Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm not just...

a great Aunt...I'm a FABULOUS Aunt to, hang on, let me count them....14 wonderful nieces and nephews!!!! 12 on my side and 2 on Howie's side. BUT...I'm gonna be a great Aunt again in November!!! This is number 4 for me! Hard to believe that at my young age I'm a great Aunt to anybody! but it's true!!! My oldest great nephew is 7 (8 in June) and then there's a great niece who's 2 1/5 and then another great niece who's going to be 1 in 10 days...and now the fourth is on the way! Exciting!!! and sad at the same time! Of the 3 that are on the earth, I've only met one...and this newest one will be born while I'm back home in WA (please God!) At least we have constant communication with phones, FB and what not! Pictures are always fun to look at!!! Oh, and I'm REALLY hoping to get out to meet Miss Gracie by the time I leave...scheduling's been a bit tough! But not for a lack of trying!!!!

Today was boring....went tanning, dropped my mom off at her hair appt, and then stopped by Zehrs for some womanly things...and then home for lunch and naps! The rains came today so that stopped up any plans of going to the park! So instead...we had breakfast for dinner!!! My kids LOVE breaky for dinner!!! Since I don't eat breakfast or lunch (I do shakes) it's REALLY nice to do breakfast for dinner sometimes! AWESOME comfort food!! And I find it's not as rushed as making it in the mornings can be!

I'm about 3/4's of the way thru Twilight!!! Oh what a good read it is! It's quite easy to get lost in it....I like books like that! Gonna have to buy the 2nd one to take with me when I go to SEA/Maui in less than TWO weeks now!!!!!! YEE HAW!!!

OK, taking my bad self to bed....I had a nap this aft that I woke up disoriented from...and I don't' think I fully recovered from...kinda ruins the nap!

Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu

Is really giving pigs a bad name!!! They're slaughtering them left right and center I hear. If they rename it...what would it be?? And really, who's gonna know that that's what it'll be chatting with someone and they'll say the "new name flu" and it'll take a moment to sink in and you'll reply "oh isn't that the swine flu?" DONE! Can't change it now! Kinda like Michael Jackson....'nuff said! LOL

Good thing it's not a wine flu...oh man, imagine how many more people would be affected!!! Or God forbid, a whine flu!!!! Now that would be an epidemic!!!

Ok, kidding dad's vet said that swine flu has been around FOR YEARS!!!!!!!!!!! It just happened to make it's break this year thanks to someone, somewhere in Mexico not processing their pigs right.
Funny thing...and I'm not making this up....on the news last nite they interviewed a couple Mexicanos who said they thought the flu originated in the U.S....and then one even went so far as to say it was a Canadian that brought it to their country. Unreal!

Busy day today! Went for a tan (I'm really starting to show colour!) and then to the new (to me) consignment shop with the kids too-small-stuff (they took one of my two boxes WOOT!) and then to A&P for a few items...and then to Home Depot to pick up the BBQ my parents bought to replace the one they gave to my sister. Then home for lunch and naps...I'm quite proud to say that BOTH children slept beautifully during nap time today!!! Sam even had a 1/2 hour nap in the truck this morning too! I got to play around on the 'puter, read and even dozed for 15 mins til my wonderful hubby called to tell me that the phone he dropped in the lake last weekend would be 350.oo to replace! Good thing there was a spare in his drawer!!!! HA!

Once they kiddos woke up from nap, we took off for the park! Beautiful sunny day...I think it go to 60 so it was jacket weather for sure. We got there and there was one other dad and his two boys SamSam had run of the place from the moment we got there. SO cute! It started filling up around 5:30 so we took off shortly thereafter. Dinner was in the slow cooker and smelled SO good!!! Boy were we disappointed!! It was akin to Alpo! ICK! DJ after his first bite said "gross" and while I don't condone the use of that word, man, did it apply!!!! We all muddled thru it, Sam was the only one to LOVE it!!! and then we had rice pudding for dessert...that certainly changed the taste in our mouths! lol Then it was bath and bed....great combo!

And now, it's bed for me!!!! Didn't get to read a lick last nite thanks to Samantha waking up about 10 seconds after I walked into the room!!! (MUST. OIL. HINGES!!!) I spent a half hour listening to her cry, then I rocked her back to sleep, put her in bed, made sure she sighed for me, and then hopped into bed myself, only to have her wake up again. At this point it's 1:45 and I'm exhausted!!! So, I brought her to my bed but did NOT nurse her...she can go the whole night now without! And while she fussed a bit, she went to sleep pretty quickly! All I know is I woke up this morning with her she's GOOD! LOL

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I must admit...

I'm still positively GIDDY about the news from yesterday!! So much so, that I've even counted sleeps!!!!! There's 44 sleeps til the interview...that's the major one!!! And then when (not if) we're approved for the visa, from today, and the plan we've tentatively talked about, it's 59 sleeps til the kids and I are on our way home!! Home...what a wonderful word!!! The plan, is that my mom will come with us and then fly back. This way she can help me with the kids, save Howie his job, and see where we live now as she hasn't seen the new place we moved into a year ago. So June 26th, I'm gonzo!!!! Which also works out well in that I should now be able to attend my cousin's wedding on the 19th! Providing I find a sitter for my kids as they weren't invited....anybody out there wanna sit for me?!?!! LOL

I've decided not to tell DJ about the pending plans to go home until they're final and the approval is granted...otherwise, he'd pester me daily....and God forbid anything does go wrong, it would break his heart! I mistakenly told him about how Daddy's coming for his birthday, and he now asks frequently if it's his birthday...or he'll tell me how Daddy's coming for MY birthday. It's cute, but annoying!

I made the physical appointment for June 1st....they suggest a week in advance, but looking at my mom's schedule, this works best for both of us. I have to be IN Toronto for 7 am (ICK) and the appt itself is about 2 hours long. Then there's the chest x-ray and blood work. So we talked about just me heading in to T.O. while she minds the kids at home....which is better than having them strapped into their car seats for 5 hours...altho, it would be good practice....nah!
I also have to go get a tetanus shot by my GP before going to this physical as it's the only thing on the list that I'm missing, and I need proof of all the other vaccines I've had in my life. BLAH! That's on my list of things to do tomorrow. I hate needles!!!!

Going to bed early tonite as I stayed up WAY too late reading that dang book!!! I'm totally sucked in now (get it?) and if I go earlier to bed, I can get in more reading but get to sleep a wee bit earlier than last nite's 2 am!

Til next time...ciao!

checkin in on the move

So this is what its like to post during daylight hours AND from my phone...good to know that I can do both ;)

Til next time...ciao!

Monday, April 27, 2009

2 Pigs, a Pony and a Cindy-Lou Who

That's what SamSam had in her hair today....all at once!!! It looked SO cute!!! I did take pix, but they're not uploaded yet...and frankly I have much more important news.........


