Saturday, October 31, 2009

As promised

Here's the pix from the day....enjoy! My neighbour up the street had this in her yard!
Jackie crossing the finish line DJ at the start of the Kiddy Dash
DJ beating Jackie to the finish line
DJ trick or treating in costume
Knock knock
This is after the fact and he's got a bag full of candy happy smile
Sam gripping a chocolate bar...not sleepy, the flash is BRIGHT
TOO bright!
We got home and I took DJ upstairs and had to go back down for something else, when I came back upstairs he was trying to snooze on the stairs....

Til next time...ciao!

Trick Or Treat

Smell my feet!
Give me something good to eat!

DJ had FUN knocking on doors tonite and reciting his mouthful! We finally told him to shorten it to just Trick or Treat. And after each house he'd say "just one more house to knock on Mum, just one more!" In the end we did about 10 houses and his bag was getting heavy!! Chocolate weighs a lot yanno!

This morning had DJ awake just after 6 (tomorrow is gonna be killer with the time change) and Howie got up with him and they watched tv together (Howie loves this, he used to do it with Jake til he was 11 or so) and waited for me and Samantha to wake up. I got up at 8 and got ready as we had plans! SamSam woke up shortly after me and we got breakfast under way. We were in a hurry to go watch my g/f Jackie run a 5k in Monroe in support of the local Y. Her race started at 9 and I really wanted to be there at the finish line cheering her on! We got there in the nick of time too!!! So I got the cross-the-finish-line shot!

At 10am they had the kiddy dash and she and DJ did that one. 75 yds and he did great!! Not fast, but not last! He really had no clue what he was doing but he enjoyed himself! He got a blue ribbon and a stuffed fish and a super small pumpkin as his prize...he thought that was kool! Jackie came back to the house for a tour and to hang out for a bit.

We did lunch and then gathered up all our stuff and off we went. Both kids fell asleep on the way to Lynnwood, which was more than fine with us! We delivered Avon and picked up our Hughes sign we forgot at the old house, and then went and watched the twins play volleyball. By this time DJ and Samantha were more than ready to get OUT of their car seats! They had fun in the game room while we spectated.

Our original plan was to visit with Howie's sister and trick or treat her neighbourhood, but they had decided to go out to dinner and a movie since the twins were spending the nite elsewhere. So we scratched that plan and went to DQ for dinner and went to Jake's girlfriend's house as a starting point. Got them dressed and ready to go!

Now we're on our way home, SamSam's playing with the flashlight and DJ is checking out his loot piece by piece. He keeps asking for me to open them too, but that ain't happening! I'll be going thru his stuff first! Not that I'll be eating any....yeah right!

Howie just had the audacity to ask me to not give DJ any candy til he goes back to work in a week...HA!! Like a 3 y/o would understand THAT logic!

Well, Samantha's now asleep and DJ is telling me he NEEDS the pixie stick he's holding....Howie's kid! We're almost home and there's pj's to be put on and teeth to be brushed...and then I'll post some pix when I get a chance to sit!

Til next time...ciao!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Ahhh Oooh

*sigh* that's how my 19 month old daughter says I love you....cute now isn't it?? And she'll say it while hugging you and during that hug, she'll more than likely pat your back or arm....just melts me! And lately, she's such a diva sometimes, if you ask her for a kiss, she'll offer you her cheek. HER CHEEK!!! like she's the queen or something!!! Little does she know, that I'M the queen of this house...she's simply a princess in training!!! Or am I the one in training...some days that line gets very blurry! Ah, who am I kidding...if she throws an Ahh Ohh at me, I'm done! She's got me trained!

This morning had an extra hour of sleep in it for me! Howie goes in late on Fridays so that means I get to sleep in...not a bad deal! Altho, the trade off is that I have to do the bed time thing on my own as he's still at work...but that extra hour snuggled in bed, LOVE it!!!! Oh, and remember how I told you about that satin pillow case my mom gave me....simply DIVINE!!!!! I really am enjoying it! It says on the package that it helps keep away sleep lines, and I have to say, that's true!! its also supposed to help your hair not get all matty and disheveled...again, true! And I just love how it feels on my skin!!! Thanks Mom!! (she reads my blog daily! Even tho she never calls me anymore...she knows what's going on with me....but I don't know anything about what's going on with her anymore, cuz she never calls me anymore....)

Once breakfast was done, and Howie was on his way to work, we headed out to do some minor shopping....the goal was speaker wire and a grommet....neither were attained! But I did get his stupid beer, dishwasher stuff (haven't had to buy that for a LONG time!) and more chocolate milk, and a few other odds and ends....DJ of course had a blast at the playland and coloured me a ghost picture. After Freddy's we went to Payless where I'd gotten a code from the Oprah show that enabled me 1/2 off my entire purchase!!!! Not a bad deal!!!! My goal there was to get winter boots for the kids...and I did get some for took all of 3 minutes to get as they're Lightning McQueen boots...SOLD! I could have gotten the same for Sam (and she probably would have liked them) but I didn't and the other "girl" boots there weren't that appealing. So I'll check at Walmart (where else!??!!) next time I actually get to one. Y'know, I'm almost going thru Walmart (where else?!?!) withdrawals!!! It's been about 3 weeks if not longer!!!

After Payless it was time for lunch, so Lowes would have to wait...and honestly, going to this store does not excite me the way it does Howie. While Sam was sleeping DJ tried to go over to his neighvor's house and see if they could play, and they sent him home...poor kid! I think they told him later tho as he wanted to keep his coat and hat on...but I persuaded him to take them off. Turns out, they came calling and he got to play with both boys for about 15 mins til they left to go somewhere...again, poor kid! At least he perks up easy with gold fish and chocolate milk!

After dinner I did the bath time routine before the bed time, it takes forever for my clothes to dry after bathing them! At least in the summer I can wear a tank top and avoid most of the sprinkles! But I do love how they smell!!!

Now, everyone's asleep and I'm watching re-runs of the Golden Girls...what a great show!!!! And my knitting needles aren't too far away either....once I'm done typing, I'm knitting!

Til next time...ciao!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Can they do it??

YES they can!!! And they did!!!!!!

Who am I talkin about??

Why, the Meadowdale Mavericks of course!!! They had their last football game of the year (scheduled) against Everett...I couldn't go, but Howie was able to because it's a Thursday instead of Friday and he worked a normal day today. BUT because the game was today I didn't have Shirah to help me out so I could go. She got one of those J O B's and is quite busy! Not to mention she's in school part time too! And taking the kids to the game was out of the question....they're just not old enough to understand that we want to watch the game, not them! And its just too cold out there for them this time of year.

So, I got phone updates at every quarter instead. End of 1st they were down 7 - 0 the half they were down 14-0 YIKES!!!! I guess whatever they said in the locker room during half time worked, by the end of the 3rd they were down 14-7....the next phone call I got had 6 seconds left in the game with a tied score of 14 and we had the ball on the 1 yd line....the final score? 17-14 for us!!! Whew!!!!! Way to pull it off Mavericks!!!!!

This was the highlight of my day....we did NOTHING today! OK, not nothing, I did unpack some stuff, and do the dishes and feed the kids and fold two loads of laundry....but the game calls were exciting!!!

It rained ALL day, so DJ didn't get to play with is neighvors (he's changed it now...) and he was bummed about that....hopefully soon we'll have the downstairs organized into the play room its supposed to be, he can have his neighvors over to play when it rains. One day....

Now, I;m going to go watch Grey's on caught up watching Blake Shelton's video for his new song Hillbilly Bone....just love this song!!!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

P.S. could you send up prayers for MckMama's little guy Stellan...he's back in the hospital and NOT doing well...there's a link to her blog on the left sidebar. He turned one today, what a milestone!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Larry the Cable Guy

Came to our house this afternoon...well, not the REAL Larry the Cable Guy, but the cable guy from Comcast, who could very well have been named Larry....I have no clue what his name is/was. In any case, he wired the kitchen with a new cable outlet for where we want the computer set up...maybe by Sunday I might be up and running over there, boy that'd be nice!!!!

Today we had no plans...and let me tell you, it was nice!!! I got two loads of laundry done, a load of dishes done, two kids bathed, and a shower for myself! We also took a walk this morning and dropped off 9 more Avon catalogs for my new neighbours. DJ tried to play with his friends, but they weren't home today, so he was quite bummed about that! I know she home schools, but I have no clue what their schedule is....and it sure is cute to watch my son walk across the yard, up the steps of their deck, and knock on the sliding door.

