Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What 'bout the beach mama!?!?!

We had a sunny day on Monday....and as we were headed to the shed to get 19 boxes of books,  jokingly asked the kids if they wanted to go to the beach! Both of them instantly agreed! So when we got done with the books and headed home, I took the "hill" way and when I turned right on Old Pipeline, Sam popped up and said "What bout the beach mama?!?" and all I could do was laugh! So I explained how it wasn't summer just cuz the sun was shining (again!!) and that the water would be freezing cold! AND that the sand would be snow...I think she got it, but it was still funny!

The rest of the afternoon, after lunch, was amazing!! The kids played outside with K and C next door and I actually got some work done!!! Even walked on the treadmill...for an hour!!!! Yeah, I'm still feelin it in my hips! Just got a groove on with Pandora and kept going! Need more days like that where I can spare an hour!

Today was tough...getting up at 7 was nasty but at the same time...I had complete uninterrupted sleep!!!! I woke up alone and DJ was still in his bed! I had to wake him! That never happens!!! Sam woke up while I was waking DJ and she decided to go to school in her jammies, so all I had to worry about was DJ gettin dressed. We got there with plenty of time to spare...yay me!! Sam and I stayed and chatted with Marty's mom a bit and then had a meeting in the office about the auction. By the time we got home I was famished!!!! And poor Belle had shit the crate with the extra time I was gone. NOT fun!!!

My morning literally flew by!! Between Avon, Sam bathing, giving Belle a bath and cleaning the crate, it was already 1 and we needed to leave at 1:15!! Yikes! Sam had her lunch while I got ready to go and I took my salad with us. We dropped the neighbours off at their school and headed to the post office (after dropping all the books off too!) and I worked with one of my reps to get more/new customers...we each got 4 names in the 40 mins we were there! Not bad! From there we picked DJ up and then headed back to SVEC to get the neighbours...ended up we only took K home with us as he wanted to ride with us instead of his parents. We stopped twice to drop Avon books and then came home.

The kids played in the house and even played Sorry together....which was really me playing all 4 hands for them...they bore so easy! But I don't let them quitters allowed! After dinner we played finockio (Sam's way of saying Yahtzee) and she kicked our butts! She's a 6 magnet!! Even got a yahtzee in them!!! It was hilarious when she shouted FINOCKIO instead of YAHTZEE!!!!! We laughed ourselves silly!!  They went to bed while I hopped in the shower and were both awake for me to tuck them in...I was hoping they'd be sleeping...but I enjoy the kisses and hugs!

After Howie went to bed, there was NOTHING on tv thanks to the SOTU I watched Seven Pounds from the was a 2 and a half hour movie...and it took  me 2 plus hours to figure out the gist of it!! I was **This close to shuttin it down...but in the end, I'm glad I stuck it out! Now I can say I've see

Til next time...God bless!

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