I was in absolute SHOCK when I decided to check my email and discover and email from NVC! I can honestly say I wasn't expecting anything to happen til July or mentally I'd been preparing myself for that time get this email and be told my interview is in JUNE is just beyond amazing!! Even more amazing is that Howie will already be here that week and go with us to Montreal!!! What HUGE relief that is that I don't have to make this journey by myself with the two kids!!!! I'll have help and support and PROOF we have an amazing marriage!!!
I feel like the huge weight named WHEN has been lifted off my shoulders!! I could conceivably be home, in Washington, for the 4th of July!!! What better way to celebrate than with fireworks! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
OK..just needed to get that out!!! whew! the fun begins....I'm calling the only Dr in Ontario that does the physical required ($275.00 fee of course) tomorrow morning first thing. Then I'm calling my GP to get all medical records and immunization records to take with me. Then I need to go get pix done that have to be a specific size and colour and position, that are needed for the physical. And I need to stop researching things on the Internet as it's only makin my mind over fill useless info! Albeit some of it was pretty interesting to find out.
For instance, you get approval right then and there...but it takes a week for the visa to arrive via mail. OK, good to know!
Also found out I'm to arrive with a specific type of envelope already pre-addressed to me for the said visa to arrive in...good to know!
I also found out that I'm to arrive at 7 am for the doors to the embassy to open at 8 am and that it's first come, first served for the interviews...VERY good to know.
I also found out that for most adults there's 3 vaccines that on the MUST list, of which I don't have a current tetanus shot....good to know! (man I hate needles)
The estimated waiting time at the consulate on the day of interview is 1-3 hours...VERY good to know as I'll have two toddlers in tow!
And if it wasn't for my g/f Jackie and her wicked googling skills...I wouldn't know any of that above info!! So thank you VERY much Jackie!!!!

The only thing I'm having a hard time figuring out is how we're gonna get home...Howie's visit is June 6th to the 13th...the interview is the 11th, which means I should have the visa in hand by the 19th (when, not if, approved!!) and he'll be out of vacay time when he leaves us here on the 13th...OY
My dad did casually mention that they might not have anything going on the month of June and could drive with us...ya think he wants me gone!??!! LMAO Methinks so too! So much so, that he bought me the winning lottery ticket for Wednesday's 32M lottery...if you don't see a post from me Wednesday nite, you'll know I won and am going into hermit crab status!!! Sayonarra!!!!!!!!! LOL

I'm SO wound up right now...and beyond elated! Please pray we get a compassionate interviewer that wants us to be reunited regardless of past over stepping of previous visas!! From what I understand the whole interview lasts all of 20 mins! Oh and of course, costs money!! LOL What doesn't with these people!??!!?!

Ok...I've rambled enough...

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Whatta kid!

Today was a good day!!! The kids got a bath, so did I while bathing them....when does that splashing stage stop!?!? I got to tan this afternoon, while it was Sam's turn to have a non-nap...grrrrr And then my sister and her brood came over for dinner...lasagna I made last week. YUM!!! Along with Caesar salad and garlic bread, what more could you ask for!??!! Apple crisp with ice cream for dessert....definite do-over meal!
Even tho her visit was only an hour and a half, it was a chaotic one! Dinner was ready the moment she came in the door as she was an hour late...but that's just Tori for ya! Then the kids all played outside for a half hour after dinner while mom and I cleaned up...and then it was bed time for the kiddizzles....gotta love it!
I'm REALLY looking forward to tomorrow! My good friend Amy from waybackintheZehrsdays is coming to cut my hair!!! I'm giving her artistic license within reason! NO shaving my head bald and NO mohawk! Altho, I'd probably sport one quite well...not happening!

I'm also REALLY getting into Twilight! Even trying to make time to read while DJ's watching his fact, I'm heading to bed early tonite just for that reason!!! I think I'm in chapter 10 or so...I'm just shocked I'm that far already!! Usually I get one chapter a nite read, but this is moving along pretty good! Last nite I barely got a half chapter...I spent my time looking for the book light I read by....I did find two potatoes under my bed, courtesy of SamSam...and then I found the light! Whatta kid!

Til next time....ciao!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I just reading Mum...

Like it's the Sunday paper of the New York Times!!! And that sucker's a biggie too! What am I referring to? The Walmart flyer of course!!!! HAHAHA He has discovered fliers, or more importantly, the Toys 'R Us and Walmart know, with all the toys on them in big bold beautiful colours!!! He keeps it on the table where he sits so he can peruse it while eating. And I swear, every time he sits down to it, it's like it's the first time he's ever seen it!!! He gets SO excited to see all those toys and playgrounds....has yet to ask for one, thank goodness, but he just loves "reading" about them!!! Pointing out all the neat features as he goes along.

Today was a HUGE reminder of Ontario weather!!!...and how much of a Seattle-ite I am! After non-nap time (just DJ) we went to Walmart, as I'm still in search of new but cheap bras...and as luck would have it, they had some GREAT ones in my size!! And of course while I'm in there and the kids are content, might as well pick up whatever else I need. Oh, forgot to mention, that when we went into Wally world, it was 86 degrees according to the truck's therm...and beautiful sunshine! In fact, I had the a/c on in the truck!!!!!!! A mere hour later, and I'm in the check out line, chatting with the cashier and an old friend from long ago (two different people) and BOOM there the thunder. I look over at the doors and there's hordes of people waiting to leave the store as it's raining THAT hard out!!! YIKES!

So we head off to the door and follow suit....DJ is freaking EXCITED about it all!!! Yes, he is a weird kid!! But what would you rather who's terrified of them, or one who loves them?? Think about As we're standing there (did I forget to mention our jackets, all with hoods, are in the truck...??) we wait, and wait, and he's jumping up and down and drawing attention to himself, which is okay, but the black eye thing isn't so pretty....and then he gets It subsides a bit, and I took off running...DJ thought it was great! He's the only one! Got home and again waited for it to subside a bit before heading into the house! The truck's temp also said it was 67...almost 20 degree drop!!

We're now currently in T-storm number 5 of the day....they just keep rolling in!!! The best part about a kid who likes them....he sleeps thru you didn't think of that part did ya?!!? oh yeah! I'm good! LOL

I leave you with this pic of SamSam on the slide from yesterday....she just loves it!!! Awwwwww

Til next time...ciao!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Say what now?

I got some news today....some good, some bad...well not bad, just not what I expected AT ALL!!! I did remember to get all my paperwork out of my room today before nap time happened...and I did actually call the NVC to see what the normal deal is when at this stage of the game. Spoke with a curt, but nice fellah, and he informed me that my case is now considered COMPLETE! Which is the GOOD news!!! No more paperwork is needed from me!!!! So now it's a matter of scheduling...which he explained to me.
They do interviews during the 2nd week of every he checked for me and no I don't have an interview for May...which isn't such a bad thing really as I'd be in Seattle/Maui during that time frame and I'd hate to miss out on it! So I can call back during the 3rd week of May and check if I'm on June's schedule.
And then he said something about which I very nicely replied "Say what now?" Yeah, apparently the only embassy close to me that does these kinds of interviews is in that's what the MTL on my case number stands for...gotcha!
DANG this adds a bit of a spin to it doesn't it!??! I checked on my phone's maps app, and MTL is about 6.5 hours away....toss in a potty trained toddler and it may well take me 8 hours to get there! Does this sound like fun!?!?!!? HA So I put the word out to my peeps that I'd be in their area and would love to get together, and one of my g/f's graciously offered us to stay with her whenever we need it! YAY!!!! One problem solved!!!

