Monday, August 31, 2009

This might be

The BEST birthday ever!!!!! To start my day off...DJ woke up 6:30 and snuggled back to sleep til just after 8...what a gift!!!! SamSam on the other hand slept til just before 9...she really does need 12 hours a nite!!!
1056 Byzantine Empress Theodora becomes ill, dying suddenly a few days later, without children to succeed the throne, ending the Macedonian dynasty.

After breakfast I gave the kids a bath...which they absolutely LOVED because there was no time constraint on how long they could be in there for!! What a lovely wet mess they made too!!! I dressed DJ in a shirt that says My Mom Rules! And Samantha in the purple dress we got her from Hawaii...first time she wore it too!! Oh she looked SO cute!!!

1422 Henry VI, becomes King of England at the age of 9 months.

Did you know I share a birthday with Richard Gere!!?!??!?!?! *sigh* It's a great to have been born!!! Thanks Mom for picking today...not that you really had a choice in the matter! In fact, I'm sure if you'd had your way, I would have been born a couple days earlier! She was in labour with me for 9 days!!! NINE DAYS PEOPLE!!!!! Having given birth twice now...I can NOT imagine 9 days of torture labour!! So, thank you Mom!!!! I'm so glad you're my mom!!! Thank you for my birthday!

1803 Lewis and Clark start their expedition from Pittsburgh at 11 o clock in the morning.

Lunch and nap for Samantha went rather well! They both ate like champs!!! And while Sam was sleeping DJ and I snuggled on the couch, drew a new picture, read a book, talked....just bonded really! He's SO funny sometimes!! I try to remember all the funny stuff he says, but some it is so preposterous...and it slips my mind! My age is catching up to me! hahaha

1887 Thomas A Edison patents Kinetoscope, (produces moving pictures)

Howie came home from work late (he stopped to get me a card or two, which we haven't done in a that is...) and I was vacuuming when he came in the door. I know, housework ON your birthday should be banned!!! But I knew my g/f Jackie was coming over, and also my SIL, possibly her family it had to be done!!! I also baked some birthday brownies that have NO calories!!! Imagine the millions I could make with that recipe!!!!

1972 Olga Korbut, USSR, wins Olympic gold medal in gymnastics

While he tended the kids, I grabbed a was a beautiful day here in PNW!!! I even got a birthday tweet on twitter from KING5Seattle....and they sent this picture!!! How kool is that?!?!!
During dinner we had a couple visitors!!! Jake's girlfriend, Morgin, and her mom, Joanne, stopped by with some cupcakes they'd made for me!!! How friggin sweet was that!??!?! Totally unexpected!! Loved the little visit too!!!

1986 I had what I thought was the best birthday...turns out its 2nd Waimea, Hawaii....turning 14 in Hawaii was AWESOME!!! And my parents let me start wearing make up!!

After dinner my g/f Jackie came by for a visit...and her gift just had my crackin up!!! Howie took the kids outside and she and I got a really good visit in!!! Mostly our visits are via Blackberry messenger, twitter, or it was really nice to have some one-on-one time!

1997 Diana, Princess of Wales, dies in a car crash in Paris. Quite possibly the worst birthday EVER!!! How sad that was for me!!!

As Jackie left, the kiddos were coming back in with Howie and it was time to get ready for bed. Just after pj's were put on, my SIL showed up with an envelope and a treat for me. I haven't eaten it yet, as I told DJ I'd share it with him tomorrow when Sam's sleeping!! It's a mousse dessert in a chocolate cup with whipped cream and a strawberry! YUM!!!!!
I opened the envelope and out fell two tickets to Blake Shelton!!!!!! GAH!!!!!!!!! Not just that, they're in the TENTH row!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O M G!!!!!!!!!!!!
The deal: Howie's going to stay home with the kids while I take my BFF Laura with me!!! Absolutely the BEST!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I can't wait!! And won't have to wait long as the concert is TOMORROW!!!!! (well, tonite if you're reading this on the 1st!)
Once the kids were in bed, we watched the CMA Fest on TV....ahhh my nite was complete!!! And now I'm off to bed so I can hurry up tomorrow!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My own personal

New Year's Eve...Birthday Eve I call it...the last day I'll be the age I just got used to....*sigh* Today was my last day to say I'm 36....tomorrow, a new age starts...literally!!! And I have to be honest...37 does NOT sound like a fun age!! Not by any stretch of the imagination!!! In fact, I'm turning 29 for the 9th time!!! Right!?!?!?!?! hahaha

It's been an emotional day for me too...not sure why, but birthdays bring out the emotions! At lunch, I was reading the paper, and DJ was beside me as usual, but thru my peripheral vision it looked like he was trying to feed the dog (who wasn't even under the table!!!) and so I snapped at him...scared the crap outta him AND which point I started laughing uncontrollably!! Howie made me apologize to DJ and I had to hold back my ODD!!! And NO I'm not pregnant!! It was funny tho!

After lunch we all had a nap!!! I made DJ take one (it was short, only an hour) because I knew we had plans for after dinner (which is fresh caught this morning salmon!!!) to go watch football! That enticed him to lay down at which point it didn't take him long to fall asleep! I even dozed for a 20 minute power nap. Why is it my body KNOWS when 20 minutes are up!?!??! So I got up and kept on with the laundry....I don't want to have to do any laundry ON my birthday...just me! And while I was in there knowing the kids can't bother me...I cleaned!! My washer and dryer (esp!) are now white again!!! And the floor in actually clean...altho it's so beaten up (before us) that you can't tell its clean...sad!

I let the kids wake Daddy up from his nap....Sam just loves that!!! Getting into everything she shouldn't be because she never gets to go in there...OY! Howie cleaned the boat and I kept on with the laundry...never ending I tell ya!

Dinner was early and YUMMY!!!!!!!! Samantha, for whatever reason, refused to eat the fish...and she LOVES it!!! DJ refused to eat the Au Gratin potatoes...he just hates potato in any from that's not a french fry...he literally gags til he can spit it out....

It was a beautiful evening for football!!! I don't ever remember any of Jake's jamboree's this warm! Speaking of Jake...he came over about 6:30 and joined us for some spectating!! DJ did REALLY well the whole time...Samantha...not so much! She was up and down and up and down...all over the place!!! So I took the kids home after the first half game...and did the bed time it was close to 9 when I put DJ in bed...for the one and only time!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!! Now, if only he would sleep right thru the nite!! This night waking stuff is gettin really old!!! Last nite it was shortly after 3 and he got Howie instead of me...but then Howie went fishing and I woke up to DJ "playing" with the dog on her bed!!! Chased him back to bed and he bounced back in at 7:30 with no chance of a snuggle...*sigh*

So, now after enjoying a nice quiet Birthday Eve evening (type that out 5 times fast!) knitting and watching Royal Pains...great show btw!....I'm now sending myself to bed....hopefully before midnite...HA who am I kidding?? LOL

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hello! My name is

Missy Hughes and I'm an Avon Representative...can I show you a catalogue??
Yup...I joined the ranks of Avon Ladies all over the world!!!! More because I want the stuff and haven't had anyone to buy from since moving out here!!! I've thought about doing it for years, so last week I called, and joined up today! I should have a website up and running next be on the look out for it!!!

Today was a busy day...joining Avon this morning...

Jake's football family picnic...which had less in attendance this year than last!! The parents were far outnumbered by the kids!! Which also means less food, with less parents showing up...I made a pasta salad...well, 3 of those Betty Crocker pasta salad kids....added a can of olives, and half a bag of shredded mozzarella cheese...and that sucker disappeared in 10 minutes!!! I kid you not!!! As I was in line getting food for the kids, I watched this one player put 5 spoonfuls of my salad on his plate....ACK!! Glad I don't have his food bill!

After the BBQ we headed home (which thankfully is walking distance, but I drove...salad and Sam were my things to bring) and put SamSam down for her nap. It was then I remembered that I was going to go to the DMV and renew my license...remember my failed attempt? I kissed my boys good bye, grabbed the Avon catalogue to look at, a bottle of water, my phone and headed out! Got there just about 2pm...walked in and my jaw dropped to the floor!!! There were all of 4 (FOUR) people there!!! I went to the number thingy, pushed "Renewal" and took my number....I then look up to see how my number corresponds with how long I'll be waiting and I hear "Now serving 1-4-1 at window 2" Say what!??!?! I very slowly walk up to the counter thinking it's a joke...and there's the lady Lien Le waiting for me. Took my info, and my money, and made me do an eye test, and my signature and sent me on my way to wait to get a new photo done....I walk over to the other side of the room where I sat for all of 10 seconds before I hear "Oh, are you here to get a picture taken for a renewal?" Say what!??!? I nod and she waves me up....they really need a mirror near there! I primped my hair as best I could and stood against the blue background for a picture. Snap, she hands me a paper copy of my license and says my new one will be in the mail in 10-14 days. SAY WHAT!??!! That's it!??!! I'm done??? I shake my head and walk out the door in disbelief....the whole thing took all of 10 minutes!!

I didn't even call Howie, just headed home...and shocked him!! Because I got home so quickly, he and DJ took off to go to Three Rivers, where we bought our boat, to buy a new net for fishing tomorrow. He broke his 20 year old one last weekend...and needs one to bring dinner home to me!

