Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One am

Is a good time for shutting the light out....

Its also a good time for some middle-of-the-night nookie....

Its also a good time to be sleeping....

Its NOT a fun time to change DJ's sheets on his bed because he peed the bed...

Yeah, that's what I was doing last nite! I went to tuck him in and discovered he was sleeping in a puddle! So before I woke him, I took all the blankets that weren't soiled off, got the sheets uncornered, got new sheets ready to go, a towel for the wet spot, got new pj's ready, and his wet pj's off before he woke up. Once he was up we went to the bathroom where he didn't have to pee anymore (obviously!), cleaned him up, and went to remake his bed. He thought it was so exciting to get new sheets on the bed....something I don't understand, but okay! Put him back in bed, covered him and put Tad on for 6 minutes of lullabyes....and he didn't wake me til 7 was perfect!!

Except that I woke up a couple times during the nite, and when Howie left for it wasn't a full nite for me...*sigh* And when DJ did join me, he was not wanting to snuggle or even lay down with me....bugging at the dog, as usual!

So we were up shortly after 8 and got our day on the go! After breakfast my mom messaged me in blackberry to ask me to set my dad up with a twitter account...welcome to the future!!!! My dad wants to be a I really have no outlet to vent! lol Got him set up and then the kids and I went out to run errands...had to go to the bank (cashier's cheque), then to Verizon to see if they can fix the trackball rim on my phone....apparently I've dropped it more than I thought and it broke on one side...I've since found one for 2.49 on eBay instead of the 50.00 they quoted me! And then we went to the DOL to get the (late) tabs for the Jetta...and then home for lunch and nap.

While Sam was napping, I set DJ up with some goldfish and juice and went to work on the dishes and tidying up. Then laid on the couch and got the crap beat outta me...thankyouDJ! He was sitting on my hips as I was laying on my side, and rolled off me and ended up kneeing me in the mouth! It shifted one tooth, which Howie says will go back to bite is off...and that one tooth feels kinda weird!

Howie got off work early so he could be here to sign papers for buying a house....yup, you read that right! We're moving!!!!!!! And this time we're not renting!!! We bought a house about 40 mins north east of us in a town called Monroe, but really we're closer to Sultan than Monroe. It'll be a HUGE change for all of us! But its a step in the right direction for us! We need this! Its in a semi-rural area, in that we're in a subdivision of about 20 houses, but then its all country around us...and a golf course nearby and the river Howie fishes in about 5 mins away. In our minds its for 3 years, before DJ gets to grade one and if we still want to move back into this area (we LOVE this school district) we'll have equity to do so. We just couldn't afford to buy here yet....but one day it WILL happen!

The house? It was built in 2007, and has 4 bedrooms, 2.75 baths, double car garage, 1735 sq ft, and sits on a 1/3 of an acre!!! DJ's very excited about the tree house that's already built around an awesome tree! He keeps asking to go see it...which we will this weekend when we start moving some of the boxes I have packed already.

Imagine that...I've been busy packing and keeping a secret...huh! lol Howie was worse about this than when I was pregnant. HE was the one who made us wait til 12 wks to tell anyone, BOTH times!!! This time he wanted to wait til we had keys in hand, but everything's been signed and sealed...just waiting for the delivery of the keys, tomorrow or Friday...

After the signing, Howie went and took a nap, as he didn't sleep well last nite, and I took the kids to the park as it was a dry day...and we have to take advantage of those dry (and sunny) days while they last! Then we came home for sketti nite!!

After dinner while I was in on the computer in Sam's room, the kids were out here with Howie when I heard the "thump"....followed very closely by Sam SCREAMING, followed by Howie yelling and DJ crying...all not good sounds! Seems DJ hit Sam with the handheld Yahtzee player in the face. It took a bit before I noticed where he'd hit her...she now has her first black eye!! While calming down on my lap, she head bonked me and rattled my teeth (again!) and got my cheek really good! So we both got some vanilla on our boo-boos. And DJ, went straight to bed....did not pass go, did not collect 200 dollars! In fact, he promptly fell asleep in his doorway by he was tired!

Now, I'm watching gonna end this now....

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

OK, ok ok

I lied!! I put the heat on this morning! Samantha woke up FROZEN!!! literally! If you could have felt her feet this morning you'd have jumped back and squealed! They were THAT cold! So, yeah, I broke down! Stupid thing is...the vent in her room doesn't work...go figure! SO frustrating! The ones in the kitchen, bathroom and DJ's room work...that's it! Oh, I think ours works, but we don't have it open....yet! lol Its on my side so he shouldn't feel it much!

Today was story we got up early enough that I grabbed a shower before breakfast....something I HATE doing!!! For me, its just not normal to shower before 10 am! I'm still waking up....leave me alone! lol But, I didn't want to be rejected from the As soon as breakfast was done, I got the kids dressed, shoes AND coats! Yeah, fall is definitely here!!! In fact, I saw smoke from several chimney's today! Oh yeah, Fall IS here!

Story time was full again today!! But the kids had fun! And BOTH my children did the march with me!!! That's never happened! YAY me! After the library we went to a children's second hand place....I'd dropped off some stuff last year before we left so I wanted to see if it did! Which meant I had a 9.50 credit...WOOT! This place has a dollar table...which today was PILED high with all kinds of clothes! I got a 3T shirt for Sam, 5T pants for DJ and a 6/7 Laura Ashley dress for Sam (yeah, I think ahead!)...and I got Sam a winter jacket...and a ladybug costume...cuter than the one I saw in Fred Meyer and half the price! Again, YAY me!! lol I did good!

Then I dropped of an Avon book to my g/f Andie...well her house anyway...and headed home for lunch. Once I got SamSam down for her nap (hardly a fight today! thankfully) I snuck up to my bedroom with my took DJ about 10 mins to find me hahaha....and then he crawled under the blanket with me and promptly fell asleep! We both napped about an hour....which was perfect! Knowing that Jake was coming over for dinner, I knew a cranky DJ would be no fun! Worked well....til after dinner that is....DJ was playing "hockey" with the spatula and a small ball and went up and hit Jake with it...NOT kool! Oh, and before this incident...he hugged Sam the wrong way and was choking her instead...again, NOT kool!! When do the terrible 2's end?!?!?!! I'm tired of it! The moment he gets out of them, guess who'll be going in....lovely!

The past couple nites DJ has snuck into our bed without me knowing til about 5ish when Howie gets up....what the heck!?!?! This is just like when he was a baby and I KNOW I put him in his bassinet, and when I would wake next, he'd be in bed with me...but I have no clue when/how it happened! Once Howie leaves for work I don't mind him being there, but before that, he's just crowding me! I end up in the middle and not able to move....I do enjoy his body heat Bed time tonite has gone smoothly....even for Sam! And last nite I didn't wake DJ up to pee before bed, and he went the whole that's awesome! Now I want him to go the whole nite in his own bed!! PLEASE!!!

I'm off to veg for a bit...been watching The Biggest Loser while blogging...that's an easy show to blog through...and not miss much! I get pretty focused when I'm typing, but this one I can listen to more than watch. Pretty inspiring show!

Til next time...ciao!

Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm trying desperately

To hold out in putting the heat on! But dang it was COLD this morning!!! Don't tell Howie, but I did close the window this morning, so no more waking up with a froggy throat! My goal is to wait til October 1st, thankfully that's 2 days away!! I can hack it til then!! I've been wearing my slippers for the past month and using my snuggie (thanks Jackie) at nite to keep warm. We also need the a/c taken out of the window as it has a horrid draught right here where I'm sitting. OK, I have to stop talking about this, its giving me chills! lol

Today we took a field trip to Value Village in search of a Halloween costume for SamSam! For the first time since having kids, I have NO clue what I want her to be! DJ is borrowing a Lightning McQueen costume from a friend, so he's set! I didn't find anything in VV either, but there is one at Fred Meyer that is still buggin in the back of my head....its the fall back one. I did however find two pair of pants for DJ and two pair of pants for which my husband says "Are we that poor you're shopping at Value Village?" hahahaha oh that cracked me up! I'm just that cheap! lol

DJ also got a new bouncy ball...think dodge ball....and its in pumpkin orange with a face on it. He's soooooo happy he got the ball!!! We got home with plenty of time for him to play outside before lunch. The sun was shining and so we took advantage of it and ended up with a later than normal lunch! It all worked out tho!

I even managed to sneak a power nap in...I was laying on my bed about 3 (I know this cuz I had to re-set my clock thanks to DJ pulling the cord out...) and DJ was bugging at me and then snuggling me and before I know its 3:42! And he was sound asleep! I woke him up cuz I knew how much of a bear he'd be to put to bed, and I'd rather deal with the notlongenoughofanap bear than the aforementioned bear. Plus, I'd promised him that we'd go to the park and play with his new "basketball"...that's what he thinks it is. So with those promises he awoke! Still a bit grumpy, but ready to go. We got Sam up and she'd pee'd herself AGAIN!
Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I had a pee-full morning! Sam woke up completely soaked again, and DJ while peeing first thing this morning, wasn't quite far enough back and peed just about everywhere....lovely thing to deal with first thing in the morning! So, when Sam woke up soaked again after her nap (which means we need to bump up a size in diapers...) I decided she was getting a bath! I was just grossed out by the smell!

While bathing her Howie came home, so DJ finally got out of the bathroom! He said he wanted a bath too, but then decided he didn't want to get naked cuz that would mean no park...and he REALLY wanted to go! Once I got the beer can chicken (apple juice today) ready, and Howie fully instructed, we took off for greener areas! With the cooler weather there's less people at the park...which is more than fine by me! There was one other boy there who was about 5 or 6 and his older sister, about 10, and their dad. DJ realized early that he wouldn't be able to shoot his basketball into the hoop, he went and played tag with them. He had fun too, til they left! And we had fun when they left too!
It was a bit windy today! Look how big my babies are getting!! *sigh*

We came home and discovered the BBQ ran out of propane and Howie put the chicken in the while it was roasting I got busy doing dishes and making the rest of dinner. Howie still wasn't feeling so hot, so he had about half of what he'd normally eat. Poor guy! He keeps thinking he's fevered but he's not. If it goes on too long, I'll be enforcing a trip to the it or lump it!

