Sunday, January 31, 2010

Never a dull moment

At our house!!! Seriously!! Just when I think I'll be able to post about a boring day where we just spent time with each other....BOOM!!!!

I've been a mom now for almost 44 months now...but even before DJ was born I knew of the bath tub perils! I have mom friends!! So, about 4 years now, I've been dreading this moment!

Today Howie got up early and went fishing with a friend, and I had the kids to do our normal morning routine...I guess it was about 10:30 when Howie got home, ate something and went and took a nap. So, really, our normal routine! Both the kids are still suffering, tho not as bad, with their colds...and still running clear! nothing outdoor for them. DJ's just chomping at the bit tho! He keeps telling us he's not sick, while yeah....poor guy! They did have fun playing downstairs tho!

Howie scared the crap outta me when he woke up before he wanted me to wake him and came out to the dining room while we were doing lunch! Normally Snickers gives warning if he's coming down the hall, but not today! She was too busy waiting for Sam to drop some food! He announced we should go to the Swap Meet we've been threatening to check out since we moved up here. While I was getting my contacts in he got the kids shod and jacketed and in the truck and off we went!

It's nothing to write home I won't! Think indoor garage sale...but all the garages (about 30) are right next to each other....yeah...

So, on our way home, we took a right instead of a left just to explore the town....didn't see much and Howie got completely turned around...good thing we have the compass on our truck! Got back down to Hwy 2 and took a left on a different road to see where it went...we know it connects in a roundabout way to a road we need, but he just kept on going!

Howie had an agenda...I had no clue! lol We ended up at Lake Rossiger about 40 miles from the main highway!!!! Oh it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Apparently we have acquaintances who have a summer home up there...hmmmmm, maybe we need to renew that friendship!! There's also a very small state park up there with an even smaller beach, but definitely somewhere to go on a hot day to cool off! We never did find the boat launch tho...which is what Howie was looking for! We did find some incredible homes!!! Oh, there was one that was worthy of celebrity status!! I should have taken the camera....but I didn't know we'd be doing this lazy Sunday afternoon drive!

We got home about 3:30 and Samantha was a bear!!! She'd only gotten a 45 minute nap in the truck, which is about half of what she normally takes!! And most days it's a 2 hour nap! Lovely! There was no calming her apparently...but DJ tamed the beast, and before we knew they were giggling in her room playing with her doll accessories....climbing in the doll play pen....rocking in the doll cradle...that sort of play!

Dinner was FABULOUS!!!! I made the beer can chicken again...oh its YUMMY! I finally figured out how to season it too...over the sink!! I know, it doesn't sound ingenious, but it was like a light bulb went off for me!! I also did the roasted yams we love! with a side of corn! mmm mmm mmmmmm!

So, after dinner we did bath time...DJ asked to go first (I think he figured out that if you go first you get to play longer...) and while I was drying him off I got Sam nekkid and put her in the bath. I then went back to task getting DJ lotioned up and pajamaed...when I catch the sight of Sam's butt out the corner of my eye and its got poop on it...huh? She didn't have a poopy diaper....OH CRAP!!!!! HONEY!!?!?!?! Can you come here!??!?!!

Yeah, she pooped a big one in the tub!!!

Now, I've been told that warm water helps babies (which she's not really anymore) release the bowels...but its never happened to me!!

Howie comes in and takes charge of the situation...I get DJ dressed, Sam dried off and all of us out of the bathroom....and my wonderful husband dealt with the shit! Literally!! *shudders*

I can handle puke...but not poop that's not contained!

I get Sam bathed and both of them in bed and Howie and I relax watching the Grammy's! I have to know...when did the Grammy's become more about lighting and shock value and not about vocals and music!?!? Ay yi yi!

Now, I'm off to finish watching them, and then watch DH and B&S...thankyouDVRinventor!!

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Date Night

Has officially been renamed to "Hot Food Night"

Howie and I had the extreme pleasure of having a date tonite!!! Just us!!! NO kids...well, not our own anyways!! (Ours were being watched by Michaela, our neighbour....DJ was VERY excited for this!!!)

In fact...he suggested there should be a restaurant where kids aren't allowed! But we can't afford "those" restaurants!!!

Instead, we (read HE) chose Mexican!! Ixtapa to be exact! I had a coupon in my Entertainment guide that made up my mind! I'm not big on Mexican to be honest...most times because I don't know what I'm eating! Tonite was okay! I had sizzling beef fajitas....and Howie had his standard arroyos con pollo...a chicken dish. Our food was SO hot....we burned our mouths on the first bites! We're just not used to hot food! Kids come first! And even then, their food isn't that hot to begin with! Go figure!

Last nite was a miserable nite for me!!! I went to bed shortly before 1....turned the light out about 1:17....about 1:35 I hear a "Mum, can I crawl into bed with you?" from DJ....lovely! I put him back in bed with music and tuck him in. Crawl back into our bed and I'm wide awake again! I toss and turn for what seems like an hour! And before I know it, I hear "Mum, I have to pee!" OY!! Its now off we go for him to pee. During his sit, he tells me that he doesn't like how dark it is in his room without his night light (the bulb burned out) and that he's afraid he might fall out of his bed. I ask him if he's ever done that...he says I ask him why tonite would be different...he had no answer!!! I put him back in bed, and crawl back into my own! Thankfully I fall asleep quickly!

Next thing I know, I hear "Dad, can I sleep with you?" and dad hoists him up in between us....its 4:30, just in case you're wondering! I should have gotten up and gone and slept in HIS bed...maybe next time I will! I do NOT enjoy having his knee in my back!

At about 6:30 I hear Jazz scratching to get in the bed Howie's normally up by now on a work day and she wants to sleep on the bed! I get up and let her in. While I'm up, my bladder sends an urgent message, so I side trip to the bathroom! Back in bed to the knee in my back....

7:30 DJ wakes up and says "Dad, is it time to get up??" and dad replies, "Go to the living room, I'll be right there" I then spread out on the bed right in the middle and fall back to sleep til just about 9.

What a miserable nite!!!

Tonite, on our way home from our date we stopped at the dollar store (most romantic, no?) and pick up some night light bulbs!! And a few other things! I haven't really explored the dollar store to its full potential cuz I usually have the kids with it was nice! And they were playing country music, so that was good! lol

Today was my Avon delivery it was nice to catch up with my girls!!! Even popped in on Jake's girlfriends house....tonite (right this minute actually) is Tolo...the equivalent to Sadie Hawkins for Canada...where the girl does the asking. It's a hoity toity dress up nite too! I can't wait to see pix! With it being our date nite, I couldn't join in on the festivities of picture taking before dinner, so I'm still waiting for pix to be emailed to me! I did get to see Morgin in her dress tho...and I'll be damned if Sam thinks she'll be wearing anything like that! Morgin's lucky I'm not her mom!!!!! lol She knows it too!!

I'm off to watch a movie....I rented Ghosts of Girlfriends Past....been wanting to see it since October!!! Finally, I get the chance!!

Til next time...ciao!

Friday, January 29, 2010

I really hate it when

I get spooked by the littlest thing!! I was just down stairs unlocking the child protection on the front door for Howie, when I heard voices....and not the funny ones in my head....and I stop....hold my breath....and realize the TV is on downstairs....WHEW!! And I'm breathing again! I'm sitting here I hear Samantha yell out for me (She's been in bed almost a half hour now) and I go running...the last time she called out to me like that she'd puked....I turn on the hall light just in case...and I go in there.....

First of all, she had a cat trapped in her room....which she HATES!! And knowing Jazz, she tried to get up in the crib with Samantha which is why she would have freaked! And second of all, she's trying to hand me something....I timidly reach out for whatever is in her hand expecting it to be food...and its her earring. At which point I realize what she's saying to me is "pretty" and that its out. I flip on her light to find the back...its on the floor....put it back in her ear....tuck her back in....and shut the light off. Whew!

Both the kids are worse today with the coughing and runny noses (still clear!) and so we had an inside day! DJ didn't much like that! He and I did go get the mail tho, just to get some fresh air...he had just woken up from a 45 minute nap.

Howie's on the mend tho...he went back to work today! Just in time for the weekend!! lol

My Avon came today, so I got it all sorted out and written up and samples added....and all the new books stamped and dated! Did you know, that Avon is donating a million dollars to help Haiti?? AND that in campaigns 4 (Feb 9th), 5 (Feb 23rd) and 6 (Mar 9th) they're also going to donate .50 cents from each full size Skin So Soft product to benefit Haiti!! Pretty kool eh?? How many other people can say the company they work for donated a million??? And now, you know!

My house smells SOOOOOOOO good!!! I just took a pan of banana muffins out of the oven (thanks Mom for calling with the recipe! I won't lose it this time) and now I'm patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for them to cool just a bit before I eat one....or two! Oh they're so yummy!!!! I have half a mind to make some peanut butter cookies too....we'll see! The muffins just might be it for now!

I'm off to veg waiting for Howie to come home! Might watch another Human Target (have you seen it yet??) that we have on DVR together....

Til next time...ciao!

Fun Fact Friday

Hey!!! It's FRIDAY!!!!!!! This one kind of snuck up on me!!! Not that I'm complaining mind you, but having Howie home sick for 2 days kinda messes with my time frame!

Hmmmmm what little fun fact should I divulge.....

My absolute, all time, FAVOURITE vegetable is cucumbers!!! I can smell them as soon as they're cut into and it just makes me drool!!!! I love them in salads, and as a salad, and just by themselves on a plate with salt! YUM!!!!! I don't like the seeds in the regular cukes, but will eat them in English cukes...odd, I know! lol

What's your fave vegetable?!?!!?

Leave a comment!

Til next time...ciao!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Puke Factor

It seems that Howie is the puke magnet of the family (I'm giggling as I type this...) and Samantha makes it her duty to puke on him!