While they were gone my BFF Laura showed up for a visit with her puppy Mojo...remember we puppy sat him?? He's HUGE now compared to when I last saw him!! Anyways she brought this book I've been dying to see... earlier this month, she met her daughter that she gave up for adoption 20 years ago...and they adoptive mom and Laura's daughter made this scrapbook story for her to have that showed her growing up thru the years. It was SOOO touching!!! Laura really lucked out picking this family for her....they were so kool!!

After Laura and Mojo left I took the kids outside to play and Howie went and played on the boat to get it ready! I picked up pine there were a lot of them!!!! Two Ariel bucket fulls!! Samantha was a HUGE help too!! She loved finding them and bringing them to me....she also loved washing her hands at the sink to get the pine sap off.

Oh and during the bed time routine, Samantha was watching me brush DJ's teeth, and took a FIT that I didn't bring her in the bathroom and brush her I guess I'll be adding a toddler brush to the grocery list for her!

Bed time went rather smoothly....other than him coming out of his room while I'm feeding Sam and Howie yelling at him...which has the opposite effect the milk does....just saying....she was so tired she whimpered once and was out like a light! So then I tucked DJ in and he was out like a light!!!! Seriously!?!?! Sweet!!!!!!!!!! Last nite he did pretty good....I woke him before I went to bed...and he woke up at 2:30 to pee, and went right back to sleep....came in the room about 8 and I told him to find Daddy and close the door...HE DID!!! And I slept til just before 9!!! Oh SOOOO amazing!!!!!!! I laid in bed IM'ing with my mom before actually getting out of bed! I need more of those kinds of mornings!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Friday, August 28, 2009


Really DO happen!!!! I got 5 hours of sleep!!! In a row!! UNINTERRUPTED!!!!! Unfortunately those 5 hours started at 3 am...

Why is that you ask??

DJ woke up at 2:39....pee'd and then 5 mins after putting him back in bed, he was bugging at me again....put him back in bed...and one more time just for giggles he was bugging at me again!! Can I just tell you how disconcerting it is to be startled awake!!!! I threatened his butt back in bed and it seemed to have worked....last I looked it was 3 am...

And the next time I looked it was 8 am....say what?!?!?! I sat up, looked around and noticed how empty the bed was and almost giggled!!! I lay there checking my phone in peace while the dog slept on in peace...oh and one of the cats was on the bed sleeping in peace!!! About 20 after 8 I got up and checked to see he was actually still in bed...and he was! So I let the dog out and went to the bathroom. He woke up then in a panic as I wasn't in my bed! We snuggled in the chair together and waited for SamSam to wake up.

After breakfast we got dressed, got a load of laundry going for the third I hate when I'm so lazy I don't get it in the dryer!! I mean seriously, how hard is it!?!? Shortly before 11 we took off for a creative play date...for me! lol

I was meeting up with a g/f at Joann's and didn't really have a plan per se...I knew I wanted to get yarn to make Shirah her scarf....and having her there with me was perfect!!! She could pick out the colours she wanted!!! And then I found the easel I wanted for the 11x14 frame I have that's got pictures of both my babies in the says Love in the middle of the easel at the bottom...SOOO cute!!! I may paint it gold so it stands out more as the easel is black and the frame is black.

After our excursion shopping, during which I spent a whopping 11 dollars thanks to coupons!, we went to a Greek restaurant that I've been wanting to go to since moving here!! Kafe Neo...and oh man was it AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I had the Neo Chicken and it was yummy!!! The kids just had a regular chicken gyro and Shirah had a steak gyro. Neither child had any issue with their fact, DJ wanted to eat mine when he was done! LOL

Then we came home, which Samantha did NOT fall asleep on me this time...and she took a nap. DJ and I had quiet time...he's really digging this colouring thing!! and he loves when I trace his hands...and then hang his art work on the wall for Daddy to see. SO cute!!!

Tonite was bath nite, so we didn't get to go for a walk or anything special!! But once the kiddos were in bed (and DJ only tried one antic while I was nursing) I took off for DQ as we had a BOGO small blizzard....YUM!!! And really, the small is more than enough!!!

Tonite has been fabulously quiet, and in between folding laundry (I'm on it now!) I've been knitting and's been a while since I knit so my knuckles are protesting a wee bit from gripping the needles....thank goodness I'm using 10.5 instead of 4's!! That would hurt even more!!!

Til next time...ciao!

P.S. This may not post til tomorrow as I'm having connectivity issues and the solution is in Sam's room...I already woke her once....yikes! Dare I go in there again and try....I'll give it a few more mins!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Boy that smarts!!!!

Today I wore my regular shoes after wearing flip flops for the last 4 months...ay yi yi!! My poor baby toe on the right side has a blister that's even bigger than my toe!!! OUCHIE!!!! I even had the thought of walking barefoot home...but opted not to....shoulda, coulda, woulda....hindsight and all that...yeah!

So where did we walk??

To the park! Oh it was a GORGEOUS day here today!! So we took the scenic route and popped by Jake's football practice...but since they don't have numbers yet, we didn't know who was who...and honestly, we didn't want to interrupt! And the park is right next to the high it was convenient! The park wasn't too crowded today either....only one day camp with about 20 kids....and DJ had fun chasing all the older kids!!! He's also mastered a part of the monkey bar routine...aside from scaring his mother....

OH, I have to tell you this very funny thing!!! Tonite while I was making dinner, Howie was in the loo doing Godknowswhat, and I'm sure he wouldn't want me blogging about any case, I went to the door to ask if he'd fallen in...and if he wanted a salad for dinner.

Once he was done, and in the kitchen bothering me, DJ needed to potty, so Howie took him....when he came out he told me the conversation:

DJ: Where did you fall in Daddy? In there? *points to bath tub*

Daddy: No, not there.

DJ: In the sink? *points*

Daddy: No, not there too.

DJ: where did you fall then ?

Daddy: In the toilet!!!

DJ: Ohhhhh I don't wanna fall in the toilet!

Daddy: No, you don't! Its very cold!

DJ: *thinking about it* Yeah....I don't want to fall in there!

HAHAHA Oh man I was busting a gut!

After dinner we went on a family walk!!!! We actually ate right at 6 tonite, and with a nice relax time after dinner, we went on a walk about 7. Walked to get the mail, and then on to the very same football field we were at earlier today to watch the team that Jake used to play for before playing for school. It was good to catch up with the two coaches we know and a couple parents. Then we walked back! SamSam was in the stroller, and DJ walked rather nicely holding either my hand or Daddy's was a very pleasant evening!!!

Bed time on the other hand....he is such a creature of habit!!!! If I don't go up and tuck him in he starts fooling around and calling my name, standing at the gate....just being ornery! But he did fall asleep quickly after I tucked him in.

Last nite...was a breeze....til I went to bed! He woke up shortly after 1 to pee...and off we went....then two minutes after I got back into bed he was at me again to "try" and off we went again....for a toot! Put him back in bed and crawled back into bed myself. About 1:30 I hear thumping on the stairs...I go out and DJ's chasing the cats up and down the stairs....sooooo NOT what I want him to be doing at this time of nite! Put him back in bed and sternly scolded him, while trying not to be too loud as to wake Howie up too!....and back to bed I went to lay there and wait for him to make more noise or fall asleep....

Howie told me this morning that DJ woke up when he was getting ready for work, pee'd and went back to his own bed "so Mummy can sleep!" I vaguely heard this conversation but rolled over quite easily knowing Howie was taking care of it...Next thing I know, DJ's in bed with me and I have no clue when he arrived!! I like that! Semi decent sleep does me well!! Here's hoping this middle of the nite antic crap stops soon!

Til next time...ciao!

P.S. Samantha has figured out that my phone takes all kinds of pix (as you well know) and now takes it and says not only " 'Lo" for hello, but now she turns it around so the screen is facing away from her and says "cheese" thinking she's taking her own pic...then turns it around and checks the screen.....way too funny!!! She's too freakin smart sometimes!!!
So when I took the phone away, this is the pathetic look I got...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Misery loves company...

But does the company have to join you at 2 am and keep you awake til 3 am?!?!?! Oh what a horrid nite last nite was!! I did not wake DJ up before I went to bed in hopes that he'd sleep straight thru the nite...boy was I wrong! He woke up at 2 am (so about 45 mins after I went to sleep) and he wanted to play!!! No no no...not what we do at 2 am! It took him (and me) til 3 am to fall back to sleep...lots of threats were made! They didn't work!
Then, I woke up at 6 am, his usual time to join me, and heard a loud THUMP, and thought it was the front door...and Howie was home (he worked grave yard last nite only) and waited for him to come to bed...after a few minutes there was I got up and checked the window and his car wasn't it wasn't him.

Well, I worked myself up into such a tizzy....and I thought I heard Sam scream, which did NOT help my spidey I got up (it's close to 6:30 now) and let the cat out, he didn't freak, and Snickers wasn't trying to get out of the room, so her spidey senses were calm....and I tip toed down the stairs and it was nothing...Sam was still sleeping silently....and I had to go to the bathroom!!! I'd worked myself up that bad!! Took me til after 7 to go back to sleep, and then Howie came home around 8, and DJ woke up at 8:30....So, yeah...not much sleep was accrued for me! Horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE nite!!!

