Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I've been informed

That the Laundry Fairy will only wash, dry and fold my clothes...otherwise she doesn't other words, I have to get the laundry downstairs and she'll work her magic!!! I love my laundry fairy!!!

Today was B U S Y!!!!! It was an Avon morning, so while I was chasing down orders, the kids were outside playing, which was perfect!! At noon they came in just after I submitted my order...and chaos ensued!!! I got everyones lunch ready and we ate...then we packed everything up and headed into town. First stop was Lil C's to pick up pizzas...thank God it wasn't the usual 32, today it was just 9! Which didn't crowd dad in the back seat at all!

Then we headed to Lynnwood to watch Jake at a football camp. While I love my stepson, I do NOT love his hair!!! He flips it more than any girl I know!! Seriously!! I must get this on video so that I can have it added to his wedding reel....I promise, one day, he'll be mad we didn't make him cut it off! Silly boys! Its longer than mine, but shorter than Sam's...meaning, its braidable! After that we said goodbye to Daddy and Jake...they're currently in OR for another football camp tomorrow at a university that's interested in Jake when he graduates...kinda kool!

Since it was only 4, we did a couple stops that were on mom's list...first being Walgreens...I stayed out in the truck with the kids. Then Walmart (where else!?!?) and we wandered more than anything. I did get an pair of shorts and a shirt to keep in the truck for Sam in case we have an accident...should have been doing that all along so I don't have to find tinkled undies in my purse periodically!

After Wally's we headed for was 5:30 and it took FOREVER to get across town in rush hour traffic! Blech!!!! So glad I don't live in L'wood anymore! Our dinner destination was Red Lobster...there has been a commercial that's been teasing my dad since he got here. A 4 course meal for 15.00!! How can you beat that!?!?!? So we did just that! I had the most delicious cup of clam chowder, then a salad, then I picked the Garlic and herb grilled shrimp and chicken (YUM!!) over broccoli instead of mashed taters...and for dessert, I got the donut holes for the kids to have, and the enjoyed them too!! I did get to share mom's key lime pie with relish tho! Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!! It was a wonderful meal and the kids did really well too!

Then we made a very quick stop at Super Supplements for my dad, and then another super quick stop to Jackie to trade stuff and then FINALLY home to rescue poor Belle who'd been in her crate since 2!! She did soil her pillow in there, but that's tossable...otherwise, she did great!!! She missed us SO much!!!!! She literally hugged and kissed me! Awwwww  Once the kids were in bed, which they fell asleep quite easily, we sat and watched that 101 ways be frank, I'm over it. Its gonna be one of those "if its on, I'll watch it when there's nothing else on" shows. Meh!

The Voice tho...ROCKED!!!!!!!! Totally!!!! Now, you know I'm sorta partial to Blake Shelton, but DAMN his duet with Dia was HOTT!!!! Musta been the sunglasses! And I think he got a hair cut...not that I watch him THAT closely....ha! And Dia's song was fantastic!!! The way she moves her voice is incredible! I love it! Second for me was Javier...I liked his song! Vicci seemed a bit tame to me tonite, like she was reining in the vocals or something. And Bev, I could care less...but that's just me!  Blake's duet with Brad Paisley had me chuckling...esp after just seeing an interview about how he drank the water in Mexico on his honeymoon...hahaha! Didn't care for Adam/Javier duet....Xtina/Bev song was good, but still don't like her voice....but Cee Lo/Vicci...totally take the award for best performance!!! They had all the little people dancing around them to make them appear taller...that's my guess anyway lol  So, who's gonna win....that's a tough one...between Dia and Javier. My 10 votes were cast for I'm totally Team Blake!! Was there any doubt!?!?!?!?

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pretty in Pink

I'm really loving this vacation sleeping in stuff!! Truly! Altho, this morning I woke up to an empty bed, and Belle's whining was increasing, and since Howie was fishing, I got dressed to take her out potty. I got out to the living room and there was Howie at the computer, did a 180 and went back to bed! Sweet!! I got woken at 9ish when Howie came in to shower and get ready for the day.

The boys and kids were off to Seattle to go shopping at Outdoor Emporium (this is Howie's Ben Franklin, or Joann's) and we girls were left to our own devices. Whatever were we to do!? Mom suggested pedis after I got a load in the washer and got the dishwasher I did all that and we were off!! First stop was church to get my purse...seems I didn't leave it in Sam's classroom after was right where we were sitting in the sanctuary...oops! Grabbed it and off to the salon we went, with a quick stop at the bank in the same plaza.

We were both given pedis by the men of the establishment...which I have to tell you, is just ODD!!! I've never had a pedi by a guy before...and he was too gentle....women are more stronger in the hands when massaging, all he did was rub lotion in. He did do a good job on the painting tho! I picked a flamingo pink...and mom got a vintage rose. The man doing my feet never said one word to me, the one doing mom's feet never shut up!! lol But he was asking all kinds of questions to mom, so they chatted the whole time. Then she got a mani, so I sat on the couch and fell asleep! Her voice put me to sleep! lol

We left there about 2 and headed home to make lunch! We all relaxed for a bit, the kids were in and out of the house, then over to Jessica's house, then back here, all over the place! We took them for a bike ride at 4:30 and when we got back I headed to the shed to do the books. Mom came with me and we got it done in no time...then took them to Goodwill and dropped 'em off. Then we picked up Dad's fave, teriyaki, for dinner and came home.

After dinner I bathed the kids and we got them in bed. DJ was sound asleep before I could tuck him in, he was that tired! I then gave Howie the haircut he's been asking for for a couple weeks now. Then we played cards where the queen won (not me, I'm still a Princess!) and then Howie went to bed. I sat down to watch B'ette with my parents on the couch...which meant I was gonna get Dad's commentary too...oy! He actually behaved...but that might be because mom had the rolled up newspaper and whacked him if he spoke up lol They went to bed a little over half way thru, and missed Mickey taking himself outta the game...I was shocked by that! I was shocked but totally understood, the guys' reactions to the whole Bentley she was being honest, but it was honesty too late...she should have told them all when he left that she wasn't dealing with it well. She played them for a couple weeks, and that's gotta hurt! In the end, she sent the dentist packing...and he was one of my faves!  Oh well!

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, June 27, 2011

They have returned!!!!

This morning while the kids and I went to church, Howie went to the airport to get my returning parents! FINALLY!!!!! And it was a gorgeous sunny day to boot!! DJ did okay in church, except that I forgot to put "his" gum in my purse for him and he was buggy about that til he fell asleep sitting on my lap. A whopping 20 minutes is all he slept for...better than nothing! And I hear he was up at he was due! Sam did great in her class, and when I went to retrieve her, she was on the potty, so I finished her up and we left.  I called Howie just as we got stopped for a train, and he tried to fake me out by saying there was a 2 hour delay....almost had me too til my mom said "hi honey" ha ha ha...turns out they were closer to home than I thought they'd be. So we waited out the train....just as I saw the end of the train in front of us, another was going in the opposite direction and just as long!!! Double trains!! The kids thought it was great!!

We stopped to get my free chai tea and then finally on the road to was then that I realized I'd left my purse hanging in Sam's class blond moment! Good thing its locked in a church tho!! I called Howie to see if he was close to the church, and turns out he was 3 cars behind me (well, not literally, but within a mile!) and so that wasn't happening. In the end, we ended up behind them as I'd stopped off a get well card to my nail tech who had surgery on Thursday.

We all had lunch together, then naps happened for the older set, and playing happened for the younger set and I just wandered. Neither in a playing mood or a napping mood! About 4 DJ came in to ask if he could go with the neighbours to church tonite, and I said no since it was g'ma and poppa's first day back and they wanted to have a nice dinner with's fave, teriyaki! He didn't like my answer and protested and slammed some doors, but headed back outside.  10 minutes later he comes in asking me to wash his feet, just as I'm getting a call from Lara asking if he'd gotten permission....first time caught in a lie....NOT good! So I told her thank you, but no, he wouldn't be going with them....and sent DJ to his room. Wanna talk drama??? Geez!

So much so that he woke Howie up, and when asked what happened, he didn't tell Howie the WHOLE story, so when I explained it to him, he got it. I called DJ out and we discussed what he'd done wrong and I grounded him for the rest of the day. At which point, he saw Jessica walking down to the swing park and asked to go...grounded means NO fun! So instead, Sam and I took the dogs to the park and threw the ball around for them and she swung a whole bunch! Yes, torture, but definitely a lesson!!

We got back and I called in dinner.....only to realize while the phone was ringing that they aren't open on Sundays! Darnit! So we talked about what to do and ended up going to Red Robin (Yum!) for dinner. It was delicious!!!! AND they  now have sweet potato fries!! Awesome! After dinner we came home and put the kids to bed. Since it was a time adjustment for mom and dad, we all just relaxed and watched some AGT.....of which I saw very little T!! There were a few  moments, but far more non-moments! Then we started watching the last Oprah show, I'd taped it for mom since she had to work that day and doesn't have dvr. A few minutes into it, Dad's asleep! So off they went to bed and I watched Drop Dead Diva and the Protector! I can hear my pillows now tho...

Til next time...God bless!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The laziest day yet!

This morning I got to sleep in til 10!!!!! What bliss that was!!! DJ woke Howie up shortly after 7, or something, and his legs hurt (he's been complaining for a while, and sometimes its his knees or hips, so we KNOW he's gonna sprout up here shortly!) so Howie carried him out to the living room and then came back for Belle. So I rolled over and got comfy (with a cat at my feet) and the next thing I know, it's 9:45!! SWEET!!!!

I come out am greeted enthusiastically....and by DJ saying he's hungry and was waiting for me for I got busy making us all eggamuffins...Sam too even tho she'd eaten! After breakfast the kids head outside to play...and Howie and I work on some email stuff before he heads to the couch. Since the house is still fairly clean from the party, and the kids haven't destroyed it, there wasn't much to do! So I puttered, read my magazine, took Belle out numerous times, nothing serious.

About 2 Howie asked for lunch, so I made that for us, but the kids were far too busy playing to want lunch, so they waited. I then said I was gonna go lay down since I was freezing cold...that turned into an hour long nap...SO nice!! Then at 4 I headed to costco to finally do the shopping and to meet an Avon client to give her her stuff, we chatted for a few, and then parted ways.