Everyone's asleep, the third load of laundry (I swear I've done 2 loads a day for the past week!) and I'm watching telly in my snuggie and slippers....thinking about a snack...and about to go do some Facebooking (that IS a word!)

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Major MIlestone!!

Oh DJ had a major milestone breakthrough this morning!!! He woke up around 4, just before Howie was to get up and go fishing (funny since he was sick yesterday...) so he snuck into Daddy's spot which was still nice and warm...and he was back asleep quickly! (Right as I'm typing this he wakes up crying to fitting....) At 7:07 he bounced awake!!! Literally! And with the bouncing came the need to I told him he could go to the bathroom all by himself like a big boy...AND HE DID!!!!!!! I heard him hop over the gate, and when he was done he let the lid fall heavily, and I heard him hop back over the gate. Amazing!!! Of course, there was no going back to sleep for him! But I thoroughly enjoyed staying snuggled under the covers while he did all that!

We got up and Sam was calling out to us, so I went in to get her and she was soaked! Too much fluid right before bed last caught up with her! So I changed her right away and got down to makin breakfast for them. Once breakfast was done I did the dishes as I had already talked to Howie and he had caught dinner! YUM! Then I got a load of laundry on the go, and bathed the kids. I even got pig tails in SamSam's hair!!! I'd read that it's easier to do baby hair when it's wet! Its true...but its also easier for her to take out cuz the hair is slippery. So we played the pig tail game about 5 times and I gave up! After her nap she took them out for the last time and I sprayed her hair with water to get it to look normal again. But the piggies sure were cute!!!!

Howie and Jake got home just as we were finishing lunch, so I got them something to eat too and put Sam down for her nap. She did NOT want to go down even tho I'd nursed her to complete sleep...oh she shrieks well!! So, while she was screaming her head off, I put laundry away and organized the kids closet....I have a g/f coming over tomorrow to pick up Samantha's old baby clothes that we do have! I wanted to get it all together. When I came back downstairs, I got shushed by Howie was DJ was snoozing on the couch. KOOL!! I then grabbed a couple Avon boxes and organized my Christmas closet! (If you didn't already know by the countdown below, I'm a bit of a Christmas lover!) It felt good to refresh my memory as to what I've already bought.

When the kids got up Howie took them both outside to play in the beautiful sunshine! Jake did his homework and I got busy with the vacuum cleaner! and the broom. Can I just say how much I HATE my vacuum!!?!??!! I don't mind cleaning, in fact I like the end result! But I abhor our's 5 years old and it's done! It picks up surface stuff, and spits 50% of it back at it takes twice as long to vacuum. And it STINKS!!! We are due for a new one! Howie just doesn't think so....but he's not the one who uses what does his opinion matter!??!!? lol Maybe I'll ask for one for Christmas...sad eh?

Jake's girlfriend came over about a half hour before he got picked up and DJ was just smitten with her! He did not leave her alone! Even hugged her goodbye when she left. I even warned Jake that he'd better be careful or DJ was gonna steal his g/f and she agreed it could happen! SO cute!

We had fresh yummy salmon for dinner!! But about an hour before dinner Howie's stomach started acting he didn't eat with us and instead had a Thera-flu drink....and ice cream!? MEN! Ridiculous! But don't tell him I said so....

Bed time was a chore since DJ had that nap! I even woke him at 3:30 to hopefully avoid the bed time such luck! And Samantha also held her own protest (short one this time) and it was noisy in our house for a bit. Just when I thought DJ had gone to sleep, I hear him on the stairs....little brat! He had to tinkle, so he went, again, all by himself! He cracks me up tho, he's dancing around and takes his pants off and throws them to me before he gets on the pot....cuz that's more important!....whatta kid! Back to bed he goes....easily too!

Now I'm watching the Amazing Race as I dvr'd it to watch commercial free...and since DJ's already woken to pee, he should be good til morning!

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Family Day

Plans got messed up! Howie did NOT sleep well last fact, he slept on the couch the whole nite (kinda nice for me, but don't tell him that!) DJ joined me at 5 am and we both slept til 8 which was good! I wanted us up for 8 so we could be outta the house by 10 for the twins soccer game. Jake spent the night elsewhere last nite so we had to swing by and pick him up too.

All was going according to plan even tho Howie was complaining about a sore throat (remember I was sick last week....he's blaming me...) and a headache and chest yuckiness. We get Jake and he's coughing up a storm....great, two down! We go to the game anyway as I have Avon to deliver and books to give out! It was a beautiful morning!!! The sun was shining and there was still some Fall chill in the air....just perfect to watch the twins win their game!!! GO BOMBERS!!! DJ and SamSam had a blast running around the track, playing on the monkey bar park, playing soccer on the empty field nearby....all with Daddy! And I fully enjoyed watching the game and socializing!

After hanging with the fam (FIL was there too) we headed home for lunch. Got everyone fed, and Sam down for a nap and I knew then we weren't going on our Family Day plans!

What were our plans you ask?

Today was National Museum Day....any museum associated with the Smithsonian was free entrance!! Not a bad deal!!! Get to be a tourist in your own state!!! I dig the free part too! So our plan was to go to EMP and the Museum of Flight. I've been to EMP before as Howie used to work there when we met...but I didn't get to see the museum part of it.

So, yeah, I'm bummed we didn't get to take part in this years freebie! BUT there is always next year, and Sam will be that much older to tolerate it all better......possibly without a nap too!

Instead, while Sam and Jake were napping, and Howie was soon to follow, I took DJ back to Fred Meyer to cash in on their specials!! And to pick up a few things from their regular flyer. Well...85 dollars and 2 hours later we were done! I did pick up some Christmas stuff for DJ...thankfully he has NO clue and I was able to hide the Light McQueen pj's and shirt I got him. It was all 50% off and I had a nifty little 25% off that...not to mention the cute 10% off card they mailed me that's good for a month!!! Can we say Ka Ching!! I did good!

Came home just about 5 and figured out we were doing Teriyaki for had been a LONG time since we'd had that and frankly, I needed a non-cooking nite! While I was out I picked up a movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic! Totally chick flick and I'm looking forward to it!!!

I must go wash the dishes tho before I sit to watch! Absolutely MUST do that!!! I haven't done them since Thursday aft and we're running out of dishes....not good! lol Another reason we did take dishes added to the pile!! lol

Til next time...ciao!

P.S. I forgot to take the picture of my plate...I want it in daylight, not room light! Be patient!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Grand Opening

Today was the grand opening of the newest Fred Meyer store here in, they open at 7 but that's way too early for this bird! So we went for shortly after 10! More my style!
We walked in and they handed me a cloth grocery bag and a flyer and a booklet of ballots for drawings all over the store! I'm down with that!! I could use 100.00!! Who couldn't?

They had some pretty amazing deals and I took advantage of them! It was a BUSY place! But not too crowded! Either that or this store is so large...yeah, probably that!

While shopping I got a call from my long lost friend Wyndi! She'd gone missing the last 10 days as she had family visiting! So it was really good to hear from her even tho I couldn't hear her! But we did make plans to picnic in the park and let the kiddos play! So I ran our groceries home and grabbed fresh juice in the kids cups and a banana to go with the McD's I was getting them! I got a sub at Subway...YUM!

The kids had fun!! SamSam even climbed all over the creative and did the slide feet first! She wouldn't do the moving she is like me!! :)

We headed home about 1:30 so as to catch the prime nap time! My Avon order arrived so I got busy getting everything divided, and my name written on the new brochures! Whew that's a lot of writing!! Took the whole nap too!!

Once Samantha woke up we piled back into the truck and delivered an order...then went and picked up my plate I painted last week (pix tomorrow as I'm on my phone, Howie's at work, so no lap top!) and then we did the drive thru at the bank. Raced home, made dinner, ate and then bathed the kids.

They're now both sleeping in bed and I'm waiting for Jake to get home from the football game (they won again!) and trying to find something to watch on tv....sad Friday nite!! Howie should be home about midnite and we've got another busy day tomorrow...but you'll have to wait til then to hear all about it!! :P

Til next time...ciao!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

SO worth the wait!!!

Tonite was the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy! And boy was it worth the wait!!! 2 hours of great story lines!! I can just hear my dad saying "Oh Chrissy (he calls me that) turn that bloody mess off...its just too gross to look at!" followed with "How can you watch this garbage??" hahaha Gee, a year ago I was suffering just this conversation....miss me dad?? LOL

Today was a good smelling day! Well, aside from the two yucky diapers Samantha gave me and the trip to the bathroom DJ made....but I won't dwell on those! The good smell?? I put a pork shoulder roast in the crock pot with this YUMMY (can only get it in Canada) honey garlic sauce....oh it was amazing!!! I fully expected a fight with DJ, but it was the first thing he finished on his plate!!! There was helping, not fighting...I like those meal times!

DJ did good again last nite....but woke up just about 7 and didn't snuggle back to sleep like fact, he was downright buggy! And he managed to wrangle me outta bed! I'm still working on him having the confidence to just go to the bathroom without me! Still not there yet...however, we are at the point where all I'm doing is putting his clothes back on when he's done. So we're not too far off!

He took a nice little hour nap this aft and that afforded me a chance to have a shower in peace!!! I savour those moments! After nap was done and snack was consumed I got the kids ready to go outside...and Daddy came home! Perfect timing! Even more so when he said he'd take them outside!!!! I was able to then go and do the dishes in peace!!! And get the rest of dinner on the go. YUM! (sorry, just had a flashback of dinner!)

