Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blast from the past

This morning there were no Me First wars....Howie was home!!! I love Fridays!!!!  Sleeping in is a wonderful thing!!

Til you get woken up with bad news that of the guys in Howie's dept was hospitalized 2 weeks ago, and passed away...not sure when, but he was found last nite. So kind of a shocking thing to wake up to! Puts a somber mood on the day from the start. Needless to say, everyone at work was talking about it.

As Howie was getting ready to leave, the "bat phone" aka, the Avon phone rang....took me a couple seconds to realize it was ringing as I was dancing along to the music...ha! Turns out, its my first "Safeway" customer!!!! I 've had books on the rack in the lobby for 6 weeks now, and today was my first call from one!! YAY!!!! And she lives close!

Once done, I got busy getting ready...we had an appt for 11 at the bank to open the business acct they wouldn't let me open last month....the Avon gal who told us about it was at our last meeting, so I told her what happened and she corrected it for me! I even got the 50.00 bonus for opening that was the big deal for June!! Finally!!!

After that we went to Freddy's to make an Avon delivery and pick up some stuff...milk, coffee filters, turkey legs...odd things! lol Then we headed home for lunch...DJ fell asleep on me in the 15 minute drive home. Rascal! I woke him up for lunch, but he didn't want to come in, the boys were outside next door...but mom won! He ate and THEN went out! Sam went down for her nap and I went next door to yak as I knew our hair dresser was over there too! Two walk! :) The party broke up and the boys came in the house to play downstairs. DJ had begged me to record Underdog, so I did, and they wanted to watch I put it on and read my new mag. I can't believe that I was able to sit and read the ENTIRE thing uninterrupted!!! I've never read it from cover to cover!!! Dang!!!! Good thing I've got a few books lying around!

Once SamSam got up from her nap I got them changed into their swim suits...we were heading to a new (to us) water park to meet up with a very dear, old friend of mine! I think its been 20 years since we've seen each other...maybe even longer....we discussed when we met, and we think I was 12 going on first summer at YWAM Cambridge. And when we moved there permanently the next year, she was the choreographer for the dance troupe I was in. She travelled with us to do Kings Kids Canada too! Simply amazing!! Of course, I grew up and away from YWAM and she got married...and moved...and now, we're 40 minutes from each other!!! I "found" her on facebook last year thru mutual friend and discovered her location, but  we were in the middle of moving back, and then moving out here...we've tried a couple different times to meet up, but weather/other circumstances didn't allow it. Today, was perfect!!! I was a bit late as I didn't realize just how "out there" it was for us...and traffic at the time of day on a Friday is NOT fun! BUT she waited and we finally connected!!!

The kids totally enjoyed the water park...we brought K along with us which worked out perfectly! The 3 of them were in and out and then too they played on the playground. Debbie's kids are 14 and 8, but enjoyed tending to the boys on the merry-go-round and pushing Sam on the swing. About 6:30 I realized the time  and packed everyone off to go home...we hit McD's on the way home as hwy 9 was ridiculous!!! The kids didn't mind one bit!! And they had samples of their new smoothies!! YUM!!!!!  And the 4 of us ate for 6.43!! Even the cashier said that was cheap! After eating they played on the play thing there...even Sam was going up and down the big one....last time we were there she HATED the entire thing! Pah, not this time!

Finally got home, sent K home, and put the kids to bed!! Whew!! Then got busy cleaning the kitchen, making lunch for the boys fishing tomorrow, and just general my stuff in the car for tomorrow's deliveries...and then Howie got home from work, so I helped him by putting the car seat in the truck for him. Sure is dark at 11 pm!!! The stars were incredible tho!!! Man, we need another fire!!

Now, I'm ready for bed...did some knitting, so my wrists are feeling it...gotta get back into knitting shape! :)

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S... the answer to the question a couple days ago...a shorter commute!! Go figure!

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Me First wars

Have already begun....and they start early in the day too!!

DJ "Me first Mummy, snuggle me first!"

SamSam "Me fer Mum, nuggle me fer!"

Or we'll be driving somewhere and I hear "I see a cow!! Me first!!! I saw it first!!"  OY!!!

I remember these wars well...but don't remember that they started so early in my life...then again, I have very few memories of being 4...I think most of my memories started at about 8...I

This morning Samantha was the first to rise and she came to snuggle with me and a sleeping DJ. She kept trying to talk to me, and I didn't want DJ awake I kept shushing her and just loving her. She got up and left the room...I go to check on her and she's got the tv on and she's watching it!  I'm in utter SHOCK!! That she knows how to do it!! AND managed to do it!! She didn't even see me! With me out of the bed, DJ woke our morning chaos began...and the me first wars started!

The kids were in and out for the most part all was a very cool day today. Interestingly enough, this day last year, we broke records for heat of 103!!! Today, it was 63!! I think we were trying to break the record the other way...if I watched the news, I guess I'd know what the all time low was/is. *shrug* maybe I'll check the paper tomorrow....that would shock everyone!

Lunch was early as DJ was "starving" and wanted lunch...yet when it came down to eating his green beans, he wasn't interested. So I warned him that he could not have a snack or a drink til they were he went to play outside with next door boys. About a half hour later, after I got Sam down for her nap, he came in and wanted to go swimming...I'm thinkin he's lost his marbles, the sun wasn't even out!! But, off he went...he did say he was thirsty, so I offered the green beans and he turned them down!

Swim he did...and then run around playing til they left for football practice....then he came in asking for a snack and a drink...once again I offered the green beans while making up a sippy cup...and putting it out of reach til he was done. I'm such a mean mom!!!! He did eat them with minimal fuss when he realized I was very serious!

Samantha also tried the same green bean crap on me, so when dinner was served, she got her green beans first...which she kept saying "don't want" over and over, but, again, when she realized I meant business, she ate them to get to the fresh stuff!

After dinner Howie took the kids outside to get the boat ready for Saturday's excursion, and I went and had a shower. By the time I'm done, its bed time for the get them ready and into bed. No fuss, no muss!!! Love those nites! Then we sat down and watched the results of SYTYCD...and can I just say "I CALLED IT!!!!"  I was a little shocked to see Lauren be part of the bottom 3!

It wasn't til about 11 that I started thinking "Gee, Christmas isn't too far off, I better get knitting" and did just that! Got started!! And found some stuff I made last year that will do just fine for this year! I think a "Homemade" theme is in order!! :) Been a while! Last year we were busy with the move and the year before that I wasn't yes, its time for a Homemade year!! Sweet!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Finally, an at home day!!!

This morning I wasn't thrilled that DJ AND Samantha were both up at 7:30!! Thought for sure they got the memo to sleep in a bit!!!  HA!  We did have some good snuggles tho! Lots of giggles, kisses and hugs! I like this routine! I remember snuggling in with my mom in the mornings too! Until I became a teenager and then she got vicious in her waking up routine! Just rip the curtains open!! UGH!! She actually did that to me too, the last day she was here! Geez!!!! Of course, if it had been my dad, he'd have BANGED on the door til you thought it was gonna break off the hinges!

I  morning was spent listening to the kids make a 'fort' on the back deck using the chairs and the picnic table and uploading my myriad of pix to Facebook. From the camera alone I had 342 since the Eric Church concert June I weeded thru them and deleted the blurry/off-center ones and still had a few. Of course, I know this isn't a other concert buds had 267 and 242 for two concerts!!! ACK!! While I love my camera, it's not sharp enough....or high def enough....something. Maybe its something I'm doing wrong, but when I'm too close in on a subject, its like I can see the pixel of each picture....kinda gravelly...hate that! Any tips??

This afternoon once Sam went down for her nap, DJ couldn't change fast enough into his swim suit!!! He sees those boys out there and just starts bouncing! And begging!! Off he went! I went to check the mail and headed to the neighbours back deck...and had myself a good ketchup visit with Lara! Been a while since I just sat and talked with her! It was 20 to 4 when I finally headed in as the boys were done swimming. And I needed to get the sauce on for sketti nite. I did call over and get permission to take my two swimming. Sam's been begging to go but since she's only ever been in a pool once, and that was last year, I wasn't going to let her go alone, which meant I had to go with her.

THAT WATER WAS COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN!!!!!!! I did numb up after a while, but if I moved I could feel the cold again...poor Samantha was clinging to me for dear life!!!!! She wanted nothing to do with it! So we got out and sat in the "foot" pool at the bottom of the ladder....I'm sure we looked a sight, the 3 of us cramped in there...but that water was super warm!! Then I set up the sprinkler for the kids, but it was a cool 70someodd temp they passed and I just watered the lawn. We went in and did dinner. Howie was at his dad's place setting up a new bbq he he was home late...but just in time for bed!!!

Which DJ went to sleep right away.....Samantha after playing at her door came out to tell us something...but neither of us could figure out what she was saying. It sounded like her version of chocolate milk...but she said no...and kept pointing at the light in the front hallway...she climbed up in my lap and got comfy since we couldn't figure out what she was telling us. Ha...not for long! I had the brilliant idea to have her show me what she was saying...and I followed her downstairs (all the while she's repeating herself) to the treadmill (GOT it now!!!!!! yup, I heard it once I figured out what she was saying!) where her baby lay at the end of it. She picked it up, hugged it and headed back to bed willingly!! Whew!!! We had a good chuckle at that!

