Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rematch Day

This morning Sam woke up first and crawled in on my side and snuggled back to sleep for an hour til DJ got up...then I put him in bed between me and Howie and made room for Sam...but she chose the floor instead...she was still warm, and I bet the carpet was nice and cool. Then it quickly turned 8 and DJ and I were up!! He had a rematch race with Aunt Jackie today! She "thinks" she beat him last year and he KNOWS he beat the only way to settle it is with a rematch! So we dressed (he chose all racing clothes) and off we went! Met up with an Avon client first at my boyfriend Ben's establishment...I didn't dare go in for fear of losing track of time!

We got to Lake Tye and found a spot to park and met up with Jackie, Gwen and Zach...they'd done the short race for the Monroe Classic Fun was fun to see everyone dressed up in costumes or some kind of Halloween attire..then we hung around while they did all the raffle drawings...and then it came time to line up the kids for the kiddy race. Now, DJ had been quite ornery from the time we met up with Jackie & Co....and when it was time to line up, he REFUSED to let go of my hand...and didn't want to race...he was SO excited from last nite on when I told him about it...but push comes to shove, and he wouldn't do it! I was so disappointed!!! So we headed back to the truck, said our goodbyes and headed home.

We got home and Howie was dressed and ready for work....he had to go in for some set up stuff for their Spooktacular event tonite with Family Fun Night...bummer we weren't going, but with Sam still fevered, no sense. DJ was still being ornery and quite mouthy, and ended up in timeout...and fell asleep! So I let him nap for over an hour before waking him up. Meanwhile, Samantha took over an hour trying to poop so I grabbed the potty chair I have for her and brought it up...mostly to take her mind off it and to put her in a different position than standing up! It did relax her, but no pooping happened. A lot of off and on business, but no potty business. She thought it was pretty kool!!!

Just before lunch, she did finally finish pooping and had no it worked in a way. She also became very potty aware and would take her clothes off and her diaper off just to sit. And twice she told me right after peeing that she was wet and needed to maybe potty training really is in our near future!! Lord help me!

Howie got home shortly after 4 and got working the playstation stuff trying to make it so I can play my I lessened his burden a bit and bathed the kids one at a time. He was having some serious issues with it all and couldn't get it to work the way it did last weekend. NOT fun! He took a break for dinner and went back to it.

I got the kids ready for bed, Samantha was thrilled I discovered a nightie in the clothes she's growing into...and a Dora one at that! So it was easy to get her into her pj's! She was instantly twirling and dancing once it was on too!! SO cute! Oh, her fever broke while she was trying to poop that first time...and she was her normal wild child self! Very glad to have her back! Sick Sam is no fun!!! Sick DJ is a break...but Sick Sam is not!

Once they were settled in their beds I grabbed the movie to return and headed to sense getting charged for my free movie!! I also stopped at the shed and shopped. Then came home to try and find a movie on go! I'm not a horror movie fan, and since its Halloween, that's all they're playing. So I watched some reruns of New Adventures of Old Christine...and SNL is on in the background now.

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The day she became human velcro!!!!

With last nite's fever arrival for Samantha, she didn't wake up any better!! In fact,. she came in to our room about 6ish and since I had DJ already snuggled up next to me, I sent her over to Howie's side...which he didn't seem to mind one bit! She is a good snuggler. I just wish she'd stop whimpering! She reminds me of my Nanny that way! She'd rock and moan constantly!! And she wasn't in a rocking

Howie woke me shortly after 9...the kids got up at 7 and he went with while he was getting ready for work, I made us breakfast. All the while trying to wake up and deal with a whiny boy and a clingy girl....NOT fun! As soon as Howie left I sat down in the chair with Sam since she was begging for that! She'd had a piece of cheese and a piece of apple while we were eating and seemed to be keeping it down. So after a while I laid on the couch and she snuggled up with me and we both dozed off....she woke up vomiting and I woke up to being vomited on!!!  Definitely THE worst way to be woken up ever!!!!!! Unless of course you're the one doing the puking and waking...that would suck even more! ugh!  And since she's never gotten the lessons on puking etiquette it went everywhere!!!! The couch, the floor, her...and as I'm cleaning it up, I discovered I'd been gotten too! All over the front of my shirt! BLECH!!!! Stripped that off and kept on cleaning. Got her changed and towels laid down to soak up the bile and we sat in my chair again. At least its leather...and we had a bowl handy for any more episodes!

And then she became the human velcro!!! She'd fall asleep while sitting me, but the moment I got up, she'd wake! And I'd have to sit back down and watch more Caillou with her...HATE that show! I'd much rather watch Barney than Caillou!! We also watched Toy Story twice (it was on when I got up) and Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin special twice. She did let me eat lunch and begged to eat, so I gave her the outside unbuttered crusts and she did fine. So we tried some apple juice water and she guzzled it down. Still everything stayed down...but I was ready! And she kept fakin me out...not fun!

Finally around 4 she fell asleep on her own...and DJ was outside playing so I actually got time to think! Much needed! DJ came in about 4:45 from playing and sat in the other chair and fell asleep about 5....yeah, not what I had planned! And he was a bear to wake up!!! Finally after an hour I carried him to his bed and that woke him up! He was still a bear!

We struggled about what to eat for dinner and he shot down any ideas I had...and settled on a bagel with cream cheese and green beans....and Samantha was still begging for food, so I made her a piece of toast with the most minimal amount of butter (I can't stand dry toast!) and she ate about half of it...and had two teaspoons of my vanilla yogurt and was done. Drank another sippy of water/juice and was good.

Bed time went smoothly and she even let me brush her teeth...didn't much like the towel I laid down on the bed just in case, but didn't fuss too much! In fact, both of them were sound asleep within 5 minutes! Howie was on his way home with a movie for me, so I put laundry away and cleaned up the cat crap and then grabbed a shower...I swear, I could still smell puke! yuck! 

Once Howie went to bed, I tried watching my movie only to find out there is a disconnection somehow between the playstation and the I had no visual! :( Bummed me right out!! Howie had only just gone in the room, so he came out and tried for a half hour to fix it...but couldn't make it work. Hopefully tomorrow morning he can work his magic with real daylight and I can watch it tomorrow afternoon.

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Friday, October 29, 2010

It was an Avoning day

From the get go the kids knew it was an Avoning day!!! Since we had NO time restraints on  us, we took our time getting out of the house....kinda nice actually! So, once breakfast was done we headed out....I think it was close to 11 by the time we left. The weather was kinda sorta yucky!! Rainy and gray...but by 1ish the sun came out...just to let us know it was there. lol not for any other reason!!

Most of my clients aren't home during the day, but I did manage to catch a few and show off the new Mino Flip video camera...they were all in shock and awe at how small it is and what it can do!!! Shoot, I don't even know ALL it can do yet! I still need to play with the software program...apparently you can freeze the video and make "stills" from it...THAT'S kinda cool!!!!

We had lunch at Michelle's house...and the kids enjoyed playing with the toys she has for her grand kids...I enjoyed the visit! So much so, that I went back!! To drop of her mom's order and to pee!! Badly!! She was a gracious hostess!!! Thanks Michelle!! The tea and sinfully delicious bread were wonderful!!

It was just about 4 when we headed home...traffic sucked!!! Blech!!! SO glad I don't get stuck in that daily!!! Howie didn't either tonite...he was headed to Oak Harbor for Jake's last regulation football game! What a drive too!!! I knew when we got the schedule this would be a game I'd be missing out on just because of distance! The Mavs did good tho!!! 41-20 was the final score. And Jake's old Junior coach from a rec league was there to watch...that was nice of him to come! Ryan only coached one year, but all the boys looked up to him! There were 5 players on the team that he really neat for him to be there!

After dinner DJ wanted the pumpkins lit up and all the lights I complied and they both enjoyed watching the shadows the candles were giving off. Once they got blown out tho, that was it and the lights came back on....something about candles and kids....they just beg to be blown out! lol  Bed time went smoothly for me and they were both out quickly! Which is good considering both of them had naps in the truck! After that I watched tv til Howie got home...who went to bed quite quickly after such a long day!!

Grey's was kinda boring...but Private Practice was good....right til that last scene where Charlotte got attacked!!! Can't wait til next week now!!!! Sheesh!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Technical difficulties thanks to Verizon

The past couple nites I've cheated and done up my blog post on my Berry, then emailed it to myself and then put it in here....tonite I got foiled....and I currently have no service (thanks to Verizon) and can't get my phone to email me the post...and cant' even get the browser to open to post it there...SO frustrating! So, I'm heading to bed and as soon as I get up in the morning, I'll add the post on the look out...

I've been working with DJ for the last week trying to get him to pronounce Awana correctly...he keeps saying Duwana or Dawana...not sure where the D came from, but it was annoying! Today, with it being an Awana nite, he got lots of practice saying it. At dinner he even made a concentrated effort and paused before he said it...too cute!

This morning found me with TWO kids in obviously Samantha has learned the ropes! At least she sleeps like on position without moving around or kicking whoever is in the way! After breakfast I got them bathed since it was an Awana nite, and we weren't going to be home.