After dinner I gave Howie some peace and took the kids for a walk to get the mail and then we just kept on walking...we did a big circle and went behind the high school where some kids were playing tennis...and DJ, bless his heart, went running up to watch them and started cheering on this one kid...clapping and everything! SOOO cute! Further down the road the middle school was having a football game, so we watched a bit of that, as well as the practice of Jake's old team. As we walked around the school he spied a school bus and was very excited to see one up close. He stood at the door and the bus driver, who was reading, looked up and saw him and opened the door. Oh well, wasn't he excited!!! Said "hi" and then climbed on board! lol She was very gracious and asked him all kinds of questions and told him he could run all the way to the back if he wanted, he didn't! He walked all of two seats and turned around and said "bye" and got off the bus! Too funny!

Oh, on the way to the mail box, my son said something that was totally me! I mean TOTALLY all me! He said "Oh, those things are driving me NUTS!!!" and pointed at the oncoming headlights of a was all I could do not to crack up laughing!!!! That's my boy!!

Bed time went smoothly and my bum is now numb from sitting and watching those 2 hours of Grey's! Again...sooo worth it!! Now I'm watching Survivor which I DVR'd...I love fast forwarding those commercials!

Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All the single ladies

Put a ring on it!! This is a catchy tune!! Made even more so by Glee! Now I have it stuck in my head...even tho I've never heard it in its entirety...yeah, I live under a Country rock!!! And Glee is still just as fabulous as the pilot episode!!! It makes Wednesdays enjoyable!!!

Last nite was the best nite in a while!!! I woke DJ before I went to bed and he pee'd and went back to sleep before I even left the room! And the next time he bugged at me it was 7:41!!!!! You're in shock right? I know!!! I'm still in shock!! I got a full 6+ hours of sleep totally uninterrupted!!! I didn't even wake when Howie got up for work! Sleep, it does the body good! Here's hoping tonite is just as successful!

With all this sleep I was able to tackle the laundry!! I put away the 3 loads I did yesterday, and got two more done this morning and even bathed the kids....all by 11 am!!! So we took a walk to the mail box as I didn't get yesterdays mail, and then the kids just played out front til lunch time.

I have discovered that my son is far too much like my father!!! Mom, I'm sure Dad will get a kick out of this! Go get him, I'll wait.....

The last year DJ's been all about having PJ & J for lunch...but two weeks ago, he decided he wanted a bagel...toasted. So I let him, it's no worse than the PB & J really, and easier to make. And then today, he switched back to sammiches....

How does this relate to my dad? Growing up, my dad had foods he circulated thru the kitchen...toast and olives....bagels....fried eggs and toast....pancakes....egg mcmuffins....and each one lasts a month or so. Am I lying mom?? I think not! So now I see evidence of the Evanoff in my son! Here's hoping he got the purse strings to go with it!

Dinner was sketti and the kids gobbled it up!!! I love when dinner isn't a fight and everyone gets to eat at the same time! DJ is becoming more independent!! Just this afternoon he went potty ALL BY HIMSELF!!!! Of course there was a bribe of cinnamon goldfish....but hey, it worked! He called me when he was done with a big smile on his face....he'd gone #2 and needed me, which is more than fine...not quite ready for him to be THAT independent! lol

So the kids have been in bed since 8, Howie since 9, and I've been enjoying my quiet time!

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nostril Hockey

Is NOT my favourite game!!! And yet today it seems that's the game I'm playing! Add in addition to my nose being annoying I've got a sore throat (side note: I hate it when people type they have a soar throat....makes no sense literally!) that makes me sound like a man when I speak....lovely!

After sleeping relatively well last nite, I woke up to DJ at 7 and he crawled in bed with me for the next hour of sleep! And he was raring to go at 8! He's got the cough and Sams's got the runny nose, so between all of us we've got one cold! I blame it on the grocery shopping on Friday...

This morning after breakfast we got ready to head out for story time...and ohmygoodness was it busy!!! We had 25 babies and 23 moms there today!!! That's unreal for the 10 am session! I'll have to ask how big the 11 am session ended up!

During lunch I finally got word that my mom's Angiogram went well and she's got a healthy heart!! With there being heart problems in our family tree she was worried and had it looked at! Good to know she's doing well there!!! I also got a nice chat on the phone with her this afternoon while Sam was sleeping. I'm feeling out of the loop....while you, my reader, are quite in tune with what's happening with our family, I'm not getting the same input from my friends and family! So phone calls are good! Emails are good! Just be sure to keep me in the loop...please!

We had Jake over for dinner and it was YUMMY!!! I marinated some pork chops in that Shanghai 5 spice Teriyaki marinade....and it had to have been the tastiest chop we've had a in LONG time!! Jake wasn't too thrilled with it, and the younger ones got chicken nuggets instead. Howie and I thoroughly enjoyed them! :D

Bed time went extra smooth tonite...both kids were tired....they were running circles (literally) in the living room after dinner....and before I could put Sam in bed DJ was sound his door way...I'll move him later when I take him pee....I didn't want to wake him.

Now I'm watching the telly and blogging and farming....I NEED YARN!!!!!!!!! lol

Til next time...ciao!

P.S....I just noticed my ticker is at 2000!!! Sweet!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall has fallen

At least in the mornings!!! I woke up frozen this morning!!!! Even with DJ in bed with me (when did he get there!?!?!) I was cold cold c-c-cold!!!! And when I wake up takes FOREVER to warm up! I'm the kind of person who, if my feet are cold, the rest of me is cold, but if they're warm, I'm doing great!

This morning was all about SamSam...and she didn't quite enjoy the attention....and made a downright fuss about it!

What am I talking about??

Her 18 month pictures!!! Oy vey! She was in a good mood all morning, happy, playful, and in love with the boots I put her in cuz they finally fit! But the moment we got into Walmart (where else?!?!) she went wonky on me! Even more so when we put her on the table for posing....and it all went down hill from there! She was wearing a 9 year old dress I bought in Italy for my niece Kassandra when she was 2...its denim and has cows embroidered on the front with their butts embroidered on the back....SO cute!!! I also had a change of clothes that just kind of happened when I went into her closet....this adorable pink furry/fluffy vest and her beige cords with hearts embroidered on the cuffs....even CUTER!!!
Walmart (where else?!?!) has changed their photo's no longer the FIRST pose that's the one you get your package with (and we all know kids warm up once they figure out what's going on....) and you don't have 7 poses only, you can get up to 10! I am pleased with these changes! The only change I didn't care for was the change in personnel....the one gal I used to love is no longer there! The gal we had today was good, but not the same....

As it happened, I chose a pose of her standing in all her 18 month glory in her pink outfit...and she's holding a cell phone! Which if you knew her in real life, you'd know how perfect this really is!!! She's constantly wanting our "hello" to play with...and the gal at the studio gave her her phone just to make her worked!! And the collage I picked is of her and the cell...her expressions were incredible!!! I don't get them back til October we all have to be patient!

After the photo shoot we headed home for lunch...DJ was being a pill and so we laid down....he fell asleep, I didn' feet were still far too cold for my liking! So I got up and hopped in the shower! In my pre-kids days, and back when we lived in the apartment, I'd go for a tan in the tanning bed just to warm up! These days, I'll settle for the heat lamp in our bathroom and the shower a little warmer than normal!

Howie came home and I got busy with Avon order goes in tomorrow and I needed peace and QUIET to make phone calls...thankfully the kids were pleased as punch that Daddy was home and climbed up in his lap to watch football with him. Whew!

Bed time went smoothly...til we discovered DJ at the bottom of the stairs watching How I Met Your Mother with us....huh! NOT where he was supposed to be!!! One potty break later he went to sleep easily! Here's hoping he stays in bed all nite! Apparently last nite Howie gave up his spot to DJ...who came into our room about 2ish and tried waking me, but I have no recollection of this, and then went to Howie, who instead of getting up just brought him to bed with us....and about 2:30 he'd worked his way down to Howie's feet...and because he couldn't move, Howie chose to leave...
I asked him today why he didn't just put DJ back into his own bed....that would have woken him up...and then he wouldn't have gotten back to sleep...Ummm OK....At least I got 6 hours of straight sleep!!!

My feet are finally warm again and it's time for bed!! My snuggly is a wonderful thing..keeping me toasty warm! Thanks Jackie!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where to start

What busy, fun weekend this was!!! Whew! Yesterday I got to sleep in til almost 10 am!!! Unheard of! And totally unexpected!!! DJ woke up around 7 and Howie (who worked the nite before and got home around 12:30) got up with him....and Sam! I woke up at 9:08 and thought "Oh I'll just lay here for another 7 minutes and get up at quarter after...." next thing I knew it was 9:44!!!! LOVE it!!

After eating breakfast (the kids were already fed!!!) I got them dressed and took DJ out to finish the shopping....again, just amazing to have only one of them! SamSam was madder than a hornet but got over it quickly apparently! We got our shopping done and raced home for a late lunch. Finally got Sam down for her nap and rushed to get ready for Mom's Night Out!!! I had been looking forward to it for a LONG time!! Jake's girlfriend's mom was joining me and we were driving together...she showed up shortly after 3 and we chatted for a bit and headed out before Sam woke up...its better if she doesn't see me to realize I'm leaving.

Our destination was Colour Me Mine...a paint your own pottery place. I just love these!!! When we got there it was quiet, and slowly people trickled in (in their pj's too!) and it was a busy place! I picked out a plate that says Cookies for Santa and painted it up for my chitlins...I took a pic of it (of course!) but will wait til I have the finished product to show before/after shots!! If it turns out half as good as I wanted it to, I'll be pleased!!! I really hope this is the piece my kids fight over later know, that one family tradition piece!