Howie didn't come home from work, instead he went to the old house for the last time!!! Did some minor cleaning up, and handed over the keys! It feels weird, and good, and like the end of an era! We'll call it the renting era!! DONE! It was a good run tho! lol

With Howie gone, that meant I got to do the bed time routine by myself! Sam's the easy one...she nurses/watches tv for 15 minutes, and then I lay her down in her bed, tuck in her bunny, and put her blanket on her, pat her bottom and say good nite and walk out. Yes, it's THAT easy!!! With DJ it's usually 2 or 3 books, prayers, songs, snuggles, and then his frog plays 6 minutes of lullabies. Tonite, The Great Pumpkin was on TV....and he chose to watch it (on til 8:30) instead of reading books. He enjoyed it, but I don't think he got it. And to be frank (not to be confused with Frank) its not really that great for kids to watch! They call each other stupid and block head, and hit each other, and yell....seriously! I was a little shocked really! Not to mention Snoopy pretending he's the Red Baron and going to war...what's up with that?!?! Good thing he didn't pay attention to that, and just watched it.

Howie got home 2 minutes before it was over, so DJ got to give him some love and then headed to bed. Howie ate dinner and then unloaded the very last of our stuff (mostly cleaning supplies) from the old house, and went to bed. He did inform me that he has vacation all next week!! I asked if I could start making a list of what needs to be done, but he denied me that pleasure and said we'd "wing it" and "play it by ear" GRRRR That means he's got stuff HE thinks is important, and more than likely involve outside work....when I want the inside (where we live) taken care of first...oh joy!

Now, I'm gonna snuggle under some blankets and watch TV....I finished my latest knitting project and trying to decide what's next.....Oh, I know, I should work on dish cloths for Christmas! done!

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I can now add

Drill Sargent to my resume!! But not that kind....Howie forgot the keys to the old house to go over there after work, and instead came home and asked me what I wanted put up on walls....oh that list is endless!!!!! But we made a good dent in the list today! Even tho the front hall is yet to be painted (and supposedly he's going to get it done before money is on "no"...) we put up the key rack, the coat rack and the kids coat rack...nice to get those coats hung back up and it feels more homey too! The kids' bathroom got the towel ring up, the wall shelf thingy up, and 5 of my Anne Geddes pictures (oh I just love them!!!) DJ's room got the closet put back together (even tho its still pink!!!!) and also hung up his 4 hook wall hanger thing....and one in Sam's room, and one in our room. Sam also got the corner 4 shelf thing that's been in Jake's room, then DJ's room and now her room. She's the only one with a proper corner in her room for it. Now all her teddy bears are up away from DJ's hands....lately every time he goes in to see her when she wakes, he throws all the teddy bears in the crib and climbs in and they have a grand old time playing with them. Its cute...but not! You're not the one who has to then lift a 40 lb boy and a 20something lb girl out of the crib. Yes, he can climb out, but most times refuses....*sigh*

So, today started off with DJ in bed with me...about 6 I think, and BUGGY! Took him a bit to fall back to sleep! And then we were up before 8, which worked well with the plan for today. The carpets were getting cleaned at the old house for 10 am...and since we were already going to be in Lynnwood, I thought we'd go to story time at the library one last time. I also had the foresight to grab their costumes as I remember celebrating with them two years ago....DJ was a penguin and Sam was in the womb!

Well, wouldn't you know it, the carpet cleaner was a half hour while the kids were in the truck watching a movie, I swept up the bathroom and did some other cleaning waiting for the cleaner to come. Once he got under way and got paid, we took off for the library. When I went back to the truck, both kids were bootless, sockless and DJ was hatless and coatless...lovely! Got them all put back together and off we went for the 11 time. SO many cute kids dressed up! We got to see all the kids from the 10 o'clock time as their time wasn't quite over when we got there. The kids had fun!! And DJ was actually very well behaved for the first time ever!!!! I also had both of the do the march thing with me for the first time!!! Most times my kids are running wild when everyone is sitting, and sitting when everyone is marching! Normal is good!

Because we went to the later story time, kinda messed up lunch...and I hadn't planned on being we grabbed McD's and headed back to the old house. The kids were content and so I vacuumed up the downstairs and stairs going up. One less thing for Howie to do...

The way home I had two sleeping children...I actually got to listen to music!!! What a treat! When we got home, I stopped to check our mailbox, and lo and behold it was STUFFED with mail! I got my new trackball rim for my phone, and the baby legs I ordered a couple weeks ago and a whole bunch of other CRAP! Seriously, we got 5 different letters suggesting we get life insurance and some other kind of mortgage insurance...its insane!!!
My Avon finally arrived today too!!! So I let DJ go over next door and see if anyone wanted to play and I took a protesting Samantha in the house. She sat in DJ's chair at the table and coloured while I sorted my order and put all my info on the new books. I think i need to get a stamp of some sort with my name, number and email on it...writing it out 50 times gets tedious!

After dinner Howie got to work getting the mounting ready for the TV...we're still watching the small screen on my hope chest...I miss my closed captioning! Badly! Once the kids were in bed he lost his muster! We watched Biggest Loser, well, I watched it all, he went to bed before 9. And now I'm vegging and surfing!

Til next time...ciao!

P.S....for those who asked...this is what I used on those pants! I've only ever seen it here in the Albertsons.

Monday, October 26, 2009

What started off as a good day

Slowly turned into one that I should have stayed in bed for!!!! For starters, I woke up alone shortly after 8...ALONE!!! As in, DJ was still sleeping in is OWN bed!!!! I can't even recall the last time that happened! I did wake up when Howie woke up, but that's all I remember...I like those! 7 hours with only one minor disturbance...WOW!!!

Do you see now why I thought it was the start of a good day?? I got up and put 4 boxes away before DJ got up....unheard of! Samantha woke up shortly after DJ did and we got on with our day! After breakfast was done I got some laundry going...still trying to catch up after getting the dirty clothes from the old house....and called Avon to see what is going on with my order as I still haven't received it! I got a tracking number for UPS and had to stop there as the kids were getting per usual. Thankfully, the neighbour boy came over and asked DJ out to play, even tho it was raining pretty steadily. I bundled him up good and sent him out. It only lasted 20 minutes, but that was enough of a break.

Around 11 we went for a walk to deliver some Avon catalogues to my new neighbours...I thought I'd be smart and put them in the mail boxes before the mail arrived. It had finally stopped raining and it was a short walk as I only had 10 catalogues to dispense. We came home and I got busy making lunch. While the kids were eating and occupied, I called UPS to see where my package was. Turns out, they had no record of it...cue irritation! And all they could tell me, was to call Avon and verify that it had actually been shipped. GRRRR I couldn't do it then as the kids were done eating. But once Sam was in bed I called Avon again to see what the deal was. I still got the run around and no real answer. Shortly after that phone call I got another one from an unknown was someone from the post office calling to give me crap for leaving my catalogues in the mail boxes as its illegal. Before I could respond or even ask what happened to them, I was third party to another call that I couldn't speak in....very weird!!! I called Howie to have him look up the number for the post office and called them right back. They were going to throw my catalogues out, but I asked them not to and that I'd come pick them up. They cost me money!! I'd also get to pick up the last two weeks worth of mail...two birds, one stone.

So once SamSam woke up from her nap, I got them dressed to head out to the post office....and to Freddy's as Howie broke his last pair of reading glasses...and they're a few years he was due for some new ones. I called Howie on the way out and discovered we'd be passing each other, so a mile or so later, it dawned on me that we'd be passing each other and we could swap vehicles and I could go kid-less....hmmmm My plan worked too! Swap we did!!!

When I got home it was still early enough and still light enough out, and not raining, so I took DJ for a walk to hand deliver my returned catalogues (one missing...) This was possible because I'd already made chili earlier in the day and it was simmering on the stove! YUM! Well, it was discovered 5 books in, and about 10 houses walked that there's another Avon rep in the cul-de-sac on our bummer! She's a teacher at the local high school, so most of her clients are from work. In any case, we chatted a bit, and DJ and I came home.

After dinner Howie's phone rant and turns out it was for me...Clearwire FINALLY called!!! Now, why they called on Howie's phone when I specifically asked them to call me on my phone and even gave the number! In any case, we resolved that we'll pay half the cancellation fee, so we settled for 80.00 and its done and over with! Whew!

And the pants....they're white again....wanna see?? Remember these??

This is what they look like now....and as clean as I can possibly get them!! Not bad I'd say!

There are still some spots left, but hey, I'm happy!!!

Now I'm off to fold more laundry, and veg a bit...already did my knitting for the nite, so I feel accomplished! lol

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's a cupcake

Kind of weekend!!! Our neighbour's daughter, who's 11, made us some Halloween cupcakes that she made by herself (and boy were they yummy!!!) to welcome us to our new house.

