Friday, February 10, 2012

Lots to catch up on!!

Yesterday was our busiest day of the week!! School, book drop, play date, ballet, pizza pick up, and drop off, lunch, pick up K at his school, pick up DJ, make dinner and head to Awana!! It's no wonder I fell asleep at 11:30 watching Revenge!!! Woke up at 12:30 and if took til 1:30 to fall back to sleep. Lesson learned...go to bed at first sigh of drowsy!!

Today was another busy one...but I can now hear I stereo!!! After dropping DJ off at school, SamSam and I went to pick up my new hearing aid!! That was a long week!! Better yet, a long 5 months of imbalance!! And now it's gonna take time to adjust to the difference in sounds!! Plus, this is sort of an old school aid, it takes 5 seconds or so to warn up and get working...odd for me!

In the parking lot, before we left, I called a Naturopath that I got the name of from my g/f yesterday...and we got an appt for 10:30!!! I was thrilled with that!! Samantha is in the middle of a really bad bout of whatever is on her skin...and I can't seem to control it like before! And I don't care for steroid creams like what she got 3 years ago. This is by far, her worst break out!!

We got there early to fill out paperwork...and it turns out one of my g/f's is the secretary...she's also a good Avon client too! We got all checked in and got taken back right away. Dr. White talked to Samantha a bit, we discussed the longevity if it all and she took a look at Samantha's upper body. Her first thoughts were to test for celiac, which is a gluten allergy....for the girl who LOVES bread and pasta, not fun!! But to test for thSf is do food allergy testing, we pay out of pocket. Do we'll go this route first and either figure it out or rule it out.

Now, to do the test, requires blood to be drawn....something she's never had done since birth!!! Nor does she remember any of her vaccines!! I tried to prep her without telling her about the needle part...and she was doing good. The tech put that rubber band thing on her and she started to get concerned. Didn't mind the rubbing alcohol, and the sight of the needle didn't bother her....but the moment that needle entered her vein, she was a screaming!!! Blood curdling screams!!! Screams I should have shit my hearing aids off for!!! Screams that drew help instantly!!! which was needed as I needed to get her to stop watching it. With all her screaming she was stopping the flow of blood and it took longer to get the vial full. My poor baby!!! Oh my heart was hurting for her!! We snuggled before the band aid was put on as I knew she needed it!! And I got her laughing within 2 minutes!! Always a good sign!!

We left there to get DJ, and she fell asleep while we waited. She deserved it!! Fell asleep mid lollipop too!! We got home and I let her sleep a while longer. When I woke her she was a hot mess!! It took 2 hours to get her velcro self off me!!! Even daddy wasn't enough!! she did finally snap out of it and went to play with the boys.

After a yummy dinner I bathed the kids and we got them into bed by 8:30!! Perfect timing really!!! Speaking of bed...I'm there already...

Til next time...God bless!

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