After painting for FOUR (4) hours!!! we shut the place down at 8 and headed out for dinner at a local restaurant. I'd taken my Entertainment book and so did we had two coupons to use for the 3 of us (one of my online g/f's came all the way from Bellingham!) and we ate WELL!! We split we had a Greek Pizza, lasagna and cannelloni....YUM!!! We were stuffed when we left there just about 10 pm. I'd invited both gals back for a movie, but Joanne needed to get home, but Jen said yes! So we headed home first so that I could assure Howie he could go to bed and we needed to get Jen's confirmation number for her hotel reservation.
We drove up and the living room lights were on and the TV was still on so I went to the window to let him know I was home without tipping the dog off....he wasn't there! Say what?!?! So I tried the slider door, shut up tight!! Uh oh!!! and then I tried calling him...nothing! GAH!!! We walked over to where our bedroom window is, and thankfully we sleep with it open right now, and the light was on so I called up to him:
"Honey, can you come open the door for me please!!!!???"

"Where are your keys??"

"Ummmmm I don't have them...."

"Huh, guess you should have taken them eh?"

"Yes dear....Could you please come open the door for us....Jen's with me so be decent..."

"Yes dear..."

What a guy!!! Once inside we did what we had to and then took off for QFC as I had a free movie code for one of their Movie Cube we rented Sex and the City the movie....oh it was good!!! I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were up til 1:20 watching it! Jen left and I did my short little blog on my phone as the lap top had no connection...and went to bed!! Wouldn't you know it, I laid there til almost 2:3o begging sleep to take me!! It was awful!! Next thing I knew it was 5:20 and DJ was bugging me awake....he crawled into bed (Howie was out catching dinner) and took a bit to fall back to sleep which was annoying! However, it was about 8:30 when he woke again! Not bad...

Today was a good day! We puttered around this morning, no one did dishes yesterday so I had a TONNE to do! And knowing that Howie caught dinner and would be cleaning it in the sink needed to get the dishes done before he got home. He went for a nap, and we got ready to do lunch and nap....Sam didn't go down til just about late! But I was to be somewhere for 2! So I quickly got ready and woke Howie before I left.
Where was I going...kid less AGAIN!!!?!?!?! To a Dove Chocolate Discoveries party! Oh yeah, eating chocolate!! I can do that! And Dove chocolate to boot!! I booked a party for November and can't wait! I also ordered some cocoa butter flavoured discs to flavour dipping chocolate. I did chocolate dipped goodies last year and loved doing this year I'll add some pizazz to them! YUM!

I got home and everyone was outside enjoying the last of the day's sunshine! Samantha is now 18 months old as it was her half birthday today! So I snapped a few (OK, a lot!) pictures of her but didn't get a chance to upload them before she went to bed....we had the yummy salmon for dinner and then I did bath time and then bed time....both kids, out by 8:15!!! Nice!

Now I'm watching the Emmy's and blogging....hope this was long enough to make up for yesterday's extremely short post....

Til next time...ciao!


Mom's Night Out which also translates to Missy's Night Off!

I're disappointed that its Sunday and you can relax and enjoy a good read...and now there's nothing TO read!!

But, in my defense...its 1:30am and I still have to get the make up off my face! Not to mention that I still have to get up with the kids in a few hours because Howie's going fishing...

That's my story and I'm sticking to it! :)

And I'll do an extra long post tomorrow nite! Promise!!

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday Night Lights

And the Mavericks win their third game tonite!!! With a whopping 49-7!!!! Sadly, Jake didn't play tonite due to his hamstring injury...and he really was feeling left out! He was on the sidelines for the whole game.
My g/f Shirah came over again to watch the kids, so I put them both to bed (Howie left at 7:30 as the game started at 8) and then headed over to the stadium. Howie then left the game about 9:30 as he had to go back in to work...blah! Even he's not sure when he'll be home. *sigh*

Today was LONG!!! DJ woke us up about 4 to pee, and at first he just snuggled me awake (I do prefer that over the scaring me awake!) and when I finally realized he wasn't supposed to be there took him to pee. And put him right back in his own bed! I'm not sure when he joined me but I woke up to him bouncing on the bed asking if it was "wake up time?"

After breakfast we headed out the door to do grocery shopping....we hit up Costco, Petsmart, Fred Myers, and Albertsons. Whew! At Freddy's I used their Playland for the first time...let me tell you! That was the BEST decision I've ever made!!!! It's for kids 2-5 yrs old and they play while moms shop! And its FREE!!!!! So I filled out their paperwork and we each got matching bracelets and he walked right in with no hesitation whatsoever and then walked back, handed me his hat and say "Bye Mum!" Well alright then! Samantha on the other hand, was NOT pleased we were leaving him to go play and she was still strapped in the cart! But the cookie she got to eat while we were shopping silenced her protest quickly!

As soon as nap was over we hit the streets again!!! Howie napped in the silent house and I took the monsters kids shopping for more stuff! This time we hit up Food Emporium, where DJ gets his own cart, and then Safeway and then home to make dinner in time that I could have shower before the game. Worked out perfectly!!! I still have Walmart (where else?) and QFC to hit up and I'm done for 2 weeks!!
I'd also like to point out that it took 2 months to get our cupboards back to stocked!!! They were EMPTY when I got home! Even Howie commented on it today!

Now, its bed time...Howie just walked in the door, so I'll give him a head start on the sleeping side of life, and then join him while he's snoring away!

Til next time...ciao!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

That's YOUR kid!!

This is something either Howie or I say to each other on a daily basis almost! Tonite, DJ was HIS kid!!!

How so?

For dinner, we had that steak I got the other day (should have marinated it!!) and DJ wanted a hot we made them each a hot dog. Now, this all sounds normal right?? Yes, it is....that is until he says "I want the hot dog cut up and the bun on the side" Which isn't too bad in the realm of normal....really!

THEN he says he wants ketchup...I ask "on your plate?" and he says "no, on my bun"

SUCH a Hughes thing to do!!! Howie used to eat ketchup sandwiches as a kid. Jake used to eat ketchup sandwiches as a kid. Now DJ has joined the Hughes ketchup sandwich eating ranks!! And it can't ever be on bread! Apparently hot dog buns are the way to go! Good to know! At least he ate all his dinner!!! Well, that part of it anyways! The rice was a chore....

Today was a beautiful day!!! So this morning after getting the laundry going, checking emails and responding, I took the kids outside for an hour and a half!!! They LOVED it! Of course! lol
We did up balloons and they had a blast! I had the camera just clicking away!
Which is how I got this AWESOME shot of BOTH kids smiling AND looking at me!!! My g/f who's very savvy with Photoshop is going to "fix" it for me and I'm SOOO printing this puppy off!!

I also captured this tender moment of them together a few minutes later...

SamSam really didn't want to sit for this one....but as you can tell DJ's got a hold of her arm to keep her down....Its still cute! And then this looks way worse than it really is!! He's just hugging her, because she kept wanting to get away....but it looks like he's got her in a choke hold...

After all this snapping we were tired!! We ate lunch and all took naps!! Even DJ got an hour nap! Me, well I dozed for a bit, but my feet were SO cold it took forever for them to warm up and me to fall asleep! At least I got to lay down for a while! I'm glad for that! When they both got up we headed back outside...just as Daddy was coming he changed and joined us outside! Since today was garbage and recycle day Howie went to get the empty bins....DJ brought up the garbage one and Sam helped Howie with the recycle one. SOOOO cute!!!

And then bed time happened!! Tonite DJ went down easily (he woke up last nite about 5am and since Howie was getting up anyways, he took him potty...and I waited for DJ to come and join worked out well!
No, tonite it was Sam that gave us issues...YUCKY ones!! She was whining horribly for more chocolate milk (don't judge me! They're not milk kids!) so I gave her another sippy cup full and she nursed it and me at the same, THAT was weird!!! When she was all done I put her in bed, tucked her "baby" up next to her, and as I'm leaving the room I hear her burp and the I flip the light on and sure enough she's puked in bed. YUCK! So I call Howie to come deal with her while I deal with changing the sheets. He changed her into new pj's as she got the cuff of her current ones icky'd and I got the sheets and those pj's and the towel I used for her into the wash. She was very scared to get back into bed, but when I laid her down, tucked her bunny in, and patted her back she settled immediately! I don't much like those fluky moments!

Now, I'm gonna go watch Survivor...I love DVR!!! And I also love fast forwarding thru commercials!!

Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Going in circles

That's how I drive...usually! If I can make a big circle out of my chores and errands, that's what I'll do! This morning we did a circle...dropped off some Avon books to a new customer who WANTS the books!! And then to the bank to deposit the cheques from my previous paid customers (whew!) and then hit up the grocery store where I got a STEAL on some meat!!! I got two eye of round steaks for 2.00!! And an almost 3 lb pork roast for 2.83!!! Apparently if you go in the mornings to the grocery store they put meats that are "older" on the reduced rack...kinda like how the bakery does their goods...which I have to literally talk myself out of!!! lol

On our way home it started raining and lookin nasty out that nixed our plans to play outside before lunch. DJ was not pleased!! Altho, he was excited at the prospect of a never panned out...

I tried getting him to take a nap this aft to no avail...but he did get quiet for about 15 minutes....then he coloured and I got busy doing laundry (it really doesn't end!!) SamSam got up just after 4 and I got the kids ready to go outside and play...before I let them out I put Sam's car seat back together (I finally washed her seat cover!) and ran it out to the truck....and wouldn't ya know it, the rain started falling again!!! DJ was not pleased...again!

Howie came home late as he had a meeting, but I tell ya, it was just in time!!!! I managed to get the sauce made for sketti, but the kids were too wound up to let me do the dishes. They mauled him the moment he came in the door and freed me up! whew!

