Thursday, December 31, 2009

Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

And never brought to mind...

Do you know the rest!?!? Yeah, I don't either...but I looked it up since I don't even know what Auld Lang Syne even means!! I can hum it more than sing it....never really paid too much attention to the words past the first sentence anyways as I've always been too busy kissing!!! hee hee

Now, I know, and if you clicked above, you know too!

So, yesterday was a LONG day for me!! We woke up late (8:40) and were supposed to be in Everett at the Imagine Children's Museum meeting my friend Andie and her little girl Malorie. Well....we were late! 45 mins late to be exact!!! I need to find a good on-the-go breakfast for the kids to eat in the truck so we can cut a half hour out of rushing around!!! But the kids had a BLAST yesterday!! More so this time than the last (and first) time we went in July. I, on the other hand did not have that much fun! Its hard work keeping up with two running people....who are running in OPPOSITE directions!!! And have very different likes in what they like to play with! I (or rather, we) lost SamSam once...a staff worker was holding her 2 ft away from us...and DJ took off on me quite a few times...but his red hat was noticeable...and a couple times I let him think he'd lost me and could see that sense of panic set in. We had MANY opportunities to discuss what happens IF he gets lost from me....I have yet to make him try it! Been thinking about it tho! He knows to find someone with a name tag on and tell them he lost his mommy...and he knows his name....and not to leave the building/store to find me.

This morning was supposed to be a quiet lazy one...oh, who am I kidding? I had a list a mile long as we're having my g/f come for NYE and spend the nite. Thankfully I'd already washed and made Jake's bed...but still have laundry to do...and stuff to make for dinner and snacks...movies to pick to to bathe...

So the shopping came first as it was able to coincide with meeting up with a friend for an Avon delivery....well! I learned a new place for some serious retail therapy that isn't an hour away!!!! There's a brand new Fred Meyer, a Home Depot, Kohls, and a bunch of other small places that I didn't even know were there!!! YES! I can shop and NOT have to go to the mall! Kohls is a great place too!

We met up in the toys section as it is her daughter's 2nd birthday today....and then hit up the Christmas clearance (I got a welcome mat for 1.74!!!) and then the cart got tipped over WITH Samantha strapped in poor girl!!! She got a double whammy too! Hit the storage unit on a shelf and then the floor...banged up her forehead and above her right eye. Since we were already in a grocery store I grabbed a new bottle of vanilla extract (I was almost out at home anyway) and put some on her banged up head. Time is of the essence with something like this! An hour later, she had two tiny red marks...that's it! I LOVE what vanilla does!!!!

Once SamSam was sleeping we called over and invited Kristopher to play with DJ...he'd been begging to have him come over for a few days now...and today was the day! Their playing allowed me to do some cleaning in the well was make another batch of caramel corn (YUM) and some oatmeal cookies and get the sauce ready for sketti nite. Then they switched homes....and instead played over at his house which then afforded me time to shower before Howie got home with Shirah. Whew! Can't ring in the new year stinky!!!!

Neither could the after dinner they got bathed too! And both went to sleep very quickly! LOVE those nites!!

Once they were in bed we played Blokus, which Howie beat our butts at soundly!!! And then we played UW's version of Monopoly...U Dubopoly...and we finally had to concede the Howie was the winner...he was showing NO mercy and wouldn't take the win til he had all our money...LOL so we just put our money back in the bank and declared the game over!

I'd rented two movies, so we watched The Ugly Truth...funny movie!! L O L kind of movie! I'm a big fan of Katherine Heigl....notsomuch a fan of Gerard Butler...his mouth moves funny! But the movie itself was good! Howie got a few chuckles out of it too!

Just before midnite we switched over to local news for the countdown...we had sparkling apple cider and toasted in the New Year! Howie then went to bed (he's gotta work tomorrow) and Shirah and I finished watching the movie. Started the second one, Obsessed, but didn't get too far into it and she hit the proverbial wall. She'd been up just as early as Howie was and not sure if she got a nap or now, I'm blogging, everyone is sleeping, and it's 2010!!

Til next time...Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I'm cheating today....enjoy the view!
Sam would NOT go near the cow for anything!!! Cracked me up!

The ducks were just fine tho...

the horse too....

Good thing we've got a few years before she's driving...

building blocks

The guy with his arms open wide had built a huge L wall and the kids knocked it down...

Malorie and Sam at the water table

SamSam spraying water at the chimes...the smock didn't work in keeping her dry...

DJ flying a plane...maybe one day...??

Sam playing with trains...

My two beauties sittin in the rocking chair...

I put decals on SamSam's wall...

The full view...I just love it!

Can't leave DJ out tho...he loves the ones on his wall too!

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kids say the

Darnedest things!!! I walked in the bathroom as DJ was sitting on the toilet (heard more noise than necessary...) and he looks up at me says "Hi Mum, I'm just going poop and Sam's babysitting me." Like that was the most normal thing in the world! I had to turn around and walk away laughing!!! She was sitting on the stool I use for bathing them....quite humourous!

Samantha is back in full swing! She slept great...woke up happy and hive free...what more could I ask for?!?!?! With that, I didn't give her any meds today! They didn't work yesterday (making her drowsy that is) and she spit the majority of it I didn't want the battle!

My goal today was to complete the laundry...HA! I did 4 (yes, FOUR) loads yesterday and still had another 5 (yes, FIVE) to do today! I got 3 done...all that's left are the two pillows the cat peed on (They're both up for adoption now! Any takers!?!?) and the blanket she peed on...lovely! But all the clothes are done! Whew! And other than the load in the dryer...all put away too!

This afternoon DJ got to play outside with his "neighvors" and then go for a walk with them to the swing park....cuz that's all it has...swings...and a basketball creative....just swings! Odd!

So, while he was gone, I took a cat nap...instead of a shower...I needed that shut eye...unfortunately, I had some wacky dreams!! And kept waking up! Oh, well!

Dinner was just me and the kids...Howie got stuck at work waiting for a I chose to do breakfast for dinner. Pancakes with blueberry syrup...maple syrup sausages...and eggs.
The pancakes were a complete FLOP!! Thanks a lot Bisquick! They were horrid!! Even the kids wouldn't touch them! So instead, we ate yogurt! And peanut butter cookies! I'm cool like that! lol

Then we did bath and bed time....which thankfully, both of them went to sleep fairly fast! love that!! I got Howie his dinner and finally grabbed my shower! Smell MUCH better now!! Thanks for asking! lol

Last nite, I did watch A Dog Named Christmas and bawled my eyes out!!! Not even a half hour in and I'm sitting there sobbing!!!! It was based on a book written by Greg Kincaid and what a fabulous story!!! I only used 2 hankies, but could have used 3...was in denial for the first bit and used my sleeve to mop up the tears! Great movie!!!

Tonite, not sure what I'm gonna watch...*shrugs* I might have one or two more Christmas movies left....I am off to relax tho...I've earned it with all that laundry action! LOL

Til next time...ciao!

Monday, December 28, 2009

It would seem that

Miss Samantha is well on her way to recovery!!! She woke up hive-free and happy! Not one single red blotch on her body anywhere!!!!! And her diaper was full!! So full we had to put her in clothes instead of back in her pj's til after breakfast!

I had debated mentally about whether to give her meds today or not...and asked the help of my Mommy friends in Facebook...what a great response I got back! It really does take a village to raise a child! And in the end, she got full doses of both meds today...altho, not FULL doses as she spits A LOT of it out...rascal! And it didn't make her drowsy at all...she only took an hour long nap! Her squeal was also restored to full volume....lovely!

DJ also seems to be about 90% better...still has the odd cough happen, but he'd doing the Guaifenesin still at nite. He also got to play outside this morning for an hour and a half...which made bed time that much smoother! One of his Christmas gifts was a Radio/CD player that IS Lightning McQueen....he's already figured out how to make it work and likes music to fall asleep cute is that?!?! Gosh, I remember blaring my walkman (does that make me sound old or what??) to fall asleep...Def Leppard!!! Pour Some Sugar On Me!!!! hahaha not the best to fall asleep to, but great music!!

I feel very domesticated....I made Split Pea Soup...AND ate it!!!! It smelled so good cookin up on the stove, that I had to have a bowl for dinner with Howie...didn't dare make the kids try to eat it...they got chicken Sometimes its just not worth the battle! I now have a better understanding why the saying is "The fog was thicker than pea soup..."

Anyways, the soup was tasty!! Not quite the texture I like...too thick for my liking...but apparently that's how its supposed to be! And Howie wants it for his lunch I guess I got it right!! Yay me!!