Came home, made a lovely steak dinner, bathed SamSam while DJ got a shower with Howie, then put them both to bed, and they were both asleep by 8:05 they were THAT tired!!! I then got ready to head out to do a run for the gleaners. And what a run it is! Man, if I ate sugar/goodies/pastries/muffins, I'd be ALL over this run!!! As it is, I did get a couple things for the kids, and for Howie, but just smelled the rest! *SNIFFFFFFFFFF*

I got home about 10:20 and Howie was watching Spartacus, so I waited til he was done to watch Combat Hospital...didn't realize it was a Canadian show til half way thru when I saw the flag on the one Dr's backpack....makes me like it even more! lol Then I watched Suits on USA, I'd dvr'd it last week and decided since I was NOT tired (and still am not) I'd give it a go while knitting. What a great show! Not your normal legal drama at all! Spunky! I liked it!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Party Pooped!!!

Tonite I had my Norwex party (that my mom was supposed to be here for!!!!!) and I was completely WOW'ed!!! Beyond what I expected! WOW!!!

This morning I also got to sleep in a bit, which was nice! Belle didn't get up til DJ got up and that was bout 7:20, so Howie got up with everyone and I rolled over and burrowed deeper under cover! Lovely! And much needed!

So once we sent Howie on his way to work, the kids headed out to play and I got the vacuum out and got to work!! I did it in two sections, that way the dogs could be in the dirty part til I was ready for them to move. The Arm & Hammer stuff did a nice job immediately, and I let it sit there for the 30 minute period...longer the better!! I did crate Belle while doing the living room area, since it was bigger, and I just wanted her out of the way to focus on the carpet. She's getting better at being put in there...but hates knowing I'm in the house and she can't see me.

I let her out while I made us lunch, and put her back in the crate about 2 when we left to go see Mater and Lightning....yep, the real deal! They were at the local movie theater because of opening day of the new Cars2 movie which the kids are SO anxious to see! Me too for that matter! In any case, I'd offered to take K & C with us, but they were already in town, so we met up at McD's and then headed to the theater. I was surprised there weren't more people there, as the kids were able to run right up and touch them both. SO fun! I got some good pix, just need to get them off the camera.

Then we came home and the kids stayed outside playing while I was inside cleaning more...I was also told to leave things dirty so she could show how the Norwex products work...I have to say, its SO hard to do that when you have people who've never been to your house coming over! I did an early dinner since Gina, the Norwex gal, was coming at 6:15ish, and it worked out great too. The desserts were very tempting for the kids, so I kicked them outside once the first vehicle showed up. Now, Sam insisted on wearing a IS a party y'know! She can be so insistent sometimes, and I wasn't in the mood to fight her, lol, so there she is out on the trampoline with everyone in her dress...oy!

The party was a HUGE success!!!!! Such an awesome product! AND she showed me how it will help with the pee smell in the house....seriously!!! I'm SOLD!!! The demo was great, and I could tell everyone else was WOW'ed too! 3 of my guests booked shows even!! So that's awesome!!! And the fudge was a huge hit too...but to spare myself the temptation, I gave it all away!! No sense having it in the house to torture myself!! The kids did a great job devouring the chips and cookies!!! :)

Howie came home just as Gina and I were wrapping up, and so we immediately got kids into bed since it was already 9:30....and they were TIRED!!! Not one peep from either of them once I closed their doors. Howie was just finishing his dinner and reading the paper when I finally sat down to relax. I chose Friday Night Lights to watch, and he actually watched it with me and then went to bed. I then watched the season premiere of Rookie Blue, which is turning into a great show! I also found Combat Hospital on On Demand, so I'll have to watch that soon! :)

Now, I'm party pooped and heading to bed!

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Potty Training HELL!!!

Puppy potty training that is!! Oh I've read so much everywhere and nothing seems to be working!! It's SO frustrating!! Howie steam cleaned the carpets a week ago, and all we can smell in the living room is pee!!!! She'll go potty outside, and then come inside and do more, like you never took her out. Or she'll go outside, run away on you, come in once you catch her, and pee! I swear she's laughing at us too while doing it!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

The puppy potty pads don't work, she chews them.

Newspaper doesn't work, she shreds it.

Bitter Ick doesn't work, she likes it!

How much longer will it take to get it thru her cute little head that potty goes OUTSIDE!!!!!?!?!?!?!

Ok, rant over....but seriously!

This morning she got me up at 6:30, I took her out, she did both jobs, and we came back in. I set up the gate, got her her toys and went back to bed. Kids did fabulous and slept til rare!!! And so needed by all 3 of us. Yet, just an hour later, they're yelling, fighting, crying, there was no beautiful sleeping in thing...I was ready to ship 'em both off to military school! But, its raining, and I'm too drained to drive them! lol

Instead we crated Belle and headed to the shed...we recently acquired a fabulous new place, Panera, and their goodies are YUMMY!!!! Not that I'd know, as they're SO not on the South Beach list!! But I need some for my party tomorrow nite. We also drove into town to fill up the propane tanks...I really hate running out of propane just as Howie is about to put meat on the grill, so we'll have a full spare from now on! We got back and the sun was shining in between spurts of rain...just a miserable day really. DJ headed out to play, and the rain then he headed next door, and when he didn't come home, Sam wanted to go off she went in search of fun.

Now this would have been the perfect opportunity to repeat yesterday's nap, but instead I worked on the kitchen, and did up my Avon email for the current campaign, which took longer thanks to a puppy who is secretly toying with me!! Howie came home and I went and took a shower. I had an Avon meeting tonite in town, so I wanted to leave a bit early to get to the bank. I was going to skip the meeting if mom was here as my g/f Jackie just started up as a rep for WineShop at if you want a girl's night in, let me know and I'll hook ya up! :)

I'm glad I went...I knew that Avon was to be making changes in the near future, but today they announced something brand new!!!!! And its totally to my benefit!!! I just have to wait til August 1st for it to come into affect...and it should help me keep my leadership title too!!! This excites me!! Plus, I won a door prize of a gorgeous bracelet that looks like a belt, with a horseshoe as the matches a ring I've had for a while, LOVE it!!! Even got a compliment on it tonite at the dollar store!!! So I handed her a book and we chatted for a few seconds. Gotta love it! I'd also stopped at Freddy's after the meeting to get something to help with the smell in our house...I got some Nature's Miracle and some Arm & Hammer carpet stuff....praying one of them works!!! She's currently sitting on the floor in the living room watching her domain...after I rescued her from the bathroom where she ended up closing the door on her, Snickers and blood, no foul!

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flashing Lights

This morning Belle let everyone sleep til just after 7, I got up and got her outside to do her businesses and when I came in set DJ up with a snack and went back to lay in bed....there's no more sleep at this point, but it is nice and warm! Sam was up shortly after that and then Belle pooped in the living room, so it was short lived. Once it all settled, the 3 of us sat in my chair and watched Umizoomi...strange show! After breakfast we all got ready to leave the house as I had a nail appt for 10...we got there 3 minutes late! I set the kids up with a movie in the truck as the nail tech didn't want the kids around the chemicals...well after 15 minutes she couldn't handle them out there and told me to bring them in...I also brought their movie in to watch too. I feared for her house...

They did great!! AND SamSam got her nails painted by Jodie after I was done...she'd seen all the colours on the table and picked out a light lavender and said it was pretty, so Jodie asked if she'd like her nails painted (I just did them two days ago) and she said YES!! So she sat up in the chair and got them done!! SO cute seeing this little girl in the big chair being all girly!! And they look awesome!!!

We went home after the appt and the kids stayed out to play with the neighbours who were also out enjoying the day 2 of sunshine! I came in and got Belle out of the crate to potty...when I came in the kids were hungry and wanted I made one on a crust I had in the was SO good, they ate it all up!! YUM!!  And back outside they went to play. A little after 3 they asked if they could go to Jessica's house, to which I said sure and laid down on the couch. THAT was a good nap!!! So quiet!! Even Belle napped beside me on the floor!!  I was still laying there when I heard Howie come up the drive, so I got up and took Belle out quick as she'll get excited. Howie told me when I got back in that the front door was wide open when he got home and that Jazz had made it out to the front lawn, but Jasper was on the porch...guess the kids didn't close the door properly!  When he slammed the car door they both took off for inside! ha! They are not outdoor kitties!!!

DJ went with the neighbours to church tonite, so dinner was a very quiet affair with just Samantha to deal with. And after that we watched The Voice (my second time) so Howie would be caught up for tonite's results show....I only got one wrong, and as I wrote Frenchie's name down last nite, I knew it wouldn't be her...but I'm not a Beverly fan at all!! Howie went to bed after we saw the results and I flipped on White Collar from last nite. About 11 I got up for something and noticed flashing lights outside the living room window. Two fire trucks and two cop cars...I messaged my neighbour to see if she knew anything and then saw her drive in her drive. So, being the nosy neighbour I am, I walked over to see what she knew. She'd stopped to ask someone before pulling into her drive.

Apparently somebody took out a power pole...she was told that the driver had to have been going 70 and missed the curve in the road and hit the pole and took it out...and FLED THE SCENE!!! With the power line across the road!! Thankfully its too far from  me and I wasn't left in the dark. I had my windows closed already at that point, so I didn't hear a thing. So she, Michaela and I headed up the street to see what we could see...sure enough, the truck was plowed into the pole and abandoned. As we were standing there P.U.D. came to start fixing the line. Sure hope they find whoever the driver was! I'll have to have Howie keep and eye on the paper for follow up! And now, I'm pooped!!

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Day of Summer!!

This morning we woke up to sunshine!!! But not without hassle!! Last nite Miss Belle decided to freak out when I put her in the crate, which in turn woke Howie up, and he huffed off to the couch...which is fine, I was able to settle her once I got out of the bathroom. Then at 4:30, I woke up to his alarm...he'd forgotten to take it with him...and it took me forever to find the damn thing on his night table!  Got it shut off, and instead of getting out of bed to wake him, I called him on his phone. His ringer is set to that old school ring from the 70's! And LOUD!!!! It did the trick! He was up! I fell back to sleep til 5:52 when Belle woke up to I got up and dressed to take her out. It was then I realized WHY she freaked out last nite at bed time...she'd caught her paw in her collar...yeah, I felt like a horrible doggy mama! I fixed her and took her out. Came back in and gated her to the living room. Crawled back into bed...DJ joined me about 6:15 or so and at 6:30 Belle's whining was too loud, so I brought her in the bedroom and crated her...she went back to sleep!!! Imagine that!  And we all slept til 7:40 or so when Sam came in.