After breakfast I got a text message from a g/f of mine, Wyndi, and she wanted to know if we were up for the sprinkler park...well sure we were!!! With Howie sleeping, it was the perfect time for us to be out of the house, and it was a beautiful sunny day!! Shortly after 10:30 we took off to the park and had a great visit/play time. Was still too chilly for the water part, but their playground was fun! The swings, sadly, were both broken! About an hour into it, there appeared another family with two boys, and they both had fun chasing/getting chased by DJ!! Thanks for a great visit Wyn!!!

After lunch I got Howie up, and put Samantha down! She went with such a fight today!!! DJ didn't nap...just had another quiet afternoon with some play outside. Wore his butt out!
Dinner was a bit late tonite and both kids let us know they weren't happy with it! Rather loudly too! In fact while we were cooking I let them both eat their vegetables while waiting.

Tonite was also bath nite....I just love how great they smell after!!! Just squishable!!! Bedtime was quick and painless!!! After putting SamSam down, I got Howie's lunch ready waiting for DJ to call me....after 20 mins go by, I crawl up the stairs and find him laying on the floor by his door sound asleep!!!!! huh! So I took the gate down and put him in bed....and not a peep since!

Howie and I actually enjoyed a quiet evening together watching tv!! Who knew!! It sure was nice!!! Now, he's gone to bed....I'm facebooking and blogging and watching TV....and then going to bed early...this time I mean it! (hahaha)

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Now this is more like it!!

I finally got a hair cut!!!!!!!! I usually want a hair cut right around my birthday (which is REALLY coming at me fast!) and this year is no different!!! It's been since May when I last got a cut....and then I only got an inch or so off...this time...5 or 6 inches! Oh it was SOOOO needed!!!!! SO without further ado.....I give you the 'do!!!

This is what it looked like this morning when I got up (but really I took these a couple days ago...) Sorry the one is SO's hard to take self portraits!

And this is what I look like now!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Makes me look younger doesn't it!??!! HAHAHA Just kidding...

This was the highlight of my day!!!

Oh and I now have a stubborn fashionista for a daughter!! There was a basket of folded clothes in the hallway that I hadn't put away yet, and Samantha discovered all her clothes...namely her new pj's....and tried putting them cute! She got the shirt on her right leg and her pants on the left leg, then would walk around holding them up thinking she's all that!

So when I took them off her to put them back in the basket and put them away in her closet...she FREAKED on me!!! Sat down just blubbering and grabbing at the pants (the top ended up on the table) and screaming "nooooooo" at me. So her outfit today....pajama pants and a pink top to match the ballet slippers on the green pants. Then she added red toddler sunglasses...but I wasn't quick enough to snap that shot! But it was FUNNY!!!

I also decided to forgo DJ's nap this afternoon after such a crappy nite!! OH my word was it bad!! I woke him shortly after 12 to pee...put him back in bed....went to bed til shortly after 1....and was woken up at 1:26 by DJ laying down on the bed beside to pee AGAIN...and put him back in bed. At which point, I could NOT for the life of me fall back to sleep!! oh it was just awful!! Next thing I know, Howie's talking to DJ and asking him if he needed to pee...he didn't (surprise, surprise!) and Howie then picked him up and put him in bed between us!!!! urgh!!!!!!!! So I had knees and elbows digging in to me....and around 6 realized Howie was no longer in bed so moved DJ over and finally got some sleep. Needless to say it was 8:30 when he woke again!
Instead of napping we had quiet time...drawing and colouring and then reading books. While I was showering he was captivated by Caillou....worked out perfectly! I have my routine down to 22 mins!!! That's how long an episode is!

It's been really nice and quiet since 8:30 when I put him in's hoping he'll STAY in his own bed ALL nite!!!!!! A mom can wish can't she?

Ducking out early tonite...I wanted to post pix of my hair early, and I so wish I had something to knit!!! *sigh* Anyone have yarn they wanna give me?? lol

Til next time...ciao!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I've been sitting here

For a while now and still can't come up with a quirky way to start the wasn't anything extraordinary! Quite boring actually!! Laundry, park, lunch, naps, Daddy came home, dinner, play outside, bath and bed time....

The park was fun tho!!! They were working on the big play area fixing things, so the kids had to play on the toddler area. Which my two have no problem with. As soon as we got there, a boy named Connor came up and said "Do you wanna play with me?" to which DJ very enthusiastically said "Sure! Bye Mum!" and took off! SO cute! Sam was a little bewildered...but loved exploring on her own! Then we ended up at the swings and she was happier than a pig in....well, you know....and DJ was busy chasing kids once they opened up the big play area.

Oh, I made homemade french fries tonite!! I was given a potato slicer thingy to make your own fries....about two years ago...from one of the other football it has to have been 2 years ago! Tonite was the first time I used it! Sad huh? But I can guarantee you, we'll be using it again!!!! The fries were amazing!!!!!!!!! Such potatoey goodness!!!! (did I just create a word!??!) Next time I won't do so many at one time in the fryer....and I want to try the shoestring setting....YUM!!!! I think it's the skins that make them SO much tastier than frozen fries. Just blogging about it is making me drool for more!!

Bed time was a fiasco again!!! With having a bath right before, we all know he peed before getting in...but that doesn't stop him from using the potty excuse. UGH! An hour after I put him in bed, I did let him go "try" and he actually did pee. Then, an hour later I hear a noise, mute the TV and turn my head a bit and catch sight of his foot sticking out the hallway entrance....yeah! NOT where he was supposed to be! Chased him back to bed and actually closed the him screaming....
He's moved his night light and can't find he doesn't have it and we've been leaving his door open....but apparently it's not working.

I really miss the diaper days...y'know, when he'd sleep right thru the nite without waking AT ALL!!! Last nite, I shut the light out shortly after reading, so about 1 am....and woke up feeling this thing on my hand...turns out it was DJ...but I tell you, in my dreams...that wasn't what it was!!! (We'd had an earlier convo about spiders crawling all over you when you're sleeping....) So took him potty (even tho I'd just done it an hour earlier) and he went and put his butt back in bed.....then he woke up at 6:30 wanting to play...uh NO! He did go back to sleep thankfully, but it took me a bit to fall back to sleep. Then I had to wake him just before 9....feast or famine with this kid!

SamSam's back to her normal self! Her fever is gone! But I do thinks she's teething her eye teeth as she's stingy about me checking her mouth out...and when I check out the bottom right one she shoos my hand away.'s super early and I'm thinking of heading to bed early! I haven't been able to read my book in a while...want more than 15 mins to get into it, so I've been trash reading my People mag!

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Off to see the wizard Father in law

And he looks good!!! It was good to see him up and dressed, and clean shaven!! We definitely know he's in good hands being at his g/f Ellen's house!! Much more of a relaxed visit than in the hospital...any visit is! The only thing to put a damper on it was Ellen's dog had TERRIBLE gas!! Oh he could clear a room!!!!! Wait...he did! LOL

While we were off visiting, Jake's g/f and her mom were sitting the kids! How very sweet of them! We left before they woke up from their naps as they do better just waking up to strangers than if they see us leave. DJ woke up, came down the stairs to the landing and sat, as soon as he heard Joanne's voice, he took off to his room, closed the door and ran to his bed. hahaha So, Joanne went up and asked him if he wanted to go to the park...HA new best friend he was!! They had a great time at the park and then came back and played in the front yard til we got home.

I have to say...watching Samantha come running at toddler speed to greet me, SO awesome!!! I don't get that often as I'm the one with them the most, but man, when I do get it...I LOVE it!! The rest of the nite tho, she was a Daddy's girl!! She'd whine with her arms up just knowing he'd pick her up! And he did! He's such a sap sometimes! As a matter of fact, when he gets his tattoo of her name....I'm going to ask that the word SUCKER be put in there hidden somehow! Wouldn't that be funny!??!!

Dinner tonite was scrumptious!! Salmon again!! This time I had Howie clean the fish before the nap! That way no more goes to waste! yum yum yum!! I also made rice pudding today!!! Everyone here loves it...and it's a nice treat!

Bed time was actually pretty decent tonite!! Come to think of it, it's the best one we've had in a couple weeks! He actually woke up on his own to there's one step gone for me tonite...altho, it's still pretty early, so I might just take him anyways. Last nite was miserable for solid sleep...between Howie leaving (and asking me something in my sleep) and DJ joining me after Howie left, it was tough going! 10 years from now when I'm struggling to get my kids OUT of bed, remind of this will ya! lol

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Trust me

Is DJ's latest phrase...that and "actually...." when you ask him if he wants to do something....cracks both of us up! But the "trust me"...that comes from me! And when I think about does "actually"....better that than cuss words!

This morning started way too early!!! I had a tough time falling asleep last nite....and not for any reason I can think of....very annoying! And I try really hard not to look at the clock when I'm experiencing this insomnia...blah! Thankfully DJ didn't get up til 7:45....but the bad part was that I think he was up til midnite....he scared the crap outta me around then standing behind me....and his eyes weren't sleepy....I asked him what he was doing and gave me this tale of gibberish.