Tonite was SYTYCD....and Jose did NOT make the cut for me....and while I prefer Robert, I can see him going home over Billy...just going by the judges reactions. My final two prediction....Kent and Lauren....Kent was spectacular tonite and Lauren had her A game on!!! WOW!!!! Time will tell....

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Still runnin around

Today the kids woke up at a decent hour....8! Hey, its better than 7:30...yes, I know its only a half hour difference, but just saying 8 sounds better! :) They were both snuggly too!! And fighting over which side to lay on was the best...apparently today it was the right side!!! DJ did his best to get Sam off the bed so he could claim it! Crazy kid!  Sadly, I remember doing this too....many, many moons ago....last year I think...LOL

As soon as breakfast was over I had nekkid kids again....they're silent undressers!!! Don't even ask anymore! So they got dressed....DJ didn't want to wear clothes, but rather, his swim suit again! Which of course, makes Sam want to wear hers. She lost that one...but DJ won his....and got his clean suit from the dryer! Which then made me get more done while I was down there...and fold the basket of the kids' clothes...and then get the dishes put away from yesterday....and work on yesterday's dishes in the didn't stop! And before I knew it Howie was pulling in the driveway...but's only NOON!!!!!!! Not 4:30!!!!! Talk about confusing!!! Turns out since he's working Sunday again, he got half of today off! Sweet!!! The kids and I didn't mind one bit!

Just after I put Sam down for her nap there was a knock on the door asking if our resident fish wanted to join our neighbours swimming....did he ever!!!! He sure had a blast out there...we were watching him just float/swim all over!! FUN! Makes me jealous I'm not a kid anymore! Swimming is always fun!!!

I had my monthly Avon meeting and took off for Everett around 5...had two stops to make before heading to the restaurant...and made it to the meeting in the nick of time too! Whew!! Wore my new shorts and one of my new tops...LOVE them!!!! Too bad I can't stay clean....LOL

The meeting was VERY informative...all about mark products....of which I don't know much! So it was a learning experience!! Then we played Bingo...wasn't a winner! Shucksdarnit!! I was SO close on one of my cards too...was waiting for 3 numbers just to make a bingo! GRRRRRR

I got home just before 9 and actually got to spend time chatting with Howie....then he headed to bed and I got to watch the B'ette....The Men Tell All...but really they don't tell much. Just rehash all that's gone on! And Chris dude!?!?! Spray tan much!?!?! At least he doesn't look like death warmed over! The fact that Justin didn't show up to participate is very telling!! Stupid idiot!!! Anybody in Canada read anything about him up there?? And Frank not being there was cowardly in my eyes....he's choosing to be at the After The Rose show next week....ahhh the drama!! LOL

Oh, I heard a question on my local radio station on my way home....see if you can guess the answer....

78% of the people polled would give up time with their family, tv, and showering for what??

I didn't get to hear the answer as I got home...but I emailed them and hope to hear something back...but give me  your best guesses!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Way to kill my concert buzz Officer!!!

This morning's first thought was dedicated to Blake Shelton....All About Tonight  is his new single coming out on his new cd next month. And since I was to be seeing him tonite, that song was most perfect!!!

The morning was our usual breakfast (sllooooowwwllllyyyyy) and then the kids run around nekkid for an hour...all the while I'm begging them to get dressed! DJ needs fresh air on his body...or so he tells me! Then he wanted to wear his swim suit instead of clothes....but I said no. Should have just let him cuz literally 5 minutes after getting dressed the kids next door were in the pool! Off he went! Let me paint you a little picture...last year, this time (a couple weeks earlier actually) we were in a hotel in Banff, AB...and my mom and I took the kids swimming...neither of them had ever been in a pool before....or since then!! But today, my little boy grew gills!!! He jumped right in with no qualms!! Of course it helped that his friends were in the water....even at 4 peer pressure is there! lol

Since I had the concert to attend, the plan was to shower while Sam was napping...and then wait ever so (NOT) patiently for Howie to come home from work....he surprised me and walked in the door at 2!!!! So I quickly showered and got ready and left by 3! The concert was at Tulalip Casino and right next door is the outlet mall...and it has a Lane Bryant and I have (had, now) a 50.00 gift card for doing online surveys. I've had it since January! So I've been waiting a LONG time to use it! I got there at 4 and went to town!!! Got a pair of capris, pair of board shorts, and 3 tops for in essence, 17.00!! Not too shabby if I say so myself!!

Once done my shopping dash I headed over to the restaurant I was meeting my twitter friends at. Had a great dinner and then headed over to the amphitheater where Blake Shelton was to play. Since I was the only one of the 5 of us who DIDN'T get in on the meet n greet, I stood there waiting...begging...pleading...and getting no where!
I watched all 5 of them get pictures and hugs from the tall one....and I got nuttin!!! So bummed!!!

In the end, it worked out well!! Our seats were even better than we thought they would be....2nd row!!! Now, it says on the ticket, section B, row 2, seat we all assumed we were in the second section...NOPE! We were right there in front!!!! And after the 2nd song, I was right up at the stage!!!!!!! INSANE!!!!!!!! 

Do you remember when I posted this about my last time seeing Blake....10 months and 26 days ago??? Well, we had another moment!!! I must make good signs. Altho, I'll be honest, I'm a bit shy about sharing what I put on this sign as my mom reads my blog....but then again, she follows me on twitter and I've already bragged there about it...ok, mom, if you haven't seen the tweets, skip to the next paragraph! Anyways, if you follow Blake on twitter, you know how much of a redneck he is and how he's a hunter....he also LOVES to make fun of PETA, the organization....and started a trending in honour of that, my sign read  "I killed a zebra to make my bra" and I was wearing the zebra print bra I got thru Avon. It was perfect!!!!! He pointed at me...smiled and then laughed!! His guitarist later read it and said "That's not true!!" lol Quite comical!! And then, to make it even more wonderful...he retweeted my sign saying!!!! Over the moon!!!!

After the concert was an after party in the Canoes Cabaret where the opening act, Chance McKinney & Crosswire played for a large crowd! Large for a Monday nite anyway!! I stayed for about an hour and a half before deciding to head home. It was apparent that Blake wasn't making an appearance...but that would have been awesome!!!

On my way home I'll admit, I was speeding a wee bit...and somebody flashed their lights in warning to I slowed down, using my brakes of course, and passed a state trooper...who then pulled in behind me and within a minute was flashing his lights at me!!! Even tho I KNEW I wasn't doing anything wrong, I still got that horrid panicky feeling that just tightens the heart a bit! Where ya can't breathe!!!! UGH! Hate that feeling! Turns out we have a burnt out light in the back I got a warning! WHEW!!!! I tell ya, that could have been SO much worse!!!! Thank God someone warned me! It did kill some of my buzz tho...I couldn't put the radio back on after that...just drove in silence!

Now, its time for this One Hot Mama to hit the hay!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Monday, July 26, 2010

4 am is for the birds!!!!

I have decided that 4 am is the perfect time to be SLEEPING!!!!!! Not coming in from a concert....not waking up to go to work...but SLEEPING!!!! No one should ever have to see 4 am! UGH!! To be fair, I got in 3:45 but it was close to 4:30 by the time I crawled into bed after getting Howie's lunch ready for work today....poor guy had to do an extra shift today while being miserably sick!

He told me that Sam came up to him last nite (and she did it again this evening) while he was laying down on the couch and put her hand on his head and said "Daddy FEEver" oh so cute!!! Here's praying he gets better FAST!!! The kids seem to be doing better...still rather snotty but in good spirits!

This morning after DJ woke me up at 8:45 (NOT fair!) Sam came in shortly after that....we did breakfast and just hung out for a bit. I'd already cancelled a little dessert hour that I was planning for Howie to celebrate his newly minted status...but with him being so sick, there was no sense exposing everyone to whatever is lurking in our house. About 11 I decided to take the kids to the blueberry farm we were at with my mom and dad a couple weeks ago.

Sam can't pick berries...period! She doesn't care to listen to instruction....DJ on the other hand, actually did good picking ripe berries! But he bored with it soon enough! They went and played with the water dispensers that are set up for hand washing and drinking. At least it was just water!  I ended up picking 3 lbs of berries in an hour...not too shabby! We stopped at the shed on the way home (rather out of the way really) to see what was brought in yesterday...we arrived just as the book run was coming in...I scored! I got this book "Our Family Holiday Organizer Christmas is Coming" TOTALLY up my alley!!!! I shall be cracking it open November 1st like it says! :)  I also got Cold Mountain ...such a great read!!!

We came home and had lunch and while Sam was napping I tried to do the same....DJ made that impossible!! Oh he was buggy!! The kids are sick next door, so I couldn't very well send him out to play! I got a call at 4 about the run that was coming in, so I got up and got the kids ready to go...Howie picked them up on his way home from work, so that worked out perfectly! I then spent 2 hours sorting and unloading the run. Whew!!! Scored some good stuff too...our fridge looks full again! I got 4 pints of ontheirwayoutthedoor I made some triple berry jam tonite...raspberry, blueberry and strawberry. Should be good!!