I had just settled down to watch some TV when I heard her cry first I thought it was DJ crying cuz he needed to I checked on him wasn't him. Then I heard "mummy" in a whiny voice...and went to check on Sam...I didn't turn any lights on til she said "look" at which point I put her light on and discovered she'd thrown up in bed. She was cowering in the corner away from it! I grabbed Violet, who caught a bit of the over spray, grabbed the blanket which got nothing, and then grabbed her out of the bed.

Yeah, she had puke on her I didn't see til AFTER I picked her up...lovely!

I go in our room and wake Howie up to help me out....all the while getting Sam naked and then discovering she's burning up with a fever! Poor girl! Once I get her nekkid I take my own top off and change. Then change the sheets on her bed and get it all ready again.

I come out to the living room and Sam's sitting on Howie's lap, so I grab fresh pj's from the basket of clothes I'd folded earlier...and get her re-dressed. She does NOT want the medicine I'm offering and seeks refuge in Daddy's arms....and pukes!

We even had a bowl ready just in case, but Howie wasn't quick enough to pull her away and get it in the bowl...the second spew was in the bowl tho. When she was all done, I got her undressed, and changed her diaper, and put new pj's on her again! Howie went and changed....he REALLY hates puke!! I wasn't sure if he'd need the bowl right after her or not....he was gagging (I'm really laughing typing this out now!)

Samantha snuggled for a while...asked to nurse...and then went back to bed like nothing ever happened!

This morning I got to sleep in again (I could REALLY get used to this!) and Howie came in about 20 to 10 asking if I was gonna get up for the day or I got up! The kids were already eating, so I made breakfast for Howie and I. Sam was still fevered, so she got plain toast just in case!

We made nap time a family affair....Sam took her nap in her room....Howie took a nap in our room and DJ and I inadvertently took a nap on the couch! He'd gotten up at 7 (I know this cuz he was in our bed hogging my side!) so he was tired! He'd also gotten to play outside for about 45 minutes realizing that Kristopher wasn't going to come out!

When Sam woke up, the fever had broken!! She was upset that the sheet was wet....from sweat...and wanted me to change it again! She got up and took off running!! She was singing and dancing to Barney, and chasing DJ around the kitchen/living room wall...their race track!

Now, the little ones are in bed....Howie's reading on the couch as the nap was a little late in the day for an 8pm bed, he doesn't work til 11 on Fridays....and I'm blogging and Facebooking! Then I'll sit and watch some TV....I have a knitting project in mind, but I'm not quite sure HOW to make it work....and not sure who to ask....I think I'll check my knitting encyclopedia!

Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

By George,

I think he got it fixed!!!!!! Since the day we moved in the fridge has not been hooked up to the water at the we have a water dispenser/ice machine.....coupling after coupling has been tried!! A lot of nagging has been done!!! I have made 3 trips to Lowe's in search of the right part that Howie needed....and today....I finally got someone who knew and understood what exactly I/we needed!!!

Like any good salesman tho he over sold me parts we did not in fact need at all! So they'll be going back next time I go to town! Howie HATED the guy I was dealing with too....I had him on speaker phone to tell him exactly what he wanted....and the tone the guy took with Howie put him on edge! So much so, that when I arrived home with the goods, Howie took one look at it all and said it was the wrong stuff! Just dismissed it! MEN!! Later on I asked why it was wrong...what exactly was it he needed?? The guy at Lowe's explained to me all that he gave me, so it made sense to me....but what do I know about these things??

I brought the stuff in the house for him to really look at, and he was able to use the one piece and get everything all hooked up and running!! SWEET!!!!! Now, my job is to make sure those sticky fingers don't push the buttons!!! Oughta be interesting!!!

This morning I got an unexpected surprise!!! A sleep in!!! When I woke up and saw the clock say 9 something, I about panicked!! It was then I heard Howie say something to DJ who was in the bathroom....say what?? Howie came in to see if I was moving and told me he felt so awful when he got up, he called in sick! And as soon as my butt was out of bed, his butt was going back in! He did too!

He's been sick for about 10 days now with a sinus infection gone wrong....he's done 2 rounds of Azithromiacin....and Zyrtec on the side....and now Augmentin....seems like nothing is breaking it up! Poor guy!

Seems Samantha and DJ are not immune either, as both of them now have chesty coughs and runny noses. Thankfully the noses are running clear, so no infection! I'm praying they get over this quickly! I gave DJ medicine to help break up the congestion...but Sam is still too young! It doesn't seem to be bothering either of them really....just when they actually get quiet for a few minutes, and then go and say something, they sound froggy!

Cold or not, DJ doesn't let it affect his play time outside!! He's really in awe of our neighbours daughter who's 12...she was reading to them today and he just loves that! He came home talking all about Michaela! So cute!!!

I was a little thrown tonite watching American Idol auditions when all of a sudden there was girl from one of the videos we have watched 28650 times....she's all grown up now, but as soon as they flashed back to her in the video we have even, I was blown away!!! Good for her!!! And the girl can sing too!!! Kinda wild! Shows ya just out long lasting those videos are...Barney has probably never done anything new in about 10 years! Yet, he's still raking it in!!!! lol

Now, I'm off to watch more stuff from DVR as the State of the Union address bumped everything out of the way....not that we got to watch it....Dragon Tales is way more important don't ya know!??!! ha!

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You know you live in the country when

Everyone goes running outside to see where the fire truck is going!!!!

We had one this afternoon....I swear we could hear the sirens all the way from the main highway! Snickers was just going nuts too!! Howling...or at least wanting to...I was holding her yap shut so as to not wake Samantha up!

In Lynnwood....if a day went by without sirens it was a good day!! On the weekends we'd hear as many as 3 or 4 a day! Here...not so much! In fact, this is only the 2nd time in 3 months that I've heard sirens. The first time they went up the road somewhere....

This time, they went up my street to the very end of the cul de sac....but we have no idea why! Shortly after the fire truck was an ambulance with sirens...I was outside being nosey (like most of my other neighbours...I saw more neighbours today, that I have in 3 months!) when the ambulance I KNOW Snickers was in here howling her heart out!

My next door neighbour kids went up the street to find out what was going on, but came back gossipless.....and it was a good 20 minutes, if not more, before the vehicles left...thankfully without sirens!

DJ was outside playing with Kristopher when all this went down....and I ended up standing outside for a good hour just chatting with Lara....found out she's a teeny tiny bit older than me...and here I was thinking she was a good 5 years younger than me!!! :D

Once we were both good and frozen we ended our chat and shooed our respective children inside! Sam was awake and ready to play! Not long after that Howie came home and so began our nightly rituals! Dinner...bath...bed! Easy when the child who fights it the most is so worn out he can barely stay awake long enough for books! Love it!

Now I'm off to watch Biggest Loser....chose to DVR it so I could watch American Idol with Howie, who left me half way these people who "audition" not have friends!??!!? The gall of some of these people is beyond me!! A couple of the guys actually gave me goose bumps, but other than that, all I do is shake my head! OY!

Til next time...ciao!

Truthful Tuesday

Today I chuckle at Elizabeth's question for Truthful Tuesday....

What's the best excuse you ever used to get out of an obligation like work, school, or chores...

And did you get away with it?

Back in my working days I had a plethora of excuses that would get me out of my shift at work...I used to work at a grocery store....first as a cashier for 6 years and then as a front end manager. Once I got the manager's job, my excuses dwindled as I knew how small our dept was....stupid responsibility!! lol Plus...I'd have to cover for the cashiers who called in THEIR excuses!!!! Double edged sword then!

But my absolute fave excuse was "I have diarrhea"....why? Because when you're a cashier, you're standing at a can't be running off to the bathroom whenever nature dictates!!! And, you didn't need a doctor's note....and you didn't have to prove it!

Now, I have no excuses for my job! Mom is a 24 hour business!!

Join in the fun of a blog carnival!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

I hate when I think of a

REALLY good title for the day's post and then promptly forget it! I've been sitting here for a while now trying to remember what it was...oh well!

Today was a beautiful day!!!! All around!!! Gorgeous sunshine!!! Which made DJ want to be out in it...a taste of what summer will be like?? He was out there playing by 10 am! Thankfully it didn't take much for him to come in and eat lunch...he must have been HUNGRY!!! He ate, and went right back outside!

Samantha did not mind him being out there all day either!!! She was laying on the floor...on the couch...playing with anything, which today was the vacuum attachments!

Wouldn't you know it...I JUST remembered the title I wanted to use....gosh darn it! lol

I think Samantha is addicted to diaper cream!! You laugh...but I'm being serious!! VERY serious!!! She is getting more and more aware of her body (she found her nipples the other day....) and is also letting us know when she's needing a diaper change (she might be getting a potty for her birthday...lucky girl! LOL) and will even get the diaper out of the drawer, get the wipes from the top of the end table that the diapers are in...and she'll get the cream "Onit" she calls it...

And she KNOWS if you don't actually put it on her!!!!

Now, she has no diaper issues to speak of...but wants the cream put on!!! I can't wait for this tube (and the jar in the bathroom) to be done so we don't have this insistence!

Tonite, Howie got her ready for bed, and "forgot" to put the cream on....she FREAKED!!! Crying like you'd just taken her baby away!! Pointing at her bum saying "onit, onit" It was funny....but not really!

So, what is it about diaper cream that she's so obsessed about it?? I don't get it? Probably never will!

I did get some FABULOUS news today!! My Mom AND Dad are coming in March for a week's visit!!! YAY ME!!! They'll be here the day before Sam turns 2 and then head home on the 25th! I'm SO excited!!! I've already started the mental "Honey Do" list for Howie....he's already commented how excited he is to complete said list too....dripping with sarcasm!

Tonite's bedtime went rather smoothly....DJ was sawing logs before I put Samantha down in her crib!!! He was outside til about 3...and then Kristopher came in with him and the two of them played til Howie got home....he was worn out!! I love it!!!