Dinner was a hit!! Sketti is one of those guaranteed meals...both of them love it and both of them gobble it down!! And we like it too!!! Just wish I could eat mine while it was hot....they both need help eating, and guess who gets that task....

Now, everyone's in bed, Howie went before I even got Sam down he was that tired!!! Not sure why....last nite was a dream!! And yet, there were no dreams involved! DJ didn't wake til just after 7 this morning!! I need more of those nites please!!! If DJ's waking Howie up and not me, I'm more than okay with that! Is that mean of me?? hahaha

Me, I'm watching Glee...with a smile on my face...this really is a good show!!

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What an odd morning

We had...DJ woke up normal, and after going to the bathroom started dry heaving...looking really pale, and just I laid him on the couch. As I'm making breakfast he starts crying his arm hurts, and he's going to be back to the bathroom we go for nothing...he hasn't eaten yet! Then he went back to the couch and I went back to making breakfast...he ate maybe half of an Eggo waffle, and was done. He then laid on the couch and rested for a good hour...blanket and all. Very odd!

About 10:30 he comes to me and says he's ready to get dressed and that he wants to go to the library as he's not sick anymore...HUH?! And y'know, he looked perfectly fine!! Odd no?
So we got ready and went to the library for story time...we missed the first 15 mins of it, but it was good to be there.

I got to hold a week old newborn!!! One of the moms in the group had her baby last Monday and was in group! Tiny (to me) little thing too!!! she was 8 lbs 4 oz at birth....itty bitty! Even tho I only held her for 5 mins my arm started hurting! Its amazing how much more it takes to hold a newborn!!! She smelled awesome too!!! I just love that newborn smell! lol Silva is her name and she's just a doll! Makes me even more glad my tubes are tied!!! Samanatha was completely enthralled with the baby too....kept touching her hands and head and saying 'baby'....sooo cute! No jealousy at all! I was shocked!

After story time we headed to Ulta for my FREE BADgal blue mascara! Full size one too! Runs for 19.00 (who pays that?!?!? Check out Avon for the latest!!) and if you print out the home page of and take it to your nearest Ulta, they'll give you one too!! Thanks so much to Tightwad Momma for enlightening me!! Blue is perfect as that's Jake's school now my lashes can co-ordinate!

With DJ being so odd this morning, I made him take a nap this afternoon....what a beautiful hour of peace and quiet I got!! Both kids napping, cats still hiding sleeping somewhere, even Snickers was napping....wonderful!! I got a cat nap, or power nap...20 minute snooze...just what I needed to recharge!

Last nite?? You want to know how last nite went?? I'm beginning to think y'all are enjoying my night time mishaps!!!

Last nite was no different!! He woke up at 3:40 and had to off we went! Back in bed he went without a hitch...was back to sleep before I left the room even! (HOW is that fair!??!!) and before I knew it, he was bugging at me again...this time it was 4:50....Howie was already up and getting ready for work, so he hopped into bed with me and we were both sound asleep pretty quickly. He literally bounced awake at 8...which makes the morning "sickness" even more odd!!! I'm just glad it didn't result in anything...sick kids are no fun!

We had Jake for dinner tonite (no, not to eat, but to eat with us) and he's still in pain...and I think Howie finally talked sense into him and he's taking two weeks off to let his pulled hamstring heal. No sense hurting it even more and not playing the rest of the season. After dinner I bathed the monsters kids one at a time....I do prefer it this way! I stay

Now, I'm off to veg....I need some yarn dang it!!! Now that the new shows are starting up, I need something to do with my hands...I feel guilty just sitting here watching TV doing nothing...just feels wrong!

Til next time...ciao!

Monday, September 14, 2009

I've Had the Time of My Life

And I've never felt this way before....If you haven't heard already, Patrick Swayze has lost his battle to pancreatic cancer! He was a gifted actor and will be missed!!! I could probably recite Dirty Dancing....would love to attempt the dancing, but y'know, I'll leave that to the professionals!!! He's also one of those who aged well!!! Like Robert Redford!!!

Last nite, after blogging, I had the she it scared outta me!!! Snickers had been dancing needing to go out, so I let her, it's midnite and she took off to the back of the house and started barking!!! Well, it scared me so bad I locked the door and took off to wake Howie up. She NEVER barks this late at nite...and with the scare we had last month I got freaked out quickly!! Plus, all the mornings I've scared myself yeah, I woke Howie up! Poor guy! He went out and checked and nothing was there. So we all came back inside....he went back to bed and I folded laundry to kill some time hoping he'd go back to sleep quickly...he did! I went to bed and read for a bit, and Snickers was whining the whole time and had her ears laid back...about 1:15 Howie got tired of her pacing (and licking him) and got up with her...she had to potty. Her chase the previous trip out took precedence apparently. Well, Howie had a rough nite from that point on...and he told me tonite that DJ woke him up to pee, and he got up for the day around 2:30....yuck! So yeah, he was in bed 2 minutes after DJ went to bed!

Jake played football today, all the way out in Stanwood, and the game was at 4....Sam was still sleeping at 3:50 so we didn't go! He caught an interception and made a touch down!! WOOT! And they won 20-7 so its all good!! Howie went from work, so he got home just as we were finishing dinner. I took the kids outside to play with balloons while he ate and relaxed a bit....then it was bedtime and they both went down quite easily!

Samantha is definitely ahead of the game...she decided a couple weeks ago that she wanted her teeth brushed too...she would stand outside the gate at the bathroom door watching us floss and brush, and started saying teeth, teeth, I got her a toddler brush and we've been brushing her 8 teeth every nite! She loves it!!! Howie thinks its weird! But both of them enjoy brushing their teeth!! And DJ LOVES using those floss pick thingies....ahhh my childhood dentist would be proud!!!

Now, I'm watching the telly and veg' fave time of day!!

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Indian Summer

Is now my fave season!!! Not too hot, not too chilly...just perfect really!!! Awesome to sleep in...go to bed warm, and wake up chilled so you need to snuggle in the warm blankets!! LOVE IT!!!!

Last nite was actually pretty good! I woke DJ before going to bed, and fell asleep easily....didn't wake up again til 6 something when DJ joined me and he went back to sleep!!! Good nite!!! We were all up about 8:30ish....perfect!!!

The one thing I'm struggling with lately, is getting DJ to feel confident enough to go to the bathroom by himself without me holding his penis down. What a chore!!! DJ doesn't stand, he sits to pee (he knows no different really! But does understand he can pee outside and enjoys doing that too!!!!) and since potty training him in March, (goodness, that's 6 mos ago now!! SWEET!) I've been "helping" him by aiming it in the bowl...and about two months ago started teaching him to sit back further on the seat and lean forward...but he still needed the touch to get him going. I figure it was like someone who needs the tap to run in order to pee....slowly, we've broken this habit for the most part! The past couple days he's been going all by himself with me just sitting there...he even wipes (dabs) when he's done....and is so proud!!! I couldn't be happier!! Now, if only he'd be confident enough to go first thing in the morning instead of bugging me about it!! lol

Today, was a non-busy, but not lazy day! Couple loads of laundry, dishes and lots of play time. Howie drove Jake and his g/f to the beach and on his way home saw a bouncy house and "stuff" at the high school...told me it was a we waited til after SamSam's nap (he came home right as she was going down) to go, and turns out there was NOTHING in the parking lot where it was supposed to have we kept on walking to the park.

We got there at the tail end of someone's birthday (great idea!!!) and so DJ had a few kids to play with.....or so we thought. Turns out these little girls were quite rude and didn't want to have anything to do with him!!! They had balloons and were taunting him with we left! Samantha was NOT happy with this decision...but was pleased when we got home and I broke out the balloons. They went over well til they'd hit the really dry grass and pop! DJ LOVED running with the balloon on the string waiting for it to pop and scare him!!! Sam, didn't love this! She actually would give the broken balloon a dirty look! Made me laugh!

Jake went home at 5, and I got down to the business of making dinner. Can I just say I LOVE my crock pot!!! I put a roast in there covered in bbq sauce (on top of carrots as I didn't have an onion....) this morning and let it slow cook all day. O M Gosh it was awesome to smell!!! And the crock pot doesn't put off a lot of heat, so it was perfect for today!! Once it was done I "pulled" it and we ate it on buns with french fries and a salad! YUM!!!! Howie's already looking forward to lunch tomorrow!

Bed time tonite went swimmingly!!! DJ fell asleep at his door waiting for me! And Samantha didn't even fuss one bit when I put her in bed wide awake! In fact, they were BOTH asleep at 8:15!!!!! So I gave Howie a hair cut...perfect timing not having two little ones under foot wondering what we're doing!

Now, I'm watching (sorta) this movie on's not that good....but there's nothing else on! Might even go to bed early....ooohhh!!!! lol Gotta change out the washer/dryer tho....getting better at remembering that...must be because I'm blogging about it...LOL

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The end of an era

I discovered today that my hotmail account, which I've had for 9 years now, was hacked! Over taken!! STOLEN!!!! So if you get an email from it's NOT me!!! I won't be needing please, just ignore it!! Sad thing is too, I've lost all the contacts from there....there were people I had email addresses for that I didn't put anywhere else...I haven't checked yet, but I don't think I can get messenger now either....sad sad sad!!!

Anyways, on to my LONG day!! We were all up shortly after 8 (except Jake, and Howie was long gone fishing...) and quickly ate breakfast, and got dressed so we could go to Howie's nieces' soccer game. They were playing at 9 am in a nearby town...well....I got out of the house at 9 am....that's not bad when you have two small ones...right? And we were 20 minutes late to the game...which isn't bad....right? Actually, missing that first part was more than okay with my two...they were very shy, but warmed up half way thru...and started running everywhere...I couldn't have handled another 20 minutes of that! lol

Today was also Auntie's birthday, so on our way home DJ asked me if we could make cupcakes for Auntie...I thought that sounded like a good idea!!! So he and I baked for the first time together! He picked the flavour, put all the liners in the pan, stirred up the mix, got all excited when the timer went, and took them out of the muffin pan as I iced them (shhhh, but he licked a couple of them!) He also got to enjoy one after his lunch...which for him was the best part!! And it took away the temptation....not to mention all the bugging for one!