Once lunch was done I kicked the kids outside since it was such a beautiful day out!! Truly gorgeous Fall day!! We've had quite the yucky weather the past few days, so when the sun was shining from the get go, out they went! It was still chilly, but they didn't mind. They even found a wayward friend out there and brought him inside to play!! Been a while since we've seen K...I think Samantha was more excited than DJ! SO cute! He got called home just after Howie got home, which was good timing since we were having an early dinner.

Even tho dinner was early...we were still not early enough for me to check in the first of my group at Awana....I missed 4 early birds. Turns out they arrived at 5:50...and that's a wee bit early for me to get there for! I might request they make 'em wait til I get there before gettin checked in...we'll see. I did get all my stuff done by 8pm again...and put all my stuff away in time to get DJ. His book didn't show up, but they had two kids out sick this week, so we're hoping his book shows up next week...meanwhile his teacher Miss Michi gave us a book of her st least we can keep reading the storyline. DJ was pleased regardless. He was so sweet too...he saved me a cookie...but I'd already gotten a sweet treat from another class, so told him to eat it. His heart is in the right place for sharing!! Love that!!

On the way home he was close to falling asleep....thankfully he was more interested in how my high beams work...and the direction we go to get home. I was thinking the other day I should start teaching him NSWE since he's got left/right sorted out! Smart cookie!

Once he was in bed, Howie wasn't too far behind him. I got my chores done and finally got to sit. Only to discover that Survivor didn't record :( SO sad I am!! Who got voted off?? Believe it or not, no one on twitter or Facebook spilled the beans!! Help!!

Now, I'm off to a full day of Avoning to do!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Adding to my resume

I've added surgeon to my list of skillz yo! Pumpkin surgeon that is!! The kids woke up this morning after 8 and it was fabulous!! They were very excited to discover the pumpkins I left on the dining table.

I was very excited to learn how much leverage those pumpkins gave me!! It got the toys picked up and SamSam's room put back together...and fast too! I e never seen DJ move that fast! Hmmmm lol

I did tell him we'd do them after lunch, and my Avon showed up just before I got a tiny bit distracted with the 6 (yes SIX) boxes that came. Once done eating, I bagged up my orders and prepared for the goop extraction.

Ohhhh amongst my order was the new Flip video from Mino that Avon will be carrying for 139.00...this thing is freakin AWESOME!!!!! Seriously!! Its smaller than my cell phone! Can hold an hour's worth of recording!! Doesn't need batteries, or cords!!! Plugs right into your computer with any USB port and charges while it downloads your videos! Comes in a case and with cables to plug it right into your tv to play vids right on your screen!! The kids liked seeing themselves on was cute! (Ok that was uber easy to upload!!!!!! I'm REALLY likin this Flip!!!!)

So, before I let DJ dig in the punkin guts, I grabbed the Flip and recorded his hesitation! He's all boy til it comes to gucky things...and punkin guts are gucky!!! lol Samantha on the other hand dig right in there with her spoon! The faces carved weren't too spectacular, but DJ was in awe of my skillz! He wanted a scary face, so we put fangs in his pumpkin's smile and he thought that was great!! Either way, they were both pleased as punch with my efforts!

After the carving we snuggled on the couch where Samantha fell asleep in my 5pm!!!! Yikes!! So I let her doze for a half hour before waking her up gently! Which seemed to be the key...she was nice!! Kisses work wonders!!!

Howie was working late, so I got dinner ready for all of us and stored his in the microwave. Both kids ate their sketti very quickly! So ice cream was in order and they were thrilled! As I was doing dishes, Howie snuck in and scared the crap outta all of us!! Phew! After he ate, I grabbed a shower and he pj'd the kids. Then they went to bed with minimal fuss.

It was a Glee night...but I have a confession...I wasn't that excited for it since I've never seen Rocky Horror Picture Show...I know, you're What can I say...I led a sheltered life...ha! Blame it on my parents...I do! :)

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I really shouldn't be allowed to play

With knives!!!! Just this week alone I've cut my thumb AND my index finger!! My thumb I did cutting up a apple with a brand new paring knife...and my finger I did trying to cut open the new package of cheese for lunch. OUCH!!!! And both are at critical points on the finger and I'm reminded of it constantly!! Knitting was a chore tonite because of it!

Last nite was miserable!!!! DJ AND Samantha woke up just before 5...but instead of sleeping with me, DJ wanted to sleep on the I let him!! And I gave SamSam two choices...with me or her own bed...she chose me. After Howie left for work, DJ came in with it wasn't til 6 that I fell back to sleep. And woke up 2 hours later with a sleeping arm from him laying on it cutting off blood flow to my fingers. Pins and needles aren't a nice way to wake up!

Thankfully we had no where to be/go today! So I bathed the monsters this morning instead of waiting. Plus I had plans for this evening, so I knew it was this morning, or tomorrow...and DJ needed a shower after all that fevering! He woke up good to go this morning! And instead of toast, he wanted yogret (his way of saying it) and banana....fine by me! Samantha was his parrot and had the same. For lunch he ate like a champ with no hesitation! Yup, he's back to normal!

The afternoon flew by and before I knew it Howie was home from work!!! Which meant I had to start getting ready for my meeting. Tonite, my unit leader had a meeting with the unit leaders under there was 3 of us joining her. We're all at different points with our units and it was good to brainstorm and get some ideas. She also challenged us to have an e-party before I'm thinking I'll have one with my facebook fan group and include my blog readers!! So be on the look out! I still want to learn a bit more about how its all set up. But sounds easy enough!

On the way home, I stopped and got two pumpkins for the kids to carve...since we didn't make it out to the patch this weekend, due to DJ's sickies, I grabbed two from Albertsons (they had smaller ones) and I'm willing to bet the kids will be very excited tomorrow! DJ keeps asking when he'll get to dress up like Buzz...he's very excited!!

I got home shortly after 10 and Howie was already in bed and just about to turn the light I tucked him in and came out to watch tv and knit...nothing too out of the ordinary! lol Castle was a good one...had me sitting tense watching throughout!!! HIMYM was funny with the fertility talk...having been in that world for 3 years trying for DJ, it makes me chuckle!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Monday, October 25, 2010

You've got to be kidding me!!

This morning I was woken by DJ who needed to throw, why he needed to wake me up for this I don't know...but, he did...and made it to the toilet....thankfully it was just a dry heave as he barely ate anything yesterday. Howie was already up for the day, so DJ joined him in the living room and apparently dozed back to sleep a bit on the couch. Meanwhile, I'd gotten up thinking Howie was in bed with me...turns out it was Samantha!! She'd woken up at some point and I told her to go back to bed (I had DJ on the outside of me) and to close the door....she closed the door...but slept on the floor at our bed. So when Howie got up, he moved her to the bed. She got up shortly after 8 and since I knew with a sick DJ and a sick Howie (he'd told me earlier) that we weren't going to I slept in til 9:30!! What a treat!

When I did get up, the kids were fed (DJ barely touched his toast tho) and I got them dressed and ate my own breakfast. After I got done, Howie went and took a nap for a few hours. The kids and I just lazed on the couch...DJ was still warm, but not overly fevered. He was a bit on the lazy side too...and enjoyed snuggling with me.

Lunch was an odd mix bag for the kids...crackers, yogurt and an apple...gotta go with what he'll actually eat and hope it stays down! It sure did! He started perking up a bit after that too...he and Sam started playing and laughing and chasing each other. Why is it that we HAVE a dog and we HAVE a cat, but they both chose to imitate them and crawl around acting like one?? Silly kids!

While they were busy, I slipped into the bedroom to put laundry away and take a shower...which turned into cleaning the bathroom...HOW does that happen!?!?! In any case, its done and smells great! And was good to take the first shower in a clean bathtub! 

About 5 I headed to the shed to check out its wares....and then came back to get dinner going. DJ actually ate with us...chicken and cauliflower and grapes! He didn't want his noodles...which is fine. He ate great!! After dinner I gave Howie a much needed hair cut and the kids watched with such interest! They thought it was funny to watch the hair fall! Once done, Howie took some Advil at which point DJ asked if he had a headache...Howie said "No, I've got a body ache" and DJ pipes up without thought "that's just weird!" hahahaha oh the timing of it was perfect!!!!  As he's retelling me the story (Howie's laughing too hard) he says to me "I should have said 'you've got to be kidding me' right mum?" and I bust out laughing!! He sure is a little parrot!!!

Once they were in bed Howie got caught up watching Balls of Fury...sure didn't miss out on that movie! Man, it's DUMB!!!! Thankfully he went to bed and I got to watch Amazing Race....and y'know....there really isn't anyone I'm rooting for so far! No one's made an impact!! The two who were eliminated....don't remember seeing them in previous episodes...not memorable at all! Then of course, its Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters....both were very good! DH had me laughing out loud at certain times!!! And B&S was comical, but in a somber way!

