Saturday, February 18, 2012

Who does that anymore?!??

This morning while I was fully taking advantage of having Howie home (fishing is done til April) I was laying in bed, well past 10! and my dentist called to check in on me!! Who does that anymore?!?!?! Maybe he just checks in with the cry I thought it a nice touch for him to do that on a Saturday!!

I did finally get up after some serious snuggles from the kids who were happily fed! Samantha loved her new cereal!! Which I'm SO glad about!! She had the Chex one today. DJ had cereal too, which is unusual, especially when daddy is there to make toast. I joined the cereal ranks and had my granola with blueberries. YUM!!

Howie went for a nap when I got iPad he hadn't slept well last nite. He got up at noon and went outside to work on the fence for the dog run. I fed the kids their lunches and they were off to help!! Such golden silence!! I started reading the book I borrowed from a friend, Hunger Games, but was dozy, and ended up taking a 20 minute power nap! Boy did I feel guilty!! Howie out working AND dealing with kids while I was inside snug as a bug!! So I got up and made next weeks breakfasts for him. And put dishes away. And loaded it back up. Made some roasted garbanzo beans in the oven. And then finally read!! At which point four kids were inside playing as it was raining pretty hard. Three of them were getting along, so SamSam came up and hung out with me.

About 5 the gate was done and Miss Belle got her first taste of fenced freedom!! It was cute to watch her run around realizing she wasn't on a leash!! Much like when we go to the park. Could hardly get her to come in!! What a novelty!! Because it was pouring rain she didn't get as long as she would have liked!!

After dinner I bathed the kids and then took a shower myself while they all watched part of a movie. Then into bed the kiddos went! Hockey kept Howie up til almost 10 at which point I had control of the remote!! So I watched two weeks worth of Castle, and last weeks Revenge and one of the Blue Bloods in the memory. Whew! All the while knitting up a pair of leg warmers on 4 double point needles...which make me WISH I had the right circulars on hand!!

Til next time...God bless!

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