After nap (which Samantha had a hard time staying asleep for) we got ready to head over to Auntie's house...had to drop off some Avon first, pick up a card, and a plant (Mums) for Auntie too....and then we arrived with all our gifts in tow. DJ had her close her eyes to give her her was so cute!!!! We visited for a good hour and change! While we were there, her hubby came home with an ice cream cake...OH it was good!!! And yes we had dessert BEFORE dinner!!! The kids had only a few bites each and enjoyed it! What a perfect day for ice cream cake too!!! Whooo it was a hot one!!

We rushed home so we could get dinner under way and then bathed the kids quick and put them to bed! Whew! Both of them went down with no struggles!!! Just gotta keep DJ from getting up!! Last nite I took him potty before I went to bed, and hoped to keep him in bed all nite...WRONG! He woke up at 3:40 to pee (just a tinkle) and then get in bed with me....he heard the truck roar to life as Howie was leaving to go fish in the Edmonds Fishing Derby....and cried about him leaving. Which is just odd!
Then as we're laying there getting snuggled he says to me "I can't find my hands!" to which I reply "That's because its still dark out and you need to go back to sleep" Oh whatta kid!!

I think I've had enough football already...and this is only the 2nd week in the season...its gonna be a long one!!! My ears are annoyed today by all the whistles! And then the channel switches to some move (300) and all the battles are graphic....I need to get off here and get control of the remote....Howie's already in bed, so its just me and Jake for the nite.

Til next time...ciao!

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Silvers are here!!!

The Silvers are here...and they're TASTY!!!! Howie had the day off in lieu of working Labour Day, so he went fishing! And it paid off!!! He caught two of the variety we've been eating for the last couple months....and one Silver! We chose to have the Silver tonite for dinner....and last week when I'd gone grocery shopping I got this Teriyaki marinade and was itching to try it!!! Good thing I read it too, as for seafood you only marinate for a half hour. Which is what we did and then grilled it to perfection!!! That was all Howie!! I took care of steaming the broccoli and parmesan noodles and biscuits. Talk about a feast!!! Even the kids gobbled it all down!

This morning I had the horrid chore of doing 5 meals worth of dishes!! I was a slacker yesterday and had to pay for it this morning! I really hate not having a dishwasher! While doing dishes I got a text from Wyndi wanting to take advantage of the weather and do a picnic after Izzy got out of school...PERFECT!!! Gets the house quiet for Howie so he can sleep! Gets the kids out of the house and expending their energies!! And I get adult conversation!!! I can't complain about that!!!

Even better, they came home with us and while Sam slept, DJ and Izzy played and played in the front yard! It was then that Wyndi agreed this is a VERY busy street that we live on!! Nice to have the validation! After they went home we went inside to have some quiet time...which was not to be had as SamSam woke up! And then it was time to get Howie up!

Howie needed to clean the boat and so DJ was his helper....I took Sam to the grocery store and then the craft store! I got the rest of the yarn to finish off a scarf (which I did tonite watching TV) and some more ribbon. Now that Samantha is letting me put "pretties" in her hair (even tho she takes them out after an hour or so) I need to make more to co-ordinate with her clothing and season....this excites me! Sad isn't it?? lol

Bedtime went well....I almost dread going to bed now as I lay there waiting for DJ to wake up....and he did last nite!! 1:40 I heard the handle on my door open....helped him go potty and back to bed I went. This time falling fast asleep! But going to bed at 2 doesn't appeal to me anymore now that I'm 37! Man, I'm getting old! Then he joined me about 6:30 and snuggled right back to sleep til 8:30...which was nice!

Tonite he went to sleep relatively I'll be waking him before I go to bed in hopes of omitting his wake up call!

Oh, I forgot to mention....Jake was in the paper this last week!! A picture of him and his friend Kyle making a play in last weeks' game! SOOO kool!!! The story is here, but the picture isn't part of the online story....bummer!!! It's a great pic too!!! He didn't play this week because he has a pulled hamstring....poor guy! He's sitting on ice as I type this....he went to tonite's game but was on the sidelines the whole time. They won too!! 34-14 Gotta love it!!

Til next time...ciao!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I have decided

That any movie with Jennifer Aniston in going to be GOOD!!!! I had the extreme pleasure of watching He's Just Not That Into You tonite....and it was FABULOUS!!! Why wasn't this out back in my dating days!??!? At the very least, I would have read the book!!! The movie was funny and poignant....made me laugh out loud and cry at the end!! I really enjoyed it!!

This is for the people who "know" me...but I didn't pick up my phone once!!!! Nor did I pause it once!!! HA! It is possible!!! If you haven't seen so!

What a gorgeous day it was today in the PNW!!! I got this new app on my phone that tracks the weather and I really like knowing what the temp is! I can also see what the daily forecast is and the long range forecast. I digress....

The kids and I ran errands this morning, and DJ was having so many melt downs, that I knew he needed a nap this aft...seems I was right too!! He slept great! In fact, I had to wake him! He is a tough one to wake up....even me taunting him with an Oreo didn't work!!! Should have tried!

We had a ROUGH nite last nite! DJ woke to potty at 2 and I put him back to bed easily, and fell back to sleep quickly myself! Then, at 3:24 we hear this banging on the wall and its DJ kicking the wall wide awake!!! And once Howie's awake like that (it was fearful til we realized it was DJ) he can't just go back to sleep! So he went in to DJ and brought him to our bed....I vaguely remember this as once I knew what the cause of the noise was, I was ready to go back to sleep. In fact, we slept til 8:30!! And I don't recall Howie kissing me I was really out of it! I needed it too!

So, when Howie came home from work he was a little on the exhausted side and wanted a nap. Being the good wife that I am (you can take my word for it!) I took the kids to the park and let them have fun running around! And fun they had!! DJ immediately found this little boy that was just as rambunctious as he is...and they were chasing each other all over the park! On our walk home we sang songs and talked about crossing the street...he's starting to "get" it!! YAY!

Dinner was something new for the kids, and an old favourite for Howie and I....and something we haven't had in about a year...soup and grilled cheese! DJ was all over the grilled cheese part!! And SamSam LOVED the soup!!! DJ even asked for a salad in a bowl...and ate it all! YAY! After dinner was bath time for the kiddos...and then bed time...which went smoothly. So it would seem that we've mastered (dare I say it out loud?) the going to bed part, now we just need for him to sleep right thru the nite...every nite!!!

Now that I'm done blogging, I'm gonna go check email and fart around on Facebook for a bit...then head to bed and keep at that book....

Til next time...ciao!

Female Rant!!

I am SOOOOO over getting/having a period now that I'm really done having children! And since having Samantha, they've gotten a million times worse!!!!

I can wear a tampon and a pad and soak thru to the pad in 3 hours!!! It used to be, pre-kids, that I could wear a tampon for 8 hours and barely have anything to show for it. Now, I can go 3 hours and that's it??

It also used to be that having my period never slowed me, I can't leave the house for the first couple days for fear of leaking thru!!! Case in point....just today (cd3) I go out with the kids, come home and run to the bathroom and discover a bloodstain on the back of my very light beige pants....Greaaaaaaaaaaat!!!! Wonder how many people walking behind me got that lovely visual!??!! And then immediately thought "gee, white trash!" OH it upsets me!!!!!!!! Am I forever stuck to wearing only black pants while on this monthly pain in the ass!!?!?!?!? Seriously!!

Can I just get a hysterectomy and be done with it!??!?! My sister got one last year...I can't tell you how jealous I am!!!!!

OK end of rant!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oh Nine, Oh Nine,

Oh Nine!!! Today's date!!! Divide it by 3 and you've got my wedding date!! I wonder how busy Vegas was today with everyone getting married. It was BUSY the day we got married! Yup, we got married in Vegas! Online even!!! That way no one had to leave the comfort of their homes but could still witness our union! It was perfect!! We met online, so why not get married online! Worked for us! My goal is to go back to Vegas for our 1o yr anniversary!!! So I've got a little over 3 yrs to plan it! Should be do-able! The kids will be older and would do well to stay home while we're off.....oh the dreams I have!!

I didn't get much dream time last nite....DJ was up shortly after 5...joined me...and I had a the hardest time falling back into that deep sleep I'd awakened from...tossing and turning....getting hands flung at me to wake me once I dozed off....and bam, it was time to wake up. Especially when I have DJ saying "wake up time Mummy!" ...makes it hard to ignore!

Today was mountain climbing day....Mount Laundry! Can you tell me how it is that after doing 4 loads I can turn around and have 4 more to do!??!?!! Is there some little laundry leprechaun that's messing up all the clothes without my knowledge?? Today I did 5 loads....ok, the 4th is still in the dryer and the 5th is still in the washer, but before I go to bed, the 5th WILL be in the dryer!! I'm seriously considering joining a nudist colony just to cut down on laundry...DJ would LOVE that! Oh that child and his nakedness!!!

This afternoon we took a break after nap time and walked to get the mail....and then just kept on walking to the park at the Elementary school close by...DJ was THRILLED that I'd taken him there!! Sam too for that matter! They both loved playing on the creative and running around the baseball field for an hour...sure made them hungry too!!! We couldn't believe how quickly both kids ate their sketti tonite!! And cucumbers, and cookie, and milk!!!