Howie went fishing with a long time he was out of commission....and I really need a sleep in day. Unfortunately I don't see that happening til September weekend on his non-fishing day I'm going to the DMV, remember? So it'll have to be the weekend after far away!!!

What's that? Did he catch fish?? Why, yes, he did!! Two beautiful salmon....that went to waste! He didn't deal with them in a timely manner and therefore they were garbage....I was ticked! Good thing he's going tomorrow....I want salmon!! It sure does help out on the menu planning! lol

Oh, my FIL is out of the hospital!!! Seems fast doesn't it?? Hard to believe!!! He's now settled in at the g/f's house...which isn't that far we'll be visiting often!! Time got the better of us, so we didn't get over there today! I did however get the last of the grocery shopping done...kidless!

OK...I'm done for the day...gonna go watch a DVR'd program and then get to bed!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Oh, I hope this's a video of DJ....

Friday, August 21, 2009

Opening Day

Of the CNE was today!!! My parents have had a booth in the Arts & Crafts Building for ummm 12 years now...or something like that....selling homemade fudge. Some of you are already drooling...I can tell! Especially those of you who've actually had some of that fudge!!! The rest of you...sorry!

While my parents were slaving away to the hundreds of customers....I was slaving to my children! Samantha woke up with a fever, and nothing else. Just a wee bit clingier than normal, but otherwise herself. Not as active or talkative...but still eating like a champ! I'd swear someone gave her a colonic....poor girl gave me three (3!!!) dirty diapers that were just putrid! (Again, where else can I talk poop!?!?) and mostly liquid. So I'm thinking stomach bug...

It sure did make it easier to take both of them shopping...really only had to deal with DJ which wasn't fun! Ever tried to push a cart with a kid laying on the bottom?!?!? OY! We got thru QFC with the promise of seeing animals at the pet store....thankfully it worked like a charm! And he got to see cats, fish, birds, and hamsters....while I got the cat food and dog food!

Home for lunch and naps! I love naps!!! Took a quick power nap with DJ and then took a shower while they were both snoozing. Sam woke up first and we had to wake DJ up! I wanted to hit up a couple more stores before dinner, but DJ had no desire to go out...and Sam was still fevered. So we just stayed home...and then I bbq'd for my second time...hamburgers! Well, hamburger....Howie was at the hospital visiting his dad, so it was just me and kiddos again for dinner. After dinner, DJ puts his shoes on and announces he's ready to go shopping. OK, I'm game!! So off we went to Fred Meyer's and got the few things on our list....and Howie got some peace and quiet to get the boat ready for tomorrow.

Bedtime was a fiasco...again! Last nite he decided he didn't want his gate, remember...tonite he decided earlier that he didn't want 5 mins after Howie put it up! From there we had the potty battle and then I caught him UNDER his desk "working"....OY! Put his butt in bed and closed his door....he screamed loudly, but didn't get out of bed! And I haven't gone to check on him yet...I will before I go to bed...which is VERY soon!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Detour day!!!

Today we took a detour and went to visit Grandpa Hughes in the hospital!! Now, if you know me, you'll know that I absolutely HATE driving to Seattle!!!! Being a passenger is perfectly fine, and I'm a perfect passenger to have....but I am not familiar enough with Seattle and it's highways and byways to feel at ease just "going downtown"!! I can get to the zoo, no problem...but I've done that quite a few times that I'm comfortable with it. But this trip was in a whole new area I've never been in!!! Lots of streets I know nothing of!!! BUT, I braved it and got me and the kiddos to Swedish to visit G'pa! Whew! And truth be wasn't as nerve wracking as normal for me! Thanks to Wyndi for chatting my ear off practically the whole way! Oh, and Wyn, you'll be glad to know I did NOT get a "light" ticket!! hahaha

My SIL and her twin girls were at the hospital visiting too, so they met us at the main entrance and took us up to Dad's floor. I had called before hand to ask his nurse if he was okay to have "little" visitors and she said "oh, sure, he can have a few visitors" which I replied, "no, little, as in young" and she said it was more than okay! So, while SIL and nieces waited, me and my two went in to see Dad....his g/f Ellen was in the room with him, and it was good to see her too!! DJ was insta-glue as soon as he saw G'pa in the bed! And that tube in his neck....yeah, he was staying right by me!! lol

I will say, for someone who had his chest spread open 2 days ago...he's lookin damn good!! And I'm very happy to report his sense of humour was not touched!!! I commented to him that he looked odd without his teeth...he then flashed me a gummy grin!!! HA

I then took the kiddos out of the room and went to the waiting room for a bit...chatted with SIL and nieces and then quietly snuck out of the room when neither of my kids were looking (quite the feat I tell ya) and went to say good bye to Dad...he was just getting his vitals check then and they were discussing him having a shower. So it was good timing for us to leave! That and it was already quarter past 12....and I was running the risk of having SamSam fall asleep on me on the way home...again!

She did REALLY good tho the whole way home...right until I was 2 miles from the house!! TWO FREAKIN MILES!!!! So I stopped at McD's for a cheat lunch for them and that woke her up! whew! So we ate lunch and took a nap right away!!

After nap we did some grocery shopping....and DJ got to use the "special" cart at that one was the best he behaved the whole afternoon!!! Man alive!!! In Walmart (where else?) he was horrendous!!! Thankfully it was semi-short trip! Oh and he picked out one of his Christmas gifts....without even knowing it!! LOL I love this age!! Guess you'll have to wait til Christmas to find out what he picked out!! I will say this is Lightning McQueen related! *rolls eyes*
I also saw another side of my son....the "I want this" side!! Which is followed by "I'll behave Mummy!" Boy, do I know how NOT to fall for that crap!!!

Howie went to visit his dad after work, so it was me and the kiddos again for dinner, and DJ asked for that's what we had! SOOOO not a nutritious day!! But one day won't hurt them!! Right? In any case, he got home just in time for bed time!!!

Bedtime....has been going pretty smoothly of late....altho I've caught him playing with his toys in the dark once or twice! And tonite he decided to take down his gate...said he didn't need it....*shakes head* In any case, it worked and he fell asleep IN his bed!! So who am I to complain!??!?!

Bed....methinks that's where I'm headed now....just past midnite....not bad! OHHHHHH wait...I think I figured out who/what/when/where/why DJ's been waking up so freakin early in the mornings...Snickers!!! I woke up at 6 waiting for DJ to join me, and my bladder did I got up to go pee, and as I'm opening my door, Snickers is coming out of DJ's room. AHA!! Caught wet nosed!!! See, if you move in bed, and dangle a limb over the edge of the bed, it's fair game for her to lick you! Thus, waking you! And DJ's a super mover in bed! Mystery solved!! I put Snickers in my room and DJ didn't wake til after 7 and snuggled back to sleep til just past 8.
Me on the other hand...had a hard time getting back to sleep after the 6 am wake up...but did finally doze for a bit. OY Here's hoping I get more solid sleep now!

Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My advice to you

NEVER take your kids with you to the DMV unless you absolutely HAVE to!!! UGH! What a way to waste an hour!!! And all for nothing!!! I got there, took my number (86) and found a spot to sit...gave SamSam my phone (on lock) and let her play with it while DJ and I sat and talked about why he couldn't be noisy and if he behaved he could have the candy necklace he spied in the truck. The phone drops and Sam starts squirming to get out...DJ grabs the I grab the photo book thingy I have in my purse and she's content again.

As I'm sitting there I realize that I'd read that I needed proof of our "new" address so I can renew my drivers license....crap! So we head out to the truck to see if there's an errant bill hanging around...there's not. Crap! Ahhhh wait a minute, there's the insurance card for the truck that has our address and my name on it....sweet!!!

Back in we go....they're now at 70 (it was at 66 when I walked in)...I give the phone back to Sam and play I Spy with DJ (he still doesn't "get" it yet) and then the misbehaving starts!!! crap! I then do the this rate it'll be another 90 minutes before they get to my number...CRAP!
We took off!! It was already 12:15 and I was getting hungry! DJ was getting louder! And SamSam was getting squirmier!!! NOT my idea of fun!!! Then to top it all off....DJ threw a sit-down-on-the-floor-crying tantrum that we were leaving!!! He'd already lost the candy necklace and was trying to behave to get it when he realized I was leaving he knew he wasn't getting the necklace! Lord have mercy!!! I just kept walking and ignoring all the eyes on me....and DJ caught up to me as I reached the door. He cried the WHOLE way home....and kept saying he didn't want to go home....Samantha...fell asleep in the 6 minute drive with him screaming...whatta kid! What a morning!!!

Needless to say, naps were a MUST today!!

Howie's dad is doing very well!!!! Howie went there this morning after going to work and taking care of some paperwork. Dad was in and out all day, but I did get a 15 second chat with him this afternoon after nap....he sounds good!! He got moved to his own room today and they're talking about releasing him Saturday or Sunday! I'm hoping to go to the hosp tomorrow...we'll see!

After nap we went and got a propane tank refill...and then hit up the park! I love it when they run off their energy!! And Samantha has figured out how to climb UP the slide! And DJ has figured out how to climb UP the fire pole....yikes!!!