Since it was the first day of summer, and the sun was shining, I changed the plans for today a bit...and decided not to do the costco run, but keep it local. The kids enjoyed that too. I replaced DJ's sunglasses that I lost on him, and picked up a few of his school supplies from the list we had sent to us...he even put them in his "school box" in his closet. The kids played outside til it was time to go do the pizza/book run along with the groceries...then they played outside when we got home til we left again so I could go for my dental appt. They called yesterday to remind me, which was needed, but I said I might have to reschedule as I was planning on having my parents here to help with the kids, and she said to bring them along and they can play while I'm getting cleaned. Sweet! They each took turns looking in my mouth while it was wide open...and Sam even held my hand for a few minutes! Awwww

We got home minutes before Howie did, but he went out and started on yard work...I took Sam and the dogs to the park and wore them all out! We got back and both dogs conked out!!! They ate dinner and kept on sleeping...LOVE the sunshine and being able to do that! I bathed the kids after dinner and once they were tucked in, went and had a shower myself! Then settled with Howie who was already watching 101 Ways To Get Kicked Off A Game Show....and man, they're NUTS!!!! I can't even explain it! Its like Fear Factor meets Wipeout meets Jeopardy! Just bizarre!! Howie went to bed after that and I put on The Voice...which had some seriously rocking tunes!!

My predictions for the teams:

TeamBlake: Dia The girl can SING!!!!!
TeamAdam: Javier SO much better WITHOUT the hat!
TeamCeeLo: Vicci Freakin rocked a song I've never heard but wanna hear again!
TeamXtina: Frenchie gave me shivers ALL over!!!!

Should be interesting!

Then I watched Covert Affairs and enjoyed it...I finally "solved" it before the show ended! That doesn't happen often!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekend Recap

Saturday started early...Belle up after 5, kids up at 7 and I'd promised Howie he could sleep in, but he said he'd had enough sleep, so I got another 45 mins and then I HAD to get up and start getting ready. I had to rethink my choices in clothes too thanks to the liquid sunshine! blah!!!

I got picked up at 10 and off we headed over the mountains to George (or Quincy) Washington...still makes me chuckle! We stopped at Wenatchee to hit up KFC (for them) and Subway (for me) and Top Foods (for all of us) and our last pit stop for this leg of the race...wait, wrong show! But it was the last real toilet of Saturday!

We got to the campsite about 2 and set up straight away.....Mike opted to sleep in the truck with an air mattress, and Jackie and I got the I blew up the queen air mattress an it literally took up the entire tent!! Insane!!!! The sun was shining, and hiding behind clouds, so in essence it was perfect for those of us who've have rain for so long! I got a teeny bit pink but hardly worth mentioning. There were SO many people there, and SO many with music just blaring...we didn't need to have our own...just turn your head and you'll find a different "station" to listen to!

Concert started at 7, so we headed in that direction about that was a LONG ass walk!!! But we made it and The Band Perry was playing when we got in...we got to our seats (thank God we had assigned seats!) and I of course have to Jackie and I go in search of a dreaded porta potty (at which point I'd already thought up 4 of the rules!) and then she needed food, and a t-shirt for her niece. We got back to our seats and Luke Bryan was singing away!! He'll go far!!! For sure!!  Not sure what time Tim came on, but he sure is entertaining! He's also a part time bouncer as he hauled two people out of the crowd and sent them packing! This chick who dumped her beer on some guy, and the guy who either hit/shoved her...he just stopped the show and ejected them both! Talk about Southern charm! He even gave us 3 or 4 extra songs according to my TimFreakFan Jackie! There were a few songs (and some new) that I didn't know, but for the most part I was able to sing along or fudge it! lol

We were done about 11 and the mass exodus happened immediately...that long ass walk again, my shins are still hurting from that...and my ribs!! We got back and snacked before bed, one last potty and then we all crashed! Which is hard to do when you have Kenny Chesney blaring at you in one direction and Tim in the opposite direction....finally about 1 they quieted down, that's not to say they also went to sleep, but got quieter. I then proceeded to wake up at 3 for no reason, and at 5 when some idiot started whoopin and hollerin while revving his engine, then at 7 for the day. We were packed up and in the truck by 7:30 and on our way to a breakfast place. We went the opposite way we came, so it was new to me. After breakfast we hit the road hard...and Jackie and I fell asleep...or at least I think she did, I was out of it!

We got home about 11:45 and my lil fam was at church, so I unpacked, put stuff away, and washed the campingness off me!! Man, that was the best shower in a LONG time!! Then I waited for them to get home! They were as excited to see me as I was to see them!! I then made us all lunch and we chatted. The rest of the day went nicely for Father's Day! Howie got first nap on the couch, and I got second nap with SamSam while he took DJ for a bike ride! So nice!! Then Jake came for dinner and stayed the nite! It was wonderful!

This morning Belle had me up just before 6, so I left her with Jake who was getting ready for school, as Howie left for work. DJ joined me around 6:30 and we both slept til 8 nicely! Our day was uneventful really, the kids played outside, ate lunch outside, enjoyed being wasn't sunny, but it also wasn't raining!!! Gotta take em where ya can around here! Finally about 3 I got the kids in the truck and headed into town to do the grocery shopping at Freddy's...neither kid wanted to go in play land, so it took a bit longer to complete said task! Then we headed to Anneke's for DJ to get his hair cut...oh he looks sharp!!! His head shrunk too!! lol FINALLY we got home, unloaded, and started dinner! After dinner we just relaxed til the kids went to bed just after 8:30.

Howie watched The Voice from last week...then went to bed while I then watched my dvr'd B'ette. I think there are now "Bentley" drinking games...anytime Ashley says his name, take a drink...a girl could get drunk on that one!!! And now we have yet another week of waiting for this insanity to be over!!! Ugh!!! I really didn't see William going home tonite, that one kinda shocked me!! Nor would I have picked Ryan over Nick...but it is what it is!

Ok, I've rambled're caught up...and I'm tired!! G'nite!

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Rules to live by!

First off...Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!!

I'm skipping a full on post as I'm just whupped, so instead I leave you with:

Rules to live by!

Porta Potty Rules that is...sheesh!

Rule #1 Wait til you ABSOLUTELY must go!!! Excessive porta potty use could be the death of you!!

Rule #2 Find one that doesn't have the urinal don't aim properly at home, why on earth would that change in a porta potty!?!?!

Rule #3 Make sure the floor is dry...this goes along with rule #2 if you're unlucky enough to have to use one with an attached man bowl.

Rule #4 Make sure there's enough toilet paper, there is NOTHING worse than knocking on the porta potty next to ya! It don't work like that!

Rule #5 DO NOT LOOK IN THE HOLE!!!!!!!!

Rule #6 You simply MUST wipe the seat...I don't care how drunk you are, the person before you may have been drunker. Now, while attempting rule #6, be sure you follow rule #5, this is where it gets tricky!!!

Rule #7 Go quickly!! and by God, don't use your phone in a porta potty, if the unthinkable happens, you'll not only be phoneless (cuz lets face it, its HISTORY) you'll also be the laughing stock of your peeps!

Rule #8 If you start to feel overcome with that urge to gag, do what my nursey friends tell me to do, smile, it makes the gag go away...good thing no one can see into your porta potty! You'd look kinda dumb...

Rule #9 Avoid  puking in a porta potty...seriously!! Truly!! REALLY!!!

Rule #10 If there is a hand washing station nearby, its beyond imperative that you wash your hands after using a porta potty!!! *shudder*

Did you think I couldn't come up with 10 of them!?!?! That's about how many times (no, not really) I had to use a porta potty in the 24 hours I was away from home...and Princess doesn't like porta potties!!!! Not one bit!!!!!

I did have fun and will fill ya in tomorrow, still too pooped!! Even with a two hour nap this afternoon! :)

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My poor baby boy!!!

This morning pretty much all of us were up, including Belle, by 7:30...and since Howie went and did the airport run with my parents, he slept til I woke him at 9...5 am is a terrible time to have to be at the airport! Blech!! And since today was Howie's late day, he didn't NEED to be up that early other than to drive my parents. I'm so glad it was him and not me tho!! Thank you honey!!

Howie went on his way to work just before 10 and I then tried to patiently wait for my Avon to arrive...guard dog Snickers announced his arrival...shortly after 10, so I got crackin on it! My dream was to be out by 11....reality dictated 11:30...but cruelty dealt me 12 as my departure time. Sheesh there's so much to consider! And since I knew it was gonna be a LONG ass day, I brought BusyBelle with us (my new name for her) and she wasn't too thrilled with this development...but I really had no choice! I did have her up front with me on the passenger side, but she is getting too big for that. So at one point, DJ wanted his car seat to move back to his original spot, which freed up the back back and I thought that was better for BusyBelle...and it was!

Part of today was that DJ had his 5 year well child check he got weighed (48 lbs, he was 10 lbs 15 oz at birth!!) and measured (he's 45" and was 21" at birth!) and they did a simple eye test on him and he's got 20/30 vision, but he was messin around and playing shy, and it was his first ever eye test, so they're not worried! Shoot, I couldn't see the bottom two rows either! Then he came into the room and the nurse took his blood pressure (totally normal for his height and weight!) and then left us to wait for the Dr...which seemed like FOREVER!!!!! Finally she came in, checked his ears, mouth, eyes for straightness, and listened to his heart and belly...when she took a peek down his pants, I swear he smiled...oy!  He told her that his legs hurt (calf area) and she told him that's cuz he's getting ready to grow! He liked that. Then as she was leaving she suggested I inform him about the shots he was getting while waiting for the nurse.

Yeah, that went over like a fart in church!!! He said "no, no, no!" and then hid under the counter so the nurse wouldn't be able to find him. Crazy kid! So, we talked about it and how it was necessary...and that he was 5 and that's why he needed them. He suggested he go back to being 4, and I said sure, but that he'd have to give back his new bike as that was only for 5 year olds...he thought about it for a minute and said "oh alright, I'll be 5" and came out from under. Which was right as Jennifer came in with the needles. He saw there were 3 and didn't like that!  He sat on my lap hug style and watched the first 2 with minimal whimpering...but that MMR shot is killer and goes in the muscle...he HATED that one!! I had to tuck his arms under my arms so he wouldn't jerk away...oh the tears!!!! I'm glad tho that he wasn't mad at Jennifer, he was mad at the needles and that they hurt!