Then today, Jake's girlfriend, Morgin, and her mom, Joanne, came up to see the house and she brought with her some coconut cupcakes she made this morning. Now, these I won't eat as I'm not a huge fan of coconut at all!! Its one of those things that you either love it or hate it! Yeah, I'm a hater! Don't judge me! lol

So we're loaded for bear in the dessert department this weekend! There's still some cookies left from yesterday! Good thing I can send lots of goodies with Howie to work and his co-workers don't mind one bit!

I got to sleep in this morning as Howie took DJ out of the room shortly after 7 when he got up (I have NO clue when he joined us...but I really don't like being in the middle! I can't move! and feel trapped!!!) and I slept til almost 8:30ish. Howie wanted to get going on the day so he sent DJ in to wake me...I love that!

We then tried to stay as quiet as possible for Jake's sake as he was still sleeping downstairs...and he's right under the dining room! He finally got up about 11:30 and DJ was SO happy!!! He even said to me "Mum, Jake's awake and its not even dark out!" hahaha

When Sam went down for her nap I decided to colour my hair (finally) and have a shower before Joanne and Morgin got here. I'd just mixed the solution up after sending Jake downstairs for his shower, when there was a knock on the door. It was my neighbour Lara come for a visit. She thought she was interrupting me, but I put her to work colouring my hair! Its nicer to have someone else do it when they can see what they're doing! And it gave us a chance to chat! DJ had gone outside to play with her boys, so it was a good chat! Just getting to know each other, but I do see a long time friendship in the making! That's nice! Especially since Howie says we're dying in this house! In other words, he's never moving again! LOL

She left and I hopped in the shower....I even had a few minutes to tidy up the kitchen before Joanne and Morgin got here. Whew! At least I have the "We just moved" excuse to fall back on right now! lol It was a good visit! DJ thought Morgin had come just for him...and Samantha was VERY happy to see her! Oh, and Jake put her in her costume again, and today she didn't cry once, just put on a SERIOUSLY pouty face and down cast cute!

The last of our stuff is now out of the old house....Howie worked hard today! We even have a mail box up now! Yippie!! Hopefully I can get all two weeks worth of mail!

After dinner we carved our two pumpkins that we got last week from the store. No pumpkin farm this year...just not enough time for one. As predicted, DJ was in up to his elbows in seconds and loving all the squishy stuff. Samantha, went all girly on us and would NOT put one finger in the pumpkin! She did however enjoy eating the raw pumpkin from the spoon. I did take pictures, but can't upload them on the lap top...and the regular PC won't get hooked up til Wednesday at the earliest! So, you'll just have to wait!

OK, its prime time Sunday nite....gonna go knit and veg!

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I have some of the best

Girlfriends!!!!! Similar to Carrie on Sex and the City...but mine aren't fact, one of them is pregnant! The other, has already had 3 kids, and the last has one child, who came willingly to help clean! we're the much-later-in-life-married version. Oh, and we live on the opposite coast...oh, who am I kidding?? We're more like Desperate Housewives that don't live on the same street. And don't have affairs with each other's husbands. Or kill people. Or have suspicious neighbours. Again, who am I kidding? We're nothing like that either!

In any case, my heartfelt thanks go out to Jackie, Tiffany, Wyndi and Izzy as they lent us their elbow grease today in a Clean the Old House Up Party!!! In a few short hours MUCH was accomplished!!! The entire upstairs is cleaned, save for the carpets, which will be done on Tuesday and the hardwood floors, which will be done after the carpet cleaning. The downstairs is another story....All the stuff that was still in the house is now in Jake's room ready to be taken tomorrow...we brought a bunch of it today, as in laundry and coats and whatever else would fit. All the holes are patched and ready to be painted tomorrow. So its coming along nicely!

The kids and I headed out earlier than Howie, as he wanted some non-DJ-help time to work on the yard. So we stopped and dropped off some Avon catalogs on our way and got home shortly before 4. The ride home was nice....both kids fell asleep! In fact, when I pulled in, I had every intention of catching a few winks in the driver's seat, but the moment I got comfy Sam said "boo" and that was that! DJ woke up at 6:30 this morning and was up for the day. But he got two naps...he fell asleep on the way TO the house too! Lucky duck!

Howie and Jake (yes, he came today for the nite!) came home shortly after 5 and we got down to the business of dinner. And bed time could not come soon enough! Samantha was being insistent! She does have some Evanoff in her after all! I'm trying to get her used to wearing her costume for Halloween, as she's currently very afraid of it. Made for a few giggles on our part watching her freak out about it on. She did let me take her picture, but refused to smile for it!

Now, I'm enjoying listening to the washer and dryer do their business and watching TV with Jake while the other three are asleep in their beds (I do know SamSam IS sleeping, the other two....)

Til next time...ciao!

P.S....I took quite possibly the cutest pic of all three of the kids together. Jake was reading to DJ on the couch, and Sam didn't want to be left out, so she climbed up there with the boys and sat on Jake while he read. SO cute!

Friday, October 23, 2009

He is definitely

A cookie monster! Altho, thief is more like it!! Today I made a batch of Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip cookies. While the second tray of PB were in the oven and the first tray were cooling, I went downstairs to grab the clothes from the from the dryer and put the ones from the washer in the dryer....on my way up I see DJ run from the kitchen...sure enough! He thieved a cookie!! Or rather took two bites of one and put it back!

I know you're laughing! But I wasn't! You see, I'd told him he could have a cookie after he ate all his lunch, which was a half hour away....and he didn't listen! So, after lunch, I gave Samantha a cookie, and ate one myself in front of him. He did NOT like this method of punishment to say the least! In fact, he cried the whole time! And we talked about what he'd done and how he ruined it for himself!

During SamSam's nap I baked a batch of Chocolate chip cookies and while the last tray was cooling, I went to lay down. Not to sleep, but to rest and get warm. DJ did come lay with me, and used my bathroom twice, was in and out chatting with me. I got up and had a shower, and when I was done Samantha was awake too. Come back out to the kitchen and immediately notice he'd eaten a chocolate chip cookie and took one bite out of a PB one. He knew immediately he was in trouble when I called his name!!!

Today he's been testing my patience BIG TIME!!! He's also getting defiant! And saying "No!" in a way that would suggest "eff you!" or "make me!". He'll be lucky to see 4 at this point in the game!

Speaking of game...I missed the last "home" game of the season! It was a 5 pm game...Howie was at work...I had no sitter...and Jake's sick! He's got a low fever and scratchy throat and all that fun flu stuff that's going around. His mom is sick with it too! He played tho!! He was bound and determined to play because he was in the starting line up!

But because of the "sickies" he didn't come over for the weekend! It's a bummer too!! We're really missing him with no more Tuesdays!

So, while Howie worked, the kids and I had breakfast for dinner, and then a bath. I've been enjoying the quiet that is when they're sleeping! I love my kids to the end of eternity, but man they're so sweet when they're sleeping!

In case you're keeping score (Tiffany!) still no call from Clearwire....and the pants have now been washed special treatment stuff is still back at the old house, so I'll be getting that this weekend when we're there and washing them for a third time! I'll let ya know if it works! Man, I hope so! They're nice Olympic pants for the upcoming Vancouver Olympics!

Til next time...ciao!

its baaaaaack!!

Our night time habits...*sigh*! It seems DJ's back to his normal self and the little boy I bragged about who was doing SO well sleeping is no more!! Last nite he was crying on the floor outside our room at 4 am! Crying because we forgot about the child safety thing on our door knob. When Howie was putting up the blinds in our room he wanted to do it we put a door knob cover worked alright! So there I was shortly after 4 am, with no glasses on, trying to pry it off the handle silently, hoping to NOT wake Howie up!! Would have been quite the sight, I'm sure!

DJ settled quickly after peeing, and then joined me in bed when Howie got up shortly after 4:30...and took a bit then to settle. So I was awake for an hour...not my idea of fun!

Then, tonite as I was heading down the hall to go to bed, what do I find??
You guessed it!

DJ sleeping on the floor between his door and our door.

Other than the sleeping...its starting to look good around here! More stuff is getting put away/dealt with every day!! Jake's bed got put together tonite as he'll be with us this weekend. The kids rooms now have curtains up!! The mailbox is assembled (courtesy of moi!) and ready to be installed!!

And Mom, I have finally put that satin pillow case on my pillow!! Laying on as I type this out on my phone...its sooooo nice! In fact Howie asked where his was! Hahaha

Ok, my thumbs are done! I am done! Blogger is being a pain, so I'll post this asaic (as soon as I can)

Til next time...ciao!