Oh, last nite's movie, The Proposal, GREAT movie!!!!! The much talked about nude scene that Sandra Bullock does it with style and grace!!!! And the whole move was done in taste! Ryan Reynolds could eat crackers in my bed any day! (does THAT saying make me even older!?!?) Seriously tho, the movie was fun and very light hearted! I caught myself laughing out loud a few it if you haven't!

Tonite, I'm about to sit down and watch another Lifetime movie...gotta clear up the DVR for the regular season starting next week! Lost doesn't come back til Feb, and Glee til I still have time! lol

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Well, it didn't get better

In fact, I think it got worse!!!! Samantha's hives that after Howie got home, I hopped in the shower and took her to the E.R. at the local hospital here...the real reason that made me want to go was that she had one on the outside of her *ahem* area...and I know if that was me...I'd be going to see a Dr about it!

She fought the Benedryl tablet at 10 on the way to the hospital it kicked in and she got a cat nap! I think we arrived there shortly after 11 am, and was in the back room at 11:25....not too bad!

The Dr checked her ears, her mouth ad the hives she had...which were rampant on her knees and bum...and super hot, yet she had a normal temp of 97.4....I told him how DJ was sick last weekend, throwing up and fevered, and then a chest cold, which he seems to have recovered from very well thanks to Guaifenesin!! He listened to hear chest from behind and determined that she is in fact fighting some virus as well! She's just having a harder time of it! Poor thing!!

He prescribed some liquid Benedryl and some liquid Zantac and sent us on our way!

We stopped at Fred Meyer and got them filled, and picked up some Aveeno bath additive to help calm her skin down. While we had time to kill, we walked around and ended up getting some reduced bakery bran muffins, which she gobbled down since she hadn't even had breakfast...and a Fuze drink to share. And we waited, and waited and waited!

On my way home I called my BFF as she works in the medical industry and knows quite a bit about meds and whatnot...and asked her about the Zantac...its for why was he giving it to her?? She told me to call the hospital back and ask to speak to the Dr, thinking maybe he meant Zyrtec. As I was talking to her, the hospital called me as they forgot to give back Sam's insurance card! So, while I had them on the line I asked to speak to the Dr. He assured me that he did in fact mean Zantac as it does have anti-histamine in it, and it targets different receptors than the Benedryl does, so combined they should do the trick! Cool...I can understand that!

Boy, she HATES liquid oral meds!!!! It's a fight for sure!!!

She did take a decent nap...and ate a fabulous dinner! Has been drinking fluids no problem! But she's not her normal happy-go-lucky self...she's the dopey version!!! At least the dopey version doesn't squeal as much! LOL

Once dinner was done, they both got bathed....her in the oatmeal, he in a regular bath....and then put to bed! Quite easily too!! DJ'd been out playing this afternoon and had fun!! So he was super tired!! Even yawning in the bath!! Love when he's that tired!

Now, I'm off to watch The Proposal! I rented it for ME!! Knowing Howie was going to bed early for work tomorrow...and Jake's gone back to his mom's...there'd be NO flack for watching a chick flick! Last nite's Moonlight and Mistletoe was so-so...I only wanted to watch it for Candace Cameron-Bure...DJ from Full House....long ago! She's all growed up now! It was nice, but predictable story...meh!

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

My poor baby girl

Has had a rough 24 hours!!! She woke us up with her screaming at 3:45 am and would NOT go to he came and got me....I go in and she started saying "bum, bum" and was off we went to change her bum. Then it was the usual trying to figure out what she wants but not letting her get her own way business...she wants she doesn't....she wants to pee on the potty...she wants to rock...


She finally conked back out about 4:15 and I crawled back into my own bed with DJ already there! Howie was on his way to go fishing, so I put him in Howie's spot and lay there waiting to fall back to sleep! Thankfully DJ didn't get up til 9!! And Samantha was very shortly after that....screaming again!

I go in and she says "bum, bum" again...and yes, she'd pooped again (where else can I talk about poop so freely!?!?) So off we go to change her and when I get her pj's off her legs I notice she's got hives all over her....I quickly took the new-not-washed pj's off her...but not before changing her bum...and I put that bare bum down on the pj's....OY! So while her body is relieving itself of these hives, there are new ones forming on her bum from the pj' poor girl!!!

I gave them both a bath and instead of putting her normal lotion on, I put my Aveeno on her instead. The hives on her bum were NOT going away!!! I took all her new clothes, and DJ's new clothes and put them in the wash! And put clothes from her drawers on....stuff she's used to...

By nap time she was fairly hive-free....she had scratch marks all over her from scratching herself...poor girl!

She did NOT nap well! It was less than an hour!! And when she woke up...she was even more covered in hives!!!!! On her face this time too!!!!

By process of elimination....we think its her new My Pal Puppy....which is really sad to me as you know I've already raved about this toy! But there must be some chemical on it that's just not sitting well with her.

So, we packed her up and took her to Fred Meyer to get some Benedryl...we've never had this problem before now, so we don't have in our cupboards to begin with...or calamine lotion....well, we have both now!!! Thankfully DJ stayed back with Jake and his girlfriend Morgin, who was visiting us for the day....they went to the park and took a walk...

We gave her the benedryl right away in the store and within in 20 mins her face cleared up and wasn't swollen anymore!! Now that's amazing!! It took longer for the rest of her body to feel the effects! And she really felt the effect as she fell asleep on the way home...and woke up right as soon as the truck got turned off! Rascal!

I washed ALL her bedding and the one baby doll she has that's washable, and took everything else if she wakes up with no hives tomorrow, we definitely know it was the My Pal...all I can say is, WOW!! Having never had hives before, it doesn't look like much fun! The welts were quite raised and red hot to the touch!

OH, I got this CUTE photo op....Jake and Morgin sitting on the couch...and DJ trying to make his move! SO cute! If you ask him who HIS girlfriend is, he says Morgin...and if you ask him who Jake's girlfriend is, he says Natali (Jake's mom) so he can have Morgin all to himself! hahaha What a player!!!!

Now, the babies are down for the nite...and Howie and Jake are taking Morgin home....and I'm gonna go watch something other than football or MTV!!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Friday, December 25, 2009

If today is any indication

We are TRULY blessed!!!!! In every way possible!!!

This morning DJ woke up just before 8 and crawled into bed with us....didn't even realize it was Christmas til I asked if he'd seen if santa came...then he took off like a bat out of a cave!! We heard the bell jingling from the bedroom...he was SO pleased he got a bell from santa's sleigh just like he asked! Didn't even notice (or probably care about) the Lightning McQueen slippers santa left either! Was all about the bell!!!

Growing up we were allowed to have our stockings first thing...but all the presents had to wait til after breakfast....yeah, that's not how we did it today!! Knowing we had a time limit for Jake's presence, we did the presents first, then the stockings, THEN we had breakfast! I had wanted to do a full on breakfast, but Howie and Jake left at I fed the kids breakfast (and probably should have had something myself...) and we did a brunch type thing for lunch instead.

With last nite's festivities being all about's festivities were more practical! Clothes, books, room decorations...and the like! For Jake it was gift cards...and boxes of cereal so he'd actually have something to open! lol Yeah, I roll like that!
Man the kids looked great in their new duds!!!!!!!!! I love new clothes on them! And my new fave colour on SamSam is aqua! Oh, it brings out her eyes amazingly!! DJ got a new Lightning McQueen t-shirt and pj's and 8x10 oil painting (not real, but print) for his wall, a clock and a watch all in LMcQ! He was decked out from head to toe in LMcQ!!! And loving it!!

He was tired was he nasty! Attitude adjustments all day long! Children should know that Christmas day is all about listening to Mummy and Daddy and NOT getting into trouble...he must have missed that memo! It was cute tho...I'd go in to his room to talk to him about his attitude and he'd say "Mummy, I've changed my mind!" thinking he was saying attitude....made me smile even tho he'd just ticked me off 5 mins beforehand!

Dinner was AMAZING!!!!!!! I got this bone in shank ham last week at 99 cents a pound....and cooked it up to perfection!!!! WOW!!! Then I did roasted yams in a balsamic/sugar mix...and broccoli. We were supposed to have friends over for dinner, and they showed, but an hour late, so we ate and they ate when they arrived. I will attempt split pea soup tomorrow for Howie....he likes that kind of stuff...blech! Altho, I might try it...we'll see...either way, my mom would be proud!

Now, with everyone in bed, I'm off to watch a movie I WANT to! LOL Probably a sappy Christmas one too!! I hope everyone else had a wonderful day!!

Til next time...ciao!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

And the stockings were hung

By the chimney with care...and children all snug in their beds with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads!