I'd brought Smarties along to cheer him up, and they worked! And I called Howie's sister to see if she wanted 2 kids and a puppy for a couple hours....she said she'd do the kids, no puppy, but then the twins heard her say that and said they'd watch the!! Belle needed time to romp around and so did the kids! I tried valiantly to get Sam's pix done today, but the place I have the deal with is booked til Monday!!! NOT good! So I finished my route alone and in a quiet vehicle!! Then went back to pick them up and take them to McD's for dinner since it was already 8! We had 2 more stops to make on the way home and we finally made it home for 8:30...the kids were in bed for 9...not too bad really!

I was POOPED!!! I sat with Howie while he watched some dumb show, and then had to find energy to go pack my stuff...I will be incommunicado tomorrow nite...I have a date with Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan and The Band Perry across the mountains! I highly doubt I'll be up to blogging from a tent on my phone!!

Oh my "blond" moment of the day...while getting  the kids back in the truck after the Dr appt, I put my purse on the floor of DJ's side and then got Belle out. Well, DJ didn't like that idea and took it out and put it on the running board on the front passenger door side...I saw he'd done it, and said to myself "watch me drive away with that still on there"  Belle wouldn't pee, the kids were loose in the truck, so I got everyone settled and headed for our next I'm at the T intersection, this guy stops his vehicle and starts yelling at me...but he's so far away I can't make out what he says. Luckily there was a cop not too far behind him that  put his lights on and got out to see what was going on...he gets out of his vehicle and starts pointing me and talking to the cop..then gets back in his vehicle, but the cop wasn't done talking to him and rapped on his window as he was trying to pull away...I decide not to go left (in the direction of the crazy guy) and instead go right, right into traffic that's stopped. I keep my eye on the situation in my side mirror and everyone pulls away and traffic resumes. I then look over and some guy is knocking on my passenger window holding up my stupid purse! Now I knew why the guy was pointing at me! D'oh!!!  It was then that I realized I'd also left the bowl I was using for Belle to have water...TOTAL blond!!!! Maybe the hair colour yesterday did something to

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Christmas In JUNE!!!

This morning Belle did great til 7:20...I can live with that! DJ got up too and my dad was already up so once Belle was done her businesses I headed back to my still warm bed. I didn't go back to sleep mind you, but enjoyed the warmth nonetheless! Til Sam came into me shortly after 8 asking to be lifted over the gate.

Our morning was nice and slow...the kids enjoyed having G'ma and Poppa here and showing off their stuff and talents. Then around 11 the basket of goodies came out...and man, there was some GOODIES!!! DJ had asked for Smarties, and g'ma bulk!! They each got so many books it was hard to keep track of them all. Some work books for learning, and a great puzzle book that looks amazing! and of course the standard fairy tale books. Even LARGE colouring books...T-bell for SamSam and Toy Story 3 for DJ...and they have markers!!! Sam got a Strawberry Girl (her way of saying Strawberry Shortcake) book that makes noise...DJ got planes...small ones like hot wheels size and then bigger ones to put together and fly outside on a nice sunny day. I didn't think we'd get to the bottom of the basket! I got a digital food scale...I knew they'd bought one for me and I'd forgotten about it! Kinda like gift Alzheimer's! The kids were buzzing around!

We ate lunch in shifts and then once I'd potty'd Belle we left shortly after 1...which turned into 1:30 by the time I got DJ's car seat in the back back...I left Sam's since not all of us were travelling today. Our first stop was to the church...they're having a Used Treasure sale tomorrow and Saturday, and since I'm jam packed with lotsa other stuff, I volunteered to help sort stuff today. Well, Mom and Dad joined me and the 5 of us did about an hour and a half of work! Man, there were tables and tables of stuff! We got to sort toys out...the kids liked that! "look at this  mom!!!"...yeah!

At 3 we headed out and stopped to get gas, do the bank thing, and then head to my hair dresser for some and dad chose to stay in the truck in the sun and nap, the kids got out and played with Alyia and Travis. I am now blond again! Fully blond, not dirty blond with massive roots showing...I had no idea it was that bad til she held up a piece from the top of my head and I saw! DANG!!! I got brows done too and love getting them done! Ahhh I walked out of there 10 years younger! Ok I only looked it! At least now I look my age...29 thankyouverymuch!

We got home and Howie was already home enjoying the quiet...the kids stayed out to play, and we headed in to get dinner going. I'd thawed out some pork steaks...they were GIGANTIC...Mom and I shared one, the kids had a tip of one, and Howie and Dad shared big! And SO tasty!! YUM! Good thing I know the pig grower of this particular meat! Gotta get in on that action!

After dinner I bathed the kids...and then Howie read to them and we tucked them in...then we played cards with them before the 3 of them left me and went to bed. They had to be up for 4 to leave to go to the and dad fly out tomorrow at 6 am, and then come back to us on Wednesday of next week. Not sure yet if the kids understand that when they wake up, they won't be here. I'm grateful Howie's doing this airport run and then coming home to sleep for 3 more hours. I'd have stayed up and waited til 4 and then gone to bed at 6 for 3 hours...SO not enough for me. So now, I'm headed to bed to get at least 6 hours til Belle gets up!

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


This morning Belle had me up at ten to 7, but DJ had me up at 4:30 asking if he could sleep in the bed...since I knew Howie was getting up in a few, I said yes, and didn't stir again til Belle woke me. Got her taken care of and when I came back in the house, DJ was just coming out of the bedroom to find I told him it wasn't time to get up  yet, and back in we went. Worked fine if I'd put the gate up at the end of the hall...but no, I forgot that part! And she whined at my door loud enough to wake Sam once DJ heard her voice, off he went! I was suffering from an achy hernia area, so I laid for another half hour til the natives got hungry...then I told DJ to get the breakfast things ready and I'd be right out...well 2 seconds later he comes running in to tell me he made a mess with my cereal...and I come to find out it wasn't just ANY cereal, it was my granola!!! ARGH!! And about 3 or 4 cups worth too! I was heartbroken!! The floor wasn't clean enough for me to use the 5 second rule I swept it up, with my tears, and put it in the garbage *sigh*

After breakfast the kids helped me move the chairs and whatnot from the dining area so I could steam the floors...I did the kids bathroom first, which is where I discovered that Belle does NOT like the hissing sound of the mop...starts chasing it, and barking at it, DJ was literally on the floor laughing, it was pretty funny...but when I got to the dining area, it started getting old! I think she may have steam burned her nose, as she left me alone for a while and I got most of it done before she started chasing me again! Stinkerbutt! Even while I was doing the laundry room she was still barking at me from upstairs! *shakes head*

I also got laundry going and a load of dishes going...but 11 am I called it quits!! I was tired! lol I learned then that they were just crossing the border and should be here by 2...which was almost accurate! It was about 2:30..meanwhile the kids drove me bonkers waiting for them! The UPS truck psyched me out next door with it diesel sound...and then the Fed Ex guy dropped off a package for my mom, and all of Snickers' barking made me think they were in the driveway. FINALLY they arrived and there was no mistaking the sound!! Since our driveway is tricky and we weren't sure where to put them, he backed down the road, turned around and then backed up the road past our driveway and parked.

The kids were already outside and jumping around like Mexican beans around them! It was cute to watch! Then they came in the house and Belle went a little crazy...I grabbed a towel to catch the excited pee, but my dad picked her up to get a better look at her and she peed all over him. ha! They came in and sat down to decompress...the kids were everywhere with excitement and taking turns on laps, it was quite endearing! I also learned more about my Aunt's death...she'd been away on a weekend getaway with a friend in Montreal...on the Monday morning they went on some hike and when they got back my Aunt said she was tuckered and went to take a nap, her friend went to the casino and a couple hours later returned to the room and discovered her unwakeable.  Well, turns out, she'd had a slight heart attack 3 weeks prior and didn't think it was cause for concern...and then that Saturday prior she was having chest pain off and on and went to the doctor for medicine and was released. Both my grandpa and my uncle died in their sleep as well...its the best way to go, but SO incredibly shocking for those of us left behind!

Ok enough about that! Since my dad's favourite meal here is Teriyaki...that's what we had for dinner...with brown rice! The kids devoured it as they love it just as much as he does! And they were anxious to get to the box of Kinder Eggs they brought with them. We also had the horrible hockey game on...what a joke that was! And I'm thoroughly disgusted with the rioting that took place about sore losers!!! And giving the rest of us Canadians a bad rep! Shame!

I missed most of SYTYCD so I won't even comment....other than, the calibre of the dancers this year is quite extraordinary!! Gonna be a good one for sure!! Howie went to bed shortly after 9 and then mom and dad headed out to the RV shortly after 10 and I got busy working on my Avon books, and then knitting while finishing up  White Collar from last nite (I was about to fall asleep in the middle I was so tired) and then Covert Affair, which is always good! Then tonite was the pilot of a new one called Franklin & Bash...a lawyer show but with humour...and Zach from Saved By The Bell is one of the lead characters, so its nice to see him all grown up! (no, I'm not THAT old...I'm only 29!) It was good and I'm sure I'll catch it again!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Working in a frenzy

This morning I got the text that mom and dad were on their way here...they're not stopping at go (B.C) and not collecting 200, just coming here!! Well, they are stopping at Hotel Walmart for the nite in Chilliwack and then they'll be to us tomorrow by lunch. Then the plan is for them to fly home for the funeral and then fly back, but at least their RV will be safe in my driveway. Still really fuzzy on details of my Aunt's passing, but I'm sure more will come once mom gets back there...whenever that is!

This morning Miss Belle slept til 7:30 before making a ruckus!!! She stirred when DJ came in the room, but settled after a few minutes! This sleeping thing excites me!! So much so, that today I did a bunch of research on potty training, clicker training, border collies and feel more adequate at figuring this dog out! In fact, since my resolution around noon, we've had one small accident in the house, oh and one poop, she pooped right in the middle of eating her dinner. I thought it was safe to take my eyes off her while she was eating,  apparently not!! Lil stinker!!

Before lunch we headed out to do the book drop and the pizza run and then came home. DJ had been out all morning working with Mr Erickson next door and his feet were literally BLACK! I kid you not! He was "helping" him while he rototilled his garden area. Sam was content to be inside with me. I did have a 'moment' this morning where I cried for my mom's loss of her sister, and both kids were right there to comfort me. They knew I was sad. And it is sad!