Oh...this morning, I was in the office checking email and THIS is how I came out to find them...OY
Yeah...they were ON the table!!!!

Then I go in the kitchen to make their breakfast and this is what I came back out to...

Ahhhh much better!!! And SUPER sweet!!! Of course it didn't last long enough for me to grab the REAL camera....but at least I have proof! lol

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just so you know

My FIL is on his way to recovery!!! His surgery today was successful!!! And apparently much more serious than he let us believe!!! They replaced a valve with tissue...and his came from a pig. They were going to do another bypass but there was too much scarring from the previous one...something we didn't know! He came out of surgery about 1 ish, and finally woke up around 8 ish...and Howie finally got home about 10:30!! Oh what a long day for him!!! He ate and went to bed! Not sure if he's going to work tomorrow or not....he'll decide that when he wakes up!

So that meant I was on my own for the whole day with the kiddos!! Thankfully we had story time a the library!! Just wish DJ hadn't decided 5 mins before we left that he HAD to poop!! Ugh! And he's one to sit long after he's we were a wee bit late for the start of it! They were still singing the greeting song! whew! SamSam was in a mood from the moment she woke up....and she was the whiniest one there today!!! Normally she's walkin around sorta paying attention, but today she was on my lap hugging on me. Not that I minded....I actually liked it! lol
She did have a spell tho when I went to return the books we got last week...I tried leaving her in the room to play with the toys, but she was having NONE of that!! Stood by the door just screamin her head she came with! DJ was VERY excited to get new books!! And one of the ones I got had to do with trains...for some reason he's HOOKED on trains!!

After the library we took a quick trip to the mall...and for me a quick trip is all of 10 mins! It would have been a shorter trip, but I got some lousy customer service!! I had a gift card for JC Penney and was in need of some decent conditioner! They had no Biolage left, so I settled for BigSexyHair...which is equally good!

On our super short 8 minute ride home, guess who falls asleep...SAMANTHA!!! Why does she do this to me?!?!?!! Woke her little butt up and had lunch before letting her go to sleep again! Today I chose to nap with DJ...wishing I hadn't, but that's neither here nor there!

Dinner was a sad, pitiful one....mac n cheese and hot dogs!! Totally something Howie wouldn't eat with us! LOL I then attempted bath time on my own...boy did I miss having Howie here for that one!!! Altho, I must say, I didn't get as wet as I normally do...Oh and I found some pj's for Sam in the hope chest at the end of our bed...looking for something else always finds things you least expect! So she's got new jammies on...two piece ones!! She grew up instantly tonite!! SOOO cute too! Sadly, one pr are 12 mos size and not gonna get use past tonite....the others are 24 mos size, so we'll give those a shot tomorrow!

Now, it's bed time!!! That book, Keeping Faith, has gotten really good!!! And I am finally enjoying it!! Glad I stuck it out! I am old enough now that I don't HAVE to read the whole book if I don't like it....sometimes I have to remind myself that! lol

Til next time...ciao!

Monday, August 17, 2009

If you would...

Please send up prayers for my Father In Law as he's having open heart surgery tomorrow morning (probably while some of you are reading this!) He's having a valve replaced...not sure with what, whether its pig or something else. But in any case, if you could pray all goes well and that he heals/recovers quickly that would be much appreciated!!
Today was a boring do nothing day! So, pretty good for a Monday! I did have good intentions...but got lazy! lol Heaven forbid! I did get a load of laundry done!! And if I do one a day, I seem to keep on top of it and it doesn't seem so overwhelming! And I got all the dishes done during nap time!!!
Tonite was sketti nite, so while the sauce was simmering, I took the kids to the park (oh it was BEAUTIFUL here today!!) and let Howie have an hour's peace when he got home from work. What a nice wife I am! Then, after dinner, he gave me a half hour of peace and took the kids outside for a bit. This gave me the chance to list a bunch of clothes and whatnot on craigslist. Oh and download some songs to iTunes....funny story...Jake got a gift card for iTunes about 3 years ago, he then "gave" it to me saying he had enough songs (HA) and then wanted it back this past spring...and since he didn't make a move on it, Howie and I spent it! LOL We each got 6 songs!! Whatever happened to them just being .99?? Now some of them are 1.29!! Rude! lol

I must go and get Howie's lunch ready...he's taking his dad to the hospital and staying the whole he wants food with him to eat...can't say as I blame him on that one! I also made some peanut butter cookies!!! See...I AM a good wife!

You might have also noticed its Monday and there's no Not Me! post...y' was a pretty quiet week on that front!! That and I'll need to pay more attention to what I'm doing wrong! hahaha

Til next time...ciao!'s yesterday's photos....the "fish"!!

The fish ready to get cooked!

Miss Samantha noshing on my cob of corn...she ate almost half of it!!! brat!

And these were from today on our way to the park...I just LOVE DJ's smile!! And SamSam's workin the pony again!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gosh I hate it when

I have no internet to use other than my phone....and I can't do a complete reset to the modem as its in SamSam's room! Ugh!!! So, you're not gonna see the pic of the four (4) gorgeous fish Howie and Jake caught today on the boat!! Oooooh it was a hot day on the boat! Along with my boys was Darrell, one of Howie's long time friends, and Shawn, a friend of Jake's from school. Everyone limited out...which is two a piece...and were all smiles when they got home! Since the fish were on ice, they waited til after nap time to get cleaned. And everyone napped this afternoon!! I needed it too! DJ actually stayed in his own bed til 6:30!! AND went back to sleep til almost 8:30!!

I have to tell you...Samantha has seriously turned a corner in the last week vocally...she loves repeating everything we say...and her fave thing to say is "noooooooooooo" with a really whiny, yet singsongy voice. Sometimes she'll add a head shake, and downcast eyes...its so pathetic but funny!! She absolutely loves pointing at the cats as they walk by...and saying her version of kitty cat! She can handle Snickers, but on her own terms...she'll do the loving, as she's not too fond of dog kisses! Altho, we've noticed the smaller the dog, the more excited she is about it!
DJ on the other hand....ugh! He's just too much for Snickers...his idea of playing is NOT what Snickers has in mind. And the cats...turn tail, literally, if he's in the room! He chases them to where they hide which is under his bed, and then he torments them! He's been scratched (quite well I might add) and still doesn't get it!! GRRR

Oh, the other pic you're missing out on is the fish all prepped for dinner!! And I can tell you it was YUMMY!!!!! Oh so good!! The kids gobbled it up! There was enough for the four of us (Jake went home tonite) and Howie's lunch, AND some for the animals to indulge! SO good!

Now my thumbs are tired and my movie is done!

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pizza, Hot off the

Grill!!! YUM! If you've never had BBQ pizza, I highly recommend it!! Make sure you have a clay slab for cooking it on...and LOTS of cornmeal so it won't stick!

Even the kids loved it!!! Sam was more into the fruit that was laid out and DJ was more into the playground in the back yard of our friends house. He got bullied and did some it was a good lesson day! lol

The drive there was a good one as both kids napped....and even I got a cat nap! Traffic was awful as there was a soccer game AND a baseball game, not to mention the Hemp Festival....makes for slow driving!! The ride home was a breeze in comparison! We got home shortly after while I was getting the kids ready for bed, Howie was getting the boat ready for fishing.

SamSam gave the most grief tonite at bed time...not sure why, but man she's a loud one! DJ on the other hand was worn out...or so I thought...when I went to check on him I found all kinds of toys in the door way that were NOT there when I put him in bed! The little sneak!

Once the kids were in bed we watched Paul Blart, Mall was funny, but I wasn't busting a gut laughing...not like I thought I would! Kevin James is way funnier!! Oh was good family time!

Now, I'm off to bed....I think I'm finally getting into that book...Keeping least I'm in a good part and hoping it keeps that way!

Til next time...ciao!

P.S....I put a pony in Sam's hair and she actually kept it in for a whole 5 hours!!!! YES!!

Good Times

Were had by all tonite!! But let me take you thru the whole day first....I woke up shortly after falling asleep about 2:30 or DJ laying on top of me!!!! Definitely NOT my fave way to wake up!!! I told him to go back to his bed, and he said "no" I changed tactics and asked if he needed to pee...and he said "yes" so off we trudged to the bathroom...and pee he did! Now, I took him not that long ago around 12:30 and he peed then too. I put him in his own bed then and went back to my bed. I swear it was only 5 mins later he was waking me again...but it was closer to 6:30 this time...and he managed to go back to sleep with some coaxing! Seriously...I'm praying for daylight savings again!! Altho, that negates the night light really....I can't win! I give up! lol

So once we all got up shortly after 8, Jake got to sleep in as he chose not to go to football today, and did breakfast....I made icing for the cupcakes I made yesterday...and made a batch of chocolate chip cookies for home. All before noon too!!! The cupcakes were for taking to a BBQ dinner at my g/f Jackie's house.
During naps I popped out (I'm REALLY gonna miss this when Jake goes home after this weekend!! Altho, I'm sure he won't miss it...) and got dog food and cat food and milk!! You wouldn't think that getting those three things would take an hour...but they did! Thankfully I'd had the foresight to tell Jake to shower while the kids were sleeping and then I'd have one when I got home. They were awake and super whiny when I got home....oh fun! Got them calmed down and Jake took DJ outside to play (gonna miss this too!) and Sam and I stayed in. I got her changed into warmer clothes as I knew it would get chilly outside later on. Then changed DJ when he came in and popped in the shower myself! I got out and Howie was home!!