You get the drift!!

And my kids don't have sugar plums dancing...they have their new toys taunting them in their dreams!!!

We did Christmas with Howie's family tonite so that Jake could be part of our the end, it feels SO good to have that stress off my shoulders, knowing half of the Christmas chaos is done! And when we get up tomorrow...we don't have to rush anywhere!!! Sounds perfect!!!!

All three kids got S P O I L E D!!!! My father in law outdid himself!!!! I can't even begin to list all the cool toys and things my kids got!! I will say that each one was thoroughly happy with everything they got!!!! Immensely!!! Samantha's fave gift so far is the LeapFrog My Pal Violet she got...a puppy dog that does alot of really neat things!! My favourite feature so far is the night time music it plays in 5 minute increments!!! Tonite, bed time was a breeze!!! She got 10 minutes on Violet and was out like a light before it was over! I'm definitely going to play around with it as you can program it and personalize it for the child!

DJ's fave gift so far is his new tool set!! And it's a complete tool set!!!! Uncle Greg helped it along by adding stickers to the tool box, and safety glasses!!! When he wears the belt with the tools in it, I love how it rides low on his hips and makes it look even more real!! And then he got the Handy Manny tool kit to boot!! Sam was enthralled with this too!! But then she got a baby stroller and it was all good!

They each got new PJ's which they wore home...I love new pj's!!!! They're so soft!!!!!! DJ got Racing Champ ones that are black and white checked...and Sam got nice mint green ones with a monkey on the front!

Jake wasn't left out either!! He got 3 t-shirts (2 from UO) 2 sweatshirts, new jeans and gift cards!!! Oh and a really cool ice scraper that has a lined mitt to it!! He's gonna need it for his car!! One of his gift cards is a gas card!! He'll definitely need that too!!!! Lots of realities are gonna hit when he realizes how expensive it is to drive anywhere! I chuckle at the thought!

There's more than enough toys in this house for 8 kids!!! Thankfully we have a toy room and some of it is for their rooms specifically....CD Lightning McQueen sheets for DJ's books! vacuum for SamSam (a dirt devil play one that I think actually vacuums...I'll have to read it...) and the list goes on! Truly spoiled kids!! Hope they won't all be too disappointed tomorrow morning....

Now that everyone's asleep, I'm gonna go sit and enjoy knitting! Whew! Last nite I said I was going to go to bed early...HA! Turns out my neighbour WAS online and I was able to borrow 3 cups of oatmeal from her and made the manure balls at 1 am! It was 2 when I finally crawled into bed! Tonite, will NOT be a repeat!

Til next time...Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

You know that chicken

With its head cut off?? The one still running around??

That was me today!! Man, alive!!!!

I took back a shower head that I didn't like (Howie could have cared less...) and then some pads I bought that I didn't like (same brand, different pad altogether...hate that!) and then got some kitty litter, and then fixings to make a Caesar salad for tomorrow's Christmas dinner....a movie for tonite....then back into Albertsons for icing sugar...then home to make Buckeyes and dinner and take a shower, and put the kids to bed and knit and and around like that proverbial chicken with its head cut off!


And I'm not sure why, but I'm constantly battling these feelings that I'm not doing "enough" for my kids for Christmas....but then have to put myself in check and realize its not about how much I spent on them, but that we're showing our love with what we did buy! And realizing a budget and sticking to it! I've never had these kinds of feelings before. Jake is a very spoiled boy!!! And I don't want my kids to grow up that spoiled...but at the same time I want them to know they're loved! It feels like a fine line! Then I also remember that Grandpa H and Aunt G and Uncle G are going to spoil my kids rotten with toys!!! *head shake!*

Oh, and the Buckeyes...are freakin FABULOUS!!!!!!!! If you like Reese's peanut butter'll LOVE these!!! And they were super easy to make! I only wish I hadn't ruined them (much to Howie's delight) with the chocolate I didn't set up properly and it's quite gummy...not at all conducive to giving away as a gift...I hate that! And if it wasn't so late, I'd be calling my neighbour to ask her if she has 3 cups of oatmeal and I'd make Manure Balls as the last thing on the goody plates....but it IS too late to call over there....and I'm toying with the idea of running to the store in the morning to get some oatmeal to make them before we head out for the day's activities. Please, remind me to take the camera!! I've forgotten to take it for the last 3 or 4 photo opportunities and it makes me crazy that I do that! Ohhh I should make sure the video camera is charged too!!!! good thinking!

The movie? Oh, I got Star Trek for Howie as he'd expressed interest in it! I wasn't that gung ho for it...but must say, I did enjoy it!!! And was pleasantly surprised with all that I remembered as a child watching the show on a Saturday afternoon! Chris Pine portrays a strong Captain Kirk!!! And a much better looking one too!!! Over was really good!! I also got a lot of knitting done! lol

Tonite, I'm hoping to be IN bed by 12:30!! The past couple nites have been too late for me!! And poor DJ has a chest cold...his fever and pukies are gone...and he sounds like a seal when he has been MUCH better for him than last nite! The meds keep the coughing at bay and if he doens't talk for 5 minutes (unheard of!) then it gets raspier. But he's not complaining about anything hurting...or sneezing...or nose running...and his throat looks good, no white stuff....his glands aren't swollen...just a cold I guess! He sure is hating not being able to go out and play! So am I!

Til next long and prosper! ciao!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I don't think I've ever

Laughed so hard at a movie...E V E R !!!!!!!!!! If you haven't seen the movie The Hangover...oh my go see it!!! Honestly...I was laughing til I was crying!!! And that made the boys laugh even more...they'd seen it in theaters...but this was my first time....oh it was just hilarious!!!!! I could hardly knit for laughing so much!!!!!

The laughter was just what I needed after the running around I did today too!!! Whew! When I got up this morning I had no clue how busy today would end up! But UPS delivered the last of my Avon at noon and that made TODAY my delivery day!!!! Jake was coming with me, so he quickly showered and ate while I gathered my stuff together and off we went about 12:30.

First stop was to pick up his girlfriend, Morgin, and then to the mall we were headed!!

Now, going to the mall a mere 3 days before Christmas sounds like the perfect recipe for insanity...but apparently I picked THE perfect time to go there!! Found a parking spot on the ground level of the garage....and got the gift cards for Jake (4 of them) and was out in under a half hour!!! How perfect was that!??!!?

I then went to Fred Meyer to see if I could find another "DJ" car from the movie Cars...he got one from his uncle last Saturday, but the tail fin broke when he wrote his letter to santa (Truthful Tuesday: Do YOU believe too? While I don't believe in santa myself...I do want my children to have that excitement til they're about 10 or's a magical thing to watch/listen to DJ talk about it! And while he has no concept of asking for big things [This year he wants a bell and a new DJ car!] its quite darling to hear him go on and on! Truthful Tuesday is part of Elizabeth's blog if you want to join in...please do! Link up or simply answer in my comments!) asking for a new one...and a bell...just like in Polar Express....I knew I had to make it happen!!! Since then, I've gone to 4 places looking for a DJ car and NONE!!!! There are NONE to be found!!! Its not one of the more popular ones to keep in its rare to find! So, I got him a Lightning McQueen one (there's like 5 to choose from!) and I got a Ramone one for Sam...and they'll go in the stockings. I might even take the DJ one back and get it switched out for something else.

Then I hit up costco for a 5 minute run in and out! Then delivered the Avon that I was waiting for! Picked Jake and Morgin up...dropped Morgin off...then avoided I-5 as there was horrid accident backing up the northbound lanes...which I I took Hwy 9 (I'm getting more savvy learning the roads around here!) and headed up to Lake Stevens for my last Avon delivery! Whew!!!

Then we hit up this tackle shop for Howie on the way home...and the ATM for me to deposit the cheques...and then finally home!!

Where I got mauled before I could even get in the door!!! Apparently I was missed!!! Samantha wouldn't let me put her down to get dinner in the oven!

Since we had a late dinner, there was no bathing happening! Thankfully the kids went down smoothly and we were able to watch our movie (Really.....RENT IT!!!!!! you will NOT regret it!!!) in peace and uninterrupted...well, except the one time we had to stop it so I could go pee...I was laughing THAT hard!!!

The peace ended tho when as Howie was going to bed....Samantha woke up screaming! I went in to calm her and that was the start of an hour long ordeal to get her back in bed! She wanted to go potty...I even left her diaper on!....then she wanted something to drink...and guzzled a whole sippy in 5 mins!...then she wanted, she wanted mummy....then she wanted her diaper changed...then she wanted to rock....and then Mummy had had enough and let her cry for 10 minutes!! Went back in and she tried the whole routine again! HA! I was on to her!!! She finally laid down and got tucked back in and have not hear a peep since! Crazy kid! Smart too!! To be able to play me like that! I'm the wise one...DJ's taught us well...but her and her feminine ways got me! LOL

All is calm...all is, not really...its nice and dim in here now!

