Tuesday, February 21, 2012

President Family Day

It's a holiday all over North America!! Well for most!! And not for moms!!! This mom was woken far too early for a holiday!! Just after seven early! He got up and went to watch tv..thankfully Samantha didn't get up til later...she always gets the best sleep in the house!!

After breakfast we headed to my f/f Anneke's for cuts and colour!! I was stunned to learned its been since November that I had anything done!! Di too for that matter!! No wonder I could braid his hair!! lol In any case, we both look much better after today!! I even had some sexy layers put in my hair!! All in preparation for a perm in two weeks!! Oh I'm excited!!!

We got home and I did my work out before lunch. Set the kids up with Netflix and I got walking. Watched two episodes of Arrested Development and enjoyed them. One more HBO show I'm late to! I have to say, treadmill after Zumba HURTS!!! I'm feeling it!! Not so much the Zumba but the hips from the walking. Sheesh!

The afternoon literally flew by!! The boys came over to watch Mr. Popper and ended up playing downstairs. I took advantage and got the last of the tax stuff done. I was putting it all in the envelope to mail to the CPA and realized I didn't have the W2. Gah!!! Not cool!! I searched everywhere snd didn't find it!! Got a lot of things recycled, but no W2!!! Ugh! Howie's gonna request another one tomorrow and I hope it doesn't take too long!

Dinner was cheesy pesto chicken! So yummy!! The kids love it too! I also finally gave Samantha a gluten-free day!!! Completely!!! Whew! It's been a rough 5 days trying to figure this put!! Once the kids were on bed we watched The Voice and enjoyed it! Howie even stayed up til it was done. Which says a lot right there!! I'll catch up with Ben tomorrow online.

Now I'm gonna go snuggle a book that I'm sure will give me some sleepless nites once it hooks me in!!

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