Made him go lay down for a few mins as I could tell how tired he was! But the noisy children had other plans! Best laid plans and all....

So off we went to Jackie's house!!! She had her two younger kids (of 3) visiting her for the weekend and it's been a year since I've seen them!! Oh my has Gwen grown!!!! More in this last year than any other year!! She seems SO grown up!!! And it's scary when you can see the man child start to emerge!! It was also good to see other babies who'd been at last year's bbq bash! They're the same age as SamSam! So it was fun to watch them interact and communicate with each other. Kinda like

DJ had an absolute blast playing "you're it" with the other kids....which we informed him is the same as playing tag! SO cute!! The other thing he does that just cracks us up! He usually asks where Daddy is during the course of the day and I tell him he's at Bellevue...and he responds "oh, Bellevme"...he thinks I'm saying you and he knows you is me...OK I can't explain this well...but it's SUPER cute!! So when Howie came home from work I asked him "where does Daddy work?" and he responds very seriously "Bellevme" and Howie just busts out laughing!!!

After a yummy dinner, we came home a bit late for normal bed time, but that's okay...gotta be flexible sometimes! At least we had them both settled by 9 and DJ was actually asleep!! He got worn out playing You're It! hahaha

Til next time...ciao!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why haven't I taken him

To the children's museum in Everett before!??!!! Oh what a wondrous place for a 3 year old to be! We went to the one in Hamilton by my mom and dad's house back in Ontario, but it was oh so very pale in comparison to this one!!! This is 3 levels of fun geared to any and all kids!! The downstairs had the lunch room....and party rooms....and a construction room where you build stuff. The main floor when you walk in has about 8 rooms, a tree house, a market with a tractor, bus front where the kids can "drive" the bus....and a water table room (which we opted not to visit today)....just oodles of FUN! And all of it is at kid height!!! The upstairs, which is really the roof, is a play ground!!! One of the biggest ones I've seen in a LONG time!!!! It had a 20 ft slide that Fearless DJ did first thing!!! There was about 4 or 5 slides in total all different heights and twisties...the 20 ft one was like a water slide with 3 spirals in it!! I was shocked he did it!!! There was also a rock wall, which he climbed twice....a musical section with 3 HUGE xylophones, steel drums, bongos, and some other noise making instruments kids can bang on! There was also a dinosaur dig area, which DJ spent quite a bit of time doing!

Let me just say....I was totally impressed with this whole set up!!! I think we'll be getting a membership there with Christmas monies!! It's SOOOO worth it!!!!

Today we met up with my g/f Sharon and her two little girls Madeleine and Penelope! Our first time seeing them since getting it was even more fun!! Maddy is about 5 weeks younger than DJ and Samantha is about 5 weeks younger than Poppy!! So both are pretty close! I think they all had fun together!!!

On the way home (during lunch time really!) it was all I could do to keep SamSam awake!!! So I stopped in at McD's and got them some nuggets (Sharon was a smart mom and brought oranges and granola bars, which she shared with my monsters kids!! So the nuggets were just filler....and it did the trick in keeping her awake too! Whew!

Unfortunately, the naps were a little on the short side!! So much so that I barely got to eat my lunch and DJ was awake! Jake was gone to the mall with a friend of his who is visiting from Cali so I had no help with whiny babies!!

I did pop out when Howie got home to get cupcake liners...and a couple other things. Good timing on my part too as I just missed the poopy one Samantha was promising!!
This is a first....while trying to poop earlier (seriously, where else can I talk poop!?!??!) she pointed to her bum and said "poopy". Howie heard it first, and commented...and I said "no way!!!" but she proved him right by saying it again. I was in shock!!!! She doesn't say too many words, but this was clear as day!!! And while I was gone and she was actually pooping, she was saying it again!! I think I'll have her potty trained by Christmas!! Wouldn't that be awesome!??!!? I sit her on the toilet every once in a while...but have yet to catch her doing anything on it! I'll go by her lead!!

Oh and I forgot to mention a funny....even tho Jake will more than likely NEVER read this hear blog thing....he (and Howie too for that matter) like to dictate what can and can't be said on my blog. I find that rather humourous myself!!! Cuz, how will they ever know if I did or not....hmmm???

OK, I'm calling it quits early tonite....I didn't get much sleep thanks to DJ's wake up call at 5:30...and it took him a LONG time to fall back asleep, what with all his fidgeting....grrrrrrr Next time I'm sending his butt back to his own bed!

Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I"m not sure what bug

Bit me...but man I was on a cleaning rampage today!!! If I was pregnant (which I can never be again, thank you Lord!) I'd say I was nesting!!! I attacked (almost literally too!) Samantha's room which is also the office/computer room/storage room....there were boxes there from when we moved here in May of 08...but to be honest, were invisible while I was today they got their due! I filled a green garbage bag with "stuff" from this room!!! Just one room!!! ONE ROOM! And I can fill a garbage bag!?!?!? I'm very afraid to go thru the rest of the rooms now! lol

I also organized the hall closet and the bathroom closet. Did you know (of course there's really no way for you TO know) that I had over 30 face cloths in there!!!!!! **Mom, we don't need anymore for 5 years!!!** So I downsized the old ones and kept the new ones (and we STILL have 17 of them) and put them away nice and neat in their wicker basket! I then also went thru all our old towels....I opened up a whole shelf in there!!!! Of course, it's the bathroom so what could I possibly store there with all the steam that happens in that room!

Tonite I had a Dr appt with our GP....I wanted to discuss the results of the ultrasound and blood work. It was a good visit!! She sees me all the time when I take the kids in, but it's been a while since it was a ME visit! We discussed why I'm not losing weight and she said I'd be a good candidate for bariatric surgery...especially since I'm considered pre-diabetic...and my mom IS diabetic. Then she threw in there that insurance may cover it!! Say what?!?!?! She gave me the information to investigate and research on my own...and the number of a clinic she recommends. I gotta say....I'm seriously considering it! But she also said I HAVE to fix the hernia...and to get into see the surgeon about it. Its possible that both of the surgeries could be done at the same time....interesting! Of course, none of this will happen til next year or so....

Now, I'm watching I Love You, Man....and while it's a bit on the crass side (altho I totally wouldn't say that if I wasn't watching it with Jake and his g/f) its VERY freakin funny!!! There are so many (MANY) awkward moments in this movie that all you can do is laugh your butt off!!! I highly recommend it!!

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Close your eyes Mummy

I have a susprise for you....and he hands me a handful of air!!! Better that than a worm or a frog!!! LOL I'm sure there are some moms out there who are so blessed....thankfully, mine don't do that!!

I'm currently watching The Soloist with Jake, so if my thoughts are a little jumbled that's's a REALLY good movie!!!

Today was a library day! And we checked out 5 new books...boy, you'd think I gave DJ Christmas morning today!! He was sooooo excited and grateful for the books!! 3 of them are about tractors, trains and trucks! Right up his alley! The other one is an alphabet book and the last one is about baby animals. The library got a new shipment of books in, so it's nice to have clean non-kidded books! On our way home we stopped at Walmart (where else?) to get Howie's contacts that came in, so now he's set for 6 mos!

It was a rainy day this morning, so we just came home after our errands, did lunch and had a nap! During naps, I ducked out (can I just say, I love having Jake here to be able to do that!) to take back a bad watermelon (oh it was awful!! And DRY!!) and pick up a few other specials...and some much needed dish soap! DJ was awake when I got home, by all of 5 mins, and Sam was just still snoozing! I managed to get the dishes done before she woke! Whew!

After dinner I was supposed to meet a gal about some stuff I'm selling on craigslist....but she didn't show! And the movie we originally wanted (I Love You, Man) wasn't in the RedBox we went we tried another at Alberstons, and it was a no go. That's how we ended up with The Soloist! I wanted He's Just Not That Into You....but let a 15 y/o pick....when will I learn!???!! hahaha

OK...gonna go watch the end of is a really good movie!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Check it out!!!

Howie was watching some stupid show on TV and as the credits were rolling, this caught his eye...

How I'd love to be getting HER pay cheque!!!! LOL It sure was pretty kool to see my name up on the screen!!! Wild eh?

And in other news, here's some pix of Miss Samantha showing her prowess with the fork...

I absolutely love her abilities, but man, at breakfast, when she has waffles.....that syrup gets EVERYWHERE!!!! And tonite, it was sketti nite, and she must have been too hungry to realize she wasn't feeding herself....that or the spoon threw her off. Either way it wasn't as messy an affair.
Today was a stay-close-to-home day....which also makes for antsy before dinner they ran their energy off outside...right before it started raining...for the rest of the nite! So good thinking on my part!