Til next time...ciao!

Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm really grateful

That even at the tender age of 3 and a half, DJ knows where puke goes!!! Especially at 4:47 am!! He came in our room, woke me up and started crying...we went to the bathroom and he dry heaved a couple times. Said he was okay, and back to our bed he went. Howie had gotten up for the day to go fishing, so DJ took his warm spot. Within minutes we were back in the bathroom again....and again, nothing. Back to bed we went. Now, I'm desperate for sleep, but DJ is apparently not...and wants to talk! He's still a bit fevered, which is surprising to me as his fever broke last nite around 11:30 when he got up to "pee"...his shirt was soaked and his body was cool all over. I thought we were in the clear....

Then at 6:50 this morning, DJ once again said he needed his bathroom so he could sit on the off he went...I didn't get up immediately to be with him as I heard the garage door open...kinda scary when I heard Howie leave an hour I called up and ran to DJ's room...the truck was there! Whew! I called him again as I was walking into the kids bathroom....he answered! It was then that DJ says to me "Am I your hero Mum? I did it all by myself" and I realize he'd actually thrown up...IN the toilet!!! So, yes, he IS my hero!!!!

After upchucking the last of the 10 Ritz crackers he ate for dinner, he must have been feeling good as he wanted to watch Polar Express...and with Daddy home...I went back to bed! Unfortunately it was short lived as DJ was in bed with me again around 8! He was cold and wanted to snuggle...and apparently that was it too, once he got warmed up he bolted!

Next thing I was 10:23!!! Gadzooks!!! I can't remember a time since getting pregnant with DJ that I have slept til past 10 am!!!! Let alone past 9 am!! I got up slowly and savoured the quiet!! But at the same time wondering how DJ's doing...if he's eaten anything...had anything to drink....if Sam's eaten...and so on! The mother brain kicks in! And of course, all is under control! DJ had had a piece of toast and so far, so good! The only struggle we had was getting fluids in him...normally he's chugging on a sippy cup all day...but since the fever hit, its been a huge struggle to get anything in him!

He started getting really hungry around lunch...and begging for milk, which we least til tomorrow...and lunch was light...crackers, cheese, and applesauce. He kept it down and was actually starting to drink some fluids. He was also bouncing around the house like Tigger!! Begging to go outside and play with his "neighvors" or have them come over to play....but we said "not today!"...such a hard thing for him to hear!

The snacking started after lunch....he ate a snickerdoodle....then some cinnamon goldfish...and then some plain popcorn....pretty much non-stop come to think of it!

He was eating the popcorn while we were making a "necklace for the tree" (his words) of which he put on maybe 20 kernels of popcorn....then got bored with it...but I kept going and I did about a 12 ft strand of it. Here's a pic of some of it....we kept it on the kid portion of the tree...which is bare! lol

Jake had a doctor appt this aft, so Howie took him while Sam was snoozing....DJ and I did the popcorn garland and I took a shower...the all kinds of crazy happened....Sam woke up, DJ went in and robbed her bed of all stuffed animals...I got her out, Howie and Jake came home...I got dressed and left to run a couple kid free getting pizza for dinner and a movie for later...I get home and I see Samantha at the tree...eating it!!!!! Not the tree...but the popcorn off the garland! Here's the evidence!!!

We had a good laugh!!! She's only gonna be 1 she's enjoying it to the fullest!!!

Tonite once the kids were in bed...which was somewhat smooth...Sam put up a bit of a fight and so did DJ which is odd since he was visibly exhausted! Once they settled we didn't hear another peep from them! The movie tonite was The Taking Of Pelham 123 with Denzel Washington and John Travolta...what an intense movie!!!! It took me a bit to get into it, but once the characters were it was gripping!!! I highly recommend it!!!

Great movie to knit to too!!!! Which is where I'm going now...watching some stuff on DVR with Jake...altho, he's liking his MTV crap right now while I'm sitting here typing away! *rolls eyes*

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I should have given advance notice...

But I declared today Pajama Day!!!!! And it was taken very seriously around here!! Well, by the kids anyways!

Remember when I said this was not the list of "Best Ways To Wake Up"??? And was most unpleasant...

I lied!

Boy, did I ever lie!!!!!

So far, the number 1 most unpleasant way to wake up is:

A kid puking in your bed!!!

My poor bed! My poor baby!! My poor BED!!! He did a fantastic job of making a mess too!!! I woke up to him very fevered around 7 or so but we snuggled back to sleep til almost 8:30....

By 8:47 the snuggling was O V E R!!!!

He gave no warning either....well at least I didn't heed the warning....he'd started whinycrying...and coughed twice and let out two rather large toots....and then it came spewing out his mouth! He was laying on his back on Howie's side (whew!) and on Howie's pillow (again, whew!) and mostly threw up on himself. I grabbed him and ran him to the bathroom....and unfortunately, dragged the sheets with me....they'd already been gotten, but I sure didn't need the tangle they gave trying to get him to the toilet! He got the last 1/3 of it in there!

Oh yeah, I managed to get some on me too!! BLECH!! Took a lot of coffee to get that smell out of my nostrils!!

Got him cleaned up, and put in new pj's and on the couch watching Polar Express, and I got the bed sheets in the wash pronto!!! Even the comforter had tell tale signs of his pukeyness!

DJ pretty much stayed there the whole day!!! He took two naps and watched Polar Express about 3 or 4 times...can't remember...but the sicko gets to pick whatever they want to watch....aren't we lucky?

While he was lethargic on the couch....I got busy in the kitchen!!! Only having to shoo Samantha out a few times!!! Boy, did I get BUSY too!!!

I made 3 half batches of caramel corn...a batch of fudge....another 3 dozen sugar cookies...and 3 dozen peanut butter cookies...not to mention breakfast, lunch and dinner!! The last of the cookies are coming out now and it's 20 to 10!!!

The fudge turned out "okay"....ironic considering my parents OWN a fudge business!! And I was their fudge maker for 7 years!!!! hahaha

The caramel corn turned out phenomenal!!! I apparently forgot to put butter in the first batch....amazing how butter makes it better!!!

The snickerdoodles turned out fabulous!!!!! I had to ban Howie!!!

And the peanut butter cookies are in phase one....I'll finish them off tomorrow!! I'm tired!!!

Howie's on vacation all this week and FINALLY got to go fishing in the nearby Skykomish River...and caught us some dinner!!!!! Oh he was SO excited!!!!! The look on his face isn't that telling, but he's been non-stop talking about it all day! He got to use his two new Christmas gifts....waders and a new rod! So, we had Steelhead Trout for dinner...something I've never had before!! This sucker was 14 lbs!!!! We ate half and froze the other half to smoke later when there's enough of a surplus to do so!

Because of DJ's sudden illness, we didn't make it to a wedding today! One of Howie's high school buddy's son got married this afternoon! Not only was DJ sick, but our babysitter, Shirah, was also sick!! Lovely time of year!!! I hope both of them bounce right back in action tomorrow!

We've got Jake for the next I'm sure I'll have lots of movie reviews!!! LOL For now, I'm gonna go clean up the kitchen some more and then sit and knit! I deserve it!! Oh wait, I have to re-make the bed! blah!

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Even Wonder Woman

Would not have wanted my to-do list for today!!!! Whew!!! I'm surprised I even have the energy to post!!!

Last nite was that Howie went to bed AFTER me...and I couldn't really fall asleep til he was beside that was after 2 am...then I must have had a bad dream cuz we both woke up when I hit him...him a little more nastier than me (rightly so!)...then he tells me Sam's crying....I get up and he tells me she's stopped...He gets out of bed....DJ joins me in bed...and next thing I know, its 8 am! blah!!

DJ, Samantha and I got up and Howie laid down to get some rest! Which wasn't as restful as I'm sure he was hoping! The kids are their noisiest in the mornings! My plan originally was to get out of the house by 9:30...I missed my mark by a half hour!

DJ and I had LOTS to do today! We did 8 "navon" (according to DJ) deliveries of either orders or books for the next campaign....which led us ALL over Lynnwood and back! We stopped for lunch at Walmart (where else?!?!) at the McD's in the store...grabbed a few things I simply can't find anywhere else (not for a lack of trying either! They seem to be the only ones who carry my brand/size of sanitary pads) and got back on the road for Monroe.