When we got back from the runs, the kids both stayed outside to play, which was more than okay with me as I got busy cleaning the know, that stuff only moms notice...kept me busy too! Before I knew it, Howie was home and off he went on the carpet cleaning rampage. Here's hoping I can keep them pee free with the new method I'm using on Belle. She really is super smart and just today learned "sit" and got it right she knows she'll get a treat when she does it outside. Whew!

After dinner I bathed the kids while Howie kept on with the deep clean...and it took me 5 mins to scrub DJ's feet to light brown...I'm afraid they won't be white again til October!  I tucked them both into bed while Howie kept on...he's still keeping on...but now he's on the shop vac the cleaning is finished and then we can move the chairs back in over towels and I can finally watch The Voice and relax!!

Til next time...God bless!

Ride 'em Cowgirl!!!

Saturday when I had my girl date for the movie, which by the way was FANTASTIC if I haven't already raved about g/f Joanne found a pair of size 9 cowboy boots and asked what size Sam is...she's a she gave them to me to give to Sam. When I got home that nite, I just put them on the counter with no note, nothing. Howie didn't let her have them til I got up and drove him nuts for 2 hours with the one track mind about the when I got up, she didn't even say hello to me, just "are those for me!?!?!" and when I said she she clapped her hands together and jumped up and down. She put them on straight away even tho she was still in her nightie. Wore them to church with her dress. Wore the outside to play when we got home. I feared she'd want to wear them to bed too! Luckily she left them at the door when she came in the house. whew!

She is ALL about the boots! Even today...wore them when we went to the shed...then when we went out again to a friends house and the bank...she is crazy about these boots!!! And she knows they came from Morgin's mom...but doesn't get that they were her older sister's boots when she was little....she's now 22! So cool! Joanne and I made a deal...when Sam outgrows the boots, we're each gonna keep one and fill it with dirt and plant something in it...and put it in our gardens. How fun is that!?!? I love that idea!

Today wasn't anything fact, I got to speak with my mom twice...once this morning to chat and then again at dinner. I don't usually answer the phone during dinner, but it was my mom and Howie agreed I should take it. Especially since I'd already spoken with her. I learned my Aunt Phyllis passed away suddenly over the weekend. She was in Montreal for the weekend and didn't wake up. I don't have too many details and am waiting for more from my cousins. This is where distance sux! I can't just hop on a plane and go for the funeral. Kinda like when my Grandma passed away. I'm very saddened she'll never meet the grandson who's due in cousins battled infertility for 18 years and are finally blessed to be parents!

My parents are more than likely hitting pause on the whole road trip they're on  and flying home for the funeral and then back to Alberta (where they are now) to pick up where they left off. Will more than likely delay their arrival to us, but it better change their departure date from us too!!! Got that mom!!!

Once the kids were in bed, I worked on some Avon stuff, and then sat down to veg and watch tv and knit. The B'ette, man, Ashley needs to build a bridge and get over it, it being Bentley! And then to see the previews that he's back next week...he's an ass! If he ever gets a date again, I'll be shocked!  Phuket looks an awful lot like the PNW...rainy, rainy, rainy!! I love that they worked on that orphanage and gave back. Nice work! Wasn't that shocked to see West go home...was shocked she kept Ben C tho, he's a wallflower if you ask me! After B'ette, I watched Switched at Birth...its very thought provoking...not sure I could handle that situation truthfully!

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Today I got to work in

SamSam's class during service...I got a call last week asking if I could help out as they had no one to do it, so I said yes...Sam's been in that class for almost a year now, so its my turn to give back. She was excited to have me in there too! Since we were to be there for 10:35, we got there at 10:33! Not too shabby! She and I were the first ones in there. Thankfully the woman who runs the show left me an itinerary for how things go down in the class...and I had a fabulous helper who's been in the class lotsa times!! Between the two of us, we muddled quite well!

The twins Sam plays with, Charlotte and Lucy were in there and we had a new girl, Tierra...who was NOT happy about being dropped off with no notice! She cried and cried...and cried some more! I tried consoling her, ignoring her, holding her, nothing worked! After 20 minutes, Joanne, the gal running the show, came in to see if she could calm her down, last resort before calling for a parent, and she did! Turns out, she didn't want to be in our room at all! Once she was in the baby nursery, she was happy as a clam!!! Not one tear! So the 3 kids, Sarah and I got down to business in our class!

After service I had to wait til the twins got picked up, and then I was free to go...Howie and the kids went to the truck and I went in search of the pastor's wife...and ended up chatting with the twins' mom...they're getting TWO puppies sometime this week! TWO of them!! They're red poodles...and just about 8 weeks old. But TWO of them!?!?! I thought she was insane til she explained it to me...they have 5 kids from ages to have just one puppy, he/she might get over loved, so to have two, they share the love around. Plus the pups will have a ready made playmate....and she said she survived twins, she can survive two pups! I told her if she figures out the potty training to let me know what her secret is! lol

We got home from church and I made us all lunch...well 'cept for Howie, he wasn't hungry. He sat with me and read the paper while the kids ate outside at the picnic table.  Then he went and started the brush fire, we have SO much brush to burn off from the trees its insane! And we finally had 3 dry days...but turns out the middle and bottom had not dried up at all! So he didn't get near as much burned as he would have liked. I got laundry going...the toilet in the kids bathroom overflowed just after Howie went outside to work. So I laid multiple towels down and soaked it up...but it got the kids hamper wet, so I ran that load first. I emptied the dishwasher and re-loaded it up and got it running...THEN I finally headed out to help with the fire.
I helped a bit, but he had it I headed over to my garden to plant the butternut squash...I lost a cucumber along the way somehow...the start just fell over in the mound and when I broke the earth up, there was nothing roots, no nothing! So I put the squash in its place and gave everything a good drink! I'm praying this garden is a good one!! I also staked up the peas and beans...I bought some bamboo poles to make my own trellises...and then Howie gave me the genius idea to weave my extras thru it to create a "step" for them to climb up...I'd have never thought of that!

After dinner the kids and I headed to the shed to shop...they wanted to come with me...DJ ended up coming in the shed with me and picked out some vegan carrot cake muffins...he thought they were cupcakes with the icing on them...I let him think that! hee hee When we got home I let him carry them in so he could show Daddy and at the bottom of the stairs he opens them...and as I'm reaching for them (after setting my box down first) they up end and land on the cement...there goes the icing! I was able to salvage the cupcake/muffin part, but OY!

I made them get into their pj's first before partaking of the cupcake...Sam didn't care for hers at all...and DJ gobbled it up! Then we did teeth and books before tucking them in. Howie had some show on tv, slim pickings on Sunday nites he went to bed shortly after 9 to read. I watched Army Wives and was left bewildered as to what's going on! Then I watched a new show I had on dvr called Switched At Birth...I like the concept....but SO glad that didn't happen to me!!! Could you imagine finding out 16 years later that the kid you're raising is not your kid!?!?! That's just crazy talk! Then I watched another new show on Lifetime called The Protector...not sure how much I like it, but if I miss a few, I won't be too upset! Follows protocol for most cop meh!

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Her poor paws!!

Today Belle got the brunt of the day and took it all in the paws!!

This morning I enjoyed sleeping in til awesome!! I don't even remember Belle waking!!! How's that! I do remember her stirring around 6, but she settled herself back to sleep...and Howie said she woke again at 6:45, pretty darn decent for 10 weeks old!! And then the big kids didn't get up til after 8!!

When I got up I got told that DJ wanted an I made the 3 of us one each...Sam was enjoying her peanut buttered toast. I had to go down and get english muffins, and left a whining Belle at the gate at the top of the stairs...well next thing I know DJ is carrying her to me in the I take her and bring her back up. Now, he says she jumped over, but if Belle could talk, she just might tell me she had help...who knows! When I set her back on the floor she whimpered and lifted her front left paw...and hobbled a bit and sat down. I checked both legs and didn't feel anything broken, so told the kids to leave her be. She laid at my feet while I made breakfast and by the time I fed her her breakfast she was fine. Poor thing!

After breakfast Howie headed outside to mow the goal was to get the garden tended to...and get the corn and butternut squash planted....and plant marigolds all around the fence of my garden. Apparently slugs will go for the marigolds instead of my harvest...and our backyard is just a regular slug fest this year!! I had a great helper too...Sam was awesome in digging in the dirt and picking out the rocks...I got the really big rocks out, and some of them were boulder size!!! Insane!! I even found a Monster can cut in half and a piece of glass! When the leveled the house previous, they just left the small bits and covered it with dirt...not cool!

By 1:30 I was hungry, so I headed in to make lunch...and turns out Howie beat me inside...he was showered and ready to go! So we ate and I went and showered....we were headed to the play fields here in Monroe to watch the twins play softball. Dad and Ellen were there already with their dog MacGregor (did I spell that right Ellen?) and Gayleen was spectating with her new camera....the girls were winning the game they were in...but ended up losing by 1 run! The next game started almost immediately after and we stayed for most of 6 we left to head home for dinner. Made one stop on the way for Avon and then home. At the stop, I hopped out of the truck to get the money from the mailbox and accidentally shut the door on Belle's paw...we'd taken her to the field with us, Oh I felt AWFUL!!!!! Just awful!! I held her in my arms the whole way home...and when we got home, I carried her inside and set her down...not even a whimper and no limping...poor baby!!!

After dinner I bathed the kids with lightning speed and got them in bed by I know it can be done...not without tears and protests of wanting to play, but it can be done! My hurry...I'm headed to Lynnwood to catch a movie with my g/f Joanne....we're gonna see Bridesmaids....I've heard nothing but good things about it...and Melissa McCarthy is in it, I just love her!!!

Til next time...God bless!

The weatherman LIED!!!!!!

All week this week he's been WRONG!!! We were supposed to have 10 days of sunshine, and so far we've had 6 days of gray with one hour at the end of it all that's weak sunshine! I need my vitamin D!!!! Not to mention my garden needs it too!! Even still...,I can't believe how much green I see in the garden this year compared to last year!! SO awesome!!!

And Belle didn't get up til 6:35 this morning!!! WOOT!!! I briefly woke up when she did and Howie got her outside...and then the next thing I knew, it was 9 and Howie was getting ready for work. I love Fridays!!! I got up and the kids waited for me to make their breakfast of eggamuffins (Samspeak) meanwhile I'm seein Oreo evidence around her mouth...uh huh! Busted!! I make us all breakfast and then send Howie on his way to work.