Then my mom asks when I told her the latest, "so it might not be til September then" SAY WHAT NOW!?!?! Oh heck no!!! I haven't even thought that far ahead! I told her that July was all I could mentally deal with right now! GAH!!!!

I did ask the guy too, at what point will I know the it immediately? In a letter?? What? and he didn't have an answer for me...blah!

So, there ya have it! DJ's eye is doing good! Not nearly as bad as it looked last nite, but I can see where I missed putting vanilla, as it didn't look bruised int the under part of his eye, close to his nose, last nite....but he's a trooper!! Let me put polysporin on it and everything!

Til next time...ciao!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

He is SUCH a boy!

So much so that tonite he got his second black eye of his life!!! Not even 3 and he's had stitches and two black eyes...what ever am I in for with this child!?!??!! How did it happen you a few?
Since moving here he's had a fascination with my parents couch...taking the cushions off to jump on them, sitting at one end with his feet (or whole body) underneath the middle cushion, and lately, taking the cushions off to jump on the couch!! There's springs in there dontcha know! Yes, he's been given trouble many MANY times and sent to time out, but so far, it's not working! He just continues to do it. Tonite, after dinner, he did it again! My mom was downstairs, and I was here in the office with SamSam and all of a sudden, that blood curdling scream that you know your baby is hurt....and he was!!!!!!! When I got to him he was just righting himself to come get before I consoled him I asked him how he did it....well at the end of this 6ft trampoline we call a couch, there's two wall units that are 6ft tall...and the one on the end has a drop down cupboard...and he hit that knob dead on!!! Instant goose egg happening and of course the red, black, blue co-mingling of pain! His eye itself looks fine, its all underneath it. I have a hard time looking at him without cringing....I don't like to see the pain people have...esp on their faces!!! So we immediately put "nilla" on it (did you know that vanilla on facial bumps don't allow the black and blue phase to last...and in two days they have a bit of yellow to show for it and that's it! AMAZING!) and then did some ice...have you tried to ice a 2 y/o's owie!??! NOT a fun thing to do! So we opted instead for a cold wash cloth...which he did himself and wasn't getting mad at me about. Also did the dose of Tylenol just to ensure he wasn't "feeling it" as I'm sure that would be the first thing I'd grab!!! And then once he was actually asleep for 2 hours I woke him up, took him potty, asked if anything hurt (no) and then put him back in bed. I gave him a butterfly kiss and asked what it was, and he answered with a smile, so I think he's gonna be just fine!!! WHEW! What an ordeal!

All this after having a great day and FANTASTIC dinner!!! The weather is finally looking brighter and with it being dry all day, I took the kids to the park. It was a bit on the cool side, but that just meant more layers for them...and surprisingly, hardly any other kids were Sam got to get out of the stroller and tool around. There was a dog there with his humans and DJ and he got along just great!!!! Rolo loved that DJ wanted to throw the ball for him...and DJ equally loved that Rolo would go get it and bring it back!!! Our dog Snickers is gonna just be all over DJ when we go home!!!

Still nothing on that front either....I keep meaning to call, but all my papers with my case number are in my room...where Sam I'll have to make sure I dig them out tomorrow so I can call at nite.

Starting to get into Twilight....and liking it so hasn't gotten weird on me yet....still in chapter 3....or 4...can't remember now....but it's good! I'm a perpetual teenager at heart! I can't believe I'm going to be 37 this year...I can't believe I just typed that out in public for all the world to see....something is seriously wrong with me!!!! LOL

Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Old tricks??

Oh it's such a hard thing to do!!! Especially when it's a dawg we're talking about...who happens to be my dad! I think this just might be his first season of American Idol...and he's learned a lot from Randy Jackson...he just hasn't learned proper placement, or whatever it is. The phrase he's trying to use is "that's dope dawg" but he keeps using dope as a noun instead of an adjective. And thinks that dawg is dog...and it's not! LOL

How do you teach a 73 year old man how to talk the lingo?!?! I have a hard enough time deciphering DJ sometimes!!! Be End!

I'm starting to tan up well and getting very excited about what's happening in THREE weeks!!! At the same time, knowing full well that my children will be 1000% looked after in the capable hands of my mother....I'm freaking out about leaving my kids! The one and only time I've been away from DJ was to give birth to Samantha....and I've never been away from SamSam! What if I can't sleep!?!?!! What if I cry more than they do!?!? What if they don't miss me!?!?! Oh the what ifs are horrible!!! At least the time difference will be in our favour!!! Had to do a search online to see exactly what the time diff was and Hawaii is 6 hours behind when it's bedtime here, it'll only be 2 pm there...perrrrrrfect!!! That is until they want to call us at 8 am and it's only 2 am in Maui...NOT kool!!! lol

*yawn* methinks its time to take the contacts out and hit the hay!!! Oh, anyone know how to do links in here? You know, when the word is clickable and takes you to an outside I making sense?

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Amen! Be End!

This is how DJ ends his prayers before bed....he thinks he's saying The at the end of a's SO cute!!!! Our standard everyday prayer is this: God bless everyone I love, and be with Grampa Hughes, and help us home Washington, and help me be a good boy. And tonite, the little bugger threw in "help you be a good mummy" I'll take those prayers!!! LOL Outta the mouths of babes!

My mom went treasure hunting out her old jewellery boxes...and came across the bracelets my sister and I had as wee little beings....guess who's sporting a new "pretty" on her wrist! There was only one in the small SMALL size and she can't get it off! She refuses to keep her earrings in, so hopefully this will stop those rumours she's a boy! Twice now she's been mistaken!

I had a "first" first proper bra fitting!!! If you've never done this (ladies only please! LOL) I'd highly recommend doing it!! It was amazing to me to see how WRONG I'd been in previous bra purchases!!! And how RIGHT the proper bra feels and looks! Boy is Howie in for a surprise in 22 sleeps when I show up all perky again! hee hee Didn't buy one tonite as I have a mental block in paying 50.00 for one bra...or two for 80.00 *gasp* Since I'm still nursing, I won't invest just yet! My hope/goal is to go down a cup size!! or two! (don't tell Howie that part!)

I'm getting antsy for Maui!! Talked tonite with Howie about all I want to do in the short time I'm actually in WA both before and after Maui! Still haven't told the kids yet, as that's just too hard on DJ to understand....haven't even decided when to tell him actually! I leave at 7:30 am so that means I have to be at the airport by 6am and hopefully they'll both sleep right thru me leaving...oh I can't even imagine this! As excited as I am for time with Howie and to go to Maui...leaving my babies....GAH! I'm teary now just thinking about it!!! Ok, on to other things...

Wait, there are no other things tonite...guess I'll go read!!! It's only midnite....oooh I should get some good face time with those vampires tonite!!!! :)

Til next time....ciao!

Monday, April 20, 2009

She has arrived!!!

Last nite was the best nite Sam's had since birth!!!!! She slept from 8:30PM to 8:00AM!! Can I get a WOOT!?!?!? Granted she woke up 'round 7ish and had a snack in bed with me :) But I'm just thrilled that it only took a week of her figuring it all out! And me too!!! She likes to know I'm still there when I put her in the crib all I keep my hand on her back and wait for her to drift off and then ever so slowly take my hand off her and scoot out the room! This afternoon I was able to run out for a quick tan while they were both sleeping! Ahhh the joy! Driving in a vehicle with the RADIO on instead of the DVD player! Even better...I took my mom's car!!! It was still nice and warm from when she got home!

