Thursday, February 23, 2012

Puke Changes EVERYTHING!!!


This morning started like any other, but Sam complained my alarm was too loud and woke her up lol. Then she told me her tummy hurt, and she needed to poop, so off she went. Twice before she got dressed even! Very unusual for her! And I'm noticing a consistency change in her...not so rabbity anymore!! We got in the truck with time to spare and barely made it to school on time! Not sure how that happened! Dropped DJ off and went to park and wait for announcements to be done before heading in to see if I could chat with the principal and CFO about some auction things. They were both occupied, so we waited for them. Now, Sam did not eats he breakfast I'd brought for her, but she did eat the vitamins. And while we were waiting, she had to poop two more times!!

And then it happened

The puke!!!

We had a quick meeting, I made calls and texts to let people know we weren't coming to ballet. We dropped the books off at Goodwill, picked up the pizza early and headed home. She then begged me for something to eat, so we tried toast. She ate it, no problems and wanted something else a half hour she got 4 rice she had some water and we took a nap together in my chair. Woke up and we were off to get DJ from school. Got home and she said she needed to poop again (really?!?!?) and off she went. as I was walking by to let Belle out, I flipped the light on for her and saw she was sitting there puking between her legs!!! My poor baby! Got that all cleaned up and she pees....rascal!

From there she got pajamas on and asked to lay in bed! Ok she's really sick! lol I gave her Tabbi and page watched some Netflix while I made dinner. Needless to say, she stayed home from Awana. DJ and I headed out after dinner and were late getting home as I had to how someone some knitting skillz. And DJ learned I really can run faster than him!!! Ha!

Got both kids in bed and Howie too for that matter, and then got lunches for all of us ready before sitting to watch tv. First up was Whitney which had me slapping my knee in laughter!! Then, Modern Family which was also good! Happy Endings is really good! Like a current day version of Friends! Survivor was last....I gotta say, the women are giving us a bad name!!!! They are not doing well at all!

Til next time...God bless!

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