Did some more of the grocery shopping at Albertsons....then went to the library for a kid concert by the Recess Monkey (meh!) and then back to Safeway to use the ATM and pick up a few of their specials...then back to Albertsons to get the ice cream I didn't want to get before hand as its not quite cold enough for it to NOT melt in the car...and then home!!! Whew!

The drive home was rather scary too!! Now, we live in the boonies, in the foothills of the there's no street lights!!!! At least not with any rhyme or reason...they're privately owned and few and far between! To top it off, we had a pediddle (RJ will know this one! it's a one head lighted car) and it was SUPER foggy out!!!!! Oh it was awful!!! THEN to make it even more fun...I had some idiot driving right behind me egging me on!! Oh I hate that!!!

DJ literally had a 5 minute nap!! We were talking at 5:08 and when I talked to him again, literally 3 mins later, he was sound asleep! And we were 2 mins from home at that point! Rascal! So he was a bit of a grouch when we got home! Got the groceries unpacked and put away and dinner on the go. (are you tired yet just reading it all??) After dinner I grabbed a MUCH needed shower! And feel worlds better for it! Then put the kids to bed and FINALLY sat down to relax!!!

Howie wanted to see Inglourious Basterds so I picked it up from RedBox while at Albertsons. Had I known more about it (Really, all I knew was it had Brad Pitt in it and what woman won't watch a movie with Brad Pitt in it?!?!?!) and that it was written and directed by Quentin Tarantino....I would have gotten Julie & Julia instead!!!!

Oh it was SOOOOOOOOOO hard to get into (Howie actually went to bed an hour into it...and HE'S the one who wanted it!) and the subtitles were very hard to follow! There were 4 languages spoken in the whole you HAD to watch it in order to know what was going on...OY! And then there's the whole "that's not how history goes" part of it...I think that bugged Howie most!

Of all of Brad Pitt's movies...this is the second one I haven't liked!! I didn't like Fight Club...just dumber than dirt that movie was! Give me Legends of the Fall...or Meet Joe Black...or Mr & Mrs Smith...anything but these two movies!!! Granted, there are quite a few (I just looked at his list of of accomplishments) that I haven't seen...I'm not really a movie buff per se...but the Ebert in me wants to give this two thumbs down!!!! lol

Now, I'm off to relax some more...knit some more...and watch something decent from my DVR! Way too late for another movie, but I have to bury what all I have seen tonite! Somehow! lol

Til next time...ciao!

P.S....I did buy a new bulb for the Walmart (where else!?!?)

A day in the life of SamSam!

Waking up on Mum's bed...happy girl!
DJ wakes up and immediately goes to where Snickers sleeps!
This is what happens when left unattended in the bathroom....DJ is dangling his toothbrush with the last of the dental floss in my container....

Sam enjoying the whole living room to herself!

Enjoying the couch to herself!

Ah yes, part of her chores...helping me unload the dishwasher!!!

I hate adding pix to a post...rearranging them isn't easy! So...these pix get their own post!
Til next time...ciao!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Old School

That's how I felt today making popcorn!!!!! No, not with an air popper...or the micro, cuz that'd be NEW school...I'm talking OLD school!!!!

In a pot.

On the stove.

Shaking the pot at the first sound of a pop!

And waiting til its done popping before taking the lid off...if you don't wait, it'll shoot popcorn at you! hee hee

I got this recipe from a dear old friend (she's not old, the friendship is!) on Facebook who made it and bragged about it. So I asked for the recipe! It sounded SO simple I just had to make it!!! But I don't have an air popper and I didn't have plain unbuttered/unsalted microwave I bought plain kernels today when I was out shopping and looked up online how to make it on the stove. That in itself was a chore! Its amazing how if you forget two simple words, you end up with a bunch of stuff in the search engine that have NOTHING to do with what you're after!

I digress....I didn't have the full 2 cups of brown sugar (its on the list for Albertsons tomorrow) so I halved the recipe and it turned out just fine! And really was less to deal with at one time! The hardest part about making it...stirring it for 5 minutes!!!! When you're waiting for something fun to happen 5 minutes flies by...but when you're standing in one spot stirring the pot...oh it takes forever! lol

Again....I digress!!!! I am very pleased with how it turned out! And keep thinking I want to add some peanuts to the mix and make it like cracker jacks....but this stuff doesn't come out shiny like theirs is...its more matte looking. But it just melts in your mouth!!!!! Oh its soooooooo good!!!!! And pure evil!!!! But soooooo good!!!!

Want the recipe??

6 Quarts popped corn (about 1 cup unpopped) put in large roasting pan

Preheat oven to 250 degree F.

In medium saucepan melt 1 cup butter
Stir in 2 cups (packed) brown sugar
1/2 cup corn syrup
1 tsp. salt

Bring to boil stirring constantly
Boil 5 min, stirring all the time
Remove from heat
Add 1/2 tsp baking soda and 1 tsp. vanilla
Pour over popcorn, stirring well
bake in oven one hour, stirring every 15 minutes.

It is easier stirring if you put some butter on the spoon, as the mix tends to stick.

Dump out onto waxed paper in a single layer to cool.

Sounds easy doesn't it?? You'll be thanking me later!!! let me know if you make it!!

Today was grocery day....and the parking lot at Costco was NUTZ!!!!!!!!! I had to park at the opposite side of the building as the entrance was! But y'know, it wasn't raining, and the kids were in a good mood!! So off we went! Now, I had 8 things on my list...and I think it took me longer to check out than it did to grab my stuff! But that's to be expected the last Friday before Christmas!!

Then we hit up Freddy's and DJ had an absolute blast in Playland!! I wasn't expecting to take that long shopping, but I had some of those items you don't always get every time you go shopping, and was unfamiliar with their placement...I found 'em tho! Just took longer! Which, according to the gal at Playland, DJ didn't seem to mind one fact, he was crushing on a little girl named Brianna...and she was flirting back. Mara said it was pretty cute! *shakes head* He's gonna be a handful come puberty!

Samantha fell asleep, soundly, on the way home so I left her in the truck and unloaded it....I brought out a cell phone to do a two call with my phone and when I plugged it in on the phone charger it beeped and woke her up! Bah!!! So, she got a less than an hour nap today! But surprisingly was fantastic all afternoon!! Could be because DJ was absent...again! He had gone out to play and then in to play next door....they may as well adopt him now! LOL

Howie's on vacation starting tonite!!!!! A whole week with him home AND Christmas!!! Can't beat that! I just hope this balmy weather sticks around! The heater hasn't kicked in in two days!! I love it!!!! I'm reading all about how the east coast is getting slammed and it was sunny here today! Sweet! I hope I haven't jinxed it now! A little snow on Christmas eve would be good and then have it melt away on Boxing day...perfect!!!!

I watched the 12 Men of Christmas last was okay....good to knit to! Tonite I have three to choose from....*sigh*

Til next time...ciao!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Down one kid

ALL day is truly amazing!!!!! And Samantha didn't seem to mind one bit either! DJ got a knock on the door around 10 this morning asking if he could come out to play...he wasn't even dressed yet!!!! So we quickly got him dressed and headed out the door.

Since DJ got dressed, SamSam wanted to as see, they'd both been playing downstairs after a wonderfully late start to the day! And since it was cold downstairs, I didn't bother to change them out of their footed pj's...and honestly, we'd only been up an hour!!! Can you believe it!??! DJ slept in til 8:45 this morning! When Howie got up for the day I discovered DJ clinging to my right arm for life....he didn't want to fall off the bed! So I rolled him over to Howie's spot ("that was fun mum" at 4:30 am is every mother's dream to hear! LOL) and we both fell back to sleep. Only to wake at 8:45!! Oh we needed it!! Even Sam was still sleeping!

While DJ was off playing, Samantha had fun going downstairs to play, coming upstairs to play...and just flying solo for the day! We had lots of laughs and lots of Christmas music! Around lunch time, I tried calling DJ in to eat, but he wasn't hungry (yeah right!) and he didn't have to pee...but I made him come in and at least do that! (he was surprised I was right that he needed to!) and back out he went! The neighbours were putting up Christmas lights (finally!! hahaha just kidding Mike!) and he had his boys helping, along with DJ. It was SO cute to watch all four of them carrying the ladder to their house. I should have taken a pic...

I will say, its one thing to be in the house when your husband is putting lights up and NOT knowing how he's attaching said lights...its truly another to watch Lara's husband put lights up and not cringe! I had my phone ready at one point...he was sitting so precariously reaching over himself...I thought for sure he was going to fall off!!! I had to walk away from the window! Whew!