Now, I'm off to knit! And watch the Bachelor! Oh, for those who haven't seen it yet....I highly recommend the Human Target as a new show to watch...we watched the pilot today from DVR and it as GREAT!!!! It was humourous and action packed!!!! I enjoyed it!

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I truly have the most amazing


While he may not listen to me ALL the time...or even hear me sometimes....he's reading me!!!! And in reading me he's learning about me more! And paying more attention!!! Ladies, if you blog, let your husband read it!!! It'll help him understand you more!!! my status update on Facebook from last nite this morning before he went fishing...and decided not to go, and to let me sleep in!! How amazing is that!??!!

All day yesterday I had an upset tummy, but didn't say anything to anyone about it...just kept running to the bathroom...NOT fun! Especially when you have company too! When I went to bed my tummy was vibrating (internally it felt like to me) and I commented that I had an upset tummy and thankful we have a bathroom adjacent to the bed!

I woke up at 8:30!!!! And when I heard his voice, talking one of the kids, I rolled over and went back to sleep til almost 10 o'clock! WOW!!!

When I wake up, I check my phone for emails and texts since I have set on silent, and got a text from my g/f Shirah...she was going to be in the Lynnwood area for a brunch and could I meet her with her Avon! Heck ya!

I ate something quickly and bundled the kids up (our sunshine is liquid once again!) and off we went! Now, I'm sure at this point my husband is thinking I'm a pretty amazing wife...right honey!?!?! He went and took a nap! Jake was still sleeping from last nite....oh to be a teenager again!! Sleep is wasted on the youth...not youth! lol

We did our drive by, got hugs and bolted out of Lynnwood! DJ fell asleep at this point, apparently he was up shortly after 7! I had to keep talking to Samantha to keep her awake...and it worked too! Only once did I have to scare her awake!

Howie called me before I could call him to see where we were! We were close enough that I had him go ahead and make lunch for the kids! Perfect timing!!! Everyone ate lunch together! Kinda nice!

DJ begged to go see if Kristopher could play with him, so I got him bundled up and got ready myself. Today was the last class for that digital camera course I was absorbing at the library. I really, REALLY want Photoshop now!! And classes on IT! The speakers photos were amazing!!!! And I learned a lot! Now, we'll see if I can implement it with my camera!

I stopped off at Safeway on the way home for their weekend specials and SCORED!!!! I got an 11 lb ham shank for4.65!! Oh yeah! The seal on it wasn't as perfect as the others so they marked it down...I'm gonna freeze it anyways, so I don't care! Howie's all excited for another ham!! hmmmm maybe I'll schedule it in for Valentine's dinner! YUM!

OK, you'd think that having lived here for 3 months now that my butt would be used to this's not! Not one tiny bit! Sorry, just had to get that out!!

On a completely unrelated note...welcome back to my blog mom!!! She and my dad are now home from their snowbird jaunt!

I'm off to veg...nothing good on TV, and thankfully football is over for the I'll pick something from the DVR and knit! Or do up more grapefruit...altho, I did get pears today....Oh, I don't know! lol

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Full House

Today was the day for cleaning!!!! Howie got home from fishing, fish-less, and ate something and took a nap....he knew Jake wasn't going to be up any time soon! So off he went!

DJ and Sam and I hung out in the living room with DJ just drooling out the window watching David and his sleep over buddies from last nite play in the back yard. Kristopher wasn't out there, but DJ wanted to be out there SO I got him dressed and out he went. He tried so hard to blend in...but it didn't work! A 3 and a half year old is just a baby to a bunch of almost 8 year olds!!

He came in after about 20 mins out there...Kristopher went back to bed since he was up with all the boys last nite....

Around noon tho, he came calling for DJ to play...and off DJ went!! Having Kristopher out there with him changed the dynamic of being with the big boys! They all seemed to get along well! And were all over the place!!! It was like playing real live Where Is Waldo!!

While he was out tho, we got all the cleaning done! I truly have an amazing husband!! He did ALL the vacuuming!!!! All of it!!! Stairs too!!! I tackled the bathrooms and the kitchen! Many hands and works! Jake kept Samantha occupied and then when DJ came in they played hide 'n seek! Both little ones love that game!!

The reason we were going all out with the cleaning??? We were having my BFF and her family for dinner!!!! We've never had the whole family over...and I've known her for gosh, 5 years now! Maybe even longer.....and we've been over to her house many times for dinner, but we've never hosted! This was also her first time to the new it HAD to be cleaner than clean! Y'

They have 3 teen aged hollow legged boys....13, 16, 17.....and boy do they eat!!! I made the lasagna that I assembled the other day...and because Jake doesn't do lasagna, there were burgers....well, it turned out that the boys wanted hamburgers as well as the lasagna!!! They each had 2 burgers and a generous portion of lasagna!! And there was salad and I made 20 biscuits!!!

There's salad left over....that's it!!! Nothing else! I made mint brownies, and there's one piece left!!!!! Talk about a full house!!!

Now, I've bragged about how wonderful and big my kitchen in...but when all the boys came in the kitchen to get food, it suddenly became as small as an airplane bathroom!!! I could barely breathe!!!! It doesn't help that they're all so very tall too!!!!!! Like a tornado touched down...swoosh! All the food was gone!!! LOL!!

Both Howie and I thought there'd be leftovers! HA!! Now we know for next time! And thank the Lord I don't have 3 boys like I originally thought I wanted when I was pregnant with Samantha! Whooo what a food bill!

Now, I'm off to relax a bit...I deserve it tonite!!!

Til next time...ciao!

P.S....I've created another blog for the pictures I'm taking...that 365 project....if anyone knows how t make it a "button" instead of a link, please let me know!! Thanks!! Enjoy the pictures!! I'm by no means a professional!

Friday, January 22, 2010

This has to be some record

60 degrees in our area and SNOW in PHOENIX!!!!!!! That's unheard of!!! Maybe my theory isn't so crazy after all!!

Today I had all kinds of cleaning plans....y'know, for our company coming tomorrow for dinner...wellllll, that got blown out of the water when my g/f Wyndi asked if we wanted company for today! But, of course we do!!!!

While waiting for her arrival I quickly got a load of dishes on the go, which freed up my counters so I could make the lasagna for tomorrow's dinner (YUM!) and mess up my house again! She told me not to worry about vacuuming, so I didn't! I wanted to grab a shower before she arrived, but she was just too quick! LOL

DJ was outside playing with Kristopher when Izzy came....she joined them and I went and had a shower while Wyndi filled out a mountain of paper work for some new doctors....I kid you not, it was a MOUNTAIN!!! Ok, not literally, but if you piled up each and every question on top of each other, it'd be a mile high!!!

Samantha woke up from her nap after everyone came inside to play downstairs (I'll post the pix Wyndi took...SO cute!), but she didn't join them like I thought she would....she hung out upstairs with Wyndi and I...and watching tv undisturbed!

Dinner was a hodge podge....the boys had pizza, Sam and I had left over sketti, and Wyndi and Izzy had mac 'n cheese...but we all had salad!!! It was YUMMY too!!!

After dinner the kids "raced" around the kitchen was cute to watch all 4 of the giggling and running...which morphed into tag....and then they went back downstairs. DJ didn't as he had to pee, but apparently he had to pee a little more quickly than he thought and pee'd his pants staning in front of the toilet!! So I quickly gave him a bath to wash up and put his pj's on....back down he went!

About 20 to 8 Kristopher asked to go home, so he said his good byes and took off for his house....and then just about 8ish Wyndi and Izzy left for their home! I read some books to my two and tucked DJ in bed without one single peep from him...he was TIRED!!! Nursed Samantha and put her in bed! Love it!

Now, I'm waiting for Howie and Jake to get home....he's actually driving here in his own car, but following Howie. Very kool!!! So very grown up too!

I'm off to relax a bit til they get here....

Til next time...ciao!!

Fun Fact Friday

Its FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

In case you didn't already know....which if you're awake, you know it's FRIDAY!!!!! lol

Time for my little blog hop!!

*drum roll* please!

My little Fun Fact today is my favourite colour.

Growing up, it was ALWAYS Blue!!!!! Any shade of blue was just fine with me!! In fact, I made up a rhyme when I was sister liked red (which morphed into all things pink BLECH!) and so it went a little like this:

Blue is the best
Red is for rascals!

I know, it doesn't rhyme, per se, but it used to drive Tori nuts when I'd say that!

Now, as an adult, I can appreciate ALL the colours God gave us...but still prefer blue and now LOVE purple! I've even decided it's Samantha's favourite colour...yes, for her! DJ decided on his own that he likes blue the my two favourite colours are carried on to the next generation!

I have to say too, that I have fallen in love with brown over the last year...I used to think it was such a drab colour, but dark brown is pretty amazing!!!

There ya have it!! Tell me your favourite colour and join in on Fun Fact Friday!!! No, MckLinky today, just leave a comment!! Easy breezy!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I find it hard to believe

That its only January!! I keep having to remind myself of that! Today, it was such another beautiful day out that I had the kitchen window open and one of the living room windows open...airing winter out of the house!!! Oh it was awesome!!!!

I got to hear the boys outside playing with each other....yelling and whooping it up! Man, I can't wait for summer!!! The fun they're going to have....I'll probably end up bathing DJ on a daily basis judging by how dirty he got just from the past two days!

We were on our way out the door this morning to go finish up our shopping, and Kristopher was getting his shoes on to come ask DJ to play outside....his dad was helping him and said DJ could stay if he wanted there was any other answer in DJ's vocabulary when it comes to playing with Kristopher!!! He was off like a shot!!