Now, Howie's back out on the couch as he's having a bout of insomnia...and I'm headed in to bed...should have NO problems sleeping! Did I tell you, I'm reading Confessions of a Shopaholic! It really is MUCH better than the movie! The humour is far better in the book than it was conveyed in the movie...but British humour is a thing of its own for sure!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S...DJ's fever broke...he woke to pee about 11 and was soaking wet with sweat! YAY!!!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I am a house builder now!

Gingerbread house that is!! Today I got up with the kids when they got up from our bed! No idea when the heater, aka: DJ, came to bed, and I think it was close to 6 or 6:30 when SamSam joined us....and they both got up just before 8 which is when I needed to get up anyways.

DJ was still fevered and didn't want anything to eat or I let him be on the couch. Samantha on the other hand was demanding breakfast....and I obliged! Once fed, I got her dressed for the day, got me taken care of, and off I went to build!!

Today was a women's retreat at the church and we were building gingerbread houses! All the pieces were made we just had to put 'em together! It was a lot of fun!! There were about 26 of us...all spread out...with LOADS of creativity!! As we waited for our roofs to set, we had lunch from Subway...yum!! Then we all got down to business and decorated our houses!! I think this was the most fun I've had in 4 yrs of doing them!! Partly because I didn't have anyone bugging at me...or eating the candy was we go! That was MY job today lol! And it was a delicious job to say the least!!

I got done just after 1 and had a few stops to make on the way home...and pick up a couple movies! One for the kids (Marmaduke) and one for me (Date Night) since our original plans to go to a punkin patch were scrapped due to DJ's sickies. I arrived home about 2:30 and found Jake visiting. He was actually out for the daily bike ride...fever be damned! It did wear DJ out tho...he fell asleep sitting with me in my chair. Once Jake left, he and I laid on the couch a bit and dozed.

While we got dinner going we put in the movie for the really was more adult than kid...but they were both IS a talking dog!! After dinner I bathed Samantha while DJ finished his movie...and then they both went to bed! Howie went to bed shortly after 9 as he didn't want to watch the movie I I watched it. Oh there were so many LOL moments for me!! It really was funny!

Then as I was knitting away and it was barely 11, I got caught up in a Lifetime movie called Growing The Big One about pumpkin growing and competition. Good one to knit to at least! Now, I hear my pillows singing their nightly lullaby!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Doesn't mean much to me....not sure we ever had one at my school! But, all this week was homecoming for Jake. And tonite the homecoming game against Lynnwood...his cousins' school.

For homecoming, we sure did a lot of homeleaving!! This morn after Howie left for work, I quickly packed up a lunch and snacks and we were outta here by 10:30 headed for the shed to do the books. Took about an hour just to load 'em all up...even managed to grab a dozen for all my free time HA! But they're books I've heard/read about or seen the movie for...and we all know the book is better!!

Once they were all gone we headed to Lynnwood....first stop was Joann's....oh how I've missed her!!! Got the kids and I some new mitts/gloves...and some crafty things for the kids to do....I didn't bring any coupons like I'd planned, so no FUN purchases. I did enjoy walking around tho! I did not, however, enjoy having a pantsless daughter!! She was SOAKED when she got out of the truck!! I could have bought fabric to make pants, and a pattern....but that wasn't helpful. So on my way to my next stop, I kept my eyes peeled for a consignment shop. As I still had a box of clothes in the truck, I toted them with! Ha! They were booking appointments 2 weeks out!! Insane!! So I made one...and then found some pants for SamSam!

Back on the road we went! First to my unit leader's house for a new Avon contract....then to meet up with a rep that wasn't showing up under me and get that taken care of...then across town to drop off said contract to my DSM! Whew!

Then we hit up costco for groceries...and found out they only sell tobacco for resale customers grrrr. Plus lots of other differences from what I'm now used to! After that we headed home at which point both kids fell asleep and it was 5pm! Ugh!

Got home, woke up really cranky kids, got 'em inside, unloaded groceries and put 'em away, made dinner and ate, changed and got ready to head out, changed Samantha and got both in pj's. Met the new babysitter and her parents...kissed the kids and headed to Jake's game!! Whew! Got there just as the anthem was starting...and finally sat down! The game was good...we dominated from the first quarter! Final score being 49-7 for us. Jake had a good game too!! No personal fouls, so that's even better!

We headed home to take the babysitter home (and her 8 y/o sister) who live not too far from here. Great girls and they had fun with the kids! Said they were a breeze to take care of! Just as I'm ready to head out with them, DJ wakes SamSam's room...he'd tricked them into letting him sleep in Sam's bed! He was warm to the touch...and had to pee! He then went straight to bed and I took the girls home. He woke again about 12:30 to poop (I hate that!) and as I was putting him back in bed he started making motions to throw raced him back to the toilet and he threw up. Poor kid!!

He's currently rocking with me in my chair watching tv while I type all this out...but its bedtime for both of us now!

Til next time...pray for safety!

Friday, October 22, 2010

My BIGGEST one yet

I'm still adjusting to the shift of my Avon schedule...Thursdays are messing me up timing wise...but at least this time I feel like I finally connected with everyone that is on my list! And as a result, I submitted my biggest order yet!! I say "yet" cuz I know there's bigger out here and I strive for that! In fact, have you checked out my website yet?? will take you right to it!! If your order is over 30.00 then use this FREE SHIPPING code: FALL30...I was just about to hit enter on my order when I got last minute text from a g/f who's boss wanted to place and order....LOVE that!!!! Totally worth it too!

Once the order was sent I was free!! Well, sorta...the mom hat came back in a hurry! The kids were in and out all morning playing in the gorgeous sunshine that's about to end soon :( The rains are coming back! So out they went!!! They do play well together tho!

After lunch we headed out to do some grocery shopping...Freddy's was on the list for today since I needed stuff for dinner...and the play land came in handy!!! My vidiots were watching a movie when I was done 35 mins later!! I was tempted to stop elsewhere, but we headed home instead...nothing else on the list was urgent. Plus the weather....gotta take advantage of it!

We got home and they went right back to playing...and waiting for Daddy to get home from work and take them on the bike ride he promised them...meanwhile I unloaded the groceries, put them away and got the sauce started for dinner. While they were out having fun, I grabbed a shower!! Peaceful one!! Without someone popping their head in asking "what ya doing Mum?" cuz it wasn't obvious to begin with!!! ha!

After dinner, it was the kids' turn to get clean....Samantha is becoming more and more amazing to me every day...with her declarations of  "Do it myhelf Mum!" (I'm trying to get her to say mySelf....but not yet!) and this carries on to the bath...she also loves to sing in there...and is practicing her ABC's...SO cute!! DJ on the other hand...asks for "just a few more minutes to play" and then wants to wash his hair by himself....tonite I taught him how to sign the ABC's and he only struggled with a couple letters...his little fingers easily figured out how to make the THAT'S cool!!! Knowing him, he'll want to do that more which will help him get the letters to stick in his head!! Seems that not working on them daily, he's forgotten chunks of the ABC song...lots of practice happening lately!

My sickies seem to be leaving me! Today I didn't take the Zyrtec as it makes me uber drowsy!! My throat still feels raw...and all the Halls candies I've been sucking on have done a number to the roof of my mouth...gotta remember to put them in my cheek! My voice is slowly returning to me sounding...still sound like a man for the most part. NOT attractive!

Once everyone was in bed I watched Grey's and Private Practice...both of which had me glued to my chair!!  Just knitting away and watching!! Grateful that my children are healthy and I don't have to make these impossible decisions!!! Sheesh!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trip to the Punkin Patch

This morning held a certain amount of wasn't til I was dressed and making the kids' breakfast that I informed them we were off to the pumpkin patch to wander. They were both jumping up and down for that! SO cute! It also sped things along a bit, in that they both dressed relatively quickly and without a fight. Bonus!

We arrived 3 minutes late, but I found my g/f Jaime easily...she babysits two girls, Melany and Brooke...and she's the one who suggested we meet up at the pumpkin patch...since she'd been there before, we followed her lead! Starting in the barn, we got to see goats, pigs, ducks, bunnies and kittens....they had fun!! Then we checked out all the outdoor apparatuses...tractor, boat, displays that used pumpkins instead of people...they all had fun exploring!!! Finally we headed into the actual pumpkin patch...and the kids wandered the paths looking at pumpkins and picking them up...or kicking them...why is it kids kick them!?!? Do they look like that it?? OY!