I had an Avon pick up today (thanks Kody!) while Sam was sleeping and she brought her two girls, who are fairly close in age to my two, and without DJ it was fairly quiet play. Watching Isobel with Sam was cute...even cuter was her thinking Sam was a baby!!! Just like Sam does to every baby we see!

They left and Howie came home shortly after that...and FINALLY DJ came home! I think it was going on 5 when he came in the front door! I sure hope he hasn't worn out his welcome!! He had so much fun tho! And was very tired at dinner! Yet, he struggled going to bed!!!! Over tired maybe? Who knows! but he came out about 3 times for something or other! And finally hummed himself to sleep!

Now, I'm off to knit (more!!) and watch another Christmas movie...last nite's movie, Mrs Miracle, was fabulous!!! I just love the author, Debbie Macomber...she's a WA native and writes the best wholesome books!!! I highly recommend her!! I've even met her! When DJ was about 9 mos old or so...I'll have to look for the picture.

Oh, I also finally started my Christmas baking! With it being on a Friday, I'm totally thrown off as to when to start so they're still fresh! And two of the recipes I'm making I still need stuff for! But we were quite impressed with today's effort! Holiday Toffee Bars from the Betty Crocker website...she and I are tight!!

Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

HE PASSED!!!!!!!!!

Jake took his written drivers test this morning and passed!! By the skin of his teeth!! but he passed!!! The day of reckoning will be January 2nd!!! What a way to start off a new year!! People of Lynnwood, stay off the sidewalks!!!!!!! hahaha Actually, I've driven with him a few times, and its not as nerve wracking as it was when my little sister was learning to drive...oh she was a terror!

This morning DJ actually stayed in his OWN bed til just before 8! Truly amazing!!!! We snuggled for a few minutes but with it being a library day, I wanted to get going quickly! So, we did! And boy did we ever!!! I managed to drop off something at the mail place (FINALLY returning that darned Clearwire modem!!!) and get to the library by 10 am!! Story time didn't start til 10:30, and the room was locked, so we couldn't just hang out waiting. So, we returned our borrowed books and picked out a bunch more!! I swear, every time we go, we end up with one more book that what we brought back! Its all good tho! Both kids LOVE to read!!!! And Samantha can now count to three because of it! (Its NOT because of me yelling ONE, TWO, THREE! at DJ on an hourly basis....its the books! Honest!) She also found the bird on most of the pages of Find The Bird book....pretty impressive! She's a smart one!

Story time is starting to get better for me now that I know what to expect and I'm meeting more and more moms from the Mommy & Me group! I like that! And the gal that's running it is starting to warm up somewhat...

We came home and had lunch, and while SamSam was sleeping, DJ and I watched Polar Express...again!....and I took a nap, and woke up with him sleeping beside it!! But in an effort to have a smooth bed time (didn't work...), I woke up him and promised him I'd call Kristopher's mom to see if they could play, or come over and play. Kristopher came knocking...and ringing the doorbell...and more knocking...and more doorbelling...I was in the bathroom...but he and DJ had fun making faces at each other thru the window! LOL Crazy kids!

With all that ruckus, cuz you know Snickers is gonna bark at the doorbell....Sam woke up! But the timing was good! And she totally enjoyed playing downstairs with the boys!

Speaking of Sam...she's showing more and more interest in sitting on the toilet...way more than DJ did at this age...she has yet to actually DO anything while sitting, but she's on the right path!
She's so proud too!!! Well, until she forgets she's sitting on a hole and its filled with COLD water...yeah, she's dunked her tush a couple times...silly girl!

My Avon order came today, so I got busy divvying it up and getting the new books ready to be distributed! I have one more set of stuff to come, hopefully Friday morning, and then I'm done for this campaign! My biggest one yet!! Not too shabby! Go me!

Now, everyone's in bed, and with there being nothing on TV, I've dvr'd some of those cheesy Christmas movies! I just love them!!

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sweet Sixteen

And never been kissed...yeah, right!! He's been kissed alright! He got his first one at age 12...or should I not be telling that in my blog? hahaha He doesn't read it!

The HE I'm referring to is my stepson was his 16th birthday!! Altho, if you want to take it literally, today was his 17th, with the first being the day he was born...why is it that the actual BIRTH day is not considered a birthday!?!? hmm??? lol

Upon further review....let's just scratch that whole counting the BIRTH day as a birthday...that would me I was 38...NOT kool!

Today, in honour of Jake's special day, I bathed the kids...that and I knew we weren't going to be home in time for them to get one before bed...and I really like when they smell good and we're out in public. I'm strange...I'm allowed to be!

As soon as Howie got home we were pretty much out the door within 10 minutes! We were picking up Jake's girlfriend first, and then Jake, and then heading to the restaurant to meet up with the rest of Howie's family for dinner. Jake's favourite restaurant...Round Table! And Tuesday nites are all you can eat! Well, I ate my 8.00 worth in the salad bar alone!! YUM!!!!! DJ and Sam were free, and between them, they ate well! VERY well! And about 8.00 worth of watermelon!!! lol I'm expecting a FULL diaper from SamSam tomorrow morn!

The gifts were right up a 16 year old's and gift cards!! Easy to transport too!! Oh to be 16 in this day and age!!! I honestly don't remember WHAT I got for my birthday that year...might have been the kickass stereo system...or did I buy that myself...I can't remember now. See how unimportant these things are...but when you're in the midst of BEING 16, its SOOOOO important!!

After dinner we drove Morgin home. While in her neighbourhood, Jake directed us (ever so roundaboutly [not a word, I know, but it fits!]) to this house near hers that was decorated TO THE HILT!!!!!! Man alive I wouldn't want their hydro bill!!! Sheesh!!! I managed to get two shots but it just didn't cover the enormity of their display! Both DJ and Sam were in awe!

There were so many moving things it was incredible!! And in the front of the house was a digital countdown to Christmas! Thankfully (and yet sadly) there was no nativity scene...I can't stand it when people put up a nativity and then put a santa on a Harley next to it...just wrong! but that's just my opinion...and we all know what they say about opinions....they're just like a$$holes...everyone's got one! lol (that's a Howie saying right there!)

Also, on the way home, DJ made a move on Jake's girlfriend of almost 16 months....check this out!

Is he playing it or what?!?!!? hahahaha And Morgin was worried I'd put this up on Facebook...noooo the blog is MUCH better!!! LOL

Now, the house is quiet, and lunch has been made, the coffee's ready for the button to be pushed by a bleary eyed Howie when the time comes...and me? I'm signing off for now! Don't forget to vote for me by sending an email to so I can be Queen for a WEEK!!!

Til next time...ciao! it possible for an almost 21 month old to have growing pains? Sam keeps complaining about her legs hurting...saying "ow ow ow leg" but when I kiss it better, she says the same thing about the other leg...I don't know what to think...but she did wake up tonite about an hour after going to bed because of it. Thoughts?

Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a

White Christmas!! I finally got to watch that movie...and while I know it's a classic, it just wasn't my kinda movie...don't hate me! The message was cute, and the scenery okay, but the dancing was borderline boring! Yes, I know it was made waybackwhen! Maybe its because I'm Canadian...*shrugs* I'll blame it on that!

I did, however, enjoy watching Holiday Inn, which was on right after White Christmas. I didn't get to watch all of it tho as I didn't want to stay up til 1 am watching a movie...thank goodness for DVR! I'll probably finish off the rest of it tonite.

And while I'm certainly dreaming of a white Christmas...I'm very thankful the snow we got yesterday didn't stick around!! DJ on the other hand was very disappointed it melted! He was SO cute yesterday when he was watching it snow out the window (all 5 of us were on the couch looking out at one point!) and said "Its snowing! Now santa can come!!!" with this little sparkle in his eye! How darling is that!??!!?

This morning I let him watch Polar was on last nite and I dvr'd it for him....the child was enraptured!! Trains, AND santa!!! Whooo! In fact, it was such a lazy morning around here that it wasn't til just before lunch that I finally dressed them! They weren't complaining...and I started thinking, "Gee, if they stay in their pj's all day, that's LESS clothes for me to wash!"
Little did I know DJ would go and pee in the ones I put on him!! brat! He was outside playing with his "neighvor" and got busy...he said! So he came in to get changed and went back out! Part of that was my fault for not making him go before he went out in the first place! but don't tell him that! lol

While he was off visiting, and Samantha was snoozing, I baked Jake his birthday cake for tomorrow...that I can ice it with no melting tomorrow afternoon. Smart thinkin eh? I thought so!