When I got home we did dinner and then I bathed our stinky kids....and promptly sent them to bed! Howie wasn't too far behind them! That's when I discovered the load of laundry in the wash that was there since Friday....ick!!! I hate when I do that! I had no clue about it til I opened the door too! So, got that going and then made the jam.

I swear, I'm suffering from ADD from lack of sleep! Gonna go remedy that with some shut eye!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S....tomorrow is another concert nite for I'll do a day post and then the concert post the next day...I don't want to stay up later than I should again....I literally feel hung over even tho not one drop of alcohol passed these lips!   O_o

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Contrary to popular belief....

I did NOT throw my bra at Toby Keith!! Promise! My mama raised me better than that! Plus, have you seen the cost of a good bra these days?!? Ha!

Tonite was beyond my expectations (was gonna say wildest, but there is one thing that could have happened that would have me in a looney bin) and what a nite it was!!!

This morning DJ went fishin with Howie, they caught nuttin, and so it was just me and SamSam for the waking up part of our day. Loved those snuggles!!! After breakfast while she lay on the floor/couch/chair/wherever she wanted watchin tv I got to war with clutter! I won!!! 75% of our counters are wide open!! :)
When Howie came home he went straight to bed for a nap. The kids n I weeded the garden and then had lunch. Once Samantha was in bed for her nap (which she chose not to have) and DJ was situated with a movie he picked out, I went and showered to get ready for a concert I was attending with 3 friends.

I woke Howie and pretty much left! I had two stops to make before getting to my g/f Laura's house. Once there we took off for White River Amphitheater. I've lived here 8 years and never been to a concert there. Its about 2 hours from my house, so meeting up with Laura, Jim and Laura was half way.

We got there just before 6 and headed in. No outside food, so I ate my sub in the parking ot first! Once in we headed to my local radio station's booth so I could try to win backstage passes...I was SO close too!!

Our tickets were for the Hellraiser back in the back, but not the lawn seats! My g/f Pearl was also there and told me to come down where she was. So I left my group with the hope of getting past security...worked like a charm!!! I showed my camera and said I wanted pix, and they let me in!! Smart move leaving my back pack behind!

Opening act was James Otto, and I was in Hellraisers for that...second act was Trace Adkins and I was at the end of the freaking catwalk they come out on!!! He was 5 ft away from me!!! I'm not sure how I was able to stand...but man, the pictures I got were phenomenal!!!

After a couple songs there we got booted back to seats as we were blocking seats of people who couldn't/wouldn't stand up. Now, here's the kicker...Pearl had an extra seat as her date bailed on her this afternoon at 2!! How awesome was that!?!? Row 10 seat 6!!!! Insane!!!! So I sat there for the rest of the concert! Just claimed it as my own! Ha!

The main act was Toby Keith! That guy can put on a show!!! WHOO!!! What a great time!! During his second song there were two women who threw their push up bras at him....I wasn't that close and I'm far too cheap to throw my zebra print one away! Do the women get them back?!? I don't understand this

Since there was a horde of people exiting at the same time we got to sit in the parking lot for over an hour trying to leave...that was fun! And, once out, we could ONLY turn right...which was not the way we came!!! So we went with the flow of traffic...and followed detour signs...and still managed to get lost!!! But not til after we laughed at Laura and Jim for getting lost too! We both made the exact same mistake and had the exact same conversations about the signs we'd seen!

In any case, we were behind Trace's bus!! Go figure!! Ended up making a turn to find a gas station they were at, talked to the cops in there to get out of the jam we were in...discovered we'd done a HUGE 30 mile circle! Whew! Finally got on track and found a Denny's as we were all starving!! Its now 2:50 and we're just pulling into Jim & Laura's drive where my car is...then I have another hour til home.

Good nite Irene!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Concert in the park

This morning everyone slept in...turns out they all have the same cold DJ's had. So both Howie and SamSam had the runny nose and sneezies....I'm saying it out loud...I WILL NOT GET SICK!!! I have far too much "me" stuff planned for this weekend that getting sick is NOT in the cards for me!  There, I said it!

This morning the kids had a blast going in and out of the house on such a gorgeous day...they learned early that if they came in they got they mostly stayed out lol  I got some emailing done, and some Avon stuff taken care of. We also tidied up the living room a bit...took all recycle out to the was startin to take over the kitchen! While SamSam was napping DJ watched tv and the window to see if K was coming out to play. They were in the middle of setting up their DJ was quite taken with just watching that!

Once Sam was up we started the process of leaving the house..anyone with two kids KNOWS what it takes just to get out the door!! We had plans to go to a park in Bothell for a free concert that was being done by Chance McKinney & Crosswire who's a local musician. He's a teacher who's taught at a few high schools in the area, and he won a contest a couple year sago...since then he's started making a name for himself!!! If you recall, I saw him back in March (I think) at a local bar....he is really good! So, when my g/f Pearl told me about the concert in the park...and it being Friday nite, the nite Howie works late, I said SURE!! I also told my g/f Wyndi about it and she and her girls met us there!

So I packed up a picnic lunch and off we went! I took a blanket and a chair...I was grateful for the chair!! The kids enjoyed the blanket when they were around...which wasn't much!!! The park wasn't really a park was a baseball field! DJ brought both a soccer ball and a he took the soccer ball and went to find friends....since he was the only one with something like that, he made friends fast!!! Next time...remind not to let him dress himself...he picked blue...and it was hard to keep picking him out of all the would have been SO much better! lol

Samantha enjoyed just running around....sometimes in a bit of a panic while she was looking for me...she'd run right past me and then get all turned around til I followed her and let her find me. She charmed all the people around us too! She also enjoyed just sitting on my lap and having me clap her hands for her in time with the music. She was too shy to actually go up front (a whole 5 feet ahead of us) and dance...but during the last song she finally danced in front of us...twirling herself away.

After it was all done DJ had to pee, so we headed to the back forty of the field and found a spot....I think I watch too many cop/detective shows....I was scoping the desolate area for bodies or pieces of bodies before I let him pee. Isn't that how it always happens to unsuspecting people!?!?!! No thanks!

It was 9 by the time we were back in the truck headed home! And it was10 by the time I finally sat down with children tucked into their beds happily sleeping! I didn't get to sit long as I remembered the blueberries needed to made into off I went to do that. Of course that forces me to put the dishes away and load up whatever is on the counters blocking my jam making process! Talk about a snowball effect! I was on the pectin stage when Howie came home from work...and while he was loading up the boat I got it all done! Even got yesterday's batch in the freezer downstairs. Next week I may go pick more berries just to have them to eat...and freeze some for cheesecakes. YUM!

Now, I'm done...kaput...finito! Whew! I did sit and watch Eureka....what a great show! Makes me laugh! I'm not usually a SyFy kind of person, but this isn't that far fetched and its quite humourous!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Mmmmmm blueberry jam!!

Today I started makin the jam....we were eating the blueberries too fast! So I thought I'd better get to making some jam....and fast!!! Turns out I should have enough for two batches. While I was making the first batch I got an email asking for help with a run for the I volunteered. The weather ruined my other plan to go to a water park and meet up with a long, long ago friend! We're rescheduled for next Friday now!!

So once the jam was poured into the jars I packed a rather quick lunch, shod the kids and loaded them up in the truck. Off we went! I met up with another gal, Erin, and together we headed to Edmonds to pick up from a grocery store there. While Erin was gathering in the store, I stayed out with the kids..and then loaded up what she brought out...all told it took us an hour...not too bad! Then I got to beat her back to the shed just because I had the kids with me...carpool! Worked big time for me! :)

We got home just after Howie did, so he helped me unload while the kids went and ran off some of the energy! DJ took a nap in the truck...about a half hour, but it still threw bed time off. Sam on the other hand had no when I put her to bed tonite, she practically thanked me! lol No, not really, but she sure didn't fight it!

Even after dinner they went outside again....I grabbed a shower and Howie got the boat ready for Saturday...since he's working late tomorrow nite, he got everything ready tonite. Smart man! Then he got them in their pj's and we put them to bed. Watched Wipeout and then he went to bed. To the makers of Wipeout.....gotta change up the end zone...gettin a bit repetitive!

I will say, I was shocked by the results, or lack there of, in week will be tough! Jose got a serious save tonite...I was surprised it was Robert in the bottom 3...didn't see that one coming! Are you participating in National Day of Dance?? Guess I'd better check it out for myself! :)

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer colds should be banned!!

My poor DJ has a full on summer cold!!!! His nose is still running clear, so I know there's no infection...but he doesn't get that he's "sick"...y'know, since he doesn't have a fever! LOL he no associates being sick with having a fever.

He woke up about 1:45 last nite to pee and blow his nose....and then Howie put him in bed with me before he went to work...and then about 8:45 he woke up and brought me a tissue right away. Poor guy!