Finally got the envelope of goodies from Howie today! Funny how it took a week and I think that's too long! Oh what a world we live in.... In it was the new tabs for the truck...the new insurance card for the truck...and the new medical cards for the three of us. So we're set!

I also happened to look at a calendar and today is exactly 4 weeks since I know for a fact that NVC got my registered where's their reply!?!?!?! C'mon already!!!!! The suspense is killing me!

On a totally unrelated note....there's a show up here called Best Years about a college student named Samantha Best...used to be on on Tuesdays in the fall and now it's on Mondays....well they went and re-cast the lead actress! Why did they do that!?!?!? Part of the charm of the show was the original cast!!! I recognized three other people from the first part of the season....just weird! But there wasn't much else on...blah!

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down....and today was both!

Til next time...ciao! (oh, btw...the til part drives my mom nuts! She thinks it should be till...haha)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I really lub it when...

My nostrils play stuff it hockey!!! And then include my ears as the goal posts...blah!! At least my throat feels better!! But over all, I feel yucky! At one point, I blew my nose and got the spins....WOW!!!! What a trip! LOL Still toughing it out....seems Sam didn't get the full blown cold, or maybe its all the super milk I make that she's just not as snotty as me or DJ, who is also back to his healthy devilish ways!
Just today I found him NOT napping and dismantling a flashlight. He was showing the 'little engineer' in him that his Daddy is quite proud of! Thankfully, I was able to put it together and get it working again! THEN when I put him to bed for the THIRD time tonite, a pair of scissors fell out of his bed...excuse me!??!! And that's how I solved the mystery of the triangle cut out of his pants.....GRRRRRRRRR
Samantha, it seems, has this sleeping thing down pat!!! She got a cat nap this morning when I went for a tan...and a short nap this afternoon, which was just wonderful! And tonite, she was an angel to put to bed. At least my kids take turns! :)

My dad started a money thing with DJ about 5 mos ago...started off with just pennies, and then nickels were included, and then dimes were given and finally one each with a he's getting about 0.41 cents a day give or take what my dad has in his pocket on any given morning. He's pretty good at making sure he's got the right coins for DJ every morning. Well...Samantha didn't like this favouritism and decided she was gonna ask for money too! So now in the mornings as soon as my dad puts his shirt on to leave the house, she's standing in front of him clenching her fist and grunting for money. He gives her a penny, and she comes running to me to put it in her piggy bank...then goes running back to him for more, he gives her a dime and she runs away from all of us!! So she's quite the Hughes in wanting to keep it for herself! LOL (Love you Honey!) It used to be that DJ would ask "Poppa, I need money!" and dad would sit down and go thru the routine so DJ knows which coin is Sam's beating him to the punch! She's so trained in fact, that when they left to go out shopping this afternoon she was begging for more's cute! Thankfully SHE'S cute, or she wouldn't be able to get away with it! And no way in heck am I starting this habit with them!!! Nope nope nope!!!

Again...hittin the hay early...seems this reading under the covers trick works!!! Still only on the first chapter of's a long chapter! LOL

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Remind me again

To never let Samantha nap for more than 2 hours in the truck in one day! OH was it brutal to get her to bed tonite!!! We did a road trip today to visit my Aunt up in Unionville. We, being my mom, sister Tori, niece Brianna, and my two kids and me....everyone slept on the way up (except mom, who was driving and me who was talking) even DJ slept! Which is odd for him considering the time! But who am I to wake a sleeping child!?!!??! nope nope nope!
We arrived to my Aunt's penthouse later than expected, but it was all good. Had a lovely meal!! Even tried some new foods (iffy on that one) and capers (YUM!!)...indulged on some chocolate cake (WOW!) and had a good time! As soon as the kids started getting antsier than normal we took off.
As we were leaving I asked mom where the cemetery was for my Grandma and Grandpa's plot...if it was close by or not. It turns out, it was kinda on the we made a pit stop to the cemetery as I haven't been there in 25 years, since my G'pa died (Oh, got corrected on that today, it's been 25 not 23 years!) and I wasn't back in Ontario when my G'ma died this past September. So with it being such a beautiful day, we thought it would be nice to drop by. Took us a while to find their brass marker! They're in a veterans section (G'pa was in WWII, but not really) and there's no headstones in that section as no one man is better than the other. Isn't just a neat "rule"!?!?!
Then we took off for home and everyone but me and DJ fell asleep...I was driving this time. On our way home Dad called to ask us what we wanted for dinner...after a few suggestions he balked at they hung up. Then he called back within minutes and said he was taking us out for Chinese...I'm game! So we had a relatively nice dinner...the kids have been too contained today for my liking, but some days are like that! The moment we get DJ settled, he looks at the waiter and says "where's my crayons?" ummmm not that kind of place honey!! I think he's been restaurant trained now!

We're all sick (the three of us) with a cold that my sister graciously passed on to us. DJ's mostly over it, but Sam and I are just at the beginning. I looked at the cough syrup we have and I don't fit any category, so I'm toughing it out. So's Sam for that matter! Mostly just a runny nose for her and a sore throat for me...combined with some sneeze attacks....blah! Energy is okay tho, so that's good! I was thinking today, this is as good a place as any to keep track of what ails us from time to time....I can just see it now...the Dr asking "so when did he have those stitches?" and me replying "hang on, let me check my blog..." hahahahaha

I finished The Shack...did I say that already? If you haven't read it....oh go buy it!!!! Costco-10.00!!! And TOTALLY worth it! Best read I've had in a long time!!! Aside from Celestine Prophecy...this is my fave! LOVE IT!! (Getting the picture yet?!) On the night table now, besides my PEOPLE Twilight. Yea, I know, I'm slow to the game sometimes...I'm getting there tho! Besides...I don't have a teen aged girl who's all into it like a nutso...that's the HUGE difference between teen aged boys and girls...Jacob, could care less!!!!!!!! LOL And Howie only read 2/3's of it and quit...too much like a romance novel for him...which guarantees I'm gonna like it!! LOL I'm just not much of a vampire fan....hopefully I can get past that part. I have decided tho, that I am old enough now, that if I don't like particular book, I don't HAVE to read it!!! It used to bother me to not finish a book, no matter how much I wasn't enjoying it....not no more!

OK, til next time...ciao!

Friday, April 17, 2009

By George....

I think she's got it!!! (Said in my best British accent!) I thought last nite was a dream in putting SamSam down for the nite...well tonite was even sweeter! One little protest of a cry and nothing since! LOVE it!!! She actually went to sleep before DJ did tonite....that "gotta pee" thing is getting old!!!!! Especially when it's just a dribble he's doing....grrrrr
Nap time, however was not as smooth as was easier than yesterday...but still not a successful venture for her. She didn't get to do the stand-up-sleep thing, as I'd put a blanket over the railing so that if she tried to hang on, it would go with her...but she didn't end up doing that either. I think tho, that I'm going to do the same routine for nap time that we do at bedtime...and see if her issue is the rocking chair....who knows!