Lucky you!! I checked before shutting off the light!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

White pants and mud

Make for a FUN almost 3 hours outside for DJ....(the front)

Why white pants you ask!?!?!?!

They were THE last pair of pants in his closet!!!! And it was raining! And I had NO intention of letting him play outside....(the back)

But his neighbourhoods (his word for neighbours) came over and wanted him to play with them...Sam was napping, so I let him go. I had almost as much fun watching him have fun as he had having fun! (Say that 5 times fast!) They did try to go up in the tree house, but I was able to divert them with a knock on the window and a wag of my finger. While they were having a good time with a play shovel and a play hoe, I quickly hopped in the shower. When I came out, they weren't in view....they were in the tree house....AND the door was shut too much for the 9 y/o neighbourhood to open...and the 3 y/o neighbourhood was trying to get in. So I put my shoes on and rescued them! That's what kool moms do! I also told them they weren't to be in there if I wasn't outside with, summer! But I didn't tell them that part!

Before all the play happened, we had some work to do! We hit up the new (to me) costco, which is one of those distract-you-with-everything-you-didn't-mean-to-buy HUGE ones!! And boy did I get distracted! lol About 20 ft into the door....I got the kids 2 pr of Carter's pj's for Christmas, and then Samantha two outfits for Christmas (different than Christmas outfits!) and then a summer outfit for next year....and then we moved onto the real shopping! My usual costco carries different things that I can't find in other cosctos AND they don't have all the distracting stuff....then again, the bigger costcos carry stuff that I wish the business one would...rock, hard place!

Since I spent so much time being distracted, we were there for 2 hours!!!! and that put us right in time for we dined ala food court...the kids thought it was great! And the berry smoothie is tasty!

I was shocked that Samantha managed to stay awake for the 40 minute ride home! Since she did we stopped at the local Dollar Tree to see if they had a coupon organizer (big stuff eh?) and some hand soap for the downstairs bathroom. I got one of those two things...the soap...and 13 other things to join it!!! The kids each got a new night light...DJ had lost the baseball cover to his bulb long ago, and the bulb burnt out in the old house a week he picked out a basketball one this time. And SamSam got a purple flower one.

Howie got home late tonite and when he got home he said the sweetest thing "NOW its our home....its sketti nite!!!" Made me smile!!! After dinner tho, I put him to work!! We now have blinds up on our more sheet for us!! I also roped him into fixing the closet, and hanging the wall cabinet thingy in our bathroom. Lookin good!!! Just need curtains in our room now....eventually...we are on the west side of the house, so we don't get morning sun....and thankfully its been nice and gray in the mornings.

Now, I'm off to do some other surfing while watching shows I dvr'd....I'm thinking of investing in a tivo...and folding laundry...that's right, Howie fixed us up good, and I've already done 3 loads tonite.....with two more in the wings! I'm back in business!!!

OH, update on the Clearwire phone call yet!!! But I did put a stop payment thru the bank....maybe then they'll call me....

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Starting to feel more like

Home!!!! Today was a GOOD day!!! I didn't feel as exhausted (altho I need to go to bed earlier tonite!) and the weather was good, and my kids were semi-well behaved!!! Can't ask for more than that!!!

OH and DJ stayed in his own bed ALL nite again!!! AND we seem to have abandoned the whole gate thing...once he goes to bed, he stays in bed!!! I'm loving it!!!

This morning he popped out of his bed to wake me up around 7:30...and we heard SamSam just before 8, so we all got up! Today was pay day so I knew we were going grocery shopping...and exploring our new town! I swear, every time I drive down the highway 2 I see new stuff!!! Today we hit up Fred Meyer (I really do LOVE this store now!) and Albertsons. DJ got to go into Playland while in Freddy's and I kept Samantha with me...she's 4 months shy of being able to go in there...soon tho! Imagine the freedom I'll feel!!!! WOW! lol

After shopping we came home and did the lunch thing and then Sam took a nap. While she was sleeping, DJ and I got to work bringing boxes up and putting stuff away! In the end I think I emptied 16 or more boxes today!! Our closet is starting to look filled in! We also got DJ box of books up and his book shelf, but they didn't quite make onto the shelves!

Howie came home after stopping at Lowes to get us the stuff we need so I can finally do some laundry...its been 5 days!!! And I'm on limited clothing here, as someonewhowillremainnamelessHOWIE forgot my boxes in the bottom of our old I really need to get some done! Unfortunately, the dryer we bought didn't fit the socket that was he took that one out (its 4 prong and our dryer is 3 prong) and he'll fix it one more day! I can wash, but don't have anywhere to hang it...catch 22!!

Tonite, after dinner, Howie was puttin the bbq away and heard coyotes, so we went out to listen to them...DJ thought they were we told they are scary and that's why he can't go outside at nite without us! Let's hope it works!

Still no call from Clearwire....I'm thinking of calling the bank and putting a stop payment on that automatic payment schedule...maybe then they'll call me! And see how serious I am!

OK, Howie wants to try the wireless part of our set up here....and I wanted to get this published before he messed with the great connection I have right now!

Til next time...ciao!

Clearwire = FAIL

I'm SO over this company!!! And since its my blog, I'll cry if I want to!!

In an effort to save money when I moved to Ontario last year, we switched our internet provider to Clearwire. They were not my choice, but I wasn't the one here who wanted/needed internet...and Howie thought they were great.


We discovered last nite we had no internet service with our modem...couldn't do anything about it at the time and that's why you got a short story last nite instead of my regular diatribe. So, this morning I asked Howie to look up the number for them so we could disconnect/find out what we're doing wrong.

Turns out, we're out of their service area...AND we HAVE to fulfill our contract (of which we have a whole year left on!) or we can pay a cancellation fee of 160.00 for early termination. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!?!?!? I have to pay for something I can't use!??!??! Or pay to end the contract!?!?

OR we could find someone else stupid enough to take over our contract....huh?

When Howie told me all this I started getting irate...he gave me the number, and I called them myself. And got the same run around he did! So I asked to speak with a supervisor an after two hold times, I was told they'd have to call me back and took my number. Oh, and it'll take a couple days before someone contacts me!

This is unacceptable customer service!!! I will fight this!!!!!!

Steer clear of Clearwire!! They're jackasses!!!

Other than that, I'm overwhelmed in a sea of boxes and the lap top isn't connecting right, so this is on my phone and my thumbs are tired after my rant!

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Moving Day Part Deux

I'm simply too exhausted to do up a proper post...I got home from picking Jake up at 320 and was in bed by 3:23 and it felt like all of 5 mins before DJ woke us up at 7:25.

I quickly got up, stripped the beds, bagged the pillows, fed the kids, dressed the kids, dropped them off to Morgin's house (thank you SO much Joanne and Morgin {and Larry} for watching them) and off I went to the new house to hopefully beat Comcast there for connections. I got here and the van was in the driveway...and I'd missed two calls!! So he did what he could, and said another truck would come hit the switch at the road.

Then the first load came...unloaded it, ate lunch, and back we went for the last load...we also had awesome helpers today!!! Thanks to Jim, Rick, Steve, Wyndi and Izzy!!! We could NOT have done this without you!!!

Once the last load was in the truck I took the dog, cats (who were PISSED!) and picked up the kids and dinner and headed HOME!!! Quite surreal!! Monroe just gained 4 full-time residents and 1 part time!!

After dinner we worked on unloading, setting up the tv, the beds and putting the kids to bed...

Now I'm sitting here with no for my phone!! I can't get a signal with Clearwire...NOT good!! Looks like we'll be switching to Comcast....

Gonna veg a bit...I've earned it!

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Moving Day Part 1

We woke up this morning to a torrential that ruined our plans! As I type this, I'm still in the old house....all our boxes and whatnot are at the new house, but none of the big stuff went today....such is life! And the gal I had lined up to sit the kids, double booked herself and is on a kid AND husbandless weekend!! That trumps! So we had the kids with us while we loaded the truck. My g/f Jackie came and helped tremendously!!! I brought boxes to her at the door, and she took them to Howie in the truck...cut our work in half! I also think it went much quicker having her here to help too! Once the truck was loaded Howie took it to the new house by himself and I stayed back with the kids, did lunch and then put Sam down for a nap.

He did good by himself...with no help from DJ! In fact he was back alot sooner than I anticipated him being back! Which worked out perfectly as I planned on attending the photo taking madness that was the Homecoming dance. Morgin's mom came and picked me up and we went together....getting there early before the majority of the was all good! I got a few good if you're a friend on Facebook, check out the album...if not, here's a few I took with my phone too.