After we finished up and said good bye, we headed home for lunch. The kids started off outside, but ended up inside with me...Might get that picnic table into the garage yet...the foul weather starts up soon, so they say! (whoever THEY are..)  Since it was such a gorgeous day, the kids stayed outside and played hard!! Oh, but before that...DJ fell asleep ON THE TOILET!!!!!! I had no clue he was even in there...but when I went seeking him out, I found in in the bathroom, head bobbing....each bob would bring him closer to his knees...and then finally, he just rested his head, sighed and slept on....HILARIOUS!!!!! I got it on my phone and even some video...the timing was perfect in that K knocked on the door and that was my way to get DJ to wake up! HAHAHA

After dinner DJ and I took off for Awana at church and even tho we left at a decent time, the lights were against me and I hit 4 of 6...blech! But I am getting better at what I'm doing and what's required of much so that I got my duties done at 8 and was able to finally, after 6 weeks, learn how to put all my stuff away and then go get DJ in time! He was SO sweet...he'd told me last week that he was going to save me some cookie from his snack for me...and he did!! One small morsel, but that's just amazing of him!!! Whatta kid!!!  I was all excited for him to get another badge for his vest, but the lost his sad! They're hoping that someone took it home by accident and will bring it back for next week. DJ was disappointed that we can't carry on with the story in the book...but they did print out the verse for next week, so we'll start that tomorrow.

We got home shortly after 9 and DJ went straight to bed...Howie too for that matter! He was waiting up for us and once DJ was tucked in, he tucked himself in!  I got busy with making Howie's lunch and coffee for tomorrow. Then plunked down in my chair to knit and watch tv!, they're ruthless!!!! And cut throat!!! Glad I'm not amongst that lot! No faves for me yet....time will tell!

Now, my head's bobbing and I need to go find my pillows!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Its been YEARS

Since I've suffered like I'm suffering!!! Literally, years!! This morning I woke up sicker than I have been all week! How on earth is this possible! I thought I was on the mend and yet this morning, my throat was on fire, and my poor nose was SO stuffed I couldn't breathe!!

Yet, at the same time I can't breathe...all I can smell is cat pee...UGH!!!! Turns out, the blanket I thought was safe yesterday...wasn't! SO off it went to the laundry room! The comforter too!!! Put the fresh one on and we're good to go!

As I was clearing my breathing orifices, it dawns on me that I have a sinus infection!!! Colour, means infection....yuck!! Years, I tell ya!!! Blech!!

The weather at least was gorgeous and the kids went outside to play...that was helpful....prior to that tho, I'd given them a bath....clean kids digging in the dirt...bad idea! But I had no fight in they won!

While they watched a movie, I grabbed a shower....Thank you Lightning for your undying ability to entertain my children! Well, DJ for sure...Sam came to investigate what I was doing....silly girl!  Since Howie was going to be late home, I took the kids to the park down the, I wouldn't exactly call it a's a grassy area that has 4 swings and a basketball hoop where a pool once was...and that's it! But the kids were pleased as punch to be swinging in the sunshine!!!!!

And when did I get so OLD that even swinging on a swing made me dizzy and light headed?!?!? Its the sinus infection right? Not my age...yeah, that's it! Man alive!! I don't like it!!

We saw Howie drive right by us, so we headed home...I needed to get going for my Avon meeting...and Howie brought home some drugs for me...Zyrtec to clear up my nose...and it WORKED!!! Fast!! Dang! Within an hour or so, I could feel the difference...not sure if that's what knocked me out, but I took an hour long nap watching, I'm gonna turn that nap into bed time!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!
P.S....was there no Glee tonite!?!!?!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spot goes to school

Was the blemish on my perfect library record!! I'd even gotten a second warning email...yikes!! All this for a board book!  A child's picture book with flaps that lift up! Imagine what they'd do for a real book!?!? DON'T wanna find out thanks! :)

This morning Samantha got up first and found DJ's sippy from last nite in the fridge...very quietly I might add!! She'd finished it off before he got up and he wasn't too happy about it! Breakfast has changed slightly...for the past 3 weeks its been just butter on the toast...but this past weekend he saw Howie eating peanut butter on his toast and decided that looked now, he's switched to that...and NO butter at all! What a kid! As long as he eats, I'm good!

After breakfast the kids just played while I gathered yet more laundry...I wanna know where the elves hide while I'm sleeping!!! And I wanna know why the laundry fairy isn't stopping by here! In any case, I had added laundry to do today thanks to my stupidly shutting the bathroom door...Jasper let me know! OY! First time in 4+ weeks! So I stripped the bed and got it washing right away! And I got the kids clothes going...we'd been given a bag of clothes for SamSam from my g/f Wyndi....Samantha ooh'ed and ahh'ed at everything!! She's so excited to start wearing them all! There were about 6 dresses, if not more, in the bag and those are her faves!!! Anything she can twirl around in is golden!

After lunch we headed to the shed to do the book run....the kids watched a movie, Sam fell asleep, I listened to some podcasts and loaded up books...then we hit up the Goodwill, and the library...where of course, we returned the dreadfully late book, and checked out 6 new ones!!! More than picture books this time! Since it wasn't busy in the library, the kids played on the computers and I wandered the rows of books looking for ones that popped out at me! I got no complaints from DJ when he was checking them out! He's a pro at that too!! Scanning each book, waiting for the magnetic thingy to demagnetize the book before putting it in the book bag.

We got home and Howie was already here...the kids stayed out to play, and by play, I mean dig in the dirt...thankfully its been dry for a while now, so the dirt just brushes off. It was a chore to get them inside for dinner tho...they were simply having too much fun! Dinner did the trick tho...they were both hungry! After, they were busy busy, if I could have an ounce of their energy...I'd bottle it and make millions!! They're like the energizer bunny some days!  Oh and DJ does the funniest thing with Snickers now...he sits in front of her, and starts howling...and of course, Snickers can't resist a good howl!!! So the two of them get howling together and its hilarious! DJ ends up in a fit of giggles because of it all! I can't help but laugh too! I am the one who taught him that trick after all!

Once the kids went to bed smoothly, I sat down and watched tv...til Howie reminded me that the bed needed sheets put back we did that and he went to bed. I kept on watching tv, and got A LOT knit up tonite on a sweater that has no person attached yet....might be Sam, might be DJ...might be someone else entirely! Just knitting away is good! Tonite's comedy line up was good too!

Next up...some pillow time and clean sheets!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Something she's never done before

This morning had too many wake ups!! Samantha woke up at 2 and needed some consoling...and apparently her pennies...but once settled she was good!

Then at 6 am I heard Snickers barking at the slider door....something she's never done before!!! But when ya gotta go, ya gotta go!!! And go she did!!! While she did, I did too...then we both went back to bed!

Far too soon after that, the kids were up...thankfully Howie tended to them while I dozed for a bit more. At 9 I got up and took a shower and got ready for church. Howie and his germs stayed the kids and I took off shortly after 10...if only I'd put Samantha's car seat back together last nite when I thought of it...would have been a HUGE time saver!! Lesson learned!

DJ was far too clingy during service and very distracting to me! It also didn't help that it was Pastor Appreciation Day at the church and there was cake and punch brought into the sanctuary at the he'd seen it when we went to the for the last half hour of service he kept telling me how hungry and thirsty he was...oy!  We didn't stay for cake...far too difficult with both of them and just home we headed!

I'd called ahead and had Howie put a pot of water on for mac n cheese for lunch....when I walked in I noticed right away he'd tidied up and vacuumed!!! AWESOME!! He said he was feeling guilty for missing church and once he got started cleaning, just kept on going! Me likey! After lunch the kids headed outside to play on such a gorgeous fall day...while I headed to the bedroom for a nap!!! Whew I needed one too!! I did wake up quite refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day!

Howie took the kids for their bike ride and I stayed in and did some Avon schtuff...and then started prepping dinner. Burgers and tater tots...or potato tots, according to DJ....they'd never had them before...but what a HUGE hit they were!! I think I recall DJ saying they were even better than fries! lol I think he just liked the extra ketchup for dipping! Sam had no problems with them either!!! After dinner I headed out to return the movie from last nite that I forgot to take with me this morning! And I stopped by the shed...good thing too! I got some leeks and plan on making some potato soup! YUM!

Once the kids were in bed, Howie wasn't too long after them...and I watched Amazing Race, knit some on the blanket, watched Desperate Housewives, finished the blanket, watched Brothers & Sisters and started a kid sweater! Pretty productive nite!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Germs ARE for sharing

It seems I'm really good at sharing...colds that is! Howie now has my crud and you know how men get when they're sick! He did get up with the kids tho and I didn't hear a thing til I became this cat trampoline about 8:30...scared the crap outta me too!

After breakfast I got ready to head out for a meeting in Snohomish with my dsm...she went to the wrong bbq joint, so I drove to where she was as she was eating. The Naked Pig...what a great name for a bbq shack!! And they had all kinds of pig figurines all over the place!! Sure did smell good too!

After that I headed back to Monroe for a few errands...I'd gotten a call Thursday from the manager of Jiffy Lube apologizing and telling me to come in for a 10.00 refund! Sweet!!! From there I headed to Freddy's as DJ requested some do ya say no to that? While there I checked out shoes for him as he's really in need...and I had this cute 20% off, he got new shoes! I also got a movie, which I'm watching right now, called Hot Tub Time Machine and I must be in a hilarious mood as its just crackin me up!!! Ok, had to put the Berry down to watch it...good laugh! Definitely not something my mom or dad would enjoy due to language and nudity...but we thought it was funny!

