Saturday, February 25, 2012

Frogs reside there

This morning DJ and I got up at 7:30 and headed to school...Sam was still sleeping when we left and I sure envied her!!! After I dropped DJ off I headed to the dentist to get the temp cemented back on. Quick and painless ten minutes for a change!! Came back home and Sam had already eaten. So I made us eggs for breakfast and sent Howie on his way to work. I waited an hour before going on the treadmill and getting my hour in. Why is it I feel guilty for taking an hour to workout?!?! Seriously!!! I constantly think of all the crap I could or should be doing...argh that needs to stop!!

After that we came back upstairs to wait on lunch. Samantha chose her GF mac n cheese...and while its not Kraft (get on that will ya!!) it smelled okay...and looked okay...but her say-so? She thot it too crunchy...and by that she meant chewy...I tasted one and she was right...but if she wants mac n cheese, she's gotta sacrifice!! She dawdled so much we were racing to get outta here in time for recess duty!! The kids were already out when we got there, so we joined right away! Ms K said she'd do a half recess, but they really needed to blow off steam! So we did the whole thing. Then Mes. Hughes asked me to do a couple jobs, which I did easily. This is DJ's freehand of George Washington...looks more like Charlie from Charlie & Lola...but what do I know?!?!

We got home and both kids went next door to play....leaving me in quiet!!! I got the dishes done and the counters cleaned and then sat to enjoy the silence. No sooner had I commented on said silence and 4 (FOUR) children came bounding up the steps!!! They played for an hour before heading hone. But we invited K to spend the nite, so he was back pretty quick and joined us for dinner.

After we were all done eating, the kids watched Bedtime Stories while I put laundry away and took a shower. Once the movie was done they all went to bed. The boys talking, and Samantha complaining about their talking lol

I watched Grimm with Howie and it was gruesome!! Glad I watch it first!! After that Howie went to bed and I watched Castle from Monday....good two part story!! And then Blue Bloods which was good also!! Now I'm gonna go watch the backs of my eyelids!!

Til next time...God bless!

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