DJ had an odd nite last nite...I'd just gone to bed (REALLY late) and in he came at 2:05...I think I'd JUST nodded off....but when he came in, he went straight to where Snickers sleeps and laid down with her...ok....I thought he'd fall asleep there like he did a week ago....but noooooo he was bugging me within minutes. Asking to lay down with me and sleep on my which I whispered loudly NO! Explained that he needed to sleep in his own bed and that when it was morning he could come into my bed. He didn't need to pee, so I tucked him back in bed. Crawled back into bed myself and snuggled in to go to sleep and I kid you not, he was in our room again. 15 minutes had passed....he went to Snickers again and then came to me after a few minutes...saying he needed to off we went (I'm looking forward to having a bathroom IN my bedroom again!) and when I put him in bed I told him he wasn't allowed to get out again...I then stubbed my toe (OUCH) and went to was 2:25....I didn't budge one muscle again til 8:50....when I first looked at the clock I thought for sure it said 6:50....AND DJ wasn't in bed with me!!!!

I thought we'd be taking bed frames today, but that didn't pan out....but I did prepare DJ's bed for dismantling....and the cats REALLY enjoyed the high perch on top of the mattresses leaned up against the wall...and the monsters kids thought it was funny....SamSam kept saying "Down, down" but they weren't listening to her!

DJ has also been enjoying playing with the empty boxes...

Well, I'm on pick up duty for after the Homecoming 3 am!! OY!!! When I was 15....I'd have been lucky to be out past 11pm....and since when did these kids dictate the time they were to be picked up!??!?! He's lucky I'm not his full on mother....HA!

Til next time...ciao!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The winner of nothing is

Melissa!!!!!! She guessed correctly what was in the photo on the contest I posted. It was a pile of dog hair!!! I'd just brushed Snickers and was amazed by how much hair came off the dog!!! I'm still shocked she even has hair left!!!!!!

In any case! CONGRATS Melissa!!!!!!! Good eyes!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Lord help me

Not to kill anyone in the next 48 hours!! Keep my children safe....let my husband know I really DO love him dearly!! Let my friends know I'm not ignoring them on purpose but that I want them to read my mind as to where each box goes or should be. Keep one hand on my shoulder and one hand over my mouth!


Yeah, I'm starting to feel the stress of this move. When I said I had the kitchen practically packed...I lied. Not only to you, but apparently to myself! HA!!!! I was able to pack up another 10 boxes easily!!!! And there's still my pots and pans and glass bakeware to pack yet! Not to mention the contents of the fridge ...and the dishes...and...and...and....its never ending!!!!

In fact, the kitchen is THE worst room in the house TO pack! Second would be the bathroom. Then the bedrooms. With the living room taking last place! Granted the moving of these rooms puts them in the reverse order! All the big stuff is in the living room and then the beds and dressers would be next.

I did have a really nice break to my day!!! My g/f Wyndi and her daughter Izzy stopped by for a visit! It was nice to just sit and chat. I even made Izzy two bows!! One to match her stuffed animal (and Halloween costume) of the Count, and one special request of pink and black. She was pleased!

Once the door was shut, I gave the kids a snack and got back to the packing grind!! Next was the bathroom...and the linen closet...and then the rest of the clothes in our bedrooms...which I'm tempted to just leave in laundry baskets....seriously! Am I gonna take empty laundry baskets?? I think not!

I bathed the kids this morning, so that's one thing I don't have to do again til Sunday...and now all their stuff is packed. I tried getting the last of the laundry all done but that's just asking too much right now! If I had help....that'd be another thing! Thankfully we all have more than one set of sheets for our beds, so we'll have fresh linens in the new place regardless.

Tonite was also the Homecoming game for Jake's we went to that while the kids slept on Shirah's watch. I honestly don't know what I'd do without her!!!! She's been an absolute Godsend! The kids love her! And she thinks my kids are angels!!!! I can't ask for anyone better! WHAT A GAME!!!! OH wow was it intense! We ended the last quarter with a tie...and in the overtime, Mt Vernon got the first set of downs and scored a touchdown...but not the field goal. Then it was our turn and the energy in the stands was buoyant!!! Get some yardage!!! Lose some yardage!!!! And then we scored a touchdown! Tying the score up again....but we made out field goal and stole the game! WOOOOOOOOT!!!!!! I'm telling you!! WOW!
Jake got to play alot tonite too!!! It would seem he's back in full form and doing well! If you don't count the block in the back that cost them a 10 yd the last minute of the game....yeah, it was INTENSE!!!!
After the game we waited to chat with him for a bit, and he said he almost pooped his pants when the coach came and yelled at him...I almost peed mine just listening to him! That was funny!!! So, if you're keeping score (Tiffany!) they're still undefeated!!! 6-0 for the Mavericks!
Tonite was more than likely my last game to attend, sadly! Monroe is just too far away for Shirah to come to us, or anyone else for that matter....and I don't see my kids settling down anywhere else while we're at a game. We'll see what the playoffs hold...but that's a ways away yet.

On my way home from the game I stopped to get cat food...and stupid beer for Howie, and then drove Shirah to a major bus stop instead of her having to transfer, makes it easier on her. Its now 12:30 and I must get to bed as tomorrow promises to be LONG!!

Til next time...ciao!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Under Pressure!

I feel like I'm under the gun now! We move in a little over 36 hours!!!!YIKES!!!!!!! Today was productive, but not in a packing way! It was my task to get mini-blinds for our bedroom as the ones in our room were broken pretty badly...and I can NOT sleep unless its dark! With it already being a strange place, I can't add to it with it being light in our room...even tho we'll be in the middle of no where, with no street lights...those stars are freakin bright!!!!!!! And our increased elevation will make them brighter....yeah, I'm talking out my ear right now....but HAS to be dark!

OH my husband finally agreed with me that the vacuum we had is TOAST!!! He had it with him at the new house to use before he used the steam cleaner...and he was horrified by what the steam cleaner picked up that the regular vacuum missed! A LOT! I know this....I've told you about this...I told him about this....and now he finally agrees!!!

So, after breakfast I bundled us all up and we went shopping!!! Its quite the chore to get two kids out the door before 10 am! Our first stop as Freddy's...which is quickly becoming my new fave store!! I not only got the mini-blinds cheaper than what I'd seen at Walmart (where else!?!?) but I got a new vacuum!!!!!! A Bissell upright, bagless beauty!! I never thought I'd be so excited for a new vacuum...but dang it...I was!!!!!! I was also able to get a new lock set for the front and back door there cheaper than Walmart (where else!?!?) too! I aslo wished I'd put DJ in the play land room...but hindsight is what it is!

After spending way too much at Freddy's we then went to Walmart (where else!?!?) to get a mailbox...I knew they had cheap ones and I'm all about cheap! That and Fred didn't have any! In my quest to find the mailbox section, I discovered the sale shelf....and on this sale shelf was a 52" ceiling fan for 17.00 (SEVENTEEN!!!) and I called Howie right away!!! It was on our home improvement list...but not a necessity....but for that could we pass that up!?!?! It found a home in my cart quickly!!!

Our last stop was at Big Lots (which I've been to twice...) for a 45 gal garbage can with a lid that was on sale for 16.00....I HATE renting stuff like that! And 16.00 is a pretty darn good price!!! Then we were homeward bound and doing the lunch and nap thing.
While SamSam was sleeping DJ and I went down to Jake's room to crush beer boxes (I was afraid to count) and survey the area and pack up Jake's stuff (and gather his laundry) and bring up more boxes to pack.

I got all my rubber/plastic containers that cupboard is near empty! I used the box the vacuum came in....which DJ used prior to hide in and pretend he was a jack-in-the-box...better that than what that 6 y/o did....letting a helium balloon go and hiding in a box in the attic...all for publicity's sake! I truly hope they get the bill for all the labour that went into searching for him. Some parents....ugh!

So now, I'm going to put the chitlins to bed and veg in my chair...and knit! I got a lot done last nite watching Glee...I freakin love that show!!! Just love it!!!! Tonite is Grey's and Private Practice! 2 other really good shows...

Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Its beginning to look a lot like

We're moving (no, not started singing it tho, didn't you!??!) The boxes are starting to fill up and be put in piles...the shelves and drawers and walls are looking more and more empty...and yet, my children can STILL make a colossal mess!!!!! How is THAT!!?!? Every time I turn around they're into something and leaving the area they're in looking like a hurricane swept thru! OY! The desk has been put into two boxes (quite the feat!) and I suspect there's one more with what's left, but I'm still using most of it. The kitchen is extremely bare! In fact, we're eating frozen foods as there's nothing fresh left! I planned it this way, but not this soon...might have to pop out tomorrow and get some fruit and veggies to tide us over.