Back to my day...I also stopped by the consignment shop here in town to fund DJ a costume...every day he tells me something different he wants to be for halloween...I found a Spiderman costume in his size AND a Buzz Lightyear costume!!! They were both the same price, so that wasn't a deciding factor. I called Howie and let him be the one to pick! He chose Buzz!!

I finally got home just before 2 and DJ was positively THRILLED with the costume and wanted to try it we let him! Fits perfectly!! This made SamSam wanna put hers on, which is SUCH a switch from last nite! I tried her giraffe costume on and she freaked out!! The pix are funny...but she was NOT pleased with me!! Today, whole other story!! So, I got some pix on the real camera and I'll have to upload them later. Way too funny! I sent Howie for a nap as I know what he's going thru, and the kids and I watched Cars per DJ's request. They bore too easy now with that movie...but it did keep them quiet the majority of the time he was sleeping. When he did get up, DJ started begging for a bike I took them both out. Samantha insisted on using the radio flyer again and I had a brainstorm...raise the seat so her knees aren't in her face...she didn't like that one bit! So we compromised and I let it be half way the end she ditched the bike and walked with me! Too funny!!

After dinner I bathed the kids and got them in bed! Howie was watching football, so I cleaned the kitchen and puttered on the computer...he went to bed in the 3rd quarter but I kept it on for background noise...and got sucked into it!! It went into 2 overtimes and WA Huskies won by 1 point!! Howie came out cuz he couldn't sleep during the 2nd OT, so he got to see them win! Then he watched the movie with me and headed to bed. Which is where I'm headed now!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

That's MY dog

This morning I woke up in a Hughes sandwich with DJ on one side and Howie on the other! I much prefer being the cookie than the icing!!! Upon waking that first time I found I couldn't swallow...NOT fun!! Like razors were at the back of my throat! Then I heard SamSam in search of DJ and then nothing. We all went back to sleep and got up at 8:20! Kinda really nice!! Turns out Samantha crashed on the floor on Howie's side of the bed. He got up with them and got them breakfast, while I lazed in bed til almost 9! Love that!!

While Howie showered and got ready for work, I made us breakfast...and apparently the kids' second breakfast! Then he was off to work! And I was back downstairs conquering Mt Laundry!!

I still wasn't feeling well, so the kids and I watched a movie...after lunch I kept shoving them outside to enjoy the warm sunshine!! DJ finally found his way over to the neighbours house and played with the boys. SamSam was in and out all afternoon. I do believe naps are officially gone! Depending on what time she gets up, she does well with 12 hrs of sleep!

At one point this aft I let DJ give Snickers the heel of a of bread and he tossed it for her...she caught it and he said "that's MY dog mum! She caught it!l he was so he'd. Taught her a  It really was cute to see his face all excited!

Dinner was soup and grilled cheese sammiches!! The kids gobbled theirs up...not so much the soup tho...gonna have to work on that!! I made mine on that dill rye bread...OH MY WORD was it good!!!!! Never done that before!!!

The kids went to bed quite easily after reading to them...and DJ didn't come out once!!! Not bad!!! Can I just say, that Friday nite tv sux!! And I had nothing in dvr to watch!! So I ended up watching CSI: NY and a new show called Blue Bloods with Tom Selleck! I'd been meaning to catch and episode...and it was good! With football season, I haven't been too worried about what's on on Fridays...tonite I opted to stay home with being sick and all....must remember to pick up  movie for the next Friday nite I'm home!

Howie came home after 11 and pretty much went to bed right away...the Mavs lost 16-10...tough loss too! It was 7-7 at half time. He also said it was crazy I'm glad I'm not reporting that I'm thawing at the moment! But I am going to report that I'm going to bed!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Friday, October 15, 2010

No, I don't have a fever

But I am sick! This morning was the worst for this lovely cold I'm sportin'! Oh and it's a doozy too!! This morning I woke up just before 6:30 with the driest mouth in the world!! Took a few minutes to get back to normal...and I'm thankful I did fall back to sleep! Sam was up at 7:30...and DJ was up at 8. When Sam heard me talk for the first time this morning, she asked if I had a "fever" which in her mind means sick...and DJ a couple times today would feel my cute!

The plan for today was to do laundry!! I got it started...and half done...turns out there were 7 loads to be done...far too much for one day really! But I did get Howie's work pants done and the kids clothes done! And Sam's car seat cover! I even got the dishes done and dinner made...but man it tuckered me out!! About 4 I put a Handy Manny movie on for the kids and snuggled with Sam on the couch...and then Howie finally came home!

Every time I blow my nose I get head spins....yeah, its brutal! I'll be lathering on the Vaseline poor raw nose! Last nite using the church's tissues, was very unkind! And breathing...forget it! Smelling...ha! I don't think I even tasted dinner...which sux cuz it was sketti nite!

I did manage to get a shower after dinner, but it wiped me out even more! So I sat and watched BBT with Howie and then he went to bed and I watched Grey's and Private Practice. Both of which were good!!  Private Practice touched a nerve with some I'm sure since bullying is all over the news lately! And then the whole story line of Dell's daughter was heartbreaking! Man!

I added pix to facebook of DJ's recent shoot at Target....turns out I was 14 days too late to catch Sam's pix online and add them since I finally figured out (thanks Steph!) how to add the pix! I should change them out on here come to think of it! Mom, I'll try and get yours in the mail this next week...still waiting on Jake's school his football ones, but no school ones yet.

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

That's MY boy!!!

This morning dawned with beautiful sunshine!!!!! What a gorgeous Fall day!!! Sam was the first one up and she headed to the living room...I got up to use the bathroom and when I came back to bed DJ was awake an wanting to go out to be with off he went!

After breakfast, we started getting ready to head out for some Avoning! I had a few stops to make...thankfully only half what would have been normal as I'd handed out lots of books at the game last week! Smart thinking! We headed out at 10:30 and came back just before 11 as I'd forgotten my own books!! D'oh! It was 11 when we left for the second time! The thing with doing day time deliveries...they go faster...but I don't get to chat with anyone! Which kinda sux!

The kids were fabulous!! Samantha fell asleep about 11:30 and slept for about 40 minutes...til the car stopped...she's got this soon as I stop, her eyes open! She never did transition well as an infant either! We got all done in Lynnwood about 1:45 and headed to Woodinville to meet up with my g/f Denise and her g/f Janice, both of whom I had orders for! The meeting place was costco...which hindsight says I should have gone in and gotten some bananas...shucks darn it!

Our last stop was in Monroe and was easy...I did get to drive a new road...well, start at the other end of a road I've driven a couple times.....the kids enjoyed the sights...cows and horses! There was a lot of neighing and mooing going on in the back seat! No dvd player means they have to entertain themselves somehow!

We got home in time for me to bathe the kids...DJ was boy stinky and needed to be clean for Awana!! Which we headed to right after dinner!!! DJ took off for his class and I headed to my table to start checking kids in...we were a bit late, so I must work on doing dinner even earlier on Wednesdays! I did get all my work done by 8 which was impressive!! These kids are keeping me on my toes!! Still haven't got their names memorized!

DJ and his teacher found me quickly and that was a help! He even won an award for "good listener"...I had to ask her to repeat it as I was in a bit of shock!! MY son was a good listener!?!?! HA! He won a small container of red play dough like substance...and thot that was just the best thing in the world! Forget about the stickers he got for saying his verse....the play dough was it! In fact, after he was put in bed, he came out to ask me "if you'd take me to a store we've never been to, to buy play dough toys" ha!

Once he was settled I started in on Survivor...the merge sure did make things interesting!! And editing did a good job of showing why Tyrone got voted off...sometimes I wish we'd get unedited stuff to watch. Modern Family was hilarious as usual! As was Cougar Town! Then I watched a movie I'd dvr'd a long time ago...Bond Of Silence...based on a true story...very touching! Thankfully my hormones were in tact and I didn't cry! I did get a lot of knitting done tho!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Today was a good day!! The kids were relatively good together!! I wish tho, that Samantha would realize that DJ is just that much bigger and stronger than her and that yes, it will hurt when you hit the ground! But she gets up, shakes it off and attacks right back! Atta girl!!

DJ on the other hand, needs to stop hitting! Not Sam so much, as its me and Howie....just tonite he picked up 3 different things (ball, book) and hit Howie with it..and the same with me, but only once. What's that all about!?!?! Geez! It hurt too!

UPS finally showed up with my Avon...and the box was dented up good...when Avon delivers, they do a far better job! Shame on you UPS! So after lunch I got everything bagged up and checked out some of the Christmas demos I got to show off! SO excited!!

As I was doing this, DJ was outside playing with the boys having a blast! Sam was content to be inside even tho I told her she could go out...she reminds me of me! We did sit and snuggle a bit in my chair and I finished off a tedious book that took far too long to read!! I've got quite a few in my arsenal now, and not sure what to read next!! I picked up Kiterunner and Shopaholic recently from the I might have to toss a coin! lol I also have Tuesdays with Morrie...that may be the one I pick as I know it will be good!! Just need kleenex nearby!