I buckled Sam up and off we went...knowing I had to be back for Michael to leave for school, I hurried! Sam and I did have fun tho! I snapped some pictures of her having fun in the shopping cart...she was having fun yesterday, but I didn't have the camera with I did! I don't care how dorky I may have looked taking pix of her having a good a grocery store!! lol

I was waiting in line at 11:50....and waiting...and waiting...and finally it was my turn, at 12:00 on the dot!! The cashier had an issue with a coupon...I needed a rain cheque....and I got the wrong eggs....the packer got the wrong replacement thing I know, its 12:13! Now, it typically takes 12 minutes to get from Albertsons to home....and I'm still a good 4 minutes from now I'm starting to panic! As, I'm walking away, I look at my receipt and see I've been double charged for a set of, if it had been a .99 cent item, I would have just passed it up...but this was a 5.99, not passing that up! I go, and wait in another line for customer service, as the cashier who rang me up went on break as soon as she was done my order!

I wait and wait and wait...finally its my turn, and thankfully the transaction was SUPER quick!! I was done at 12:19!! YIKES!!!!!!

I race home and pull in the driveway for 12:34...and there's no kids playing...and no vehicle in their drive...crap! Oh, I felt awful!!!

I unload everything and get Sam in the house before I call, and no answer....crap!

2 seconds later my phone rings and its Lara...whew!!! She's home early from school and she's feeding the boys lunch...*big breath!*

I feed Sam and I and put her down for a nap...calmly!

While she was sleeping I got busy making the sauce for the lasagna I'm making for company on Saturday nite. The house smelled heavenly even WITH the windows open! Howie tasted it when he got home and said we couldn't feed it to our guests as it was just too tasty! He's sweet!

Tomorrow I'll assemble the lasagna and hopefully get most of the cleaning out of the way for plans tomorrow, so I should be good to go! I even got a load of laundry done today to offset what I have to do thinking eh? I thought so!

Oh, as's the before and after of DJ's hair cut! Such a handsome dude!!!

I didn't get any knitting done hands were freezing cold and Grey's and Private Practice were just too intense!!! WOW!!!!

I get to sleep in tomorrow, so I'm thinking I may go watch something else off the DVR...might knit then!

Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What a bloody mess!!


DJ tonite after dinner was running in circles (literally!) around the wall that separates the living room from the kitchen. Something both kids have been doing since we first looked at the house the very first time we came here.

Tonite, he was pushing Samantha's baby stroller....and passing by the partial wall of the front hall, he caught the corner of the top board that hangs out about an inch past the wall itself (kinda stupid if you ask me! I've caught it with my hip several times!) and just at his head height.

The cry was definitely one of pain! So, I stopped what I was doing and squatted for the comfort hug. Told him to shake it off and when I pulled him off me to see what was going on, he asked me "what's on your face?" at the same time I saw blood on his cheek! I go running for Howie who's downstairs working on fishing stuff, and he we both go running back upstairs.

At this point (and that was all of 30 seconds!) he's got blood on his shirt as its running down his scalp/hair....YIKES!!!!! I grab some paper towel and blot and it comes back VIVID RED!!! I fold the paper towel to get a clean spot and dab again, and it comes back we start prying thru his hair to find THE spot he hit, and lo and behold its nothing but a surface scratch!! We did not think with the amount of blood it would be nothing less than a chunk of scalp at the least!! So we got both him and me cleaned up and snuggled a bit.

He never said another word about it after that! Not one complaint! He sure is resilient!

Today was FABULOUS!!!!! The sun was shining again and it was 59 degrees out!!! January 20th (Samantha's now officially 22 months old) and it's this warm!!!!!! Kinda makes me wonder if we'll be paying for it with a crappy summer! Oh, I hope not! In fact....I have a, I'm no scientist or the opinions expressed in this blog are mine!....but here's my theory! The weather/temperatures are going to switch! So, Florida will get Ontario's weather, and Ontario will have Florida's weather....and so on! That means we'd switch with California....I can live with that! See, just a theory! lol

DJ got a door bell this morning just after 9:30...he and Sam were done their breakfast, but I was still nursing my shake and going over the grocery list...Kristopher wanted to play outside, could DJ join him! I let him go but told DJ it wouldn't be for long as there were groceries to go get! He was fine with that, so we got him dressed and off he went!

WOW, it was so much easier to get myself ready with just one kid bugging at me in the bathroom! I got Samantha all shoe'd up and off we went. It was then that my neighbour popped her head out the slider and said DJ could stay with them if he wanted I'd even have to ask that question!! I got a resounding YES!!

Shopping with one kid....WOW!!!!! It took me longer tho...I wasn't in such a hurry to get out to make the fighting stop! It was nice! And Samantha was ever so cordial!! Saying "hi" to just about anyone who made eye contact with her! She did keep asking where "Day" is...that's how she says DJ...cute eh?

We did the costco run and then hit up Rite Aid before coming home...tomorrow we'll do Freddy's so DJ can go in Playland.

Ok, off to knit a bit...last nite I ended up "gutting" 7 grapefruit for my morning fruit...what a mess!! Took a LONG time too! Felt a bit like my dad....that's how he does his grapefruit...a bunch at a time instead of just one at a time! It sure was yummy this morning! Might have a bit more before bed! LOVE this time of year for grapefruit!

Before I sign off, there is something I'd like to address...

Dear Anonymous,

This is my blog and I'll write what I want to! If its about my sleep or lack there of, so be it!


Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I have to tell you

I really feel like I've been disserviced (is that the right word?) by the eyebrow waxing community!

Until today that is!

I'm not sure why, but when I look at magazines, or watch TV, I'm always checking out how the women's eyebrows look...some really do look ridiculous! And totally unnatural! But others look so awesome!!! Courtney Cox Arquette has amazing eyebrows!! Just to name one...

Well, today, I feel like I got the Courtney Cox Arquette treatment!!! I am in love with my eyebrows!!!

We went to a new (to us!) hair dresser for DJ to get a cut...and on her business card I noticed she did when I set up the appt, I made one for my brows! Y'know, the last time I had them done professionally, was in May when I went to, that's a long time! Good thing I tweeze, or I'd definitely have a unibrow by now!! ugh!

DJ did awesome for his hair cut! Even let her use the clippers on the back and sides!!!! He saw me give Howie his last hair cut and today remembered that and was okay with it. Said it tickled like his toothbrush tickles his teeth! (crazy the way they associate!) and cringed a bit, but half way into it he started relaxing and playing with the toys. YES!!!!! Finally!!

Oh he looks SO handsome too!! I took a before pic, and forgot to take an after...I'll be sure to do that tomorrow after his bath!

Then it was my turn, I laid back in the chair and got waxed! It was a different wax too...this kind dries and peels off...not strips! And it didn't hurt that much either! Pleasantly surprised!!! My only dislike was the coconut cream after...I detest coconut! Blech! When she was done and let me see them I was in awe!! And I'm sure I've looked at myself in the mirror more today, than most days! lol I'm really not a vain person...honestly!

I had such a good time chatting with Anneke too (that's her name, nice eh?) and meeting her family!! She's got an 8 year old boy and a little girl who's literally 1 day older than Sam! I think Samantha really liked having someone on her level...but she insisted Aliya was a baby! It was cute! They're very similar little girls! And we'll definitely be getting together for a play date! They also have a playground in their yard that DJ was drooling over...but it was VERY windy day today!

We came home and ate lunch...just as we sat down Howie woke up! He'd gotten a phone call last nite just before 1 am, and had to go in to work...he came home just as we were getting dressed this morning. He had breakfast with us and went to bed. I was glad to have the appt for DJ to keep the house quiet for him. Worked out well!

After Sam's nap we went into town to open a new bank acct with the bank that has our mortgage...our credit union doesn't have a branch out here, just two ATM's...kinda gets old! But we're not switching for the same time, we took advantage of their "dangling carrot" that they have right and acct with 100.00 and they'll give you 50.00! I like free money! lol

I like that its getting lighter and lighter every day! We got home just after 5 and it was still light out enough for DJ to play for a bit with Kristopher outside. And I got to visit/chat with their mom! Haven't done that in a while! It was good to catch up with her!

Now, everyone's in bed...I know the kids are sleeping but Howie's probably reading...I wouldn't be surprised tho if he fell asleep already...he was dozing while we were watching American Idol. DJ was funny...after we said his prayers/sang/hugged/kissed/butterfly kissed/nose kissed/and kissed some more he called out for me about 10 mins after I left...I go in there and he's sitting on the bed and says to me "I need a kiss! You left without kissing me!!" HA! What a stall tactic!! Tucked him back in and kissed him 10 times!!! 5 mins later, he's calling out for me again...but this mama is too smart! He was asleep when I went to check on him 5 mins later!

Off to knit...I didn't end up frogging the blanket I started...but did finish looks like a doll scarf now! I also started a new one on the bigger needles and got just as much done inch-wise as I'd just cast off! Sad!!! 8's were way too small!!! I'm liking the 10's! My 10.5's were otherwise occupied, so 10's it is!

Til next time...ciao!

Truthful Tuesday

Its Tuesday....time for another round of Truthful Tuesdays....brought to you by Elizabeth over at her blog....

This week's question is:

How has motherhood taught you to let go?

I wouldn't say I've "let go" so much as sacrificed.....I sacrificed getting my nails done....or getting routine eye brow waxing....little things....that in the grand scheme of things, aren't that important to my self worth now that I have these two pieces of my heart walking around in the world.

I will say, since getting into selling Avon, I'm gaining part of that back! I now have all fresh make-up...something that hasn't happened in AGES...not that I wear it on a daily basis anymore, but I know I have good stuff!!! Stuff I like and WILL wear!

And today, I'm actually getting my eyebrows taken care of! So, slowly but surely I'm getting the little things back!

I do dream of having a bi-weekly manicure....maybe when the kids are in school....

So, lets have it....How has motherhood taught you to let go??

Til next time...ciao!

MckLinky Blog Hop

Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh what a beautiful morning

Oh what a beautiful day!!!!