I haven't had a chance to chat with Howie, but my thinking is: take everything BUT the beds on Saturday and we'll sleep one more nite here, and then take the beds on Sunday so we have all day to set them up and get them ready to sleep in that nite. OR, take the beds on Saturday and whatever else we can, and get the rest Sunday....the other complicating factor is that the Homecoming dance is on Saturday and I'd REALLY like to be there for the picture taking time...and its just down the street from this house....its also at 5pm...bad timing....we'll see. Howie may decide its not even a priority and this will all be moot anyways...

So today was all about packing and sorting....haven't even stepped foot fact, I don't think we've even opened the door...we did have the window open tho, in the bathroom...for DJ's he's stinky!!!! We also did baths this morning...what a soaking wet mess I was!!!! I really hate these glass doors on the bath'll be curtains as of next week!

I'd just like to publicly declare that my husband has WAY too many coats for his needs!!! I think he's got about 25 coats...I mean HONESTLY, who needs that many coats!?!?!?!? Its just ridiculous!!!! We had a deal that he'd get one nice, good, warm coat and he'd donate 10 coats...he got rid of 5 and got that one nice, good, warm coat last year up in Canada with his Christmas monies...and while I was still in Canada, he bought 4 more!!!! Where's the logic here!?!?!?! I have two winter, two spring and two fall coats...even then I could stand to get rid of two of them!! The kids have two fall coats each and now one winter coat each..that's it! This coat fetish is out of control!!!! I could outfit a homeless shelter with all the unnecessary coats! Don't tell him that tho...he gets defensive! Same goes with his 134764 hats that he owns! He can only wear one at a time...and typically has 3 in rotation for what he's wearing....the rest? Just hang and collect dust! *sigh* If he had to pack...he'd toss A LOT more than he'd pack!!! Just saying...

I've now thoroughly enjoyed watching Glee...if you don't watch this show, you're missing out! I've had a couple g/f's tell me they really tried to like it, but couldn't...I just can't fathom this?!?! I sing the songs they do all week long!!! I even got a chance to knit the whole show away....yippee!!! And now, I'm going to go tend my farm town and then go to bed...

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Verizon Wireless For the WIN!

Tonite I had the extreme pleasure (note the sarcasm) of taking Jake to Verizon Wireless because his phone was no longer even turning on...not good for a 15 y/o! If you have a teenager you already know how much they depend on their cell phones....and Jake went a WHOLE day without one! Thankfully, when we went to VZW we were told he might get a new one free, or at the most pay 50.00 for a replacement, but that we had to go to a different store that had techs in off we went. Turns out he was able to get a free replacement!! YAY! But because he didn't have the back up assistant he would either have to lose all his stored contacts...or pay 10.00 to have them transfer them...or have his stepmom write them all out....guess which one he chose!!?!?!

If you picked "C"'re right! So there I stood for probably a half hour writing out 149 contacts and their numbers! WHEW! AND when I got to the S's...he says to me "I should have just paid the 10.00 for them to transfer it" Say what!??!?! You're saying this now!?!?!! Ugh!

Today I finally took DJ for a MUCH needed hair cut!!! I swear, he looks like a totally different kid!!! He also looks like a hockey player!!! All the hair missing made his bumps and bruises more evident! Just last nite he did a number on his left eye...he came out of his room half asleep and tried to climb over the gate but missed and took it out and landed on it...oh the screaming!!! Howie had just gone to bed so he met me in the hall to see what was going on. He had to pee! So off we went to the bathroom and then I got some vanilla for his now visible wound! Thankfully he didn't break skin or it would have been a bloody mess! And thankfully he went back to sleep very quickly! Tonite, when I got home from the VZW run, he was already in I covered him and took his gate down just in case! wanna see pix of his new 'do!??!!?! hmmm okay! here's the before and after!

HUGE difference eh?? His head looks normal sized now!!! lol
We went and did the hair cut as soon as the salon opened at 10 am...that way we'd still make it to the 11 o'clock story time...which was FILLED to capacity!!! 25 kids again! I thought I'd luck out with a smaller group, but apparently not. It was still fun tho!! Aside from Miss Drama pulling her little crying's quite funny to watch actually....she throws her hands over his mouth, which is wide open in horror....and drops her head and looks up at you with this pitiful eyes....I'll have to get a picture of it one of these times! Who taught her this crap!??!! I don't do that! lol
Today was also Colour day at Jake's each class (grade) was to dress up in a predetermined colour....sophomores were to dress in orange. And orange he did!!! WOW! He hit up Value Village (probably the only time he'd ever wear clothes from there) and got these TACKY orange and black striped tights...this furry orange shirt...neon orange shorts....and an orange hat! To top it all off, he painted his nails orange...of which his dad was NOT proud of!!! Oh it cracked me up!!!! I think its cute that he went all out to support homecoming week!

Now, I'm sitting here enjoying the quiet of my evening!! Watching TV, blogging, and my knitting sitting beside me...not a bad combo!!
Til next time...ciao!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I HATE packing!!

Howie and I have a deal...if the next time we move I get to hire packers and movers...he gets to hire painters!!! Both of us are not enjoying our added duties!!!!! Altho, if you ask me...I've got the bum end of the deal!!! Packing means opening up drawers and closets you haven't seen or been into in a while...and then going thru every single item in said place to determine whether its valuable enough to be moved or just simply thrown in the garbage....this task is daunting!!! I hate this part of moving! I have piles of garbage and recycle in just about every room! I've given away more stuff than I care to admit hanging on to....asking myself "WHY did I keep that?" UGH!!! Packing sux!!

Sadly, when I do the UNpacking part there will be even MORE that items have been brought to light, does it really have a place in our new home...and if so...where!? I'm losing the we're putting the computer in the kitchen on the that means I'm losing about 4 ft of desk surface area...not to mention the 3 drawers under it...and the 4 ft of shelf area on top where the printer is...that's alot to lose!!!!!! And this is/was the main junk area! Again...UGH!!!!!!! Packing SUX!!! And I'm sure next week I'll be saying UNpacking sux too!!

The kids have been really good with occupying themselves today too while I'm in various rooms with boxes...and DJ even helped (for real) pack up his toys...little does he know that the one box with be "lost" in the move...shhh don't tell him!

While I was rummaging thru the drawers this afternoon sorting all the papers in it deciding on whether to keep or toss I witnessed this very tender moment between my kids.

They were sitting on the floor not 4 ft from me, where the vacuum cleaner is, with all of DJ's tools surrounding them. DJ had the wrench in his left hand and the cord to the vacuum in his right...Samantha had the pliers in both her hands and they were "working" on the cord. Accidentally DJ flung his hand doing something and hit Sam in the head, not hard mind you, more startling than anything. And before I say/do anything DJ dropped everything, said "I'm sorry Sam" and started hugging her and patting her back saying "shhhh" How cute is that!?!?! Then the cuteness continued and he asked her if she was alright and she nodded and they both went back to "working" on the cord. Neither one of them looked up at me the entire time!

As I type this tho....she's screaming her head off and he's running around naked...night and day!!! I wanted to get this typed up before they went to bed as I have no idea when Howie will be home from the new house. He finished the painting tonite! Well, the only thing left is Jake's room, but it's one it can be done after we move in. He's un-taping the living room and DJ's room and then putting the closet back together in DJ's room and putting all the cover plates back on. So he won't be home for the kids' bed time routine...

Speaking of bed time...DJ woke up about 11:30 last nite to pee...and then again just after 1 to poop! He was quite distressed by this occurrence but handled it like a champ! AND went right back to sleep!!! I woke up at some point after Howie had vacated the bed to find him clung to me on my side of the bed...and when I tried to move him he freaked out but went back to sleep. So in the end, a decent nite! And now it's pajama time once again...if anything exciting happens between now and the time I go to bed, I'll add to it...otherwise...

So, it dawned on me...HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my Canadian family and friends!!! I still have to wait 45 days for some turkey...AND I have to cook it!

Til next time...ciao!

Not Me! Monday

It's that time again!!! Monday!! The day that everyone looks forward I do! And that's all because of the blog carnival created by MckMama! While you may not participate, I'm sure you get a kick out of reading my incriminating posts!! Oh, admit it! lol I enjoy perusing the others who've joined up on MckMama's blog!!

This past week has been fairly calm actually!