Oh, in my blog travels I came across this fantastic blog that's quite hilarious (to me anyway) and she's got this contest happening starting in January...I wonder if you could help me out a bit, and take two mins to email her and tell her WHY I deserve to be crowned Queen for a week!!!! Cuz, you KNOW I deserve it!!!!!!! hahahaha Anywho, her email addy is: I told her to be on the look out for emails from my peeps! (that's YOU!) but don't feel obligated or anything. There's really no "prize" to it, but that I have a small chance to win a starbux card...and who wouldn't like THAT!??!! I don't even drink coffee, but I want it! Their hot chocolate is amazing!!!!

Now, everyone's in bed (love this theme) and it's a bit late, but that's because Howie had never seen Polar Express (or santa train according to DJ) before and enjoyed snuggling on the couch with DJ to watch it before bed. It really is a good movie! One I think we need to own...without commercials!! What a concept! lol

While everyone's sleeping I'm going to go sit and knit and watch some mindless comedy! Mondays are good for that! And then finish up watching Holiday Inn.

Til next time...ciao!

Not ME! Monday

Once again the blog carnival that was started by MckMama is full of confessionals! Head over to her blog to check out all the other Not Me! Mondays that get linked up with her.

Its been a while since I've done a NMM here goes!

I did not give myself a paper (it was really thick paper too!) cut while putting on a sample of J Lo's new perfume Glow...and its really pretty if you like floral type scents. Altho, In Bloom by Reese Witherspoon which is only sold by Avon is MUCH better!!! You can buy it thru me...just gotta plug! lol

I did not go thru yet another panic on Saturday morning when DJ was no where to be found and he was SUPPOSED to be playing outside...he'd gone over to his "neighvor's" house to see if they could play....and about 15 mins later Howie asked me if I knew where our son was...I look out and see nothing. So I go out and call his name 3 times and nothing. I call our neighbour, and she told me "no, I haven't seen him" while she's pulling my leg!! She's one of my blog readers and knew about the Sam incident the day before, so thought she'd be funny....uh huh!! She's a brat!

I did not have a good laugh at my husbands expense when he took the practice written test for a driver's license (we're helping Jake study for his) and FAILED!!!!!!! You're allowed 4 or fewer questions wrong and he got 5!!!! Jake got 3 and I got 2. It was humbling I'm sure! And then I did not immediately sit down and write this blog post just because he said to me "you're not going to blog about it are ya!??!" hahahaha here ya go hon!

I also did not enjoy video taping (with my phone, sorry) the wrestling match between a father and his son, simply because the son wants to see if he can beat dad yet...he can't! I did not have to keep DJ away from trying to join them either!! Boys will be boys...apparently at any age!!!

OK, that's it for now! What's your blunder!??! Have a laugh!

Til next time...ciao!

Truthful Tuesday

I found a new blog carnival to join up with! This one sounds brutal!!! LOL And you know I'll always be honest!

Anyways....join in...its quick...its painless...and its fun!! Answer here, or join up on her blog and let the world know!

The question of today is: Do you believe in ghosts?

Confessions from a Working Mom

I think for the most part, I'd have to say no, I don't believe in ghosts. But on the other hand, those shows are very believable! And then there's the Holy, how do you explain that one? I associate scary things when it comes to ghosts, which I think is part of why I don't want to believe in them. Thanks to mass media for that one!!

I am a fan of Ghost Whisperer...but would NOT want that job by any means!!! LOL

OK, spill...tell the truth! Do you believe in ghosts!??!!?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Some days I wish

I drank coffee!! Today was one of those days! Howie left the bed around 1:30 and DJ joined it around 5:40 with Howie...and it was a crap shoot from that point on!! And DJ fussed around enough that we were out of bed by 8...and Sam was squealing by 8:05 thanks to DJ! And Howie...he slept til after 10...nice eh? Not once this weekend did I get to sleep in! ugh!'s some pix of our day...the garland is finally done up with lights, and the stocking have been hung by the fireplace that I've never seen lit....

This our gingerbread house 2009!!! DJ and I did it this afternoon! Note to self: make house the day before WITHOUT help of said son! Will be MUCH easier and less stressful

The close up of the front of the house...DJ thought we should have a red door handle...and took off the orange one I had there...

DJ and his handiwork!! He did pretty good not eating all the candy before using it!

The back of the house!! I added even more to it after I took the pic...sorry! Its cute tho!

Our gingerbread cookies....they were promptly eaten after fact, they encouraged the eating of dinner...the died a noble death!

This is what I did Friday nite waiting for Howie and Jake to come home. Aren't they pretty???

And some Christmasy ones for the Princess!!!

The purple bow is one I bought when I was pregnant with Samantha...and the one on the right is one I made out of Merry Christmas ribbon...not too shabby!
DJ and Sam going down the hall to his room to read before was so cute to watch them hold hands and walk!

And this is from Friday's Mommy and Me group...he was having a BLAST wearing and banging on this drum!!! I, on the other hand, was not! Maybe that's how I lost Samantha, my hearing was decimated even further! lol
Now, I'm off to watch White Christmas...I don't think I've ever seen it....

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Waking up to a

Dog puking is definitely NOT on the list of "Best Ways To Wake Up", let me tell you!!! Typically, our dog, Princess Snickers, her full name, is not a pukey dog, by any means! But this morning shortly after 8 I got woken up (after a nite full of wake ups!) by this hacking sound! Snickers, right at my bed side, gagging on whatever she wanted out of her belly! Turns out it was pebbles....think kitty litter size...not sure where she ingested them, but she did! Silly dog!! I now have two lovely yellow bile stains on the carpet at the end of our bed on my side...hope the steam cleaner comes up for a quick visit...there's a couple of cat stains that need attending too!

Well, after letting the dog out of the room, and cleaning up the mess, I tried valiantly to crawl back in to bed, but nothing doing! I was fully wide awake!!! Wondering if the kids had been fed, if Howie had given them cookies again...that sort of thing. So I got up and came out to find Howie and Sam in his chair and DJ lounging on the couch, much like how his brother does. Howie saw me and made a bee line for the bedroom!

You see, Princess Jazzmin (her full name too) scratched enough at our door around 5 am that it woke both of us up...but I'm more deaf on my left side than I am my right side, so I have a HUGE advantage in ignoring the sound...just roll over and sleep on my right side! Howie on the other hand, once he gets woken up, is up. So he got up and let the cat in as he as leaving! By the time I got up, he was more than ready for a nap!

And nap he did!! He didn't get up til 5 of noon! Jake was up long before that and thought it odd his dad was still sleeping! Lunch was a family affair and then we got down to the business of cleaning. We were having company for dinner and since this was their first time seeing the house, we wanted to spruce it up a bit more than the weekly clean it gets!

Once Sam was down for her nap, I made a quick trip in to town to get a few things that were on sale at Freddy's that were done today. Milk being one of them! I then did a really quick stop in Ben Franklin to exchange a wreath card holder I'd gotten back on Black Friday...the one I got was broken....and it turned out that another had just been returned, so she swapped them out and I was out of there before I could go drool on any yarn. Turns out I know WHY the other one was won't stay in the darn thing! GRRRRRRRRR but that does mean I have another trip to see Ben on the horizon...possibly tomorrow...

Dinner was fabulous!!! BBQ pork chops, and I did an apple/squash bake that was YUMMY and scalloped potatoes for the adults and pesto noodles for the three kids...none of them like potatoes unless they're french and fried! After dinner, we got the kids ready for bed and put them down, and played cards. No Hughes won tonite...we got beaten! Me more than Howie or Jake...I don't want to talk about it!

Now, its time to relax! I'll be propping the door open a bit to our room so Princess Priss can come and go as she pleases....the downside to this is, so can Jasper...and he's the kneader!!! And toe biter!!! With it being winter, that's not so much an issue for me....and our room is so frickin cold during he nite, its like sleeping in the fridge!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Friday, December 11, 2009

These kids are going to be

The death of me!!!!! I swear!!! They're 10000000% responsible for the greys on my head! Heavens to Betsy, if I make it out alive, I'll be glad! I may not talk coherently, or hold an adult conversation, but I'll be happy to be alive!

Yes, I know I'm being dramatic! But I "lost" Samantha today...or rather, she took off without warning and without anyone else seeing her leave!!!

We did in fact make it to the pot luck (lunch party according to DJ) and were the second to arrive...and we were a few minutes late. There was another gal there with what I assumed, was her daughter. Turns out, she's the babysitter and likes to be involved! So, she went and got someone to open up the meeting room and we went in and waited. The kids REALLY enjoyed this, running free with no one else to stop them! I didn't mind one bit...let them expend that energy BEFORE others show up! Good plan!!