The sun was just GORGEOUS this morning!!!!! DJ got up shortly after 8 and came into my bed (yes!) and asked if it was time to get up for the day!!! I laugh when he asks me that every morning! "is it time to get up for the day Mum?" sometimes...its not!! Like at 2:20 when he woke me up after already waking me once before that!

I heard Sam chattering away, so yeah, it was time to get up!

The sun pouring in our front windows makes me anxious for spring and summer!!!! With getting morning sun, the afternoons might be bearable here with no a/c! And then I smack myself to reality and realize I'm in the foothills (but higher up) of the mountains! What on earth will I need a/c for!??!!? hahaha AND I'm in Washington state no less! The great Pacific Northwest!! Where it rains (literally) for 9 months of the year!!!!

Not this week baby!!!! No, no, no! They're forecasting sun (with some rain) all week!!!!! Highs of 50's!!!! YES!!!!!! A good dose of vitamin D before we head into the winter doldrums, commonly known as February! Probably my most disliked month! Even tho my half birthday is in Feb, its still just no fun! Maybe that's why they put Valentines in women would have something to look forward to...but if you're single, that theory goes right out the window!!

Hopefully all this sunshine means the ground will absorb and fertilize all the dog crap that Snickers has been rolling in AGAIN!!!!! I've officially lost count of how many times she's done this...seems like every other day! Tiffany, I can't thank you enough for that Lavender doggy talc! You might want to buy stock in it for when I'm done the bottle you gave us! I tell ya! It does instantly clear up the most pungent stuff...but I still make her sleep in the hall...until DJ lets her in that is!

DJ and I got to go outside for a bit this afternoon...he in search of his "neighvors" who weren't home and me in search of mail that doesn't arrive on U.S. holidays like Martin Luther King day...not having a child in school (that lives with us full time) I miss when these holidays take place! Once DJ's in school, I'll know ALL about them!! I'm sure all the kids were happy to have the day off even tho they've really only been back to school for 2 weeks!! Ok, the teachers enjoy it more!!! :) I have a g/f who's a math teacher and she LOVES her holidays!!! lol

I'm afraid I have some sad seems our daughter has been stricken with the Terrible Twos even tho she's not quite (but on Wednesday) 22 mos old. Her defiance is emerging...along with this obstinacy I haven't seen...and pure anger when things don't go the way she thinks they should!!! She's also learning about time outs! Got one today for shrieking when DJ took something from her she KNEW she wasn't supposed to have, and gave it to me...I asked her to stop with the screaming and she looked at me and said "no!"...yeah, time out for you princess! She didn't like it either...but it did teach her something! When I went in to get her, I picked her up and she hugged me and patted my arms and said "kay" like she agreed to behave better. And she did!! Plus, all I had to do for the rest of the day was ask her if she wanted to go take time out and she'd quit doing whatever she was doing wrong.

I think she listens better than DJ does!! Who also got more than one time out today! Yesterday...he gave himself a time out!! He didn't even wait for us to tell him to go to his room, he just went!! Howie and I laughed when we realized what he'd done! He knew what he did was wrong as soon as he did it, so punished himself....I like it!!

Samantha has also (literally overnite) started putting two words "hi Mummy" or "yes please" just little things, but I noticed it this morning. She's said "love you" for a while now, ok, it's more like "ah you" but she knows what she's saying...and so do we! When I tuck her in at nite, she starts off with "nite nite" followed by "ah you" and then "bye!" Its so cute! When she says "bye!" I know I can leave the room.

Ahhh sometimes its the little things! Remind me of that in 10 years when she won't even talk to me!

Now, I'm off to watch some telly....its The Bachelor tonite....I hate how I get so sucked into these reality shows...but LOVE that its not me!!! I do prefer game ones....Survivor starts back up in Feb....but watching these girls is just like watching a train wreck!! Ya can't take your eyes off it!

I've decided I'm going to frog the newest blanket I'm making for Sam's doll...8's aren't cutting it for I'm gonna try 10.5's and see if that'll help! At the rate I'm going, this thing could take months instead of frog it!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I like it when

A day is informative!!! And today was!!

I got up before DJ did...who was snuggled under the covers next to me...since Idon'tknowwhen! He did wake up last nite to pee...and while sitting on the toilet asked me if "when daddy leaves could he take daddy's spot in the bed"...and then told me to go to bed...hahaha SO cute! He's got Howie's pattern down to a tee!

SamSam was awake when I left the bedroom so I went to get her...she was just chatting to herself....again, SO cute! While I was chatting with her DJ came out crying because I left him in bed! For all of 2 minutes! oy!

We had breakfast while I tried calling Howie to see how he was doing answer, so I just left a message. Got the kids dressed and just sat down to the computer when I got a phone call...form a strange I answer it timidly, and hear "I love you" on the other was Howie...calling from someone else's phone....because he locked the keys AND his phone in the trunk while getting ready to leave!

So I take directions to where he is....go put my contacts a brush thru my hair...and grab socks for the phone rings again and this time its Howie on his OWN phone! Whew! There was someone there who was an electrician and he had some tool of the trade that allowed Howie to break into the Jetta without harm. So he saved himself...and me a trip!! DJ was bummed we couldn't go rescue daddy!! lol

I kid you not....10 mins later my phone rings again...its Howie telling me that he's directly behind his dad and g/f who are on their way to our house....ACK!!!!! I wanted to shower before they arrived!!!! Not to happen! So I run quickly to change my shirt at least and put some perfume on (which by the way...happens to be this new perfume Avon is coming out with for Mother's Day...Eternal Magic....LOVE it! It's now my new every day perfume!) and make sure the house is presentable. Literally seconds!!!! I came out of the bedroom and they were already here! So quick!

Had a great visit with them....tried to get Sam to show off her new talent. I chuckle just thinking about it! Yesterday while I was gone all day she started singing. Yes, real singing! No, not with words! I guess you'd say it was more like scatting...but toddler style! Howie said he was about in tears watching her sing for him!! Her microphone....the handle of the toy vacuum!! And she was holding it like a singer would a microphone on a stand. He even said she was using facial expressions while singing and it was just cracking him up! I have NO idea where she picked this trick up...but man, it's FUNNY!!!! He tried to get her to sing for me last nite after dinner...but she knew she was being watched! And wouldn't...the stinker!

This morning...while I was at the computer, she started singing....and I got to watch the whole thing! SOOOOOOOO awesome!!! She's gonna be my little country starlet!! Just you wait 'n see!

Anyways, she wouldn't do the singing thing...but chose to do gymnastics all over Jungle Gym Daddy...both of them did this! After Dad and Ellen left we got down to the business of making lunch! And then I put Samantha down for her nap and left for Session 2 of the Digital Camera class at the library.

I learned SO much!!!! Not sure I fully understand it all...but I'm picking it up! Today's class was short too! I was outta there by I dropped off Julie & Julia (Which I freakin LOVED!!!!!! Oh I want her cookbook now!!! And I wanna make Boeuf Bourginon!!) and headed home.

Dinner was SCRUMPTIOUS!!!! Howie did catch a fish this a seal got a bite out we cooked up half of it and froze the other half. Oh it was YUMMY!!!! Both the kids ate all their fish first before anything else! it was THAT good!

Now, I'm gonna go watch TV...I've got it on pause right now...I really do hate commercials!!! blech!

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

From the time I got up

I haven't stopped!!!! Til that I'm sitting and blogging, my world has stopped....whoooo and so has my energy!!!

I surprisingly slept in again til almost 9:30 this morning!!! Howie decided yesterday that it wasn't going to be a fishing day because of all the rain we've had...the river was too YAY me! DJ had me up at 5:30 because I found him sleeping next to me...sneaky bugger! My arm had fallen asleep and that's how I woke up...put him back in his bed (no pee this time as he'd gone at 1:15 when he woke up to tell me to go to bed..hahaha) and crawled back into our warm bed...and out like a light without a single wake up til 9:30!! I'm loving it!!

When I did get up, I got completely ready for the day...SO nice to do without kids who don't even know you're awake!! Put on my make-up (all Avon, of course!) and do my hair...and catch the dog trying to puke on the carpet by the door....yeah, not fun! I saw her making the heaving motion and grabbed her by the collar and dragged her into the bathroom so she could puke on the linoleum...MUCH easier to clean! I stood there talking to her and rubbing her back (like one of the kids) and when she was all done, sent her out and told Howie to let her out immediately.

In the span of maybe 2 minutes...I completely forgot about the puke....went back into the bathroom to finish getting ready and what did I step in??? Yup, you guessed puke!!!!

If you have a dog, you know that empty tummy puke is just bile...and A LOT of it!!! And its slimy!!! And even sitting just 2 minutes...its COLD!!!! GROSS!!!! I washed my foot and called out for paper towel! Got it cleaned up and got dressed.

Ate a quick breakfast and kissed everyone good bye. I had a full day of Avon to do! Deliveries to make and people to see!!

Oh, I had such a good time too!!!! Catching up with my g/f's...a couple weren't home...but most were! Showing them the new products coming out in March...wearing the new perfume (which I LOVE!!!) and letting them all try too! What fun!!!!

I had a appt for 2:30 so between my last delivery and her I popped into Walmart (where else!??!) to get a few things that I just can't find elsewhere, or the price can't be beat! I even got a couple pr of pants for Sam and for DJ! 2.00 a pair is amazing!!! Garanimals are awesome!

I got a call as I was perusing the clothes from my g/f (and reader) saying she was done her lunch date earlier than expected, so she'd meet me...perfect! She didn't know it then, but she probably saved my wallet a headache...getting me out of the kids clothes section!!! lol Met up with her and had a great visit (in my car no less) and then from there I did the very last delivery for a g/f I knew wasn't going to be home (Morgin's mom) as Morgin had a dance competition today.

I got to her front door to drop off the bag, and there's a travel mug sitting there...a bag with something in it and a note! "The vanilla chai tea is for you. + the puffed cow ear is for Snickers" How AWESOME is that?!?!?! I adore chai tea!!! I'd never had vanilla chai...and oh man, was it good!!! Even tho she'd made it probably around 11, it was still warm when I got it at 3! Impressive cup!! I had no idea how thirsty I was too til I started drinking it!