At 9:45 DJ heads next door to see if the boys can play, but they were on their way out the door, so he came home and we watched Power Rangers movie together. That's a really strange movie...I must say! When they're in their gear they don't have faces...and you can't see their mouths when they talk...and there is no green one like what he got for his birthday...and its like a tame kid version of weird!! After that Sam wanted Strawberry Shortcake...more my speed! It was then I realized I was supposed to do the pizza run for one of the gleaners on holidays! oops!!! We hurried out the door and headed into town. Did the bank while we were there and headed back home. The kids ate pizza in the truck and I ate when we got home.

It took til later in the afternoon when the sprinkle rain stopped and then the kids went out to play...all of them were out there then! DJ even got to go to the swing park, but Sam chose to stay behind and play by herself without big kid (DJ) taking her toys. She enjoys playing alone! Of course, she's in and out of the house a lot more. Since they were enjoying themselves playing, I worked on my Avon email and got that sent, made a few phone calls, and took care of business. Made chili for dinner, but because I started it SO late, I snacked on almonds and ate when the kids were finally hungry. Which turned out to be 7:30! They gobbled their dinner down too!! I'd promised them we could go to the swing park with Belle and Snickers after dinner.

It was 8 (normal bedtime) when we headed that way....we took the ball thrower with us this time for the dogs. Belle got so worn out, we'd throw the ball, she'd chase Snickers half way and lay down and wait for her to come back with the ball...I got quite a chuckle outta that! We only stayed a half hour and then headed home to do bed time stuff. We were reading the last book when Howie came home from work, so he helped with the tuck in business. Then I got his dinner ready for him and sat with him. Then he put on the Voice from last week...and then watched the CMT awards...which I didn't mind seeing again! Lots of good new songs that should be coming out soon! 

No knitting tonite as I was just enjoying rocking in my chair to the  music....Belle was pooped and it was nice to be left alone for a bit!!! Now I gotta get Howie's coffee ready for morning and hit the hay! I'm finally caught up in my Stephanie Plum series...and moving on to 14! I accidentally re-read 12 AND 13 thinking that's where I left off...I'd completely forgotten about 12, but 13 was a now its on to new stuff!! Janet Evanovich is an awesome writer if you haven't discovered her!

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, June 10, 2011

How is it that...

A dog only eats TWO times a day...and yet she pooped EIGHT times, if not more!, in one day!!?!?!?!? How is this possible!?!?!? Maybe I oughta get a dog's metabolism in me somehow...dang!!!!

This morning I had the pleasure (said sarcastically) of keeping kids quiet while Daddy slept the night shift off...especially since he'd gotten no sleep the evening before. Belle slept til 6 am, I took her out potty and then gated her in the living room and went back to sleep. DJ joined me at some point, not sure when, and then when Sam woke me up just before 8, I discovered DJ in the middle and Howie on the outside. He said he got in around 6:30 and cleaned up 3 piles of crap in the living room...lovely!

When I got up and took her out, she did both businesses and we came back in. About 9:45 after the kids got dressed, DJ asked to go next door....he waited til Sam got dressed and they both headed over...I watched them go in, and was instantly relieved of my shushing duties! Nice!! I then laid on the couch and fell asleep! I fell asleep SO hard that when I woke up at 11:15 I didn't know where I was, or what day it was!! That's crazy!

I then leisurely got up, did the dishes, kept on with the unending laundry this week, and made a nice lunch for me and Howie. I woke him up just after 1 and we ate together. I then got myself ready to go to costco finally, and left everyone behind...cranked the radio and headed south!! Since the moment I'd put my contacts in, the left one was just awful!!! It took me my entire trip in costco and then just before getting back on the freeway to figure out it was inside out...horrible feeling!!! My poor eye! And I felt like a dork wearing my sunglasses inside costco, but the light killed the eye and made my eye tear I know why!! oy! Howie told me while I was out, and he was out vacuuming his car, that he came in and picked up 3 more piles of her crap...yowza!!

Got home and put stuff away and took the kids and the dogs to the park....which is totally gated and nice and big for dogs to run around in. Belle had a BLAST chasing after Snickers and I thoroughly enjoyed watching her run to her heart's content and not have to chase her!!! She can RUN!!!!!! She is afraid of cars and I carried her the whole way there and back, but otherwise, she did great!! The kids enjoyed playing tag with her too...she always caught them lol

When we got home, she crashed so was funny to see! If I could have read her mind it would be "oh, this hurts!!" lol After dinner I bathed Sam while Howie showered DJ and then I bathed Belle since I had such nice warm water in the bath...that and some of the park is MUDDY her paws were brown! Plus, I want to get into a better bathing habit with her...Snickers HATES getting a bath, but I wonder if that's because I never started it with her as a puppy. Here's hoping it works with Belle...she sure is soft after a bath...and the lavender soap I got her is de-lish!!

Once the kids were in bed Howie got sucked into a re-run of Fear Factor...what a great show that was!!! I hear tell its making a comeback sometime soon...YAY!! The food stuff tho, always made me ill, I either had to leave the room or not look at it...blech! Howie went to bed after it was done and I flipped over to SYTYCD and caught some of the top twenty performances...I like how they showcased them tonite...not a competition  yet, just show us the goods! Nice! I missed yesterday as the CMT awards were more me anyways! Then I watched Covert Affairs in my dvr...such a good show on USA network! And then caught Love Bites...a new show that had my interest while I knit.

Now I'm about to take Belle out for  probably the 9th poop of the one before I settled in my chair for the evening...crazy dog! does she poop SO much!?!?!

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

All about tonite!!

This morning my five year old was not beside me was in fact my three year old!!! With her nose right up against mine!! Scared me silly too! As soon as DJ woke and came in the room tho, they were both up for the day.

This morning I  had plans to go to costco and do the shopping...but bagged it when I discovered we did in fact have a gallon of milk in the fridge and it wasn't a necessity! So instead, we stayed home and I puttered...more laundry, more dishes...typical stuff! It was another cool gray day with a bit of rain in the morning, just enough to soak everything and make it so the kids can't play outside....or don't want to!

After lunch DJ tried going next door, but no answer, and instead stayed outside playing for a bit by himself....Sam and I were inside being goofy which was fun...I can't wait til its just her and I for a few hours four days a week...should be fun! About 2:30 I settled them with the movie Bolt and then went in to shower and clean up for the Gala tonite.

Tonite was a dinner event for all reps with Avon (in certain districts) who achieved President's that meant me! I got all dolled up too! FINALLY got to wear that sweater that Howie got me for Christmas and then wore my flaring chiffon pants that I paid a whopping 5.00 for a couple years score they were!!! And they've served me well! I ended up carpooling with another rep from Monroe and we met at Freddy's, which is also where I met Howie to swap kids/cars...then Shannon and I were on our way!!! Seems she remembers me from VBS last year, and a couple of the meetings in town,  but it wasn't til I saw her face that I knew who she was! We chatted the entire way there and discovered a lot of similarities in our lives! SO fun to meet new friends!

The banquet was smashing!! Right away at our place setting there was a box of pearlesque drop earrings...I was very tempted to put them on right away too! Then they started in on the drawings for winners of an HUGE table full of stuff! Behind that was another MASSIVE table full of trophies for top sellers and whatnot. Since this was my first year to be a part of it all, I wasn't sure what to expect...but some of those numbers were staggering!

I was also sure, since it was my first year, that  I wouldn't be winning any awards...I was WRONG!!!!! When they called my name I was stunned!! #3 in district for Sales Increase!!! Who knew!! I now have an Oscarette (that's what they called them, and she does look like a female Oscar award) that weighs a tonne, and looks awesome! I'm thinkin she'll join the Mrs Albee award I got for making PC way up the kids can't use it as a weapon! So fun!

There were two bad things about tonite...1) the food didn't happen til I'll know for next time to eat on the way in! I didn't even have a bar in my purse! Nothing! UGH! and 2) I missed the CMT awards live...thank goodness for DVR and I was able to watch them when I got home.

Oh and another bad thing about tonite....within in minutes of my arrival home, Howie was on his way out the door to go back to work! Boo! Something about electrical and he needs to be there for the contractor...I felt horrible that it was tonite...a nite when I wasn't home for him to sleep before heading in. Sure hope its not a whole nite deal for him!

I'm pooped...and still smiling tho....

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

He is FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning I woke up to no one, no dogs, no cats, no kids...fabulous!! Then I peek over at the clock and it was after 8...even more fabulous!!!! I then get bombarded with children...DJ came in to see me, then left, then came back and was going to talk to me, and realized what day it was...that was so cute!!!! I didn't get to get a word in, but the  moment was sweet. I can not believe he's five already!!! How is this possible!?!!? Its just not right!

Five years ago today, I woke up at 4:11 (my sister's height, so I'll always remember it!) with a major contraction that left me no doubt it was the real thing...I tried going back to sleep, but when they're coming every 5 minutes, that's not quality sleep! By 5 I got up and hopped in the shower (as per the request of my Dr) and woke Howie up with a classic "its time" line...then while he was in the shower, I woke my mom up and we headed downstairs to eat. I called in to the hospital and told them that even tho I was scheduled for an induction, I was in fact in labour...they said to come on in!

By 7 we were on the road and I had my last put in the most FABULOUS room in the birthing center and got checked on. By 10 they had me on pitocin to help speed up the process...DJ was doing fine and I was handling it well...they were coming strong but bearable. Around 4 pm, I was told now or never for the epidural and chose the now option...what bliss that was!! I'd done a couple shots of fentanol, and was able to catch quick naps, but with the epidural it was like I could breathe again.

Just after 6 I got checked and was at 6 cm dilated and the ob said he was going for dinner...and that typically it takes an hour per cm at this point. I looked at him and told him that I would be ready to push at 8...he scoffed at me. Sure as shit I was pushing at 8!!! Howie had gone home to let the Snickers out, and was rushing back to me, my mom was by my side coaching me along. Rather a strange thing to use muscles that were half asleep!

At 10:30 the Dr explained that he was stuck...and that my body wouldn't allow him to pass thru naturally due to an abnormal pubic bone...I looked at him and said "then what are you waiting for, get this baby out!" Two and a half hours of pushing is exhausting!!!  They prepped us all for surgery and wheeled me down with Howie in tow. He was the only one allowed in, but that was fine with me. At 11pm they plucked this little (well, BIG) baby out of me and pronounced him alive! No, scratch that, he announced himself!! That cry had me smiling from ear to ear...the only muscles I could move at this point in the game! They cleaned him off, weighed him, did their tests and handed him over to Daddy for me to see! He looked just like the ultrasound pictures we'd had done, only better!!! Truly a miracle!! And me made me a Mom in an heartbeat!

