had blood drawn...I didn't cry, and Samantha got the sucker! She watched tho, so hopefully now that she's seen it happen calmly...maybe she'll follow suit?!?!

From there we went and got DJ picked up from school and headed to drop off books. A day early, but I needed the trunk space. After that we headed to the bank and Lowes. Got the last of what we needed for the fence and then I took the kids card shopping for daddy.

We got home and Howie unloaded us, the kids had a gate blocking them getting out. As Howie was about to start the BBQ for our steak dinner, he suggested we postpone it and have something easier on my mouth. So, we had cheesy eggs instead. Drinking water is fun....NOT! Like I said, if I don't mouth breathe, I'm good...oy! Is it tomorrow afternoon yet?!? I have an appt for 2:30 to get a crown put on. And really, I think it was 8 months ago it got put on...which is pretty long in the world of temps!!

After dinner DJ and I snuggled and we all watched Bedtime Stories before ticking the kids in bed. And then a miracle happened...when I finally sat down, Howie watched Glee with me!!!! Guess he'd heard of the Whitney ding to be sung...which of course ROCKED!!! Love Amber Riley's voice!!! Then he went to bed and I continues on. New Girl got the most laughs tonite!! Parenthood was really good week looks even better!! Gotta love sweeps months!!

Til next time...God bless!

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