It certainly didn't slow him down any! By 10 he was outside playing with the boys! Sprinkler and all! So, by the time I was ready to head out to finish the grocery shopping, he wanted nothing to do with going to Play Land...can  ya blame him? He stayed behind and SamSam and I took off. She was thrilled to go into Play Land and coloured me 7 pictures to prove it! :)

Sam and I got back just before 2 and got lunch going....and then she laid down for a nap while I got busy cleaning the kitchen....only to have Howie come home and litter it up with his lunch dishes...and then the dinner dishes got added...oy!

I miss my laundry fairy!!! I'm currently on load 4 in the wash and load 3 in the dryer...with one more left...then of course I'll probably do the towels and then the sheets from mom and dad's bed...never ending!!!
I got the blueberries I need to make jam...and the pectin and the sugar...all set!! Tomorrow's weather may be just what I need to get it done too! Rain!! Ahh the garden needs it!! Just want lots of sunshine for my concerts this weekend!!! 

Watched SYTYCD tonite....seems the voting system is all for naught!! Now Billy is the one with the latest injury....and tomorrow he'll be the one let go....if its not him...I see Jose going. Robert is fantastic...Kent is amazing....Adichike is phenomenal...and Lauren has boobs!!! Should be interesting!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's a sadhappy day!!

This morning dawned rather early compared to the last few days where my kids were sleeping in til almost 9:30!! Today my mom woke DJ and I up at 8 am to get the day started! The sad part of our day was happening this morning...taking my mom and dad to the airport for their return flight home!

Took some doing to get Sam up and moving, she was sleeping so soundly!! DJ is an Up-And-At-'Em kind of he was downstairs bugging at Poppa before he even went pee!! Since mom and dad had already eaten I got the kids fed and dressed to go. The plan was to leave at 9 but I'd given us a 15 minute grace period...which worked wonderfully! We were loaded in the truck and backing out at exactly 9:15!!! Not too shabby!

The ride there was uneventful...and quick thanks to the carpool lane! We got there 58 minutes later and found a spot to do the drop off. Hugs all around and off they went into SeaTac to head home. :(  I hate when they leave! Altho, I will say, I do feel visited this time...and loved every day with them!

Once out of the airport loop, the kids and I headed back towards home...but stopped at costco to do the grocery shopping...and eat lunch! My dad left his spare change and it bought lunch for the 3 of us! Rather perfect too!

We got home about 1:30 and Sam went down before 2 for her nap...quite easily too! I asked her to go get in her bed and I'd be right behind her....she actually did just that!!! Awesome!!!

DJ was going to watch a movie with me but was too antsy and wanted to be he headed out to play with K...he really did miss his friend!! I laid my head down on the couch and had restless leg stuff going on....a nap would have been wonderful...didn't happen!

The happy part of the day....Howie is now officially and American!!! He got sworn in this afternoon a 2:30 with 37 other people from 24 different nations. This is a MAJOR hurdle we've cleared!! I've been  mum about what's going on immigration-wise, its just a lengthy process! Whew! This was big tho! So we'll be celebrating on Sunday with a little dessert get together. Tonite we grilled some steaks and had a great feast! Howie did originally want sketti, but when he saw the steaks I got from shopping he was sold! So the sauce went in the fridge for tomorrow nite....which really, any sketti sauce is ALWAYS better the next day!!

After dinner the kids were back outside playing....they'd been playing in the sprinkler next door before dinner and they both loved it!! Didn't matter how cold they felt, they had fun! So after dinner they just played together on the was cute to watch!

Once everyone was in bed, I got to just sit and veg watching tv...Army Wives, Drop Dead Diva and White Collar....lots of  tears (I'm emotional!) and tonnes of laughter! Now, I'm all caught up and ready for bed! Mom and Dad gave us some new books..gotta get cracking on the Dave Ramsay one!

I had a Canadian husband this morning...and an American one tonite....I guess he's an AmeriCanadian....?? lol

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

12 Days of Visiting

On the 1st day of visiting, my parents left early, to take a flight to come and see ME!

On the 2nd day of visiting, my parents said to me, we like to take 2 naps a day, maybe 3!

On the 3rd day of visiting, my parents went with me, on a shopping trip that included Wally!

On the 4th day of visiting, my parents and hubby, played cards all nite and were happy!

On the 5th day of visiting, my parents joined in, roasting five HUGE marshmallows!!!!!!

On the 6th day of visiting, my parents and family, enjoyed a rainy day just being lazy!

On the 7th day of visiting, my parents and family, went over the mountains in search of Rainier cherries!!

On the 8th day of visiting, my parents and family, took a boat ride and had a crab feast!

On the 9th day of visiting, it was just my mom and me, who went and got our toes all pretty!

On the 10th day of visiting, my parents both joined me, delivering Avon to my lovely ladies!!

On the 11th day of visiting, my parents and family, took a day trip driving thru the back country!

On the 12th day of visiting, my parents, kids and me, learned the words to the Veggie Tales movies!!

So, that's
12 days of movies
11 days of driving
10 Avon orders
9 toes were painted (it was 10...)
8 crabs were eaten
7 pounds of cherries (not Rainier)
6 hours of lazy
5 HUGE marshmallows!!!!
4 games of cards
3 hours of shopping
2 naps a day
And 1 long flight to come and see ME!!!!!!!!!

Whew! I sure have enjoyed every single minute of every single day they've been here with us!! I think I speak for both of us when I say, we've been truly blessed to have you here and be a part of our lives in such a way that no one else in our families are. Our doors and hearts are always open to you guys!!! My children both adore you and might have a hard time this time understanding why you're not here more. Christmas works for all of

Today we did the last of their dad threw up the white surrender flag and proclaimed us done at 4:30! He'd had enough of DJ sitting behind him bugging the back of his seat. I'd be done too if that was me! Or, DJ wouldn't have feet...I'd chop them off at the knees!

I did finally commandeer the tv at 11:30 to watch the B'ette....even knowing that Frank was leaving, it just proved how much of a jerk he really is! Wonder what his current gal, Nicole, thinks now after seeing tonite's show....oh to be a fly!
I think the date with Chris got much stronger...and I love how he was unaware of the fantasy suite...guess he's never seen the show before! I just think he's the most real of the two men left....hope she just follows her heart, either way! Lord knows she's had enough trauma for 5 women!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Monday, July 19, 2010


That's what we've become! Its fun too! :)

This morning we checked out a local church to see what it was like...we happened on a special Sunday service that included a pastor from Uganda. He was a great speaker too...his English was fantastic!!!! And the message was good! I have to say, the video clip of the 8 orphaned children that he runs the home of, were great photos!! Happy children! So often, when we see images of children in the 3rd world, they're sad and pitiful and pull at our heartstrings...but today, those pictures were telling a different story! That what the church is doing by helping fund this home for orphans, is making a difference in the lives of these 8 children. I was impressed!!

After we snuck out of the nursery room that both kids were in, Howie called his dad to see what his plans were...he was IN Monroe!!!! YIKES!!! So, Howie went and met him close by and gave him our spare key to come wait at the house, so he was here to see us when we came home. Not sure the kids knew what to make of having both Grandpa's in the He didn't join us for lunch, but rather left, to spend time with his girlfriend Ellen.

About 1:45 it was finally decided what we were actually doing for the was nearing nap time for SamSam so I needed to know what to do with the kids. We loaded them up in the truck and headed West! Our final destination today was LaConner...which, thanks to my mother's addiction to reading brochures, was named after Mr Conner's wife Louise Anne Conner...LA Conner....kinda sweet eh?

Its this quaint little old town on the coast....most of the buildings are from the late 1880's...just gorgeous! We walked up and down the main street checking out the shops. My biggest find was this shop that was going out of business....they had this stand of greeting cards that were 50 cents a piece!!! I loaded up!!!! I got 11 cards for the price of what people pay for ONE!!! HA! take that Hallmark!!!

About 5 we decided that it was time for dinner, so we headed to a restaurant that my mom grabbed the menu to...Waterfront Cafe. Good thing we did too...apparently the whole town shuts down at 5! Two minutes after we got seated they were turning people away at the door! WOW!

Dinner was wonderful too! Fish and chips sitting outside on the deck of a restaurant that's on the water...what can be better than that!?!?!?! It was very tasty too! Not your typical tempura, but what my mom calls a panco (not even sure I've spelled it right...) was on my fish and DJ's chicken. YUM! 

Then we had a long, scenic drive back...taking a bit of the long way home! It was nice!!! Of course, we stopped at Dairy Queen (again!) and indulged...this time the kids got to partake with their own ice cream cones! It was close to 9 when we got home so the kids were put in their pj's and put in bed! Howie wasn't too far behind them! Dad had the remote, so we watched Deadliest Catch...something I've never seen....this one was about crabbing up in Alaska. Before that was Ice Road Truckers...scary!!!

Now, I"m off to bed as we 've got another full last day tomorrow!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I woke up this morning

To this beautiful picture in my text messages!!!
DJ caught his first salmon and provided an amazing 17lb dinner for my mom's first ever taste of Hughes Caught Fish!  Never has she tasted salmon so good!!

