Sunday, February 12, 2012

And we're back

To DJ that is!! Daniel was short lived!!!!! Just as I thought it would be, and I'm glad we obliged for the most part and called him what he wished us to...but we're back to normal! He told Howie on Tuesday nite as he was being tucked in and Howie said "Good nite Daniel" and he says, "No, it's DJ again" when asked why, his response was "Its just too hard to write!" HAHAHAHAHAHA I did find out too, that Mrs Hughes put Daniel on his place card on his desk so he could see it to spell it..wasn't that nice of her!?!?

Speaking of his desk....I got to help out with testing again on Friday at his school....this time with math stuff. All about patterning...ABABAB in colours and then AABAAB in different colours. The kids were to copy my tower...then make it taller...then make their own using the same pattern in their own choice of colours. DJ only got one wrong!!! I was pleased as punch!!! The girls all whizzed thru it...the boys took their time...with one boy saying "I don't want to do it,  can I go now?" after creating his own ABC pattern! And one girl even built her towers from the top down....surely that means something in the corporate world!! lol

My g/f Shirah came over for dinner last nite and to hang out with us....which the kids LOVED seeing her! Its been since Christmas that we'd seen her, and there were many other distractions, so this was nice to just catch up! Howie got home just before nine, in time to kiss the kids good nite. Then Shirah and I took off to the movie theater here in town to see The Vow. Now, it was by a flip of the coin that picked that movie...the other choice was One For The Money which I'm DYING to see!! The Vow interested me, but I didn't know much other than the previews.

WOW!!!! What a movie!!!!! For whatever reason, they're not playing up the fact that it's A) based on a true story, and B) it's based on a book!! Now I simply MUST read the book!! I bawled like a baby in the movie....all throughout the movie too!! It wasn't just one thing that set the lot of us estrogen driven women in the theater to tears...the whole thing!!! I can't remember crying at a movie like that in a LONG time!!!! I'm so glad Shirah was crying right beside me!! I sobbed the whole way home too! Sheesh!!! Aunt Flo needs to show up already!!!! I'm a blubbering idiot!! But seriously, FANTASTIC movie!! Highly recommend it!! Not just cuz of Channing Tatum either (who's 32 soon, which doesn't make me a cougar!!) but man, what a performance!! He's the next Tom Cruise!! I can see many many girls swooning over him the way I did Tom when I was younger!!

Today was a good day too!! The kids and I got up and had breakfast together, and then got dressed and headed out the door as Howie was coming in it. We were off to deliver some Avon and to go to Lowes and do their Build and Grow kit for today...which was a wooden box they built and decorated to house their valentines cards they get. Such a fun one!! Only got my thumb smacked once by Sam too!! All in all, a huge success! I shall have to make more effort to take them to more of them! Howie napped while we were gone, and we got home just in time to wake him. Then he and DJ took off for Lowes to buy more fencing material to keep going.

But today was not a fencing day...we all had a dinner date!! So while the boys were out, Sam got a bath and got her hair prettied up...then Howie got a hair cut....DJ got a bath while Howie showered and then it was finally MY turn!!! Whew!! We got to the church a couple minutes late, sent the kids off to their room for the kid time (and dinner) while we went into the sanctuary for our dinner time. A lovely 5 course meal too!! The entertainment was beyond hysterical!! What fun we had tonite!!! Our table consisted of Pastor Dan and his wife Sharon...another couple who've been together for 18 years, she's from the Philippines and he's from here....another couple who run the Awana program, and it was nice to see them! and then us! Couldn't have picked a better table!!

We got done about 9 and came home to put two exhausted kids to bed! But not before lotioning them both up! DJ's showing massive improvement with his bum issue and Sam's is looking calmer, but isn't really clearing up! She LOVES taking the meds under her tongue!! Cracks me up!  Howie and I watched some tv together and then he went to bed...I watched White Collar and then tried watching Castle, but my legs got restless and so I'm blogging instead and then heading to bed. May watch Hot in Cleveland in bed...LOVE that show!

Til next time...God bless!

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