Thursday, February 16, 2012

I think Fergie got it wrong

In her song, Big Girls Don't Cry!!

Cuz this big girl cried like a baby!!! Big time!!

This morning there was no way around it...DJ was gonna be late!! Can't Blane a bus, or lights, or a was all us! Not one of us in particular, just all three of happens! After dropping him off SamSam and I headed to Laney's house for a play date....but they weren't there...we waited a few minutes and then left. I texted Shannon and got a reply while we were at the fairgrounds asking for a donation. She was picking up another girl that's in their class. We headed back and the 3 girls played well together.

Dance is getting exciting because if the girls practicing their steps for the recital in June. Samantha loves practicing at home too!! After clad we headed to pick up pizzas....which were less than what I expected for the day after Valentines! We got home shortly after noon and got lunch going.

The plan was to drop SamSam off at Aliya's house while I went to the dentist....and DJ was already coming home with the neighvors and hang out with them. And all went according to the plan too!! I got to the dentist for 2:15 and headed right in. I was doing great til he shot me full of freezing. I worked myself into such a tizzy!! By the third needle he had to stop so I could calm down before the fourth one. This one went right into the jaw!! I was left to collect myself before he got started working....and doing a fifth shot!...which I didn't feel per se, but knowing made it worse. I thought I was getting a crown done today, bug it turns out today was impression day..and filling removal and refilled, as well as a "small" cavity near it...which were right beside the broken tooth!!!! I hate Murphy!! AND his stupid laws!! The fillings were first before to took the impression for the crown. I could have SWORN he was drilling upper teeth...yeah , beside the broken one. While there was a pause, I mentioned that I kept the crown that fell out...which turns out to be a good thing!!! They were able to file it down and reuse it!! Pretty awesome! Still doesn't help with the needles any!!

I left there shaky and headed to pick up SamSam at Aliya's house. she was all dressed up in a princess dress' so cute!! We got home and got dinner going right away! It was Awana nite so we ate early! And left daddy to himself for 3 hours!! Got home and put the kids straight to bed.

Now it's my turn...but I'm feeling kinda jittery and restless!! Wish me luck!!

Til next time, God bless!

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