Today, I had the pleasure of watching him turn 5 and seeing just how far he's come. He's getting a little more sassy and lippy every day, and it totally reminds me of me...I can hear echos of my childhood when I speak to him, and when he talks back to alive, that's just scary!  The apple has not fallen far from the tree...the apron strings have made sure of that!  All day today, I kept wishing him a happy birthday and he'd thank me and kiss me....even Sam got some of that action...she liked it being his day!

Instead of making dinner, we took him out to Red Robin as per his request and enjoyed some burgers...then we went across the street to Freddy's as I told him he could spend his birthday money that he got...and he was desperate for another Power Ranger. No luck there. But we did find out that the first one was bought at a Target, and since it was only 7, we headed to the nearest one to us in Lake Stevens. Roam around their toy section and even asked someone to find out for us...again, no luck! But he was really wanting to spend his money, so in the end he chose a pair of binoculars...and of course pushover Dad suggests Sam get some too...then we find a helmet for Sam that's princess!!! And as we're heading to the check out we find Cars macaroni and cheese, so they each get a box, and then some bananas for breakfast, then I hop into the kids clearance section and pick up a shirt for each kid that's only 1.48!!!! How can I pass that up!?!?! I turn around and Howie's in the kids undies section and Sam needs new looser ones real bad, so she picks out Dora and is very happy!!! Finally we check out and head to the truck. The kids used their binoculars the whole way was cute!

Got them in bed and we sat down to watch the Voice...GO TEAM BLAKE!!!!! As if you wondered!! I will say tho, that Raquel totally blew me away...Dia was definitely a DIAmond!!!! And Xenia has a certain sound to  her that's really unique. Patrick shouldn't have sung that song, it didn't suit his voice at all! And Jared is okay....not my fave of TBS. CeeLo without his glasses looks goofy! Like a brown cue ball with eyes! The songs they all sang together were fabulous...I think TBS showcased the individual voices better than Team Xtina...but there could be some bias. I thought it was SUPER cute how at the end of the song Blake was looking for approval from Adam as it was his band's song.

Oh and Fifi...I read on Ashley's blog that we've not seen the end of Bentley...sad, but true...and on Chris' blog that she was warned repeatedly by him and other crew members...stupid is as stupid does!!! Man alive!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Last of the 4's

Last nite after I went to bed, Miss Belle got herself all caught up in the crate and was whining to beat the band! Howie rescued her, took her outside, she did nothing of course, and he brought her back in the house, but left her in the living room...I'm oblivious to all this, and wake up at 7:30 to Samantha yelling from the bathroom for me to wipe her up. I got up, notice the gate, and wipe her up...I then convince her its not time to be up yet, and she snuggles in with me. That's when I notice DJ sound asleep on Howie's side of the bed....sure did surprise me! I think Sam dozed for a bit, but by 8 DJ was up and they were both off to watch tv. At 8:30 we got a visit from Superman (it was K dressed up) and the house got a little crazy then. I got up and got dressed, and Belle came in the room with all the commotion and started peeing right on the floor..argh! DJ takes her outside to potty and I find them out on the front lawn getting attn from David.

We quickly eat our breakfast and then DJ is off to go outside and play with Superman!! Sam is right behind him too! Another gorgeous day here, and its just awesome!!! I stay in and get the dishwasher unloaded and reloaded with what's there, and then get laundry going....I'd left a load in the wash from last Thursday....NOT pleasant!!! SO not pleasant! I also discovered the trick to Howie's new work shirts...they LIKE before my shower tonite, while putting clothes away, I hung them in the bathroom and steamed them...worked like a charm!!!!!

Getting ahead of myself bit 11 I'm anxious to get out the door, so I make a list of where we need to go and start gathering things up. It was 11:30 by the time we actually left (time continuum strikes again!) and got on our way to deliver an Avon order in Duvall...what a pretty drive for it too!! Finally found the place, the house was completely hidden with growth from trees and whatnot, and got back in the truck. Knowing what else was planned for today, I decided to forgo the trip to costco and head back into town and do the in town errands before heading home for lunch. We got back and I got that prepped right away...and then finished loading up the dishwasher and switched out loads in the washer/dryer and headed out.

For the first time in 8 years, I had an appt to get my nails done! A while back I'd seen a sign on the side of the road either to/from town...and one day a couple weeks ago I called to get her prices and see if she did real acrylics and not tips. She did!! But since it had been years since she'd really done them, would she be able to do them for free on me for practice...I readily agreed and made an appt! She cancelled that appt two weeks ago as she wasn't confident enough to do them and we made it for today instead. So I headed out while all the kids were outside and the pup was happily snoozing inside.

Now, it's been 8 I had an expectation in my mind of what I wanted...well I got blown away by the advances in nails!!! No tips, as I don't do tips, but she gave me what's commonly referred to as pink and a perma-french nail basically. The tips are white and the rest is a natural pink colour. They look awesome!!! Some of the white parts are a bit big, but I know she's just the time she got to the 10th nail, it was absolutely perfect!! So the potential is there! And I enjoyed chatting with her...nice lady maybe a bit older than Howie, and quite personable! And I fully understood her!!! That's huge for this hearing impaired girl! :D

I arrived home about 10 seconds after Howie and we headed inside...him to watch hockey (which totally sucked tonite!) and me to keep on with laundry!  I was making sure I didn't need to go in the garage as the kids found a garter snake in there this morning....NOT COOL!!! *shudder*  After dinner I went and had my shower while the kids went back outside and then when I was done got them ready for bed and put them down. DJ went to bed fully knowing that tomorrow he'll wake up and be 5!!!!!! SO exciting!!!!  Once I tucked him in, I went back down for more laundry (I should mention I haven't even touched our laundry yet, so far its the kids' and pee towels and extra things) and then sat down to watch tv with Howie...who'd gotten sucked into watching an Orange County Choppers show. Once he went to bed, I put on B'ette and was blown away!! Poor Ashley...and yet at the same time I wanna smack her and say "See, you were warned!" I'm sure she's watching it back every week and kicking herself for being so stupid!! Bentely is an ASS!!!!!! And William, while he took the cheap shot at her, is safe...which I'm glad for! And just as I suspected, Jeff looks better with the mask on!!!! And did we really need to see him on the toilet with the mask on!?!?!! REALLY!??!?! OY!

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, June 6, 2011

What the heck...??

This morning I was kind and let Howie sleep while I got puppy up and potty'd and gated in the living I'm outside with her, DJ pops up over the deck railing...ITS SIX O'CLOCK!!!!! I tell him to go back to bed as its NOT time to be awake...he says "but it's daylight!"...yeah, so, go back to bed!! Belle does her businesses and we come back in....and who's coming at me down the hall....Samantha!!! I tell her its not time to be awake yet either and she comes into bed with me. Man she was a heater too!!!  Shortly thereafter, DJ joins us....this is not how I can fall back to sleep with four people in a queen sized bed!!! I should have left the kids there and gone to DJ's bed!! Seriously! Remind of that option next time will ya!

About 7 after restless kids are not fallin back to sleep, I send them out to watch tv...and Howie gets up...I rolled over and went back to sleep til Howie woke me to get ready for church. Since we weren't coming back home after church, I had to make sure we had everything party-wise we needed. We took two vehicles so that Howie could come back between church and the party to check on Belle, who we were leaving uncrated. So while he was off doing that, the kids and I headed to the dollar store to get balloons, and to get quarters for the arcades. We got those and headed to Alfy's for the party.

My g/f Nikki was already there with her twin boys, so she helped me get the Happy Birthday banner up, and tie the balloons to the chairs...once everyone had arrived I handed out 2.00 in quarters (8 is A LOT for most kids under 5) and then went to order pizza for lunch. I'd already put a deposit on the room, so that 25.00 was a credit towards lunch...and the pizzas were half price, so that helped, and drinks were 1.00 a piece...all told I spent less than 50 on lunch for 16 people...not bad!! AND we brought pizza home! Howie and I shared an all you can eat salad since pizza isn't on the menu!!

My dirt dessert went well...I was bummed it didn't gel up was goopy, but the kids could have cared less and gobbled it up! They loved the worms in them too! Then we did the presents and DJ was thrilled with everything!! He got two new books (which we've read multiple times already), a 5.00 bill (which he said he wanted to spend right away at the arcade), a new colouring kit that's Lightning (great indoor/rainy day thing!), Kinectimals (which he's played for an hour already!) on xBox, and a FABULOUS shorts/t-shirt/polo set (and he actually awed over it all!) and he was happier than a pig in you know what! I thought was had the room for 2 hours, but turns out we had it for an hour and a half, but that turned out to be good as we were done and the quarters were spent!!! So I handed out the goody bags and said good bye to everyone! DJ said his fave part of the whole party was having his friends there! Awwww!

On the way home I got a call from my g/f Wyndi that her daughter said I'm the best goody bagger ever!! Made me chuckle!! Aside from candy and chocolate I put an Avon chapstick in it, and an Avon soap roller thingy...and one of the boys was so excited to go home and have a bath! Too cute!!! I'm glad everyone had fun! It was fun to watch DJ have fun with his friends when he's been looking forward to this for a couple months now!

We weren't home long before Grandpa and Ellen came over...I barely got the counter cleared before we left this morning, and then all our party stuff ended up on the counter, oy! Our dinner was a bit early as Dad likes to eat earlier than we do, so we compromised. DJ picked pork chops for dinner and we had some special ones in the freezer from friends of ours....Howie did an adjustment on their treadmill and they gifted us pork chops....well! those pork chops were the best I've eaten EVER!!!!! SO moist and flavourful!!!! I seriously need to look into buying half a pig now!! THE best!!! After dinner we did the presents as DJ was far too excited for opening them! He got a gorgeous Husky jacket (to grow into as they didn't have his size) and a Zoomo disc launcher and a green Power Ranger...he was THRILLED with that! I had to get it free of its plastic encasing while he opened the rest of his presents...which were all clothes from us. The repeated phrase with each gift was "What the heck..." as he opened it and looked at it. Then we cleaned up all the paper mess so Belle couldn't eat it, and Howie asked him if the neighbours were outside playing, so, DJ got up on the couch to check out the window and said they weren't. But totally missed the bike at the bottom of the stairs waiting for Howie asked him to look closer, near the truck...and then DJ spotted the bike. Oh that was funny! Dangnabbit, what the heck came flying out of his mouth and he raced outside!!