From there, I hit up the McD's for something to eat to tide me over til dinner! Was famished! It was then I got a text that Morgin still hadn't danced yet (she dances for Meadowdale High School) and if I hurried I could watch her. I called Howie to see if it was okay if I went, and he off I went!

I didn't have cash (and I don't carry cheques) on me so I almost didn't get to go in and see her...but the gals at the entrance waived me nice!!! I got there about 4 teams before her team I got to see some dance routines, and some pom routines....not at all like the movie "Bring It On" but I really enjoyed it! Now if I had been there since it started at 1...and stayed til it ended, I might have complained about a sore butt...but(t) I was only there for about an hour and a half...not too terrible! I feel like I got a glimpse into my future with Samantha if she takes the dance route...and I know I'll get A LOT of knitting done!!!!! lol

In the end, Meadowdale dance team placed 3rd!!! Way to go girls!!!!!

From there I headed homeward! Stopped at Freddy's to get the specials that expire a movie (Julie & Julia) and picked up dinner....Howie was a bit frazzled, and the kids were starving!! Boy, were they ever happy to see me...or was it the food they inhaled!?!?! Tried another new Teriyaki place and it was good! Better than the last place!! Still learning what's good and what's not!

So now, I'm off to watch my movie...and veg! Man, my chair is yelling out my name!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Friday, January 15, 2010

I love girl dates!!!

My girlfriend, Wyndi, and her little girl Izzy came over this afternoon for a play date! You see, both our husbands work at the same club, and they both get that lovely task of working Friday nites! We were supposed to have them over last week, but when Sam had the throwing up issues, Wyndi politely declined on behalf of her daughter's health! Which I totally get and respect!

Today...we were good to go!!!

Howie let me sleep in til after 9...which was HEAVEN!!!!!! I didn't hear the kids ONCE!! Not one single thing!! SO awesome!!!!! I'd gotten up with DJ at 4:15 (the time he normally gets up to crawl in on Howie's side of the bed) and directed him back to his own bed since Howie was still sleeping there...with a side trip to the bathroom. So from the time I crawled back in bed from that to the time I woke up shortly after 9....I know nothing!! GREAT block of sleep!!!! Thanks honey!!!!

Thankfully Wyndi wasn't coming til after lunch, which meant I had time to colour my hair and vacuum! Oh, and do the ten second tidy! Not that she'd care the state of my house...or judge me by it! Whew!

She also brought with her a laundry basket full of 2T clothes for SamSam!! They'd been handed down to Izzy, who's in 3T, so when asked if I wanted the 2T stuff, I jumped all over that!

And the girl is SET for clothes!!! She'll need some summer stuff when the time comes, but other than that...she's set!! Her closet is going to look FULL once it's all washed and hung! I can't thank Wyndi enough for thinking of us for the clothes! Oh some of it just so CUTE too!! You'll see...

Half way thru the afternoon, DJ was asked to take a walk with the off he went to expend some of that energy...I have to say, it made a difference in the level of play when he got back...more subdued! Thanks neighbours!!

Dinner was and salad....DJ's fave meal! We usually have pizza when Howie's not around since it's the frozen variety...DJ doesn't care! lol it's pizza! For dessert we had cinnamon, I didn't make them...hahaha

They left around 8 and then it was time to put the kids to bed...thankfully they went easily for me since it was just me tonite! Howie got home close to 10, I think....and played with his new nail polish.

Yeah, you read that right!! He had me order nail polish from Avon to fix up some of his fishing lures! Smart man!! He whined about it taking so long to dry (30 seconds?!?!!) and the smell (hahaha) and it turns out he was putting GOBS of it on expecting it to dry in 30 I showed him how to properly apply nail polish....I even offered to show him on his own nails...but he said "no!"....I would have taken a pic of it if that had happened!!! As it is, he'll probably smack me for blogging about this in the first place!

So, all in all, it was a GOOD day!! And now, I'm about to relax and watch Oceans 13...I don't think I've seen it...and who can resist a movie with Brad Pitt AND George Clooney!?!?!?!! Not I!

Til next time...ciao!

Fun Fact Friday

So, I thought I'd start my own little blog hop!

Brave of me, no? Most of my readers are the strong silent type....and it doesn't seem to matter what I do, drawing them out of the woodwork seems to be a chore!!!

One I'll keep at too!! Mark my words! :D

So, what do you have to do?

Tell us a Fun Fact on Friday and link it up here, so others who want to join in, will be able to easily "hop" over to your blog and check out YOUR Fun Fact!!

Easy right??

Yeah, I thought so!

So what are you waiting for?? want my Fun Fact??

I'm not sure when exactly it started...but I'm a stair counter!! As I go up stairs (more so up, than down) I count them! Apparently, my Grandma on my mom's side did this too! So, maybe I observed her doing it and followed suit! But like I said...I have no idea at what age this started...but it feels like I've been doing it all my life!

See...that wasn't too hard was it? Doesn't have to be a LONG post...just tell us a Fun Fact about yourself!! And then link up!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

They've gone and done it now!

My parents have LOST their marbles!!!!! No, they haven't...not literally anyways. Or metaphorically. Or however other way you'd lose them!!

For the last couple years they've had one eye out for a new motor you can drive instead of tow/pull behind the truck. They already have a 5th wheel...have had it for about 10 years I'd guess...maybe even longer!! Gosh, I can't say exactly...and I can't very well call them right now...its 11:50 where they are!

Anyways...they've been totally snowbirding it down in Florida since early December...and took their 5th wheel and parked it! Even took a 7 day cruise while they were there! Bahamas, St. Maarten, Dominican Republic...and a couple other islands. Don't be fooled, they didn't go for the sights, or the islands themselves...they went for the FOOD!!!! If you've ever been on a cruise, you're chuckling right now...and nodding your head in total agreement! The food on a cruise is bar none, AMAZING!!! I know...I went on one at the tender age of 19 with my family because my very kool much older sister (I have an evil grin on my face as I type this, knowing my SIL is reading this and will report back to my sister :D hee hee) worked for a cruise line and made it just so, that we could go with her on a cruise for minimal cost. We ate our weights in food!! It was phenomenal!! I've since never had escargot the same way...and I've tried!

Anyways...back to mom and dad...they got back from their cruise this past Sunday....and went back to their 5th wheel....and kept reading the RV Trader and making phone calls...they also have a friend down there who was helping them...he's also Cdn and also snowbirding.

Well, I got a phone call from them tonite, just before dinner making time...and they bought one!! A used one...2002 Winnebago Ultimate fact....this picture is the very one they bought!!

Unreal eh?? I told my mom to take a Sharpie and put my name on the underneath of my siblings know...hahahaha That's a family joke! My Nanny used to tell us that when we went to visit her...Put your name on some tape and put it under whatever it is you want!....I think my Aunt did!!

Pretty exciting no? I'm excited for them! They won't be driving it home when they leave, as that's just too much for to drive the 5th wheel and one to drive the Winnebago...altho I could totally see them doing that...they're not. They'll fly down in April and drive it back then.

Our day was boring in comparison to theirs!! We went out and put up two ballot boxes for an Avon drawing I'm at a dentist and one at a hair salon! I'm making it happen!!! Now I can't wait!! First drawing is for the 30th of January! Hopefully I have a slew of contacts by then!

Oh, if you're an early blog might want to check back around noon EST...or 9 am PST...trying something new....let me know what ya think!

Thanks for the compliments on my blog background choice....I like it too! It looks fresh in here!!

OK, off to watch the much anticipated Grey's/Private Practice crossover!

Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Papa may have a brand new bag

But mama got a new look to her blog!!!!!!

Like it????

I got brave and asked Elizabeth (the one you're supposed to send an email to about me being crowned Queen for the Week over at her blog!! is the address you need to email her as to WHY I should be Queen!) how to change the template on my blog...I really like hers, and was quite bored with the ones Blogger has...and really, I was due for a change!!!

I also got brave and asked her a couple other'll see on Friday!

Today was another RAINY day!!! And when I got out of bed this back instantly started spasming!!!! Oh it was brutal! Lifting Sam into her high chair was torture! When it still hadn't quieted down after taking Advil, I went to lay down on my left side for a bit. Of course, the kids HAD to join we read books! And then it was time for Caillou, so I got 22 mins of peace to just lay there and wait for the pain to pass. It worked too! So I got up and tested it...yup, Advil kicked in!

Samantha is back to normal, so she got normal foods today...and even shared the hummus with the dog! She got it out of the fridge, and DJ put it on the table....she got it down from the table and opened it up...and let Snickers have some....WHY!?!??!?! All this, while I was typing up an email the length of this paragraph! Go figure! Good thing I'm a dog lover.....

The sun broke thru at lunch time, which meant DJ was quite anxious to get outside and play! Off he went while I put Samantha down for her nap....turns out they weren't quite ready to play yet, and so he and I walked to the end of the driveway to get the mail. We came back inside and had some giggle time...much like snuggle time, but with lots of giggles!! It was then I noticed Kristopher getting his boots on! I didn't say anything to DJ until he was on his way here....and DJ shot off the couch and down the stairs to get dressed again!

Wouldn't you know it....a half hour (if that) into playing outside, it starts raining again!!! They tried building a fort with a tarp and he told me how cool it was! The tree house was mentioned...and Michaela came over to see if they could up in the tree house....but that was that. About 4, DJ came in the house sopping wet!!! But he had the biggest smile on his face for getting to play with his friends! We stripped him down to his skivvies in the front hall and went to wash his hands, and get clean dry pants on. His hands were FREEZING cold...and I'd like to thank his father for teaching him how to use those cold hands as a weapon!!!! brrrrrrrrr

Howie was late coming home, so to pass the time, I read books to the kids...they both LOVE reading!!! And yes, the exact same books we read this morning!! With the addition of 3 that was 9 books we read!!! YOWZA!! DJ got a bunch of paper books for Christmas...and so far, he's treating them okay...which also means, they're a bit more longer and more involving...he enjoys it!