While the boys were playing....the rest of us were Avoning! Oh it was a LONG day of it too!! We had pit stop for mom and dad to go shopping at the Christian Bookstore....and of course a lunch break at Wendy's. But 7 hours in and out of the car was more than enough to call it good!! Sam was with us and her last hour was almost unbearable!! She was so miserable! Poor thing! I ended up sitting in the back with her just to pacify her...worked for the most part. She sure was happy to be home!

After dinner I was bribed into making a run to DQ for another round of blizzards....YUM!!! What a treat indeed!! When they were done the kids were put to bed quite easily as they were BOTH just wiped! As soon as I was done putting Sam down, Howie went straight to bed himself.

Mom, Dad and I stayed up and watched Old Dogs...oh what a hoot that movie was!! My dad was laughing so hard at one point he had tears rolling!! It was hilarious!! HIGHLY recommend it!! Good, clean fun!!

Now, the tv's off....the coffee's ready to brew for tomorrow morning...and I'm yawning up a storm!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

What day is it!??!!

Every day has felt like Saturday since my parents arrived!!! I keep asking everyone what day IS it!?!?!

I knew it was Friday when the Avon delivery came....

but then forgot when I was sitting in the massaging chair getting my toes all summer'd up with this gorgeous pink polish! Me and my mama went and got our toes did....with NO kids in tow!! Imagine that!! :)

After that we slipped over to Freddy's to get some milk, cream and cranberry juice...and to deliver some Avon to a client.

Oooooh our neighbours got home last nite in the wee hours....DJ was beyond THRILLED to see their van parked this morning while we were on the back deck. I didn't believe him til I saw for myself! It took some work to get him to be patient and wait for K to come out and play...LOTS of patience!!!! He couldn't wait much past 11 am...he was bouncing! Good thing they were up and moving and the boys came out to play. DJ was set for the day then! That is til he came in and sat down...and crashed and took a 2 hour nap!!!

Howie came home from fishing and crashed for a nap....DJ came in twice last nite...about 5 mins apart too! So he was pretty tired when he got back fishless....which was a bummer!!!

So while Sam was napping too, mom and I slipped was perfect timing really!

When we got back the boys were ready and we got changed and headed out...Michaela babysat the kids while we headed to Canyons restaurant. They have a happy hour from 4-7 and their appetizers are half price! So, we got 5 apps to share and each had a salad...our table wasn't big enough!! Insane how much food there was really! And SO nice to be eating with my parents kidless! Not sure we've ever really done that....maybe before DJ came along...but that seems SO long ago now! Any way ya slice it, it was wonderful!! On our way home we stopped at DQ and got blizzards! YUM!!!! Perfect end to a great day!!!

Howie said he was saving his to share with the kids...but really it was because he couldn't eat it while driving! ha! Dad and I had no problem finishing ours! :D The kids were thrilled to see us and of course to share Daddy's dessert! Since DJ had had such a massive nap he went back out to play...SamSam got ready for bed and went down easily! I'm SO glad she's back to normal now!! She's still suffering mildly with her molaring...but she's managing just fine! Such a sweet girl!

DJ was SO excited to sleep in clothes tonite...but too excited to actually sleep...right away! He came out with the pillow hiding his bum to tell me something...cracks me up he does that! He did finally crash tho...and I'm sure he'll have another nap tomorrow on the way home from fishing! Here's hoping he catches dinner for us! My mom said she's never had "Howie caught salmon" that's fresh...poor thing! She reads about it all the time on the blog, but has never had it...we HAVE to fix that!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Friday, July 16, 2010

No Gilligan here

And we didn't do a 3 hour tour...we did a 6 hour one!!! We do it right!!

Today's agenda had one thing on it...go for a boat ride and catch some crab. We accomplished both with minimal fuss! We got outta here by 11, which isn't too shabby for getting 6 people and a boat ready! Howie worried about the boat, I worried about the other 5 of us!

Starting with Samantha finally eating a breakfast! Took some doing too, Howie helped out while I was preparing lunch for the boat. DJ was all ready to go...he's such a little water/boat hound!!

First stop was Albertsons to get some turkey legs...did you know crab like turkey!?!?!?! Who knew!? But it sure works like a charm!!! Then we headed to the marina to launch the boat...the tide was going out, so the water was low, but not too low, whew!

The run to the Sound was rough!!! Bouncy!! Jerky!!! Not a lot of fun really! But the sun was shining! And the skies were blue, blue, blue!! Couldn't have asked for a better day really! SamSam wasn't too sure what to make of the ride out....she clung to me a like a barnacle...maybe even tighter than that! After the first crab pot got thrown in the water, she warmed up to moving around the boat...and wanted to do what DJ was doing.

Once the two pots were in the water, we had our lunch and watched some locals net fish...that was interesting actually. Two boats, one net...they come together, ditch one boat and haul up the net...the time we watched it, they got two salmon...not a lot, but it was something! The first check of the pots got us 4 keeper crabs of about 10 in the pot...GOOD haul! The second pot only had one keeper and 4 throwaways. Before we left we checked the first one, one last time, and got one more keeper. So we got 6 crab for 6 people...sounds perfect to me!!! Unless of course 3 of the 6 didn't eat crab...Sam wasn't in a crab mood (but she sure was crabby!) and DJ still wouldn't eat it and my dad wanted to eat "light"...the 3 of us who did eat crab totally indulged!!! DELISH!!!

The ride back to the marina was way nicer!! The wind had died down and the water was calm. We also took a detour to see a naval ship...USS Abraham Lincoln....WOW that thing was MASSIVE!!!! It made a cruise ship look small!! We could see lots of people walking/working on the deck and one guy standing guard just watching...there was also a Police boat about 50 ft from it watching...all very interesting to watch! When we headed out of the bay, I had NO clue that's what those spinning satellites belonged I know better! Made me think of Top Gun too!! lol Started sing that song  "Highway to the danger zone!" LOL

We had one stop on the way home to pick up some fresh corn on the cob...of which each of my children ate  whole one!! 'Bout the only thing they did eat really! They weren't interested in much else. I wonder if they had a touch of the seasickness like I'm experiencing still. Sitting still and feeling like I'm on a waterbed is not fun! That's why I don't go with Howie anymore. Used to be, in the beginning, I'd get up with him and go fishing every, once a year is about all I can handle! Here it is almost 7 hours being back on land I'm still wobbly! Blech!

So,  now, I'm gonna go lay in bed and watch my ceiling spin...praying that I'll feel land soon! How Howie does it every weekend is beyond me!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Even tho they're 4 and 2

We still had a "first" today!!!

Today was a lazy day!!! The only plans we had were that my dad and Howie were going to check out a Thoroughbred Ranch that's owned by Howie's ultimate boss. He'd arranged a tour of the place since my dad's such a horsey guy. Howie said it was like my dad was the kid in the candy store! Big eyes!!! Big smiles!! And non-stop talking! That part we got to he was NON-STOP talking about it!

While they were gone mom and I got the dehydrator out and functioning...making some cherry fruit leather as I type...this thing is NOISY!!!!! And we're not all together sure it's actually working! Gonna have my mechanical engineer look at it...but he says he's on might ask the hubby to do it! :)

The laundry fairy was at it again today....I love her!!! :D  Kinda makes me sing "Don'tcha wish your fairy was here like mine?"  oh yeah, be jealous!!! 

Samantha woke up about 9:20 this morning and was in fine form!!! No more more anything! Her appetite's not back to normal yet...she didn't want breakfast, but ate a bit of lunch...and dinner was picky. As long as she's eating, I'm happy! Even gave me a poopy diaper....albeit not the best timing, but hey, she's pooping!

This afternoon after her nap, we headed into town to the local movie theater. DJ's second time (but first time he'll actually remember) and SamSam's first time ever going to a big screen show!! Toy Story 3!!! If you haven't already seen this movie...oh I highly recommend it!! HIGHLY!!!! Its awesome!!! We saw it in 2D as the kids wouldn't keep those glasses on if we paid 'em!  When we arrived 10 mins before the show started, there was no one else there. Just as the previews were getting started another dad and his son came in....still, not too shabby!

Samantha was WIDE EYED for the very beginning...even smiled when she heard the "you've got a friend in me" song...but after the first 4 minutes, she was wandering. My dad and Howie sat in the very last row...and mom and I sat in the first row of the second section....LOTS of leg room!!! Both kids travelled during the whole or both would sit with me, and then travel up the stairs to their dad and sit with him. Sam even took it further, sitting wherever she wanted to! It was a quick 2 hours!

I'd been warned by others that they cried at the end...yup, I did too!!! Such a GREAT movie!!!! Fabulous!! My dad even said he'd never look at a toy the same way!! hahahaha

Now, it's beddy bye another full day planned for tomorrow, so must get some rest! DJ joined us last nite about 4 and I walked him back to his room and he stayed there til about 6 or something. Rascal!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Laundry Fairy...

Really DOES exist!!!!!!!!!

I kid you not!!!!!!

And everyone and anyone can access this wonderful little fairy at a certain, about 37, I mean 29!!!

Before we left for today's jaunt thru the mountains, I was going to get a load of wash going...come to find out my fairy mother has been doing it for me and its ready to be folded!! I didn't even notice it gone from the top of the stairs...she's THAT good!!! Wonder where she hides her wand....must steal it before she leaves!!!  I could make a fortune with it!!!