At first people came in one by one, and before I knew it there were around 10 moms (and one dad) which is pretty good! The food was rather unnutritional...and I should have made up some PB&J like I wanted was mostly snacky stuff...little bit of unorganization (that's okay, once I take over, it'll be better run!! hahaha) I did try to email and ask what to bring, and there weren't any of my muffins left!! I did half of them with icing and sprinkles, and the other half I left plain...some moms don't want all that sugar!

One mom pulled out her knitting after you know where I sat!!!!!! And she was doing the most phenomenal knitting!! Reversible!! I've seen finished products, but never seen anyone knitting it at that time! Its really involved, but man its way cool!!!!! My mind is spinning with all the possibilities!!! So she and I chatted quite a bit...and she took an Avon book (you know I have them with me!! And actually, the babysitter gal took one too!) and I tried to set her Bluetooth up, but was unsuccessful! I did, however, learn that she HATES her new phone and not to get one!! LOL I'm quite happy with my Blackberry...or crackberry as Howie calls it!

So, HOW did Miss Samantha go missing??

A little after 1 I decided we needed to head home as it was nearing Sam's nap I grab our coats...put mine on, put hers on and beg for DJ to come get his on. Now, there's at least 10 other moms in the room...and 4 doors exiting out of the room...2 to outside, 2 to the inside of the I'm putting DJ's hat, mitts, and coat on...which took me all of a minute, maybe a minute and a half!...and I look up and there's no pink furry coat....WHAT!?!?!? I go running out of the room and head towards the library, all the while looking everywhere and there she is to my left....OUTSIDE!!!!!!!! A mere 8 feet from the road......where there's cars going up and down!!! There was a lady standing there talking to her trying to get her to come inside, but she just stood there. Apparently, she really wanted to go home....and couldn't wait for us! I grab her and give her a what for, mentally, and take her back in to get DJ and head home. Whew!!! Got my heart going!!!!

They BOTH fell asleep on the way home....but Sam woke up as soon as we hit the driveway...she must have some internal alarm that goes off as soon as we pull in! DJ on the other hand, kept on sleeping! So, I let him be for an hour as I knew he needed it! He was up awful early this morning (before 7) and with all that playing around, he was whupped!

I tried valiantly to get SamSam to go back to sleep, but she was having NONE of that!! So she hasn't had more than a 20, maybe 25 minute nap!! Her squealing is at an all time high because of it too!! Aren't I lucky!?!?!!

As you know, Friday nites are just me and the wee monsters...and typically we'll do frozen pizza as Howie doesn't like most frozen varieties...and there are A LOT of varieties out there!!! Well, tonite I found THE frozen pizza!!!! The smell alone made me think I was in some Italian restaurant!!! Too bad Howie won't get to try it has pineapple on it and Howie doesn't like "fish or fruit on my pizza", which is another reason we do it on Friday nites, so I can have Hawaiian pizza!! lol
What's that?? You want to know what kind of pizza I had?!??

Why, it was Freschetta! Tastiest frozen pizza there is out there! (and no, I'm not being paid to say that...I wish tho!! lol)

Now, its time to bathe the monsters and then snuggle down and watch Rudolph...again! And then knit...I frogged a completely finished item last nite all because it wasn't done "right" for my tastes, so I need to get going on it as its kinda setting me back! Sometimes it sux to be such a perfectionist!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I have finally climbed

Mt Laundry today!!!!!! I got to the summit!!!!! The last load is in the wash and when the dryer's done, I'll switch it over! I was actually pretty good about putting it all away as soon as it was done too! In fact, today was pretty productive! I'm even making spice cake muffins for tomorrow's pot luck....I figured it was the safe bet as far as allergies go! I've printed out my directions, which seem very easy!!! I'm good to go! Just need to square away my Avon order tonite and then I won't have to worry about it in the morning...I'm sure it'll be a bit of a rush to get out of here what with Howie here in the morning too!

Today was a rather low-key day! And the kids actually played downstairs together....quite well actually! There were no screamingcrying episodes from either of least, not downstairs!! They saved that for me upstairs! HA!

While SamSam was snoozing, DJ and I snuggled under the snuggie watching Rudolph, the red NOSED reindeer (that's how DJ says it, with the emphasis on nosed...its very cute) for the 137,365th time! I can't wait for next week when Frosty is in our DVR and Polar Express! Now that's one I wanna see too!!! He's still far too young to stay up and watch them when they're on I'm quite grateful for the DVR....if we were still in the VHS age, you know I'd have a tape specifically for Christmas programs! lol

Anyways...DJ fell asleep watching Rudolph, so I hit pause and we both snoozed. How nice that was!!! WOW! He fell asleep with me on the couch, and when I woke up, he'd fallen to the floor and was sleeping soundly. So I got up and puttered til he woke 5 mins later. And Samantha was up by 4 so we were in full force when Howie came home! But they again, went downstairs and played! I'm just in love with this concept!

I've also got DJ wanting santa to bring him slippers for Christmas....which is bang on as I've got him slippers!! The sad thing is, I already wrapped them up as a real gift....I was going to give him a gum ball machine (the dollar store kind) from santa...but now I'm re-thinking the whole idea...he wants blue ones, but the ones I got him are black and have youknowwho on them! You know, that car he likes so much! uh huh! I rock!!!! lol Other than Jake, which requires a trip to that dang mall, I'm done shopping! Feels pretty good too!

Now, the first batch of spice cake muffins are done and need to come out of the I'm off to be Betty Crocker for a bit, then I'll sit and knit and relax! hmmmmm they smell GOOD!!!!!!! Are ya drooling yet??

Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tootin' my own horn!

If you need Christmas gifts for a teacher or an Aunt or Mother-in-law....might you consider checking out my Avon website!!! Right now you can get free shipping with an order of $30.00!!! That's 2 or 3 people you'd have to buy for anyways!!!! And if its for someone in another state, you can have the whole order shipped right to THEIR door and you don't have to pay for shipping it!

Anyways...check me out! Thanks!

Til next time...ciao!

I cracked the code!

The mommy code that is!!! Really, I finally went to the right story time at the library!!! We had no one sick, and no one who was grounded today, so off we went with our "old" books in the bag to the library! We were finally not late!! Ok, by a mere 2 minutes were we late...but sill! Not bad! Anyways, during the play time portion, I eavesdropped (I'm not ashamed to admit it!) on this one mom telling a mom of a 10 month old girl that she runs a Mommy and Me group here in Monroe!!! Oh boy, did my ears perk up!!!!! I whipped out my blackberry and took notes! I even stayed later than normal just chatting with her and getting info. She (Linae) seems to be after my own heart in that she likes FREE things to do with her kids! Sweet!!!!

As soon as lunch was done, I joined up with and found the group with no trouble!! Their calendar is PACKED with all kinds of stuff! And there's 149 members! Mondays they do a craft thing at Ben Franklin...I can do that!! There's even a potluck lunch this Friday which we'll be going to...maybe! I have to get directions first as it's not in Monroe...its at another library. I'm very excited about this!! I even got info for MOPS in the area! I just wish it didn't start so early! 9:30 is early for us!! LOL

We also ran into a birthday girl today at the library! Our neighbour's daughter, Michaela is 12 today...Happy Birthday Michaela!!!

Remember that lasagna I was talking up the other day or two....we had the little one today for dinner!! OH MY CHEESY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! It was heavenly!!!! I guess you could say it's 4 cheese, cottage, mozz, cheddar and parm! YUM!!!!!!!! Howie's one lucky sonofabugger too in that HE gets the left overs! I also baked up the second one and put it in the freezer for Christmas Eve dinner! Nice to know I won't have to do much! We're hoping to have friends over, and it'll be perfect then! I think I may even roast some garlic and get some french bread! Doesn't that sound good?!?!!

I have to share...DJ got an "owie" on his hand yesterday from the rope swing next looks like a blister that's popped...anyways, I put a bandaid (fandaid in his language) on it this morning and the way he was holding his hand to protect it made me laugh! The owie is on the palm of his right hand, and he held it palm up like he was in perpetual "why" mode! I think we went thru 4 'fandaids" today too! TOO funny!!

On that same note, Samantha gets a owie and she goes ON and ON and ON and ON about it! She got scratch from a cat on her foot last week...every single day since, she comes to me saying "ow, ow, ow, ow" til I kiss it better....and this can happen every hour if she sees it! Socks are good, but she pulls them off, sees it and repeats the cycle! It is funny!

Now that everyone's in bed, its my turn to hog the remote....from no one per se, but I'm hogging it anyway!!!! And Glee is on in 15 mins! Last one til April I sad!!!

Til next time...ciao!