Today was absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!! I actually had to break out the sunscreen WHOOO HOOOO I could smell that stuff all day long! I really do think I was born to the wrong family....I need one in a much warmer climate! Someday...
OK, back to the kids are loving the back porch! First thing this morning they are both out there playing....forget breakfast...forget getting dressed....we just wanna play! It really was too cute! And my mom in all her wisdom figured out how to prevent Sam's fingers from getting bitten by the door thanks to her brother....tension rod! It works like a charm I tell ya!!!! What didn't work was trying to get them to come in to eat lunch!!! After nap it was much too chilly out there as it only gets morning off we went to the park. DJ was in heaven!!! I kept Sam in the stroller as it's just too busy a park to watch both of them by myself. As we're sitting watching him, Sam's groupies showed up! She literally had 4 boys come over and see gave her a hug...another one gave her a kiss on the nose...and two girls came up and said "Cute baby" and they were barely 2 themselves!!! I tell ya, she's my little superstar! She even reached out to touch each kid as they came up to her just to say "hi"

Oh, I have to thank my sister Tori for this wonderful cold she's passed on to me. My throat is just raw!!!!!! Swallowing hurts, eating hurts, talking hurts...good thing typing doesn't hurt! So, I think I'll actually call it a nite and hit the hay early! Shocking I know! lol

Til next time...ciao!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Proof positive

That you actually CAN stand up and sleep!!!! At least if you're a one year old girl protesting the use of the crib!!! Oh was it BRUTAL this afternoon!!! Did the normal routine and when she was asleep I just put her in the crib and walked out. Where the crib is in my room is perfectly viewable with the door ever so slightly I could check up on her if I want. After a half hour of crying I noticed that she'd started to slow down a bit, so I go quietly to my door, crack it all of a millimeter and peek in...she's standing up, right hand on the rail, left hand on the rung going down and her mouth sucking on the railing....SLEEPING!!!! As I'm watching her, her knees gives out and she jerks herself awake, but not fully awake and then of course crying ensues. I got some of it on video, but you can't see a blessed thing...and I tried taking pix of her sleeping like that, but not using the flash killed the's all black. If I'd used the flash, she'd have really woken up.
Well an hour has passed and she's still doing the standing thing, so I go in there and lay her down....BAD MOVE MAMA!!! She did NOT like that at all!!! Took another 45 mins for her to finally crash! At which point, I'd gone for a tan (Thank you Tori!!) and come back. When I checked on her she was folded in half sleeping with her head between her legs. Poor thing!
When she woke up from this position, she was cranky....justifiably so! YOU try sleeping like that! LOL Took her a good half hour to come around and give me a smile...of course that might have had something to do with putting her jacket on and taking the kids to the park....

Tonite...round two....went smooth as silk!!!!!!!! I could not have asked for a better evening!! As soon as I got DJ down to bed (but, not for the nite as we ALL know two year olds just can't go to sleep...) I nursed her...a good twenty minutes. But this time, instead of letting her get down and play til bed time....I gave her the other side...oh boy, did she like THAT! DJ did his normal chant in the hallway "Mum, I have to pee from my bum!" So I interrupted her and let him potty (just a pee) and then latched her back on. For another twenty mins...she was SOUND asleep!! Survivor wasn't over yet, so I unlatched her (as she'd stay that way all nite if she had her way) and she fussed, so I sat her up and put her in the crook my arm. Her head immediately flopped to one side and we sat like that til the votes were read. And then I got up, put her in bed and that was that. AMAZING no?? Yeah, she whimpered for all of 8 mins....but that was it! No drama, no tears, no screaming....very peaceful!
I feel like we've turned the corner....and leaped a major hurdle all in one fell swoop!

The only really sucky part of the nite was that Grey's wasn't on....blah! Maui is looking better and better now that she's sleeping in the crib!!! Oh, I haven't told you about Maui....*smiles and nods*
Howie's got a "work thing" that all the managers and higher ups do every bond with each other...yeah right!....well this is the first year that spouses get to go! They worked hard all year last year with goals in mind for the company, and if they succeeded spouses could go to Maui with. If they achieved 90%, no spouses...if they got 80% it was going to be California...if they got 70% it was going to be in Washington...if they did less than that, it was no where!
Well they outdid themselves and spouses get to go!!!!! So I fly outta here on the 13th of May, and we fly outta WA on the 14th...come back to WA on the 18th and then I fly back here on the 2oth. And the kids...will be with my parents. There really is no other choice....they don't' know anyone as well as they know my folks...and splitting them up is not an'd be too hard them to have me gone and not have each other. We'll get to talk to them whenever they want to call as we'll both have our cell phones. The time difference definitely works in our favour!

I finished that book, The quickly became my number 2 fave book!!! If you read, GET THIS BOOK!!! The perspective of the author is quite amazing...I just loved it!! Bawled my eyes out last nite too! SO good! OK, gotta hit the hay!

Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 2

Is going...quickly out the window!! With one HUGE difference than I type, my daughter (the Princess In Training) is asleep in her crib. Yes, you read that right, IN HER CRIB!!! That means I have a whole queen sized bed to myself...whatever will I do!! This afternoon was an exercise in futility as far as nap/training went. Boy was it tough! Nursed her in the rocking chair, and she fell asleep after about a half hour (now, normally in my bed she'd be out cold in 7 mins tops!) and when I moved her to the bed, she woke I stayed there with her and every time she sat up, I'd gently put her back down and tell her to go to hour later, I gave in and gave her the other side and she slept for an hour. At which point 10 mins after getting her to sleep, DJ woke up! No time for mum at all!
Tonite, she asked to go to bed (yes, she really does do this) at I thought "sure, that means you'll be asleep before Idol comes on" and off we went. She nursed for 20 mins before conking and when I put her in bed, she again woke up...and started talkin gibberish to me. So I repeated the same sequence as this afternoon, only this time she thought it was a game! Her ab muscles are getting a work out!!! We did this for 10 mins and it wasn't getting any better so I stuck her in the crib.
Cue baby hollering!
And boy, did she holler!!! I went in twice to lay her down and tell her to sleep...realizing after the second visit that it was only escalating her I stopped. It took her exactly 53 minutes to realize this is her bed and she needed to sleep there. Not bad! Especially when I'd read that it could take up to 3 hours for them to come to this realization. THREE HOURS!?!!?! Pretty sure I couldn't handle that!! I'm not super mom!
Since her slumber started, she's had fits and starts in the crib with whimpers and crib kicks just to prove she's still not happy with the decision...I'm trying to decide if I wanna sleep on the couch tonite or in that glorious bed that's waiting for me! Might not get time to read if I go in there...altho, I could always pull that "flash light under the covers" trick...hey, that just might work! hmmmmm

In other dad pulled a "funny" one on my mom...we're watching CSI NY (LOVE Gary Sinese) and at about 10:30 she says "I'm gonna go get ready for bed" and my dad persuades her to hang out for a few more mins. So she does, as she's caught up in the story of it. I kid you not, within 5 mins, HE'S snoring away in his chair!!!!! So she waits til the next commercial to inform him that she really IS going to bed now.
Again, all I can do is shake my head! (seems to be the pattern here...)

OK...only 3 more chapters in The Shack....I really am enjoying it!!!