On the Samantha front...apparently I missed all the fun this morning! The cat puked on the couch, and Sam puked on Daddy....darn! HA! He can keep it!  BUT with the puke seems to have come the end of the sickness. She threw up on an empty stomach, so that's good. And then kept juice down...then meds...then chocolate milk. With that, we headed out the door for a trip to Cashmere to get my Dad some more Aplets & Cotlets candies. They really ARE good!!! Plus, we were in search of any fruit stand with good prices on cherries....peaches...anything! Seems they're mostly geared to tourists...and not knowing anyone who lives over there, we don't know where to really go. Sam fell asleep on the way and we let her be...Howie stayed back with her while the rest of us wandered a fruit stand. Sure do have a lot of stuff! I even saw purple corn for popping...makes me curious!

We had lunch at the BBQ place we discovered back in lived up to the memory!!! Oh it was SO yummy!!!!! AND when SamSam woke up, her fever had broken!!! The colour seemed to have come back...but she was clingier than white on rice!!! Man! I could do nothing!! And she wanted NO part of Daddy!! But, at least the fever had broken! She did perk up a bit over the rest of the day. Still no appetite tho...maybe she'll find it tomorrow!

Since lunch was so filling, we all napped in the truck while Howie drove us home. That had its pluses and minuses....everything was nice and quiet...but we all woke up after 5pm...YIKES!! Since we were all still full from lunch, dinner didn't really happen at the "appointed" time around here! The kids were outside playing til just about 8 pm...then we came in and had a hodge podge of stuff to eat, chips, hummus, scones, veggies, dips...just grazing. Sam wouldn't have any of it...and started feeling warm on the forehead...but not the rest of her body. So who knows! I'm tired of her being sick! I want my little girl back!

Once the kids were finally in bed shortly after 9 we watched America's Got Talent....which is finally worth watching now! This is a take-it-or-leave-it show for me....if I miss it, oh well! Y'know? One by one everyone went to its my turn!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Paging Dr. Hughes

This morning Samantha was no better...and in fact, she seemed a bit worse!! She had no energy to get herself up this morning...she was STILL in bed at 9 when I got up!!! When I went in to get her she started doing the moaning thing, and asking for I called him in the room and she wouldn't let him pick her up...she wanted got her up, and she's just burning up!! Right after giving her a sippy and some Advil, I called the Dr's office. Our GP wasn't in today, so we got an appt with another Dr. in the practice for noon.

So once Sam got settled enough to sit by herself I got up and had breakfast. Then got the kids dressed for the day and then got ME dressed and ready for the day....such a procedure! We did get out the door at the appointed time that's impressive!!!

First stop was the Dr's office....where we got seen pretty much right away! The nurse was FABULOUS and Sam had no worries about her at all...even insisted that she do the temperature stick by herself...and of course she showed up at 98.1 All the while she's very warm to the touch! Strange phenomenon!!

About 10 minutes later the Dr. came in and checked her out. Checked her heart while she screamed and cried....checked her ears while I bear hugged her....checked her throat which wasn't fun...and declared her with virus! NO other things going on in her little body but that. Poor baby!! We're to just keep doing what we're doing and eventually she'll fight it off. I did learn that spiky fevers, where they go up and down all day long, are better....consistent fevers mean bacteria is present and don't wait! Good to know! (I know my nursey friend Fifi will chime in here....) And he also said its good she gets these things over with now as opposed to when she's in school...she's building up immunities by having it now. Lovely! Again...poor girl!!!

Once we left there we headed to the mall to a) meet up with Jake to give him his forgotten phone charger and b) check the stores there for my picky father who's having a devil of a time finding undies! And possibly c) catch a showing of Toy Story 3. We accomplished a)...b) didn't end well...and c) didn't have anything at that moment for was 2 hours out. So we then headed to Walmart (where else!?!?) to return a few things and of course find more things!!! By the time check out happened the kids were antsy! So, Howie and I walked them out to the truck and mom and dad were very close behind! 

Homeward bound we were!!! Everyone but Howie and DJ took cat naps. Howie cuz he was driving and DJ cuz he had his while we were in the Dr's office. After dinner I gave the kids a bath...could have almost just stood them outside the rain was pouring down so hard!!! It had been off and on raining all day, but by 5 we were seeing sunshine peeking didn't last long! As soon as the kids were in bed I sat down to do my Avoning as tomorrow's shaping up to be busy and I wanted to get most of it done tonite. Mom, Dad and Howie all watched The Last Comic Standing....I heard quite a few chuckles!  One by one they all went to bed and it was my turn to watch the Bachelorette!!

Sorry Kirk....we could ALL see it wasn't working out for you!! And your dad is just and odd man!! Not to mention your stepmom with her stilted conversation. Your 9 y/o adopted (why you felt the need to share that info, I'll never know) sister carried most of that visit on her shoulders and she did well! I could tell from the moment she arrived that she wasn't as into him as the others.

And since the preview of Frank visitin a ex-girlfriend, I know he's out next week...which brings us to Chris and Roberto...did I call it or what!?!?! I really hope she does the right thing for her and picks Chris...he seems SO grounded and honest!! Looks aren't everything...even if Roberto is TDH!! Chris is where its at!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Why have I never tried a S'more before!?!?!?!

Why haven't I ever had one of these ooey gooey far too fattening delicious treats!?!?!?!??!?!!

Have you ever had one?!?!?!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! Or should that read OH MYGOOEYNESSS!!!!!!

Can you tell we got to have our bonfire tonite!??!!?

This morning I slept til almost 10 am!! I tell ya, being deaf sure has its advantages! That and with Sam still fevered she wasn't squealing as per usual. I was shocked tho that everyone let me sleep that late! Haven't done that in a while! Howie says I musta needed it...'cept now it's super late and I'm not tired yet. Trade off I guess!

Today we had no real "tourist" plans, and with Sam being fevered still, we didn't want to do too much. So we headed to costco for a jaunt! What a jaunt indeed! I think we walked just about every aisle...that is fun to do tho and check what's there. Picked up some YUMMY steaks for HOWIE to bbq for dinner...and man, he did us proud!! They were perfection in a steak!

Just before dinner SamSam was burning up again and I took her temp, she was reading I immediately gave her some Advil and let her strip down and get in the pool. The combo worked and she was cooled off considerably to the touch (and therm) before we sat down for dinner. She sure is a whiny creature when she's sick! If she's still fevered tomorrow we're taking her in to the Dr. But at bed time she was 99...but that's what this thing's been doing, jumping up and down.With no other symptoms its really hard to figure what's wrong. Fevers are good for killing her body's working great, but it may be time to intervene and help her body. Then again, they may not be able to do anything for back in January when she had the same was viral and had to run its course. Poor baby!!

After dinner we headed outside to get the fire going. The kids could have cared less that it wasn't dark outside...they were in it for the marshmallows!! So was I!!! Who are we kidding!? DJ kept claiming that "marshmallows are my FAVOURITE!" and then barely ate any! He ended up putting 3 of them in the fire to burn up...he'd get 'em dirty and ruin them. By 8:30 I was ready to be kidless for the evening so I headed them in to get cleaned up. Howie came in to finish with story time and then all was quiet!

Since it was still kind of early, we played some cards and then watched tv. Dad did get to see the last game of the World Cup thanks to DVR....but both Howie and I already knew the outcome. Even knowing, it was still fun to watch the over time!! And the GOOOOOOOAL!!!! Bet Spain is still partying!!!! LOL

Now, I'm gonna go read for a bit and then crash!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I had such a good, funny heading

And now I've forgotten it! I hate when that happens!

This morning Samantha AND DJ came into our room (and so it begins) at 7 am...since Howie wasn't getting up (and forgot to give me the memo) I got up with them and spent the next two hours trying to keep them quiet while everyone else slept away!!!! My eyes were burning!!!!

Just before 9 we heard movement, so I started the french toast for breakfast and oh it was YUMMY!!!!! This time I flipped it half way thru...not sure how to make it so it doesn't stick...but it still scrumptious!!! And Jake slept right thru it all!! Silly boy!

Sam was still fevered, and even asked for medicine first thing this morning...poor thing! By 11 am she was getting punchy and whiny, so she and I went and laid down together....we both got a bit of a nap. It seemed have helped her too, but man was she a heater to sleep beside!!! Her temp was 102....and then 102.7 before bed...before Advil...SO hoping she breaks free of it tomorrow! My mom made a rather interesting statement....that heat kills her body is fighting alright! With a temp that high, lets hope she's back to normal tomorrow. She still only grazed at food all day...which is sense having her upchuck!

While she was napping I took my folks to meet Freddy....they wandered just about everywhere! We sure did have YUMMY corn on the cob with dinner tho!!