Bed time...wasn't as smooth as the last 10 nites were....he put up a bit of a fight and was messing around with his toys...he finally figured it out huh!....but one stern threat and a talking to from Daddy, and there's been nothing but silence from his end of the hall!
Gotta tell ya, this book I'm reading, Keeping losing me! I've almost lost faith that it'll get better!!! My SIL read her other book My Sister's Keeper and said it started off slow too. So I guess I'll just keep plowing thru it...I'm on chapter 4....and the start of it was SO good!! Remember, it hooked me right in....I'm like a fish, floundering....I'll keep ya posted!
Til next time...ciao!

Not ME! Monday

Its baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!! The hilarity of Not Me! Monday is back in full force!!! If you want to know more about the originality of it, check out MckMama's blog!! If you want more Not Me!'s to read...check out her linky system where everyone joins in for the fun!!!

As you know, it's been a I've been saving my Not Me!'s up and have picked the best ones to share with laughing!!!! Snickering is okay, but no laughing!!! Oh alright, you can laugh!!! I've already laughed at myself, so its all good!

Now, I'm not sure how everyone stores their butter, but I like to keep mine on a small dessert plate (I used to have a proper butter dish....) and typically I keep it in the cupboard where the plates are (we have two cats) and lately, I've been keeping it on the counter where the toaster is. That is once I discovered that keeping it on the stove isn't such a good idea...that is if you don't remove it when you turn the oven on. Can you see where I'm going with this?? Heat + Butter = Liquid MESS!!!!
Thankfully it's only a 1/4 lb stick at time, but blech!!! And we all know that once liquid butter doesn't harden up to be a proper's grainy. Double blech!!!

I did not do this ONCE....but TWICE to the same stick of butter!!!!!!! Nope, not me!! I'm Miss Suzy Homemaker!!!

Having DJ, 3+ years ago, I've worn a bra to bed as I've been nursing or pregnant and then nursing in the last little while its felt like a part of my much so that I did not step into the shower WITH THE BRA ON!!!! No, not me!!!! HA Thankfully it didn't get too wet....and I had a clean on to wear after the shower.....

Now, one of my fave things to do is bake...I love making cookies for Jake when he comes to visit...the thing I don't like is eating them and I try REALLY hard not to eat them!!!
Thankfully we had some froze pre-made ones from a school/football fundraiser, so all I had to do was pull out the amount I wanted to make up and put the rest back. I can do that!!!
After they were done baking, I did not lick the chocolate off the cookie sheet so I wouldn't be tempted to eat a, not me!! Pathetic...I know!!!! I once knew a girl who was so desperate for chocolate she melted chocolate chips and ate them....

OK, that concludes this portion of the Not Me! post....hope you got a chuckle!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Success

Once again there's fish in the house!!!! Howie went out with a couple friends this morning and he caught two females (Silvers) and his buddy's wife caught a 16lb King....that's HUGE!!!! We're keeping one of ours (in the freezer already) and giving the other to Jake's g/f's family. I love salmon, but don't want to eat it two days in a row...thankyouverymuch!!

Its been a lazy Sunday!!! I didn't dress the kids til almost 11...that's just unheard of!!! Jake slept in til almost 11 too....which is normal! He's a teenager! We finally had some rain too this morning, and then sun this afternoon, and it warmed right up to 70...which is so much more bearable than those upper 90's we had!!!

After visiting with Jake's g/f and mom (and dropping off the salmon) we came home at the exact same time that Howie's sister and fam showed up for a visit! They came bearing gifts too!!! DJ got a new Lightning McQueen car....and SamSam got a new plush chair just like DJ's but hers is purple and it has Tinkerbell on it....SO cute!!! Now, there shouldn't be any more fighting about who's sitting in the chair!!! Right?!?!?! HA!

After their visit we did dinner, and bath...what a chore that really is!! My back still aches! I don't know how parents bathe their kids every nite!!! Whew!

Bed time...had absolutely NO fiasco to it tonite!!! Remember how I've been faking going out....just so DJ thinks I've left the house and he can't call out to me....he caught on to me last nite...brat! Today, I found his baseball night light in Jake's bathroom (NO clue why it was there...) and thought maybe, just maybe it might do the trick for DJ staying in bed.

Well, let me tell you! It worked like a CHARM!!!!!!!!! That and I had to promise him that I'd wake him up before I go to bed so he can pee (which I do every nite anyway)....somehow that promise helped too! He never got out of bed once!!! Never even called out to me once!!! Ahhhhhh so that's what it feels like?!?!?! I'm loving it!!

Now, everyone's tucked snugly in their beds...some snoring away....even Snickers is tuckered out! Jake took her to the park after bath time, and wore her butt out!! She needed it tho!!

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


We had some fresh-caught-today salmon for dinner!!!! Since getting home and Howie being able to once again fish, I've been drooling (almost literally too!) on the weekends when he goes out...and comes back empty handed....not today, my friends....not today!!!

Tonite we dined on a 5/6 lb salmon that when basted with pesto, and grilled to perfection on the BBQ.....was as scrumptious as it sounds!!! Add to that some "green" noodles (rotini with pesto) and corn on the cob with some garlic bread on the side....complete with watermelon....what more could you ask for!?!?! An absolute feast!!!! Even the animals got to partake in the salmon after we were finished with it!

How'd the kids do??? They ALL gobbled up what we gave them! Samantha the most enthusiastic!!! Blew me away! She's mastered the art of feeding herself with a fork! At this age I would never have considered giving DJ a fact, I still dread giving him one! He uses it as a weapon most times...and draws/bangs on the table (I can just see my mom nodding as she's reading this...) Lord help us when he gets a knife....
So yeah, Miss Independent is getting pretty savvy with a fork...I'll have to take a pic of it!

I know, I haven't forgotten the zoo pix or the park pix....just haven't remembered to download them when I'm on the other computer....*note to self, d/l pix tomorrow!*

After a rather long nap time for everyone but me...we had our lovely dinner and then I took Jake out for a lesson in his car. We were also heading out to get a movie for he and I to watch tonite. (HE napped til after 5pm!!!) As we were on our way, my phone rang and it was Howie saying my FIL and his g/f Ellen had stopped by, so we headed home instead and had a good visit with them. Nice to see them again!!! And DJ got to show off his baseball skillz!!! He's got mad skillz, yo! (ok, having Jake here for over a week is ruining my concept of the English language!) But yeah, he's got a good eye and hits the ball really well!! Doesn't matter if its a plastic ball, a tennis ball, a rubber ball...whatever you throw at him, he'll try (and most likely) hit it!!

After Dad and Ellen left, Jake and I once again headed out to get a movie. It's been SO long since I've rented a movie all the choices were new to me. There was two movies in the whole RedBox thingy that I had my choices were wide open!!! Jake's choices on the other that kid sees too many movies!! He'd have hundreds of dollars if he hadn't wasted it at the theater!!! Just saying....

Our choice? Race to Witch Mountain with Dwayne Johnson and a couple other unknowns. It's a Disney movie, so we were good to go! And honestly...I thought it was a great movie!!!! Cute! Funny! Action! slight Romance! and great special effects!! I'd definitely recommend it!!

Now, it's late and I'm off to bed!!! GAH! It's midnite....I am seriously off to bed! No more fooling around!!! G'nite!

Til next time...ciao!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Medically Speaking

She's as healthy as a horse!!!!

She who?? you ask....

Why Miss Samantha, of course!!

She had her well baby check (first one in a year!) and she's HEALTHY!!!!

She's weighing in at 25 lbs, 6 oz....and got to stand on the scale...that took a bit of doing as she was quite please she was nekkid in public! LOL My little nudist!!!

She's standing tall at 33.25 inches!!!! That's exactly half of Howie's height!!!! She's still got a half inch to go before she's half my height. But she's above the 95th percentile for height!
It's funny to me....I think she's short, but that's because I compare her to DJ all the time....and he's head and shoulders above clue how tall he really is as today wasn't about him.

Her head circumference is 18.25 inches...quite normal apparently!

Sam also go 3 needles....poor thing, but she really did much better than I thought she would! When DJ takes a toy away from her, she lets the world know!!! But today, she was giving the nurse, Jennifer, dirty looks while whining was odd! But over all she did fabulous!!!

I also got the results (not explained in any way!) of the ultrasounds I had done on my abdomen and thyroid...remember....about 6 weeks ago now....and it seems I was right (*Gasp*) and I have another hernia! This one has 9 cm (3.6 inches) or more of bowel poking thru it...which explains the extreme gas pains I sometimes all makes sense now!!! Unfortunately, I can't do anything about it surgically just's a 6 week recovery period, with NO lifting...and my 25lb 6oz kid won't allow me to NOT pick her up on any given it'll have to wait. Quite possibly, til they're both in school....sux huh?
And my thyroid...the results were inconclusive....meaning it's enlarged, but no reason why...say what?? So she may have me repeat blood work...we'll see. I have an appt with her next week. She's currently pregnant with her 3rd child and has a c-section scheduled for the 28th, so her time is coming to an end til in I go!! I'd really like to chat with her about why I'm not losing the weight I think I should be....something's gotta give!!