I went out with him to get pix, and ended up attaching the new bell that came with the new helmet, and taking the tags off and the paper thingy in the spokes....he was raring to go for a ride!!! But we did dessert first and sang to him....he kept the helmet on...and had the biggest grin on his face! It was awesome! While we got ready to head out for a new bike ride, Grandpa and Ellen headed home after hugs and kisses all around. Sam finally clued in that she is now the owner of DJ's old bike and helmet (but we're getting her a new helmet too) and off we all went. First time Sam's ever been on a bike with pedals!!! Quite funny! She was far less nervous that DJ was last year riding for the first time! We headed up the street and saw Larry and Belle's siblings out romping around.

We got home and Howie decided to wash his car...I knew he couldn't handle me having the cleanest vehicle in the driveway while he did that, I got the kids ready for bed and read a book before tucking them in. Howie was done when it was time to kiss them goodnite and it didn't take much for them to be out! I finally got to sit down and relax for a few! Oh what a treat!!!! Of course, there wasn't anything on til 9 and even then it was the auditions of America's Got Talent (AGT) which was okay...there were some mind blowing performances for sure!! My fave of the nite was Illuminate....fanfreakingtastic performance!! Truly!!

After Howie went to bed I got up and did the dishes and got his lunch ready for tomorrow...then I sat down and watched Army Wives and finished skirt 5 and 6 in that I did the elastic around the waist...still have the tie to do for 6 and then they're both completely done! Not sure yet what to do

Til next time...God bless!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Compared to yesterday

Today was its polar opposite!!

Altho, I did get to sleep in as Howie got up with pup when she whined at 6 o'clock....FAR too early for a Saturday!! Or any day if you ask me!

I woke at 9 and thought that was fabulous, but rolled over and slept another 45 minutes! BLISS I tell you! I got up and got dressed and came out to see if my Avon was here...and it was! So I tore into it and got it bagged up and ready to go.

by 11 I was on the road to delivering....and it was a long, windy, VERY sunny road!!! My driving arm even got a bit of colour. I picked up DJ's bike from  my g/f's garage. DIDN'T stop at Joann's OR Micheal's...sad really!

Got home at 4:30 and snuggled my tired, worn out, grimy, sun lotioned kids while Howie was in the shower. Then hopped in and took one myself and got ready to head out to a wedding reception. The couple got married on April 1st and today was the reception for those here in WA as they got married in Vegas...wish we'd done the reception thing...but back then we hardly knew anyone! Ah well!

Was back on the road at 6:30 and headed to Edmonds...right on the waterfront...gorgeous view!! Howie and the kids had washed my truck this afternoon, and I vetoed taking it tonite simply because it was prettier than the car, but the car gets WAY better mileage...when we got back out to the car, Howie was glad we didn't have the truck as we had some serious over spray on the car. Saltwater doesn't come off nice on the windshield. Live and learn!

We ducked out early after the cake, speeches, first dances, garter/bouquet tosses and lovely meal...the hour long drive makes everything that much later. So we left shortly after 9 and was home about 10:40 as Howie took the rather scenic route home and we stopped at the shed.

Sent Michaela home, and got started on birthday party prep...I made dirt cups for the dessert tomorrow...crushed oreos on the bottom, sugar-free chocolate pudding with cool whip mixed in, more crushed oreos, and then gummy worms coming out of the "dirt"...I hope DJ likes it. At first he wasn't liking the idea of it...but when we bought the stuff to make it he got excited. Then I wrapped all his gifts up. Unloaded the dishwasher, cleaned the counters up and reloaded...and now I'm pooped!!

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

What a waste of a day!!

Due to unforeseen circumstances I didn't get my Avon order today as planned. ARGH!!! Memorial day threw me right off!! Which completely messed up my day....oy!

Usually on Fridays I get to sleep in....not today....first of all Belle woke up at 6:15 and the proceeded to get her paw stuck somewhere in the crate...Howie was already getting up and getting dressed to take her out, but he moved a lil quicker once she started yelping. I tried going back to sleep but heard DJ get up, heard them talking (I'm supposed to be deaf here!!) and then heard Sam get up...finally I doze back to sleep and Howie's alarm goes off at 7...rotten I tell you, ROTTEN!! He came in shortly after that and woke me up once he was ready for work. blah!

It took a while for me to figure out my Avon wasn't coming today...made a  few calls, and tried to get my one client her sunscreen bug guard before she hops on a plane tomorrow morning at 7...oh I felt awful that I'd completely forgotten about the holiday delay! She was good about it tho...which was helpful! To avoid making a massive drive for one item, I did find one of my reps with it in her possession so she loaned it to me and dropped it off to Howie at work as her hubby works across the street...rather convenient!

The kids meanwhile were outside before 9...and I'd told them not to bother the neighbours, they did good that way and played with each other...the sun was out and it was glorious! The boys soon joined them and the 4 of them went everywhere! DJ wanted his lunch outside, but next door, and Sam wanted hers at the picnic table...I chose to have mine inside at the table.  Just before 2 I headed out grocery shopping...the kids had an option, stay behind and play or come with me...they both chose to stay...hahaha. So off I went with the music blaring!

Got my Freddy's run done, and the dollar store part and then did a bit of Avoning before heading home for 5...Belle had been in the crate for 3 hours, the longest yet other than nite time...and once I saw Sam in different pants, I knew they'd both been in the house, which probably tortured her. I was right, she was shaking when I got to her and had peed in the crate. Poor thing! I got her taken care of and then came in to put groceries away. The kids were still busy playing til I heard DJ come in and sigh at the bottom of the stairs. Then I got a phone call from Lara asking what happened that DJ came home. So we both went over there and had a chat about his attitude...he'd hurt K and then walked away when Mrs E asked him what happened....not kool! So we talked about it all and then she and I chatted a bit.

Dinner was left over sketti...and then pj time was right after that...they were both exhausted from 10 hours of playing outside. DJ got some pink on his shoulders, so I put some aloe on him before he got his pj top on, and then we all sat in the chair for a spell before they went to bed. DJ fell asleep while we were snuggling, and Sam almost did the same thing til she told me to get off her bed! Rascal!

I didn't get much time to do anything when Howie came home from work...I'd just finished loading the dishwasher when I heard Snickers' greeting bark. He got his dinner ready and I got ready to run the Avon over to my g/f on the other side of the valley...and had a great mini chat with her...then came home to relieve Howie of Belle duties. I swear she never pooped once outside today...not til tonite frustrating!!! I keep reminding myself she's only a puppy and she's only 9 weeks old...I need more sleep!!!!! lol

Which I'm going to do now! G'nite!

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Half blogging

This puppy needs to learn how to tell time!! Honestly!! 5:41 is not an acceptable time to be up for the day...unless you're Howie and heading to work. I think puppyness is harder than human infancy...I could nurse either kid to quietness and eventually back to sleep. Belle...notsomuch! I got dressed, let her out and put the gate up again so she couldn't be a bug to the cats in the room...or whine too close to the kids' doors and wake them up. Howie was just finishing up getting ready for work when I heard him checking the dryer for a clean shirt...which I sorta forgot to put in the dryer last nite....oops!

So when I got back to bed, I was fully awake with the mind running...makes it hard to fall back to the anticipation of DJ joining me soon doesn't help. And he did  about when Sam came in and I was almost 8 I let them go out to the living room. Apparently puppy is far more entertaining than tv, as they've not put the tv on in the mornings and just played with her...and she's happy to have someone to play with at that time of day! In a couple more weeks when her legs are stronger, and she doesn't need to be carried down the stairs, I'll let DJ do that potty time with her (Lord willing she's sleeping in longer tho!)  but for now, I deal with the pee on the floor...thankfully no poop this morning. And so far *crosses fingers* that's the only accident today!!

After breakfast DJ wanted to go next door...but I made him wait...and wouldn't ya know it, K came over to play! So they played downstairs and in DJ's room as Belle can be destructive and I wasn't fond of listening to Lightning's voice so early in the morning. By 10 tho he got called home as he hadn't done his chores yet...but he was told he could come back. This is good as it placates DJ enough to let K go home without a huge stink. So, the 3 of us snuggled on the couch (after a good puppy potty) and watched tv together while the rains poured down from the skies. Ugh...non-stop ALL day too!!! We had one five minute spell of sun, but it was still raining at the time...blah!!

The afternoon wiled away with colouring (pix have been done in anticipation of Grandma and Poppa's arrival) and grocery list making, unloading dishwasher, loading it back up again, more puppy playing and a few tears...from all of us! I almost got a black eye from Sam...she was pulling her hand away from Belle and my eye stopped her...hurt like heck too!! Howie says you can't see anything black, so maybe her punch wasn't that powerful after all.

Howie was late getting home from work, but the kids and I managed til he got home...the rain still hadn't let up...and apparently we're to get to 75 this weekend...kinda hard to believe! My poor garden needs some growing time! As soon as he was changed from his work clothes he started the bbq and we got dinner under way. After dinner I set up to bathe the kids...while I'm in with Sam DJ came in asking for his towel and he went to have a shower instead with Howie. YAY!! When they were both pj'd it was only 7:45 so I went to take a shower...which of course takes twice as long when you have kitty litter to do too! So I missed bed time for the kids....when I was done tho I went and tucked them both in. I leaned over to give Sam a kiss on her cheek and she sighed just after I kissed her...awwwww!!! DJ snored, so that's normal!

I sat down to watch a special about Blue Collar Comedy, and decided to make granola soon as I got in the kitchen my phone rang and I was on the phone for a half hour. Howie waited til I was done my call and then went to bed....I finally got around to getting the granola going! About 10 I finally sat down again and watched another round of auditions for SYTYCD which was really good!!! I agree, this is the year of the dancers!! I'm a little shocked tho that they've picked 160 dancers to go to Vegas, and it'll get down to 20 for viewer voting...DANG those are not good odds! I liked more than 20 of them!!!

I've got 13 minutes left on the granola, and since Miss Belle has already chosen to defecate in the house (my timing was off tonite for some reason) I guess I'll go knit those 13 minutes away!!

Til next time...God bless!

P.S. Half blogging means I start blogging earlier in the day and get it half done before I sit down at nite to finish like a charm!!!!! I get to bed earlier too! :)