Thursday, February 2, 2012

He's trying to make it stick!!

The name change that is! Even asked yesterday on the way to school how to spell it...yet his work since then has come home with DJ on it. lol Isn't 5 too young for an identity crisis??!!

Last nite I fell asleep watching tv...with 4 mins left on some show I nodded off...when I woke I realized I'd not seen the end, so I fast forwarded to where I left off...while it was forwarding, I fell asleep again!!! LOL That was my cue to go to bed! Which is why I didn't post about the day!!!

Today, was day 3 on the a row...which was kinda sorta painful!!! I couldn't do the full time I've been doing as I just didn't have the time to do so, but I did do 45 mins! I'm glad I didn't do more as the insides of my thighs are screaming in pain!! I had to put the truck in cruise control at 35 mph just so I wouldn't have to use those muscles on the gas pedal!!!  Our morning was quite full!! Our neighbour had to fly to Florida to be with her dad, and took the two we gave K a ride to school this morning. Which worked out perfectly as today was book drop day for us too!!

Once done the books we headed to Laney's house for a play date. They have a giga ball...which you get in and roll around in it...both girls climbed in and off they went giggling! Should be called a giggle ball! From there we went to dance class and twinkle toes was happy to be there!! Pizza pick up next and then home!

We also had to pick K up from school and he gets out a half hour earlier than Daniel does, so that worked out! We got home and the kids all went next door to play...leaving me with a very quiet house! I didn't even let Belle out of her crate kind of quiet!! I instantly fell asleep! lol For 45 minutes!!!! I was so cold and put Grandma Thelma's blanket wrapped around my shoulders and got so toasty warm it was awesome!!! I couldn't help but fall asleep!! Howie came home just as I was making the sauce for sketti....and he enjoyed the quiet too! Commenting that this is what it was like pre kids!! Yeah, a lil too quiet!! They came home when I called over for them and we had a good dinner! Tonite marked the 3rd nite in a row that DJ has been the first one done!! Shocking!!! We don't know what's going on!! Well, we do, but dang!!! Wish he didn't have to get so tall so fast!!!

At Awana tonite I made the director of Awana and of the Sparks aware that DJ was being rushed thru his book...last week he did 8 sections!!!!!!! We normally do one...which typically has 2 how on earth can he do 8 in one day!?!??! Then as I'm at my table doing my work, Daniel (see, still sounds weird to me!) came out and asked me to sign his book and then he'd be done....and it was an 'at home' portion that was to take 5 days!!! No way we'd done this! So I showed the commander and he got right on it! And I refused to sign the book! The director of Sparks took a look at a couple other books and sure enough, same thing! So we're going back and doing those sections properly!!! We still have something like 14 weeks left...what's he gonna do if he finishes too early?? Seems silly to me!

We got home and the kids went right to bed! Howie was watching a movie so I got busy cleaning the kitchen and getting lunches ready for tomorrow. I sat down and he was just finishing his movie and off to bed he went! I watched White Collar from last nite and Royal Pains from tonite....I just love the USA Network shows!!! :) But now I'm ready to fall asleep again!

Til next time...God bless!

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