Bedtime was a breeze too! DJ fell asleep waiting for me to come tuck him in...I love that!! And SamSam has taken a HUGE interest in her bunny that she got for Christmas....last nite and tonite she's wanted to nurse while holding said bunny, who by the way, is the same size as her!!! OY! But she's fallen sleep instantly when put in her crib snuggling the it works! She calls it "baby" and loves on it all day!! Gets extremely upset when DJ takes it away from her too!! You should hear her scream....I don't wear my hearing aids during the day for that reason! But other than screaming she has no other way to communicate...and it sure lets me know when she's ticked off! HA

I'm still struggling with that book....half tempted to give up on it....probably won't as I don't have anything else to read just now...sad I know!! But now that library has started up again, I should get back on the Sue Grafton series! I also need to get the next book in the Debbie Macomber series!!! Then there's the latest in the Janet Evanovich series....ugh!

I got to watch Glee tonite....are you watching that show?? Oh I love all the music!!!! So far, so good!! I find myself singing the songs later on in the week too!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First day of school

And it has nothing to do with me really!! In fact, I slept thru all the added traffic noise!! I was blown away!! All those buses I've complained about, didn't hear one of them today!! Our street, up closer to Jake's school, is now photo enforced for speed...might have had something to do with it? Who knows! Even DJ slept late with me!! No begging for a few more minutes! It was 8:30 by the way! Perfect time to wake up! lol

Got Sam up and got about our day! I knew we weren't going to make it to the 10 o'clock story time, so instead of rushing and getting frustrated, I simply chose to make it for the 11 o'clock one. Breakfast was nice and slow, getting dressed included some naked babies running about, Avon was ordered, and my hair did see a curling iron before we headed out the door. The only thing missing was one library book....and I didn't have time to hunt it down! I can't even remember the title of it! Oops! And the library doesn't list it like regular books, all it says is "Board Books" it could be anywhere!!! And it turns out, DJ didn't want to return the train book (go figure) just yet as it was missing from the bag when I got to the library!

The only thing I don't like about going to the 11 o'clock group is that it's HUGE!!!!!!! There were 22 kids today and 17 adults!! That's a lot of kids I have to monitor DJ from! Surprisingly, they both did VERY well!! We got there a few mins early, so DJ hopped on the kid 'puter and pretended to "work" on it...SO cute!

After story time we headed home for lunch! And then nap times!!! DJ was in a pretty good mood so he didn't want/need one! He coloured instead! And ate some oreos! Lucky kid!

We had Jake come over tonite for dinner and a visit and got hear all about his first day of sophomore year! Sadly we also learned he pulled a hamstring last week (and played on it Friday!!) so he won't be playing this week as he can barely walk without wincing! Poor kid!

He went home, the kids went to bed, Howie worked on fishing stuff and I went surfing and it's just me and the furry this time of nite!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy (?) Labour Day

They really should call it UnLabour Day....since everything is closed....well almost hubby had to work and he said it was NUTS at his work today!!!! Of course the rain doesn't help and people who work out (where he works) think rain is perfect for working out. (did any of that even make sense??) So, his day flew by!!!

My day, however, also had labour it....thankfully not involving birthing a baby!!! I have two small monsters children who don't know a holiday from a regular day yet!! Since we'd had a downpour over nite we did indoor things this morning....including a bath!! They didn't seem to mind! They've also discovered how to make each other giggle uncontrollably...or rather, DJ plays tug of war with a blanket and Sam, and she giggles uncontrollably and therefore he starts laughing at her. Its quite the sound!! I love it!!!

DJ had a rather interrupted nite last nite...he woke up on his own to pee around 11:30 and so I didn't wake him when I went to bed at midnite....he woke tho at 4:15 to pee, and off we went. It was too close to Howie getting up for work (he gave me crap for telling him the time, therefore waking him) and when Howie left the bed DJ joined it...and was buggy til almost 5:30 when he finally fell back to sleep!! And bounced awake again at 7:30!

All this, makes for a cranky boy! So I insisted that he take a nap this aft!!!! Didn't take him long to fall asleep either!! And he only got an hour....which was perfect!! What a different kid! He did have his first "pins and needles" moment....the way he slept put his right arm to sleep, and he woke up crying with pain....and about 5 mins later he was snuggling with me in my chair and says "Hey, my arm is all better!" That just reassured me it was pins and needles!

Samantha didn't take a very long nap either....but long enough I guess....we were off to the park about 3:30...DJ wanted to walk, so we did!!! I called Howie to let him know where we were and he stopped by on his way home...Sam just LOVED that!!! DJ had made a friend, so he was pretty preoccupied and could care less. He and this other boy ran each other ragged!! It was perfect!!!

Came home, made dinner, and got ready for bed...quite literally too!! The moment DJ is excused from the dinner table he is stripping down!!! Ready for pj time!!! Cracks us up every nite!!! Heaven forbid we have plans after dinner.....

As I was nursing Samantha, she started calling out to him...turns out he had snuck out of bed, down the hall and was playing with her stuffed bunny right at the hallway entrance....sneaky little bugger!!! Back to bed he went! Then I tucked him in and 5 mins later we heard him kicking on the wall...we just ignored him and within another few mins, all was silent!!

Now, I'm working on my Avon order...thank you to all who placed, you know who you are!, and blogging and working on hair bows for SamSam! I pulled all my ribbons out and got to work making more now that she'll keep them in for a couple hours!!! Need more than just white ones!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Not Me! Monday

Once again it's that time to air the dirty laundry...well not the dirty stuff...just the slightly mussed stuff that would embarrass you to wear!!! As always, this is put on by MckMama over at her blog....check it out!!!

As for's been a while, and truth be told I didn't have much really til this last week....lucky, lucky YOU! hahaha

Where to was not me who tried to sneak peas into the mac 'n cheese I made the kids for lunch one day...only to watch Samantha eat her way around the peas and spit them out...I kid you not!! DJ I was able to sneak the odd one in, but then his lips would clamp shut if he actually looked at the spoon and saw one! And I did not laugh with every mouthful!! (there were none in my bowl...yuck! LOL) Seems they take after their parents...Howie HATES peas!!! He puts ketchup on them to eat them...blech!

As you all know, I attended a concert last week, Blake Shelton in case you forgot, but I certainly did not remember to take my camera so I could zoom right in there with its 20x optical zoom....I could probably get a very nice clear as I pulled it out of my purse, turned it on I did not then realize the battery was dead!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I would not put a dead camera in my purse...not me!!! OY!

While at the fair, after the concert, I did not exchange half a pair of sunglasses at the Sunglass Guy booth for a brand new pair because of their lifetime guarantee....I'm not that anal that I'd hang on to this square of piece of paper for THREE years just in case they did break....which they did...TWO years ago!!! I did not hang on to both pieces for that long either, only to find out that one of the pieces went missing...and who knows how long ago! In the end, it did not cost me 6.00 to replace them....pretty darn good I'd say!!!

Then as we're walking around, we stopped at one point for Laura to get a "breath of air" (that's what they're calling it nowadays! lol) and as we were moving on, I did not trip on a guy sitting on the bench I was standing next to because I didn't see him....and then I did not aplogize profusely for my stupidity....I'm not that blind!!!

And that about wraps up the end of my confession dirty laundry....gonna go wash up now!

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Can you get high

on Pine Sol....yuck!!!!! I totally cleaned the kitchen this in washing ALL the cupboards and baseboards and fridge and stove and walls and by the time I was nose was burnt! At least I saved my hands this time...I was smart and wore rubber gloves....I find that some chemicals rip a layer of skin off my hands, and being that I'm already sensitive about soaps, I didn't want to risk it this time. I'm finally happy that my hands are happy and smooth and free of rough why chance it?

So, how did I get all this energy??

I got to sleep in!!!! I love it! Howie didn't go fishing this morning and knowing that had me giddy last nite! I even went to bed early to take advantage of it! DJ had other plans tho...he woke up at 1:48 to potty...and apparently had to potty bad enough that he didn't even wait for me and went to the bathroom to wait for me.... hahaha He's done this a few times actually! Soooo funny!!!
Putting back to bed proved to be a chore....tucked him in, hugged and kissed him, put on his frog lullaby....and about 5 seconds after leaving the room he was out of bed screaming "I need you" So back in, put him back in bed, talk to him, and tell him it's still very dark out, and he needs to stay in all of the above again and 5 seconds after leaving the room he was out of bed again....ugh! So put him back in bed, again!, and put the frog on for 6 minutes and this time he asked to have the door open, so I did, waited 3 mins in the hall for him to get out of bed again, and when he didn't I went back to bed. But had a hard time falling back to sleep thinking "He's only going to wake me up again, so why bother falling asleep" and somewhere along the line, I did fall asleep. Only to wake up to him in bed and Howie gone...huh! He woke up about 8 and I told him to go find Daddy, which he did and I got stay in bed til 9. Didn't really sleep, but totally enjoyed not having to get out of the warm bed! And then my mom and dad called, so it was extra nice to chat with them in quiet!!!
Then the cleaning spree happened....I wouldn't let Howie go take a nap even!! He was kinda pissy with me for that, but dang it...I can't clean and watch the kids at the same time!!! Or rather, referee them! By the time I was done with the kitchen it was time for lunch! Which DJ was ever so happy about....he knows that when SamSam's napping, the crayons come out and he gets to colour....he even tried telling me at 10:30 that Sam was tired...or that it was lunch time and Sam was funny!!!
While both Howie and Sam slept, DJ coloured and I worked on Avon stuff....oh, I put a perma-link on the left sidebar to my Avon web page....y'know, if you ever need to order something.... :D
After nap I kept going with the cleaning....dishes and then ME!! I needed it today!!! One pine sol sweaty mess I was!! blech!
Because it was a really, REALLY rainy/wet day today, the kids didn't get to expend their energy properly, so by dinner time we were both ready for it to be bed time! Especially when you add in the kids trying...and HATING...baked beans! Oh what a fight!!! Luckily we had some left over pesto noodles and they ate those instead!
Thankfully, they're both in bed now and it's just me and the lap top, and Howie and the TV....nice quiet evening ahead!! Just how I like it! Hope everyone's enjoying the long's not long here, Howie has to work normal...but gets some time off next weekend in lieu of, so it works out!
Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ever notice

How the weather can match your mood sometimes?? Altho, I hear a lot of people talking about the full moon, so it could very well be that...but this morning when I woke up, I heard the rain falling down and it was nice and gray out....perfectly matched my mood waking up! I'd had a strange dream...I wish I could remember it now, because I lay there going over it just so I could blog about I burrowed under the covers wishing DJ would just sleep in!! Of course, that was not meant to be!!! What happened instead?? He annoyed the dog enough that she climbed up in bed with me to get away from him...and then when I chide him for the 4837th time, he pipes up with "Aw, she's so cute!" and proceeds to pet, if he'd only been this nice in the first place, she wouldn't be up on my bed!!!!!

