Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday funday

Wow was that a busy one!!! I did get to start it off lazing in bed til 8 while Howie took Daniel to school. That was nice!! Especially snuggling with SamSam! But she hadn't eaten so we got up and had breakfast together.

We left at 10 to head to the school for hot lunch duty. Today's menu was corn dogs, carrots and dip, and rice krispy treats. I got the dessert handing job along with milk distribution. I just LOVE how polite all the kids are!! From kindergarten on!! I also worked with the other Daniela's mom, so I learned a bit more about him. She had been told in the office about my Daniela's name change.

After lunch was cleaned up, Samantha and I headed to Freddy's to get gas and a few essentials. And then back to the school for recess duty!! The sin was shining and it truly was a beautiful day!!! I heard we even hit 60 in some places!! Nice!! The kids enjoyed recess and once everyone was back in their classes, I found Mrs Hughes and she had some work for me. First time ever it was easy!! Straight photocopying and putting it away for her. Gave us time after to hang out in the sun on the swings.

On our way home I saw black smoke billowing up near SVEC, so we headed that way to check it out. Sure enough, right across the street a house was on fire. It was fairly recent as they were just evacuating the houses next door. The smoke had changed to white, so they were fighting it. So tragic!! I pray no one was inside!! Human of animal!! It did give us an opportunity to discuss fire safety and what to do in the event ifs fire...they knew!! We stopped at the bank on the way home and I gigs text from my mom saying she was hind from hospital and doing which point I flew into a panic and demanded she call me!! She obliged and I learned if her scheduled bladder surgery...whew!!! I remember her telling me back in December but she hadn't mentioned since so it slipped my mind. Hope she heals quickly!!

We got home and I was hoping the boys next door could play outside with my two, but that didn't happen and they both joined me downstairs while I walked on the treadmill. SO fun with both of them!!! *note sarcasm*

We enjoyed a pizza dinner and then watched movies together. Kiddie ones at first and then the start of Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler. Howie came hone and we tucked them in to bed right away! I didn't finish the movie without them, so I'm sure we'll be watching it tomorrow. I did watch Celebrity Wife Swap and had a good chuckle! Then Grimm which kinda spooked me. And then I started Blue Bloods but dozed off. Now I'm ready to nod off again...

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