Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Marching Lions

This morning I woke up to Samantha crying on the toilet...I really will celebrate when she learns to wipe herself!!...it was just after 7 and DJ was still asleep!! She and I laid back down til he woke up about 7:45. They let me be til 8:30 and then the begging started!!

After breakfast the kids got dressed and we were off to the salon. Today was "Missy gets a perm" day!!! I was SO excited and very nervous!! The last perm I got 4 years ago didn't do well in my hair and fried it!! Might have been the post partum hormones, or the perm she used, but it was dreadful!!! I also didn't want an Afro type curl either! I needn't have feared!! I was in good hands with Anneke and freaking LOVE my hair now!!!!! Oh it's beyond my hopes!! They came out looking like beach waves...actually, much like Samantha's hair when it's fresher washed and very curly!! YAY!!

While we were busy doing the hair thing, the weather was busy doing the lion thing!! It started off dumping rain!! And I mean DUMPING rain!! Then I quickly changed to hail...which morphed to sleet...which graduated to snow. In the space of 3 hours, we got 4 inches of snow!!! FOUR INCHES!!! Ugh! Not my idea of fun!! While it was snowing up here, we were in town doing groceries, when we came out, the sun was shining and no snow was sticking to the ground there...not do at our house!! It sure was pretty driving up Old Pipeline!!

Howie got home late...and I'd realized early on that I'd forgotten the movie to return it AGAIN, so when he got home, I tool off for town to return it, make a deposit at the bank, and pick up teriyaki for dinner. When I got home Howie had just sent a bundled DJ out to play in the snow, and considering how much work that is, we let him play and ate dinner without him. About 7:30 we called him in and fed him. He sure has fun!! And he was out cold pretty quick come bedtime!! Samantha however was not!! She had so many demands for when she woke up it was funny. Then she tells me that I sleep in my bed too much and I need to sleep with her. All I could do was laugh!

We watched the Voice tonite and man , was it good!!! We guessed a few of the winners and argued with the judges about other choices lol. If I'm. It mistaken, last year each judge had 8 people, and this year it's 12...hmmm and the product placement is SO obvious!!! After it was over, Howie exited stage left and went to bed. I then watched The Bachelor: the Women Tell All...which was funny to watch all the dissension still so very evident! Not sure I believe Courtney's tears...and she slipped when she said "I cared for Ben.." as in past tense...oh I HOPE that means he picks Linzi!!!! After that I watched Smash which is just so fabulous!!! It's a grown up a grown up Glee really!!

Til next time, God bless!

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