Unless you ask Jake's girlfriend about the ride home I gave her last week after the football game...where I kept harrassing her about knowing street names and land marks for driving. She is 15 and thinking about doing Driver's why not help her...right? As we're driving talking about it I told her what street we'd need about 3 when we were finally on that street I asked her and she didn't know. WHAT!??!! Well, I did not then stop in the middle of the road (it was 11pm) and ask her again what street we were which point she admitted she didn't know! I hope she learned that she needs to pay attention more....either that, or not ride with me! LOL

I did not do the same thing with Jake this weekend while driving out to the new house...I'm not that kind of stepmother! Why on earth would I want him to know where he's going when he starts driving on his own for real!?!?! Who would do that!? Not I!!!

I did not go into Walmart (where else?!?!) yesterday for ONE thing and end up spending 70.00! I'd never do any impulse shopping!!! Not me!

And this concludes my session! Feel free to join us and cleanse your mind!

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Photo Contest

Can you guess what's in this photo!?!?!?

I get around

But not the way you're thinking! HA! I'm a married woman!!! lol But man did I get around town today!!!! We got up this morning (DJ and I) shortly after 8...Howie was long gone to the new house to continue painting. I was all set to give the kids a bath after breakfast, but DJ said "let's wait til later Mum" we did! Instead I got my Avon orders ready to be delivered and got us in the truck and off we went. Our first stop was in Brier (I try to go the furthest first) and then over to my SIL's house, where she had a potentially sick child (she called me on my way) so that made a short stop...then to drop off a catalogue to another g/f....then drop of some of DJ's old clothes for a friend's grandson....then pick up Jake at his friend's house....then home finally!!

Once lunch was done and Sam was asleep, DJ and I took off for errands. I still needed to get BIL a birthday gift and a new card....the one I got will wait til next year since this year was his 40th! Needed to commemorate such an occasion! While at Walmart (where else!?!?) we wandered over to the kids section knowing their Summer stuff should be on sale....and I SCORED!!!! I got 5 tank tops for DJ for next summer for 3.00 and two pair of shorts for 4.00!! How awesome is that!??!!? I also found his winter coat for DJ!! I'm so happy for this! I've been looking for a couple weeks now....and saw one at Freddy's but hesitated because I wanted to check Walmart (where else?!?!) first...and knowing how Walmart (where else!?!?) operates....I got it today! If I didn't, it would be gone after hte first snow fall...and then it's too late! The one I got him is a double the inner fleece jacket zips into the outer shell jacket that's hooded. It looks really good and warm on him. Oh did he fight me in the store trying on jackets too!! He was throwing himself on the floor screaming "No, mummy!!!" at which point I just walk away and pretend he's not my kid...he HATES that! lol

After Walmart (where else!?!?) we hit up Albertsons to get some if you remember, when it was SIL's birthday last month we made cupcakes...but today did not allow time for such wonderful we bought some cookies instead. SIL told me that he'd be at softball practice at Jake's old elementary school at 4, so that was our plan. We got the cookies, came home, unloaded, peed, changed Samantha, got our coats on, and back in the truck we went. (are you tired yet?!)

Before we went to the practice we dropped off one more Avon order to a gal that lives right behind the school....and picked up a box of clothes for Samantha to grow into! SWEET!!! There was even a pair of snow pants for DJ! How perfect is that?!?!? AND an 18 mos snow suit for Sam! so we're all set save for the boots...which I couldn't find at Walmart (where else!?!?) so maybe they're not out yet.

After gifting BIL his goodies, we let the kids play at the playground at the school which was AWESOME!!!! DJ even said "that's the best playground EVER!" Both of them had a blast! I think Jake may have even enjoyed himself playing with them! lol

Then we came home and for whatever reason, Samantha was having melt down after melt down!!! I'm seriously more deaf now, than I was when I woke up this morning thanks to her shrieking!!!! She also got to learn what a timeout is all about. I'd put her in her room and close the door...she does NOT like that! After a whole minute of her shrieking in despair I go in and talk to her and she's very much so in fact that when I pick her up to love on her, she starts patting MY back! So sweet! But its highly effective in calming her down! Whew!

Jake went home and I got down to making dinner! I was hoping Howie would be home to BBQ pork chops, but it looked like I'd be on my own...and y'know, I did pretty darn good! I'm earning my stripes as a griller! As we were eating, Howie came in the door and joined us. I was all set to bathe the kids after dinner, but they were just so happy to see Howie (it had been since Friday morning for them) that we decided to forgo the bath and just enjoy playing.

Bed time was a smooth affair and everyone's sleeping away....I've enjoyed sitting in my chair watching Sunday nite TV...and no, NOT football!!! Oh, I didn't get to watch that movie after all last nite, there were technical difficulties with bummed! Maybe I'll try the first weekend we're in the new house...cable won't be set up til next Sunday morning at the new house.

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I could not paint

To save my life!!! At least not with a roller! But apparently, I'm pretty handy to have around to do the edging! Oh and do the taping! Howie did the living room when he went earlier in the week, so today I did DJ's room and Jake taped our room and got lazy and laid on the floor looking at the one point he even fell asleep in our walk-in closet! I didn't get a pic of that one....brat! When we got done, Jake took over on the roller and I took over on the edging...I must say...I did a pretty darn good job!

After getting a late start on the day, Jake and I finally made it to the house about 11:30...traffic was horrendous coming into Monroe! Howie also got a late start on the day and didn't end up leaving the house til 7:30 but by the time we got there, he'd already brought the fridge up and got it into place (with the help of a work friend who lives in the area) and got the water on the door all hooked up...and I don't like it! The fridge itself is black, and the oven and dishwasher are white (granted the top of the oven is black) and I just don't like how big it is! But, it's a great fridge and it will do the job! I'm sure I'll get used to it!

The colour we picked out for the living room is just PERFECT!!!!!! Oh I'm SO incredibly pleased with the choice and how well it fits in with the other colours already there! It's darker than the original colour, but not by much when it's wet...when it dries, it shows up darker.....and just is perfect! Did I say that already? oh, sorry! lol

While we were busy painting, DJ and Samantha were thoroughly enjoying their time with Shirah! They did a craft for my new garden....tiles with their hand prints in them! Oh how I LOVE these kinds of things!!!! DJ was all for putting his hand in the cement...SamSam, not so much! She was okay with the Vaseline on her hand, but when Shirah tried to put her hand in the cement she started freaking out! Such a girly girl! So hers has a mild hand print and LOTS of pretties in it, and DJ's has a great hand print and some choice pretties in his. I just love them! They need to set up for the next two days before we take them out of the mold, but here they are!

Jake and I left the house at 4:30 so we could be back in time for Shirah to catch a bus home...she is attending a costume birthday party (and her costume looks AWESOME!) and needed to get back to Seattle in time. Which worked out perfectly for us, as we got home, I got 5 mins to breathe and then get dinner going (I actually BBQ'd burgers!) and as I was doing the dishes my g/f Jackie showed up with my chocolate order from her party, and to bring us a bunch of balls she no longer wants kickin around her house. DJ was THRILLED! As she was visiting and chatting with me, my landlord came in as she was showing the house to prospective new tenants. They as lo have 3 kids, a 6 wk old, 3 yr old and what looked to be a 8 year DJ thought the little girl was here specifically to play with him, and off they went to play in his room! SO cute!!!! Not even sure this little girl spoke English, but she definitely spoke "kid" and "toy!" Seems like they like the place and have already put an application in! Sweet! Not that its any concern of ours, but it's nice to know another family will be in here. My poor house is a MESS too!!! I didn't even get time to vacuum....insane!

Now, Jake's showering, DJ's sleeping, Samantha's sleeping, Howie's on his way home from painting...he got DJ's room done now!, and I'm getting ready to sit and knit! I think Jake's going out, at which point the football will get switched off my TV and I'll rent a movie! I really want to watch Ghost of Girlfriends Past! I like, OK, LOVE Matthew McConaughey...who doesn't!?!??! lol

Til next time...ciao!

Friday, October 9, 2009

My kids were actually

Angels tonite...not devils!!! Proof they are better for other people than they are for me! Shirah came and babysat the kids so I could go to Jake's football game. She came early so we could go to Joann's (craft store) before hand so she could get some stuff to "make" her dress a flapper dress...and of course I can't walk out of there without spending money! I got some cinnamon scented pine cones and two click together storage things for making my bows. Not too shabby! Then we came home and enjoyed the pork roast that was in the crock pot all day! YUM!!! I'd also had the foresight to put some pepper squash in the oven to roast...YUMMIER!!

Shortly after dinner I left and the kids kissed me good bye and didn't even protest one second to my being gone! In fact, I was told it took an hour before Samantha asked for me....sweet! And she went down like the most perfect baby! DJ on the other hand...did good til it was time for prayers and songs...he refused to do them with Shirah and ended up in tears missing me (awwww!) so they just talked instead and he said he'd wait til I got home to do his prayers (which he hasn't woken up for) and that was to dreamland he went! I could not have asked for it to go any smoother!! I'd rather they are easy than difficult...or we'd never have the same babysitter twice!