Now, dinner is done, but the dishes still have to be dealt with...Howie's lunch is made, but coffee still needs to be set up...and I still have to run to the store for cat food...if only the cat hadn't puked it all up in the hall...and I didn't have to go step in it....oy!

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm so excited

And I just can't hide it....I'm singing that song in my head since I left my Avon meeting this evening!!

I'm SOOOOOOOO glad I went too!!! I really learned a lot and got A LOT of great new ideas for gaining more customers which will then in turn, make me (us) more money! Not bad!!!! Not bad!

My personal goal (and something I agreed to with my unit leader) is to get 10 new customers in the next 4 weeks! It sounds SO scary to me right now, but I'm armed with knowledge!!! And knowledge is power!!!! Whooo!

Watch out baby!!! I'm on the loose!!!!!!!

Today was just a rainy BLAH day!!! It rained....and got the weather from my own little meteorologist DJ! He kept looking out the window with this "woe is me" attitude...poor kid! And then when we tried to invite Kristopher over, he was taking a nap! So, instead....I let him play on the computer with his ABC "game"...little does he know, he's ACTUALLY learning!!!

Samantha seemed no worse for the wear signs of any impending displays of pukeyness...or fever...nothing! Odd! Its like yesterday didn't even happen! Still kept her on a fairly light diet of easily digestible foods....and she wasn't showing signs of extreme hunger, she was happy with what she ate....I even made homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner for her while I was gone...she didn't like it! DJ on the other hand LOVED it and ate his entire Lightning McQueen bowlful of it!! I was shocked to learn that!!! He was the one I expected would put up the most fight!

Kids went down well for Howie...who was still up when I got home...watching American Idol it was good to catch up with him for an hour before he went to bed.

Now, I'm heading there myself! The other nite I went to bed at 12:30...the earliest in a LONG time, and it was amazing!! The light went out at 1 and it was good! Aside from DJ waking me...and hour and a half Last nite my head was on my pillow for all of a half hour before he wok me up! Rascal!!

Til next time...ciao!

Truthful Tuesday

Confessions from a Working Mom's Tuesday....and the question posed by Elizabeth, over at Confessions from a Working Mom is:

What talent do you wish you have...
but don't?

For me its small knowing how to really sew! I can hem...and sew a straight edge....but I can't sew a complete outfit! I'd like to learn how!

Or crochet! I can knit...but I can't crochet...I tried teaching myself, but I couldn't stop laughing at myself!

As for knitting....I wish I had the talent to make the stuff you see in the knitting magazines!!! Most of that takes patience and the talent of reading the patterns right!! :)

I guess over all, the talent I wish I had the most (and ties in the three above) would be to be more like Martha Stewart!! Now THAT woman is talented!!! beyond ridiculous, talented!!!

OK...join the blog hop and tell us what you wish you were talented at...its fun!

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Monday, January 11, 2010

It is truly amazing

How such a little body (28 lbs 8 oz) can produce such and ENORMOUS stink when she farts!!!! OH it's truly awful!!!!!!!

This morning started off like any other...DJ in bed with me...Howie off fishing (he had the day of in lieu of working New Years Day) and Samantha in her crib. We all got up and had breakfast....and waited for Howie to come home WITH a fish!!!! He was later than normal too as he got a bit greedy and wanted a 2nd one...he lost it!

Finally he got home just before 11 and the kids were super happy to see him!!! This is 4 mornings in a row for them...they like that! After Howie had something to eat, he got down to business cleaning the fish....which DJ now thinks its his job to help! And by help, I mean watch! He's not fond of touching the fish...which I'm more than okay with!!!

It was decided while he was cleaning it that it wasn't fit for it went in the freezer stash for smoking at a later date! Bummer!

I fed the kids lunch and put Samantha down for her nap...while she was down, DJ played on the computer at which is a GREAT site for kids!!!! He LOVES his "game" on there! I like that he feels important and is learning the way of the computer.

So while he was occupied...Howie was on the couch....I went and laid down on the bed to warm up (yeah, right!) my feet. It worked too! No one came to find me...and I was left alone...a novelty!!

Well, as I'm laying there, enjoying the darkness of the room and the warmth of the covers....I hear Howie come down the hall and get SamSam out of her room...and then within minutes I hear him YELL the loudest I've ever heard him yell..."SWEETHEART YOU NEED TO COME HERE NOW!!!"

I get up and go to find him with Samantha on his lap...and they're both covered in puke! (I'm gagging now just thinking of it!) Her more than him...but still a mess! I grab some wipes and start working on getting her naked....once I get the clothes off her, he gets up and goes to change. I get Samantha to the bathroom and clean her more and wash her hands as she'd "caught" it in her hands too (Did I forget to mention she had a hot dog and macaroni and green beans for lunch!?!?!) and I needed to wash my hands!

She picks out pajamas to wear....which is we put them on and go sit in the chair. Her warning system this time was a whining...just a cough. She wasn't fevered or complaining about we thought it was just a random thing. Howie got a bowl ready for her just in case....well, I'm glad he did!! I caught the whole of the next episode in the bowl....which saves A LOT on laundry! lol While he was dumping the contents down the toilet, I was cleaning and soothing Sam. Poor thing!

Then she wanted to drink something....and while we let her...we made her at least go slow on it! She did fine....

Before dinner, she started farting....putrid, disgusting, FOUL smelling farts!!! Just the tiniest little poof sound and this huge wave of gas would emit! BLECH!!!!!

Along with the gas came the poop! Which I had the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with. Not very well either, mind you! So horrid in fact that Howie had to hold a wet wipe (I will forever HATE cucumber melon scented anything now) over my nose while I cleaned her up....and he's LAUGHING the whole time at me!!!!!!!! Yeah, we're a pair of good parents.......

Get her all cleaned up...and into new pants, again! and start getting dinner ready. I decided she was having something light...she kept the juice I made her piece of toast and she had half of a vanilla yogurt.

The farts didn't stop...but everything else did!! And she went to sleep fairly fine....maybe she got a bad hot dog...NO clue! DJ and I both had hot dogs too for its really random she didn't do so well.

I grabbed a shower after dinner (I kept getting whiffs of puke) and then cut Howie's hair for him. Once the kids were in bed I got down to her one blanket finished and started a second one for her. :)

Now, I swear I can still smell puke....gonna go smell some coffee and halt that! I'm also pissed at myself for deleting The Bachelor AS I WAS WATCHING IT!!!!!! Stupid thumb!!!! Gonna go see if On Demand has it...otherwise I have to wait til tomorrow to watch it online...grrrrrrrrr

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

You know that saying....

You learn something new every day?

Its true!!!

We used to do this thing with Jake waybackwhen...whenever he was with us for dinner it was always a race to ask "How was your day ______?" as soon as everyone was seated. And then that person would go thru their whole day telling everyone what they did. Questions were saved to the there was no interrupting. And then, the very last question that was to be asked was "And what did you learn today?" And you had to think of one new thing you learned from the day!

I can't wait til DJ and Sam are old enough to start this with!

So, here's my day! (you DID ask me right?)

I got woken up about 7ish by DJ joining me in bed...and then he had to let the cat in as she was scratching at the door! And then we both fell back to sleep til almost 9 am!! He was making up for lost sleep this weekend! lol

We got Sam up and had breakfast....Howie came home from fishing, fishless....Jake finally got up! Made everyone lunch....sent DJ outside to play (oh it was a beautiful day here!!!)....put SamSam down for her nap....and got ready to go.

I went to the library for a class on buying a digital, as you know, I have a camera...that I quite like! but wanted to learn more about cameras in general! I did learn something today too! I now know what DSLR stands for in the camera world! Digital Single Lens Reflex....I'm still not a hundred percent sure what exactly it means!!!!!!!....but, hey, I'm still learning! I also learned why its called Single the "old" days, they had a twin lens camera....he had looked ancient! But very kool nonetheless!

The teacher of the class is very well informed...and a member of the I think he might know what he's talking about! There's two more classes over the next two Sundays...and yup, I'm going to both!!

After the class I headed over to Fred Meyer (BY MYSELF!) and picked up a few essentials (fishing line for Howie) and then to Albertsons for their specials, and to return the movie from last nite...and then headed home!

I have to say....I totally LOVED the greeting I got from the kids!!! Howie gets it every work day, so its kinda nice to be the recipient!! Howie then took Jake the drop off point (they meet half way for transportation) while we had dinner.

Since last nite's dinner was so fabulicious (my own word!) we decided to do it all over again!! In fact, it was on my mind ALL day that I wanted lasagna for dinner again!! Apparently, so did Sam!!! Her first bite...she giggled!! Like most kids would with candy! And a few times during dinner, she'd let out a mmmmmm after getting a bite in her mouth! SOOOO cute! DJ didn't want lasagna, he'd spied the left over spaghetti and decided to have that instead! Hey, I'm all for eating the left overs!!!

Once the kids were in bed I got working on some Avon order goes in this week! I'm excited for the new nail polish coming out! I tried it the other day at the meeting and was thoroughly impressed!!! It dries SO quick!! Quick enough to make me want to paint Sam's nails!!! I'll probably hold off til summer and start with the toes! It also didn't peel off hours after applying it!! In fact, I bathed the kids twice...and myself...and did countless dishes before it started lifting! Impressive no? And you know how most polishes STINK to high heaven?!?! This one....doesn't! There must have been 25 women at the meeting and we all painted one wasn't til it was in front of me that it smelled! And even then, it was faint! AWESOME!!!! I have to say the next part....let me know if you want one!! They start selling in the next campaign!