Tonite's dinner sounded good...the beef brisket in the crock smelled GREAT but the flavour was lacking honestly! boo! We only ate half, and so I had Howie cut up the other half and put it back in the's hoping it soaks up flavour! After dinner since no one needed bathing I started sewing DJ's Hopper patch he got last week onto his Awana vest...he was so proud! Once the kids were in bed, I went out and swapped car seats for tomorrow's Avon delivering...easier mileage wise in the car. Not so much without the dvd player to occupy the kids...but they'll survive!

Then it was Glee time!!! Duets tonite...which was interesting!! The new kid, Sam, sounds great!!! I just love this show!! Have I said that before?? A few times? hmmmm its true tho!!! Then I watched Raising Hope, which is growing on me, and Running Wilde, which is not! Parenthood was good tonite too!! And Good Wife was fantastic!!!

And the news....have you seen the Chilean rescue?? How could you not!?!? I was following it on twitter and then got to watch it on the 11 news! WOW! I can't begin to imagine being underground for 69 days!! Probably a good thing they're coming out at nite...might be too much of a shock to see the sun right away!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops! (And the miners!)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

She has FINALLY lost a marble!!!

And it is so beyond cute to listen to her talking now with all these new, old words with new sounds!!

Her name is no longer's Tham...Isn't that just the cutest!?!?!! She's trying so desperately to say her esses....and its just adorable to see her little tongue making the attempt and coming up with a "th" sound...couple more marbles and she'll be non-stop talking!!!

At bed time I've been doing the Alphabet book with her and she can now say Cee, Ess, Ex and Zed....such a huge accomplishment!! She knows she's doing it right too, cuz the smile on her face is just awesome!!!

I caught her counting the other day..and she can count from one to six...and its Thixth....*giggles* and seven is still heaven....but she got all the way to 6 on her own! With no help from me! So tonite after doing the abc book we did a counting book...such a smart cookie she is!!

Meanwhile, DJ has his longest verse yet for Awana this week, and we started working on it last Thursday...he got it memorized that day and since then has been a reciting fool!!! Just amazes me!!! I have high hopes for school for him!!

Today was a stay home and do nothing kind of day! Altho, to be fair, I did do dishes, and we did plant some apple seeds. DJ's been saving all the seeds from the last 5 apples we've eaten in the mornings and has been bugging to plant today we did 4 inside in a pot...and then I removed the dead tomato plant (that made me sad!) and added some fresh earth and then he got distracted and so did I and we didn't get them tomorrow we'll do that.

Howie got home and the kids begged him for a bike after fixing DJ's bike (again, the chain came off, turns out the wheel slipped forward) they went for their walk. While I thoroughly enjoyed the peace and quiet! Searched for a recipe for beef brisket and then one for Shepherd's Pie...YUM!

Once the kids were finally in bed after their bath, we were able to sit and watch was good! Howie even stayed up and watched Rules of Engagement with me...he still thinks its dumb! lol Castle tonite, that was funny!!! The character Nathan Fillion plays is just awesome!! He does such a good job! And I especially like how he tweets things from the show and then we see the show and go "ahhh, now I see it!" lol

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!! No turkey here, but we did enjoy a good feed of pork chops!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ten,10, X

So did it escape your attention the date today!?!?! I think everyone everywhere was talking about the date today!! I guess there's only 2 more years left for all this hoopla...11-11-11 and 12-12-12 Whew! lol 

On the other hand tho...I have a bloggy friend who got married today at 3:10...note the irony...I hope everything went super smooth for her and her new husband! I can't wait to see pix Angelia!!!

This morning I got to burrow down in bed til 9 again...just awesome!!! I got up and started getting ready for church right away while no one knew I was up....just much easier! Once they knew I was up tho, it was chaos! Howie went and grabbed a shower and get ready while I dressed the kids and got them ready. Oh, and eat breakfast!

Church was a little different today...not sure what I was expecting as I knew it was missions Sunday and that there would be a luncheon after...but when we walked in, there were no rows of was all tables!! 29 of them to be exact!!! All dressed with tablecloths and center pieces with flags from around the world in them. We had 8 different mission booths set up around the sanctuary and a guest speaker who was raised a missionary and is one now. DJ was just a bear...there was food set up along the one wall and he was constantly at us about being hungry!! What torture for him!! lol

Finally he was released to the line for was missionary we were to make a mountain of our food...startin with Chinese noodles, rice, chicken and gravy...and the 10 different toppings to add to it...I was quite bland and just kept it to DJ was the same but is wasn't a mountain. He was quick to grab a cupcake for himself and one for cute! While we were getting the food, Howie went to get Samantha from her class, and while we ate, he went and got his food.

We came home and it was nap time for Sam...first one in a week! But she was uber grumpy! I laid on the couch to grab a nap too, and was told to go take it in the bedroom as Howie wanted to get the a/c out of the argument here!! I woke up just after I heard Sam getting up from her nap...and came out to a sight!! The living room was vacuumed, the dishes loaded, and of course, the window was a/c barren! Then Howie grabbed the ladder and changed some light bulbs, and did a few other things I'd wanted done but couldn't reach! The swag under the tv is now the fall coloured leaves!! Looks good! Reminds me of when we moved in just about a year ago!

At 5 Howie took off to get a MUCH needed oil change in the Jiffy Lube....might I suggest NOT going there!!! What a rip off!! After discussing the price with the guy, they got started on the work and turns out the price yesterday was 29.99 and today its 39.99!!! SAY WHAT!?!?! I will be calling their head office tomorrow to complain! That's outrageous!! And jiffy they were not!! With only 2 guys working, Howie had to wait 45 mins! So I went ahead and fed the kids their dinner and then when he got home, he cooked up our steak dinner! Which was YUMMY!!!

After the kids went to bed Howie flipped between fishing, hockey, football and poker...and then went to bed just after which point I got to watch Amazing Race (WHY do these couples snap at each other so!?!?!) and then Desperate Housewives (Oh Lynnette just cracks me up!!!! ) and Brothers & Sisters (which was heartbreaking with Holly not even knowing her own daughter) and now, bed!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

To Bellevme we go!

This morning was glorious! I slept in!! And slept hard too!!! I woke once when the kids came in at 8 and then for the day at just about 9:30 when they snuck in again!! Howie'd gone to the bathroom and they were super fast! Love those kinds of wake ups tho...snuggles are awesome!!!

The kids were already dressed and fed....such an easy morning! And other than them coming in...I didn't hear them at all! Apparently they woke up at 6:30...yuck! Esp after such a late nite last nite with football.

Serves them right too...they both fell asleep at 12:30! We'd gone to do the book run and as we left the shed they fell asleep! Made the drive that much nicer without the background noise of Air Bud the books delivered, and propane picked up and headed home. Burgers for lunch!!! Been far too long without propane!! and they were so very tasty!!! We'd driven by Burger King in our travels and it got me HUNGRY!!

After lunch we relaxed a bit and then headed to Bellevue to Howie's work for Family Fun Night! I'd heard about them forever, but this was the first time Howie wanted to off we went! It started at 4:30 and we were there shortly thereafter! They turn the double basketball courts into a kid friendly zone!!! Today they had 4 bouncy structures, 4 ping pong tables, probably 16 dance step game pads, and other miscellaneous children's apparatus. DJ was all over the bouncy stuff...and instantly was off and running! Samantha wasn't so sure!!! She climbed up on one and got 4 feet and turned around....then tried the massive slide and turned around...wouldn't even try the obstacle course one! The basketball hoop one she was okay with cuz you couldn't climb on it. DJ was all over the place running wild! He had such a hard time waiting in line for a turn tho...felt he was entitled...took a little timeout and a talking to before he understood this wasn't just about him.

After that it went smoother. In total we were there for 2 hours...plenty of time!! We took the kids for a walk and checked out the swimming pools where they also have bouncy things...what an operation!! DJ was very mad at us for not bringing swim suits! He even suggested we let him swim in his undies!! HA! no...not happening! We then stopped by Howie's office so the kids could see where he works...and all his tools. DJ was impressed!!

On the way home we did the "what was your favourite part of the day?" banter and DJ said "nothing, cuz you wouldn't let me go swimming" hahaha so funny! We promised next time there will be swimming! When we got home we ate a semi-dinner...which no parent would ever approve of, but the kids were pleased! And then it was bed time...with little fight! Sam was probably asleep the fastest!!! She was beat! Her eyes were so heavy the whole way home! I kept telling her to keep them open!

Once they were down for the nite, Howie finished watching his Huskies lose their game and then went to bed...I then watched the next two episodes of The Mentalist I had in dvr! Such a good show...the writers do a great job of making me guess who done it!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

You Rock!!

Is what I tell DJ whenever he recites a verse for Awana...and if I forget, he'll remind me!!! "You need to tell me I rock Mum!" Cuteness!! He's doing SO well with memorizing and tells me "its in my head, I don't need to say it!" But I make him say it and tell him he rocks!! Cuz, he really does!