Now, we're home, we've eaten our winner treats (blizzards) and we're watching TV while Shirah works on her dress....soon to be in bed as we've got a LONG day tomorrow!

Til next time...ciao!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

If I've said it once,

I'll say it again!! Vanilla extract is the most amazing homeopathic remedy for bruises!!! DJ seems to think he's indestructible...he's when he hits his head on something...or his chin...he comes to me asking for 'nilla and then shows me where he hit himself. In fact just the other day in the bath, he was doing this spinning, twirling thing and caught the side of his right eye on the tub, so we put 'nilla on it and I noticed today its in the yellow stage....I had to remind myself actually what he did and where the bruise came from. I'm not sure I know HOW it works...I just KNOW it works!!! Thank you to the lady at Once Upon A Child who told me that little trick! It works on adults too...remember when DJ headbutted bruise to show for it!

Today we stayed home....and I got a serious flashback! Tonite I had to do the single mom thing as Howie was at the new house taping it up for painting on Saturday. It wasn't too terrible...and actually went well! What a difference a year makes! They play together well (sometimes) and giggle together (when he's not making her cry that is) and even sing and dance together (if you watched the video I posted of them) so why not have them bathe together!! It's been a while since I let them bathe at the same time...usually I do Sam first and then let DJ in while I'm drying her off...but with no Daddy to keep DJ occupied....well...yeah....

While I was nursing Samantha, I had DJ go up to his room and pick out books and wait for me on his bed....I secretly hoped he'd fall asleep waiting for me...but that was not the case! No...he was on the stairs watching Flash Forward with me! As soon as he heard me stand up, I heard his feet go running to his room! I put SamSam down without fuss, and went to DJ who was rocking wildly on the rocking chair like he'd been sitting there the whole time...HA! Got him in bed after 3 books, a song and our prayers and thought I'd try the no gate approach....what was I thinking!?!!!? He came out of his room to tell me he needed the gate up...oh my!

Howie got home just before 10 and DJ must have heard the car doors closing as he woke up when Howie got in the door. It was really sweet too....DJ's very VERY loving when he's half asleep! So he went pee, and then hugged me and Daddy carried him back to bed. And went to bed himself! lol

Last nite wasn't that great sleep wise...DJ woke up at 1:23, went pee....again at 3 I found him in my bed and took him pee....and then at 5 something he came to bed once Howie was gone. Is duct tape allowed? Seriously! There has to be a way to keep him in is OWN bed! At this rate...Samantha is never getting out of the crib stage!!! She can sleep in there til she's 10! You think I'm kidding?!?!?! HA!

Tried to get some more packing done today...and found some winegums!!! There IS a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!!! and it has winegums in it!!! Old ones to boot! Which are better as they last longer and take longer to eat!!!! I put a roll (I found 4) in my pocket to warm up a bit and it worked like a charm! YUM!

Now I'm finishing up watching Survivor (miss you too Fiona!) on DVR and then heading to bed!

Til next time...ciao!

May I introduce to you...

The newest up and coming children's act....

DJ and Samantha Hughes!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm feeling lazy

Very lazy!! Last nite DJ threw a surprise party at 4 am and wouldn't go back to sleep til after 5...and I was too lazy then to put him back in when Howie got up he got in on his side. Then he cried when Howie took Snickers out...seriously!?!?! Its 5 am and I wanna SLEEP!!!! He got up shortly after 8 and life took off with a bang! Samantha was soaked for the first time in almost a that made it more interesting! The laziness continued and all we did this morning was go pick out paint colours at Sherwin Williams...and then come home and do lunch. Just as I was about to put Sam down, I got a call from Jake asking if he and his friend could come over for a snack before football practice...which is more than fine! He really missed coming over last nite as he asked me what we had...and sounded bummed. We've only got two more Tuesdays with him before moving to Monroe....she won't make the drive and until he gets his license and can drive himself, he will only be coming every other weekend. We're bummed about that part!! Thankfully DJ doesn't understand schedules yet!

After Jake and company left (why is it they only have school from 7:30 to 1:35...with a half hour lunch!?!?) DJ and I sat in the chair watching TV, and while I had my eyes closed (not sleeping) he headbutted me....NOT kool! Instant headache! Instant timeout! during which he fell asleep! So while both of them slept, I did the dishes and took a headache wouldn't allow me to lay down, which really sucked!

Once both kids were up we went (late) to the twins' softball game....DJ made some new friends and had fun running all around the field! Wore him out perfectly!

Howie was supposed to be going to the new house to tape it for painting, but didn't get out of work til 4:30, so he just came home instead and had dinner with us.

Now everyone's asleep and I'm enjoying the quiet! Oh, here's a couple pix of Samantha...she must have read in my PEOPLE that one shouldered dresses were in style this season...cracks me up! She does this regularly...and then comes to me and says "on, on, on!" meaning fix it!

And last but not least, here's the finished plate I painted! The before, and the after!

Til next time...ciao!

Wordless Wednesday

Here's some pix of the house...I finally got them uploaded!!!

The living room view from the hallway

the view of the dining room from the living room windows

My glorious kitchen!!! All those boxes have been put away now!

the kids bathroom

Samantha's room

Our room, it's not green that's just reflection of the trees in the window...altho, it will be a green!

And our bathroom...which will remain this colour!

The pink room I couldn't caption, but that's DJ's room...and he's picked blue!!

Here's the harvest moon I was telling you about...I did manage to get one good pic of it rising...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I finally got my

Knit on!!! And now my fingers hurt!!! I prefer to knit using 10 or better needle size, but the yarn I'm working with is better knit on 7' the needles are that much smaller to grip and my knuckles hurt quicker...especially when I haven't knit on a regular basis for a while. I did get a good hour in tho! Feels good to be creative again!!!

DJ finally had a good nite!!! Sorta....I went to tuck him in last nite when I went to bed and he wasn't there....he was laying on the floor on my side of the bed!!!! Picked him up (Gosh he's heavy!!!) and put him back in his own bed. And he didn't bother me again til 6:30 and that was just to join me, not drag me out of bed to pee!! Not bad!!! He bounced awake at 8 and that was that!!! He went pee on his own, but then starts calling for me to come see him being a big boy...which in turn wakes Samantha if she wasn't already awake! Her room is right outside the bathroom....

I got my Avon order submitted and then made breakfast, dressed the kids and off we went to the library!!!! What a chore to get there for 10am! We were 10 mins late, but they hadn't finished singing hello, so we made it! After story time was over we detoured to my g/f's house to drop off an Avon book...then went to Fred Meyer to do some more grocery shopping. This time I remembered to put DJ in their Playland...which he was THRILLED for!! Samantha didn't seem to mind the cookie she got to eat in peace either!
When I went to pick him up, the gal minding children told me they called me three times, I then pulled my phone out and there were no calls...she meant they paged me 3 times and I didn't hear it. Since leaving the grocery industry, I've perfected ignoring the PA systems in stores....oops! He said he needed to pee, but when asked if he had to go, he said he'd hold it. That's my boy! I guess I'll be letting them know I'm hearing impaired from now on!

After Freddy's we went to Walmart (where else?!?!) to pick up SamSam's 18 month pictures....of which I'm pleased as punch!!! Oh they're SO good!!! I forgot to take a picture of them in daylight to post...I'll be sure to! I wish my scanner worked....that would be ideal!

As it was already after noon, we did a cheat lunch at McD's...they enjoyed it! On our less-than-10-minute ride home Samantha fell asleep...OY! She does not transfer well when she's asleep...of course it didn't help that DJ was in the bathroom yelling for me! So I got him finished and nursed her for a while, but she wasn't having anything to do with falling asleep at the boob...and it took her a half hour to finally go to sleep. I did the dishes to keep from hearing her mournful cries! They're really pathetic! At one point it was so quiet I had to dry my hands to check and see if DJ had fallen such luck! Altho, once I got the dishes done he let me have a power nap on the couch...he sat down by my knees and watched TV for a bit. It was nice!

Howie was late coming home from work....which threw me off the timing of dinner! But I managed to pull it all together for 6 ish and that's all I ask for every day! We didn't have Jake for dinner as he forgot....

After dinner I bathed the monsters kids and put them to bed....I didn't even get to tuck DJ in he was that tired! And Sam just sighed when I laid her down....gotta love it!!!

Now that my knuckles have uncramped, I think I'll go knit some more!

Til next time...ciao!