After breakfast I called to the boat to see how dinner was wasn't! Apparently the fish didn't like the overcast skies...only one guy got fish today! So, no fresh salmon for dinner tonite...might pull out some of our frozen's good to have fish once a week, if not more!

DJ decided this morning that he didn't like what I'd picked out for him to wear...and chose a shirt all by was his Hawaiian shirt....all I can do is chuckle!!! But he was quite adamant that he wear it! He does look spiffy in it! No?

While Howie and SamSam were napping we worked on colouring...which is how I got that cute picture of him! I also worked on my Avon's the link like I promised....Avon I'm not sure how it works if my Canadian peeps want to order so I get the credit...but check it out!!! I got my first order today (thanks Joanne!) and will be submitting on the if you want something, just let me know!!!

I have to tell you something seems DJ's picking up on my phrasing more and just yesterday when I said no to him about something he got very frustrated and said "that's just ridiculous" which is something I say often....and yes, I had a hard time not least he's not picking up on my whispered curses!!! Or the time I called another driver an A'hole because they cut me could be worse!

The afternoon flew by!!! After dinner we did the divide and conquer routine...I took DJ to do more grocery shopping and Howie and SamSam "bonded" while we were gone. In fact, when I got home she was 'dancing' in circles...SO cute!!! They are such different children when they're on their own! Rather enjoyable!

Bed time was a BREEZE tonite!!! Sam nursed right to sleep, and by the time I got done with her and went to tuck DJ in, he was sound asleep!!! He had his pillow and his frog laying on top of him, probably hiding from me, and instead fell asleep...hahaha!

College football has officially while I'm sitting here surfing and blogging, Howie's sitting next to me spectating...and sometimes armchair's a good game tho!! GO DAWGS!!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Gooooooo Mavericks!!!!

Tonite marked the start of High School football!!! The opening game was titled Jam the Stands...and I'm sure we couldn't have fit any more people than what we had there!!! I was ever so grateful for those fans who left at half time too....gave the rest of us some butt room! I haven't sat that close to Howie in a LONG time!!!

Jake got to start too...which is VERY impressive for a Sophomore to get that status....he played in every quarter even!!! Howie said he even made a great play and his name was announced over the loud speaker....SO kool!!! We won too!!! 33-13...great game!!!

I got there in the middle of the 2nd quarter....I wanted to put the kids to bed so that it was all normal for them, and Sam would get to nurse....and I'm positively SHOCKED at how easy it all went....I was out of the house by 8:16!!! Not bad eh? And when I just peeked in on DJ, he still have the sheet on him that I put on him!!! So he's sleeping hard!!!

We had a busy day too!!! This morning I had all kinds of good intentions to get out of the house early and get the grocery shopping well under way! HA! You know what they say about good intentions....I ended up on the phone with Verizon....but it was a good phone call!!! I had an issue with my bill, and called last week, but didn't get my issue resolved.....and it bugged me that it didn't get dealt with to my I called back today and got a wonderful customer service rep who worked magic for me!!! And now, I'm a happy customer again!! Thank you Verizon Wireless!!!

By then it was almost we flew to the bank (how I wish it were that easy!) and then hit up Walmart (where else?) and had a relatively easy trip...that is until check out time! Oh that was ANNOYING!!!! They had 2 (TWO) regular checkouts open, and then the self serve ones and the two express lanes for 10 items or less. I kid you not, each line had about 10 people in it!!! Let's Friday....right before school starts.....and there's a million people waiting to get checked out....major fail!!!! Of course, its not like we can just walk away....they had us! Thankfully I had well behaved children today....not sure how that happened, but I'll take it!! I also threatened the child cart at the next store if DJ didn't behave worked!!!

I cheated lunch and got McD's for the was so late already, and by the time we'd have gotten home and then to make lunch, it would have been yeah, I cheated! Sue me! lol

Howie had to go in to work early again this morning, so he got to come home early...and took a nap! lucky bugger! I woke up when he left at 3 and discovered DJ glued to my back along the edge of the bed....once I realized Howie was gone I rolled him over to his side, and we both went back to sleep! After everyone was up, I took off for a solo flight and got two more stops on my list covered! Whew!!! I like it when I'm solo....the only thing that ruined it was that I lost my list...and I was lost without that list!!! I hate when I don't have my list!!! I'm a list lover!!! So I "winged" it at Albertsons...and did pretty good if I do say so myself!!!

Then I raced home, put it all away and had dinner on the table in a record 15 minutes!!! WHEW! Howie took off for the earlier game at the same field we played at, and I tackled the bathing of the monsters angels....and then my g/f Shirah came over to enjoy the peace and quiet of our house while they slept. All in all...a great nite!!!

I realized last nite I haven't included pix of the kids in a here's a few...Jake is number 32 and sorry they're so blurry....I stupidly forgot the camera...which I specifically charged just for tonite....grrrrrrrrrr

DJ wanting to be kool with his sunglasses to boot! And DJ being DJ!!

SamSam saying "cheese"!! She's letting me put ponies in her hair all the time and even adding some girly touches!!! That is until she discovers them....

Til next time...ciao!

P.S....I think my internet connection dies at 12:30am.....stupid Clearwire!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Double Whammy

That's what I got today!!! Heaven's sakes!!!! Wait til you hear what the whammies were....

I woke up this morning about 5:05 to the door shutting...but Howie was already gone as he had to work again, I almost freaked myself out thinking the worst...this time tho, I got up and went pee to dispel my fears! It worked and I was able to go back to sleep relatively fact, so well that I have no clue when DJ came in to bed with me....I just woke up to him snuggling my back about 7ish....and we both woke up just before 8. Kinda nice! Altho, the power went out a couple times last nite....I know the first time was at 2 as my clock was flashing, and I think it woke me up....dumb I know!

As we're doing breakfast I got a txt msg from Wyndi asking what I was up cheeky response was 5' 7"...hahaha! She thought it was funny....anyway the end result was that we made plans to meet at the mall and let the kids play in the indoor play area. It was a perfect rainy day for it!! So I rushed thru the dishes (two days worth!!!) and readied myself and the kids and off we went!

DJ was thrilled that we were going to the mall to play, and even more excited that we were meeting up with Izzy!!! Because of the rain I thought I'd cheat and not take in a stroller for SamSam...boy I won't be doing that again!!! She was so happy to be free...and DJ was way ahead of us....thankfully he saw Wyndi and didn't go further than her. We finally corral all the kids into the play area, get jackets off, get shoes off...and set them free. I took my coat off, set my purse down and started "finding" my kids (there were a TONNE of kids there today!!!) and easily spotted them both having fun! Another mom comes up to us asking if we'd moved her, no! Didn't even see one....and she wasn't the mom sitting down where we were we're looking around for a specific cup (from some coffee shop that I have NO clue what their cups look like...I don't even drink coffee!!!) we hear a mom say "no, don't go down there, there's puke!" So I then take over trying to keep kids off the one slide til it gets cleaned up. Its NASTY!!!! And the little girl is just sitting there waiting for her mom....who was not at all surprised her child just vomited....nor was she concerned for her kid...makes me think she shouldn't have brought her sick child out to play! I'm trying to keep kids from going down AND up the 3 foot slide....and answering a little boy who keeps asking "what's that!?"...and out of nowhere this boy comes running up the slide right into the trajectory path of vomit to just slide down in it....and it's MY kid!!!!!! Whammy #1!!!

You bet your bottom dollar we left then and out to the truck and took his pants off and he rode home pantsless!! We invited Izzy and Wyndi to come with us to play....and then stay for lunch. I think all of us had a good impromptu visit! My house was a MESS! But, hey, it's lived in! lol

I put SamSam down for her nap, and shortly after, our company left and it was just me and he coloured and I took a shower...and continued on with the massive amounts of laundry!! Why is it I'm so lazy I end up washing the same dang load 4 (FOUR) times!?!?!?! Really?? I know better!!! Today, I was on the ball tho!!! And managed to do 4 loads!!! just gotta remember to get the last load IN the dryer before bed!

Sam wakes up after a great nap just screaming!! So I go in there, don't turn the light on....and she's got dark stuff on her hands...and she smells poopy...oh joy!!! Get out to the living room and she's got it on both hands, her backside, AND HER MOUTH!!!! OH I wanted to join that little girl from this morning!!! BLECH!! Whammy #2!!! Got her all cleaned up and started thinking dinner....Howie was going to be late, so I was on the ball and ready for him to cook when he got in.

Bedtime went very smoothly....I think we've finally stopped the madness!!! Him not having a nap and me keeping him busy all day is working!! And most times he'll wake up himself to pee...and before I go to bed I turn the night light off and close his door so he won't have any visitors. Seems to be working!

Now...I'm off to change loads in the machines....and then relax a bit....

Til next time...ciao!

P.S. I totally forgot to say that I got my new driver's license in the mail yesterday...all of what, 3 days!!!! DANG!!!!! Super quick!!!