Til next time...ciao

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Princess in Training

Sleep training that is! And let me tell you, it's not a fun place to be!!! Due to sharing a room with SamSam, and being in a house that's soooooooooooooo not sound proof, I've taken the really easy road and just let her be in bed with me. Works wonders....til Daddy visits...then the wars begin! At Christmas, she let me move her to the her birthday, there was NO moving her! So with me going to Maui in 4 (YES, FOUR) weeks, I absolutely, positively, MUST get her acquainted with her crib. *sigh*
Even as I type this she's sighing in MY bed while sleeping all snug as a bug.

The Plan: start off slow...rock her to sleep and get her used to a different routine than just nursing on my bed and sleeping. This week, the transition will be to my bed once I get her asleep. She's not liking the moving part, but it is only day one...I need patience! She did pretty good tonite, and when she woke up in the bed wondering what the heck was I only took her 10 mins to fall back to sleep WITHOUT being attached to me. That in itself is progress!
Next week, phase two begins...with the crib being her place of slumber. Whatever will I do with the WHOLE bed to myself!??!!? The key here will be making sure that if she wakes up in the middle of the nite, NOT to just pick her up and bring her to bed with me...gonna be chilly, but totally worth it in the end! Imagine, a full 8 hours of sleep...not that I'll get that myself as here it is 12:35 am and she's been in bed for 3 hours already....hooo hooo....that was the night owl in me!

I'll keep ya posted on how the Princess adjusts....and who sheds more

Til next time....ciao!

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Little Pony

Today was the first time I put a pony tail in SamSam's hair....they call it a bug tail cuz it's SO tiny and looks like the antennae of a any case she looked freakin CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While I know she doesn't have much hair, I do know that you need to start early so they tolerate you when they DO have today we started hair tolerance lessons. The first time I did it (this one) she didn't even know I'd done it! (ignore DJ on the floor having himself a little meltdown...) and she looked darling with it on.
Cue my dad...he comes home and I show him the pkg of hair "elastics" (they're not true elastics tho and you can only use them once and they break...VERY convenient that 800 come in the pkg) and he says they'd probably work well with the horses' hair. Everything is about horses for him...but I digress. I told him it'd even work on HIS hair...and he lets me.

Have I ever mentioned how much of a dork my dad is!?!?!? One night last week he did this rap of Jack and Jill...I thought I was gonna pee myself!!! I grabbed the camera so I could video him and put it on youtube....but he wouldn't give me an ya, he's a Dork with a capital!

So he grabs Samantha and says, get one of the two of us!!! My little ponies!!!! Again, all I can do is shake my head!!!! I honestly think he has NO shame!!! But I love it!! And I love matter how much he pisses me off!!! I think it's worse now than it was when I was a little sister was the one that need more attention than I, now, it's just me and I get it ALL!!!!! Good or bad, I get it! Lord, give me sanity please!! And help me get home to Washington. Amen!

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I have found the cure

For the bed time blues!!!! DJ's blues that is! Noticed it last nite when we did the normal bed time routine, with books, phone calls, prayers, song, snuggles and one last potty...he didn't come out of the room once! NOT ONCE I tell you!! It didn't dawn on me til much later that nite that he'd been the perfect angel at bed time! We've had some nites that were downright frustrating!!! Him coming out 3 and 4 times to "pee from my bum Mum" just to have a chat while he sat on the toilet....or I'd find him laying on the floor outside the bedroom watching tv...little sneak!

But last nite was not the case!!! He went down and stayed down!!! What was the cure? you ask....the P A R K (he even knows how to spell it now smartie pants) Take the boy to the park and let him run wild...and bed time is a breeze!!!!
Today with it being Easter (hope you had a good one!) and my sister and her 4 kids coming over, we decided to take the noise to the park for an hour. Oh DJ loved chasing his cousins round the playground and Aunt Tori loved playing with SamSam on the swings. Came home and had an Easter FEAST I tell you! Momma E can REALLY get her cook on!! Turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli with cheese sauce (the homemade kind), cranberry sauce (again, the homemade kind), croissants....YUM!!! Can't wait for left overs! For dessert...I made banana muffins, and my sis (yesterday's visit) gave us some PC ferrero rocher knock offs, and then my mom pulls out this box of chocolate that my bro gave her last year for Mother's Day...when it was opened my sis found a hair in it...and then the fly the 'hair' belonged to....EW!!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say, I didn't eat any of THAT chocolate!!!

OHHHHH and the funniest thing to happen dad got a blue tooth!! HA Picture a crusty 73 year old ....walking around lookin like he's one of "those" crazies that talks to himself all day long...and then he'll turn the corner and you'll see his blue tooth....cracks me up just thinking about it! He even modeled it for poor sister must have gotten 50 phone calls from him as she's setting it up for him IN THE SAME ROOM!!!! It was hilarious!!! Probably one of those "had to be there" moments...sorry if it's not that funny to you right now. But he couldn't figure out why it's called a blue tooth, why not green? or red? or white? At least now he won't be weaving all over the road when he's on the phone...oh he's one of them old people drivers too!!! All I can do is shake my head....Now he'll be even more annoying with his constant calling from the grocery store to see if we need this or that...OY! And my poor mother....again, all I can do is shake my head! While chuckling just a little bit....until it's my turn of course to be the one at home getting the calls...
OK, off to do some reading...I'm really REALLY enjoying the book The Shack...even told my sister to get her book club to read it! We'll see if she does or not.

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Look at her!

That has been the most used phrase since Samantha has been born!!!! All the firsts she does and we all cry "Look at her, would you just look at her!" Secretly, I think she thrives on this!!!! It only makes her smile and do it again!
Today's "look at her" the park she climbed some stairs for the first time ever! Yes, I realize she's doing things backwards, and that she's over the age of 1 (to be fair, it's only a few weeks past) but here at mom and dad's there's no stairs for her to practice on. And the stairs that are here, are going down...and wooden...and would be really painful! So we have a perma-gate up and she doesn't get to practice.
My sister Joanne came for a visit this aft to see me and the kids. It was a nice break...for both of us I think. The kids were napping when she got here so we really got a good chat in...while I mopped the
Then one by one, the kids woke up....after much coaxing to get DJ to come out of his room, we told him we'd take him to the park...well, he was IN! And off we went! It's soooooo much nicer to go to the park with an adult for each kid! I chased DJ and she watched Sam. Sam LOVED the swings!! And DJ loved running around! Eventually we ended up in the same area, and Sam being the brave girl she is, tried going up the stairs...and was successful!! I was amazed! She's a natural! Would you just look at her!! LOL

Tomorrow is another sister visit...Tori's coming with her brood for an Easter feast! Which is why I mopped the floors...altho I'll be wishing I hadn't once they all leave! But that's just life isn't it?

The Easter bunny has been and gone....and did a good job I'd say! DJ requested his bunny present be left in the that's where his is! What a kid! I haven't hid the eggs yet as I don't get up with him in the morning (something I'll miss terribly when we go home) so while he's eating breakfast they'll get hidden then!

Here's a couple pix of the kids at the park....