This morning, I woke up hearing him crying, and being put in our bed by Howie...not sure what was up, but he got some lovin' and fell back to sleep!! So did I! Quickly too! He bounded up about 8:30 and found Sam who was just waking up too. Nice!

We didn't have anywhere to be this we took it easy! Got some dishes done...some laundry going, or re-going! Oops! I'd told the kids we were going to Jake's football game...a little too early it seems! From about 11 on DJ would ask me "can we go wait in the truck?" and we weren't leaving til 3 or so. They did go out and play for a while, so that distracted them a good while!

Finally the time came to load up in the truck! We had one stop to make on the way, and that was to pick up DJ's pictures from Target that we had done. Oh my, what a handsome boy!!! Of course on the way there...they BOTH fell asleep!!!! And within 15 minutes of Target even!! How dare they!!!! Waking them up is not a fun task!! I woke him up first tho as he knows I can't carry him...but grumpy!!!! It took a bit to get Sam fully aware....and then she was good to go! They both rode in the cart together and we picked up the pix. They had a few "extras" printed if you wanted to buy them...dang them!!!! Its tough saying no!!! But I did manage to pass on tough!

Off we headed to Edmonds for the game...I'd packed us a dinner and they were both excited for that. Howie was already there when we trudged in! I must have been a sight really! The cooler over my neck and on my back, my purse on my shoulder, my Avon bag on the same arm and the blanket, and 4 coats! Glad no one took a pic of that! We got there just as it good timing! Samantha was smitten with the band's music and was clapping along...she was so excited! Hugging both of us as a thank you for bringing her along! DJ made a new friend in another boy, who's one of Jake's best friend's little brother, so off he went to play. He was also in awe of all the drummers in the band section.

The game was good for us! It was a win, so that was just what we needed. Jake did awesome, yet again...but this time he got no personal fouls!! Which is impressive!!!! I was more proud of that than the interception he made!! The final score was 28-3! Way to go Mavs!!!

After the game Howie took the kids home and I headed out with a girlfriend and her friend to a bar/restaurant type place. Boy, its been a while since I've been out like that on a Friday nite...but it hasn't changed! Smokers outside milling, and guys with copious amounts of cologne on that just suffocate you! Smells good when they arrive, but then it lingers too long!!! In any case, the girls had a great dinner deal and I had a diet 7Up.....and the conversations flowed!! So good to get caught up!

About 9:30 I headed home with one stop to drop of an Avon book on the way....the drive home was nice and smooth! I was behind two buses that looked like the Monroe high school football team...I was right too as they took the turn down that road. I'll have to ask Howie tomorrow how they did.  I got home about 10:15 and found Howie we chatted a good while, and he told me that on the way home Samantha told him "Daddy, you rock" which took him by surprise!! SO cute!!!! She's been listening and learning!  I started watching The Mentalist (finally!) and about 10 mins in, he went to was late for him! Now, its late for me and I'm headed in myself! I can almost feel my pillows....

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Bow Chicka Bow Wow

That's what my baby says!

I can't tell you how many times in the last month I've heard this sung to me by my wonderful 4 year old son! COUNTLESS!!!!!!

What's gets stuck in my head too!!  AND I find myself mouthing the words along with him...or singing it when there's no one else around!! UGH!!!!!!

 I  took some audio of him singing, but my keyboard and blogger are conspiring against me right now...its taken me 5 minutes just to type this 1 sentence out!! And there's this annoying incessant clicking noise happening! So, I switched to the Berry and will thumb the rest in!

This morning we had no plans!! Thank God too! I woke up grumpy! Hate days where it feels like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and I slept on my side!! Of course it didn't help that DJ came in at 3:30 and I felt like I'd been sleeping all of 5 mins!

After breakfast I did some last minute stuff for Avon as today was my order, did it feel off too!! I sure hope it shows up on Sunday like I'm told it will!!

It wasn't til almost noon before the kids decided they wanted to get dressed...I asked DJ and he be it! lol He was also a bit of a butthead about tidying up the living room like I asked umpteen times!!! At one point his response to me was "I'm trying to relax Mum" HA!!

I tried dozing on the couch for a few minutes after lunch, but Samantha had other plans for me and stood inches away and said "Eyes open Mummy" and that they did! She thought it was great!! Her giggle is infectious! I got up tho and got the sauce on for dinner since it was pseudo sketti nite...with Awana on Wednesday nites we needed something simpler for those dinners. After I got it going we hopped in the truck to go meet up Kody who needed some more Avon books!!! Love that!

Howie got home before us and was outside working when we pulled up...and DJ asked instantly for a bike off we all went! I did remember to grab a tennis ball for the Collie up the street! She was SO excited to see us!! And the ball was a hit!! Should have taken the ball thrower too!

After dinner the kids got bathed and then put to bed...and we watched Big Bang Theory before Howie went to bed. Half the time I have NO clue what they speak of on that show!! And feel like Penny and its all over my head...but its still freakin funny!! Then of course its Grey's and Private Practice...which were both equally good! PP more so tho as it dealt with a real issue I'm sure some doctors struggle with. Treating criminals...esp if its personal!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

To the makers of car seats everywhere

Putting car seats back together SUCKS!!!!!!  Seriously!!!

Yesterday I spent the better part of an hour disassembling them to wash the covers...Samantha's came off in seconds compared to DJ's! Man that was a tough s.o.b.!! Honestly!! I shouldn't need a degree to take it off! I see now why it hasn't been done since I bought it in February.

But this morning....putting them back together...uhh yeah...that was fun! NOT!!!!! I did get it tho!! I did win the battle!!! I also chose to get DJ's done first and out of the way since Sam's was a breeze in comparison!! I miss

After that lovely task was completed (I wanna say it was close to an hour...again!) we headed off to visit PlayLand...I mean, Fred Meyer to finish up the groceries. What a lovely trip that was!! I wish all stores had playlands!!! I even got to look at Halloween costumes for DJ without him HOUNDING me about them!! And excuse me...but 25.00 for a PAPER THIN Buzz Lightyear costume is insane!!!!!! Just cuz the name Disney is on it doesn't make it twice the price!!! Now I'm trying to rack my brain to remember who was going to ask a friend about a costume they had...Wyndi was that you!?!?!  Crap I forget now! lol

We got home and the kids ate lunch while I put stuff away....and then they played on the computer while I ate my lunch! I ended up on the phone with a friend and they played outside in the gorgeous sunshine!! About 3:30 DJ asked if I'd take them for a bike off we went. Sam "borrowed" K's tractor to ride instead of that awful radio flyer...and had way more fun!!! The steering on it is limited so she did a lot of zig zagging...still cute!

Oh and the dog we've been playing with...turns out it's a girl...and she was so excited to see us, she hopped her fence to come be with us! Crazy thing! She's such a sweetie tho!!! She was searching the ditches for something that looked like a stick and found this foam pipe cover we tossed that a bit...doesn't throw very well! I think I'll take a tennis ball next time we go up there!!

We got home minutes before Howie did and I tried to hop in the shower quickly...didn't work! So while I was showering, Howie was cooking...or not cooking as the case may be...he burnt it! Saved most of it, but it was only enough for me and the we ate quickly and DJ and I took off for Awana. I really wanted to be there for 6 but it was 6:10 when I sat down at my table! Tonite just FLEW by too!!! I think I'm starting to get the hang of this gig!!! I even got all the points added up for tonite's scoring so the "shares" can be done next week! Whew!!! Only took 4 weeks!!! But by George, I think I got it!!!!

Once home DJ went straight to bed and Howie and I chatted...then he went to bed and I watched tv...Modern Family was hilarious!! And Cougar Town was touching in a way...I think I'll really miss my kid when they move out...and that's YEARS from now!!! lol  Survivor...great show! But definitely not one I'd be cut out for!! Unless of course it was surviving a day THAT'S survivin'!!!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What day is it again??

I could have sworn it was Monday...can you imagine having two Mondays in one week!?!?! Sheesh!!!

It wasn't til Howie got home that I realized it was Tuesday! Not that I'd thought all day that it was Monday, but that I hadn't really thought about what day it was! Does that even make sense? lol

The mornings sure are chilly! Maybe if I can see my breath in the mornings the heat might get turned on....that or it turns November...ha! I did finally get my extra blanket washed up...Jasper gave me a gift on that ball...lovely! So its nice and warm in the dryer waiting for me.

This morning we took our time getting out of the house...with Sam not taking regular naps anymore, there's no rush! Our destination today was costco as it was grocery day....and take your kid to lunch there day...according to DJ anyways. So once we finished shopping and sampling cheese, hamburger patties and cheesy tortillas we stopped for a hot dog...which I will never ingest again! Oh it was awful! Yes, they're all beef, but not repetitively was awful in fact! Poor me right? I'm sticking with the chicken bake from now on!

