Thursday, January 26, 2012

When does the pain end???

This week the treadmill and I have renewed our relationship and I gotta say, I'm definitely in an abusive relationship!!! My hips have never hurt this much EVER!!! Dang!!! Makes me feel older than my 29 years!!! More like 79!! So, seriously, when does the pain end!?!?

This morning was a tough one like most Thursdays are....Awana makes the kids extra tough to wake the next morning!! SamSam stayed in her jammies and didn't take her diaper off...which is unusual but I wasn't gonna fight it! After we got DJ to school, on time I might add, Sam and I went to Freddy's to get salad and a new backpack as his zipper broke right off this morning. I swear we have some serious zipper karma!!! 3 jackets and now the backpack!! We didn't find a backpack but I did find a pair of cute black pumps that were on sale....I can't remember the last pair of heels I bought....or wore for that matter!! These are what I'd call kitten heels...maybe 2 inches....but there have been a few times and outfits that have called for heels and I don't own any. Now, I do!! Sam loves that they make noise! Such a girl!

We came home and finally got breakfast and started our day. Sam took a nice long bath before watching Bob the Builder.  About noon I did my hour on the treadmill and then made us lunch before heading to school to pick up DJ. Sam fell asleep on the way which made it tough to decide whether to wake her as we'd gone early for her to swing...I gave her 10 mins and did wake her to swing before DJ came out.

We got home and just chilled til Howie came home. The kids picked burgers for dinner, so I got those ready to wait it in the fridge. After dinner I grabbed a shower while the kids played with the r/c helicopter and put jammies on. Their stall tactics were classic tonite!! Both of them too! Rather unusual for both. Finally they settled and Howie went to bed. I watched BBT and it was OK...Raj and the iphone 4s was quite funny...still don't think I'm missing out on Siri...

I've found a great new show called The Finder....quite funny yet different for a drama. Caught it by accident last week and enjoyed it. Makes me think of Human Target...but its different from that even. Then there was nothing else on!! So I made breakfasts, lunches, emptied the dishwasher and filled it right back up. Now, I'm off to la la land!!

Til next time, God bless!

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