DJ in his shades!! And SamSam in the swing!

til next time...ciao

Friday, April 10, 2009

Legend has it

That in our family if it snows on April 10th, it's the last one of winter. If it doesn't snow on April 10th, then we're in for one more.
Why April 10th?? That was my Grandpa's birthday. I really think it was just way for my Grandma to make sure we all knew when his birthday was!! And while he's been gone now for 23 years, the legend lives on! WOW, he's been gone for more than half my sad! He was my only G'pa dad's dad was long gone before I was even a thought! And I did have a stepG'pa...but we won't get into snow today...guess that means there's one more snowfall to come and then it's officially spring! Hope it's soon so we can get it over with...I've got all my long sleeved stuff put away already!

It's Easter weekend and it doesn't really feel it....the kids are still too young to understand any of it let alone the bunny part! But I did get them each a new spring jacket and some new shoes! And instead of hiding a multitude of eggs for DJ to find, which he'd then want to eat and pester me for days about eating, I bought him 6 Cadbury's carmel eggs. I may just have to help him with one, or two....definitely NOT three! LOL

Missing home terribly....Missing my husband fiercely!!!! Missing my g/f's that need hugs! Its just not the same when I'm so far away! This separation has it's mixed blessings in that I really have made some good friends in WA and I really hope they're still there when I get back! Coming home to ON after almost 7 years gone really showed me who was a lifetime friend. Its been kinds surreal that way. My dad once said to look at your hand...count one friend for each finger, and that's all you need! It's true...otherwise you spread yourself too thin and no one gets to know the real you! Don't tell my dad I agree with him k? Or he'll start giving me more lectures than I can handle!!! lol

Ok...I'll let ya know when it snows again....RIP Grandpa!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random thoughts

I recently came across a post in one of my mommy boards that asked for prayers for a little boy, and then there was a link for a blog. This blog has captured my heart and touched me in ways I can't begin to imagine!!! I really wish I could do more for this little guy than just prayers, but I'm not financially solvent enough to reach out. I've added a link to the blog on the left side of my page, just in case ya wanna check it out!

Today was a rather productive day!!! DJ finally went "pee from my bum" after 4 days of not! (where else can I talk about this!?!?!!) Sadly it had to come down to a suppository, for which he was incredibly still for (was that really my kid!?!?!) and then just quiet til "it" happened. And boy did "IT" happen!!!!
After that episode off we went to costco. My parents had seen a demo over there about a machine called Vita-Mix and my mom was chompin at the bit to own one! Apparently she'd seen one 30 years ago at the Royal Winter Fair and wanted one, but my dad hemmed and hawed. This time when he asked her if she wanted one, she jumped on it! We came home, set it up and actually used it tonite to make 'ice cream' that was totally healthy!!! And quite yummy too! So this will replace the shakes I've been ingesting for the past 2 months and hopefully increase my fruits and veggies during the day. The samples we had today at costco were AMAZING!!! She put cabbage in her 'ice cream' and you'd never know it! huh! My kids and I do eat alot of veggies, but no where near the recommended daily they'll be getting it together. And hopefully we'll never have to do what we had to do today to DJ again! I vow to get that boy regular!!! LOL

Ok, off to bed I go...I'm currently reading a book called "The Shack" by Wm Paul Young and it's quite intriguing!!! Just thought you'd like to know what's on my night table...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

We goin' shoppin' Mummy??

Today I got to meet a dear friend of mine who spent my pregnancies online listening to all my moanings and groanings, and celebrating milestones with me. Our sons are 6 days apart and because we live in WA one wouldn't normally think they'd get to meet as they live in NY. As luck would have it, they drove from their home in NY to Toronto to visit family and we planned a little meeting. It was far too short!!! I didn't realize the mall closed at 5 and we didn't get there til 4:30 thanks to nap times! But I am glad that I finally got to meet someone from that particular online mommy support group!! There's 11 of us that have been chatting since we found out we were pregnant over 3.5 years ago now! And dare I say, we have THE cutest kids born in May/June 2006!!!!!
Here's a pic of the kids....Cooper, SamSam and DJ
It sure was fun meeting you guys!!!!

Off to bed I must go!!! Til next time...Ciao!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Detailing the details...

So, my g/f Jackie reminded me that I'd started a website last year...and I'd completely forgotten about it...seems they've forgotten about me even! Humph...who needs them?! lol I think I started it with an email addy we no longer have too, as I tried all the current ones to no avail.

I'm gonna give the history of "us" that when I reconnect with people from years gone, I can simply direct them here instead of having to type it all out again. Saves my brain!

Girl meets boy in July of 2001, after separating from her first idiot, and I do mean idiot! Amazingly enough, we met online first...but it was just in passing. I knew he lived waytheheckoutinSeattle and didn't really want to 'put myself out there' and get to know him. So hellos were traded, probably played a few games of crib at the MSN gaming zone (no longer doing the cribbage boards) but other than that, not much. Then a mutual friend planned a get together for who ever wanted to come to his house for the weekend. Turns out, he lived about 2.5 hours from me, so I couldn't NOT go!!! I mean, c'mon! I talked my g/f (also online) in Montana into coming with me. So she flew out the day before and then we drove up together. Oh what fun!
The very first person I meet when we get to this guy's place...was Howie!!! He showed us where to park and waited for us to get out of the car to give us a hug. It wasn't exactly this moment that I "fell" but I was struck by how incredibly handsome he was (and still is!!!) No, it wasn't til the next nite that we clicked and things fell into place. And by the third day we were both smitten!! BUT he lived in Seattle and I lived in Cambridge...not at all conducive to dating. So we decided to try the long distance approach and see where it would lead us.

He came back at the end of summer in September for my birthday (a couple days after the fact) and met most of my family, asked me to marry him and headed west once again. I was supposed to go meet him in November, but he got into a car accident the week before I was to arrive and was I switched gears and got off my flight in AB and drove down to visit my g/f in Montana....GREAT trip!! Then in February I finally got to fly out to Seattle for a wedding of dear friends of ours (online, of course!) and he popped the question with a ring this time showing me how serious he was! BLING!

That following April I moved to Seattle!! Well, Lynnwood really, about 20 mins north of Seattle. I arrived on a visitor's visa that was to expire in 10 days. We immediately drove downtown and applied for an extension....and waited and waited to hear back. I'd originally gotten a 6 mos ticket (justincaseitdidn'tquiteworkout...) and by that date in October, we still hadn't heard back from immigration, so we let the ticket go. FINALLY heard from them in November that I'd been granted the extension and it's expiry date had already passed. Excuse me? WHAT?!?!?! Called immigration to let them know we'd just gotten the letter and asked what next. OY what a process. Sent a letter in stating the obvious and requesting yet another extension.
During this point, we got married. 03/03/03 a number he can't forget!!!!!! In Vegas, ONLINE!! Oh yeah, we did it internet style!!! That way no one had to get dressed up or leave their homes, it was awesome!!!

So in May of '03 we applied for an I130...Petition for Spouse of Non Immigrant....and we waited and waited and waited!!! Going on about life as a family. OH yeah, boy has a son from a previous marriage...Jake! GREAT kid! But I'll brag about him another time.