Speaking of dinner...I now remember what my original title was supposed to be (I'm too lazy to change it now) but something to the effect that I should NOT be in charge of a grill...EVER!!!!! I thought I'd help Howie out (who was mowing) by starting the burgers...then he came in and wanted a shower (and I wanted him to have one! PU!!) so while he was showering I (and mom) took over didn't go over so well...unless you count Snickers' gain of lots of charred beef!! YUCK!!! So, when he got done laughing at us, he put new ones on and we had dinner shortly after that. The BBQ is officially his duty!!! I can be in charge of starting it up...but that's as far as I'm going!! :)

After dinner the plan was to do a bonfire...we got these gigantic, and I do mean GIGANTIC, marshmallows...they're about 3 times the size of a regular one...for roasting and making s'mores...but while I was in showering, DJ ruined it for all of us with his attitude. Darnit! Instead, they went to bed and we played cards. I finally won a game too!!! It had been a long time since I'd won! YES!!! Winning streak is back on!!! Gotta think positive here!

Now, I'm hittin the hay as my eyes are still burning!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Welcome To Walmart

(where else!?!?)

Today's activity included going to walmart (where else!?!?). My mom starts making a list of things she either a) knows is cheaper here, or b) wants to check the price on to see if its cheaper we had a list!

Samantha has mastered getting OUT of the crib now!!! She got out last nite 5 times!!! Once she was thirsty...then she needed a diaper change....then she tried to find me and ended up scaring the crap outta Howie...then once for nothing...and then for real at 7 something....very exhausting!! But at least she's not resisting going back to bed! She woke up this morning I took her temp after breakfast and it was gave her some Advil and hoped it would break. No go! So for lunch we kept it real light and she had watermelon and, not together, that'd be gross!! lol   Then once I got her down for her nap, the rest of us, save Howie, took off for Walmart (where else!?!?) I couldn't go Hwy 2 after a certain point...the road was blocked off at an exit for Hwy 9. So, we took the detour and headed a different way to the same destination. Worked well! DJ decided that the detour was a perfect time for a nap....we didn't mind the quiet one bit!

We must have been in there for an hour and a half...walked all up and down just about every aisle too!! The kids each got some new clothes to grow into...Sam's are just darling!! And DJ got a glow in the dark Buzz Lightyear shirt...he picked it out! Tough choices for a 4 year old!! They also each got a monster truck....not too big, but big enough it won't go under the stove when they "race" them. Sam even got a pink one!!! They both took them to bed with them! Silly kids! As if the monster truck fairy is going to come along and steal them or something!!  I got an oil change and a six pack of Mojitos....never had one before, but they sounded good! Y'know, they ARE good!!! The after mint taste is wonderful!! I digress...

We headed home just about 5 o'clock...perfect timing to hit rush hour on a Friday afternoon...what were we thinking!?!?!? It looked good as we were driving over the freeway, so we (I) chose to go on the freeway instead of taking the route we took to get there....thankfully we're not on the highway long and get off to head east. Til I saw the sign saying Hwy is still closed due to an accident and to take an alternate route. Yet, when we got up to the Hwy 2 signs, there wasn't any road closure, so we took it. Worked like a charm too! No one else was taking it, but it was open! They were just finishing clearing up the burnt debris on the side of the road. And when we drove by the counter, it read 0000 which meant there was a fatality involved. I hate knowing that!

Dinner was my dad's favourite....Teriyaki....he waited patiently for it considering we had crab last nite. lol It was good!! I actually called it in ahead of time, so no extra waiting! When we got home Sam was still fevered (I love how she says FEEver) but refused to take any Advil. She ate lots of rice for dinner and a bit of chicken, but I have learned with her, when she's not feeling well, let her pick and choose what she wants to eat or it'll come back (literally) to bite me! And if she's hungry, she'll tell me so!

After dinner the kids each got a bath and while DJ was getting polished off Jake came over. He called earlier this aft and said he was coming up for the weekend and to see my parents. LOVE it! The kids do too!! They literally bounce around when he arrives! It took a bit, but they finally got put in bed and everything quieted down. The rest of us played cards...Jake won the first game and Mom and I tied for the second. I love playing period!

Now, everyone's in la la land...and I'm headed there myself. Already put Sam back in bed once...granted she was wet and came to tell me we changed her diaper (seems going up a size didn't help) and put new pj pants on....and another dose of Advil. Poor thing! She's also go bumps on her who knows what her body's fighting...I just hope it breaks soon! Sick kids are no fun when on vacation!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Friday, July 9, 2010

They finally made it!!!!!!

As I type this, my parents are resting comfortably in the coolness of the basement bedroom while we roast upstairs! :) Its not that bad actually!!! Of course, we now have fans going everywhere....should help!

This morning I got woken up by Samantha...yeah, she climbed out of her crib by herself....since DJ wasn't there to help. In fact, that was the first thing she said to me...Aw Jay GONE! (that's how she says DJ) so when I told he'd gone fishing with Daddy, she was disappointed. Even went down to the garage to call for him! It was cute! No way was she in a snuggle mood...she wanted to get going! I put the tv on for her and went to wake up.

She and I had a lovely nice and quiet! :) When she got done we got dressed and ready to head out. We left at 10:40 and I thought we'd be a bit late...turns out, we arrived at the airport exactly as they were landing!!! It only took me an hour to get there using the carpool lane! Sweet!!!! Samantha fell asleep on me at not kool! She slept til I parked the car at the cell phone lot. At noon we got back into the loop of the airport and there they were waiting!!! They said they'd been waiting 5 mins, so good timing all around! We drove them home where Howie and DJ were waiting with 10 Dungeness crab!!! YUM!!!!!!!!!

The afternoon passed quietly with everyone taking turns napping....well, except for the kids....they were everywhere! pool included! Howie boiled up all the crab for dinner...and finally it was time to eat!! Oh what a feast it was!!! So delicious!! Samantha ate an entire crab for herself!! She's quite lucky too...she didn't have to shell it, just eat it!! DJ...the crab catcher...wouldn't even try a bite!!! So insane!!!! Maybe one day he'll come around.

After the kids were in bed mom and I shelled the remaining 4 crabs we didn't eat to hopefully make crab cakes! Dad slept in my chair and Howie watched tv. Very low key as they adjust to the time zone difference!  Once everyone was in bed I got comfy in my chair and tried to find something interesting to watch...alas, nothing! Altho, Samantha scared me silly when she came down the hall looking for me....guess the whole "I can get out of my crib" thing is for real! She was thirsty so I gave her a partial sippy cup and put her back in bed. An hour later, I hear her talking to me again, but she's not in the hall...she's in our bedroom scaring the sleep outta Howie! I get her back in bed and tell her she can't get out again...OY! Methinks it might be time to take the baby rail off and put the day bed rail up...scary stuff!!!! I don't like all her mobility...but I'd rather that than hearing a THUD in the middle of the nite!

You'll notice I won't comment on the whole LeBron hour for a 15 second sound bite, charity or not, was very egotistical! Back to real(ity) tv please!! SYTYCD did what I thought they would....gave everyone a bye and poor Alex is out. I'm sad for this...but it does shake things up for sure! Next week will be telling....we'll see who emerges as the leader now that he's gone.

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

You mean that's IT!?!?!

Before I go anywhere....I finished Lost....and I'm in disbelief that the WHOLE show was about THAT!?!?!? Really!?!?! It still doesn't explain the in-between stuff...where they lived after the rescue...I'm so very confused by that! Is the head writer Roman Catholic?? And they were all in purgatory!?!?!?! You mean, that's IT!?!?! Why didn't Ben go with them?? Is he still alive?? I'm seriously left with more questions than ever!!! W T H!?!?!!!?!?!?!

I will say,  I was bawling my eyes out!!! Watching them all reconnect the way they did and seeing the realization on their faces as they did figure it out. This is going to take a bit of time to process....

They all arrived on the island in the state in which they died...but they had the relationships at the end that they'd lived while "living" either on or off the island...huh??

Give me the head writer please...I need to speak with him! SO confusing!!! If anyone out there has a theory, please share! I need clarification!!

Today was a sweltering day!!! We got to 90 and broke a previous record of 88....not too shabby! The breeze blowing was incredibly balmy and wonderful! This morning when I let the neighbour's dog out I snagged their kiddie pool for our deck...knowing how hot it was going to get, I did a good thing! Besides, if it gets ruined, its a cheap plastic one that's replaceable!!! So, I brought it up the back stairs and come in the house, neither of my children are IN the house!! They're over on the trampoline trying to "find" me...uh huh!  They come trudging back in and see the pool...and watch me take my watering can and fill it up...8 trips it took!!! I figured it would warm up in the morning sun and be perfectly cool during the afternoon heat while we're in the shade of the trees. It really was perfect!!!

While Sam napped I pretended to be Cinderella and wash the floors on my hands n knees....phew!! What a chore!! I really need to invest in a steam mop...sure would cut down on the time! Once Sam was up tho, all bets were off and we were outside on the deck. The water was a flying!!!! Everywhere!!!!! All my hard work trekking the water....ah, who am I kidding?!?!! They loved it!!!! Samantha's diaper was 60 lbs when she was done!!!! That was hilarious! Next time we'll go diaperless and just let her wing it!

When Howie got home I was just getting Sam back into her clothes, which was good as he was headed outside to get the boat ready for the morning. He and DJ are going crabbing for our dinner!!! DJ is so over the moon to be bed time he told me that HE was going to wake up before Daddy so he could wake Daddy up to go...yeah right! He has no clue what's in store for him! He just loves getting to sleep in his clothes...too funny! I wasn't sure he'd fall asleep...didn't take him long!