I stopped at the post office on the way home, and also did a local Avon delivery...and then we came home!! The kids stayed outside and played...such a beautiful day!! I got to head in and unload the groceries and get laundry started! Thankfully I'd gotten a load going before we left the house, that helped it move quicker! I finally sat down about 4:15 and dozed til Howie got home...a whole 13 minutes! But it was enough and also enough to put my arms asleep as they were above my head. Odd feeling!

Once Howie was home, DJ wanted to go for a bike off we went! Samantha decided to bring the red radio flyer DJ got for his first birthday...its got 4 wheels, but no going up hill you have to use your feet to move was simply hysterical watching Samantha tip toe like on this thing...moving one inch at a time!! Then she'd stand up and walk while straddling it...not getting anywhere fast...and finally she just picked it up and carried it!! After a few feet of that, she says to me "You carry it Mum" and dropped it! I got some of it on video...but not sure how to send it from my phone to here. I'll work on that.

Also, up the street are some pure bred Border Collies...and one of them is so stinkin smart! He loves when we go visit him and he's getting used to us. So much so, that he grabbed a piece of kindling and tossed it (literally) over the fence for DJ to throw for him to play fetch. HA! They did this for about 5 mins! I got that on video too....but

After dinner the kids got a bath....DJ went out to play before his bath, so he was nice n dirty for his! They were having a bonfire next door...and he loves that kind of stuff! Bed time was easy as they were both tired! Sam made me promise I'd stay home and not go I waited til she was sleeping before heading to Albertsons...since it was Tuesday, the ads were done today and I had a couple things I wanted from it. So off I went...lucky for me the dollar store was still open that's one less thing to do tomorrow where I have to take both kids with me! :)

Glee tonite was okay....didn't really stand out to me for some reason...and Parenthood had me laughing!!! Good Wife will have to wait for a lesser tv tomorrow! lol Now, it's time to grab that blanket and go to bed!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

They are officially card carrying members

Of the Monroe Library! And they couldn't be prouder!!!

This morning we were a bit lazy...and DJ was ambitious...he came in to me and asked if he could get himself some I said sure...he doesn't like it with milk, so he couldn't make that much of a mess that Snickers wouldn't love to clean up for him!! He even helped Sam get some!! They did both eat toast minutes they're still growing! Instead of 2 pieces tho, he only got one. Sam only ate half of hers before wanting released!

DJ got dressed immediately and headed outside to play with whoever was out there to play with...while Sam just laid around nekkid enjoying the air. lol I got her changed and dressed and we were out the door at 11...just before that I got a call from Lara asking if I was aware that DJ had invited K along for the ride to the shed/library/Goodwill...didn't bother me any! We all loaded up and off we went!! They watched Air Bud while I packed up the books and loaded them in the truck.

Took about an hour and we were off...finally got home about 1:30 and lunch ensued! I'd gotten a pizza from the shed so the kids were easily fed! I'd gotten some Gorgonzola/pecan/cranberry/musclan mix salads yesterday and had one today...I have to say, Gorgonzola (I'm drooling right now thinking of it) is one SHARP cheese!!! Dang!!

The boys were back outside (the kids actually ate outside too) after lunch and Sam watched some Caillou and had quiet time...we also ready books that we got from the library (she didn't let go of her new card for anything!) and I'd also gotten a book for her from the shed, a Barney and Mother Goose book...the very last rhyme was the Barney theme I sang it to her, and she mouthed the words along. SO cute!! One day I'm sure I'll find her singing it by herself! I just know it!

About 4 I got a call from next door asking if K had eaten anything as he was covered in hives...but he hadn' off they went to the Dr....DJ was bummed to have to come in. Howie got home early thanks to no traffic and went right to work on our freezer...its not freezing...I had to throw out so much food today as the freezer downstairs is half the size so, I had to keep what was important! Then chipped the ice away from inside and wait for Handy Howie. While he was working, I took the kids outside so DJ could ride his bike...Sam enjoys just walking/running along. Good day for it too!!

Dinner was something new, mushroom souped pork chops! Not sure I've ever made them before, but they were tasty!! I didn't feel up to bathing the kids tonite, so let them be and they played on the computer while I tidied up and got Howie's lunch ready for tomorrow. Thankfully 8 came quick enough and they were herded off to bed!

Monday nites are good for a laugh or two on tv...HIMYM is always funny!!!! Still have Castle to watch and then its beddy bye time!! Speaking of Monday nite's DWTS going??

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S....Sam took her library card to bed with her...clenched in the fingers of her right hand!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Waking up in a panic

I haven't woken up "late" in I don't know how know that feeling when you wake up late for work and then get in a panic about being somewhere on time...yeah, that feeling...I got that this morning! The kids got up just after 8 and I sent them Howie's way...closed the door and went back to sleep! Musta needed it too, as it was 9:23 when I woke up with a start!!! Church starts at 10:30 and we need to leave the house by 10 to get there in time.

But we made it!! And DJ, after many discussions, knew that he was NOT getting gum today because of last week's behaviour! And surprisingly, he did amazing today!! Only took 4 Sundays for him to understand the whole routine! Of course, he still managed to find that one quiet moment to say something inappropriate...thankfully this time it wasn't anything embarrassing. I see all these other kids in the service and they do so well...DJ still has a ways to go before he gets to fully understanding. But today was a step in the right direction!

After church we went to deliver an Avon book to a lady I'd gotten an email, she lives OUT there!! But it was a pretty drive and a beautiful day....and some REALLY nice houses out that way! We stopped for gas on the way home and picked up some fresh corn from a truck from Quincy (no clue where that is, but I know its the other side of the mountains...) that we've gotten corn from before.

Lunch was mix had pizza from last nite, and Howie and I had egg mcmuffins...been a while since I'd made them and they were yummy!! Then the three of them headed out to "work" in the yard...well Howie worked, but the kids ran wild! I stayed in and got some Avon stuff done, and made caramel corn...and got dinner prepped. Jake called about 3:30 and said he was joining us for dinner. He showed up about 40 mins later....I think he speeds! LOL

The kids were THRILLED to see him and play with him and chase him and hide from him...they've missed him! They 'see' him at the football games, but everyone looks the same, so they don't actually see HIM, they just know he's out there. He stayed til about 7:30 and then headed home to do homework. I grabbed a shower and then put kids to bed. Sam was beyond tired!!!!! So beyond tired!!! She lay on the floor having a hissy fit about going to bed...she was too tired to stomp her feet like normal I guess. Since putting them down, they've been quiet!!! So that's a good sign!

Now, I'm off to settle in my chair and watch Amazing Race, DH and B&S...good knitting nite if I'm up to it! Found two holes in what I'm making right now, and not sure if I wanna frog it or keep going...its on size 6's which feel so tiny in my hands. And I really hate finding dropped stitches like that!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Getting a phone call

In the middle of a great sleep is never a good thing....

Got one this morning at 6:23 am...Howie had forgotten the key to the boat...THE KEY!!!!! lol So he sent Rick to our house to get it...and while he had the house key, Howie called me so to get it from the garage and put it outside so that the dog wouldn't bark and wake me up...yeah. So, I got up, put a robe on and did said task...crawled back into bed and sleep...argh!!!! Before I knew it, I could hear Samantha moving around in her room...singing too!! She's such a cute singer!!

It wasn't til I called out to her that she came out of her room...she's VERY used to being gotten, and not coming out on her own....what an amazing kid! So we had breakfast and she got nekkid pretty much right away...any chance they get they're naked!!! lol After two poopy diapers, I decided to give her a bath....which she didn't mind a bit! I was just about to bathe her and she said she had to pee, and crossed her legs, so I pick her up out of the tub and put her on the toilet...nothing...and she says "All done Mummy" so I take her off, put her in the water. About 3 minutes later she starts peeing in the water.....HA!! So she got fresh water and to her that was a new bath...she was kinda pruny when she got out!

We then snuggled and waited for the boys to return from fishing...I almost fell asleep with her watching Caillou...but 22 mins isn't long enough and she nudges me asking for more...saying Plee Plee Plee for cute! Good thing she's so cute too! 

The boys got home just as it was time for Sam's nap...but off she went!! Howie went too...which left me and I set him up on Starfall and laid on the couch. Woke up an hour later and he was in the bathroom. An hour was NOT long enough...and in truth kinda made me feel hungover a bit. Hate that! Shoulda just not napped at that point! Oh well.

I realized then I had some Avon deliveries to I woke up Howie and off I went! Got home in time to get dinner going and feed everyone. Then DJ got a bath and they both went to bed quickly!! Howie not too far behind them either! Now, I think I'll go knit and watch a The Mentalist in queue on dvr too! Decisions...

As for yesterday...Jake's team lost was a tough game!!! Jake did good...he made some excellent plays and his name was called a few times in the first half...that's all the kids and I saw...the game started at 7 and since it was closer to home than most, I took them with me! It was a beautiful Fall evening!!! The kids enjoyed the mile walk to the game...and got tuckered out on the way too!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!


I just spent the better part of half an hour thumbing out my post on my phone only to have it disappear with one wrong key! ARGH!!!!

Now, you'll have to wait til tomorrow (or rather today) for a real post!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!