Now, I'm gonna go watch Brothers & Sisters...I tried watching it on live TV...but kept wanting to fast forward thru the I came here and blogged I can go back and skip all the junk! I'm also on the back side of the firs doll blanket for Sam...I can't wait to give it to her!!

Til next time...ciao!

I can officially state

That District 9 was the most bizarre movie I've ever watched!!!!! Right up there with The Fly!

I am by no means a Sci-Fi fan, and this movie solidified it for me!!!!

I dig get a lot of knitting done tho! I'm making Samantha's some doll sized blankets for when she puts them to bed! She's currently using the snuggie, and that's a little large!!!! Or she uses one of her own I thought I'd remedy that for her! Finally, I can knit for my own kids!!!!! I love it!

Today started rather early!!!! Like 7:03!

Oh, the boys finally fell asleep last nite about 9:35 after 5 trips in the room....2 trips each for them to come tell me something. My fave? When Kristopher told me he wasn't tired and wanted to stay up to "enjoy the WHOLE day" hahahahaha yeah, then DJ tried that line on me! Silly boys!

Howie heard Kristopher this morning calling out for DJ....who was snug as a bug in OUR bed clinging to my right arm to keep from falling off the bed! Howie got dressed and went out to keep him company...and DJ woke up to join them! Which meant I got to sleep in.

Who are we kidding?!?!?!

Have you ever tried sleeping when there's 3 rambunctious (cuz you KNOW they woke SamSam up!) children in your house!!!

OH wait...the trick is to be a teenager!! Jake slept right thru it ALL!!!

I finally gave in trying to sleep in about 9 and got up. Fed the kids breakfast and then ate myself. About 10 ish, Kristopher said he wanted to go home, so I called over to see if anyone was ready for him to come home...they were! So off he went! And apparently, he ate 3 bowls of cereal when he got home too!! I promise...I didn't starve him!!

After breakfast, I bathed the kiddos...which brought us to lunch time....fed everyone and then DJ went out to play. Samantha went down for a nap. Howie took Jake out driving, finally getting him to use 4th gear! And I fully enjoyed the quiet of the house!!! Got some cleaning done....some clutter dealt with....and a much needed shower! Perfect afternoon!!!!

You see, we were having company for dinner!!! Jake's girlfriend, Morgin, and her mom Joanne. They arrived shortly before 6 as I was pulling everything out of the oven! Perfect timing! What a feast too!!! Lasagna from the freezer that I made however long ago...a BLT Caesar salad...and crescent rolls...with brownies for dessert! Yup! A feast!!!! The only one to skip it was Jake...he had burgers! *eye roll*

After dinner we played games...Blokus (LOVE that game!)...followed by Mad Gab (another fave!)...and lastly Scattergories! Only played 3 rounds of that was it was starting to get late and they still had a drive home.

It was after they left that we watched District 9....of which, Jake seems to think there'll be a District 10...I hereby state: I will not be watching that!!!

Now, I'm off to bed...its late, late, late!!

Til next time...ciao!

Friday, January 8, 2010

I may be a

Glutton for punishment...but it seems to be working!

DJ is having his first sleep over here tonite....and so is Kristopher....his first EVER away from Mom and Dad...good thing they live next door so if he gets spooked in the wee hours of the nite he could go home easily! Its been fun!!! Lots of running and yelling...and of course tattling and yelling....I'm hoping they wear each other out so much there won't be the proverbial giggling in the dark! hahaha

Before my very eyes my little boy is growing up!! This is the first of many I'm sure!

This morning I got a treat...sleeping in!!! I can't even tell you the last time I got to sleep in...I know it was way before technically, last year!!! (good one!) I woke up at 4 am to DJ climbing in on my side of the bed....but when I realized what time it was, I marched him back to his own bed! And decided to pee while I was up. So when 8 rolled around and DJ opened the door, Howie said, "Just go out to the living room and I'll be right there" and I snuggled even deeper under the covers thinking to myself "I'll just stay here another half hour"

Ya, right! I woke up when Howie came in the room at 9:20 saying he needed to get ready for work! I was shocked!!!! I think that was the best hour and 20 minutes of sleep I'd had all nite!

Got up and fed the kids (Lord knows what crap my husband gave them already!) and had about 3 melt downs from DJ in the space of a half hour! NOT a good way to start the day!! In fact, he was in his room on time out when Howie woke me up!

After many threats, and promises, we headed out the door to go to the monthly pot luck with the Monroe Mommy & Me group! I will say, cooking ground beef before 10 am is not something I'm fond of!!! I got all the other ingredients together last nite so they could meld flavour-wise...but didn't want to cook the meat til this morning. Last pot luck, there was NO real was all snacky and crap! So today I wanted there to be real food!! Chili is a good one! One of the other moms brought taquitos (or something of that nature) and oh they were yummy!!!! And today, there was bagels and pb+j sandwiches! So the kids had a good lunch!

DJ got a serious lesson in what it feels like to be bullied! There was a 2 y/o boy there that was NOT having a good day! And he felt the need to take it out on just about everyone there! Adults included! I will refrain from judging the parenting style and leave it at that! Just not my way of doing things...obviously!

We were supposed to have a play date with our good friends Izzy and her mom Wyndi...but with DJ having the hives last nite, she didn't want to expose Izzy to them with all the dr appts she's got coming up! We were all bummed, but of course, totally understood...well, I did anyway! DJ, notsomuch! But once Kristopher came over, all was forgiven!

They're watching Bambi right now while I'm blogging....bed time should be fun!

I'll hit pause here right now (on the blog, not the movie! They're sitting quietly!!) and when I come back I'll announce the winner of the contest!!!

Sit tight!

Ok and the winner is.............thanks to

Drum roll please!!???!!!

Lisa C!!! I already have your address, so when I send the cards out, there'll be one with your name on it!!!! Congrats!!

For the rest of you, I'll try and get my neighbour (who reads my blog) to scan in the photo *please Lara??* so you can at least see what it looks like! Those of you who are local (by that I mean, in state!) are more than welcome to drop by and see the hard copy for yourself!!!!

Ok...all three kids are in bed...the boys aren't sleeping yet, but they're all in their beds!!! Whew! It wasn't that hard either...DJ only came out once...oh wait...I hear the door now.....gotta go!

Til next time...ciao!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Last Chance

For romance!!!

Today (Friday, when you're more than likely reading this...) is the last chance to enter my contest!

The prize?

A priceless photo of my darling monsters children in a Valentines Card.

What do you have to do?

Comment!! If you haven't already that is! I've been keeping track of the commenter' if you've already commented, I got ya!! I am happy that so many are coming out of the woodwork to comment! I love it!!

Most of the comments came from my complaint about a certain misbehaving little boy...a lot could relate...and didn't cheer me up! In fact, the told me it gets worse!!!!! HOW is that possible!??!! Maybe this is why people keep having babies....not me!!!!

Today I had so much I wanted to do...and I accomplished most of it...but the toilets. WHY OH WHY must I clean them!?!?! Why hasn't a self cleaning toilet been invented!!!?!?!?!?! They came up with self cleaning ovens....why not the toilet!??!! The bane of all housekeeping!! If I could hire someone to come in a clean just my toilets every week...I'd pay for that!!!! I just dread it! And on the other sane side of the logic...if I did them once a week it wouldn't be so nasty...HA! Have you seen DJ pee!?!?!? Even tho he sits...he STILL manages to mess it up!!! When can I make that HIS chore?!?!!? Heck, I'd even pay him for that!!!

But as I found out today...he won't work for money! Go figure! The kid who loves to save his money just to put it in his piggy bank...won't work for money! I asked him to take all the toys that had migrated upstairs...back downstairs! Even gave him a box to transport them all at one time instead of one. single. toy. at. a. time! He looked at me and said "You do it Mum!" Yeah, that didn't go over so well!!! Brat!

By this afternoon he was grating my every nerve! So when my neighbour messaged me asking if DJ could come over to play...I almost wept!! And happily got him dressed and sent him on his way! The silence was golden!!! (Kinda like right now as everyone's sleeping...) And I got a lot done with him out of the house and out from under my feet! Thank you Lara!!! And Kristopher!!!!

Howie came home and the silence was gone! Apparently there was some big Bowl football game on and his butt was glued to his chair!! The TV even stayed on during dinner...which is one my rules that it goes off...DJ even said something about

Before dinner was even ready DJ was having some listening issues...and got sent to his room. When Howie went in to see if he was ready to talk...he said no. So I go in and we talked about the not listening part and I notice he's itching his elbows weirdly...I look and he's got raised bumps! *ugh!* So we go out for him to apologize to Daddy and he wouldn't do it...back to his room he goes.

And he fell asleep!

He was in there for 3 minutes!!!!!

I wake him up...we talk again....he comes out apologizes and sits down to eat dinner. By the end of dinner he's scratching behind his knees....sure enough...more hives!!!! So off we go to the bathroom for an oatmeal Aveeno bath. And calamine lotion. And a Benedryl tablet. He was doing good scratching...and it took all of 15 seconds once his door was closed (I'm assuming) for him to fall asleep! It was SO nice not to have him bugging at us saying he needs to pee, or give one more hug...or whatever! I will wake him to pee tho before I go to bed! No sense him having a Benedryl induced accident!

Oh, with dinner I made Sweet Potato french fries...I picked up a bag at costco last trip instead of normal fries...WOW were they GOOD!!!!!! So good, that it was the first thing Samantha ate on her plate!!!! DJ too!!! I resisted the urge to eat all mine first...but it was hard!!! I finally remembered half way thru mine to take a pic...YUM!!!!!! Oh they smelled amazing too while they were cooking! Next time I'll sprinkle some cinnamon sugar on them...tonite I just wanted them plain to see how we'd like them. And we DO!!
Now, I'm off to do those darn toilets! Unless of course someone else wants to come over and do them for me.......I could live with that!!!

Darn it!
Til next time...ciao!