Sitting here watching the Mariners on's bottom of the 11th with the Tampa Rays...Jake came home from a friends house all excited to watch it, but couldn't stay awake any longer, so he went to bed...and now I want to know the outcome!!! GO MARINERS!!!!!!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Past my bed time!! I'm a lollygagger tonite....just been poking around on the Internet more than paying attention to my loyal readers!!! LOL So, tonite might be short...we'll see...but I still haven't made Howie's lunch yet for tomorrow! That's how lazy I've been!

This morning we got out of the house early enough that I was able to go to the bank, Walmart (where else?) and Food Emporium...... where they have these teeny tiny grocery carts that are perfect for a certain 3 year he got to push his own cart. The novelty of that did NOT wear off the entire time we were there!! His smile did NOT wear off either!!! Of course we put things in his cart, but they were of the non-breakable variety. And he even got to unload it all and hand the cashier every thing in his cart! Oh the little things that make him so happy!!! SamSam, yeah, she knew she'd been shafted! As soon as she saw him with a cart she started gurning and crying for her own...but there was no way I was gonna chase after two of them!! Cute fact: we call DJ "Freddy Fast Fingers" and Samantha "Grabby Gabby" they are both that quick!!! LOL

Got home just in time for lunch with Jake and then naps....during which I was able to make all my gray go away....whew! It's really noticeable nowadays....I don't like this part of the aging process!!!

After Howie got home I ran out by myself and did another store....typically I do 3 stores, but lately the good specials have been spread out! Howie changed my mind tho, as I was going to go to costco...but since we were doing burgers for dinner he wanted jalapenos, so that meant going to Albertsons. I was a day early for the asparagus sale...dagnabit! I hate going out for just one thing! oh well...I know I will....I love asparagus! And I love watching Jake eat it...hee hee hee!

Tonite we saw the most bizarrely built was a 4 bedroom 2 bath rambler with a basement.... but we counted 7 (SEVEN) doors into the house...why on earth would anyone want 7 doors into a house?!??!?!! It makes NO sense!!! And the back yard wasn't a back was all paved....but not nicely....concrete...Howie thinks there was a bomb shelter under it...could very well be! Needless to say, we scratched off the list! lol

OK, really gotta go and get Howie's lunch ready and then get to bed!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wake up call

Oh boy did we get one today!!!! This morning I had plans to go to Greenlake with my g/f Andie and her little girl she arrived around 10 am and we took off. It was a rather overcast morning but we were ever hopeful that the sun would join us so the kids could go in the wading pool. Got there, and found a parking spot super close to the park that was teeming with children!!!

Sidebar: I typically dress DJ in colours I think will be easy to spot in a crowded area such as a park....and today, I apparently wasn't alone!! I chose lime did MANY other moms!

So, the kids played for almost an hour before we went walking in the direction of the wading was a good hike from the park area!! What a nice walk we had tho!! I do wish I'd worn different shoes tho....thongs aren't suitable for all that walking! lol

DJ decided he was hungry and we needed to stop for we did! It was just after noon, so good timing! I totally cheated and bought them Lunchables...which they both gobbled up!! Andie and I shared a Subway sub and it was yummy!!

After lunch we started walking again in the direction of the wading pool when I got a phone call from Howie....not all that unusual....but he asked me if I'd gotten a call from the Snohomish Sheriff....say what??? call to me! This is where the wake up call comes in....

Jake had football practice this morning, but it was a light day, only weights, so he was home about 11am....around 1 he was sitting in the living room in Howie's chair when he saw some guy in an orange tank top walk thru our gate in the front yard...and then try to open the slider...only to get run off by our normally super sweet dog, Snickers. Jake called 911 immediately and didn't stick around. In his panic, he ran downstairs to his room and crawled thru a window (which wasn't locked) in the storage room down there (not even thinking he could use HIS door!!) and took off to a friends house. When the cops came by he came back and let them in the house....and again Snickers barked the cop out of the yard...and then bared her teeth at another one in the kitchen while she was outside. (my heart is pounding just typing this out!) Then they checked all the rooms in the house, and had their guns drawn when they came to our room as the door was shut to keep the cats out. They searched the area and from the lack of communication with them, we're assuming they didn't find him. Needless to say, it's more than creepy!!! Broad daylight!! And Snickers...she earned her keep today!!! We'll let her stick around a little while longer!! :P

After nap (DJ didn't get one) I took Jake over to his last driving lesson....and then came home to be here when our land lady came by for the rent....but ended up leaving to go get some corn on the cob before picking Jake up again. And I let him drive me home....BOTH of us were nervous for that one!!!! Granted he has never driven the Durango before...but that doesn't excuse the red light he ran *snickers*

OK it's WAY late now and I'm off to la la land! Oh, speaking of la la land...DJ seems to be getting there MUCH quicker these days!! Since Sunday nite, I've been telling him that I'm going out shopping....and he doesn't get out of bed! AND then I beat him at his own game, in that I take him potty before I go to bed....that way he doesn't scare me awake anymore! Working like a charm!! Til tonite....he woke up about an hour after going to bed and must have gotten lost in his room as he peed his pj's 2 ft from his bed....better the pj's than the bed!

Sorry this is such a long one....

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

By George

I think we got it figured out!!!! The bed time fiasco that is! Like I blogged about last nite, my leaving on Sunday and Monday nites caused DJ to stay in bed and give no fuss...well tonite I didn't have anywhere to go really, so I faked it. *gasp!* lol But y' worked!!! I told him I had to go shopping (he asked for a BIG apple) and I'd see him in the morning....he asked if Daddy was still going to be here, to which I assured him, that yes, he would be. And that was the end of it! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?!! If I'd known that's all it took....I would have done this weeks ago!!! He didn't get out of bed once!! Not once!! Howie said he was in there talking to himself, but that's it! Didn't even call out to Daddy!! I know!! I'm shocked too!!! It worked! :)

Today was story time at the library, so we took off shortly after breakfast....and was actually a little too we drove over to where my g/f Andie lives as I'd seen a For Rent sign on the main road and wanted to investigate...I found it...and it's way out of our price range!!! Nice area, but you get what you pay for...ifyaknowwhatImean!
Both kids did great at story time today!! They shared of them sat with me pretty much the whole time...DJ even marched with the pom pom today!!! While Sam stood off near a corner with a pout AND a scowl on her face!! Then, the minute the music stopped she ran into the center of the circle of chairs and started shaking her pom pom....whatta kid!!

So, as you know we've been looking for a new place to live....and this past weekend we thought we'd found THE place!!!! *sigh* Sadly, it wasn't meant to bed....the owners are deciding to sell in 4 or 5 months and they knew we were looking for a long term house. I'm so bummed!! It was a 4 bedroom, 3 bath house with over 2000 sq ft!! AND a double car garage!!! The house we're in now has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and NO garage!! And is total 1600 sq ft...I know, it sounds good, but remember that list??? Most times it feels like we're on top of each other in the common areas. In any case, we're still on the look out...the good thing is we don't HAVE to be out of here by any date, so we can take our time looking and find another PERFECT house for us! Just woulda been nice....*sigh*

After dinner Howie took Jake out for a driving lesson...and he says Jake "got the hang of it" as far as the clutch goes....just needs more practice to get that confidence. So, while they were off doing that, I took the kids to the park and let them run off that extra energy food gives them! And it would seem that both Jake AND DJ are going thru a growth spurt!! You should have seen the amount of food they both ate!!! DANG!!! Good thing they're not BOTH teenagers at the same time!! Whew!

OK, gonna go veg a bit and then get to bed...another full day ahead of us tomorrow!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Monday, August 3, 2009


I have discovered the trick to getting DJ to stay in bed!!! It worked last nite and it worked tonite...all I have to do is LEAVE THE HOUSE!!! Last nite I went to my g/f Andie's house after tucking DJ in bed, and telling him that I was leaving to go visiting, and that I'd see him in the morning. Howie said he stayed in bed without so much as a peep!
So, tonite, I had to run to Albertsons after they went to bed, and while tucking DJ in, I told him this. Again, no peeping!!! Huh....I think I could go for his arrangement!!!!

Today was errand day!! Had to run to the post that ticket I got last month on the drive here....the bank, and then Walmart (where else??) to get an oil change on the Durango (put over 4,000 miles on it just driving across Canada!!) and a head light for the Jetta, and order Howie some new contacts. The oil change took an hour and a half! And by the time they were done, it was 12:30!!!! Hey, wait a took an hour and 50 minutes!! I got there for 10:40! Dang!! they really were slow!

I raced home to be here for Jake coming home from football practice, and when I saw his shoes at the door, knew I'd missed him!! He came home right before I put the kids to bed, had lunch and took off again! Not to be seen til dinner!

Then he played with DJ outside, while I took a bath with yeah, won't be doing that again!! She wasn't sure what to make of me being in there with her or with that much water being in the bath tub! LOL
Howie came and got her and dried her off and dressed her....and while I hadn't planned on it, DJ joined me in the bath...he thought it was fun! I did not! Won't be doing that again! :)

Now, I'm vegging with Jake...and then hitting the hay! DJ woke up 10 minutes after I shut the light off last nite with a hand on my calf....scared the crap outta me!!! He peed and went right back to bed...only to wake up at 6:30! And he didn't get the memo about going back to sleep til 8! grrrrrr

Til next time...ciao!