While they were in bed we watched SYTYCD and ate freezies (otter pops to you Americans) while enjoying the cool breeze from the a/c unit in the window! Even now at 1 am, its 69 degrees!! I love it!! Of course, I love the a/c too...if that wasn't here, we'd be living in an oven right about now!

Back to SYTYCD...poor Alex!!!! If his injury is as serious as it sounds, and he's cut, I see Ashely winning this thing!! And where the heck did Lauren come from!?!?! DANG!!!!! And that little moment between her and Kent during their dance....makes me wonder.....hmmmm lol  Who do I see getting voted off...gosh that's tough! It could very well be that everyone gets a bye this week thanks to Alex's injury....otherwise, my vote would be Billy...

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Two more sleeps!!!!!!!!!

That's all that's left til Grandma and Poppa are here!!!!!! Which means I have tomorrow to clean! Thursday, me and baby girl are driving in to get them from the airport and the boys are going crabbing! Here's hoping!

This morning the plan was to go to Edmonds and get my hearing aids fixed and while there, pop in on my g/f Laura with her Avon order. Rather convenient that they're 2 miles apart! We didn't get out of here near as early as I thought we would! One thing after another and we're 45 mins past what I wanted! GRRRRR School is going to be a chore!

We head out down our hill and hit hwy 2 and the light was I treat it like a 4 way stop and go at my turn....I take the lane I'll need to go straight thru town to stay on hwy 2...BAD idea!! I should have clued in...if one light is down, they all are! UGH!!!!! It took me a half hour to go 2 miles!!! It was awful!!! There were NO cops directing traffic...there were PUD trucks all over the place, but no workers were seen doing anything! Insane!! Even more ironic...I have a g/f who's at her work watching the traffic on hwy 2 just for fun!!! I gave her the finger as I passed a camera! :D

I change course and take 522 instead of taking hwy changing lanes was tricky! But it paid off! We were moving! As I go up over the hwy, I look over to my right and the next light is working just fine...go figure! Then I look back in rear view mirror and SamSam is SLEEPING!!!!!!!!! It's only 11:50 and she's snoozin away!!!! Lovely! There goes nap time!

We arrive at the hearing place and she's still sleeping, I go in and drop off my hearing aids and get told it'll be an we head over to Laura's work and as I pull in, I fully expect to sit and wait til Sam wakes, but she chose then to wake up! So off we went...but of course, she needs a diaper change! Whattakid!!! Just as we were finishing up Laura came out to see us! At which point DJ decided he HAS to pee, so off we go to her offices.

We finish up with her and head back out to the truck to eat lunch...I knew we'd be out later than I wanted to when we left as late as we did! Once everything was done but the sharing of the grapes, we headed back to the hearing place.

I go in to get them and they're done...and it's FREE!!!!!!!! They replaced the battery door on the left one and cleaned the wax out of both of them...that's why I couldn't hear out of the right one. I was hoping that was the case and not that it needed fixing. While I was there I asked about getting the kids' hearing tested. Samantha consistently drops her S's and changes them to H's or D's...and if a word starts with a T, she changes it to an F...Truck is Fruck...yet if the word ends in a T she has no problem!  I used to have problems with S's too....and I was a I wanted reassurance. The audiologist had just stepped out for a few minutes but when he returned he'd see us no problem. So we wait in the truck and before I know it, the secretary comes out to us to let us know he's back.

He typically deals with adults and is not equipped for pediatrics...BUT they had a pediatric audiologist coming this Saturday if I wanted to bring them in. Her speech is cause for concern he said, especially when coupled with my loss. Then he remembered he had a  tweeting bird in his office and snuck up behind her and made it tweet...its 3000 decibels loud, and she immediately turned to see what was going on! And going by the look on her face, he had no concerns after that! WHEW!!!!! For that matter, both of them heard it immediately, so in essence, they passed!!

When we left there it was about 2 and since I knew Sam wasn't going to nap for real, we hit up Albertsons when we got back into town...and this time I took Main St instead of hwy 2 just in case...but the lights were all working again. So we did our shopping and made a quick stop into the dollar store for paper towels....gotta clean for my mama!! lol That and we were completely out!

It was just about 3:30 or so when we made it home....and the temp on the truck read 80!!! YES!!!!!! Summer really did join us!!! So while the kids were playing outside in the dirt patch I sat on the back deck to supervise...they took turns coming to visit me! Samantha even brought me a wriggly worm...EW!!! Once Howie got home, the gears shifted and he got to work mowing the lawn and I got busy burning the last of the brush that had completely dried out. Well, 'cept for the cedar boughs....they kept it nice and damp for a family of slugs! ICK!! Those things just gross me right out!!! I burned a couple of them....they don't even move when it gets HOT!! Insane!! I even managed to stick my finger in one of them....blech! I called it quits at that point! Thankfully it was the tail end of it all and Howie took over...he had gloves on!

Dinner was left overs...gotta clean out the fridge at some point! Then I gave the kids a foot bath as they both went barefoot while playing even tho I asked them not to! They ARE my children!!! Once they were in bed I hopped in the shower to clean up from the smoke. Howie waited til I was done and we watched Wipeout together...laughed our butts off too! Then he went to bed and I watched 2 episodes of LOST....only one more on my DVR but its a 150 minute long one....might happen tomorrow nite! Sheesh, I can't believe I have only one left and I still am just as in the dark now as I was 5 years ago when I started watching it!! CRAZY!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The proof is in the pudding

This actually has two meanings for me tonite....I'll get to that in a minute!

I did something today and from the very first moment regretted!! I almost wanted to cry and throw up at the same time once my decision was made...there was no turning back........

DJ went for a hair cut this morning and since he was tolerating the clippers so well, he gets a "2" on the back and sides and finger length on top, I said, do it all with the clippers and see how he does....STUPID mistake!!!!! It wasn't a 2 all over, but a 2 on the sides and back and a 3 on the top. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE between 2 and 3 really!! Maybe an 8th of an inch!! Oh my poor baby boy looks bald!!!!!  He looks like his Daddy BIG TIME now!!!! I swear, he grew up 2 years right in front of me!!! The top must have lost an inch and a half!!! I was mortified!! I will NEVER do that again!!

Howie LOVES it of course!!

DJ could care less! He's 4!

So, his 4 yr pictures will be waiting a while yet....and no, I haven't taken a picture of it yet....Howie has of course. This was taken with his phone.

So, while DJ and Sam were playing with Anneke's kids, I got my bangs trimmed and my eyebrows done. Whew! I was due too!! On both counts! Then we had a good chat about whatever!!! Her next clients showed up at noon and we took off about 12:20 after meeting them. Nicole is another gleaner, so it was nice to put a face to a name! Then we stopped by the trailer on our way home, after we kidnapped Travis to come play with DJ this afternoon. They're both missin the kids next door! Big time!!!

When Howie got home he had a one track mind....air conditioner!! You see, they're promising us a heat wave by the end of the week! Should be 91 by Friday....I'll believe it when I see it...especially since today was 52!!! In any case, we're prepared now!! Howie also figured out how our cheap blinds work...they can't be facing up or down, but open and then they'll slide up and down easily! D'oh!!

While I was bathing the kids I made some rice pudding...remind me NOT to do that again!! I can't monitor rice pudding AND bathe the kids! What was I thinking?!?!!?! I only burnt the bottom a bit, and managed to save most of it! Its still very tasty...but missing raisins...didn't have any on hand.

Once Howie went to bed I got comfy and watched the Bachelorette!! I was primed for some juicy-ness!!! I knew about the Jake and Vienna interview....I almost wanted to fast forward the dvr to the interview and watch it first!!! I was on pins and needles with the excerpts they were showing throughout the B'ette!!! I gotta say, I'm SO glad she let Ty go!! He just wasn't right! I see the final two coming down to Chris L (my pick) and Roberto...Frank is gonna screw it up for himself according to what I've read and seen in previews. Stupid Boy!
Now, for Jake and Vienna....WOW!!! Did they air their dirty laundry or what!?!?!? Shame on both of them!! But thank you both for being such idiots for putting it on tv so that those of us can get a glimpse of the "reality" of reality tv!

Jake, from the very beginning I said she was too young for you!!! Immaturity doesn't come from putting a ring on one's finger and promising to marry them!

Vienna, grow up sweetheart!! And admit you were in it all just as much for the fame as anything else! And from what I've read of your tweets, so what if he went to bed early!!!!! You should have learned to enjoy that time instead of whining!!

Either way, its sad that the break up had to be so public...and that tabloids were involved and monies exchanged for the story. Only goes to prove her immaturity even more! I think both of them are guilty of emotional and verbal abuse based on what I witnessed tonite! Not sure how much of it was edited...but either way, they showed their True Colours. And it wasn't a rainbow!  As always, Chris was fantastic as an interviewer! He should get an Emmy for that one!! "I don't care about your dog, we're here to talk about you two" that just cracked me up!!

So, now that DJ's come out for his midnite pee, its time for me to hit the hay!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!