With the world being as technologically advanced as it is, we were given a case number that I could monitor online and see where it was in the process. Well, one day in 2005, I check it and see that it's now past the date that I submitted my forms and and and...where's mine?!?!! So I call them (this is akin to going to the Principal's office...knots in your stomach blech) and ask what the deal is....and they've lost my application. Ok, not lost, but definitely misplaced!!! And then they try to pass off that they're doing an "internal shuffle" of how forms are being dealt with and that I was going to be passed on to the California office immediately. I'm thinking this is a good thing, and I should go to the top of the list right...WRONG!! I go to the bottom of the list of that day...and wait and wait.

In the meantime we're still living our life and enjoying our family. And actually expanding it! Our son DJ was born June 7th, 2006! It wasn't til his first birthday that we got a letter saying that our application had been approved and that we were being passed on to the National Visa Center (NVC from here on out) WAHOOOO!!!!! Finally some progress!!!

Get a letter from the NVC stating that we now need to send in 380.00 and they'll get going on our app! was like a slap in the face! The good thing is they give you a year to come up with the funds!
That's when we found out that we were pregnant with Samantha....our surprise blessing!!! And it took us til January to get the $$ together and mail it off. Wouldn't ya know it...the blinking fee has gone up!!! It's now 400.00 and we needed to re-send our payment! ACK!! I'm about ready to pop with this baby and you're hassling me for more!?!?!?! So, it wasn't til after her birth that we got it mailed in...I was a little pre-occupied! LOL
Since then it's been a whirlwind!!! Got another letter in June saying that we needed a background check done on myself by the local police. So I go online and pay to get one done from the Lynnwood Police. In late July Howie got a surprise bonus from work that we had no plans we talked about it and decided that getting hiring an immigration atty would be the best thing to this point, it had been over 6 years since I'd set foot on Canadian soil and was wishing to go home for a visit at some point in my life.
My sister Joanne happened to be visiting when we called a lawyer....oh I'm so glad to have had the extra set of ears listening and taking notes. Turns out we'd done the whole thing WRONG!!! All that filing and waiting....was to have been done while I was in Canada....HUH?? No one told me that!! Never once had we lied about where I was living! In fact, at one point, during one of the many calls I made to Immigration, I was told "As long as you have a petition pending, you're alright to be in the States." Come to find out....that's if Howie was American.....tiny little detail that we had no clue about!!
The lawyer then advised us to move and move right away, back to Canada!!!! Continue with what we were doing, but get our butts back to the homeland! Within 5 wks I had me and the kids packed up, ready to go!
We left Washington on September 20th about 5am....and drove with two kids, cross country to my parents house here in BFE....Brantford, Ontario. Howie flew home on the 28th as he has a pretty good job where we were, and his son is still here going to high school. And ideally, we'd all like to be living together in WA!
Howie and Jake came for a visit in December for Christmas and New Years, and while they were here, we popped over to the local law enforcement office and requested a background check on me. Within days we got it and I sent it to the NVC on Jan 9th. And the waiting continues!!! Got another letter on the 23rd stating that we had MORE paperwork to send in (Why on earth didn't they ask for it in the last letter!?!?!?!) and in the request was another background check. Called them and asked if the one I sent in wasn't good enough or if it was I really have to do it again?? *side note: every little thing you have to get for them, costs money...every thing you send them, costs money!!!* The answer I got from them, "Please call back in 10-15 business days and we'll have an answer for you" You have GOT to be kidding me!?!?!?! I managed to wait a whole 6 business days and called back again....and got correct info. The background check they want done on me HAS to be from the RCMP with fingerprints. OY!
Call the RCMP and it's gonna be $75.00 to do the prints and send them off to Ottawa, oh and it'll take 120 days for this to happen. WHAT!?!?!?! I don't have that kind of time!!!!!!! So I do some research online (mom did really) and found out that if you do electronic prints it takes 72 hours. That's more like it! There was one place in Kitchener that does them for $35.00....SOLD! Had my appt on March 2nd and got them in the mail on the 12th...super quick!!!! I mailed them to NVC on the 12th (quicklikebunny) and got notice that they received my paperwork on the 23rd.

And the waiting continues!!!! *sigh*

What's the next step, you ask? Well, from what I've read online, they'll be sending me a letter telling me when my interview is. Typically a month in advance....and with notice that I'm to go to one THEIR doctors and get a complete physical done with chest x-ray, HIV testing and TB testing. I get the results in a sealed envelope and I'm to take that with me to the interview. This is the YAY/NAY interview!!! I try not to think too much about it as it's quite nerve wracking! They could very well say "NOPE, sorry, you broke the rules by overstaying your visitor's visa, too bad, so sad...." OR they could say "YES, please be reunited with the rest of your family and live in WA...." Either way, I'm pretty freakin sure there'll be tears!!! Not just from me either!!! My parents are anxious to get on with their septuagenarian lives!!!! While they keep reassuring me that they LOVE having my kids here and what a blessing it is to be a part of their lives at such a young age....they really want us GONE!!! And I really WANT TO BE GONE!!!! I enjoy being an adult!! I miss my husband TERRIBLY and I abhor single parenting!!! I'm a much nicer mom to my kids when Daddy's around!!! I have way more patience for them when he's around to share the burden! He came for a visit in March for Samantha's 1st birthday and it was HEAVEN!!! I could go to the bathroom in peace...shower with NO interruptions!!! Things other parents take for granted!! lol Ok I'm rambling here....back on track....After said interview, which we're guessing should take place sometime in May (hopefully not during the week I'm in Seattle/Maui!!!) then the plan is to have DJ's birthday here in Ontario on the 7th and take off on the 8th!!! Hit the road Jack, and don't look back! I have to keep this goal in mind or the possibility of not going home is just too depressing! In fact, we've now incorporated "please help us get home to Washington" as part of our daily prayers at bedtime with DJ! He's quite desperate to get home too!!! When Howie left in March he BEGGED to go with him on the plane!!! How heartbreaking is that!?!?! So thinking and saying we're going home in June is puttin the positive out there!!!! a rather large nutshell...there it is!!! Took me a couple hours to do this too...with several interruptions....I'd like to thank Google for that draft auto saved stuff!!! Couldn't have done it without ya! LOL

Til next time....ciao!

Friday, April 3, 2009

There's always a first time for everything....

And I guess it's my first time long form! More than 140 characters like what they allow me over at Twitter....yup, I'm a Twit!!
But back to blogging. I've read some pretty amazing, in depth blogs, some blogs to keep up with what's going on in others' lives, and some really funny blogs, and thought "I can do that!" My kids are definitely the source of some pretty hilarious, or profound things, why not share that with anyone who wants to read. *shrug* So, here we go!

While it's titled the Hughes Daily News...I doubt I'll be able to get on daily, but hey, ya never know!! If I can figure out how to blog from my Blackberry, I'm golden! You'll never hear the end of me then!!!! LOL I LOVE my Blackberry...or Crackberry to the ones who know it best! Then again, there may be days where I post more than once!!!

I'm already loving the "Draft autosaved at 5:33 PM" business!!! That will make it SO much easier for me as the little Hughes' steal the mouse, or my attention....or even hit that beautiful blue light on the tower and shut me down! Oh she's done that to me MANY times!

OK, it's time to get dinner going, and get them fed, which then leads to getting them in their PJ's and then into their beds...I love that time of nite!!!!!!!! I might be back, who knows....I guess that's the beauty of blogging. In any case, thanks for reading!!